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December 01, 2012

Miami gets Nick Satan vs. Evil Leprechaun in BCS title game. Perfect!; plus Orange gets FSU & more

[1) It is SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1. Thanks to ESPN's Outside The Lines for having us on yesterday to talk about the NBA's overreactive punishment of San Antonio for resting its stars against the Heat. Not David Stern's finest moment. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

MIAMI HOSTS BCS CHAMPIONSHIP AND ORANGE BOWL, AND WE GOT WHO WE WANTED, THANKS: Alabama was favored to beat Georgia yesterday and reach the BCS National Championship Jan. 7 at Dolphins stadium, and Florida State was favored to beat Georgia Tech and reach the Jan. 1 Orange Bowl at the same venue -- and we wanted both favorites and got 'em. It was nothing personal, Peach State. Here's why we wanted the Tide and 'Noles:

Alabama d. Georgia, 32-28, SEC championship -- The winner of this game would face Notre Dame for the national title, and defending champion Alabama vs. the exhumed ghost of the Fighting 1aa1sec 1aa1secalaIrish is about as heavyweight as a matchup could possibly get in this sport in terms of dueling tradition. The Crimson Tide also delivers to Miami the added bonus of coach Nick Satan Saban, who remains vilified by most Dolfans for the way he left the Dolphins after swearing he wouldn't. What a regal, easy-to-love-because-it's easy-to-hate matchup 'Bama vs. the Evil Leprechaun will be! Georgia Bulldogs coming here would have been a crashing letdown, a dagger in our frothing anticipation; like, how dare they deny us or right to wish ultimate dejection upon Saban!? Tide leading nation in scoring and total defense made them a safe pick, but credit the Dawgs for a helluva fight and near miss. My pick was: Alabama, 27-20.

Florida State d. Georgia Tech, 21-15, ACC championship -- The winner of this game advances to the Orange Bowl here to likely face Louisville. (Louisville isn't that special but at least features 1aa1acc 1aa1accfsuQB Teddy Bridgewater from Miami, so that's neat). FSU should have been facing the Miami Hurricanes for the ACC title, of course, but UM's self-imposed postseason ban opened the door for a hardly worthy Tech. We wanted FSU because it is a much better and more exciting team and would bring more fans. Mostly we wanted the Seminoles because Georgia Tech is now 6-7, couldn't even beat the Canes at home, and has no business even playing in the Depends Adult Diaper Bowl, let alone in a BCS bowl. Thought E.J. Manuel would swamp the Yellow Jackets' abysmal defense, but the 'Noles just got by. My pick was: FSU, 41-16.

[Elsewhere in college football, three state FBS teams ended their regular seasons Saturday, including FAU's Owls losing at home to Louisiana-Lafayette, 35-21. Bowl-bound UCF lost at Tulsa, 33-17 in OT. South Florida lost to visiting Pitt, 27-3].

EX-CANE SAPP AMONG FIRST-TIME CANTON NOMINEES: Defensive tackle Warren Sapp is one of six first-time nominees among 27 latest finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I see Sapp as a borderline candidate, likely eventually, perhaps, but not a first-ballot guy. He's the only ex-Cane on the ballot. Guys with Dolphins ties back for another try are receiver Cris Carter (played here in 2002), executive Bill Parcells (who'd probably rather forget his recent Miami term), and executive George Young (1975-78).

Poll results: Rose Hall-worthier than steroid-era guys: In the previous blogpost we asked which of four controversial baseball figures deserved to be in Cooperstown in 2013 (you may still vote), and it was 40.1 percent for Pete Rose, 16.8% for Barry Bonds, 16.2% for Roger Clemens and 8.4% for Sammy Sosa, with another 18.5% voting "none."

CHRIS BOSH IS NOT AMUSED: Told you in the previous blogpost about the animated short film, Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse. Well, Christopher is not amused. The Heat star has sicced his attorneys to try to stop the film from airing Dec. 14 in a local film festival. The attempt is nonsense, and surprising. I've always credited Bosh with a sense of humor. C'mon, Christopher!

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Sapp is borderline with stats but he was a big personality, that usually helps.


The directors respond:

Why do you think he's taken issue with the film?

It's not just me and Borscht that are in trouble, it seems as though our whole universe is in danger again. Apparently, the Bosh that commissioned the film may have actually been the avatar of the evil space sorceress plotting to come back into our world and make the Internet useless forever. Inadvertently, the creation of this film caused several universes across different dimensional planes to collide, and now there are no less than 3 Chris Boshes in our universe, including one that has taken over the Perez Art Museum in the future, the one playing basketball, the real Star Prince Akilobataar, and one Bosh Avatar under the control of evil space witch. Who knows how many more there are, and I don't even know which Bosh I am dealing with at any given moment. Somebody help me please.

Do you have any words for Bosh, in light of this?

Bosh, please come to the Bosh Film Festival at the Miami Art Museum on December 14th. We planned it that day because you don't have a game that night, and we heard you like art, and might like our cartoon. Mike Miller is invited too. I love you Christopher Bosh.

Kazaam says,

"I love you Christopher Bosh"..isn't that a little gayish????..Not that is anything wrong with it.

Reports coming out of KC is the a Chiefs player killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide, I can't imagine being in such a desperate mental state to do something like that, my prayers are with everyone involved...Sad tragedy.

It's not so much that Bosh is uncomfortable being portrayed as an exile from the planet Zorg-nok 7 who is charged with keeping the Great Sword of Gorg-Dak-Tox. It's that his cartoon likeness comes too close to that of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

My version of the cartoon would have him travel inside that Iranian turquoise submarine with the duck feet propellers with the letters "GB" painted on the side, off the coast of Toronto so as to marvel at the CN tower.

Jimbo says, "I love you beer". Not as gay as Kazaam

Any chance Notre Dame can beat Alabama???
My hope is Notre Dame beats Crimson Tide & Little Nicky by 10.

Obomba taking a $4 mil vacation courtesy of US taxpayers during economy fiscal cliff fiasco. Turd


rick majerus, chronically ill over the years, is reported to have died. a great coach with a greater personality who had settled down at st.louis university, perennial NIT participants in the olden days, as coach of the billikens, whose last great collegiate player was anthony bonner, who genius pat riley sat in favor of the biggest dog in NBA history, the big charles smith who was a man among boys in college and a boy among men in the pros. the knicks loss to houston in 1994 was attributable to the genius not realizing john starks was a better sixth man than starter, the lack of offense other than waste 22 seconds and force patrick ewing to force a shot, and the benching of anthony bonner, who rose from the 12th man on the knicks roster to being an integral part of the regular season team that played so well, only to be benched in the playoffs for that dog of dogs.

Just when you thought being inside the Chiefs or a fan of could suck worse.... Dude kills his girl then himself in front of coach & GM..... terrible. I pray for them & all their families for piece & forgiveness.

JR, now Rick Majerus, shit, bro shit... can't talk. shart

You know it must be a working vacation when your vacationing in Hawaii with an ugly girl... I'm just saying...


why in the world would the chieves even consider postponing/cancelling their game? in memory of a teammmate who murders his galpal mother of a 3 month-old and then does hisself in? if they have a moment/minute of silence, or play with armbands or this bastard's number on their jerseys, they are sick and cruel.

U starting to see the difference ?

thoUght naUght

"Likely eventually, perhaps"...
Are we talking about the same Warren Sapp who's basically used as the judging stick for greatness at the defensive tackle position? The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and heart and soul of Tampa's vaunted Tampa Two defense?
If Sapp doesn't make the Hall of Fame, the voting is a crock.

UM Football scandal

Nevin Shapiro’s two roles: Miami Hurricanes sugar daddy, pseudo agent

Read more

FZB - reading comprehension never was your strong suit.

Who is Jay Weaver?

He's a co-author with Navarro on every article that comes out in the Herald about the Shapiro scandal. Never seen any other kind of sports articles from him.

correction to earlier comment

insert Peace where I erroneously typed Piece. surprised OC didn't beat me to it.

I was asleep, Jimbo.

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