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December 16, 2012

G14: Dolphins 24, Jacksonville 3 (Final): Tannehill's 2 TD passes lift Miami past Henne, Jags; Perfect Season team takes 40th anniversary curtain call

[1) It is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16. Hearts still ache and reel over this week's massacre at a Connecticut elementary school. The cowardice of the shooter will live in infamy. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

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Club marks 40th anniversary of Perfect Season: The biggest applause during halftime introductions, by my ear, in order, were for Don Shula, Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, Jim Mandich (posthumously), Larry Little and Nick Buoniconti. It was the latest curtain call for the 1972 Dolphins team that went 17-0. Click on Family for today's latest column by me, an unabashed appreciation of what that season meant to Miami and, more than that, what the Dolphins mean to so many in South Florida.

Click on Small Opponent, But Big Win For Tannehill, Dolphins for my column off the game.

G14: JACKSONVILLE @ DOLPHINS: Final: Weak opponent, yes, but an all-round solid effort by Dolphins. Tannehill with his best game statistically as a pro, Bush over 100 yards rushing today and Hartline tops 1,000 yards receiving for the year. As for defense? Well, a TD-shutout is big no matter the foe. Miami now 6-8. ..... 4Q: Henne-to-Shorts 4-yard apparent TD pass for Jags is negated; Shorts did not have both feet in bounds in end zone. Then 4th-down pass is knocked down by Cam Wake. ... Tannehill to Fasano for 2-yard TD pass and 24-3 lead after same two combo'd for a 2-point conversion toss. ... Dolphins defense stops Jags on 4th-and-1 from Miami 15. ..... 3Q: Carpenter 31-yard FG for a 16-3 MIA lead just before end of third. Tannehill's 30-yard run helps set it up. ... Reggie Bush busts a 53-yard run, leads to 30-yard Carpenter kick and 13-3 lead. ... Miami should be up 13-3 after a short, gimmie FG but is not because a fake-FG failed when holder Brandon Fields (the punter) launched a pass way out of the end zone. ..... Half: Perfect Season team being honored; see above. ... Not much offense by Miami with 110 total yards, but it's been enough so far thanks largely to a Jax TD negated by a penalty. ..... 2Q: Miami with first lead of game, 10-3, just inside 2-minute warning on Tannehill 4-yard strike into end zone to Javorskie Lane. ... Dolphins make 4th-down stop as Jags eschew FG try, so no harm comes of turnover. ... What a lucky break for Miami! After Jags recover a Tannehill fumble on sack at Miami 20, a 20-yard Henne TD pass is negated by an illegal substitution. ..... 1Q: Creepy inflatable Dolphin doin' it Gangnam style during timeout. Any diversion will do, thanks. ... This game is living up (down?) to expectations. ... Dolphs knot it 3-3 on Carpenter 53-yard kick, after 3rd-down incompletion that Tannehill should have thrown better but Matthews perhaps should have caught. ... Jags hit first, up 3-0. Henne 38-yard completion leads opening Jags drive capped by 37-yard FG. ... The pregame moment of silence for the Connecticut school massacre was one of the quietest, and most emotional, I have ever experienced. ..... Original post: The Jaguars are 2-11. Miami is 5-8. May I be frank? Only fans of either 1aa1doljagteam or those betting the game would watch this. (I don't even include the fantasy factor, because if your team made the fantasy playoffs chances are your roster includes few if any Dolphins or Jags). For me, about all that compels here is the quarterback subplot: the largely symbolic duel of rookie Ryan Tannehill and ex-Dolphin Chad Henne. I say symbolic 1aa1hennetan 1aa1hennehenbecause nothing will be proved or refuted no matter what happens or who performs better. But you can bet Jeff Ireland will be looking for somebody to high-five if Tannehill looks and plays decisively better than Henne to further justify the club's decision and direction at the most important position. This would be another very good day for Tannehill to be very good. Aside to Ryan: Don't wanna be pushy, but you last threw two TD passes in a game on Oct. 14. Tick-tock. Too much to ask? My pick: Dolphins: 24-13.

Radio, then blog: I'll be yakking Dolphins nonstop on the 790 The Ticket pregame show starting this morning at 10 a.m. Ears welcome. Then I'll be right back here at kickoff for our Live Boutique Blog.


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Cote, You sir are the kiss of death,I was expecting a fin win, Now....

Relax Anti, we got this one..no worries.

Definitely the Toilet Bowl.

Here's Cotes post right before the Tenn. Game..

Original post: At 4-4 at the midseason turn the Dolphins find themselves just off playoff pace and needing to get on a run. And what says "Let's start a fire" more than a home game against Tennessee and its egregiously awful defense? Titans are on pace to allow more points than any team has, ever. Mull that. Savor it. Picture Ryan Tannehill rolling a 300. Envision Reggie Bush going zero to 150 in 17 carries. Then again strange things happen in the NFL and Miami isn't good enough to take any opponent lightly. Tennessee gets its starting quarterback back from injury in Jake Locker, who is far from great but who is better than the ghost of Matt Hasselbeck. Titans also happen to have a runner named Chris Johnson, a redeemed fantasy stud who has been running well lately and will severely challenge Miami's NFL-best streak of 22 straight games not allowing a 100-yard rusher. Could be a good one down at Joe's Place and I'll be there columnizing. This is a game the Dolphins simply must have if the playoffs are to remain a plausible conversation point in 2012. My pick: Dolphins, 30-17.

As the great Yogi Berrea once said" It seems like Deja-Vu All over again."

Expecting a stunning crowd today at JRS.........

More Great posts from Yogi...
" The team that scores the most usually wins"
"It aint over till it's over"
"You can win and still lose at the same time"
" If we score more points then the Dodgers, We should win."
"We need at least 2 more runs to win a 1 run game"
Gotta love Yogi..

A lot of empty seats today. Who cares about the perfect season, that was 40yrs ago. Anything to get more fans in the stadium.

...about that halftime celebration, let me guess. Stephen Ross has instructed the grounds crew to wheel in a 17' round swimming pool filled with Dom Perignon, then Nick and the fellas will take turns diving into it while wearing little tight aqua Speedos.

Naple's, There not "EMPTY" Seats, There "Not presently Seated seats".
There's a big difference, Cubans are will known for arriving late.. For everything.

Miami has hope today. The Jags are as inept as Miami.

Hey there, Tom. Did you have your surgery yet?

December 26th. Can't wait. But I gotta say, the pain in my hip is nothing compared to the pain in my heart from watching the Dolphins.

no worries muchachos, we got this one in the bag.

I think we should let Brandon Fields try QB for a while, the guy has a cannon for an arm !!!


beginning with the hit on a defenseless player bogus call, then the super-bogus call that wiped out what should have been a 10-3 jaguar lead, the refs are showing just how corrupt thay can be. have they called any penalties on the dolphins? absurdly officiaed game.

My first thought when I got through the door was good thing for this blog because the Dolphins are irrelevant.

Anti Christ- Thats a good one about the seats. Imagine paying to attend this game.

Why Lucas McCain is the finest killer you'd ever wanna meet...

Tom sometimes you just have to say F*** the Dolphins. One can remain loyal and put them on the backburner until they become relevant once again.

Pa, Micah needs you at the saloon pronto!!


oohhuumm, sorry guys I got a little carried away, sorry.

Tannehill had a solid game, the fact that the Jag's are this bad is irrelevant, it was a good confidence builder for the kid, its a process.

two more games, I think we win against Buffalo and there is an outside chance we beat the Pat's the last game, it all depends if Brady plays (they may rest him)

FZB I don't see Tannehill as a problem but I do have some frutration with their losing year in and year out.

Yah see I love the Dolphins but I'm not ah in love with them at a MOMENT POINT which has stretched on for quite some time.


I am ok with the Dolphins not winning the SB as long as they are competitive. Sad thing about this year is we should really be competing for a wild card slot. Losses to the Jets, Cards and Colts should have been wins are killers. Hopefully with a few more offensive weapons next year we will be in a position to compete for post-season play. Well at least we can have the audacity to hope.

Hey I'm gonna hope to. Audacity is a beautiful skill. But yes not being more competitive when we so close is disheartening... We'll see if our NEEDS get addressed. Should be interesting off season and draft. Anyone else like to see GIANTZ win SB buy beating NE in some last minute mind bending way. Giants were down 17-0 against Falcons but G-Men are such an unusal team. If they squeeze into playoffs look out!

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