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November 03, 2012

Redmond the right hire for Marlins? New poll. Vote now; plus Heat, NFL predix (sorry, again, Dolfans) & more

[1) It is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4. Ray Allen to the rescue late and Chris Bosh's 40 points left Heat past Denver for 2-1 start. A narrow home escape, but a good sign when Miami can find a way to win even when LeBron or D-Wade aren't the star. 2) See results of latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter in blogpost directly below this new one. 3) Check out our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote (on hiatus; new vids soon) and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

ON THE MARLINS MAKING MIKE REDMOND MANAGER: The Marlins hired from within the family in naming former catcher Mike Redmond, 41, as their nude new manager to replace Ozzie Guillen, and I like the 1aa1redmove. Click on Homecoming for my latest column, to read why more fully (and understand the nude reference). Redmond is young, has two year's managerial experience, and truly loves this club that gave him his professional start in 1993. I think he'll instill a clubhouse atmosphere that will be a fresh change from what Guillen left. But now it's your turn. You may feel differently. Vote in our poll and say why. Notice I don't have a spot for "undecided" or "too soon to say." The latter goes without saying; I'm just looking for a general gut reaction.

NFL PREDIX: SORRY (AGAIN), DOLFANS: I konw this seems to be becoming a habit, but I have the Dolphins losing again this week, this time in Indy, 21-20. The good news: I'm 3-4 on Miami games, so my picking them to lose might suggest a win if my luck holds. QB Ryan Tannehill being qustionable doesn't steer my decision as much as the fact Colts are a pretty good home team being underestimated. Click on Week 9 Gems for all our latest NFL picks, and on Don Bosseler for my pix-page column on how and why the Redskins are honoring the great old ex-Cane this weekend.

Poll result: Confidence in Heat-repeat very high: We asked recently how confident you are in another Heat championship, and 76.6 percent said very, 20.8 said somewhat, and 2.6 said not very.  

Click back. Might be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Redmond will be the 9th manager for the Marlins in the last 12th years, does anyone see a pattern here?..it doesn't matter who they pick, he won't last.

Loria is the problem, he needs to sell the team.

Gracias for picking the Colts Cote, I feel a lot better now about the Dolphin chances.

musically so many times we get caught up on our favorite band, singer etc and we forget how great this guy is.


I would start Moore and if he falters, bring in Tannehill. No need to risk further injury at this point in the season or Tannes career.

what Cote picked against Miami DFins??? What a shock..

so much for home cookign with this guy

FZB, My Favorite Dylan song is still "The Hurricane"
With #2 Being Knocking on heavens door.

Shadow, a treat for you tomorrow while watching the Phins (which I cant do outside a sports anyway).

On Fox network you got Liverpool - Newcastle.

On NBC Network, 330pm Houston v KC conference semi final. I will be at that game in the new Houston soccer stadium in downtown Houston.

It may rain; we have our seats facing the TV camera/media area ..directly along the top of the penalty box, 3 rows from the top under the roof. Should I make a sign that says 'Hi Shadow?' :)

I think I'll get to see some of the Phins pre-Dynamo game because the Dynamo fan zone area includes a few sports bars. ..though probably will be packed with Texans fans..I'll have to beg to get one TV on the Phins.

Wish they split Florida into two. The 'southern north' can have Rick Scott and vote for Romney all they want to lead us back into the dark ages.


lead us back to the dark ages?..you must be a socialist.


nobody ever accused the republicans of being "progressive" and every election in my lifetime they have "longed for the good old days", some of which were not so good. calling my futbol compadre a socialist doesn't sit well with me, but opinions in america are protected free speech. ron paul, libertarian, is probably the most "progressive" of the candidates- ban income taxes, legalize hemp,... and he is the candidate that Kazaam and the ole shadow agree with the most- but his "progressive" views didn't stand a chance with the GOP, the party that is courting the far-right christians, who think that mormons are from space. go figure.

Mr. Woodcock,

when i turned on the game it was 34-17 ducks and they were outscoring USC 2-1, as the ole shadow envisioned. then fumbles galore and a fantastically placed pass that aguilar took for a TD and it is 34-24 at the half. over to LSU and alabama for football the way i likes it.


Obama has socialistic ideas...so if mike1 likes Obama he is a socialist, he should moxie on down to Cuba and live there for a while to see first hand what that's like.

the republicans are a bunch of hitler loving fascists! do you think they are any better?


meanwhile, at the LA COLISEUM, oregon is non-stop unstoppable while USC is only in the game because of big plays. lame and dad monte can't stop kenyon barner, who has just scored again. without those big plays, oregon would be doubling the trojans up. oregon and their freshman QB, who can really make the offense go, seem to be too much for USC to contain/hold/stop. if USC loses this game, their three losses will make it difficult for them to make the championship game, especially if UCLA continues to play well and remembers that USC let it go to 50-0 last year. matt barkley has an accurate arm and a good head, but does not possess a rocket arm such as aaron murray of georgia. teddy bridgewater has another big game and the louisville cards are still undefeated- he may steal the trophy. have never, never seen USC give up so much yardage on the ground or seen a runner have a game like this against USC; maybe when marshall faulk got san diego state to a 28 all tie by himself as an aztec he got +/- 200, but kenyon barner is gonna get 300 yards on USC!!! bye, bye daddy kiffin and maybe lame with him-wishful thinking on my part. cant stand lame and daddy couldn't stop a pee-wee offense;maybe back to the NFL for him. shows you where the offenses are in the colleges and the pros.


the announcers were correct in stating that knocking down a potential passcatcher before the ball is in the air is not pass interference. so now it is 55-45 with five minutes to go and an oregon TO and USC might actually win- attempted on-sides kick seemed too early but maybe it will get reversed. another chance to get the trojans in the game but methinks it will go the trrojans way even though he slid out-of-bounds and jugglled the ball.


way too early and now oregon will run inbounds and let the clock expire- BYE BYE KIFFINS!!

Cote, there is really no good or bad hiring. If it works, good hiring; if it doesn't work, bad hiring. At this time I believe Redmond makes sense, he's a former Marlins and knows how this ownership and management works. I wish him the best.


even if LSU would have made that field goal, alabama would have been only six points behind. should have punted and made them go 85 or so yards and put FG in the mix. alabama is well-coached and they don't feel much presuure; maybe georgia can give them a game if the bulldog defense shows up.

GATORS 8-1 BABY !!! On our way to 10-1, then a REAL Florida State Championship Showdown and then on to a BCS Bowl Game looking at 12-1 !

Don't forget to turn Ur clocks back to 1984 Cane Fans...

shadow, you can't fault SC or their coaching. That Oregon team is a juggernaut, and Kenjon Barner is something really special.

Nice Bruin win too.


"republicanos" are a bunch of hitler loving fascist?

hehehehe...you hitting the bottle again?..

ps-welcome back brother, I always knew you were a little off the wall and your last post proved it.

Some times in life you just need to believe Greg !!!!

This is for you blinded liberals out there.

The New York Daily News who endorsed Obama four years ago just endorsed M Romney for president.


The NFL network is reporting Tannehill will probably start for the Dolphins..


It won't be an easy game but we have a stout defense and special teams, is this the game our running game comes back to life?..

Dolphins 27
Colts 13

ginrai, ginrari, tsk, tsk, tsk, I say, I say boy, leave the heavy thinking to the adults here. Take your GI Joe's & Barbies outside & play in the sandbox. We'll call you in once your nice mom has gotten redressed.

In fair argument and just to argue the topic:

Which US political party is more similar to German Third Reich?
Both are world aparts from the totalitarian regime. The German party was known as Nationalist Socialist party which favored limited private enterprise. Nazi's (Britians Term) controlled which private companies suceeded and which were either driven out or simply left to starve. The Nazi's promoted propaganda, half truthes along with the militant arm of the SA - or Brown Shirts, later the Gestapo & SS. Once again, neither the US Democrats nor Republicans resemble this monster...
Foot Soldiers:
Democrats have the SEIU & Occupy Wall St fringe groups under their umbrella. SEIU will beat down opponents, invade peoples homes, similar to early Russian Communists during their revolution. Occupy Wall St is also an unruly crowd focused solely on discontent with no appliable solutions other then "give us your money". There have been confirmed murders, rapes, widespread drug use, assaults on site. Anarchy. When they are done, they leave a mess for someone else to take care of.
Republicans have the Tea Party. Although there were vague claims of racist rhetoric, none have been verified, caught on video tape. If so, it would be plastered all over the news 24-7 as most of liberal America fears & envies the Tea Party. They protest, they actually have common sense solutions to many problems.
These are both parties "foot soldiers".
Republicans,, propaganda, Fox News. Watch Fox bring up issues with a panel of experts and you'll usually find representatives on both sides debating. Cleaverly Fox will put some leftie Moonbat against a well thought & well spoken rightie such as Charles Krauthammer.... not always fair.
Democrats have all other outlets outside of Fox. MSNBC with Maddow & Shultz are more extreme then babbling Glenn Beck on 6 Red Bulls.
Commerse... Both are similar & close. With Obama & his Green Initiatives is reminisce of a Socialist experiment.. Bail outs, take over of GM, Affordable HealthCare Act. Solyndra?? Hugo Chavez, Karl Marxx, Albert Speer, Vlad Lenin, Joseph Stalin would have been impressed with the Prez attempt to turn US economy structure on its head. These were massive failures along the line of Cuba's Fidel's policies. Obama doesn't pick the winners & losers, he only picks the losers. This mostly due to his lack of understanding Economics & few of his economic advisors have real world business experience.
The extreme left argues that if they are left (pro Communist/Socialist) then the right has to be compared to Nazi's... Which is really inaccurate because both Russian Style Socialism & former German National Socialism are BOTH socialist arms of governing.

Two women were having lunch together, and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery. The first woman says, "I need to be honest with you, I'm getting a boob job." The second woman says "Oh that's nothing, I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached!" To which the first replies, "Whoa I just can't picture your husband as a blonde!"

OC Dolphin,

the last time i can remember USC being dismembered by a team running the ball like last night was when we played the 71 oklahoma sooner wishbone bunch- greg pruitt, leon crosswhite, jack mildren-am blanking on the other halfback- who ran wild over us in norman, but we didn't gibe up 60+ points and were still in the game until the end pretty much. oregon ran simple pitch plays which went ballistic caue the trojans COULDN'T TACKLE!! i am easy to put blame on cooached whn they send players out there who can't "wrap,lift and drive"; bouncoing off kenyon barner is easily accomplished as he is very fast and quick and strong

I'm an independent...always tended to go Republican in votes because I vote for president not party. All I've seen Republicans do in recent years is destroy or attempt to destroy US chances to progress and step into the 21st c. Using the world socialist is a scare tactic; a word to the extreme for some simple attempts to better our country and care for its people. Just wanting to improve some 'social' aspects like healthcare and education does not make us Nazi socialism. That's a bunch of crap. Sorry.

The western countries who care about their people, in every rating system are rated better places to live than the US and happier people. We're still in the top 10.

But the conditions were different 225 yrs ago than they are now. Progression is a necesary to stay on top of things. How would you like the NFL to go back to its rules of the 1920's with 0-0, 6-3 games. We needed guns to fight indian attacks on houses, wild animals, hunting for foodd, and be prepared in care of foreign invasionn..like the Brits returning in 1812 and many other wars. Guns were one shot rifles. We need to let people waltz around with fast firing weapons?

Canadians I met on travels are offended by reports of them being socialist or making fun of their health care system which they say is just fine and the like it. Same goes for my all my western European friends even towards Easnter Europe.

Their medicine is just fine, their care is fine, and affordable.

By the way, independent studies show that not implementing Obamacare will increase the deficit and Romney's plan will increas it more. Economics is not a generalization.

By the way, who keeps killing high speed rail and other technologies? Why are almost all modern buildings so poor in artistic design. Take a gander around the world, where even apartment buildings have aethetics.

THe tax thing is ridiculous. every year we get in trouble of not getting things passed in time. The Dem tax idea is far better than the selfish plans of the rich Repubs.

Not all people are born equal in brains, wealth and health. Yet we penalize such people instea of giving them a fair chance at life, liverty and the pursuit of happiness.

voted for McCain; I think he was the best candidate we ever had in the modern era. Independent thinker;challenges his own party.

unfortunately, leaned Repub in the past...Bush was the last straw and the Repub behavior trying to kill every progressive action makes a mockery out of the two party system.

When I look at the stock market then and now...
and the housing market on the rise again...
..and many dead Al Quada leaders ...I wonder just how bad things got in the last 4 yrs compared to Bush's times. It's not perfect, O is not a great prez, but he is not a horrible one as made out to be.

I vote for Ross Perot

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