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November 23, 2012

NFL predix: Tough challenge awaits Dolphins, Tannehill; plus un-American NCAA, the shame of 138 points, Black Friday, Twinkie-stuffed bird & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23. Hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving and that none of you are feeling as fat as I am today. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

NFL PREDIX: TOUGH CHALLENGE FOR DOLPHINS, TANNEHILL: We're off the a good start, going 3-0 on our Thanksgiving Day picks (2-0-1 against the spread), including a bull's-eye on Redskins' upset in Dallas. Moving forward, 1aa1fripixthe 49ers, Bears, Steelers and (until recently) Texans get most of the credit for brutish defense, but the Seahawks have one of the toughest D's around, which I think Miami and rookie QB Ryan Tannehill will experience Sunday to their detriment, especially with Seattle coming off a bye. Make it Seabirds, 23-17, although I give Dolphins a big upset shot because the opponent has proven much better at home than away. Click on Week 12 Gems for all of our latest NFL picks. And on Patience, Please for our Friday Page column centered on the increasingly nervous riders on Ryan Tannehill's bandwagon.

NCAA'S UN-AMERICAN TACTIC IN CANES CASE: The NCAA telling players it will believe Nevin Shapiro's allegations against them unless those players agree to be interviewed is un-American. In this country -- 1aa1guiltlegally and, I think, morally -- we start from and hold to a presumption of innocence, not a presumption of guilt. Players not required to give tesimony have the right not to without that implying guilt in any way. It would be a travesty if the eventual punishment handed down to the University of Miami is worse than it otherwise might have because of this. The NCAA should renounce its own un-American stance.

1aa1blackfriON THE PHENOMENON OF 'BLACK FRIDAY': You could not pay me to enter a shopping mall today. I mean that quite literally. When anybody mentions the gullibility of the American people it conjures for me the marketing-created phenomenon called Black Friday (that's today), with shoppers lined up for what they are told (and believe, apparently) to be the official start of the Christmas buying season. Hordes of shoppers elbowing for position, sometimes coming to blows, to make a mad dash for a temporarily marked down TV. Store rage. Sad, sad.

THE OTHER SIDE OF JACK TAYLOR'S 138: LeBron James was amazed. Kobe Bryant was impressed. Doesn't 1aa1jacktanybody else but me have a problem with a small-college player scoring 138 points in a basketball game? That was Jack Taylor (pictured) of Division III Grinnell College of Iowa. He took 108 shots, 71 of them 3's. He averaged a shot every 20 seconds. When a player is allowed to redefine "ballhog" to that degree in his team's 75-point victory, I'm sorry, but what comes to my mind first is not that player's heroics, but rather the galling lack of sportsmanship.

A TWINKIE-STUFFED THANKSGIVING TURKEY: Click here. With video. God bless America!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Very well said Greg. The NCAA is unwittingly digging its own grave, one shovel-full at a time. Their pathetic and cowardly attempts to remain relevant are becoming more and more outrageous. It would be comical if not for the many lives destroyed in the process. If the NCAA wants to maintain their monopoly, they are going to need to pony up and put more than a joke of a fraction of their billions of dollars in revenue into enforcement and actually putting investigators on campuses to catch perpetrators in the act. This current practice of acting only on the accusations of jilted agents and boosters is beyond pathetic and hypcritical. And the worst part is, the guilty almost always get off scott free while fans and innocent coaches and players, along with the occassional patsy end up taking the brunt of any penalties that are handed down. It's just so sad.

The Jack Taylor thing is beginning to sound like a scam. The person on the other team scored 70 points and no one is talking about that. Very odd to have one player score 138 and the other guy on the opposing team score 70 in one game.

Let me add: Not a scam because he did not score those points, but a scam like this was a mutual decision between both teams to not play defense and have two players score as many points as possible to garner attention. It worked but someone should investigate this a little further because something smells awfully fishy and it isn't Kazaam and his guppies.

Now on to Black Friday. Why would any sane human being waste an enormous amount of time and energy going to the stores today? The couple bucks you save is eaten up by your time and the hassle of being around a ridiculous number of people. Time is money. Seems like the loons are set free on the stores today.

any chance the Marlin's were sold this morning?


previous big news in grinnell, iowa was when my pal andy in new mexico sent friend eddie levine a parcel of the evil weed from albuqueque and he got busted picking it up at the greyhound depot- more govt. agents than townspeople were there to nab levine. eddie became the manager of the heath brothers, famous jazz musicians andy still in new mexico. scoring 138 points is bogus and the coach who keeps him in there with a 50 point lead needs a real talking to; small liberal arts college president needs to talk to his "athletic department" and remind them what small school athletics are supposed to display to the rest of the "amateur" athletic institutions who have gone nuts over the money.

Someone look up the turnover numbers for the losing team I think they were very high what may be more impressive was the kid that scored 70 his team wasn't good and he shot a much better fg percentage also.

OK, so the Dolphins have a tough game this weekend..It's simply another game for our young QB to continue to develop, this is invaluable experience he is getting, it will serve him well starting next year.

as for the game, I lost all confidence in our O Line, they want to implement zone blocking but only two of those players fit the scheme (Pouncey & Martin), I don't think we'll be able to get our running game going so it will have to fall on Tannehill.

Our Defense HAS TO SHOW UP, They are playing against a midget QB that is not very good away from his home field, I see a low scoring game that can go either way, I'm hoping is us.

sorry I can't be more positive than that.

It's not about the defense this game it will be all about Tannehill Seattle's defense is one of the best in the league if he has a good game we have a chance if not unlikely that Miami win's.

If he continues to regress then no chance our defense is solid enough.

Bad against run lately though yes FZB we will have to contain a good rb in M. Lynch to win.

That coach at Grinnell should be fired. What is a shock to me is, why nobody on the other team did not punch this kid upside his head. What a disgrace to the meaning of a team sport.The guys on his own team should be ashamed of themselves for going along with this.

I'm not worried about Tannehill. It's the rest of the team I'm worried about...

Guys, Thoughts on the upcoming 3 games, Against the Seahawks, I like the fishes chances here, The team travels as well as a Greg Cote after thanksgiving dinner, It's the other two games that might get ugly early.

The Dolphins are only averaging what, 18-19 points a game? They are not playing the Jets any time soon. The Seahawks are a tough physical defense, they will shut down Tannah. Forget about the Pats and 49ers. They can't score enough to beat these 2 teams. The Seahawks can score 16-17 points, and still win.

Naples, I watched the last 2 Pats game, It's amazing how a team can go on a scoring binge like the Pats do.
They might be Peeking at the right time.

Why Happy day after Thanksgiving all...


Did the Marlins trade anyone's mom today?

Dear Cane Fan...

The NCAA is not bound by the Constitution. They are not part of the government….

There is not the same sort of protection you might see in a criminal courtroom, like a 5th amendment right not to incriminate yourself or Miranda rights to remain silent. Everyone who works or plays in the NCAA says they're basically giving up that right to participate in college athletics. That clause is in plain ENGLISH on each and every Contract and Scholarship that is signed by EVERY Employee and Student-Athlete.

This is not a case of guilty until proven innocent. This is no different than a court case in which the prosecution presents their side claiming guilt and then the defense chooses not to testify.

The NCAA has evidence and testimony that infractions in fact happened. They have requested interviews with the former players to give them the opportunity to refute the allegations. The players are choosing not to cooperate. Not cooperating is their right, but it means that the NCAA will have no other choice but to use the information that they have which indicates Miami's guilt.

So I ask U... What about the above do U not understand ?

U Canes are unbelievably in denial. U say that the NCAA is extorting U ? And this proves that they are "reaching" and have ZERO evidence to HAMMER and convict U ? News Flash, IT'S THEIR SANDBOX, and Ur just allowed to play in it according to their rules and how THEY see fit. They have and will use dozens upon dozens upon dozens upon dozens of multiple corroborated majors violations on U from the likes of The Felon Nevin (who has shared not just pictures and receipts, but tons of video including Security videos from his Dorm to SoBe It's A Miami Cane Thang Bordello Whoot Whoot Candy Cane Land capturing over a hundred former players and recruits ALL receiving improper benefits from 2000-2008 for all to see... U'll see them eventually)... Then there's Pee Wee the former Asst. equipment Manager singing like a bird... All the former players like Marve, Ray Ray and many others that have turned NCAA witness. Aubrey Hill is also in FULL cooperation with the "bad guys." And not to mention, Hurricanes longtime equipment manager Bobby Revilla who was the eyes and ears of that program with all the goodies since it's inception basically. And each and everyone of them has received total and complete exoneration and anonymity, so U'll never know who dropped dime on U... Yet U still are convinced and cry that Ur getting picked on and that the NCAA has ZERO evidence on U ?

Cane fan, Faith is a wonderful thing in reality, but Ur continued stUpidity how Ur somehow going to "skate" because the NCAA is now "reaching" with their "extortion" letter ? Get this straight. They have well over 100 Violations on U that are etched in Stone. That letter is to inform any former player that is accused that they now have until tomorrow that they can talk to try to clear their names when the Full report is announced. So the NCAA is actually giving said players a chance to prove their innocence to clear their names. That would only remove violations and reduce the overall sanctions when handed down... Can U comprehend that ?

Finally, Ur going to get what U get and deserve. Plain and simple, Ur HABITCHUAL OFFENDERS over Multiple Years in Multiple Sports within a 4 year window of last being on Probation... Let me say that again so it sinks in... Ur HABITCHUAL OFFENDERS over Multiple Years in Multiple Sports within a 4 year window of last being on Probation. For the MULTIPLE TIME... CASE CLOSED. For Years, U've run around like a child on a playground without any Institutional control with daddy's Credit Card and now it's time to pay. And let their be no doubt, Ur going to pay and pay dearly all the while U'll whine n cry that Big Brother NCAA is out to get U, picking on U, hates U, is jealous of U and is bigoted towards U...

Just like any spoiled petulant child would... Adios.

que?..still waiting..

hey douche, blow me.

Dukes-Ter, that was a rather interesting photo you posted.

Hey qUe - If you think Coaches that participated in wrongdoing, then testified against the U, will be completely exonerated, you're as dumb as your name. Why do you think Aubrey Hill resigned at UF this year? Was it because all he had time to do was testify to the NCAA. No, he quit because he self-imposed his own penalty because he knows what is coming. Clint Hurt will be coaching high school next year. Coaches are never exonerated from wrongdoing by the NCAA.

qUe: First of all, your rant against UM must have something to do with UM destroying which ever team you are a fan of...no one comes on here ranting and raving against "THE U" unless they were, at some point during our incredible run of national championships, SPANKED by UM...your rant is not only SILLY, but you make no sense whatsoever.

The NCAA HAS NOTHING...don't act like you know what the NCAA has on UM...the NCAA has been grasping at straws for two years now MAINLY because Shapiro openly stated that he was "going to take UM down" - that being said, the NCAA is HORRIFICALLY afraid of what is going to happen if they take the word of a scum bag who openly stated the above...they're trying their best to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING that they can grasp on to...thus, their multiple visits to the Coral Gables campus.

You, on the other hand, are just as laughable as the NCAA...!!
You keep your fingers crossed "HOPING" that UM will get some kind of death penalty type sanctions, but that isn't going to happen...anyone with A BRAIN could tell from the beginning of this investigation that the NCAA didn't have any hard evidence (let's see, DINNER and JEWELRY STORE RECEIPTS...duh...where does it say on my receipt WHOM I TOOK TO DINNER OR WHOM I PURCHASED JEWELRY FOR...?)

You're as ignorant as the NCAA...I'm surprised the NCAA had time to send out these bogus letters to former UM players (and, by the way, I'm CERTAIN that some of them are going to SUE THE NCAA)....because the NCAA is so busy these days, IN INDIANA, getting ready and hoping that their "darling" Notre Dame goes to the BCS national championship game...they're getting ready to "put the fix" on whatever game ND plays in, much like the REF who was PAID TO THROW THE FLAG in the 2003 NC GAME....anyone who doesn't believe that the NCAA didn't want to see "bad boy UM" win back-to-back" titles is just plain BLINDED BY STUPIDITY.

You're an ignorant skank...seek help for your hatred towards UM...your school's wounds will heal...and in the process, it will be UM who EXPOSES THE NCAA FOR WHAT THEY TRULY ARE: Cheating, lying, money-mongers who think that they are above the law.


wow the Ncaa has nothing !!! Yet the dumb cane board of directors take away two bowl games and a shot at the acc title....???
Geez I don't get it ?? Gosh maybe they hate the football team too?
The ncaa ask former players to refute claims against them and their beloved school. They all claim Shapiro is lying (well most of them) and yet they won't do it...geez I don't get this either, why not????
oh well I know what I can get and that's another leftover turkey sandwich....peace out!

You Gator clowns never do anything except sneer and snarl at Miami. On top of this, you send your hired bimbo to harass our former players. I hope FSU destroys you tomorrow. At least the Noles play us every year, They at least have some character and a knowledge of sportsmanship That's something "Jortsworld " can't even comprehend! The h~~~ with all of you!

Whelp, 1 AM on a Friday night, time to read up on the Miami Hurricanes and try to troll some of their fans into talking to me!

What's the world coming to....I agree with Cote?

To all Hurricane fans......like Golden said, get your licks in now! I love these guys that hate the U so much, makes me feel good that I am among the select that pull for the Canes! Not everyone qualifies to be a Canes Fan and these morons certainly don't. I just laugh at their hate and their total ignorance. The day will come when the Seminopes and the Floriduhs and the F orever
I nferior to the U crowd is brought down, although I still think the FIU crowd thinks they are the best 2 win team in the country! LMAO

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