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December 17, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 60.5%

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Saban: I picked Brees over Culpepper, then...: Alabama coach Nick Saban said just now on 790 The Ticket that, while Dolphins coach, he chose Drew Brees over Daunte Culpepper but that Brees then failed a physical so he had to opt for Culpepper. 

Click on Small Opponent, But Big Win For Tannehill, Dolphins for my column off the game.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G14: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they sow 60.5 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 24-3 home victory vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars putting Miami' season record at 6-8. 1aa1dsmThe DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

G10: 12.0% (4.2-v, 7.8-s) following 19-14 loss at Buffalo.

G11: 81.3% (25.5-v, 55.8-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Seattle.

G12: 37.0% (6.3-v, 30.7-s) following 23-16 loss vs. New England.

G13: 18.8% (2.7-v, 16.1-s) following 27-13 loss at San Francisco.

G14: 60.5% (13.5-v, 47.0-s) following 24-3 victory vs. Jacksonville.

Next poll: Dec. 23 following game vs. Buffalo.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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solid win, no we didn't beat a great team but so what a win is a win, it builds up momentum to beat the Bills next week.

Tannehill had a very good game, good awareness in the pocket, ran we he needed it to and was very poised, I'm confident he'll have a good game next week too.

good to see some of the younger players make a few plays, we should let them play more the last two games.

happy with the win.

I fell asleep at the end of the first Qtr.,Glad they won.

So much for the Henne revenge game.


No offense buddy but I'm glad you were wrong on your prediction, hehe

Baby, what you think of Tannehill's play?

I have to confess I didn't see the game FZB but I like the numbers good completion % and a couple of td's.

Gave Regggie the ball and he had a good game.

Bad team but our defense came through our ppg allowed has been impressive this year.

I said earlier this week that there were more reasons to be optimistic about Tannehill than there were to be concerns let's hope he can continue to improve.

I thought Bess being out would make it close but no worries.

The 49ers are ripping the Pats in hard cold rain. It couldn't happen to a more deserving franchise and group of fans. Let's hope the 9ers finish the job.

Who the hell would not vote "Very Dissatisfied" or "The Dolphins Suck Donkey Dicks" if fat ass would just add that category to his stupid little poll. What the hell is there to be satisfied with? I couldn't give a rat's ass if they looked like the Monsters of the Midway today, against what, the Jacksonville Jaguars? Those guys are in worse shape than we are. At least our pile of shit team doesn't have to play in front of a bunch of one toothed rednecks in the middle of Bumfuck, Fla. We Suck Donkey Dicks, that should be the motto in front of Joe Robbie Stadium. We are quickly fading into Chicago Cubs territory. Just another afterthought in the world of professional football.

Tannehill could have thrown 4 TD's today. Hartline & Thigpen both dropped a TD each. Satisfied with a win.
Ireland & Philbin dumping Chad Henne & drafting Tannehill won today too.
Brandon Marshall has 106 receptions in 14 games this season... wonder how many he would have if he stayed in Miami.

The last time Miami played a bad team at home, they crapped the bed. So, this was better.

I'm not drawing any other conclusions from beating the worst team in football at home.

Mr Woodcock, when they can't find donkey dicks to suck they go to ape farms. They wear their clean white uniforms and purposely antagonize the apes to fling poop all over them. It helps them to cope with their self-hatred. I believe it was Joe Philbins idea...

Woodcock and Duke,

The only solution I got for you guys is drinking, hehe

But the Dolphins are getting better, just a little more patience please..

right Big Baby,, forgot Henne is the worst starting QB in the NFL.


the lousy stinkin' jets have the easiest path to "winnning out" and at 9-7 would definitely be in the mix; and not just the easiest path, but an easy one starting with the titans tonight. if that G-d forsaken misery of a team gets into the playoffs... well, perish the thought.


after tonight, another team, SD, in disarray comes to NY and then the jets go to buffalo. improbable that the jets would qualify, but stranger things have happened.

Shadow, even if that were the case and do make it into the playoffs, they would soon find themselves out of it, as their most likely opponent would be NE @ NE.

Here's some perspective for you guys,

even with our record (6-8) and rookie QB and rookie HC we are going into game # 15th still not mathematically eliminated from the play-offs, I know we won't make it but we have played two of the best teams (NE and 49res) very tough down 7 point to each and a chance to tie them late in the game and have beaten a good Seattle team, we have been very inconsistent all year(all young teams are) but IF our kicker would have made those two FG tries he missed against the Jets and Cardinals we would be going for our 9th win on sunday, all I'm saying big picture we are not that bad, moving forward we have a young stud at QB and our HC is doing a good job and him and Ireland seem to be working well together.

there you go guys, its not all doom and gloom.

Oye Kazaam,

so what is happening to Mr. genius team (Ozzie's) up in Baltimore?

you say the defense is very good and full of good young players (excluding Reed and Lewis) but they are still ranked 27th in the NFL and that young stud they got at QB seems to be regressing and can't carry the team all by himself, that team is imploding but of course Ozzie is a genius.

what say you?

Mr Woodcock, do you "cup the balls" while performing on your favorite donkey or are you too busy working the shaft?

Jimbo, sore about the redneck comment? You know, they now have one tooth tooth brushes that are a wonder of modern science. You can get them at Costco.

Dolphins' playoff scenarios aren't all that wild, need Pittsburgh and the Bengals to lose games.

New England should be beatable week 17 too, I doubt Tom Brady plays more than a quarter unless the two seed is in question.

Im starting to have a tendency to agree with FZB. I think the dolphins are not as bad as people are making them out to be. I'm not sure what to make of of them right now, but I'm starting to think that Ireland has been good for the team in a weird kinda way. I mean for the most part they play well against everyone and then they shoot themselves in the foot. Even the Houston game in the opener they had a shot to win. They were actually winning 3-0 (Good Defense) well into the second quarter. And then what happened, 3 silly turnovers and it turned into a 24-3 blowout at half. I'm not going to say "should have" but they "could have" beaten the patriots at home. The way they played the whole game. They had a chance. Take out the turnover on the bad snap for the punt in the beginning and it was an even game. It was only 23 to 16, They played considering how good the patriots are and how good Tom Brady is. At least they didnt get embassed like the Jets (49 to what? 14?), and the texans, #1 seed, lost 42-(10 or 14).

They Dolphins played very well considering what could have happened. They almost beat 9-5 Indianapolis, and they did beat 9-5 Seattle. So after all that you really still want to say they are a joke or something then I don't know what to say. I Do think Cote's Poll is missing something though. It's the "I don't Know" choice. Because as far as who they are as a team and as a direction, it may be positive, but it's a "I don't know" right now. With a rookie Quarterback and 2 receivers needing to grow, You're expectations cannot be too high. Sure we get upset when they screw something up but that's jsut how we are as people, and fans. I think when you look at their 6-8 record witha high chance of being 7-8 after next week it is beyond me how anyone cause say that are "Very" dissatisfied. I mean what to you expect? Superbowl??

This isn't the Miami Heat with the Big 3 and then Ray Allen, this is a rookie at the helm with possibly a shaky offensive line and young 2 or 3 year receivers out of college trying to improve and get better. Forget about the 2 start receivers that left and leave those comments at home. That's not what this is about. It's the situation the we are dealing with right now. It's the player we have and how you think they are doing considering their in experience. I can understand being a little unsatisfied, but please do say "Very" as if they were expected to go to the superbowl and just flopped. Give them a chance and Grade them for what they are, not for what you think they are supposed to be, or should have been. I'm upset with the 19 persent that say dissatisfied hoping for a superbowl this year with rookies. Yeah andrew luck and robert griffin have their teams in the playoffs but they were more expected to be great than Tannehill. And Russell Wilson already had great receivers around him. Tannehill did not. So just be patient because they may not make the playoffs this year, but with the development with the young players there is a lot of light and they will be in the playoffs next year, do not worry. Everything will be fine. :)


embassed like the jets = embarrassed like the jets
do say very unsatisfied = don't say very unsatisfied

Big Deal- We need two elite receivers to go with Bess in the slot. We could use more depth at D-back and OLB. We win a senseless game vs the Jags and all it does is drop us one more slot in the draft.

Well Lance, right now I'm not sure we really need the draft as much as we did before. I think it's just about our young players getting better on both sides of the ball, I think Sean Smith is as better Corner than he was last year, He just needs to get better at catching the ball when he has a chance to intercept it.


did you see brandon marshall at the post-game news conference? the guy is, to say the least, not all there psychologically whatever his football skills are. plus he is not the downfield threat that the dolphin fans are crying for; he catches short crossing patterns and is a load to tackle.

Potter87, if you truly think, as FZB thinks, that the Dolphins are not as bad as they seem well, I'm afraid Lord Voldemort may have you under a spell...sorry, couldn't help it.


What???? lol

I'm not saying I think as he or she thinks, as I'm sure we can think differently and still agree. I'm just saying I agree with them on this topic. All I'm saying is that the Dolphins are not exactly in as big of a mess as they were the last few years. I mean they are 6-8, and probably going to be 7-8. I know they would be 8-6 without carpenter's little funk in the beginning, but would you really call this season a fail considering the guys we have??

Yup, as we've been told, Joe Philbin's ripoff Mike McCarthy west coast offense can't use a receiver who catches short crossing patterns and runs for touchdowns.

Potter87, FZB is a guy. One of the regulars and the most optimistic Dolfan on the blog. I on the other hand, was once optimistic. Then two decades of irrelevance passed and I'm not so optimistic anymore.

Ever hear the phrase 'white people problems'? That's how I feel talking about Baltimore to Dolphins fans.

FZB, you alway say Dolphins fans are 'short sighted' for judging Ireland after two years, yet after every Ravens loss you're saying Ozzie Newsome is a bad GM.

After the first game of the season you declared that Joe Flacco had reached the 'next level' and that it took him four years to get there (meaning that no one can critique Ryan Tannehill until year 5). I said he's been the same quarterback his entire career, just good enough to win it all with and nothing more.

And I didn't just 'say' the Ravens have a young defense, they do have the youngest starting lineup in the NFL, only Lewis and Reed are over 30, young stars at every level ready to take up the torch.

What happened to them this year? What would happen to the Dolphins if Cameron Wake tore his Achilles in the offseason and hurt himself rushing back? If Karlos Dansby had a career threatening injury that took him out until the playoffs and his backup was hurt and his backup backup was hurt? If the Dolphins had a top 5 cornerback out for the year with a torn ACL? If their second best corner was just coming back from a high ankle sprain? If a better version of Reshad Jones was out? If they had a player as good as Haloti Ngata playing through MCL damage?

LOL!!! Well Right Now I'm just taking it for what it is. First of all, yes, In no way are the dolphins great. They have their flaws. Of course, look at what they have. But at 6-8 they are not a bad team. I say they are not relavent nor irrelavent. They are just somewhere in the Neutral Zone right now. Bad is the chiefs and oakland (which they did beat 35 to 10) - Right now I believe is actually a time to optimistic because I see more better organization with the team then I did the last 3 years. Last 3 years were a mess. But this it's kind of coming today. Tannehill broke Dan Marino's Rookie record in something this year. And you have to be good to do that, considering Dan Marino when to the superbowl, but had better receivers. So anyway, I'm just saying words like terrible, and awful cannot be used in the same sentence as the dolphins right now. They will 7-8 next week and 1 patriots win away from a non losing season with a rookie Quarterback. So your optimistism should at least be starting to come back. There is hope, is there not?

Ok this it's kind of comming today - I believe I meant to put "this is kind of comming together.

To put the Ravens' 'white people problems' in the proper perspective - they already have a quarterback who's good enough to win it all with. Flacco has had a QB rating over 80 every year, has won a playoff game every year, has been to the AFC title game twice in four seasons. They're 9-4 and will win their division and make the playoffs for the fifth season in a row.

But the Ravens have no positions of need and will try to draft Flacco's replacement this offseason if they can get a prospect they like. 'Good enough' is the new 'not good enough'.

I won't contrast that situation with the Dolphins because it's too depressing but suffice it to say if Ryan Tannehill has half of Flacco's success in the next four years, which is unlikely, he'll be the Dolphins quarterback until Jeff Ireland is fired no matter how he plays.


you sir are a great american and a very intelligent one at that, thank's for agreeing with this old boy, you're going to find out that a few of the blog regulars have crossed over to the dark side and have become "mui negativo", if you stick around you'll know who they are.

me?, I think I'm just about the only one that wants to keep Ireland for at least two more year's and that the team is finally heading in the right direction with Philbin as HC, Ireland as the GM and Tannehill as our QB.

Hey Kaz, easy there meng, I just wanted your opinion on the job the great Ozzie is doing up there, I went to NFL/Ravens blog today (I was bored) and you should see what they are saying about Flacco and the team, it looks just like you guys here, they suck (meaning the Ravens, Ozzie has lost it and Flacco is horrible.

it happens everywhere...all you Dolphin negativos are not alone.

OC, come back to the light brother, the dark side of the force doesn't suit-you..hehe,

listen up guys, if you look at the Dolphins objectively then you would realize that in some ways they have over-achieved and in other ways they have under-achieved which is what young teams do but the team is learning how to win and I feel next year we'll be much better even though we have a much harder schedule.

FZB I noticed that Kazaam ignored your Ravens post hehe that noise you hear is the Ravens window closing can't wait to beat them next year.

Miami is certainly not as bad as they seem record wise but to quote our favorite former President Of Football Operations "You are what your record says you are".

Yes shadow Marshall is not a burner but very good none the less he is not stable though Cutler and Brandon were made for each other.

I wish people in the media would stop saying we need a WR to "take the top off of the defense" that's why we lose it's a myth the problem is lack of an elite qb.

Sure it would be nice but in our offense it's not a requirement NE is doing just fine without one (# 1 offense).

What do you think we should do with
Reggie Bush shadow I am beginning to think that letting him go would be a mistake.

Tannehill has a better QB rating than Andrew Luck right now just saying.

Here you go Kaz, read this..read the comments too, they are hilarious, they remind me of most of you guys.


Baby, the point I was trying to make is that all fans over react to when things are going good or bad but yeah Kazaam is kind of ignoring me a bit here..

Fins shouldve won the Rams game. Cote wrote an article, 'the Pats are what the phins are when they grow up'. That means no signing or re-signing of fan favorites, and winning based on a smart philosophy. Don't re-sign Long. He was part of the pay-top-dollar-for-first-rounder days. Kinda like 'Beamer Ball"

Listen, we can surch for an elite, top 5 quarterback for the rest of our lives, but if we don't have a running game or defense to back it then we will continue to be a team searching for quarterback, with mediocre defense and running. Point being, finding an elite quarterback is much about luck. But if you have a defense and running game, and luck lands in your lap, you will have a playoff team become a championship contender. List the top three QB's any #1 picks?
Breese - 2nd round

Brady- 7th round

Rodgers- 24th pick 1st

DD = Donkeydick


some guy even posted he'll take Matt Flynn, Matt Moore or Chad Henne over Flacco..priceless..what do you think about that Kazaam?

Miami did win the Rams game WTF is this guy talking about he sounds like Dashi.

Flacco's 27 and Rice is 25, Ravens' window is as open as any other team's. They're not letting Flacco go without finding a replacement, they'll franchise him if they have to.

Celtics on the other hand...


I don't think is Dashi, the Dashi-man makes more sense than this guy.

where did you see that Tannehill has a better rating than Luck?..like QB rating?..imagine that.

I would agree that the Dolphins have performed to about expectations this year against a weak schedule.

My pessimism is not based on hating Tannehill or Philbin. This is a crucial, crucial offseason for Miami. Five picks in the top 100 of the draft and a lot of money to spend (depending on who they re-sign).

And we are entrusting that task to Jeff Ireland.

The Dolphins were at a crossroads when Saban came to town and they picked Culpepper over Brees. That set Miami back 5 years at least.

This offseason is a similar crossroads. There are some things to like on Miami's roster but the overall team speed and weapons are completely barren. They need to add speed, speed, speed this offseason.

And my guess is we draft Chance Warmack in the first round or something similarly stupid. That's just who Ireland is. He is batting .000 on picking weapons and I don't see any reason to expect that to change.

My guess is Ireland doesn't pay for an explosive guy like Wallace or Bowe in FA, wastes another high pick on a lineman, ignores the safety position even though Clemons is a joke, and picks another bust at WR or TE like he always does.

Hope I am wrong.

Ravens fans are brutal but no one questions Ozzie Newsome's awesomeness and they're complaining that a quarterback who went 5-4 in the playoffs in his first four years might not be good enough to win a Super Bowl with. And that they don't give the ball to their star running back enough.

Like I said, 'white people problems'.


Ozzie Newsome's awesomeness ?

por favor amigo, like Woodcock and the Dukes-Ter say, Ozzie sucks Donkey-dicks...

If the Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer as the starting QB,,, anything is possible. Dilfer's entire career resembled Chad Henne ability.

I'll let you know that one tooth I got is encased in gold......... "Choot em"

FZB- Dashi is a complete IDIOT!!! Nobody on this blog, is as stupid as him. Be very careful of anybody who refers to himself in the 3rd person.

Jimbo - if Dolphins could put together one of the top 5 defenses of all time, two pro bowl running backs and the best left tackle, return man, tight end, and kicker in the game they could make a run.

I hate the Trent Dilfer example, it happened a decade ago and it's a difficult and unlikely formula for winning a Super Bowl. Better off looking for a star quarterback.

Dolphins should offer a fourth rounder for Jermichael Finley. Maybe less, Packers are done with him and might prefer him going to a middling AFC team with a friendly front office.

the Ravens formula for winning that SB will never be duplicated...everything came together for that team at the right time.

I thought Jermichael Finley had signed a long term deal with GB, no?...He would definitely would be an upgrade.

Naples Jack, I agree that the Dashi-man is a bit of an eccentric but he's entertaining as heck.

Andrew, let me ask you a question, which position is of a higher priority to filled, a stud CB or a stud DE/LB pass rusher?

ooopppss, one too many would in there..sorry.

Tannehill 75.9 QB rating

Luck 75.5 QB rating

Bothe numbers are subpar but not terrible.

Nice, Jimbo. Hey, have you gotten to Bourbon Street much since you got to Louisiana? OC and I have some memories of that place.


You can never have enough pass rushers. The Dolphins need guys who force turnovers, one in seven games is LITERALLY historically bad.

So, if they could get a guy like Jarvis Jones in the teens and played him at OLB some downs, and DE on pass downs, that's a great pick.

However, if they can't get a guy who is likely to force turnovers that high, then I'd rather have a CB because our secondary is just brutal. Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson don't even show flashes, they need more people in the secondary with talent. Dolphins are OK at rushing the passer and they did just take Vernon last year.

Best scenario is they trade down into the early 20s (picking up an extra 2nd) and take Tyler Eifert since the WR class is underwhelming in the first round. Then, use the next five picks to add at least one WR, at least one CB, a safety, a pass rusher and a linebacker.

Then, in the late rounds you can get some line depth and take a flyer on another WR. Hard to trade down though.

If you bothered staying up to watch MNF you saw the end of Mark Sanchez's career in New York.


they were saying the Sanchise has turned the ball over 50 times !!! count-em 50 times the last two years, either fumbles or INT's.

well, we are going to need a back-up for our back up next year, maybe we should go after him in free agency.

Andrew, I know our free safety sucks but I think he can hold the fort down for another year if we need him to, try to get CB's in this year's draft, now if a stud free safety is there you take him of course.

have some faith amigo, Ireland will do a good job in the draft..guarantee

all righty guys, this is what I was talking about..Its not all doom and gloom...


always look at the big picture

Who would vote satisfied? Satisfied with a losing record yet again? Satisfied we beat the worst team in the league? This team is worse than last years Offense has graded out worse than last season, Defense as well. St's has shown a bit more this season. We needed an infusion of talent and we got none. Zero FA's panned out Martin is constantly on his butt (but he is an upgrade over Columbo), Oliver can barely get on the field, Tanny may have potential but so far his numbers are closer to Ryan Leaf than Andrew Luck. Get someone who can find talent already!!

LOL I take that back no one can possibly be close to Ryan Leaf. Almost Identical to Chad Henne's stats:

Chad H
2009 14 games 60.8 comp % 2,878 yards 12 TD's 14 Int
Ryan T
2012 14 games 58.7 comp % 2,929 yards 10 TD's 12 Int

I appreciate your humor. Yes, & were going for NY's eve. Should be in Louisiana for a total of 18 months before moving on. Were looking at Victimville Ca as our next move. Still trying to convince the wife to relocate to either San Fran, Seattle, Denver or Honolulu but,,, she has family in Southern Ca & Vegas.


jarvis jones of georgia will be among the first five players selected in the draft. the miamai dolphins will not be among the first five teams selecting. could have been a different story for USC had they allowed him to play for them; instead off to georgia and no doubt the SEC defensive player of the year.


after a misery of a career the last two seasons, the guy gives the ball up five times in a game against a weak opponent that would have kept the jets alive in the playoff hunt, and someone upstairs on the thread suggested bringing him down here as a back-up? PUH-LEEZ!! the ole shadow has told you how bad he is, was, and will always be. chad henne had a decent game here sunday and is miles better than sanchez, who did the have the misfortune of tony sporano as an OC, which we will never understand unless we take five hits of blotter acid followed by five joints of "wowie maui" followed by five shots of eagle rare. we might then see the wisdom the NYJ showed in hiring him. anybody out there- pee-wee through the NFL- need a line coach? there will be one available right after the NYJ/bills game of week 17, if not sooner.

Hey Millions,

Stop sniffing glue, its bad for you.

That would appear to be it for Sanchez it also seems that Buffalo is moving on from Fitzpatrick or at least bringing in someone to compete with him.

I don't know what happened to Sanchez he used to be a much better player, not great but better.

He seems to have lost it I heard they owe him 8 mil guaranteed next season not sure how that happened must be bonus money and that the cap hit if they cut him is 17 million.

It does appear that we are in playoff contention we need Cincy to lose to Pittsburgh and Baltimore and have the Steelers win this week, then lose to Cleveland ugh in Week 16 I think we have the tiebreaker in 3 way 8-8 scenario but not positive it would be conference record with Pitt.

We might be in it until the last week of the season crazy if we win out.


well, my beloved pac-? is favored in all but two: washington is a five point underdog against the boise machine, which kept right on a rollin after losing kellen moore and a bunch of others to the pros, and the resurgent bruins who are a pick-em against the high powered baylor offense. stanford, the two oregons,arizona state and USC are all favored, with arizona already having beaten nevada. the pac-? has been pretty good in the postseason, including that good one where they went 5-0. the pac-? plays a competitive brand of football within the conference and does well outside and in the bowl games. alabama/LSU can put an insomniac like me to sleep in a hurry. i stay with the traditional alignments, so utah and colorado don't exist in the pac-12, and a&m and missouri are independents as far as i am concerned.

Not that surprising shadow Big Ten was a really down conference this year I am with you though realignments have been hard for me to keep up with.

Jimbo, every time I've been to NO I've had a blast. New Year's eve in the French Quarter sounds like a great idea. Be careful with those Hurricanes they have a way of easing up on you after the 20th one!

Thank you FZB for that very great comment, why you are too!! I've actually been reading cody and the comments for about a week know on this website, I just havent commented till yesterday. But I can already see who's optimistic, pessimistic, Borderline, and just way to harsh (or insulting) about the Dolphins. I think people change where they they stand on their beliefs. All 3 years after their playoff season in 2008, I had not been very optimistic or happy at all with them. It was a mess. It was all Defense playing so hard to keep the team in the game and then wear out because they could only do so much. It was that usual touchdown and 2 field goals, that frustrated the heck out of me. But now this year, the number of touchdowns are up and things are in the process of cleaning up. I mean look at the Jets. Did you see how big of a mess that was. It's no wonder the Dolphins stomped on them in their 2nd meeting this year (In new york). I'm sorry but I'll take what I have her in Miami for more than what the Jet's have right now. Tannehill is much better than sanchez and right now Dolphins might actually be looking at a better coming days than the playoff ravens. Those fans are whining so much more than you guys. So don't worry guys, because this team is a like an ugly week tropical storm beginning to gain it's form.


I'm sorry but I'll take what I have "her" in Miami "for" more than what the Jet's have right now.

I'm sorry but I'll take what I have "here" in Miami "far" more than what the Jet's have right now.

Btw I forgot to mention, I love ready Cote's "Random evidence of a cluttered mind" in the newspaper. I love how it can be really funny :)

Wow I'm bad -- ready = reading lol

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