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December 20, 2012

What feats most define Miami sports? (with poll) Vote now; plus trading Cam Wake?, NFL predix, Samson/790 parting, Polanco, Heat, preying on Newtown & more

1aa1ted[1) It is SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22. I know Dallas was Dirk-less and down, but very impressed by the Heat the other night, especially the defensive quickness that utterly repelled the Mavs. 2) Just watched the movie 'Ted.' Draggy, cliche ending but liked it overall. Anyone who loves 'Family Guy' would be predisposed in that direction. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Thought of the day: I bet $1, with billion-to-one odds, that the world really would end Friday as predicted. Had I win ... where would I have collected?

END OF THE WORLD POLL: WHAT DEFINES MIAMI SPORTS?: Two big things were to happen Friday. 1) It was winter solstice! 2) The world would end, or so said the Mayan calendar. It was amazing to me how the looming 1aa1dol 1aa1heat 1aa1hurr 1aa1marlapocalypse was so nonchalantly regarded. For example, the Dolphins never announced a ticket refund plan for the Sunday home game that obviously would have been lost -- not to the Bills, but to oblivion. Sure, the Y2K end-of-the-world never happened, but why assume this one wouldn't? In that spirit, and now to celebrate the globe's survival, our world-didn't-end poll aims to name what most defines sports in Greater Miami. The question is broad. We offer 1aa1endfour choices and you may pick your top two. (If we gave you three it'd be too easy, right?) Vote and say why, and if you chose "something else," what, pray tell? Then get on down into the bunker because, seriously, you never know.

NFL PREDIX: DOLPHINS GET EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT: The gift is Buffalo and the Bills' fairly awful defense, the first in King Sport since 1986 to allow 45 or more points in four games. Like Jacksonville last week, this is a soft home opponent against whom the Dolphins cannot lose, and won't. Click on Week 16 Gems for all our latest NFL pix. And on Spinning The Records for our Friday Page NFL notes column leading with Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson chasing major season records.

Trading Cam Wake?: ESPN has crackpot speculation this week listing Dolphins sackman Cameron Wake among the NFL's top five most tradeable players. The logic: He's 30, and his backup, Olivier Vernon, is pretty good. My take: He is Miami's best defender and worth more to his team than you'd realistically get in return. And the club already has stockpiled draft picks. Keep him barring some silly-big offer.

Dolphins switch placekickers: Team signed longtime former Charger Nate Kaeding to work the final two games after placing Dan carpenter on injured reserve.

BLOG EXCLUSIVE!: WHY MARLINS' SAMSON NO LONGER ON 790 THE TICKET: The owner stepped in. Neither Marlins president David Samson nor 790 The Ticket wanted to end Samson's weekly show with Dan Le Batard in which Samson discussed movies along with baseball, but owner Jeffrey Loria didn't like the segment and finally exerted his authority. Add this to the view of Loria as a micro-manager to a fault. Another example: His hands-on editing of Showtime's The Franchise series starring the Marlins.

1aa1placidoOn Placido Polanco signing: Marlins announced they have signed veteran third baseman Placido Polanco (pictured) to a one-year deal. He spent last season with Phillies but battled back issues. He is 37 and past-prime but if healthy is a positive signing. He's a solid defender, a good clubhouse guy and a career .299 hitter.

RICK PITINO SCHOOLS HIS KID, FIU: No. 5 Louisville dreams of a men's basketball national 1aa1fatherchampionship. FIU dreams of mere respectability. It was a mismatch in L-ville this week and you know the final score could have been far worse than 79-55 if not for Daddy Rick Pitino showing paternal pity upon FIU rookie coach/famous offspring Richard Pitino. I'm not sure if the meeting was particularly meaningful outside the Pitino family, but it rates a mention here because the blog has always looked for -- and until now never found --  a reason to run a photo of Robert Young as wise Jim Anderson in the 1954-60 TV sitom, Father Knows Best.

The road to March Madness: Louisville, Kentucky and Michigan all have current 12-1 odds to win the national title, trailing only Indiana at 5-1, Duke 6-1 and Florida 10-1. Miami is 66-1 and running fifth for the ACC crown after Duke, N.C. State, North Carolina and Maryland.

VAN GUNDY'S HEAT WARNING: Stan Van Gundy said on 790 The Ticket that the Heat cannot repeat as champions playing defense the way they are now. To that I would add that Miami is presently last in the NBA in rebounding. But Heat has played D much better lately, including last night in Dallas. Heat is 17-6 and second in the conference after the Knicks right now, but the hand-wringing is for what waits beyond the East, in The Finals. Oklahoma City is looking better than last year, Memphis has showed it matches up well with Miami, and the L.A. Clippers are demanding to be taken seriously.

Poll result: Mixed feelings on Cowboy's barring Josh Brent: We asked in the previous blogpost if you agreed with the Cowboys and NFL banning player Josh Brent from the sideline because of his manslaughter-DUI charge even though the victim's mother asked for compassion. A plurality of 48.6 percent said yes. But, combined, a slight majority either said no (39.2%) or were undecided (12.2%).  

SHAME IN WAKE OF NEWTOWN TRAGEDY: I read that a scam website is soliciting donations in the 1aa1godname of one of the young victims, Noah Pozner. Even more galling, the outrageously infamous Westboro Baptist Church threatened to picket funerals and vigils associated with the murder of 26 at a Connecticut elementary school because, said a church spokeswomen, "God sent the shooter." And also because Connecticut legalized gay marriage. This is the same crackpot church that has protested at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Terrorism remains the most sinful misuse of the name of God, but right after terrorism I'd nominate the Westboro Baptist Church. I love free speech, but must doubt that this is what the framers had in mind. 

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17-0 is the most meaningful accomplishment in Miami sports history, IMO.

Robert Young looks like Walt Disney.

17-0 is it, fat boy. Geez, what a douche. I can't believe you would have a poll like that and make it the number of championships won by any local team. Bro, in this town from now to eternity, the pinnacle of South Florida sports achievement will always be "the undefeated season."

Well, if the world is truly going to end in a couple of days it doesn't mean that it will end in "other" earth like planets out there in the cosmos...right?


for all we know, there's 1000's or Million's of other worlds out there waiting for us to get there and fack-em up just like we've done to ours..That's a comforting thought.

or maybe we can just all go to a parallel universe like the 8th dimnesion and hang out there with Buckaroo Banzai until we can come back here...


I vote for the second option.

Marlins looking to sign a third base guy. Just sayin'.

I also voted the Dolphins two SB's which includes 17-0 which still stands after 40 years...

With all due respect senor Cote, Jesus Christ man what better defines Miami sports han Miami beating KC after 11 OTs only to lose to Dallas in freak SB, Miami resiliently winning em all the following year, dominating teams the year after that on there way to destroying Minnesota in SB and almost, despite several injuries depleted secondary, beating Oakland in Oakland for a chance at third crown in a row. Shoulda, woulda, coulda that Miami team been at full strength it's Vinny Trophy numbee three. Oh yeah IN A ROW. What else would you want to DEFINE MIAMI SPORTS. Much as I have enjoyed Hurricanes National championships & their highly competitive history especially against FSU. LOL They are still a college team. The pros are the best of the best afterall...

Celebrating an undefeated season that happened 40 years ago is like celebrating Princeton's most-of-any-school football championships.

No one remembers that sh*t.

I sort of have to agree it's fun to watch old school videos of Csonka running through the Vikes D and Garo with the worst throw ever (in a win) but let's make some new history already.

No one remembers Kaz. More likely Generation Xers don't remember it and so have no use for it. However I understand desire to make new Dolphin championship history and I would love to see it.

I think it would be different if Miami had won a few SB's since then and we could all celebrate 40 years but the fact that they have not serves as a reminder that the organization has been wallowing in futility for a long time.

I agree and it is insufferable that such a team with Miami's historical NFL relevance has not won at least one or two Vinnys since Dynastic years.

The Marlins voting is predictable.

An expansion team wins two World Series Titles and is last in the voting this is why Miami will never be a baseball town.

Marlins beating Yankees to win WS was one of my favorite sports experiences and I don't even really care for baseball but that was fun and special.

Yea, no one remembers the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 either, moron. It's still the most incredible sport's achievement in the city's history. Too bad you were just hanging from your dad's gonads and didn't enjoy the event. Sucks for you, Kazaam.

Yeah Kaz, your a party pooper..

Wood's, I don't think Kaz was even born in 1972..lol

BB, I had to do a double take on that pic of Robert Young too. Then realized that back in the 60s everyone struck that same pose. The photographers of the time must have insisted that all their subjects look alike: Same hair, white hankie, tilt, suit, etc.


The resemblance is striking isn't it?

Hey Greg, is Placido Polanco any relation to this guy?


I'm not sure it matters what the framers had in mind. What matters is what we have in mind today. Since they have the freedom of speech and assembly, I'll exercise my freedom of speech to say those Westboro Baptist Church people are all the biggest A-holes on the planet. I hope they have some muscle because if they keep showing up to picket funerals then they are eventually going to get into a huge brawl. And let's say, as their sick and twisted perception sees it, God did send the shooter... are the families still not allowed to have funerals? Are they not allowed to mourn the loss of their children?

Personally, I hope they never get into that brawl though. I think ALL media, amateur cameramen with Twitter/Facebook, etc. accounts, passers-by with video camera cell phones, and anyone else who has the ability to reach 10 to millions of people should just ignore them for the rest of their pathetic lives. Just walk on by as if they weren't there. If no one reacts, no one sees, no one falls into their trap then they will eventually disappear. If they aren't on TV or plastered all over the internet, their message won't get through. They're only there for attention. Which is ironic considering how they're supposedly acting on behalf of God.

...Bunch of bombs in the air...hahahahaha


The heat's defense will come around but that won't solve their two biggest problem's , rebounding and a quality starting point guard..

I'm officially worried ...

this is the guy we need lol,


As for the poll, Canes #1, Dolphins #2. This is - or at least mostly has been - a football town and those were perhaps the two most dominant football programs ever during their championship eras.

The undefeated '72 Fins are the most impressive single season feat in team sports since no one else has ever done it.

But the Canes were national title contenders almost every season for 10 years, then put together the most amazing collection of talent between 2000-2002, winning one title and having a legit shot at a three-peat with just a little more luck/help (I'm talking to YOU 2000 BCS Selection Commitee and obviously Terry Porter).

I had not heard that those loons were going to protest the Conn. funerals. I know we have freedom of speech and all but that is a horrible thing to do. Someone should exercise their constitutional right to punch this jack ass square in the jaw and knock out five or six teeth from his grill.

in reference to the "westboro baptiste church" wackos, stupidity has no boundaries..

I think what a lot of people are overlooking in the poll is how many amazing things there are to choose from. The history of the Fins, the dominance of the Canes, the Marlins quick and massive success, the current (and former) champion Heat. Hell, the practically brand new Panthers even made it to a Stanley Cup Final.

Think about it... that kind of success in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA Football. It's pretty mind-blowing.

This is a town that has way more success in its relatively short history than many have had with a 50-100 year head start. We should be embracing that above all else.

Kaz has no respect for tradition or history....(all his past posts confirm that.)

Typical spoiled little gen x'er....

If you take away his computer monitor he probably wouldnt know what a book looked like because he couldnt pull up an image on google....

Like a midget at a urinal, I'm going to have to stay on my toes.

Agreed, five rings. In baseball alone it's been amazing to win two world series with the clowns who have owned the team and the dump that they played at.

You're a dying breed, Woodcock. Like people who can name all 50 States.

We appreciate the Dolphins' unbeaten season every year! Sometimes right to the end of the current season.

senor Kazaam,

I'm giving you your shot at the big time, I'm naming you the Ravens GM for today, tell me what you would do with Joe Flacco, sign him to a long term deal?..or franchise him?..or trade him?

put your big boy pants on and tell me.

Frank Debrin, that was funny amigo (12:48pm post).

None of the topics on this blog have inspired me to make any comment whatsoever.

Cliff ,

not even my invitation to join us in the 8th dimension?

Frank speaking of dying breeds that's better than being dead.

How do you know duke the afterlife is supposed to be much greater.

Dan Le Batard surprisingly GRILLED that troll POS Sampson after the trade, and come mierda Sampson was audibly upset.

What a bunch of pussies.


in reference to your inquiry on why I keep calling Ireland my son (from the previous blog).

ever since I started defending the guy about two years ago (when he became GM in charge of all personnel decisions) some of the guys started saying that the reason I defended the guy so much is because we were related and then that turned into he was my illegitimate son, so it just became a joke.

However, I DO support Ireland 100% and everyone knows my reason's...


Frank, you SOB, you got me with the picture of that freaking beaver.

Hey A E S,

this is for you buddy and all the Marlin fans out there.


The Marlins tried last offseason. It just didn't work. So now they're trying something else. People were pretty excited going into last season, now the ownership/management's a joke for bold moves gone wrong. The Jays trade was definitely a salary dump-off and I'm not a huge fan on those, but it's not like they are dumping salaries of key players in a potential playoff run. The whole team was a bunch of guys who just couldn't put it together.

I want a world where Frank junior and all the Frank juniors can sit under a shady tree, breathe the air, swim in the ocean, and go into a 7-11 without an interpreter.”

FZB, you should probably know that I agree with OC, in that Ireland sucks. Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with the seat missing, but it hurts.

You know, sometimes I envy you and Mrs. FZB. You have the same person every day for over 30 years. You wake up, eat with her, sleep with her. Make love to the same woman. You spend every possible waking moment together, while I'm out running around with a bunch of 20-year-olds who only want a good time and cheap sex sex sex. Girls who can't say no. Girls who can't get enough. "More, more, more. It's your turn now to wear the handcuffs... I just want love, FZB.


respect your opinion on Ireland even though is a little misguided (as I told the Ireland bashers on many occasions) but its cool brother.

thanks for the kind words for me and the Mrs (going on 37 years married) I see your point, I mean a lot of times having sex with three or four different 20 year old hot girls a night can get kind of boring, I mean where is the real love right?

as for the love making part for me and the mrs?..we don't do the nasty anymore, we're grand parents now..hehehe

Girls with HIV, Hep C & Syph.

I'm single! I love being single! I haven't had this much sex since I was a Boy Scout leader!

Why all the talk about 790 the ticket?

Oye FZ, I suggest you put on Please Release Me by Englebert and change "please" with "cheese."

Well, I just voted for the Marlins and the heat championships because those were the most recent and quickest to mind when you think of Miami success. At least to MY mind. I do know of the 1972 Dolphins season, which was actually the 1973 Superbowl right? by thw way FZB that was great link about the marlins just watched it. There's also one for Ichiro Suzuki getting traded to the yankees. It's pretty good if you havent seen it.


Kaz - What do you mean what point did FZB think I made about the bashing. I was just using my commmon sense lol.

FZB - thanks for the first part answer, but the second, What is this you keep saying about getting info from him? I take it that it's nonsense, but I have to ask.

And Dukey - I have no idea if John Jenkins from Georgia is related to the guy on the Jets, or any player in the NFL for that matter, I just thought he seemed like a great player from Georgia that could help make our D Line stronger, so I brought it up :)

Sorry I didnt mention the canes championships. I'm a gator fan so I dont really care. But you better beware Canes_5 we're catching up and were getting good again :)

Big Baby it could be. It's also quite a monumental unknown, at least for yours truly. But your right if it's an unknown I can't say from direct experience being dead is ah less desirable than being in process of dying as we all are. Yes of course we're living at the same time.


No, I don't know Ireland personally so if I said I get information from him is just messing around, just having fun with the guys.

however, I do know what happened behind the scenes and why he was kept by Ross which is the main reason I support the guy since I know for a fact he's been getting blamed for Parcells bad personnel decisions.

the other reason is all GM's deserve a 4 year track record before anyone can make an assestment on whether they are doing a good or bad job and Ireland has only been in charge since 2011, Parcells made all decisions on personnel from 2008,2009 and 2010.

there you have it ..

Potter, if you're a Gator fan you can feel free to blow me.

Worse than the Westboro Cult is Seth Rogen in a movie with Barbara Streisand. I mean really. Yuk...

So woodcock, you are either, canes, Seminoles or bulldogs. But you would have to reverse that because right now us reptiles are the best of the 4. :)

BTW I'm assuming yours is made out of wood?

More people in America don't remember 1972 than do, such is demography.

Potter87, I knew what you meant, I'm just always amazed by FZB's ability to read what he wants to read.

Happened to be listening when LeBatard talked about ending the Samson segment, I couldn't be happier, David Samson is a miserable piece of sh*t, so glad we don't have to listen to his strident nasally voice bitching about Marlins fans or his douchey reviews of chick flicks anymore.

Stan Van Gundy's segment is a huge upgrade, he's got a great insight on the NBA, hopefully he stays out of coaching and joins his brother as an analyst.

Joe Flacco? They have to franchise him.

Still Potter, you can go back to Potterville, and bah humbug to you sir!

"More people in America don't remember 1972 than do, such is demography." What does that mean, Kazaam? I don't remember anything about WWII does that mean it wasn't a memorable event. Since we are in the Xmas season, how many here on this blog remember Jesus Christ? Get my drift, dumb shit?

A couple football seasons where your team was dominant isn't quite the memorable event that WW2 was.

No one remembers the 70s era Dolphins except geriatric Dolphins fans, and you're all dying off.

The bottom line Kaz, is that you're just a nerd with a trust fund and a 1/2 square inch perspective.

I don't know how OC puts up with you, Kaz. It must be your shared love of little troll movies.

"Gee, Mr. OC, are we going to the matinee today or tomorrow, can I bring my pet goldfish Eddie, he won't make any noise.....can I, can I, oh please Mr. OC?"

"Shut up, Kazaam, and act like a man, will ya! Oooooh, oooooh, Mr. Woodcock is calling me names. You make me want to puke, son."

Not true but that would be a somewhat better lot in life than an FIU grad who wasted his career at some menial public service job and is just running out the clock being miserable to people on the internet.

Come on Kaz, why the hate, buddy. You're my favorite trust fund baby in the entire world. Didn't I try to hook you up in Cairns with the best seafood buffet on the planet? Geez, you have zero sense of humor, dude. Now be a nice little boy, and go feed Eddie. You should do what OC does and drop three bottles of Copola to prime the humor pump.

Kaz, you know they're going to name a wing at the FIU Law School after me next year, right? Just to show you I'm not a bad guy I'm going to make sure that you get VIP tickets complete with two free tickets for the no host bar for the big reception that the Board of Trustees is throwing in my honor. Hooorah.

Say what, OC? A wing in the Law School? Most impressive young man.


easy with Potter87, he seems like a nice fellow (even if he is a swamp lizard)..he's a regular kind of guy, for what I can tell.

Kazaam, you think I can get a loan from your family?..I need to do my Christmas shopping, how about lending a hand, and Kaz we all like you even though your kind of an insensitive prick.

well, in case anyone is interested, Both hartline and Bess might be out sunday, that's not good.

Hey Kaz, you like chick flicks?..I always knew there was something strange about you, sort of like a girly guy?

not that there is anything wrong with it.

don't be upset, I know you've been a little sensitive as of late..


it looks like Tebow is going to be available in the off season, you still want the Dolphins to go after him?


those videos of "Hitler reacts to" are pretty funny, I had not seen the Ichiro to the Yankees, thanks

No, I'm off the Tebow wagon for now. Especially since Potter pissed me off with the Gators reference. Wassup Potter, you foreclosing on anyone on Xmas eave?

Geez, FZ, haven't I been nice to Kaz? I anointed him with the coolest nickname that he's ever had and he's still giving me the business. Kas, just 'cause you are devastated that as a Dolphins fan you missed the golden age of Dolphins sports is no reason to be so grumpy. You should go to a strip club tonight and tell Bamby that you have a trust fund.

Mr. Woodcock,

troy aikman was good enough to make barry switzer give up the wishbone and install a passing attack, which was fine until aikman broke his leg and jamielle holloway started running the wishbone at a high level and switzer decided to stay with holloway and the running, at which point aikman transferred to UCLA. he played at the same time rodney peete was our QB and barry sanders won the heisman after we beat the bruins and knocked aikman off the perch and then ND beat us and knocked rodney peete off the top of the heisman candidates. aikman played with as loaded a team with the cowboys as kenny dorsey did with the canes. i don't know if aikman was ther for the cowboys 1-15 season; will have to check.

here are aikman's stats:


he had a bunch of bad seasons at the beginning and end of his career and a pedestrian QB ranking; benfitted from playing on a really good team with a great defense and a very good runner in emmittt smith.

Geez, Kazam, you sure are edgy this being Xmas and everything. I know it's tough on you agnostics when Xmas rolls around. You want to put up one of those nice green pine cousins of mine and decorate them with all the trimmings and who can blame you for feeling like shit 'cause you just don't think you can put up that 15 foot tall blow up of good ol' Frosty the Snowman on your roof along with the 24 hour Xmas music loop playing from the old victrola. But that's the price you have to pay for being a non-believing heathen, fish. Come on Kaz, can't we be friends again, buddy?


I agree, trust fund is a cool name but you know Kaz, maybe he's upset because his hot columbian girl is ignoring him and he's taken it out on us...

Shadow,I think Aikman was the QB on that 1-15 Cowboy's team, they beat the Skins for their only victory that year and kept the Skins from going undefeated...If memory serves me correctly.

Fatboy must have pulled down my response to you Shad. Not the part about SC qbs but there must have been something in the second paragraph about me defending Kaz when some swamp rat from Gainesville was calling him a retard and how I stood up to that mean man from the swamp and told him that although Kaz is a retard that he's our retard and that he should stop giving him the business. Geez, fat ass, I sure hope your little Piggly Wiggly super dee duper censor ring likes this post a lot better than the last one that you banished to the bowels of Joe Robbie Stadium in that dump of a town called Miami Gardens, whatever the hell that is.

Wassup Kaz!

Oh by the way, Shad, what I meant to ask you before Humpty Cote took down my neat post, was that you didn't answer my question. Would you take St. Hayden, the best QB statistically in the pros to come out of SC or Mr. Airkman.

Wassup Kaz!

FZ, if he told that bitch that he was "Trust Fund" and whipped it out he wouldn't be feeling blue because he can't celbrate Xmas but he would actually be getting his whistle blown every night by Ms. Columbia.


what kind of a question is that?..of course you take Aikman, Pat Hayden was a water boy compared to Troy Aikman.

the Dolphins are going to be without Hartline,Bess,D Thomas and Charles Clay on sunday, let's see if our young QB can overcome that and still win the game, like I always say is part of the process for T-Hill.

I didn't watch the Jaguars game, what happened to all these guys in that game?

that beaver needs a shave!!
Westboro baptist church, a bunch of heartless buttmunchers.

Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins, my only Florida sports connection. Can totally understand the Hurricane fans pride on great football tradition.

Fins were dropping to their knees in the Jags game like a Kardashian sister around an Ethiopian Olympic basketball team.

How do you feel about mr Urban Meyer looking like never left... running the tables in Ohio State?

LMFAO, Jimbo

Jimbo, my wife got me to watch Joan Rivers on one of the cable premium channels last week. She was on a roll doing a stand up act. I was on the floor laughing. At one point she said that "Khloe Kardashian grows a foot every time she has sex with a black man." If you want to laugh I strongly suggest watching her show.

They should have dropped that dude on Osama from twenty feet instead of pumping those shells into him.

Meyer is just a freaking great coach, Jimbo. The guy has run the table everywhere he's been. And this is his dream job. Once that NCAA nonsense ends watch out for State, buddy.

Mr. Woodcock,

nobody from USC ever went 0-11 as troy aikmandid his rookie year. the herscel walker to the vikings heist provided jimmy johnson and the cowboys with the guts of their super bowl teams. and, as you are waiting to hear with baited breath, nobody from USC has ever QBed one SB winner, let alone three. troy aikman was a great passer and is a dullard as fox's premier color man. pat haden i don't think beats out carson palmer statistically; the rams went to the SB with vince ferragamo, dumbest QB in NFL history, replacing pat haden who got his pinkie stuck in a seam in the kingdome in seattle the year george allen was booted by rosenbloom after two pre-season games and replaced with ray malavasi. pat haden willlve in trojan lore for being an integral part of two national champs and the architect of most of USC's 55 points in the 74 ND game, which went frmn a rout one way to a rout the other way in one quarter plus.

Man am I sick and tired of hearing Paul McCarthy's "Aren't we having a wonderful Christmas time." Enough already. Of all the Beatles he's the most annoying!

Agree Woodcock, Urban Meyer has won big everywhere he's been. Ohio State is going to rock when it counts.

Just curious how Miami's only accomplishment that is still even talked about, the undefeated season, is not on that list?

Man, the NBA needs Kevin Love out of Minnesota and on a relevant team ASAP.

28 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists in the win over OKC, the numbers don't reflect how dominant he was.

Shadow, what do I know about quarterbacking, all I know is that Aikman is in the Hall of Fame. I can't remember anyone from SC in there. The closest I think you've gotten was Frank Gifford who played some quarterback at SC but was mainly a wing back.

Duke, the four of them where beyond annoying in "A Hard Day's Night." I almost sliced my wrist five minutes into the movie. They were a joke. Ringo was the biggest clown followed by McCarthy. George and John were too stoned all the time to be quite as annoying. Some of their music, like some of the White Album I can listen to without any problems, the other stuff I can tolerate once in a while. Not my cup of tea.

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