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December 31, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter season final: 29.8%

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Thanks to the thousands who participated in this season's fifth annual Dolfan Satisfaction Meter polls, a Dolfan tradition. The DSM will see you again in September! 

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G16/FINAL: Results are certified in latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter -- the last of the 2012 season -- and they show 29.8 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 28-0 loss at New England putting Miami's final season record at 7-9. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST POLL, THE SEASON AS A WHOLE SHOULD BE GIVEN THE MOST WEIGHT. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 10 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

G10: 12.0% (4.2-v, 7.8-s) following 19-14 loss at Buffalo.

G11: 81.3% (25.5-v, 55.8-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Seattle.

G12: 37.0% (6.3-v, 30.7-s) following 23-16 loss vs. New England.

G13: 18.8% (2.7-v, 16.1-s) following 27-13 loss at San Francisco.

G14: 60.5% (13.5-v, 47.0-s) following 24-3 victory vs. Jacksonville.

G15: 76.5% (24.6-v, 51.9-s) following 24-10 victory vs. Buffalo.

G16/Final: 29.8% (4.1-v, 25.7-s) following 28-0 loss at New England. 

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2012: 29.8%

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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Gotta say, as satisfying as it was to watch the Jets implode this year I am kind of jealous after reading that they're axing their GM.

Hard to be satisfied -even with the future direction of the team- knowing we've got so many quitters on the team. Who feels confidence in the returning front seven defensive players?

On a positive note, we don't have to obsess over Brandon Marshall's bad karma in the off-season. Hopefully the days of Jake Long hogging a huge amount of the salary cap are over.

I'm as satisfied as a Republican in mid-November.

Not so sure about Tannehill. Pocket awareness is lacking and when you compare him to the other rook's, he is way behind. Lets see next year when he hopefully gets more weapons.

Haters will always hate, the dolphins are going in the right direction...

Sign Mike Wallace, keep Hartline, keep Starks, keep Sean Smith, don't give top dollar to Long/Bush if they seek it, address LB, TE, and CB in the draft, and don't make any stupid logo change.

Yep, FZB, the right direction. No points scored today. Three TDs by the WR corps ALL SEASON. Less than one turnover forced per game.

If that's the right direction, we are doomed. Anything involving Ireland is the wrong direction.

I voted very dissatisfied because I am a sane person. 4 straight losing seasons. No weapons, little hope. Lots of picks, but the wrong guy to use them. Lots of cap room, but the wrong guy to spend it.

Bad times, doubt they get better.

But hey, we looked like we did not even belong on the same field as New England today.....the right direction!

Another embarassing year for my beloved Dolphins. Ross, and the other half dozen owners, need to go back to what they know best, and they have proven that it is not; pro football.I have had the NFL sunday ticket for the last 13 years, but I can't take it anymore. Im giving it up. I will always be a Dolphin fan,(40 years+), but Im not spending any more money on them.

Dude, when are you going to get rid of this stupid poll and just put up one choice for everyone to agree or not. "Do you think the Dolphins suck donkey dicks?"

Oye FZ, pardon me brother, but can I borrow your rose colored glasses for a couple of days?

like I said, haters will be haters (Andrew).


if I let you borrow my 'rose colored glasses' then I'll be just like all you guys..lol


Ireland drafted R Tannehill and he took his lumps, didn't have a lot of help but gained valuable experience which will big dividend's next year

Philbin was hired as coach and he proved he is a good coach and the most important thing is he and Ireland are on the same page/philosophy wise to build the team trough the draft, the Dolphins have changed GM's after the 2000,2003,2004,2005,2007 and 2010 (Parcells left), you simply can't have that, stability at the top is essential for a team to succeed.

you guys say you have no confidence in Ireland making the right picks, choices..the guy has only been doing it for two years and if you take your 'hate glasses off' for a minute then you will realize he has done a good job, I encourage you to read the following article by Dan LeBatard, is right on the money and is something I mentioned here before, perception versus reality on Ireland and Beli-Cheat.


you guys keep on hatin, I'll keep on trying to bring you back from the dark side..hehhe

It's hard to feel good this morning after yesterday's butt kicking but New England is the king of the AFC and few teams can match up with them. They will make anyone look bad, (see Houston). Had Miami played the Bills last and won, would you feel any more optimistic? So it is good NE gave them a good trashing, no sense in being delusional heading into the offseason. Overall Fins did better than I expected considering Ireland's garbage roster. Philbin looks like the right choice although Sherman's offense looks a tad inadequate. Why it took him 13 weeks to make better use of Bush and Tannehill's athleticism is a concern long term. I am optimistic that if Philbin is given a louder voice in personnel decisions and better choices are made this offseason this team will be competitive. However, as long as Brady is around our best hope is a wildcard. No sense in fooling ourselves.

Right direction. LOL. Yesterday was an embarrassment. 0 points. Defense was porous. OL was bad. WR were bad. Tannehill was bad except when he ran. Pats are a good team, definitely not great or world beaters. Good team. The Dolphins are a significant ways away from being the Pats--a good solid team. Not easy Super Bowl bound--just a good team. Pats have some holes too. Who knows about Tannehill. He looks frail in the pocket at times. Other times he makes some nice throws. At times he makes some ridiculously bad passes. Never think he will materialize into a stud, but can he be serviceable or manageable if surrounded by a very good team? Don't know yet. Fins have a lot of holes. Now they get a #12 pick after a mediocre-bad year. Just good enough to get a mediocre pick and continue the mediocrity they have put on the field for a long time.

They got money and draft picks going into next season. U se them wisley if u come back ireland. I will give the coach a pass this year. I like tannehill, he had a up and down season. Lets see what he doses when he get some more weapons. Resign bush and long but dont give them any crazy money. Defense get another top cornerback and a passrusher that can compliment wake. Dolphin fan for life

Anyone satisfied by this season is a fool for one simple reason. They still have Jeff Ireland running the team.

Joe Philbin is Cam Cameron without the Xs and Os. Organized, soft spoken, no motivational skills, no offensive play calling. That was Ireland's hire.

Tannehill is Chad Henne all over again, yeah he showed that he's a decent game manager but there's no way he's going to magically blossom into a guy like Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees. He's at best the fourth quarterback in last year's draft. That was Ireland's pick.

This team is not going in the right direction.

They finally started a rookie quarterback? They wanted to start David Garrard.

They have picks and cap space? Jeff Ireland drafts useless players or busts on skill players. Every time.

Maybe Stephen Ross will finally see the light and fire Ireland once patience runs out on Tannehill in four years but I won't be holding my breath.

Go Heat?

You cant be mediocre and expect to improve greatly. You gotta be bad--Colts bad, Browns bad, draft well, add key free agents to round out the roster and then you have a shot.

You cant be 6-10 to 10-6 and expect to turn it around fast as a general rule.

Fins mediocre since 1985.

Posscript, We Are All Ray Feinga.

And I'll leave you with a statistic from David Neal over at the FIU blog.

"T.Y. Hilton finished the season with 50 catches for 861 yards (17.2 yards per catch) and seven touchdowns receiving and 11.5 yards per punt return with one touchdown. Tight end Michael Egnew dressed for two Dolphins games. Zero catches. Zero yards. Average yards per catch: 0.0."

If the strength of the team is the Defense (and the defensive coach) we need a pass rushing DE, better linebackers, and plenty of new DBs. On Offense, if we keep Bush and use him as we did at the end of the season, all we need is help at WR, TE, and yes, plenty of new offensive linemen.

We should dump some of the players who didn't feel like playing yesterday. Ciao! Our punter can stay.


I wonder if this Tim from homestead is "Negative Tim" that posts on Cote's chat..hehe

nice to have another "negativo" join the blog, you'll fit right in.

so tell me Tim from homestead, how do you know that Tannehill is another Chad Henne?

A lot of people are getting fired today around the league, good thing we have a stable situation here with the Dolphins, we have the Owner,GM,HC and QB all in place..


right boys?

"The something worse Miami brass is contemplating this result shows is that perhaps this loss represents what this team truly is".

Armando Salguero Miami Herald Sports Dec 30 2012.

Fzb.....forget about Sparano being fired. How did Jeff Fisher do with all the picks he got for trading RG3? Ha!

FZB- I know you are a diehard dolphins fan, but that was one ugly team you had on the field yesterday. SHUTOUT NO POINTS!!! How the hell in todays NFL do you get SHUTOUT. Think about this for a minute, with your so called franchise QB, you only won 1 more game then last year. I have said right along he was a work in progress,wrong. The guy is a PROJECT. He looked awful yesterday, and that is being kind. You guys have a lot more holes on that team then you think. The other 3 rookie QBS are taking there teams to the playoffs, the Dolphins are further away from the playoffs then we thought.

I don't know if you guys stayed late last night to watch some of the interviews after the Skins/Cowboys game but Mike Shanahan said something interesting..

He said in the interview he told the owner D Snyder "not to hire him" unless he (Snyder) was prepared to give him 5 years to do the job right, building a team takes time.

which is what I've been telling you guys for a while now, you need stability at the top, so I say we should keep the Ireland/Philbin combo together for 5 years, year one is gone and the team DID showed improvement from last year, so there, I say 4 more years !..

just like some of you guys elected Obama the clown for 4 more years, I want Ireland and Philbin for 4 more years.

Naples Jack,

Its difficult for any QB (let alone a rookie QB) to look good without a running game, without protection and without any playmakers around him.

Tannehill will be just fine, he is already the second best QB in the division.

This season revealed the hopelessness of being a Dolphins fan. Granted Ireland drafted Tannehill but then he turned around and gave Brandon Marshall away for peanuts. Ya thunk Tannehill would have even helped with a guy like Marshall to throw to? And though Ireland drafted Tannehill, he should have made a run on RGIII. The Redskins are looking like geniuses with that pick. Miami had a better package to offer the Rams and passsed on the chance. I suspect we will long regret Ireland passing on RGIII.

End of the day, Miamiwill never be a top ter franchise as long as we have third ter management. Ireand has to go.

Wow, reading the headlines on ESPN you'd think that every GM who delivered a losing season was fired. Well...all but one.

Geez Tom,

The "hopelessness" of being a Dolphins fan?

that statement makes me want to commit "Hara-Kiri", it almost sounds like your disappointed the world didn't end.

ps-Miami didn't have a better package to get RGIII, the Skins were drafting 6th and Miami 8th, you are making shit up (as usual)

FZ, the Dolphins have the 12th pick, based on strength of schedule. The Chargers got #11, ahead of us.

I would clean house. New logo, new coach, new GM, new QB, new stadium, hell, the only thing right with the Dolphins are the cheerleaders.

I'm shocked that they won 7 games with this team. That means that there are 7 teams worse off than the Dolphins, now that's a scary thought.


We should be able to get a decent playmaker at 12th..

I was talking to "mi amigo" and he said there are no franchise type receivers in the top 20-25 picks of this years draft, guys like Fitzgerald or Megatron.

the strenght of this years draft is in the offensive and the defensive line, with a lot of good pass rushers available.

it also has a lot of good slot receivers with speed (we need one of those).

he said the underclassmen could make this a deep draft.

He's probably right about the lack of sure-fire first rounders at the WR position.

FZB- there is a difference between "hating" and just being a realist.

LeBatards' article only pointed out the obvious. Patriots are a more talented football team because they made better draft picks, utilized thier draft options well, have a great QB, have a great system and have had stabilty at the top for over 10 years in Bellichick.

Miami has had none of those things in the past 10 years.

Ireland is not the man I would want to run my football team.


second best QB in a division that contains the jets-oy vey- and the bills is not saying much. now if he were in the NFC west- kaepernik/smith, bradford and russell wilson- off this year he'd be the fifth best in that division. i am making no decisions on #17 other than to say i will make a statement after next season which we imagine will be one one with some players to complement the then second year QB; wishing #17 and all the fellers here a happy and healthy new year.

a legit question is how the dolphins let the exciting t.y. hilton get past them when he he showed his desean jackson-like talent at FIU? 17.2 per catch is up there in the cliff branch/paul warfield range, which is the rarified air. i am very happy that t.y. from FIU has made it in the NFL. the idea of small players being unable to make the grade in the pros is undone by t.y., desean jackson, chris johnson and will be verified when mister duke johnson gets his chance.

Alfred Morris, 6th round, Central Florida. T.Y. Hilton, 4th round, FIU, Russel Wilson, 6th round, Wisconsin.

There are plenty of great players in all the rounds in the draft. Draft position doesn't really mean crap except on a few occasions. NE, Pitt, GB, Denver, the Giants, are almost always drafting at the very bottom yet it seems that every year they find low draft picks that start or contribute mightily to the team. What these teams have in common are good coaching and strong front offices something that Miami hasn't had in a long, long, long time.

Here is a look at each hall of fame members draft position. Obviously the majority are first round picks but look at how many in the first rounds came from the bottom of the round. Also, take a look at how many players are in the hall who were picked after the first round. You guys who are constantly focused on Miami's draft position and who they should take with their first round should take a close look at this chart.


Ahem, Woodcock...Russel Wilson was taken in the 3rd, not the 6th, but we get your point.

Take a look at the names of the free agents in the Hall. There are two Dolphins.


Maybe he was thinking Brady was taken in the 6th round..

Ryan Tannehill's a great quarterback because anyone would look this bad with a terrible GM who can't give him an offensive line, running game, or receivers?

OK, I feel better then.


Jim Langer was a free agent and he is in the Hall.

FIRE IRELAND! And this team DOES NOT play hard. Lazy! Philbin to soft! This whole organization is a cluster!

Tim from homestead, you still didn't answer my question, are you "negative Tim"?

one of two dolphs little was the other

When you stop and think about it, it's a wonder that this team produced throughout those winning Shula years.

Just goes to show you what an owner, who must have been great, for he knew enough to hire the best available coach, and a great GM who brought in great players. All this in spite of having disadvantages playing in cold weathered playoff locales, of having a wuss name and image (Dolphins, really!?) and a pansy a** fight song.

We still have all those same disadvantages, plus a questionable owner, a blockhead for a GM who hires unproven HCs.

You're right, Woody. Just toss everything out and start from scratch.

Ireland is a terrible judge of talent! There is no way this team is going in the right direction. These owners have to wake up! Sherman is a joke too! He is a terrible O. C. Why do the Dolphins keep hiring left over coaches that have been dumped by other teams! Glad to see the ex-dolphins like Welker stick it to them....Thanks IRELAND for all the great talent you've signed!

The skill guys Ireland has taken in the last two drafts:

Daniel Thomas, Clyde Gates, Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson, Charles Clay, Michael Egnew, BJ Matthews, Lamar Miller, Rishard Matthews.

They have combined to score less TDs than JUST TY HILTON.

Ireland is an interior line scout, not a GM. If the Dolphins let him so the picking and FA signing, it will be 2009 all over again.

Wake up OWNERS! How many years are you going to let IRELAND kill this team! Stop being the JOKE of the league!

OC, in life management is everything. Not that it's easy assessing talent. But those teams that luck out and find a quality coach and front office personnel seem to have the upper hand when it comes to winning. Some teams like the Cardinals are perpetually drafting in the top 10 every year and they have a long a futile history. Others like the Steelers seem to always draft at the bottom and are always towards the top at the end of the season. What do successful teams, companies, and individuals have in common? Consistency. The Dolphins were successful under Shula because he was their coach for a long time. Same thing at Pittsburgh. Jack of all trades master of none. Check out how many coaches we've had since Shula left. Unfortunately we can't seem to get it right when it comes to hiring coaches and GMs.

Like I've been saying, it won't matter that Jeff Ireland is the worst GM in the country if Ryan Tannehill's a star quarterback.

He probably isn't but at least there's a chance. Dolphins wanted to waste all of 2012 chasing a wildcard behind David Garrard so it could have been worse.

Although the Fins outplayed my expectations this year (remember how awful the D looked in preseason?), I'm not happy with any record in the 7-9 to 9-7 range unless they make the playoffs and go on a run. Otherwise, it just builds complacency.

"See? We don't need to make major changes! We were better than expected!" At least a really bad year would yield higher draft picks that, hopefully, a new GM would be selecting.

Instead we're stuck with a team that may have hit its ceiling already. And they'll get rid of/lose Long, Bush and Hartline which will make them worse for the present and near future. Once again, the Fins were a tease. Unless they can build a team that can make noise in the playoffs, it's just the same ol' same ol'.

So jealous of all these other teams cleaning house though, the Dolphins badly need a clean slate.

I'd be fine with Philbin staying, he's irrelevant and a nice guy. Just makes no sense that they would keep Bill Parcells' protege when he's shown that he has the same outdated mentality of his mentor but without the ability to sign free agent players.

As always with the Dolphins they'll do the right thing and fire Ireland a year or two too late. Hopefully the next GM will know what we have in Ryan Tannehill by then, like I said, 2012 was a complete bonus, everyone in the Dolphins organization wanted to waste it with Garrard.

If anyone would care to observe. The reason Ireland's record is what it is is because he makes his selections based on character - first, second, and foremost, and above talent. He then chases talent away if said talent remotely appears questionable.

This might work if the Dolphins played in a Disney created league, but not in the NFL.

Oh I get it Andrew, is this a trick statement to make your argument look a little better?

the last I checked the skill positions were QB's,RB's and WR's, Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson are CB's..

Charles Clay-dissapointing season, no doubt but too early to give up on him, D Thomas (injury prone) next year he will either make it or be out, so far a dissapointment, Clyde Gates a bust here, M Egnew,L Miller and R Matthews too early to give up on them.

but like I said before, you are MR. Genius and already know they are busts..must be nice.

And that's a great point by canes_5rings - you don't get to just keep adding players to what you have, that's not how 'building' works.

Bush, Long, and Starks would be very difficult to replace, Starks in particular is the key to the Dolphins slightly above average (#13) run defense.

Sean Smith should not be franchised or resigned under any circumstances, there are literally 10 free agent corners out there better than him (see Barry Jackson's blog).

Check again, of course corner is a skill position.

Someone like Harvey Korman needs to be our new GM


Oh yeah, good point on Starks, Kaz... I left him out. He is definitely a key to this D and there aren't better options out there. I think the D line is good as-is. LB's aren't too bad but there is no one you're afraid to face if you're an opponent. The D backs need some upgrading for sure! I agree Smith should go quietly into the night. Of course he doesn't know how to do "quiet" so just going works for me.

An yes, DB's are skill position players...

You are Kazaam...... If only Ireland followed Parcell's outdated blue print....we'd have a better OL. lol>

if Obama the clown got 4 more years I want the Ireland/Philbin combo also to get 4 more years.

well, if you guys think CB is a skill position, so be it but those guys don't score TD's and most of them can't even hold on to an INT..

Funny how New England has players leave and they replace them and they continue on their winning ways....They are a smart organization. Miami is a mess! Thanks Owners who don't have a clue how to run a football organization.

fzb... why so rude to our elected president? everybody knows that McConnell the old hillbilly from Kentucky is in charge of our great nation.

Gents, be gentle with Cote...see ya on the live chat.

Nice little tune up game for Pats. Nice stinking rotten goose egg for the Fins. Back to important issues Mr. Ross. Keep current Dolphin logo and just lose helmut with the M on it. I think we all know the Dolphins reside in Miami...

Mr. Woodcock hows 'bout Dolphins are cowtippers and eat each others feces choice?

Hey kazaam,

if your wonder boy/genius GM in waiting Eric DeCosta doesn't get a GM job this time around then he's destined to wipe Ozzie's ass for the rest of his life.

"If he doesn't get a GM job"?

He's been the #1 candidate for a half dozen GM jobs the past two years, he turned down all the interviews because he's being paid as a GM to be Ozzie Newsome's successor.

Nine out of the eleven teams drafting ahead of the Dolphins have fired their coach, GM, or both.

What? The Dolphins don't make that list either?

Jeff Ireland will never have another GM job in this league after the Dolphins fire him.

Probably true, but he will be openly accepted to take the manager's opening at Cinderella's Royal Table in Disney World.

Kaz, two points. 1)Do you think DeCosta would actually want to work with Ross? 2)According to Cote, Ireland is not going anywhere as Ross is said to have ah full confidence in him. Why? Because God hates the Dolphinz.

3)I wonder just how much say King Carl has in this slushy mess called the Miami Dolphinz. Is he still on the payroll? If so doing what, grooming Ireland to be a loser...

The main reason the top teams in the NFL year in and year out win, starts with ownership. Giants, Pats, Pitts, packers, Ravens. You need owners who give the GM, coach, the authority to run the team there way, and they get out of the way. The draft and fa, are a crap shoot. You need a coach who can go to a gm and tell him, I am cutting this guy, I dont care what you think or say. The Pats cut a 2nd rd pick this past friday because an undrafted DL was a better fit. And the 2nd rd pick was only in his 3rd yr. When a coach tells a 3rd pick in his first year, i would cut you,'Egnew' tells you somebody does not want to look bad.


lane kiffin can't even handle a ga tech team that finished the ACC with a losing record!! get rid of this arrogant punk who led USC to its most disappointing seasons in ages.

Happy New Year folks.

Naples Brace should have been cut a while ago why they held on to him I don't know.

Disappointing end to a disappointing season.

Mr. Woodcock,

i am sure you are having a good time watching the lowly trojans struggle with the lowlier yellowjackets. your posting of the HOF by draft position was interesting as it reflects the ridiculous idea that warren mon couldn't play in the NFL because of his size. had he started his career south of the border he'd have yardage numbers that favre or marino couldn't touch. what was it- six years in edmonton with about as many grey cups before he came south? same thing with doug flutie, who proved he could win NFL games in his old age.


favre had more yards than moon did combined in canada and the NFL, but remember that he had one less down in the CFL to work with.


damon allen, younger brother of marcus, went staright to canada and has the combined yardage record.

Eric DeCosta is an ass wipe, he's just afraid of the big chair.

Naples, so the belicheater cut a second rounder? .. But I thought he was a genius and never made mistakes in the draft. Hehe

Kaz, if Ross makes the mistake of firing Ireland he won't be unemplyed very long.

Happy new year guys !


what is the cubano new year's celebration? do you hombres re-do the xmas pig thing? un feliz ano nuevo y prospero para todos!!!

Could someone tell me why is Georgia Tech manhandling USC?

Shadow, Great Question, On my way to the in-laws and I'll be the only Gringo there I'am sure, If there Chrismas eve is any indacation maybe I should buy a Bullit proof vest..(Lots of gun-fire x-mas eve,Should I expect more tonite??)


monte kiffin, NFL defensive genius, is lost against spread offenses, which is why he is goiung back to the pros. now if a "regular" spread offense is too much for him, imagine a triple option full-house wishbone-like offense and the problems it presents. geez, the fullback up the gut has broken for huge chunks of yardage several times- an old fashioned "linebuck" for 20 yards a bunch of times!! good riddance to kiffin senior, hope junior is next.

I dont know much, but I do know that NE's yiddishe owner beats our yiddishe owner by a jerk kreplach.

FZB, teams with good GMs get cornerbacks that can hang onto INTs. If you were not a Dolphins fan, you'd understand this but you are stuck watching Jeff the Clown's bag of acorns.

Anti and Shadow,

No, no gun fire..Going to my daughter's tonight ..No pig either..hehe.

Talk to you guys next year!,,,,,,

Personally I believe fervently that Jimmy Johnson would make a fine GM. All that would be necessary to sign him is the right amount of greenbacks a Geri- Chair and gag for Mr. Ross. Oh yes and taking keys back from King Carl, Jeffy and Philbin if Jimmy says so...

Hey guys, it's been fun shooting the breeze with you this past year. I wish all of you and your families a Happy New Year!

At this point Ireland has become a cancer. I'm not going to anymore games until he is gone. He has done NOTHING to set himself apart from the worse GMs in the league, he is a reminder of all of the time and money wasted in the failed Parcells regime, and when I see players like Brandon Marshall and Peyton Manning I just want to punch Ireland violently where his lips cover his teeth.

For those claiming the right direction look at the numbers.
2012 D
PPG Allowed 7th (19.6)
Pass 6th
Rush 20th
YPG 21st

2011 D
PPG Allowed 6th (19.8)
Pass 25th
Rush 3rd
YPG 15th

2011 O
YPG 22nd
Pass YPG 23rd
Rush YPG 11th
PPG 20th

2012 O
YPG 27th
P YPG 26th
RYPG 17th
PPG 27th

Man, you just sound belligerent and dumb talking about Eric DeCosta, he has nothing to do with the Dolphins. Unfortunately.

Hey Matt, you are an ass wipe....

Kaz, I don't really care one way or another about Ozzies bitch but thank's for calling me dumb..hehe, I thought you'll be a little nicer in the new year..

Happy new year muchachos!

Obviously you do.

My new years resolution is to stop making fun of Jeff Ireland's egregious record and start making fun of him being a soul-less ginger.


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