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November 22, 2012

Thank you, readers. It's been fun; plus Bird Day NFL picks & Thanksgiving video starring me, Jeffrey Loria and 3 more

[It is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22. I don't mean to sow negativity on this positive, thankful holiday, but check out the Marlins' Facebook page for a good laugh. The team wishes its fans a happy Thanksgiving ... to a torrent of animus and vitriol. Would be especially gratifying if I thought Jeffrey Loria or David Samson ever perused the club's Facebook site].

1aa1haptgHAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL!: Everybody is busy today (maybe too busy to read a blog!), but I want to take a moment to thank you all. Just that. Thanks. I especially want to thank my long-time readers in the newspaper and then online, and of course those who helped make the blog a success when we started this venture back in September 2005. I am honored that you have invited me to play a small role in your lives. Trust that you all, collectively, play a big role in mine. Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday!

Our Bird Day NFL picks: I'll admit this feels like a recipe for indigestion -- picking road teams in all three games today. But I did. Like Houston (-3) at Detroit, 31-24, and I like New England (-6 1/2) at the N.Y. Stinkin' Jets, 27-17 -- bookending a middle-game upset: Washington (+3 1/2) winning at Dallas, 24-23. Click on Bird Day Gems for our full picks.

1aa1tg12A holiday video from me to you: I got together recently with -- left to right: Jeffrey Loria, LeBron James, me, Donna Shalala and Don Shula -- to record this special Thanksgiving video. I never realized before how "Donna Shalala" and "Don Shula" are almost the same name. Click HERE to watch. Enjoy.


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Damn...I thought he was retiring.

Not really al that busy right now.

Thanks Greg, U too.

Happy Thanksgiving suckahs!!!

Hope none of you need to go to the emergency room to have something surgerically removed from your ass.

Thank you US Armed Services for your duty at home & abroad. Grateful citizen.

Small role? You play the entire life of Kazaam and FZB.

On a serious note, Happy Thanksgiving to Cote who will be older than Edwin Pope at the end of the year and to all of you on this blog! Hope you all have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and Holiday weekend.

I'm sick of rich people, without baseball backgrounds, owning the Marlins. The people of Miami paid for a new stadium and were duped into believing the front offic tandem of Loria and family would actually field a team that the fans would pay to see for more than a full season. Now the word is out. No free agent with talent will ever sign with this ownership. The remaining talent will bolt as soon as their current contracts allow and the seats will remain empty. They better draft well until some real BASEBALL PEOPLE own this team because the only players we'll be seeing for the years to come will be products of the farm system.

Cote, you're having a turkey today, what's your family having? Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a goodnight.

Hey guys,

Wishing everyone a very happy thanksgiving, stay safe.

ps..Please take the time to say a prayer for our men and women in the military, they are true heroes.

Fins are going to put up 40 points on Seattle

Nice Jimbo, I see you got decided on Wild Turkey for Thanksgiving.


and the jets will escape with a 36-35 hard earned victory over NE; what were they they thinking in jets mission control when they tapped tony sporano to head up their offense? didn't the guy remember the play that NE ran from their own 1/2 yard line against the dolphins last year when they took over near the goal line? seemedlike the same play to me, this time for 85 yards and a score. how in the world ave rex and tony lasted this long?

Two more reasons to give thanks on this nice LA evening....
1. Jets getting tore up at home....
2. Both big mouth Ryans- Jets Rex & Cowboys Rob looking like big fat bufoons today....


I'll keep Tannehill & develop him,, Jets can keep both Sanchez & Tebow....

Woodcock,, got to work early AM Friday,, no alcohol for me this day. Please have a shot for me,, Make it a Crown Royal.

I think I have an entertainment opportunity for Tony Sparano. Tony is in the big city & large tv viewing population of NYC. Dolphins fans know of Tony's legendary dancing and cheering on the sidelines for field goals.... Here it is: Put Tony in a grass skirt, shirtless with a coconut shell bra. When the Jets kick a field goal, Tony starts the hula dance around the 50 yardline just 5 yards out from the sideline. Now THAT's entertainment. NY would love him! Maybe a shoeless Rex Ryan could join him. Rex loves his & everyone elses feet. I would put down a $1k bet that Rex's toe nails are painted green & white.

The Jets taking a massive ass whipping. Now there's something to be thankful for.

Will do Jimbo, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It doesn't get any better than having the opportunity to live here in the United States, no blessing greater than that one.

Dear Cane Fan...

The NCAA is not bound by the Constitution. They are not part of the government….

There is not the same sort of protection you might see in a criminal courtroom, like a 5th amendment right not to incriminate yourself or Miranda rights to remain silent. Everyone who works or plays in the NCAA says they’re basically giving up that right to participate in college athletics.

This is not a case of guilty until proven innocent. This is no different than a court case in which the prosecution presents their side claiming guilt and then the defense chooses not to testify.

The NCAA has evidence and testimony that infractions in fact happened. They have requested interviews with the former players to give them the opportunity to refute the allegations. The players are choosing not to cooperate. Not cooperating is their right, but it means that the NCAA will have no other choice but to use the information that they have which indicates Miami's guilt.

So I ask U... What about the above do U not understand ?

U Canes are unbelievably in denial. U say that the NCAA is extorting U ? And this proves that they are reaching and have ZERO evidence to convict U ? News Flash, IT'S THEIR SANDBOX, and Ur just allowed to play in it by their rules and how THEY see fit. They have and will use dozens upon dozens upon dozens upon dozens of multiple corroborated majors violations on U from the likes of The Felon Nevin(who has shared not just pictures and receipts, but tons of video including Security videos from his Miami Cane Thang Bordello capturing over a hundred former players and recruits ALL receiving improper benefits from 2000-2008 for all to see... U'll see them eventually)... Then there's Pee Wee the former Asst. equipment Manager singing like a bird... All the former players like Marve, Ray Ray and many others that have turned NCAA witness. Aubrey Hill is also in FULL cooperation with the "bad guys." And not to mention, Hurricanes longtime equipment manager Bobby Revilla who was the eyes and ears of that program since it's inception basically... Yet U still cry that Ur getting picked on and that the NCAA has ZERO evidence?

Cane fan, Faith is a wonderful thing in reality, but Ur continued stUpidity how Ur somehow going to "skate" because the NCAA is now "reaching" with their "extortion" letter ? Get this straight. They have well over 100 Violations on U that are etched in Stone. That letter is to inform any former player that is accused that they now have until tomorrow that they can talk to try to clear their names when the Full report is announced. So the NCAA is actually giving said players a chance to prove their innocence to clear their names. That would only remove violations and reduce the overall sanctions when handed down... Can U comprehend that ?

Finally, Ur going to get what U get and deserve. Plain and simple, Ur HIBITCHUAL OFFENDERS over Multiple Years in Multiple Sports within a 4 year window of last being on Probation... Let me say that again so it sinks in... Ur HIBITCHUAL OFFENDERS over Multiple Years in Multiple Sports within a 4 year window of last being on Probation... CASE CLOSED. U've run around like a child with daddy's Credit Card and it's time to pay, and let their be no doubt, Ur going to pay and pay dearly while U all will whine n cry that Big Brother NCAA is out to get U, hates U, is jealous of U and is bigoted towards U...

Just like any petulant child would...

oh, happy thanksgiving.

Hola Arty !!!


U've no idea


This is what the Jets looked like yesterday...hehehe


Sorry I just can't get excited about a NE win against anyone that's one where you wish both teams could lose.

Jim Schwartz single handedly took his team out of any chance of playoff hopes they had he should have known the rule.

RG III is good but he won't last if he keeps playing like that he took some shots yesterday if Dallas misses the playoffs Garrett will be gone same I think for Rex Ryan and their GM.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday Jimbo Miami putting up 40 would be a Thanksgiving weekend miracle but I like your optimism.

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