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December 28, 2012

Here are Top 10 national sports stories of 2012. You pick the biggest. Poll. Vote now!; plus NFL/Dolphins predix & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, DEC. 28. Dolphins rule injured WR Davone Bess out of Sunday's finale at New England. 2) Dwyane Wade's one-game groin-kick suspension without pay will cost him $154,764. I'm thinking of taking up a collection for him. Telethon, maybe? 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1big12YOU PICK THE 2012 NATIONAL SPORTS STORY OF THE YEAR: The top 10 stories below are from The Associated Press annual ranking. However I have listed them alphabetically in the poll, not in 1-through-10 order, so your vote will be more independent and not influenced by The AP's rank. A synopsis:

Lance Armstrong: 7-time Tour de France champ stripped of titles.

College Football Playoffs: Finally! NCAA approved playoffs for 2014.

Giants Win Super Bowl: Once 7-7, New York surges to championship.

London Olympics: Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt lead summer gold rush.

Peyton Manning Resurgence: QB stages a huge comeback in Denver.

NFL Concussions: Health and long-term risk at issue as lawsuits fly.

NFL Replacement Officials: Labor strife settled after Week3 debacle.

Penn State/Jerry Sandusky: Conviction, penalties in sordid scandal.

Saints 'Bountygate': Penalties ruin season, embroil NFL in controversy.

Pat Summitt: Winningest women's hoops coach retires with dementia.

Disclaimer: My own list would be a bit different. I definitely would have included the Heat's LeBron James-led NBA championship, for example. But that'll get its due soon enough when we bring you 2012's Greater Miami Top 10 Sports Stories, also with a poll. Might have added the NHL lockout, too. Anyway, for now, we invite you to vote for your top three (3) national stories of the past year from The AP list and say why. Then check back often to monitor the evolving results:

NFL PREDIX: DOLPHINS' COLD END IN FOXBOROUGH: Miami will play New England tough Sunday, 1aa1fripixbeating the point spread but not the Patriots. The 27-20 final will end Miami's season at 7-9. Click on Week 17 Gems for all our latest NFL predictions -- including a surprise in the big Cowboys-Redskins playoff play-in game. And click on Pro Bowl A Fair Mirror for our Friday page notes column leading with the notion Miami's lone PB pick is no travesty, it's a pretty accurate reflection of the team's lack of impact talent.

Poll result: Receiver in a landslide as Dolphins' greatest need: We asked in a previous blogpost for your choice as Miami's greatest need in free agency or the draft, and wide receiver thoroughly dominated with 83.6 percent, followed by cornerback 8.8%, pass rusher 5.5% and something else 2.1%.

1aa1heat5HEAT BIG 5 @... SKIPS A TURN: Blog housekeeping note: Our "Heat Big 5 @" series, bringing you the team's most productive players at five-game intervals, skipped the "@ 25 games" interval. Oops. Blame the holidays! Look for the feature's return @ 30 games. Thanks.   

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Biggest story for 2012 without question is the Dolphins finally on the verge of .500...

Funny Dukes-Ter, hehe

to me it was the Giants beating the Patsies again in the SB, the Penn State/ Jerry Sandusky cover up was a sick story with all those children involved but that was not a sports story.

ps- what Michael Phelps did in the olympic games was for the ages but no one cares about it.

Thank you Cote for picking the Patsies over the Dolphins, we have a chance now.

Dolphins 75 Patriots 3

I would have to go with Bountygate at # 1 followed by the Giants beating a team they really had no business winning against again.

Maybe Lance finally getting caught at third.

Greg dead wrong ii is a travesty that R. Jones did not make the Pro Bowl and yes he is an impact player.

He has better numbers than E. Reed (reputation pick), E. Berry, and L. Landry the three voted in ahead of him.

I would take Jones over all three of those players right now.

You really missed on that one.

Hey Truth,

no hard feelings OK?..hehe

Lance Armstrong.

Not just the cheating itself, but the massive brazen quantity of cheating.

I might have voted for Lance but we all knew he was dirty so really no big surprise it finally came out.

Don't understand the poll, if it's 'biggest story', it's whatever the AP said had the most views, if it's 'most sensational story', it's Sandusky banging 8 year olds.

Most important story up there is the college football playoffs. A huge flaw in one of America's top sports has been permanently fixed.

4 teams will be the perfect balance, just enough to keep the regular season the most meaningful and exciting of any major sport.

The College playoffs is way over due and a big story but I think it can be improved, how about 8 teams?

Too many, would take away from the regular season. Top teams wouldn't sweat a loss because they know they'd be top 8 by winning out and winning their conference.

Same reason I hope they don't expand the NFL playoffs 12 is a good number any more and it dilutes the regular reason.

my biggest concern about this new playoff system is the way they are going to select the teams, I think they are going to have a selection committee, why not have all the winners of the six "super" conferences and two at large teams selected based on record/strenght of schedule.

this way everything is settle on the field, there is no politics and no one can complain, you win you're in type of deal.

I know that it would take some of the luster away from the regular season but teams would know the only way to be in it is to win your conference.

a happy christmas and holiday greeting to my dear friends on this page; took a break down in miami for a couple weeks.. art basel, the dolphins jaguars game, and mom's birthday. back to sports..
i don't see how lebron winning a championship isn't on the list; that's a national story, considering how vilified and criticized he was by the entire country. concussions are a bigger story? spare me..
hey baby? how's that celtic domination prediction working out for ya? :

The Clippers laid waste to the Celtics last night. The 45 point ass whipping wasn't indicative of the beat down they applied on the Celts rotting cadaver. And Blake Griffin had an off night. Right now the Clip joint is paying back every team that punked them in the past. Just a fun team to watch, the boys are taking no prisoners. Dapper Dave, you catching any of the Clips games?

Welcome back david,

Hope you had a nice Christmas break with your family, we all thought you had taken a sabbatical to the himalayas mountains to cleanse your soul or something, hehe

Celtics started 15-17 last year and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Talk to me after the trading deadline fellers.

david welcome back I didn't think that you were hiking in the mountains I said that you were probably out somewhere protesting Christmas or celebrating the presidential election results was I far off?

Ok david you did say Happy Christmas my bad maybe you are not the heathen I picture you as sometimes nice to have you back.

Woodcock you can be a Laker fan or a Clipper fan but not both.

Pick One.

Big, this is the USA you can do whatever you want to.
Go Clips.

Oye Wood's,

you're a front runner, OC is gonna get upset with you for deserting the Lakers like that.

wait until those softies (Clip's) come down to the 305, we'll show'em who's the big dog.

Brother, they already misused the Heat earlier this year. I think. BTW, if and when the Lakers start to win I'll be asking OC for one of the 47 Lakers flags he flies on the roof of his car.

Oye OC, what was with that comment about the new Dolphs logo? Everything new is simpler? Say what? Dude, put down the wine bottle.

BB, your boys got pole axed last night. Had this game been played in Boston they would have had their way with the female ushers at the Garden as well.

clips are looking amazing; i told every entitled laker fan months ago that they should be worried about being the best team in los angeles, instead of miami.. still think OKC will edge them in the western finals, but they really look amazing.
as for christmas, i look at it as a season of giving, family, friends and love.
as for the celtics, sure we can talk after the trade deadline. when they jettison those salaries and contracts and start the rebuilding process..

Of course I meant ladies as logos. Actually if they are compelled to change current logo all they need do is take it's helmut off or give it a Kaiser helmut complete with spike on top...

Who is in charge of changing the logo?
Mike Dee, the brains behind the Tebow/Gators Memorial Extravaganza which wasn't even an attendance sell-out!
Good luck.

The logo would be better if OC is allowed to submit one of his designs that looks like a toilet bowl.

Never mind St.Tebow, or Sanchise, or Sparano, or even Fireman Ed (is he still considered a huge a-hole?).

The NY Football Jets are looking for place kickers in Norway.


You're a freaking jinx, Dave. You come on the blog and mention how well the Clippers are playing and we're down by 10 at half time against Utah. "Go back on the road and don't log back in, fish!"

The Clip Joint overcomes 19 point deficit in the third quarter to keep the streak alive. Thanks for flying out of LA in the middle of the third, Dave.

David in LA- Were you FROTHING AT THE MOUTH, after the 12-2-12 Dolphins game?

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