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December 23, 2012

G15: Dolphins 24, Buffalo 10 (Final): 4 defensive takeaways, 3 Bush TDs carry Miami in home finale, but Bengals win eliminates Dolphins from playoff hunt

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Click on Frustration And Comfort for my latest column, off yesterday's Dolphins game.

G15: BUFFALO @ DOLPHINS: Final: Three takeaways by Reshad Jones and three TDs by Reggie Bush carry Miami, but win by Benagls at Pittsburgh eliminated Dolphins -- officially -- from playoff contention. ..... 4Q: Reshad Jones interception on Buffs' 1st and goal from Miami 1 seals the victory. ... Buffs driving at 2-minute warning. ... Bills' FB Dorin Dickerson removed from field on cart with apparent ankle or leg injury. ... Buffs within 24-10 on 2-yard Ryan Fitzpatrick pass to Brad Smith. ... Dolphins fake a long field goal try and pooch a punt. ..... 3Q: Steelers tie Bengals, 10-10. ... Takeaway sets up 45-yard Kaeding FG and 24-3 lead, same score as last week's final vs. Jags. ... Cam Wake sack jars ball loose, Reshad Jones with his second fumble recovery and Miami's third defensive takeaway. ... Bush's 3rd TD of game is an over-shoulder catch in end zone of a perfect 12-yard Tannehill throw that beat double coverage. ... Another missed pass by Marlon "Dropsy" Moore. ... CB Sean Smith knee injury for Miami, return questionable. ... Dolphins catch a break with ruling of incomplete forward pass by Tannehill; might have been judged a fumble. Buffalo loses appeal. ... Lamar Miller 28-yard run. The ex-Cane looking good ... Chris Clemons recovers fumble for Miami; Dolphins now plus-2 in turnovers. ..... Half: Clean half for Dolphins, with zero turnovers and zero penalties. Solid defense other than giving up that one 62-yard run. Just enough offense. If only the Dolphins could play Jacksonville and Buffalo every week. (Cincy leads at half, 10-7) ..... 2Q: Miami up 14-3 on Bush 1-yard TD run. Tannehill's 30-yard pass to Rishard Matthews in that drive was a beauty. So was Tannehill's crowd-pleasing 31-yard run to the 2. ... Wait. Steelers now within 10-7. Hope lives! ... Cincy now winning 10-0 at Pittsburghas Dolphins playoff hopes ebb. ... I've been remiss in not mentioning that rookie tight end Michael Egnew is active and playing for the first time all season. ... Spiller's long run sets up 42-yard Bills FG for 7-3 score. ... Wow. Buffalo should-a challenged that no-TD call. ... Steelers just missed a 24-yard FG for Pittsburgh, no favor to Miami. ... C.J. Spiller busts a 62-yard run to the Miami 23. ..... 1Q: Bengals up 7-0 at Pittsburgh; pick-6 against Big Ben. Uh oh. ... Miami 7-0 on Bush 17-yard pass from Ryan Tannehill finished by a stretching dive by Bush. Call upheld on review. ... Reggie Bush limps off field after 9-yard run but soon re-enters game. ... Buffs' first series ends in Reshad Jones fumble recovery and 23-yard return -- only MIA's second defensive takeaway in past eight games. ... Miami first series ends in new PK Nate Kaeding's blocked 46-yard FG. Marlon "Dropsy" Moore with a big miss on a catchable ball. ... At the stadium, but with an eye on Pittsburgh. A Miami win and a loss by Cincinnati at Pitt keeps playoff hope alive. ..... Pregame: It is Fan Appreciation Day at the stadium. The stadium will be about one-third empty when it is done filling in. The Dolphins wish there were more fans to appreciate. ... I don't mean to make a sexist comment (meaning a sexist comment is coming), but cheerleaders in Santa outfits was a good invention by somebody. ..... Original post: This would be a high-stakes matchup, if this were the 1990s, alas. Bills and Dolphins were a huge rivalry then, meeting four times in the playoffs that decade. Now? Well, this is the 1aa1bufdol12th straight year out of the playoffs for the 5-9 Buffs. And it'll be the 10th playoff-less year of the past 11 for 6-8 Miami barring a miracle. Dolphins must win today and hope Cincinnati loses to keep hope alive into next week, when the odds would get really long. Meantime, games like this one (and last week vs. Jacksonville) have their usefulness. On the road to Good, teams like the Dolphins must prove 1aa1bufdol2they can take care of business against lesser squads like the Jags and Bills. Today offers itself as a statement that Miami is clearly better than the Bills (not to mention and Jets) in the AFC East heirarchy. That's not nothing. Miami needs to win this home finale mostly because Buffalo's defense is really bad, and a loss would be a step back. With the receiving corps depleted, this could be a big day for Reggie Bush, and also maybe his farewell to Dolfans if the team doesn't re-sign him. By the way, in the board game pictured, notice that both teams have 12 men on the field. Fitting? My pick: Dolphins, 24-17.

Radio, then blog: We'll be talking Dolphins nonstop today on the 790 The Ticket pregame show starting at 10 a.m., then be right back here at kickoff for our Live Boutique Blog. You are invited to partake of both.


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A Rams-Dolphins Super Bowl is still possible gents.

Excellent article by LeBatard on the Dolphins' position right now, I've always said Jeff Ireland could be irrelevant if he lucked into a quarterback.

Like he had no choice but to reach for Ryan Tannehill at #8 last year he'll have no choice but to either bring in a guy like Wallace or Bowe in free agency or draft a wide receiver with a first or second round pick if free agency doesn't pan out - he would be fired if he didn't bring in a top flight receiver, no doubt about that.

Picking a college quarterback is a crapshoot, there's more skill involved in picking other positions but if Ireland lucked out and Tannehill is a star quarterback it won't matter so much who he brings in, just stop being completely incompetent and TRY to bring in players to fix glaring holes and Tannehill will lead the Dolphins to a playoff berth year in and year out.

I trust Ireland to screw up anything.

I think it's also really premature to say Tannehill is the guy. There are flashes.....but, at best, he is the 4th best rookie QB in the last draft. Typical Dolphins.

And, I think based on last week you can make an argument that Kirk Cousins might be better than Tanny too.

Dolphins going to the Vinny Bowl Yeah!

Rooting today for

Steelers over Bengals
Chargers over Jets

I like Greg McElroy but I hope he sucks it up. Rex Ryan is an asshole for passing over Tebow. The guy has been a good soldier all year and earned a right to play once Sanchez benched. Actually I hope McElroy sucks and is replaced by Sanchez who then replicates last week's masterpiece......4 picks and a fumble.

Jeff Ireland is a moron. His first round picks....

2008 Jake Long over Matt Ryan. Add to that Long has been an underperformer who almost certainly will be gone next year.

2009 Vontae Davis traded to Colts for 2nd round pick.

2010 Jared Odrick this one is worse than taking Long over Ryan. Ireland passed over Jason Pierre-Paul trading down to get Odrick. OUCH.

2011 Mike Pouncey this looks like a good pick. Unlike Jake Long Pouncey appears to be the real deal at center.

2012 Ryan Tannehill the jury is still out on this pick. I agreed with the pick but I give NO credit to Ireland for taking Tannehill. This was a pick forced on the Dolphins by an agitated fan base.

So of Ireland's five first round draft picks, one looks the sure thing and one is a maybe.

Stop defending Ireland. He's the Cam CamMoron of GM's.

Why no back in the backfield on a third and one???


Parcells picked Long over Ryan, He picked Vontae Davis, he traded our 12th pick to the Chargers and picked Odrick and Misi...I'm not talking players but moves.

Ireland picked Pouncey and Tannehill and signed Matt Moore as a free agent.

Your the moron..


Why so personal? Related to Ireland?

Ireland was part of the crew that picked Long. It's his pick. Vontae was a first round pick of Ireland that he subsequently traded for a 2nd round pick. Ireland traded our first pick passing over Pierre-Paul to take Odrick and Misi. That's a fail. Pouncey is the only pick that has worked out. Tannehill is a question mark.

Defending Ireland makes you look foolish. He's an idiot. Stop........please.

Merry Christmas.

If things keep going the way they are - looks like we may have a playoff shot in week 17 - nice for a change. Not seeing anything truly spectacular from offense today, but they are getting it done! Especially nice with deep backups at WR in there. Great job for the defense

Ok i'm starting to like this Binns fella.


Nope, Yes Ireland was part of the team but all final decisions belonged to Parcells, Ireland did not make those picks, that's a fact.

I'm not related to Ireland just setting the record straight on the picks and his right to make it or fail on his own , sorry for the moron comment and merry Christmas to you too.

Great game, reshad jones rocks!

fzb - I know it's a difficult language for non-native speakers but you should take the time to think about it before you call people morons and idiots. always takes the punch out of the insult when you misspell one of the three words in 'you're a moron'.

It's not like Miami didn't have opportunities to shine this year including against NE. They just couldn't close the deal.

7-9 this year is a major move in the right direction (assuming we lose to Pats next week). That said, the Dolphins still suck and it's primarily the fault of the front office.....Ireland and Ross.

Two things are a must for next year. First, dump Ireland and hire a GM with a clue. Second, sign or draft at least two offensive stars. A WR and a TE would be nice.

Of course Miami has a lot of holes to fill, but if they can get a couple of tools for Tannehill to work with I like our playoff chances next year.

On the other hand, keep Ireland and 6-10 to 9-7 is our permanent future.


you are absolutely right, I should not have called Tom a Moron, plus I was typing fast and didn't do the check-spell..hehe

Dolphins are eliminated from the playoffs, it was a long shot anyways.

Tannehill had another good game, our running game was clicking a little bit, Lamar Miller also had a good game..the Bills suck but a win is a win.

7-9 final record?...maybe we pick 13th or 14th..we should be able to get a good player.



i agree with you 1000% on 3rd and really short and no backs in the backfield; even if you're gonna run a QB sneak, having no one in the backfield and throwing for a yard is the "new football" that i can't take.


reggie bush shows his incredinle talent weekly- the second TD catch was an absolutely beautiful feet inside the end zone maneuver. let jake long gon and keep this really uber-talented balplayer who still has some robust moves when carrying the rock and can catch the ball as well as any runner in the NFL.

Kazaam- What have you seen so far that you can consider Tannah. a star? To me a star is a person who is a top player in the league. Maybe some day in the future we can call him a star, right now he is a work in progress.

NJPF is right. Tannehill may or may not be a star. Based on this year it's impossible to tell. Then again, he has no tools to work with.

FZB no hard feelings. Sometimes I am a moron, but not with regards to Ireland.

Only saw the 4th quarter today. Lamar Miller had an increased roll due to Daniel Thomas injury. The kid did well. There are some good, solid young football players on Miami's team. Tannehill had a decent rookie season. Solve the O line issues & bring in some weapons & lets see where it goes. Look at Jets, Bills vs what Miami is showing this yr & tell me this team is going in the wrong direction.


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