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December 23, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 76.5%

[1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 24. Merry Christmas Eve, believers. 2) Find our main Dolphins-Bills game post directly below in the blog. 3) Apologies for the glitch that caused our latest DSM poll to post two hours late last evening. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote.

Click on Frustration And Comfort for my latest column, off yesterday's Dolphins game.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G15: Results are in on the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 76.5 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday afternoon's 24-10 home victory over the Buffalo Bills putting Miami's season record at 7-8. The DSM, in 1aa1dsmits fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

G10: 12.0% (4.2-v, 7.8-s) following 19-14 loss at Buffalo.

G11: 81.3% (25.5-v, 55.8-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Seattle.

G12: 37.0% (6.3-v, 30.7-s) following 23-16 loss vs. New England.

G13: 18.8% (2.7-v, 16.1-s) following 27-13 loss at San Francisco.

G14: 60.5% (13.5-v, 47.0-s) following 24-3 victory vs. Jacksonville.

G15: 76.5% (24.6-v, 51.9-s) following 24-10 victory vs. Buffalo.

Next/season-final poll: Dec. 30 following game at New England. 

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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Cote, where's the vote box?

tug on the pole

If the poll was there would have voted "very satisfied"

more than likely we are going to end up 7-9, I say not bad considering we had a rookie QB and he didn't have much help on offense.

It's a good commentary on the haplessness of this franchise that people are very satisfied with going 7-9 against a joke schedule.

Rookie QB isn't hampering Seattle, Washington or Indy.

why the doom and gloom Andrew?...its Christmas!..

enjoy yourself .


we shall see what next year brings for the rookie QB. i like Naples Jack, am waiting to see what year two and a toughre schedule does for tannehill. the dolphins' defense kept them many a game, and the fact that the coaches decided to move around a little more made #17 harder to defend. tannehill has had a very decent season, but the dolphins did have a bunch of miseries-oakland, the rams before they got it together, arizona,... on their schedule and they were all out to beat the rams. the seattle game was given to them by the refs on a phanton roughing the passer call that wiped out a seahawk pick in the end zone and allowed the dolphins to score the tying TD. as stated a decent season for your boy and let's stay happy and healthy to witness a better second year for tannehill, whose progress you take personally since your scout/buddy gave you the correct info on the dolphin plan to draft him.

agree with shadow. keep Reggie Bush. if Dolphins become a more complete team he'll explode, that is he'll really be something special.

Or you could trade him to Pats for a second round pick... Yeah that would make sense if you want to remain a loser.

Good points Shadow,

next year should be a little tougher for Tannehill, they are playing a much difficult schedule but at the same time he should have better players around him.

the experience he has gained this year will serve him well next year, I think the dolphins can move forward with building a team around him now.

our defense is solid but it lacks speed, they need to upgrade that..

Everyone still glad Jeffypoo passed on Dez Bryant?


Who are the idiots that are Very Satisfied? You are exactly who Ross is dishing junk to. As long as you keep asking for it. Thats all your going to get mediocrity.

HEy Dolphins fans look at the bright side! The Bills still stink and MR GQ and jesus boy sunk the JETS season!

Guess all the magazine covers and hillbilly bible thumpers drooling over them didn't make them better than the MIAMI DOLPHINS! Two down, one to go! Your next Brady!

FZB, Your son has 5 picks in the first three rounds, Odds that he gets at least one starter out of the 5??

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Just read Armando Salgeuro's article in the Herald. Sounds good. He pointed out on THill, Fins organization likes the kid but is realistic about what they have. Bottom line is THill is the QB for the next couple of yrs.
Reggie Bush is the best O weapon on the team, works hard, great teamate & leader. Fins will try to resign Reggie at the price the TEAM is offering & not what Reggie may demand. Miller put up nice #'s against Buffalo yesterday so if Reggie walks, Miami does have a potential "take it to the house speed" RB. IMO,, Reggie will stay.
WR & TE is THE offseason priority. Miami is also looking at playmakers that can score TD's & create turnovers on D. Jake Long was mentioned also. Dolphins have a left tackle in Martin and Long will be gone.
What wasn't touched on but makes sense are the other current players that are pending free agency.
Sean Smith. You need 2 corners and the team doesn't have much options talent wise. IMO,, Smith gets overpaid to stay.
Randy Starks. 30 yrs old, big contract. Soliai is already a high paid DT, you can't afford 2 at the same position. IMO,, Starks get offered a lower contract to stay but leaves for bigger $.
Brian Hartline. Stays. No one outside Miami is going to break the bank to get him. Get him outside Miami and he'll have a hard time breaking the starting lineup. IMO,, the man is smart enough to know that if he leaves Miami, he'll never see another 1000yd season.
Ireland will have 5 picks in the first 3 rds & at least $40 million reasons to make Miami look good for someone like Bowe to want to work.

voted somewhat satisfied. I remember the Super Bowl, dominating years. The last decade or more has been dreadful but I am a faithful fan. I think the season could have been better with the close loses. You look at the Bills & Jets and see your team is in much better shape. We'll see where Tannehill & Philbin take this team for at least the next couple of years.

To all you doom & gloom fans,,, Ross owns the team, he likes Ireland. Ireland won't get fired anytime soon. Philbin, his coaching staff & QB are all "rookies". You can't change your team every year. Look what a meddling Jerry Jones or Al Davis does to his team.

If you jingle my bells, I'll give you a white Christmas

good post Jimbo, right on the money.

most of these guys fail to realize that every time a change in GM/or coach is made is sets the team back 3-4 years, it has to stop.

Ireland is here one more year for sure (has one year left on contract) after that who knows, if its me I'll extend him one more year right now and give him a total of 4 going solo.

I want to take the time to wish everyone a very happy and joyous Christmas eve/day , much health and happiness to all but please don't forget to say a prayer for our men and women in the military, they are our true heroes.


in the old days an applicant to the FBI had to have a law degree.

if jacorry harris turns over classified material with the same ease he turned the ball over for miami, we are in trouble; so..

let's hope that the edmonton eskimos can use this guy; but his floating passes over that huge field in canada are gonna be easy picks. methinks his football days are done, so let's see what adegree from UM nets him.

After watching Wilson last night, there are a lot of teams with egg on there face. This guy was a 3rd rd pick.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all and thanks Ben for throwing that mindless pick before overtime.

Is it Christmas Eve all day long?

That Reshard Jones is one mighty fine acorn. Boy oh boy!

Merry Christmas!

Wowsers, the Dolphins are looking for playmakers???

So is every other NFL team, Dolphins are the only team with a GM so incompetent he wouldn't even think to try for two years.

Who would of thought that joey Porter would be in trouble this soon after he is out of the NFL. The idiot gets to spend christmas in jail for bouncing bad checks. AHHH, there really is a God.

LOL, Only a matter of time before Porters "Protage" Channing(Stationary bike champ)Crowder does the same.

No playoffs.
Very unsatisfied.
Another wasted year.
Screw this team.


I didn't see that yet (Joey Porter bouncing bad checks) but it wouldn't surprised me one bit, the guy was a jerk.

I agree on your comment on Russell Wilson, what a find for Seattle.

Kazaam, this will be the off season that will determine whether Ireland stays or goes so the pressure is on him big time to produce but even you can't deny that he has done an excellent job in always thinking about the long term well being of the team and managing the cap correctly and not trading away draft picks.

the Dolphins may indeed sign a couple of free agents this year but for the most part the process of rebuilding the team is going to be done through the draft which as I stated many times here before is the right way.

so only time will tell if you are right about Ireland or me..


How many starters is Ireland going to find in the first five picks?....I say two for sure.

If a GM finds two starters in a draft then the draft is considered a good draft, if he finds three starters then the draft is considered a very good one.

usually the starters are found in the first three rounds, on rounds 4th to 7th the odds are greatly diminished on finding a starter..

FZB,He's got the picks,He's got the money, If your son screws this up I'll blame you!!
FZB,You and your family have a safe and blessed Christmas..
That also goes out to out local idiots here in "COTELAND"
Peace guys.

Nope, 2011 he showed that he's a visionless Parcells clone with an outdated philosophy, took an offensive lineman higher than any center ever because he thought Chad Henne was good enough.

Next offseason his glaring failure with the quarterback position forced him to reach at a higher pick in a weaker qb class for a raw unknown prospect.

This offseason his glaring failure at the receiver position means he's 'looking' for playmaking receivers.

Y'all can be tickled that Jeff Ireland is finally making moves when it's obvious he's failed massively at different positions but to me it shouldn't be acceptable that he literally wasted his first two seasons as GM without his daddy holding his hand.

Let me leave you with this song
General Ripper will have my a$$ for posting this though, Enjoy.


Y'all can be tickled that Jeff Ireland is finally making moves when it's obvious he's failed massively at different positions but to me it shouldn't be acceptable that he literally wasted his first two seasons as GM without his daddy holding his hand.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | December 24, 2012 at 02:10 PM

FZB, Rebuttle..

bitches, bitches, y'all pouting like bitches on the verge of Christmas. Coal is too good for half of ya.

No soldier you're mistaken. The song below is the one with it's singer/songwriter nuked out of existence.


Really Paul just mailed it in when he came up with that doggy poop.

this guy is a hoot! I think duke will enjoy this one..


The Wrong Beatle Died IMHO Commander.

General very poor sentence structure. But 12-15 grain alcohol with rainwater can do that to a person.

replace the airmarshalls with...


compassionate deli guy...


The only reason he has so many picks is he traded the only competent weapon on the roster to Chicago (Marshall had a better season than our whole corps combined).

He's already blown one of those picks on inactive Egnew. Changing GMs can set you back, sticking with a bad GM will set you back.

Merry Christmas Duke, may Santa bring you some heavy metal.


I voted very dissatisfied since Humpty won't put up the necessary category. Also I was feeling lousy after having to take my daughter's two friends who take her to school every morning to see that idiotic Hobbit piece of crap that OC thinks is the greatest. Que clase de mierda! I must have fallen asleep ten times during the movie. Every time I was starting to dream about Bamby the Starbrite one of the kids would poke me in the ribs and wake me up. Oye OC, you need to get a lobotomy, dude.

All kidding aside, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Thanks Jimbo. I've always had a soft spot for "HEAVY METAL" Merry Christmas right back atcha. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless us everyone. Yes thst should about cover it. Santa's cumming tonite. Lucky bastard.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.. don't unwrap this present around the kids or Kaz..


It's a good commentary on the haplessness of this franchise that people are very satisfied with going 7-9 against a joke schedule.

Rookie QB isn't hampering Seattle, Washington or Indy.

Posted by: Andrew | December 23, 2012 at 06:10 PM

Yes Andrew it is sad we are satisfied with 7-9. I agree with you that it is not the rookie QB that is holding us back. So who is it? Who is to blame for Miami's lack of success?

You made the comparison to Seattle, Washington and Indy. Let's pick one of those teams, Seattle. Like Miami, they sucked the big one as recently as 3 years ago. Seattle was 5-11 in 2009 while Miami was 7-9. That year Seattle was 21st in total offense and 24th in total defense while Miami was 17th in total offense and 22nd in total defense.

Now speed ahead to 2012. Seattle is 10-5 and Miami 7-8. Seattle is 4th in total defense and 16th in total offense while Miami is 18th in total defense and 26th in total offense. Seattle has improved in both offense and defense while Miami has gotten worse in both.

Now who do you blame for that? FZB who do you blame?

Jimbo, your video with the two nymphs brought tears to my eyes and my dick. That's truly what Christmas is all about not Mel Gibson's snuff film...

KidfromBrooklyn Reminds me of my uncle Vito from Queens. Id Almost swear that it was him.

This seemed to be appropriate tribute to close out the moment...


Brandon Marshall---113 catches, 1466 yards and 11 touchdowns

And we get Egnew and a third round pick. Going to go down as one of the worst trades in NFL history.


andrew, I usually don't comment on your post. Trading Brandon Marshall wasn't a bad idea but your 100% right, Egnew and an unfilled draft pick isn't acceptable.

Jimbo, Mr. Woodcock, FZB, duke, Tom,Big Baby aand all my gentle gentile friends,

wishing you all a happy holiday and un a`no nuevo y prospero.

and of course to our fearless leader, Captain Cote. a lot of fun "sailing on his ship".

2009 Seahawks 5-11 2009 Dolphins 7-9
2012 Seahawks 10-5 2012 Dolphins 7-8

Seahawks have won games against the 49ers, Patriots, and Bears, and have put up scores like 58-0, 50-17, and 42-13. Dolphins have lost to teams like the Titans, Bills, and Cardinals. Their loss to the Titans, 37-3, ranks among their worst home losses ever.

Seahawks drafted their starting QB in the third round in 2012, Dolphins drafted theirs with the eighth pick. Currently Wilson sits #7 in passer rating with a 98.0 and has thrown 25 TDs to 10 Ints. Tannehill sits 28th with a 76.9 and has thrown 12 TDs to 12 Ints.

Dolphins traded away their most valuable weapon in the offseason and currently that player, Brandon Marshall is second in the NFL with 113 catches, 2nd in yards with 1,466, and second in TDs with 11. Seahawks had the vision to not only go out and get players like Marshawn Lynch and Sydney Rice, but to be able to strategically use them in their offense.

Seahawks show how it's done right, Dolphins shows how it's done wrong. It's time to fire Jeff Ireland. We are a joke. 12 years now and no playoff wins. 5th longest drought in the NFL. Everything Shula built has been torn down in the last decade. It's time to break the bank and hire the best.

Bottom line, Matt, is that Pete lucked out when he plucked Wilson, I believe in the fifth round. The kid has played the best of any rookie this year, IMHO. I don't know whether coaching has anything to do with his success other than taking a chance on him. Kid just happens to be special. We have not made good QB decisions since Shula left and that's a huge reason why we've been so bad for so long. This kid Tan looks like he's going to be a good QB but not special. Wilson is special.

Trent Dilfer was a special Super, Super QB. U think Im kidding? Just listen to him on ESPN, giving everyone advise on what it takes to be great like him.

Tannehill isn't Wilson, Tannehill isn't Brady, Tannyhill isn't Luck... blah, blah, blah. shut the f*** up and support the rookie. Give him better targets and add another quality O lineman and watch him win games. I'd rather win a Super Bowl with a pretty good QB on a strong team then,,, a record breaking QB who can't win the big game.

Once again the Clip Joint is laying waste to something called the Denver Nuggets.

Jimbo, it's Christmas. Just load up a bucket glass with ice and fill it to the rim with Wild Turkey and you'll start feeling better about the Dolphs. Merry Xmas, buddy.

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