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December 26, 2012

Dolphins' priority in free agency/draft should be... (poll) Vote! plus team's new logo?, Heat's statement win, NFL pix 'n fantasy, meaning of Christmas & more

1aa1dollogo[1) It is FRIDAY, DEC. 28. New blogpost coming later this morning! 2) Pictured right is either the Dolphins' new logo, something similar to it, or an Internet contrivance. Prez Mike Dee says club is exploring possible changes, with decision due by draft in spring. 3) Find our annual Christmas video in the blogpost directly below this newest one. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Wake named to Pro Bowl: DE Cameron Wake is the only Dolphin named to this season's AFC Pro Bowl squad. Somewhat suprising is the omission of punter Brandon Fields, the only Dolphin to lead at his position in the fan vote.

ZEROING IN ON THE DOLPHINS' GREATEST NEED FOR IMPROVEMENT: As a playoffless season ebbs we look ahead. Free agency will find the Dolphins with a lot of salary-cap dough to spend. (Does anybody 1aa1fa 1aa1fa2still refer to money as dough?) Likewise the draft will find Miami will a ton of picks including five in the first three rounds. Big, big opportunity for this team to get much better, fast, if smart decisions are made. Let's help Jeff Ireland, shall we? Set his priorities. In this poll I have identified three greatest areas of need. One is a dynamic, field-stretching wide receiver, because Brian Hartline (solid, fine, nice) is not a No. 1 guy. Another need is a really good cover-corner because your secondary is better when Sean Smith is your second-best corner. And another need is another big sack threat to augment Cameron Wake. You might have a different priority in mind. All things equal, what is the team's biggest need? Vote and say why.

Brady on facing Miami: On a conference call Patriots QB Tom Brady said this as the season finale against Miami up there approaches: "This is a time for us to be at our best." New England is coming off a loss to San Francisco followed by a lackluster win over Jacksonville. Pats wil be looking for momentum as well as still fighting for a first-round bye. Except full-effort Patriots including a heavy dose of Brady and other stars.

DON'T YOU GO WORRYIN' ABOUT THE HEAT: I think that was the bottom-line message from Miami's 103-97 Christmas Day victory here over Oklahoma City, a gift to South Florida. It was a 2012 NBA Finals rematch and plausible-even-likely 2013 Finals preview, and it was delicious to watch. Kevin Durant (33 points) and LeBron James (29) put on the show you expected, and Mario Chalmers stepped up big like maybe you didn't expect. The Heat will have more results this regular-season that make you wonder, but reel your mind back to early evening on Christmas Day and remember this is the team ready to defend its title when the time comes. 

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY: Pretty great on the pix, and consolation (at least) in fantasy. NFL predix: We went 1aa1fripix12-4 straight-up and also 12-4 against the spread on our Friday page predictions to continue our strong finish ATS. Bull's-eyed our Upset of the Week with Ravens over Giants ("Aawwk!") and hit another outright upset with Chargers over Jets. Also had 'dog Bengals and Vikes with the points, and hit a rare exact score with 'Skins' 27-20 win over Philly. Fantasy: Greg's Lobos ended strong to finish 6-10 and fifth in our six-team family league. Won our consolation playoff finale, 165-137, behind Aaron Rodgers' 38 points and 32 from Reggie Bush.

HOW GOOD IS UM MEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM?: Coach Jim Larranaga's guys were 7-1 and poised to maybe rattle into the Top 25s, but a 1-2 finish in the Christmas tournament in Hawaii has left you wondering. Losing to No. 4 Arizona was no shame, but the loss to Indiana State? The ACC schedule starts Jan. 5. I have read speculation Miami could be a Sweet 16 team. Prove it, Canes.

Poll result: Canes' 5 football championships most define Miami sports: This result surprised me, and very few of our poll results do. We asked in a previous blogpost what accomplishment most defines Miami sports, and UM's five national championships had 46.3 percent, a clear winner over the Dolphins' two Super Bowls with 30.0%. (I thought the Dolphins would win.) The Heat's two titles had 17.7%, the Marlins' two World Series 3.7, and "something else" 2.3%.

THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS: I neither embrace nor decry the commercialism of Christmas. I enjoy giving gifts and making people smile; I also enjoy getting gifts, such as the surprise from my wife of two tickets to see Tony Bennett perform here in February. (Oh, and that new set of All-Clad pots and pans, which to a dedicated home cook like myself is exciting.) But the deeper meaning of Christmas struck me -- and I'm sure millions of others on this holiday -- in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. Our hearts and thoughts were with the dozens of families there to whom Christmas was something that couldn't be celebrated, just coped with. You were reminded that the gifts you unwrap are fine, but that the love of family is anybody's best gift. The grace before our holiday meal mentioned as much, and I hope those families in Newtown somehow felt the support for them from all over the country.

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Team's biggest need in terms of winning games is a pass rusher, QB is the most important position so having a star quarterback and stopping other star quarterbacks is the formula.

But because they gave away a top 5 receiver for Michael Egnew and a third round pick and busted not only on Egnew but also on Ochocinco, Naanee, Gaffney, Gates, Cunningham, and every other receiver they've brought in and left their rookie quarterback with no one to throw too, they have to draft and spend for need again this year.

Voted receiver, too bad becuase they'll be in striking distance of a MLB who will anchor a defense for a decade.

WR is a top priority, but lets not forget about a RB. Bush is going to be gone, and Daniel Thomas is injury prone and not the real deal.

He said area of need Kazaam drafting a WR first overall will not be a priority if they re-sign Hartline and bring in D. Bowe.

Thanks for that long winded, repetitive opine anyway though.

this is a two part problem, I think they should go after and sign one of these three receivers (hopefully they are all available)...Jennings,Bowe or Wallace.

if they do that they can go into the draft and continue to build the team, I would put a top priority in a DE/LB pass rusher and a CB, they have plenty of picks to get another WR,TE, T and RB later on...

voted DE pass rusher.

Hey Kaz, maybe you do know a little more about football that I give you credit for...hehe

Not to be 'repetitive', but like I said, 'they have to draft and spend for need again this year' - can't go after any other position until the abominable wide receiver situation is addressed.

what Baby is saying is if they re sign Hartline and sign one of those big time WR's then that position would not be an area of need anymore.

What I'm saying is that's what I said...

all-righty then..


I know the Dolphins have a bunch of free agents but I think they are dealing from a position of strenght on some of the players, they can sign them but only for the right prize, no need to over pay for any of them.

Randy Starks-very good player but will be 30 next year and we can put Odrick in his spot.

Reggie Bush-great team guy, very productive but we have Lamar Miller.

Jake Long (shadow's favorite player)-I'm sure the Dolphins want him back but at what prize?..we already have J Martin there and it would be easier to find a RT.

I say try to re sign S Smith,Fasano,Clemons for sure and the rest will depend on the players.

Pass rusher.

If Houston loses to Indy then yes expect a full effort if not then maybe half the world knows that Denver is not losing to KC.

Get Tebow and run wildcat on every down!!

Hey, it's Boxing Day!

In Canada Sparrow eh?

this is interesting, a Dolphins new logo?


I like if its true.

Yes looks good a bit more modern maybe it's time for a change cue the old school, inflexible "that's my team don't go doin'that" commenters now.

Yeah bring it on Patsies you wussies in sterling silver helmuts HA HA!

A monster bullrushing pocket collapsing NT would not be bad for Dolphins either(pronounced I-ther). Yes and a wide receiver. Yes some adequate to superlative defensive backs. Oh yes lets not forget a LT and guards...

Why bother getting a big time WR, FZB? Won't they just demand the ball and hinder our team? Oh, I guess that's just Marshall who has not made a peep off the field and been destructive on the field.

With the 15th pick in the draft, the Miami Dlphins select Chance Warmack, guard, Alabama.

Best wishes to Charles Durning in the afterlife. A true American war hero and fine actor. So many familiar faces moving on...

Click on site below for a sense of just what Mr Durning successfully endured.


Yeah personally I like the new logo. Keep helmut white as the pure driven snow. White as the top of Tony Montana's desk and the bottom of his nose.


that new logo with the streamlined dolphin is pure puke-not even wearing a helmet!!! he'll get concussed on every play.

say goodbye to jake long ASAP, and keep reggie bush, who i believe would take a pay cut (although he doesn't deserve one) to remain with the dolphins and maintan their only quick strike player. there are no guarntees on wideouts in the draft, and if keenan allen of cal is the best coming out then the dolphins ought to be looking elsewhere in the draft. he is not as good as robert woods, but wood shas not decided if he is entering the draft this year.


there are plenty of very good receivers out there that are model citizens, your love affair with Marshall makes no sense, the guy requested a trade, he didn't want to be here, Wallace and Jennings have been model citizens off the field and great teammates, Bowe I'm not sure about, Marshall is a team killer , a cancer.

Ireland knows he needs to get play makers to help Tannehill, he'll get them, like I've stated many times before, its a long process when you built the team through the draft, you can't rush it.

you don't see teams like the Packers,Steeler's, Giants etc sign free agents, that's what the Dolphins are trying to do now.

what's up dukes-Ter !


even a couple of local writers have written articles recently saying the Dolphins are heading in the right direction.



your misguided hatred for Ireland doesn't allow you to see the truth.

That Omar Kelly article is a joke. You say that Ireland "will get playmakers". But every time he drafts a TE or WR, they stink. That's a fact.

The guy he traded blew up. That's a fact. I don't care if he requested a trade. I request things all the time does not mean the Dolphins should have traded him. Do you think Chicago regrets trading for him? i doubt it.

shadow, if it were up to me they'd go old school circa 72-73 but it's not. At least they would clearly remain Miami Dolphins and not sharks, jellyfish, pilot fish, eastern diamond backs, manatees, coral snakes, pelicans, cranes, snapping turtles, armadillios, brown recluses(not sure if they are actually native Floridians), cockaroaches etc. Dolphins are superior beings imoo(in my obnoxious opinion).

Egnew does look like a bust but so did Paul Solia until his 4th year, Reshad Jones didn't do anything the first two years and look at him now, player mature differently, you can't give up on young players too soon, R Matthews looks promising at WR, again too early to call him a bust, same for C Clay.

it takes three years to grade a draft but of course your Mr. Genius and you already know they are busts, you don't know anything.

Hmm after clicking on site FZB so graciously provided going old school would be for strickly sentimental reasons as opposed to esthetics(sp?).

And not the Miami KILLER BEES...


That logo's Richard Simmons status.

Enough about Marshall's attitude - if Philbin couldn't control a diva receiver, he's a bad coach. If Tannehill would have broken down over a receiver calling for the ball, he's not going to make it in this league. Hopefully neither is the case.

The dump was just Ireland being Ireland - two second rounders for a third, a top five WR replaced by three wide receivers that were cut and a highly drafted TE who couldn't make the roster.

The new Dolphins logo looks just like something OC would come up with. Very modern, very weird, very different, not very popular. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The Dolphins owner is a freaking jack ass. If he bought the Yankees he'd get rid of the pin stripes and the iconic NY logo for something in neon colors. Not good.

Now you see what happens when individuals you respect have a strong difference of opinion from oneself. Case in point the "new and improved streamlined" Dolphin logo. I initially liked it. While I am now a bit less sure of myself the new logo would hardly make me change my allegiance to THE GIANTZ full-time. That said I'd like to see some alternative possibilities. For example what does a bottlenosed dolphin smashing the blood, guts & lifeforce out of a shark look like or a NE Patriot for that matter...

I don't care if they change it and streamlining for the helmets might be a good idea but something like the Dolphin stadium logo would be better than that weak sh*t, guess the only difference is the upturned tail but it just looks lame to me. Almost effeminate. A Dolphins isn't the most ferocious mascot in the world to begin with.


Man that's going to suck if you had a tattoo of the old logo...


Kaz, you're right man I'm gettin' the effeminate feel from new logo. Damn that's an awful chill up my spine. The hell with it lets go Miami T-Rexses. Logo of T-Rex with a bloody ref hanging out of his mouth.

Apparently T-Rex is singular and plural which is just as well given Miami T-Rex sounds a whole lot better than T-Rexes.

Keep the logo the way it is!! The new one is terrible and has no face or identity to it!

Best Post/Picture of the year...
You go Kaz...

Man that's going to suck if you had a tattoo of the old logo...


Posted by: I am Kazaam | December 26, 2012 at 10:02 PM

BTW, Is that Dolphin of the Jewish Faith?

If they're going to roll out that fish looking thing and stick it on the Dolphins helmets they might as well make the jerseys pink in color. Pure horse shit. Only a bleached blond beach fag from Fire Island would consider wearing such a thing on their bodies. If I were a Dolphins player I would rather that they lathered the side of my helmet in pig shit than to have to go out on a Sunday afternoon in front of the gorgeous Starbrites wearing that freaking fish on my head.

Woody, "STARBRITES", Dude are you stuck in the 70s??
I Think they were called that back then, But I Might be wrong.
Cock, Get a hold of yourself sir..

Woods, Maybe you ought to sit out the next couple blogs..

I know Clyde Gates is a bust because he is already gone. Didn't take three years on that one.

Sometimes guys start slow, rarely will a third round pick be inactive all season on a roster devoid of receiving talent. Daniel Thomas was traded up for, Lamar miller has already passed him.

Do you think Chicago regrets trading for Marshall? 113/1466/11. 8 more TDs than the whole fin receiving corps. What a joke.

Drew, Chi, Loser of the last 5 of 6, Next Question..

Anti, you know I couldn't give a rat's ass what they call that 24 karat pussy that they parade on the sidelines every Sunday. But to me they will always be the Starbrites and Burger King can bite me.


Anti, you think I need a timeout? LOL

Drew, those are Marshall's numbers this year? Shit, how do you let that go.

"Woodcock, the man is a menace. A menace. And between you and I, I think his mother was selling some on the side. You know what I mean."

That freaking new logo looks more like an airplane than a dolphin. That thing looks like the old Eastern Airlines logo. Time to go back to the drawing board. Hell, OC, you should submit a new logo design.

The classic would be a Dolphin wearing a pimp hat smoking a short cigar clenched in his teeth holding on to a slutty looking cheerleader from behind, and giving her the big wink. Now that's a logo that the fan base can get behind. Something that really embodies what South Florida is all about.

I'd hand paint that logo on a silk tie put a $50 price tag on it and hang it in the souvenir shop window at JRS.


you people need to get a grip, the new logo is cool..

I think Kazaam and Andrew are twin hater's.


true story, I once purchased a tie from none other that Garo Yepremien at Dadeland Mall (Burdines I think), he was there signing autographs and peddling his ties.

also got to meet Mike Kolen (captain crunch) at the same mall..

bottom line to all you Ireland haters, up until he gets replaced (could be in one more year) or not.

but up until that time comes, I'm right and you guys are wrong.

later muchachos.

FZB, if not being in the playoffs yet once again means you are "right", then I guess you are "right"....

Haha, you also wanted Jeff Ireland to give Chad Henne a fourth year starting and he did.

As always, you're right and everyone with a shred of common sense and perspective is wrong.

Heat have finally passed the Knicks as the #1 team in the East - hold a half game lead.

Henne started 2009-11' I think he didn't get a 4th year.

It does look a little like the Eastern Airlines logo I remember flying them they used to serve hot meals back in the day.

The logo is changing that much is clear we will all have to get used to whatever it ends up being.

Team is definitely going in the right direction I like what Philbin is doing we didn't execute down the stretch in just a few games and it cost us a playoff spot.

If Tannehill learns how to finish this will be a good team next year schedule looks brutal though.

Our defense has played very well this season.

I think we re-sign Reggie Bush in the offseason he's too good to let walk and he's a great leader he will be a bigger part of the offense next season they finally started throwing passes to him in Week 15.



last night lebron james had 27 points and 12 rebounds. as of yesterday's stats, there were only TWO players who were avging. over 20 points and 10 boards- david lee of the shadow's faves the warriors, and russell westbrook. an incredibly low number of guys avging. 20-10 when ther were many players back in the day who had 20/10 seasons one after the other. i am surprised that kevin love is not, but i guess his scoring avg. is slightly below 20 pts.


here is a guy nobody talks about (i guess after jesus spoke to him in a closet he lost some friends) but is one of nthe absolute all-time great college and pro players- check out his numbers!!



how about my childhood hero, the incomparable one who had these rebounding numbers at 6'5"!!


Larry Bird averaged 24.3 ppg and 10.0 rpg for his career an amazing stat line.


and we are not even bothering citing wilt or KAJ, who played in the same basic timespan as the above. elvin hayes' numbers right out of houston were mind-boggling. without question one of the most talented players ever. let's see lebron james-

some weak rebounding numbers for a guy 6'8"!!


the scoring averages are top flight, but for a guy who theyt are trying to talkk up as the GOAT, heyt show me some rebounds.


lebron james is the best player in the NBA, but to these eyes, and i am not a huge fan of old earvin, LBJ is not a better player than was..:


LeBron and Magic are similar in some ways Magic could play almost any position sort of like James.

Logo's,Logo's, who gives a S**T!! Only losers talk about this crap, this time of year. Cote should be talking about the fact that the Dolphins only have 1 player picked for the all-star game. NOOO, this guy is talking about a new LOGO!! They have a national tv game sunday, and we are talking about a new LOGO.




lebron james' numbers are closer to jerry wests', who had almost as many rebounds as LBJ who is five inches taller!! and as great as he was as a player, nobody is touting jerry west as the best of all-time. lebron james is certainly a one-of-a-kind basketball player, but he wouldn't make my top five and i have been watching-except for the last few years- the NBA non-stop since 1962.

It's that kind of twisted logic that gets people to support an obvious bum like Ireland, FZB.

Until Ireland finds someone, ANYONE, for the offense that can score on a consistent basis, I'm right and you are wrong. Until Miami has a real, NFL level offense, I am right and you are wrong. Until Ireland selects a WR or TE that actually plays a few meaningful snaps, I am right and you are wrong.

This is almost as good as Omar Kelly's article you linked where he says it's unfair to expect the Dolphins to have competed for a playoff spot this year with a rookie QB and then instructed his readers to ignore the THREE teams doing just that (Indy, Skins, Seahawks).

Not much else to talk about Naples we are already looking towards next year is Gronk playing geesh that guy is made of glass does he ever play?

Shadow - wow, never heard of Elvin Hayes, nice numbers and he spent the bulk of his career as a Bullet, which the Wizards made the phenomenal decision of paying homage to with a uniform and color scheme change last year.

Hard to compare Magic and LeBron since they played such different roles but I believe that if LeBron was only a point guard and not depended on to rebound, block shots, and score the ball he could easily surpass Magic's assist totals. Of course as he says he could also score 50 points a night if he wanted to but 'that's not his job', one look at Wilt Chamberlain's shot output puts a damper on all his scoring records and explains how he only won two championships.

Give LeBron time, he won his first title at the same age as Jordan and he has a lot of games left to play yet.

Seems like Kevin Love has had it with Minnesota, he's spoken out several times this season about the franchise's lack of direction.

Hopefully he'll shake free and wind up on a relevant team for the rest of his career!

Kazaam Magic played guard, Forward and Center in his career he also was depended upon to do the things that LeBoron does I think he played Center during the Finals when they won the Title in 1980 not really hard to compare them at all.

New logo certainly no better than the one we have now. It actually looks like a brand of air freshener. Pretty sucky. No thanks.

People didn't like the flying Elvis logo with the silver the Patriots have at first either now it's all people remember mostly except for Naples who probably liked those ugly red white and blue uni's they used to have with the Pat Patriot guy hiking the ball.

That was a drastic change for the better this change will be minimal and hopefully better once it sinks in.


You never heard of the big E?...you must be a young pup which explains your total disregard for the 72 Dolphins.

this is for all you Ireland hater's out there.


Naples Jack, you mad bro?

Big Baby, the new Patriots logo has always been awful. It looks like a rejected proposal for the US Post Office. Best make-over, of course, was the TB Bucs'.

The putative new Phins logo seems worse with every new look.


we are going to have to beat the facking Patriots one of these days so we might as well start this sunday..

Dolphins 75 and the Patsies 3

there, I said it.


you got tired of dealing with Dashi over Armando's blog?..

much to my surprise Mario Chalmers has put together two very good games in a row, could it be that he is finally maturing?..I'm not sold just yet, show me some consistency first Mario.

FZB - for someone who demands that everyone wait four years before evaluating any player Jeff Ireland drafts you sure do like to make your own judgements from game to game.

Chalmers is in his fourth year now, Flacco's in his fifth. If you've been paying attention, you should know what these players are by now.

Rio's a perfect fit for the Heat for as long as they can afford him. They'll never be able to buy an upgrade and their chances on hitting on a late first round prospect aren't good.

Their best chance for a point guard who can bring stability (not an upgrade on Chalmers, just someone who can reliably run a halfcourt offense) is a veteran chasing a ring.

Paging Derek Fisher.

FZB, didn't know there was another Sparow at some other site. Why should the other one be tired?

FZB, didn't know there was another Sparow at some other site. Why should the other one be tired?

Kevin Love is just a stat guy and doesnt make his team better. Dont all great NBA players make there team bette?

You go make the Timberwolves better...


there is a senor Sparrow over Armando's blog, it looks like you have a twin.

Yes Kazaam, I know what Chalmers is (inconsistent), I just wish we had someone a little better and no I don't think he is a perfect fit for the Heat.

If I was a NBA star I would? Key word is "star"

All I know is we are practically in 2013 and the NCAA keeps screwing with us.......Still holding those sanctions over our heads indefinetly...

WTF....where is the due proccess ??

Proof positive they are worst than communists & in sole control thinking they are the Gods of college sports....

At this point I do not know who is worse....

Our so called Represaentatives in Congress whose sole purpose is to screw over the american public or the NC double ARSHOLES...

Hey Clue,

you need to get a clue, maybe we can trade Haslem to the Wolves for Love, that's fair for both teams.

Kazaam, you know who would be a perfect fit for the Heat at point guard?..Mo Williams.

the NCAA are a bunch of "comunistas"..

FZB proceeds to insult people since can cant make any arguments as to why K Love is a NBA star. Grow up buddy

and exactly how did I insult you?..By saying you need to get a clue?..all-righty then.

Kevin Love is probably the best power forward in the NBA right now, he makes his team better by keeping them in the game with his hustle,scoring and rebounding plus he gets double team all the time leaving other's with clean looks at the basket, the guy is a stud, 30 other teams would jump at the chance to get him.

Why does Kevin Love need to be a 'star' to be a phenomenal basketball player? He's a lot like Joakim Noah, those guys do all the dirty work you need to win.

It's a miracle the Timberwolves are .500 - their four other starters are Pekovic, Kirilenko, Ridnour, and Malcolm Lee.

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