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November 19, 2012

UM makes right call on postseason ban; plus NFL pix 'n fantasy, Marlins trade, Kardashian shame, MDQ, NASCAR, SOPY rank & more

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Marlins' salary-dump trade: Team confirmed that the controversial, locally unpopular 12-player trade with Toronto is now official. The commissioner's office investigated the trade but, as expected, did not veto it. 

SHARP DIVISION OF OPINION PRECEDED CANES' POSTSEASON BAN: University of Miami announced a second straight football postseason ban Monday morning, meaning the Canes will go consecutive seasons 1aa1ban1without a bowl game for the first time since 1981-82. The move is not unexpected and is smart. Tough medicine, but smart. The university's statement noted this will "allow the football program and the university to move forward in the most expedited manner possible." In other words, get past this mess sooner. Put it in the rear-view and have a fresh slate. "We will get it fixed," said coach Al Golden (pictured) after Saturday's 40-9 win over South Florida made UM bowl-eligible. All of this is self-imposing results to the continuing NCAA 1aa1baninvestigation in the matter of Nevin Shapiro, the rogue booster turned jailed Ponzi scheme thief. UM is counting on two straight self-imposed bowl bans lessening eventual penalties handed down by the NCAA. I am told by a source privy to the internal discussions there was sharp debate over whether to self-impose a ban. Not last year, but this time. "One school of thought was that giving up a possible berth in a BCS bowl would give us 'extra credit' with the NCAA," said the source. "But then the argument was that the BCS bowl is the reason to play. We win an ACC title that's our biggest moment since the last national championship." UM did what was right. Miami would have had to win at Duke next week to get into the ACC title game, where the Canes would have been a clear underdog to Florida State. And with five (or possibly six) losses, the bowl game preceding that for Miami would have been a minor one. What do you think UM should have done? I have already had a recent poll on this -- 54.9 percent supported a ban, 36.7% wanted to play and 8.4% were undecided -- but your reaction to the latest news is invited.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY: DOUBLE-GOOD!: The fates must have picked Thanskgiving week to look benevolently upon me. NFL predix: A very solid week by me on my Friday Page last week, going 12-2 overall and 9-4-1 vs. the spread. Leading my parade: Outright upset bull's-eye on Jets winning in St. Lou. Fantasy: Hallelujah! Greg's Lobos finally snapped the losing streak and improved to 3-8 with a 107-100 win. Got a silly-good 47 from Andre Johnson but still needed 12 off David Akers' foot Monday night to clinch it.

NORTH MIAMI EMBARRASSES ITSELF, AWARDS KEY TO CITY TO KARDASHIANS: The vapid sisters famous for no discernable reason -- Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian -- were awarded the key to the 1aa1karscity of North Miami yesterday, also for no discernable reason. I have no doubt the Kardashians were thrilled, if only because the word "key" begins with a K. Key-giving North Miami mayor Andre Pierre presided over the ceremony, enabling residents with one more reason to enthusiastically bounce him from office. The Kardashians were honored ostensibly because they are filming part of their E! reality show in North Miami. Either that, or Snookie wasn't available. My immediate reaction when I heard the Kardashians were getting a key to the city? Change your locks, everybody!

1aa1mdqMILLION DOLLAR QUARTET (A REVIEW): We and two other couples took in Million Dollar Quartet at the Broward performing arts center the other day, the musical set in one mid-'50s night at Sun Records studio in Memphis, the only time Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis all were together. It does not rise to the level of Jersey Boys as theater, or as a story, but I'd nevertheless recommend it highly. Elvis and Cash are performed particularly well, stunningly so, and Lewis is a scen-stealer. One quibble: I'd cut a few songs and add a bit more story and a bit less music.

KESELOWSKI A FRESH, NEEDED CHANGE FOR NASCAR: Spent the day down at Homestead-Miami 1aa1bradbeerSpeedway Sunday and produced this column off the race on Brad Keselowski (pictured), who was crowned Sprint Cup season champ. Writing NASCAR is out of my comfort zone but I enjoy it. Most of the drivers are great to deal with, and you can't but help have a different perspective on sports watching these guys perform. Football players risk a knee injury? These guys risk more. Keselowski, 28, is a gust of fresh air. Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and that older guard are still around, but the new champ -- youthful, funny, cocky, a Twittering fool -- is a nice change. Now we see if he's a shooting star or has the staying power to be a multiple champ.

SOPY RANKINGS (WEEK 12): UM'S MORRIS IN DEAD-HEAT FOR LEAD, TITLE: This college football season has marked the blog debut of our weekly State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, which I like to call the "Sunshine State Heisman." Our chart encompasses the most productive 1aa1canessmseasons of any quarterback, running back or receiver from the state's seven FBS teams: Miami, Florida and FSU, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. (Note: Rankings consider only passing, rushing and receiving, not returns). Our formula awards one point per offensive yard gained running or receiving and a half-point per yard passing, plus six bonus points for touchdowns thrown or scored. Because our rankings are cumulative, players on a bye week take a temporary hit that evens out over course of season. After Week 12 it's Florida State's E.J. Manuel and the Canes' Stephen Morris (pictured) in a virtual tie at the top. The SOPY Top 10 entering Week 13:

Rank (LW)     Player, Team-pos.     SOPY Pts. Week=Year

1 (1)     E.J. Manuel, FSU-qb     81 = 1,705.5

2 (3)     Stephen Morris, Miami-qb     201.5 = 1,705

3 (2)     B.J. Daniels, South Florida-qb     DNP = 1,585.5

4 (4)     Blake Bortles, UCF-qb     82.5 = 1,452

5 (5)     Jake Medlock, FIU-qb     180 = 1,395.5

6 (6)     Graham Wilbert, FAU-qb     188.5 = 1,392.5

7 (7)     Jeff Driskel, Florida-qb     DNP = 1,170

8 (9)     Mike Gillislee, Florida-rb     136 = 1,142

9 (8)     Latavius Murray, UCF-rb     73 = 1,122

10 (--)     Duke Johnson, Miami-rb     77 = 1,038

Bubble: Chris Thompson, FSU-rb, 965.

State of the State rankings: 1. Florida (10-1); 2. FSU (10-1); 3. Miami (6-5); 4. UCF (8-3); 5. South Florida (3-7); 6. FIU (3-8); 7. FAU (3-8).

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The NCAA has already issued a death warrant to football program by not wrapping up the investigation - 2 years; c'mon man!
Why are they taking so long? My thoughts, they know by lingering it hurts recruiting and that is another way of making the U pay. They want to make the U a non-revelant school in football and they have accomplished that penalty.
FINISH IT UP NCAA before you become a non-entity and schools see your true reason for existence - MONEY!

Without the conspiracy part Terry makes an excellent point.

Bowl bans and vacated wins and the loss of scholarships might hurt for a couple years but honestly the two years waiting and the negative impact that limbo has on recruiting has been the worst penalty of all.

The NCAA needs to be investigated. You would think an orginization representing Universities could be more responsible. Big bribe schools are never investigated. The SEC is full of infractions and the NCAA turns their back to them. I say, investigate the NCAA.

I believe Golden had some say in this or was at least consulted. Hes looking to the future. Sorry for the seniors but they had other years to go to an acc game, but have played poorly. James is the only senior that will be missed. Sorry for the kid.

I'd be willing to bet that Golden agreed with giving up this bowl game. He's the one who has to deal with all the negativity and he wants it out of the way as soon as possible. It's not fair to the current players, but life is not fair.

It's not just Seniors: They killed the 2012 Team. That Team will never find glory. It will never realize its Goal.

This Administration (Shalala, her Legal Team, and a stand-in AD) thinks they made the prudent decision. I think they sold out on the Team, like a Loria. I don't trust them to find their way across the street. They were all in the house when Shapiro was spreading his poison.

Maybe they're hoping that I'll forget about all this when it comes time to renew my season tickets. I'm a fan of the 2012 Team, not of the Administration or their brand of the U. You don't kill your own. It was never an option.

2012 was going to end anyway, find another team for 2013 Dana.

There's no grand conspiracy against UM, it's just that this kind of thing doesn't happen at a diploma mill state school where the rogue boosters have lived in that college town all their life and actually went to the university.

UM's the only school I know of that could have such rabid fans with absolutely no connection to the university itself. If an Alabama or Ole Miss booster was arrested for a Ponzi scheme he wouldn't say a word to the NCAA.

Only UM with it's garbage local fanbase could have something like N**** S***** happen. Best believe 'Uncle Luke' would have sold the university out if he thought he could get something out of it - he actually did admit to paying players just to get on that documentary.

I agree Kaza. You have to think ahead,

What am I missing here? Why would Maryland leave the ACC and give up it's basketball rivalries with Duke and UNC to join the Big 10?

$16M ACC payout vs. $24M in Big 10.

Guys, I was at the Texans-Jaguars game. Chad Henne was fantastic all day, except til the last drive in OT. Jaguars had that game with a 2 TD lead in the 4th. Refs gave a personal foul against Jax putting Texans in position to get their 1st TD comeback. I could not see what the call was, it was crazy. Because he was hit hard after catching the ball? It wasn't high.

In OT, both teams with 3 pts. Jax picks off and is at midfield. But can't move. They go for it on 4th down, with 2:30 min left in OT. Are they REQUIRED to do that by rule? If not, that was pretty dumb...they should've punted. Game would've ended in a tie. Instead, Houstn takes over at midfield and wins.

Rutgers leaving Big East.

ACC to invite UCONN from Big East. This leaves Big East with two open spots. Rumors already swirling that Big East is desperate to have another huge school in a huge market, and set to invite FIU.

Been interesting a foreign visitor to football this week; watched the Phins, then some college in a bar; then went to the Texans game. Her comments ..this is about th emost boring sport she has ever seen. She wonders how we can watch it. "There's no action". The crowd is quiet most of the time unless a plan needs to be made on defense. It's mostly 3 - 4 hrs of non-action, filled with a few plays here and there, some of which are exciting.

Sitting at the stadium was the worst, seemingly endless comercials, several reviews. I sort of can see that perspective. Watching at home makes the game more interesting than at the stadium; but still ..we like to go.

They didn't have to do that Mike Mularkey is one and done it seems so long to the Blaine Gabbert era.

Heene will find a way to be medicre though in Jax I am pretty sure.

Kardashians should make up for this, by performing in some of those adult clubs along Biscayne, for their fans. :)

Shadow, Was at the Houston Dynamo viewing party with the cheerleaders and a few thousand fans. They won and are in MLS Cup at LA against LA, 2nd year in a row.

On the other side, Seattle started 3 goals down, still packed their stadium besides cold, pouring rain.
What a sight. They were screwed and awesome number of times by the ref....but still pulled back to take a 2-0 lead (2-3 on agreg), til the ref stifled Seattle's onslaught with the handball call.

Once again, Houston at LA, Dec 1. Hope we beat Beckham, Donovan, Keane this time. ..but it's an away game

American men like football and think soccer is boring, European women like soccer and think football is boring.

Old news.

Kazaam Big Ten generates more revenue and would be adding two very big tv markets in Maryland and Rutgers.

Rivalries be damned it's always about the money Big Ten schools received 24 mil from the Conference this year it will go up if those teams joined.

Bigger football rivalries could mean more revenue.

By "rumors already swirling" they mean nobody saying anything about some crappy community college noones cares about...

Mike 1

Watching a football game live at a stadium with no distraction during the time set aside for tv ads reminds one of a definition of war: unrelenting boredom punctuated by moments of sheer panic.

It's done Maryland is joining the Big Ten in 2014.

Miami made the right choice in self imposing..

Maryland to the big ten, follow the money trail.

does anyone knows who's joining the ACC to replace them?

Rumors already swirling that Big East is desperate to have another huge school in a huge market, and set to invite FIU.

Posted by: Big Easy (Quijote) | November 19, 2012 at 11:45 AM


a cowardly, oxyMORONic f-i-u-don't-matter fan assumes various aliases to conceal obsession ...


Rumors already swirling that Big East is desperate to have another huge school in a huge market, and set to invite FIU.

Posted by: Big Easy (Quijote) | November 19, 2012 at 11:45 AM


a tier 4 commuter school located in a flash flood zone ...
whose students, faculty & alumni unabashedly root for U ...
whose everlasting credo reads ...
go to class ...
drive away ...
never look back ...


Maryland to the big ten, follow the money trail.

does anyone knows who's joining the ACC to replace them?

Posted by: FZB | November 19, 2012 at 02:35 PM

Realignment source: UConn to ACC could happen as soon as Tuesday.
-- jon wilner


Thanks green,

UConn?..I guess we'll be the strongest basketball conference out there.

UConn?..I guess we'll be the strongest basketball conference out there.

Posted by: FZB | November 19, 2012 at 02:47 PM

Take the $50 million from Maryland...

...and offer it to Penn State to join the ACC.
-- techfan4


I told you Bud Light would not have the balls to block the trade.


NASCAR LOL. DOLPHINS eh that's too easy. Kaz they need to stockpile QBs, CBs and OTs

As if the ACC could get any worse and today it does.

Soon we might have a bowl ineligible team playing in the ACC title game.

5 losses and making the ACC title game is absolutely, positively ridiculous.

Oh yes and RBs plenty of hardnosed durable defense demoralizing RBs...

The ACC lost Maryland and gained half of Notre Dame this year, that's an upgrade in my book.

Bowl ineligible teams aren't eligible for the ACC title game.

Another huge mistake by the Canes brain trust. Self imposed penalties never work the NCAA will still hand down what ever penalties they impose. Historically it has made no difference what so ever what penalties a program imposed on itself. This self imposed bowl ban is dumb. The only reason that makes sense not to go to a bowl is to avoid further humiliation for a program that in the short time that Donna Shalala has been the president of the school has gone from National Champions to National Chumps.

What do you mean by half of Notre Dame Kazaam?

It is sad that money drives all of these decisions for teams to leave conferences now it is changing rivalries and making travel schedules more challenging especially in bad weather.

Notre Dame joined the ACC in every sport but football, football has to play 5 ACC games a year instead of 8. They'll keep playing Navy, USC, and Stanford but end the Big 10 games except for home and home series.

Kaz and Baby, I would imagine that eventually the golden domer's will have to become full time members of the ACC, it makes sense.

I think most UM fans agree with the decision to self impose, sacrifice this year (bad for the players) but much better off for the university in the long run.

This team will be much better/competitive next year with 20 returning starters including a senior QB and we'll be in contention for the ACC, my hat's off to Golden and the young Canes for the fine job they did.

the ball is in the hands of the NCAA now.

fire dno


#93 of SF pushed ja'marcus webb right onto his rear end and sacked jason campbell. with cutler a brain scan would have been necessary on the first drive. he needs a break from the pounding.


this was the guy that cost boise a perfect season two years ago- can you see now how good boise was in the kellen moore era? alex smith may not get his job back!! a real find in the second round, but there are some of us who don't dismiss the smaller conferences as the NFL is full of QBs from the non-power conferences, i do believe.

SF is kicking the Bear's ass all over the field, impressive.

Thanks to a friend, I've got the 1985 Dolphins/Bears game, where the fins beat Da Bears and kept them from beating the fins perfect season. Walter Payton on the Chicago side! The day before this game is when Joe Robbie broke ground for his stadium! Paid with private money, it still stands! Great football stadium! The perfect season was saved. Great game. I was at the orange bowl! Thanks to my friend, who taped it, I was able to watch not only the game, but the pregame, commentary by OJ, Namath and Gifford, plus all the commercials!

True story. No matter how suckie your U is, Dolphins are, Marlins will be.... No matter how bad it gets for you, just remember, someone, somewhere in the world will have to go to the emergency room this weekend to have something removed from their ass.


that's Dolphins history right there, maybe someday I'll ask you for a copy.

Jimbo...I don't think I can respond to your comment..lol

Kazaam, are you sure Notre Dame has to give half of its bowl $ to the ACC? Don't think so. Notre Dame football doesn't belong to any conference.
Maryland to the Big Ten? Not sure how the Big Ten benefit by bringing in a failing athletic program like the Turtles,, ah Terps.

Jimbo Maryland area is a big tv market the Big Ten Network is a cash cow that's why the Conference is footing most of the bill (50 mil) for the exit fee from the ACC they want Maryland.

History Lesson:
In 1272 Arabic Muslims invented the condom, using a goats lower intestine.
In 1873, the British somewhat refined the idea by taking it out of the goat first.......


another excellent insight into history!!!

Jimbo - I never said that.

Notre Dame are halfway in the ACC, they'll play 5 ACC games a year and have access to ACC non-BCS bowl tie-ins. If they want to accept a bid as an ACC tie-in they would give all their money to the ACC and take an even cut of the pot like everyone else.

ND will join whenever Comcast decides it wants to put college sports on NBC.

Stop with the "young" excuse FZB. Remember the Canes have been "young" for the last 7 years. "Jacory and Forston and the rest of the guys are just young, next year is our year." How did that work out?
The fact is your team is bad (5 losses and playing in the ACC is terrible) and your recruiting is bad (not even in the top 20 on rivals; heck just being in South Florida and having a scrub recruit should land you in the top 25). Once the sanctions come, the recruiting will be worse. Depending on the sanctions, you have at minimum 5 years before the Canes are any kind of National threat and most likely longer.

'The fact is' no matter how bad UM plays we'll always have fans of other teams jealously obsessing over us, reading every article written about UM and studying how our recruiting is going in November.

Youngest starting lineup in college football. We'll lose a senior on offense. And one on defense.

I have to wonder if the ACC stepped in here and gave their very strong opinion... it would have been extremely embarrassing for the league if the Canes ended up beating FSU and they sent an 8-5 team to the BCS (a real possibility considering this is a rivalry and UM has looked really good at times this year). In fact, if Miami lost badly in the BCS it could signal the end for the ACC. The ACC averts a serious disaster with GT as the sacrificial lamb to FSU. Unless of course, GT pulls off the upset. THAT would be the worst-case scenario but VERY unlikely.

As much as I was still hoping to see the Canes get a shot at the BCS, this isn't how it's done in Miami. We're better than that. We go to the BCS to play for a championship or as a building block for the next season. Not to just eke in with 5 losses.

I'm sure the NCAA will take all of this into account and it will help. But since we didn't wait until after clinching the ACC Coastal, they may see it as a fairly empty gesture. They're not stupid, they know this is team that wasn't really giving up a likely BCS berth so they're not going to give the "extra credit" the board is hoping for.

Redsky, I hope you were kidding about JRS being a great stadium. When Robbie built it he envisioned world cup soccer and made the field larger to accommodate soccer. As a result of this decision the stands are the furthest from the playing field of any stadium in the NFL. A couple of weeks ago I took my pet Eagle, Charlie to a game and he had to use binoculars to watch the action. Boy, how I miss the Orange Bowl with its noise generating steel floor and the almost on top of the field seats. Everyone had a great seat at the Orange Bowl unless you were sitting behind a column, and in that case all you had to do was to move down to where the nerds like Kaz sit and take their seats. Three cheers for the Orange Bowl.


Five years to relevancy? Okay, fine. That would make it 16 years since our FIFTH championship. Any other school in America would be happy to wait 16 years to get their SIXTH championship since 1983. Since 1980 Nebraska and Alabama have the second most at three each. Who's YOUR team that is so perennially "relevant?"

Our recruiting is bad huh? You are one of those recruit-watch nerds I see... Jacory Harris' 2008 incoming class was the #1 class in the country. We see the success they had.

Then there's the flip side. In the mid-to-late '90s no one was talking about great recruiting at Miami, just that the Canes were in the midst of a program-destroying probation from 1995-98. UM was no longer "relevant" and its hay day was over. Sports Illustrated had recently declared that it was time to drop the famed University of Miami football program altogether. Then came the 2000-2002 seasons which many experts consider to be the greatest collection of talent EVER in college football.

So go study your recruiting tapes with your rivals.com subscription and declare a recruiting champion, but if it were all just about collecting the best HS players in the country, they wouldn't need to play the games in college. That and people like you would have jobs recruiting high school football players.

Kazaam, why don't you use all that spare time that you have and research if teams that impose penalties on themselves like Miami is now doing get reduced sanctions from the NCAA. If my memory serves me right you will find that self reporting and penalization have seldom had the intended effect. In most cases the NCAA has sanctioned the offending institution to the same level of penalty as any other school who waited for the NCAA to act.

Mr. Woodcock,

Miami self-imposed in 1995 and received no further bowl bans as part of that punishment. They did receive scholly reductions and "probation" but I think it helped in that case.

As for the "extra credit" for giving up a potential BCS bid, I doubt that will help. The NCAA isn't that stupid. They know that's a long shot and this is still a 5-loss team.

The reason I agree with the self-imposed ban is because this is MIAMI. We don't sneak into the BCS with 5 losses. We will come back but we'll do it with much loftier goals than just to eke by.

getting highly touted recruits is great but they do U no good if your coaching staff can't develope them. there lies the problem with failing college football programs. Ohio State is in the penalty box & they are undefeated.

On the way up north yesterday for thanksgiving, I read in the Washington Post, the reason Maryland left is because of football. They only average 43,000 fans a game. They will fill the house with big 10 games. they said acc basketball is all about NC, and Duke. the tv contract is huge. As far as Conn goes, ACC will never take them without ok from Boston College. To much bad blood from when BC left big east.

Woodcock that is not the case at all in the endzones at least JRS has seats right on top of the field the sidelines are farther back.

All in all it's not a bad place to watch a game I have sat in good seats and upper bowl seats there even the upper bowl view isn't bad.

The problem is that it's just an old stadium now and the team isn't winning so there is no home field advantage if the team wins it will be a great place to watch a game again.

Getting out of there after a game is a freakish nightmare though they need to do something about that.

Good to pine for the old days and I went to a UM game at the Orange Bowl it's everyhting you say but those days are over cherish the memories but it's time to move on our stadium now is one of the oldest in the league already and needs renovations to compete for Superbowls.

Canes 5 Rings, I agree with you on the bowl ban for the sake of avoiding another embarrassing loss. The only ban that the NCAA, and more importantly the fans would wholeheartedly embrace is a permanent ban on school president Donna "the troll" Shalala. Isn't that right Kazaam?

Turn on your TV Saturday and check the college football line up. You have matchups from all over the country televised. With todays television coverage who's in what conference is less important. Teams join conferences for the revenue sharing & jockeying for their own financial gain... not for the game itself.

Oh wow, Woodcock has a pet eagle... All I got is a dog :(

True Jimbo Maryland drew a little over 30,000 for home football games this year they are banking that home games against Nebraska and Ohio State will bring that number up soon in addition to the new found tv money.

Wouldn't it be sweet if Isreal "accidentally" lobbed a nuke into Hamas HQ?

I see Obi & Hillary are in the Middle East. They will fix the issues over there simply by Obi's presence. Just like he fixed the economy, global warming, unemployment, eliminated terrorism. He is so cool he should go over to Benghazi by himself and fix that problem.

Woodcock, I know Shalala isn't great for the football program but it's a little too convenient to blame her for recent struggles. Her job is to preside over a relatively small private university that had a very good reputation when she came on board. And the school has done nothing but improve since she got there so she must not be screwing up too bad!

Thanks green,

UConn?..I guess we'll be the strongest basketball conference out there.

Posted by: FZB | November 19, 2012 at 02:47 PM

UConn still in the dark on ACC next move. Don't assume Huskies. Louisville is a serious player here to bump out UConn for 14th FB ACC spot.

The politics of college sports.
-- ESPNAndyKatz


The math doesn't work for BC to keep out UConn anymore. It still only takes 9 yays, meaning BC would have to convince 4 other universities to keep out a school that's better than itself in every respect.

Comes down to markets again, whether the ACC wants a stranglehold on the New England area or a footprint in Kentucky.

BC is a bit more competitive academically than Uconn Kazaam but I do have a lot of respect for UConn as a school and athletically.

I would hate to see Louisville rewarded by joining the ACC and extending their recruiting pipeline to South Florida. That crook Clint Hurtt is one of the big reasons we're in the NCAA mess we're in now and he got immunity. You think the recruiting of Teddy Bridgewater was all legit?

The math doesn't work for BC to keep out UConn anymore. It still only takes 9 yays, meaning BC would have to convince 4 other universities to keep out a school that's better than itself in every respect.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | November 20, 2012 at 12:32 PM

I honestly can't see where Swofford would get the votes. He needs 11 votes to add somebody.

Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, and Virginia Tech aint going to be voting for UCONN. Swofford needs to pick off TWO of the former listed to pull off UCONN and hold everybody else. Not a chance in hell.
-- georgia_tech_swagger

Also, you forgot BC voting against.
-- catdaddy_2402


So Miami still hasn't played in an ACC title game.

Kind of incredible when you think about it we have been to 2.

Signed BC Eagles fan.

BC is a much better school academically, I only meant Uconn is better for the only two sports that matter.

Nice and all that you can copy and paste green but just quoting some other jackwagon bloggers doesn't really help make a point.

They only need 9 votes, not 11. And Clemson, FSU, G Tech, Miami, and Va Tech 'ain't' going to be voting for UCONN'?

Uh, yes they will...what is the logic behind all the good football school voting against a great basketball school?

UConn is not better than BC in football overall last 2 years yes they are building a better program but would you rather coach BC or UConn right now I would say BC there will be an opening soon there.

Nice and all that you can copy and paste green but just quoting some other jackwagon bloggers doesn't really help make a point.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | November 20, 2012 at 01:00 PM

it's what makes me ... me


UConn won the Big East twice since 2004 and went to the Fiesta Bowl in 2010.

Boston College hasn't won the ACC and hasn't been to a major bowl since 1984 (Cotton).

Doug Flutie ain't walking through that door, to me UConn is the program on the upswing. Could make the argument either way, UConn's basketball programs make it moot.

woodcock -- AMEN BRUTHA....

Big Baby - You have not "been" to a "Real" Canes game unless you urinated in the sink at the Orange Bowl...

And JRS has always sucked.....Seats are way to far away from the action & accoustically you shouldnt even bother cheering because they truly do not hear you on the field.....Even when you have a sellout I HAVE NEVER EVER seen ref stop the game b/c of crowd noise like used to be done like clockwork on a "big game" basis @ the Orange Bowl....


They only need 9 votes, not 11.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | November 20, 2012 at 01:00 PM

14 X .75 = 10.5


Big Baby....

5 National Championships....

How many BC got?

signed Canes Fan.....

Yea, well find the reason all the good football programs would want to vote against UConn and copy and paste it here.

It would be a major surprise if Louisville gets the nod over UConn.

Look, I LOVED the Orange Bowl. But I heard that it's actually gone now. And there's like a baseball stadium or something where it used to be.

Time to move on.

If the ACC is really still trying to build a basketball conference, we need to jump at the first chance to join a superconference. Because hoops makes no money and the ACC will fall apart in a few years if that's the focus.

Of course if GT somehow beats FSU in the ACC Championship game... it'l be over that night.

Of course the ACC's days are numbered anyway.

Orange Bowl 4ever - they hadn't stopped the game for crowd noise since the '80s, get with the times.

BC has won the ACC Atlantic Division Title 3 times since 2005 not bad can UM say they have won theirs as often?

BC was ranked #2 in the country in football a few short years ago late into the season UConn wants to be BC when it grows up they might get there but it will take more time.

Yea, well find the reason all the good football programs would want to vote against UConn and copy and paste it here.

It would be a major surprise if Louisville gets the nod over UConn.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | November 20, 2012 at 01:14 PM

This is about making the most $$$$$$$$$$$$ as a football conference. Thats where WVU or Louisville comes into play. And of right now, I doubt we can pull WVU from the Big XII.
-- ClairtonPanther


They've won it twice and I can't imagine anyone wants to be BC when they 'grow up'.

I didn't urinate in the sink but it was raining so hard that day my poncho was stuck to my skin and I was drinking beer mixed with rainwater near the student section watching Donovan Mcnabb with an S on his helmet good times parked in some guys driveway too.

Yea, well find the reason all the good football programs would want to vote against UConn and copy and paste it here.

It would be a major surprise if Louisville gets the nod over UConn.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | November 20, 2012 at 01:14 PM

They need the best football program to make the fanboys at FSU and Clemson happy.

1st; Penn State - doubtful
2nd; West Virginia - also doubtful
3rd; Louisville - the would join tomorrow

They are a growing university and unlike MD they have a but load of cash and they are putting into their athletic programs. They are for what it is worth improving their academic standing as well. They are a university that gets it and they are doing everything that you need to do to become valuable.


Shared it once also lost on head to head with FSU.

The Cotton Bowl I remember that game with Flutie growing up anyone remember when The Cotton Bowl actually mattered I do long ago days.


Check out the latest EXCLUSIVE images of the Schwartz Center for Athletics Excellence, which will house a new Miami Hurricanes football locker room and team lounge, in addition to academics and compliance.
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Jimbo, I also have a freaking dog see the story below.

My dog Sammy had a seizure, or so says my hysterical wife. Drove the Samster to the vet after hours on Hawthorne Blvd. in Lawndale. Did I mention that my wife was hysterical? Thank goodness that Pumpkin my 18 year old daughter stopped being hysterical once we got in the car. Of course my hysterical wife and daughter woke me up from my Friday night sleep just as the 20 year old nymph was about to take off her dress, oh well maybe I'll have a similar dream once I hit the sack after I finish writing this. "Get up! Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy Godddddddddd Sammy is going to die! Do something!" I did tell you that my wife was hysterical right? So I get up and look for my glasses and when I get to the kitchen I find my wife on the floor holding a rather normal looking dog. "Are you just going to stand there? Do something, call the vet!" After looking through 1,000 stickers, old photos, and what have you attached to the refrigerator door I find the telephone number for the vet. You get the picture, right?

I fire up the old Buick Roadmaster, not going into the forbidden zone with the Benz. We head out to the vet hospital, all the way Sammy is looking out the window wagging his tail. I finally roll into the place at around 1:00 AM, the wife is still sobbing, Sammy is still wagging his tail. A 5 foot tall, pimple faced kid opens the door and lets us in. The wife has now stopped sobbing but is starting to make gasping noises, I'm thinking after the vet I'm going to have to go the hospital. The wife thankfully sits down and calms down which for her means she only looks like she's performing a scene from King Lear. The kid goes in the back and brings in the vet. He has to be all of 24 years of age. Nice looking kid who comes in and asks what happened. The wife now rambles about how the dog suddenly couldn't walk and he had a tick and he was shaking and I think she even said he was scratching his balls. Young Dr. Kildare listened attentively while Sammy sniffed everywhere and wagged his tail. "I'm glad you brought him in can't really take any chances. I'd like to check his nimbus nuts and listen to his heart, that will be $185, is that OK?" "Oh yes doctor absolutely. He's not going to die is he?" Says my hysterical wife as Sammy wags his tail. "Can't say. I'm going to take him to the back and check him out."

Pumpkin discovers the Z Cup coffee machine and the caramel flavored cappucino tubs. "Daddy, would you like a cappucino?" Of course I'd rather be getting it on with Bambie or Brandie or whatever the hell was the name of the nymph that was just about to take it all off in my dream. "Yes, pumpkin." What the hell I might as well have something for the $185 dollar screwing I'm about to get. And to think I could have been in a massage parlor on Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood getting my pipes cleaned for real by an Asian version of Bambie or Brandi for less than the $185 bucks.

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Dr. Kildare tells me that Jr. will check Sammy out, shakes everyone's hand and goes back inside. Pumpkin says he looks "dreamy" in a sort of nerdy way. Great. Jr, the pimple machine tallies up the bill and hands your's truly a bill for $529. Nice, for that I could have banged all the chinks at the massage parlor and their dog. "Have a nice evening Mr. Woodcock." The wife and pumpkin are ecstatic and to celebrate they decide that we'll be stopping at the drive through for milk shakes on the way home. Great I get to spend more money not to mention I'm not sleepy at all anymore and my chances with the nymphs is all but gone now. I get home past 2:00 AM. On the way up to the vet all I could think of as the wife cried hysterically and the dog wagged his tail was how my wet dream was ruined, now all I could think about was the $500 screwing that I got without even having to take off my clothes. As I reached for the bottle of single malt from the bar I heard a noise in the kitchen and saw Sammy the dog walk by with a big smile on his face and his tail wagging a mile a minute. Oh boy, what a country. Did I mention my wife was hysterical?

That's a little sick even for you Woodcock.


you seem to have a fascination with the Canes, why? to your point earlier that I should stop saying they are a young team.

Here are some true facts,the Canes have:

44 true or red-shirt freshmen
62 true,red shirt or true sophomore's

that's 3/4 of the team if not more as under classmen, anyway you look at it, they are a young team...you're a douche.

Go back and listen to what Golden said during his last presser. Actually I liken it to quotes from the movie Tomnstone, where Wyatt addresses a member of the Cowboy gang on the railroad platform and say, "you called down the thunder, well now you got it, tell all the Cowyboys I see a red sash and I kill it, you tell'em I'm coming and HELL is coming with me, HELL is coming with me." If you want a perfect understanding of Coach Golden's attitude pull up Tombstone famous quotes and go to "calling sown the thunder." and you will see where this guy is coming from and the ACC, FSU and the rest of college football take warning!.


That was one of the nicest,warmest stories I have ever read, it shows your an honest, loving family man, you must love your family very much....I think I'm going to cry now..buuuhhuuu hooooo hhhhuuuuu...snif, snif.

by the way, if you wanna recoup some of the money young Dr. Kildare stole from you you can sell Sammy to one of the local Korean restaurants here in north miami beach that buy dogs to serve their customers, I think they pay top dollar, as a matter of fact there is one 3 blocks from my place of employment, I can find out for you.

Kazaam, you weren't even born in the 80's what the hell do you know about crowd noise in the OB? During the Dolphins two Super Bowl seasons we had the best home field advantage in the NFL, and it wasn't just because of the heat and the humidity but when teams got close to the west end zone the quarterback couldn't call plays. On more than one occasion we were warned maybe even penalized because of the crowd noise. The noise made by stomping on the metal floor was deafening. The difference in emotional experiences between the OB and JRS is incredible. The Canes enjoyed that same homefield advantage for all the big games at the OB. It's one of the reasons that we had the 58 game home winning streak.

Oye Wood's,

Maybe you and OC can make a package deal and sell Sammy and Kobe together and make moe money...

Just a general question why doesn't Miami run 4 and 5 WR sets we have the personnel I would run Hartline, Bess, Matthews, Moore and Gaffney (yes when healthy) at teams all game long I hope Sherman isn't the dinosaur he is appearing to be but I am worried.

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