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December 04, 2012

Cristobal screwed by FIU; plus 'Bama-Notre Dame (w/ poll), the problem with the Heat, Philbin's rookie mistake, more Marlinsry, final SOPY rank & more

[1) It is THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6. Tonight's NFL pick is Broncos (-10 1/2) over Raiders, 34-16. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

CRISTOBAL WRONGED BY A DISLOYAL A.D.: College athletic directors who are impatient or ineffective 1aa1cristobalor both can be funny to observe. Funny as in sad. Take FIU's Pete Garcia. What is he thinking in firing football coach Mario Cristobal? A year ago Cristobal (pictured) deservedly gets a four-year contract extension because he has led FIU to its first winning seasons, to consecutive bowl games, to a small but growing place on the sport's national map. Cristobal is The Hot Young Coach, pursued by others (Rutgers, Pitt) but loyal to FIU and his home town, Miami. Wednesday, after a losing season fraught with key injuries, the mercurial Garcia showed everyone exactly what his loyalty looks like. Sad. Click on No Loyalty In Return for today's latest column by me.

THE LOVE-TO-HATE GLORY OF ALABAMA VS. NOTRE DAME: Oh what a perfect matchup Miami gets in the Jan. 7 BCS National Championship at Dolphins stadium. It is perfect for the right reasons: Two vaunted programs of the highest echelon of college football in terms of tradition and accomplishment. It 1aa1bcsevil 1aa1bcssatanis also perfect because both are love-'em or hate-'em programs -- adored by their legion of fans, despised by the nation at large. 'Bama is personified by Nick Saban, loved by the houndstooth hat crowd but so unlikable to others, especially in Baton Rouge and in South Florida, it seems. And Notre Dame ... where to start? They are the Yankees, the evil empire. Their fans act as if no other team matters. This is why I have coined this matchup Nick Satan vs. The Evil Leprechaun. Alabama is favored, but I'm asking here who you want to win, not who you think will. There is no category for "neither," sorry. So I challenge you to declare a rooting interest, or at least to choose based on which team you hate slightly less. Vote and say why.

PHILBIN WRONG ON CAM WAKE, PERIOD: Dolphins are trying to stop the Patriots and save their chance of winning Sunday. It is late in the fourth quarter. And Cam Wake -- Miami's best defensive player and premier sacker -- is not out there chasing Tom Brady because Wake is on the sideline. Watching. Wondering. Seething. Coach Joe Philbin was resting Wake (and Jared Odrick, too) related to some lame adherance to a snap count. Are you kidding me!? Rookie mistake, Joe. Please don't do it again.

Long on IR; so long, Jake?: Dolphins left tackle Jake Long's season is finished as he was placed on injured reserve last night with a torn triceps. I have my doubts that Long, a pending free agent, will be back with Miami. He has become injury prone. Is he worth the money he'll still command elsewhere in a desperate market? He is worth the franchise tag?

THE PROBLEM WITH THE HEAT: Last night's loss to a 1-13 Wizards team inspires the question. I seldom overreact about the Heat, mainly because I leave that to everyone else. Miami is 12-4. Nothing including last night says they don't stil have a big chance to repeat. Two problems, though. One is physical: The downturn in attention to defense. What once was "who we are" (Erik Spoelstra always said) has become an afterthought. Problem two is mental. The Heat has developed a tendency to slough by on autopilot for much of a game and then believe they can turn it on when needed. More of a front-to-back effort is needed. Can't just rely on the magic Ray Allen 3 at the end. "This ain't a lesson for us," LeBron James said of losing to the Wizards. Too bad. 

HEAT BIG 5 @ 15: The blog loves bells 'n whistles especially of the nerdy-stat variety and so this season 1aa1heat5we started this new one we'll be running throughout Heat season at five-game intervals. It's a top-five cumulative ranking of the players having the biggest overall impact this season based on eight statistical categories. We continue with The Big 5 @ 15 Games (12-3):

Rank (@10)   Player   Total

1 (1)   LeBron James   539.9

2 (2)   Chris Bosh   405.6

3 (3)   Dwyane Wade   314.5

4 (4)   Ray Allen   269.1

5 (5)   Mario Chalmers   239.8

Bubble: Shane Battier, 158.5

MARLINS' LATEST MARLINSRY: [Note: I have coined a new word: "Marlinsry." Marlinsry is the state or act of extreme frugality or cheapness] Quietly, the Marlins traded shortstop Yunel Escobar -- the only proven major-leaguer acquired in the recent salary-dump trade with Toronto -- to Tampa Bay for minor-league infielder Derek Dietrich. It was expected; Escobar came here as a temp. But it was expected because everybody knew the club would dump Escobar's salary, too. Miami Marlins: The Cheap Get Cheaper.    

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY: The good, the bad and the ugly... NFL predix: This is the good. A solid week. Went 11-5 overall and 7-6-3 against the spread. That included an Upset of the Week bull's-eye on Redskins over Giants ("Aawwk!"), another outright upset call on Chiefs over Panthers, and three 'dogs with points (Seahawks, Rams, Eagles). Fantasy: This is the bad and the ugly. Greg's Lobos fell to a miserable 3-10 with a 149-101 loss. Never a good sign when your leading scorer is your defense (Texans, 22).

CANES' MORRIS WINS 2012 SOPY AWARD; FINAL TOP 10: This year our blog debuted the State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) standings, a weekly updated list of the most productive quarterbacks, running backs and receivers from the state's seven FBS schools: Miami, FSU and Florida, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. Canes QB Stephen Morris wins. Our formula awards a half-point for every passing yard and one point for every rushing or receiving yard, with six points for every TD scored or thrown. We end it after every team has played its 12 regular-season games, so players in a conference-championship game or bowl do not have an unfair advantage. Now, the 2012 final SOPY Top 10:

Rank   Player, Team-pos.     Final 2012 SOPY Pts.


2. E.J. Manuel, FSU-qb     1,868.5

3. Blake Bortles, UCF-qb     1,597.5     

4. B.J. Daniels, South Florida-qb     1,585.5

5. Graham Wilbert, FAU-qb     1,585

6. Jake Medlock, FIU-qb     1,395.5

7. Mike Gillislee, Florida-rb     1,316

8. Duke Johnson, Miami-rb     1,244

9. Latavius Murray, UCF-rb     1,233

10. Jeff Driskel, Florida-qb     1,229.5

Others over 1,000: Mike James, Miami-rb, 1,119; and William Dukes, FAU-wr, 1,003.

Final State of the State rankings: 1. Florida (11-1); 2. FSU (10-2); 3. Miami (7-5); 4. UCF (9-3); 5. South Florida (3-9); 6. FIU (3-9); 7. FAU (3-9).

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogppst...


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Notre Dame. Cheering for Alabama is like cheering Osama Bin Laden against Seal Team 6.

I want to see anyone win over Notre Dame, f*ck the Irish.

I'm just glad we get one good bowl game down here - already gave away my Orange Bowl tickets.

Northern Illinois. Ridiculous.

Sounds like it was the defensive coordinator's idea to have the strict snap count - he defends the decision to Barry Jackson, saying that the backups performed well.

Of course Cameron Wake might have performed better...

Notre Dame. It has been a long time since the team has been competitive, much less an influence on the landscape of college football. Being a Dolphins fan, I can't back a liar.

I'm rooting for ND because Kazaam doesn't like them. Why don't you like the Irish, Trust Fund?

Depressing article on Tannehill to contrast ESPN's glowing article on Luck, RG3, and Wilson's futures.

At least the Dolphins were forced to roll the dice on a quarterback this season, giving him weapons so he can be fairly evaluated is all that matters for 2013. Then at least they'll know if they can start building a contender or start over with a new quarterback in 2014.


Assuming they fire Jeff Ireland and hire anyone else that is.

Otherwise we're stuck with Tannehill for another three years at least regardless of how he plays.

For you guys who remember the 80s, Tannehill reminds me of Dallas' Danny White. A guy who went along with his uber-talented team to winning seasons, but who could not win the big one. A guy who seldom displayed an ability to come back and win a game after trailing.

On the previous subject post, Naples and I both suggested that every starting rookie QB, but for Cleveland's Brandon Weeden is keeping their respective team in the playoff run. This, despite having teams who had worse, or marginally better records last year (Seattle having one more win than the Dolphins).

Now, all this may not be Tannehill's fault. There is a lot to be said for coaching, game philosophy, and what your GM avails him. But, what -IS- on Tannehill is his record for not rallying his team to victory after being down in the fourth quarter.

I have yet to see that fire in the belly.

Did anyone else see Luck's last 67 seconds play this last game?

That's why, as ridiculous as it sounded then, Ross should have demanded to Ireland that he rehire Pat White. Demanded to Sparano that he start White over Moore, and to tank the season properly in a "suck for Luck" mission. Not to win meaningless games and deliver to the fan base a - "well, we tried" effort and continue to see the same wishy washy crap that has plagued this team over the past 17 YEARS!

I'm flat out disgusted.

Damn it, Kazaam. I shouldn't have taken a swig of coffee as I clicked on your link. I just sprayed coffee all over my screen!

I think I've spotted another reason the Dolphins suck. Has anyone seen the coaching staff? No wonder! These guys all look like they voted for Romney. Well, all but six out of twenty-one of them, and half of those are only assistants. Yet, management expects these guys will communicate, relate and reap results, given today's NFL athletes.


Fire in the belly? Dude, what fire, the guy shows as much emotion as a telephone pole. It's not hard to imagine why Ms. Tan is regularly being serviced at home by a virile Cuban male who shouts to her at the top of his lungs, "Take that dick bitch!" while her ice man hubby "aw chucks" it at practice.

There's no subtlety with you, is there, Woodcock?


I see you guys are back to your micro-view of the world (as far as the Miami Dolphins is concerned)..

so now Tannehill is pretty close to being a bust (after only playing in twelve NFL games), No fire in his belly, we're stuck with him for a minimum of three more years, need to start looking for another QB in 2014, bla,bla,bla.

let's not compare Luck, RG III, R Wilson and Tannehill but lets compare what those guys have that Tannehill doesn't, it a nut-shell Talent..

Luck has R wayne, Hill and Hilton
RG III has three very good WR's and a running game
Wilson has a great running game and two very good WR's

Tannehill has no OL to protect him and no running game to make life easier for him, he has no WR's with speed that can create separation and he has no TE's to throw to, this is a rebuilding year (I sound like a broker record) we are transitioning from smash mouth power football to WCO, we simply don't have the personnel on the OL,WR and TE to compete, Tannehill is still a rookie, prone to making mistakes and his game is not yet fully developed, he can't carry a team all by himself, even the great D marino could not do it either without a running game and or a defense.

not long ago many in NY wanted Eli Manning out of there, they were all saying he was a bust, I'm not comparing E Manning with Tannehill , I just pointing out you can't give up on a player in just his first year, Tannehill will be just fine, as he get's more comfortable leading the team and as the talent around him improves, you guys need to stop with your nonsense, we have our franchise QB.



I have a question for you all, if Tannehill was the QB of the SF 49'rs, what would his record be like?..and how would he be perceived around the league?

FZB, you shouldn't read more into it than what was posted. Reread my third paragraph where I cite coaching, game philosophy, and what Ireland provides. All these things are far, far worse here than they are in SF.

However, I still maintain that Tannehill does not possess a "come from behind" record. That is indisputable. Now, he may eventually may show differently, but it is what it is.

But, that I would have rather had Luck than Tannehill is a massive no-brainer.

I think anyone would rather have luck than any other rookie qb, the guy is a stud..I agree.

My view is as macro as it gets, all I care about is the Dolphins fixing their franchise for a 10 year run of relevance by finding a quarterback.

We have no idea what Tannehill is as a quarterback but only a fool would say he's a franchise quarterback or a bust based on his college career and this year.

After another offseason that should revolve around finding receivers and 32 games under his belt we should absolutely know what Tannehill is by the end of 2013 - he won't be as good as he's going to get but he'll either show improvement and signs that he can handle the job or he's going to still look like the same quarterback he's been all of 2012.

You guys seem to forget that Tannehill drove the team down the field and put it in position to win both the cardinals and the jets game only to have the kicker miss the fg tries...those two victories would have put our record at 7 and 5..

Then, how would you feel about him, ..I don't have any doubts on the kid.

Hey Kaz, I'm still waiting on flacco..

He could not even beat Pittsburgh with their third string qb.

Yeah it's too early to pass judgement on Tannehill. Just frustrated with losing....

Sure, FZ. It's okay to go to the dance and take home the third or fourth best looking girl, even if you have to put up with the reality that she sounds like Fran Drescher.

Drunken Catholics over cracker Satan.

Kaz, don't be too quick at labeling people loony for passing judgement in a snap count. Age allows one to see things previously not thought possible.

This 'count' malarkey really is rather silly. No?

Flacco's just good enough to win it all with and not much more, he's proved that time and again.

Quarterbacks aren't all that enigmatic, you can go through the NFL and say who has a franchise QB, who doesn't, and a couple 1-3 year guys who are still real question marks. Everyone's list would look pretty much the same.

Dolphins will bring in receivers and Tannehill will have an entire NFL offseason with the same coaches and schemes.

Tannehill is a 'question mark' but with luck we'll know one way or the other after 2013.

I picked ND. Never thought I'd say that, but somebody needs to take the SEC down a peg. Much of their success in the BCS is due to the BCS elevating at least one of them into the title game almost every year. As a whole the SEC plays a very soft non-conference schedule and besides Michigan, Bama played WKU, FAU and WCU this season.

I don't like either coach at all. Saban's a jerk off the field, Kelly's a jerk on it.

Finally, Bama has a loss. If they win, that just feeds the Ohio State nutjobs and (shudder) Urban Meyer to try to claim they are the best team in the land. Then there's UF. With a win in the Sugar Bowl, they'll be saying they're the best.

Of course, it would be tough to stomach Mr. NCAA Immunity Clint Hurtt getting even more ammo for his already succesfully shady South Florida recruiting practices if Louisville wins.

So yeah, four of my least favorite programs/fan bases are up for the top three or four spots. So much to cheer for. Or maybe I just hate too many other programs...

I will take Notre Dame against Alabama, even as a 10pt dog. As a Dolphin fan you have to be worried about Tannah. I am starting to question this guys makeup, Pats just another game. Really!!! The guy had no idea who played in the AFC east. I can understand an idiot like Dansby saying it's just another game, but a rookie Qb who has not done anything in the NFL playing his first game against Tom Brady, and he is not psyched? I agree, where is the passion. After watching RG3 last night, and Luck against the Lions, right now it is like night and day between Tannah and there two. That does not mean he will not be a great QB, but fans better pray he is not another Sanchez.

Tannehill has had a shaky rookie year but that doesn't mean he won't improve I think he will.

We will trade picks to get a stud receiver or sign one in free agency this offseason. Draft one or 2 high as well that should solve the problem if he is still shaky next year then we have our answer.

What are you talking about OC? That was as concise and subtle a method of stating the obvious about Tan and his anorexic Mrs. as I could possibly summon. After a few more months of heavy pounding by Gualberto and his magic flute she should be rounding out nicely for her appearance in divorce court. "Mrs. Tan, what reasons do you have to petition for a divorce in this court?" "Why honey, once I got a taste of that Cuban slide the rest is nothing but jive, baby!"

BB, why wait, you've got your answer right now. He's not our answer at quarterback. Nope. Not in a million years. And he's playing great right now compared to how he's going to play after he meets Gualberto.

Nah, Naples. With time, experience and coaching, Tannehill should have a much better career than Sanchez. On the flip side, there are at least four or five QBs in the AFC who, given comparably talented teams to work with, would beat Tannehill 8 out of 10 times. Thus, making it difficult for the Dolphins to reach the Big Dance. This is why I say that Tannehill reminds me of Danny White. He projects an aura of sitting comfortably behind Brady, Manning, Luck, Dalton and Roethlisberger. Not to mention a bunch others in the NFC.

As a Dolphins' fan, I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Big Baby - the Dolphins can't use a stud receiver, that's why they traded Brandon Marshall (91 for 1,182 and 8 through 12). Look for them to add a shifty burner to Bess and Hartline. Hopefully they don't overpay for Greg Jennings.

Don't see how a Hurricanes fan could root for Notre Dame over Alabama. The SEC is the best conference in the country, the SEC champ has undoubtedly been the best or second best team in the country most of the BCS era.

Wow, Tannehill = Danny White. Seems to be what we're looking at... but that's what happens when your GM reaches for a position instead of a better player at #8 overall. Tanny's been better than I expected, but still not top-10 quality. And I don't know how much more he'll improve. He seems to be lacking a bit of the intangibles. He may be a smart guy according to the Wonderlic test, but his common sense is definitely not there. That has to hurt you on the field at some point.

Perhaps, Kaz. But I still maintain that Marshall's move was all on Ireland. As long as Ireland remains the Dolphs are going to be as relevant as that of mainstream Republican party.

Be honest. Does this look like the kind of guy who would create an unstoppable and rich Wide Receiving environment?


Well everyone said at the time that Marshall was dumped so the Dolphins could sign Reggie Wayne and lure Peyton Manning.

Dolphins said nothing because Jeff Ireland can't talk to the townsfolk or they'll chase after him with torches and pitchforks.

The best case scenario is that they knew what the hell they were doing and traded Brandon Marshall because they want a different kind of receiver for Sherman's offense.

Even if that rationale were true (attracting Manning) at face value, the move is but a ruse, as no one of proven talent ever wants to come to a team and report to Ireland vs. kicking him off the Burj Khalifa building on day one.

That rationale was that they'd attract proven talent (Wayne, Saturday, and Clark) to bring in Manning. But like I say, hopefully Marshall didn't fit and they got value for a player they couldn't use, we'll never know because Bill Parcells Jr. will never tell anyone anything.

I like position coaches who played the position in the NFL, Patriots do a good job turning veteran players into coaches.

Sherman's not going to live forever and Joe Philbin's never called or designed an offense at any level, they need to find offensive coaches.

Chad Pennington's a boring analyst no one ever hears from, Dolphins should bring him in, fire Zach Taylor.

Fire Ben O'Keefe too, I don't know how the receivers can stand to look at that guy all day.

As much as I have a problem with Nick (Dolphins stuff) a Canes fan MUST put the hate down on ND,m for SO many reasons. Mine main objection to their holier than thou selves, is how they keep all the bowl money to themselves, and have, for more than 35 years HAD THEIR OWN NETWORK, again, sharing no football revenues. This leads to an unfair competitive edge,, but the NCAA looks the other way. Bad coaches have made them look less empowered ...till now.

As regards Tanny v Luck, it's obvious which QB has the goods OVERALL.
Luck consistently makes the big throws at crunch time. He has more weapons, and a better O-Line. Even with all the rookie INT's, you can't deny he'll be the next great one..perhaps RG3 as well, if he doesn't get hurt badly.
Tanny will hopefully turn out to be a Big Ben type guy, using his legs more as Luck uses his less. You feel Tanny "gets it' which is why I feel good about him right now.
Luck has 20 more college games under his belt than does Tanny, many of them meaningful, championship type college games.


Big Ben was the third best looking girl in the 2004 draft (behind Eli and P Rivers)..how did that turnout?

in 2004 he was by far the best of the three, why?..he had a team that was loaded, the steelers went on to win the SB, Now is totally different, Eli Manning is widely considered the best pressure QB in the NFL (Big Ben ain't bad either) but you guys are passing judgement on a player that has limited experience at the position (19 starts in college) and has only played 12 NFL games with not a whole lot of talent around him...way too early to give up on him.

Kaz, all GM's never tell anything to anyone, I'm sure Ozzie doesn't say anything to the media in Baltimore either.

OC, the Marshall trade was made because he requested it and Philbin was not opposed to it...It was a good move to get rid of that cancer, he and Tannehill wouldn't have worked..

FZB is my favorite evah:

'Tannehill is not at fault because his supporting cast sucks but we should still keep the guy who has drafted and signed that supporting cast.'

At least he is half right, I guess.

Trading away your only decent weapon because he requests a trade is the kind of stupidity that puts you in a talentless hole. He sure doesn't seem to be cancerous to Chicago...


Thanks for the complement (I guess)..

tell me which players that Ireland has drafted and signed the last two years that you don't like?

I like the Burj Khalifa reference the most, OC. Nice work. Although I am surprised that a closet rump ranger like you didn't use it in a phallic symbol reference. Such as, "Ireland has his head so far up Jew Boy McCoy's ass that you couldn't reach it even if you shoved the entire Khalifa up Stephen M. Ross' ass hole." You know something like that, OC.

Richard Marshall (he was rated one of the ten worst CBs in football in 2010), Michael Egnew, Lamar miller (how many rbs do we need before you replace Marshall), Nolan Carroll (stinks), jimmy Wilson (db who can't cover), Jared odrick (1st rounders should make plays), Kia misi (ditto early 2nd rounders, he should have stayed put and taken Earl Thomas or Jason Pierre Paul).

That's just off the top of my head. I also hated the Marshall trade, hated not signing any real replacement, hated more not drafting a WR until the sixth effing round.

I also think he should have had the balls to trade up for RG3 and ensure the dolphins have a QB stud instead of rolling the dice on Tannehill but I acknowledge it was a steep, steep price.

Oh and legadu naanee. Good lord what a joke that was.

Of course Marshall wouldn't have worked for Tannehill the quarterback but he would have worked just fine for Tanehill the wife. Hell, if Marshall was still playing down here Gualberto might not have the part time job he now has at Tan's house.

Legadu "Mandinga" Naanee also has a part time job at Tan's house.

Brandon Marshall never asked for a trade.

Of course Ozzie Newsome talks to the Baltimore media, most GMs talk to the media after the draft and during the year, it's unusual that Jeff Ireland only sneaks out once a year like a groundhog to say ambiguous things about the upcoming draft.

More mistakes:

Taking any center in the first round ever (pouncey), trading up for Daniel Thomas (rbs are a dime a dozen), Clyde gates (Ireland just can't scour receivers apparently---he couldn't even make the team his second season).

FZB - a rare interview with Ireland before the draft.

Asked what pick he's most happy with he says of Jake Long, 'I cannot think of one ounce of regret I have over taking that player'.

Wrong on two levels, according to you.

His regret was 'Pat White'.


Enough with the doom and gloom, Kazaam. Here's some football related news that is a real perk me up.


That's a classic picture Kazaam. I didn't know that OC had been selected to play Ireland in the photo shoot.

Or is that a slimmed down photoshopped foto of Gregg Cote?


Apparently you seem to have ADD, the following players were not drafted by Ireland.

Carrol, Odrick ans Misi, Wilson was a 7th rounder, should not be playing at all but has to play because of injuries, Marshall was a good CB, remember he was supposed to be the THIRD CB on the team, strickly to play the slot and provide depth to the secondary.

Egnew looks like a bust but is too early to give up on him , L Miller will be our starter next year, he is a great pick in the fourth rd

Taking a center in the first round??lol you sound just like Kazaam, well that center is already the second best center in the whole league, you look like a dummy if your questioning that pick, C Gates was a bad pick but D Thomas is still up in the air, one game he looks very good and the next he disappears.

but let me ask you a question?

what about the good picks and the free agent signings/trades?..how come you don't mention those?

No GM bats 100%, the draft is a crap shoot and free agency usually doesn't work, its always better to build the team trough the draft.

Kazaam, Ireland may have said that but the decision to draft J Long and P White was all on Parcells, I know for a fact, your just speculating.

later, I'm going to watch the Heatles...

You know for a fact, Jeff Ireland's just speculating.

Oye FZ, with Gasol out for tonight's Lakers game this will be a three bottle night for OC. Hang in there OC, Howard is going to shoot 51% from the line today.

Jeff Ireland on a scouting trip to Colorado.


One of his top prospects for his year's draft/


Mr.Woodcock. hows about Marshall & Ted Ginn's terrific family!

Marshall & Saban.

I want to see anyone win over Notre Dame, f*ck the Irish.
I'm just glad we get one good bowl game down here - already gave away my Orange Bowl tickets.
Northern Illinois. Ridiculous.
Posted by: I am Kazaam | December 04, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Kaz/Trust, Can I get your parking ticket, You know there are some poor folk down here..
Cock, I hear are subtle breasted QB wife is currently "Sharing time" With close friend Kelly Cuco.
I find that relationship better then a Cuban pool boy by the bame of "Humperto"..
Just saying..

Who does Kazaam take this year at #10? Matt Barkley? Just keep taking loser QBs until you hit one?

How about growing a sac and going after one of the top ones like Robert Griffin? That guy was there and the team was eager to trade it away, and did so.

Kazaam wants to take projects instead of almost a sure thing. Tannehill at #8 is a complete joke.

This year has no sure thing at QB so you need to start building a team whereby one day when the guy is there, and you can seriously trade for him, he can throw to some WRs instead of some high schoolers.

The only thing I would trust Kazaam's opinion on is what color tail guppy I should add to my fish tank with a Beta living in it. Other than that, he is a joke. Spending a thousand plus to watch the Canes get bent over in Chicago. BAWHAHAHAHAHA...u should have just given it to Obama and he would have done more with it.

later, I'm going to watch the Heatles...
Posted by: FZB | December 04, 2012 at 07:18 PM

FZB, Love that.
Is that yours??

Wisconsin Coach heads to the SEC to take the Auburn job. BAWHAHAHAHAHA Guy was talking about how the SEC was trash and on and on, so what does he do? He joins the SEC coaching ranks. SEC is just urinating on the rest of college football. The ACC is the biggest joke in all of sports. FSU is BEGGING any other conference to take them right now. BEGGING. The SEC said NO WAY. Now they are trying to get into the Big12. Pushing hard and unlike the people on here who claim they have inside info, this is legit inside info.

Soon Miami may have a schedule like the 80s. All they need is a few Luther Campbells and Nevin Shapiros and add Temple to the schedule and eliminate that pesky conference championship game (that has eluded them every year) and we are the 80s all over again.

sorry it is the arkansas job. even worse. leaving wisconsin for arkansas.

That's Gualberto, Christ, Gualberto. Get it right buddy. He's the long lost nephew of Cuban legend, "Superman," who appeared in the Godfather II movie.

Anti--Nah, LeBron say's it all the time..

Hey pimple, its better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt..

the Heat look like a HS team tonight..WTF?

Woodcock, if I'm the opposite team I'll foul D Howard the minute he crosses the half court line, I can shoot better with my left hand than that clown.

Great stuff, Pimple, great stuff. If you can get Trust Fund's parking pass not only do you get to park 100 feet from the stadium entrance but you get a case of Grey Poupon, whatever the hell that crap is, to spread on little square 20 day old pieces of toast that Trust likes to eat with fish row that he extracts at the UM Marine Studies facility at Key Biscayne from his pet Oscar.

FZB, 13 and 3 VS 3 and 13, Think there taking them lightly. IMHO.

Would love to see the QBs wife with Kelly Cuco..


No self respecting Miami sports fan can root for Nick Satan. Period.

Gotta get these two together....
Would maje Mr. Sula go stright.


New Orleans Hornets --> New Orleans Pelicans.

Charlotte Bobcats --> Charlotte Hornets.

dukey, bare with me, buddy. So many disappointments...the Dolphins tanking, the Lakers...Hell, I've got to get some musical relief via Brian Aubert's fine guitar work.


Loved that at the 5:05 mark on widescreen.

However, what's better is marveling over the talent's a** in the cement colored dress. Oh my God!


FZ, OC is on his third drano cocktail on the rocks and even the drano is not helping him after the Lake Show stunk it up against a Houston squad who would have trouble beating Duke. That guy Howard just created a new definition for the phrase "Grande por gusto." He couldn't drop a basketball into the Atlantic Ocean even if he threw it out of an airplane window 100 miles out to sea. Except for the fact that the Lakers traded another "grande por gusto" stiff in Andrew (I hurt my knee bowling) Bynum for him it would be the biggest bone head move the Lakers ever made. To say that the guy sucks is one maaaaaaaaajor understatement. The dude should change his name to "Coach Killer." All you have to do to beat the Lakers is suit up all the ushers and just put them in the game to foul this fish the moment they inbound the ball.

Harry Rothwell, who runs AllCanes (the official licensee for UM merchandise) placed an order for shirts with UM’s logo that said “Coastal Division Champions,” but UM instructed him to cancel the order.
A UM official said when it self-imposed a bowl ban, “the ACC told us we could not promote ourselves as ACC Coastal champions in any official capacity. All ACC schools voted anyone not bowl eligible cannot designate themselves as division champs.

Really Cane fan ? The bar for Ur success is basically equal to that of a crack in the sidewalk.

There may not be a U in the word pathetic, but it's riddled throUghoUt it's definition.

Don't U forget to tell all those Bama, Notre Dame and FSU fan invading Miami during the January Bowl Season how dUh U is on the verge of still "being back" after a decade.

OC, please give me a warning will ya. I opened the hat trick thinking I was going to see some babes and the noise coming from the clip almost ruptured my eardrums and broke two of my speakers. I plan to send you a bill for them, please send me the address to mail you the bill.

Dude, I've heard better sounds coming from my stomach and my ass after I threw down two double beef burrito supremes at Taco Bell.

Oye Woods,

que mierda es esa que OC puso, the silversun what?

I must admit those young babes look hot, that's about the only good thing about it.

well, the Heat were sleep walking yesterday, the only good thing that came out of the game is that Chalmers could be out a few days, he blows.

I see the Lakers blew another close game, poor OC.

OC, it seems you are into a little more modern rock (nothing wrong with it, me too) here is one that I like, this is 3-D-D...



el cubano viejo del blog (the old cuban of the blog for you gringos)..azucar!


Hate the Irish more than the "roll tide roll, around the bowl and down the hole, roll tide roll", and I'm catholic. What a terrible OB match up. Those are two games I will not watch. Go Canes, can't wait to see how much better you will be next season. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Dolphin fans are losers, at least sun life stadium will be full for first time in awhile. Really, complain about Saban all you want (Bama offered job to RichRod after Saban said no the first time, so don't trust lazy awful reporting by Cote), but you're complaints and anger would mean something if anyone actually attended Dolphin games. Miami and Jacksonville are an embarrassment to the NFL.

Posted by: mUst Be A Cane Thang | December 05, 2012 at 01:08 AM

Pathetic is a "Gators fan" who reads up on Miami tee shirt sales so he can troll people on the internet.

Is that you, Kaz?

It's definitely him woodcock too funny.

That wasn't me, I don't use fake names, but I agree that Miami and Jacksonville fans are hot garbage.

WTF is Florida International thinking firing Mario Cristobal? Hope for their sake they have someone good like Butch Davis lined up to replace him.

Urban Meyer is going to get NCAA football coach of the year.

Not Mario you posted as Not our rival Kazaam don't deny it it's ok you are the only one here who calls Gator fans trolls.

They fired Mario? Wow. You gotta give it to them. That's impressive. At least they're not sitting around like the Canes for ten years while that bitch Shalala strums on her harp while the program burns to the ground. If you wan't to be successful you have to hire people who achieve success. In sports success is measured by wins and losses if Cristobal wasn't getting it done you keep bringing in people until you find a winner. That's what Abraham Lincoln kept doing until he found U.S. Grant to lead his army. If that strategy was good enough for Honest Abe then it surely is good for FIU.

But then maybe that bitch Shalala also slept through the movie Lincoln just like that fish OC did and she didn't learn a damn thing just like OC............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake up OC, you jack ass!

OC is lamenting that I was right about the Lakers.

they are done couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch especially that 12 year old Dwight Howard.

Woodcock you're a Laker fan too is it true that Howard is already making noise about free agency and wanting to win a championship?

If so wow things not so good on LA LA land guy is 27 years old how about just practicing free throws for starters haha!!

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