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November 12, 2012

Live blog Q&A / chat No. 8 now completed; next chat Nov. 19

[It is Monday, November 12. Voting continues in latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll in post directly below this]

LIVE BLOG Q&A IN COMMENTS SECTION: This week's Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 8 has ended. We do it each Monday 1-2 p.m. Click on 'Comments' below foir the most recent transcript. And thanks to all for another jam-packed hour! Enjoyed it. See y'all next week.


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Hello early crowd and welcome. Greg here. Will be starting right at 1. Nightmare weekend for Canes, Dolphins, Heat. I dare you to submit positive comments/questions. Double dare ya!

By the way my lunch is a can of clam chowder mixed with some leftover Thai chicken red curry. I have just stumbled onto a genius combination.

As the late Mr. Rogers (Fred, not Neil) would say, "Can you say 'Regression', boys and girls?" Nine games, and where are the Dolphins? Can't pass the ball, can't run the ball, can't block, can't stop turning the ball over, can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, can't force turnovers. Yup, sounds like the Regis Coker Error will be just like its predecessors. A disaster. There's no excuse for losing by five touchdowns on the road against a great team, much less at home against a bad team in turmoil. This isn't an anomaly. This is the Dolphins. And as long as we've got an owner more interested in being an entertainment impresario than in being a football owner, and as long as Jeff Ireland is allowed within 1,000 miles of Ives Dairy Road, we will continue to be a laughingstock and the worst-run disorganization in sports. No more wins this year, including the Jacksonville game. I'd say "You heard it here first", but you've probably heard it already from other logical people. This franchise is the pits and the bottom isn't in sight yet.

Hello Greg,

Would you agree that Philbins benching of Bush was a "rookie" head coach mistake? It's not like the Dolphins have a stack of offensive power.

Miami Dolphins are 0-2 since releasing Anthony Armstrong, #FIRELAND

Tim, why did I guess Mr. Negativity might be first to weigh in? Although this is your weekend, friend. Can't do much to defend a 37-3 home loss to a lousy opponent.I would only suggest moderation, though, if possible. Bills and Jets also lost, and two games left vs. Pats. Playoffs not out of question even at 4-5.

Also, don't you find it funny, Greg, that Texas A&M, the season after Ryan Tanneswill graduates and Mike Sherman gets fired, is all of a sudden performing much better with a new coach and a first-year quarterback after moving to the toughest conference in college football? Hmmm. Tells me a lot. Tells me that Tannehill is NOT the answer (yesterday's "performance" cinches that for me), and it tells me that, by hiring a two-time failure (Green Bay and Texas A&M) in Mike Sherman, that Regis Coker just can't make good decisions. And by the looks of it yesterday, the players have quit on him. And I think it's safe to say that Reggie "a threat to fumble from anywhere on the field" Bush and Richie "a threat to incur a 15-yard-penalty from anywhere on the field" Incognito will not be here next year. The sooner, the better. Bums, the lot of them.

Uglyaqua, yes I disagreed with that. This is the NFL. Philbin isn't here to teach lessons. He's here to win games. Agreed with the Incognito benching. More of a history of that crap, plus game was out of hand. Overreaction to Bush fumble, though.

Ok when are the Marlins going to sign Giancarlo Stanton to an extension? I know they have priorities to fix this dreadful team but do you think its coming after they take care of offseason repairs first? Giancarlo missed 39 games, and basically was MIA in April he could have had 50+ last year, can't wait until he actually does so in 2013.

Adam Smoothie, thank you for being the only known Anthony Armstrong fan! Somebody gotta do it!

Good afternoon, Greg,

Tough to consistently win when your team's decision makers remain clueless. I cite the Dolphin's brass (Ross/Ireland) and more to this post, Jim Buss out west for the Lakers.

How on earth do you hire a guy like Mike D'Antoni to run a team that lacks precisely what is required of his offense (a young healthy guard, outside shooting, running talent), but that has strengths in stuff he's not known for (low post scoring). Unbelievable!

Jim Buss must really, really hate Phil for banging his sister.

Crystal -- Stanton has made many comments that have made it sound like he's not too interested in signing an extension here. I can't say I blame him.

Greg, would it be outlandish to say that Stephen Ross could curry favor with South Florida sports fans by NOT buying out the tickets to lift the blackout so that the local affiliate would show a game featuring two good teams instead? Who the hell wants to watch this garbage?

Tim, sorry but you are leading the league in overreaction if you are now concluding that Tannehill is a bum. Third pick was a bad one; other two were a tipped ball and a play where Anthony Fasano either got fouled or outworked for the ball. Rookies need time.


Is it not telling that there were a few candidates who wished not to interview for the Marlins manager position? I see "Red" falling in the same situation that Joe G. did. Your take?

Crystal, you are 100 percent right (I reject 110% in all instances) about the need to re-sign Stanton long-term. He is THE reason for Marlins fans to be excited. Don't think Stanton is in a hurry, though. Think he will wait and test Free agency. Doesn't mean he won't eventually re-up, but team better be prepared to spend big.

Tim, that's BS, he is being coy, the Marlins have just been gunshy because every extension they give ends up bad for them, see JJ (injured), Nolasco (sucks), Hanley (flamed out). Of course, if Giancarlo was a free agent now, Dodgers would sign him to $250 million deal.

OC, yeah it's almost as if they hung out Phil to twist in the wind a bit before embarrassing him. Weird.

On to the University of Miami Hurrican'ts. Speaking of regression. All the apologists, rationalizing that Kansas State and Notre Dame are top-5 teams, Florida State is a top-10 team, and Stephen Morris being out for the end of the UNC game doomed us there. Well, where are the excuses now? Where are they now? Virginia is, pardon the expression, hot garbage. Could only score 10 points against Wake Forest. Just an awful team. And they have owned us since the last game ever played in the Orange Bowl. That game Saturday was the living end. D'Onofrio is the worst defensive coordinator I have ever seen. Jedd Fisch's playcalling in the last two possessions after Duke Johnson put them into Virginia territory was as gutless as I've seen since Wannstedt was still in charge of the Dolphins. And Al Golden somehow doesn't call a timeout the entire game. Hmmm. Oh, and now it's HIS recruits getting into trouble and getting suspended right and left. Or are we going to blame Randy Shannon and Larry Coker for the shenanigans being pulled by Eddie Johnson and Co., too? I think the only reason we're NOT getting the death penalty from the NCAA is because that'd be letting the fans off the hook too easily. I can only laugh at the prospect of a 5-7 team taking a bowl ban. Not too many bowls take 5-7 teams. And that's where the Hurrican'ts are going to wind up.

Tim, I'd say this: Artificially lifting the local blackout does Dolphins no good. Gives fans their best reason to stay home and watch on TV.

Uglyaqua, early to draw any conclusion on Mike Redmond, except to say Marlins are aware the manager merry-go-round is bad for everybody and they hope Redmond -- home-grown and franchise loving -- finally is the long-term guy. I hope so, too.

Greg, the Brewers and Rockies, two smaller market teams gave huge extensions to Braun and Tulowitzki respectively because they are the franchise of the team, because of them those teams have any chance year-to-year. Fans won't accept them not giving extension to Giancarlo after all they did last offseason and the new ballpark they are in. Enough is enough, plus, if this ownership plans on selling team in 5,6 or 7 years, would be worthless without a grand prize locked up in Stanton.

I agree Stanton is just being coy, and prudent, actually. Man this red curry chowdah melange is kicking my a--!

Tim, again, the anti-Canes rant is warranted today. Can't say much to counter. This was least excusable loss of season. I wonder, though: If that last pass tips off that kid's hands and UM escapes a 40-35 winner, they have essentially played the same game and are the same team.

Greg, go get some Rolaids..............

Speaking of lunch, Greg, I know how much you love cooking, so I'm sending you an advanced copy of my new cookbook - "Four More Years Cookbook." Here's a partial list of recipes you can prepare for your guests:

☞ Fried Fat-Cat Fish
☞ Over-the-border Free Range Roadrunner
☞ Guiltless Vacation Pie
☞ GOP Squash Soup
☞ Flounder International
☞ Penny Pasta
☞ Poor Boy Sandwich
☞ Leeks Under Press
☞ Kinda-taste-like Beef Casserole
☞ Double Dip Dip
☞ Tongue In Reconstituted Reduction Sauce
☞ Fluke Lite Rabbit
☞ Peking Doe
☞ Chicken Kiev
☞ Chicken Shanghai
☞ Chicken Tehran
☞ Blackened Yellowtail

Interestingly, findings from my test group revealed that just 50% raved about it, while about 48% simply hated them. Go figure!

Crystal, agree that locking up Stanton long-term should be THE priority for this club. All those millions they saved by dumping Hanley needs to go into the Giancarlo Fund, as I'll remind the Marlins at every opportunity. They let Cabrera go. Can NOT do the same with Stanton.

Andrew Luck is a rookie. He doesn't need time. Is that not fair? OK. Russell Wilson is a rookie and he doesn't appear to need a lot of time and his receiving corps is BARELY better than Miami's. Oh, and he was a fourth-round pick. And undersized. Ryan Tannehill doesn't know what divisions the teams in the NFL play in. A quarterback needs to be an all-around student of the game. I have a problem with quarterbacks who don't know that Kansas City and Atlanta aren't in the same division, just like I had a huge problem when Donovan McNabb said he was unaware that games could end in a tie. Greg, I've been a fan for over 30 years, since I was 7 years old. I've witnessed blowouts. I've witnessed collapses. I've witnessed dozens of displays of gutless apathy. I've never witnessed what I saw yesterday, at home, against a ROTTEN team. Some things cannot be overlooked, written off and/or forgiven. This is who the Dolphins are. A team that can occasionally, for a few weeks, look like a semi-competent team, but, when it comes right down to it, they're a joke. Usually, the few weeks of competence comes at the end of the season, not during the first half. That's the only difference between 2012 and the preceding seasons of ineptitude. As Denny Green said, they are who we THOUGHT they were. The staff, the players, upper-level manglement, er, management, all of them.

Uglyaqua, none needed. I have a stomach of steel. Thai food, jerk wings ... hotter the better.

Greg, my concern is the state of affairs in the Dolphins camp.
Yesterday's performance (or lack of) seemed like no one wanted to put forth the effort,, sort of "Oh were soooo much better then the lowly Titans lets mail it in (same feeling watching Miami get lucky against Rams). The only team that wanted to play to win was the Titans.

Q: Can this current Miami Dolphins team turn it around and make a legit run at the playoff? Please comment as a sports journalist and not a fan like us....

OC, funny! And for dessert: a little pork pie!

U like Po Boy sandwhiches?

Tim, if you're ready to drive the Tannehill bandwagon over the cliff after 9 games, feel free. :)

I'm still pissed the fins didn't make a move for Bowe,what about all that ammunition Ireland was stockpiling. Tannehill is looking like Henne last 2 games- all check down passes not 1 long pass. What do you think about starting Matt Moore this week for a better chance to win now?

Would you feel better today had the Dudphins and Hurrican'ts won yesterday but Romney had won last Tuesday? Got to love the right wing, Greg. Here's a comment I heard about "Argo" from one of these lunatic right-wing pundits -- How fitting that a movie directed by Liberal Ben Affleck and produced by Liberal Ben Affleck and Liberal George Clooney features numerous scenes of an American flag being burned? You've GOT to be kidding me. This is what we're up against?

Hey Greg,

Any thoughts on limiting our questions to just a paragraph? Above are cases in point..........

Jimbo, agreed there seemed to be an element of overconfidence yesterday, although that's never quantifiable or anything any player would admit. I do think Miami still can make the playoffs, especially with two games left against Pats, although the margin of erro is next to nil.

Uglyaqua, sorry for the long-windedness, but this blog is a form of therapy.

Jimbo, I do, especially a shrimp po boy from Ma's in N'Awlins.

Tim, I can see that. I guess I can't blame you.....

thanks Greg Cote,,, I'm so out of here!

Wouldn't I have to be firmly on the bandwagon in the first place in order to drive it off the cliff? He's doing a good job of steering it in that direction himself. Six points in the last six quarters. I thought Sparano was in New York? The only good thing I'll say is this -- I'm glad they tried to draft a quarterback this year, because it means they won't next April, as I don't think ANY of the quarterbacks coming out this year are going to amount to much in the NFL.

Ireland's acorns, am glad they didn't spend to get Bowe. They are stockpiling draft picks, which is smart. And no no no to Moore. You called Tannehill your guy. Give him a full season before you even evaluate him, let alone bench him.

Tim, put the prez result ahead of sports on my priority list. Isn't that terrible!?

Uglyaqua, will bring up question limits at the next Chat Board Meeting. (Talking to you, Tim! Succinct, my friend, succinct!)

Back to the theme of regression. Apart from Duke Johnson, can you name one player from either Miami team whose play this weekend showed any kind of improvement from late August/early September? UM has two games left this season. Two. Apart from Duke, can you look at anyone on this roster and say, "Yeah, he's young but I like what I've seen and look forward to seeing what he's going to do next year after another off-season of conditioning?" Eddie Johnson might have fallen in that category, but he's as good as gone. As for the Dolphins, when your best player on a given Sunday is Dan Crapenter, what is there to say?

I disagree on Bowe. it would've been a 3rd round pick, same as wasting it on egnew this yr. so we don't re-sign him next yr we were 4-3 at trade deadline in a crappy afc. he could've helped us secure playoffs this year.

Thanks as always, Jimbo. Get back to work!

Cote - is it fair to say the Dolphins aren't going to know what they have in Tannehill this season? With the coaching staff limiting his throws down the field and the horrible receiving corps he was left with?

Greg, agreed wholeheartedly regarding the presidential result. Of course, Romney and the rest of the Flat Earth Society could have won and this weekend still would have happened, in which case I wouldn't be polluting this blog, as I would have actually pulled the trigger at 4:00 p.m. last night.

Tim, I didn't think Morris had a bad game. Fairly efficient. Also give Golden credit for suspending a couple of guys.


Please tell all the "nagativos" on the blog (and everyone knows who they are) that this year is about Tannehill's development and we'll be alright..contrary to what they think the sky's not falling.

Hey Greg, can you give some of that lunch you are enjoying to FZB?

I Am..., yeah I think that's fair to say. Also fair to bear in mind that as a converted receiver Tannehill is raw even by NFL-rookie standards. Still think he'll be very good.

OK, Morris played decently, I'll give you that. But if you're going to give Golden credit for suspending a couple of guys, how about wagging your finger at him for bringing low-character guys into the program to begin with? Especially THIS program, with the NCAA basically having taken up residence at the Biltmore investigating them. Golden is a used car salesman. No more, no less.

FZB with the Comment of the Day for eschewing negativity and displaying common sense! Yay FZB!

Tim, why do used-car salesmen get such a bad rap? Can you imagine actually BEING a used-car salesmen and hearing such references all the time?

Phffft. A sports blog with common sense and no negativity is like a BLT without the bacon and tomato.

He'd be better if he was throwing to himself.

Or to trashcans being pushed around in shopping carts.

Greg do you miss NHL hockey you seem to be a fan I know I do even though I don't usually watch until Spring time.

That reminds me of George Carlin's line during his "seven words you can never say on television" routine, regarding what the people at Shinola must think.

Tim, funny on the BLT. And you may be right!

Let's go with snake-oil salesman, then. Plus, he looks way too much like a young Rod Blagoevich for my tastes. There's being loyal, and then there's being stupid, and Mark D'Onofrio might be his best friend going back to their playing days at Pedo State, er, Penn State, but, I don't care how young, inexperienced and lacking depth this defense is, this is inexcusable garbage being rolled out there every week.

Big Baby, I'm a casual hockey fan. To be honest a truncated season (say, 42 games or something) would be just fine with me. Do hope they play at least some, though, with panthers coming off a playoff year and all.

The Canes have at least a dozen players on defense that were rated 4-5 star coming out of high school. Thats more top rated recruits than most schools with the exception of maybe 10-15 universities have access to. My only explanation to this horrible defense has to be the defensive coordinator. Agreed?

Happiest resident of South Florida today has to be Erik Spoelstra. Far fewer people calling for his head after a 20-point road loss to a really good team than you'd usually get, because of the Football Follies on display.

Images of shopping carts on the field and George Carlin references. Getting late in the chat. Everybody giddy or delirious. Think I might throw a Quick Quiz into these Chats and award a crappy prize.

Sharkdaddy, I agree that UM's DC has this year's youth as an excuse and that his close friendship with Golden probably affects Golden's impartiality on this.

A crappy prize!? Isn't that par for the course?


could you please remind the "negativos" that The young Canes are learning how to compete and win on the fly and they are in most cases out-matched physically but that they are playing their hearts out..its a process which is going to take a couple of more years to get fixed.

and can you please remind Tim that Golden is the best thing that has happened around here since Jimmy Johnson was around?


Tim, wise observation on Spoelstra. No suspense to Heat season. We all know the drama doesn't even start til the Eastern finals.

OC, yes on crappy prizes! Remember, I'm a small private individual not a major corporation...

FZB, do you still believe in Santa?

Let's all guess what the crappy prize will be! A Donna Shalala swimsuit calendar? A tutorial on catching footballs led by Sean Smith and Anthony Fasano? Or a gift certificate to have dinner at Applebee's with Mr. Sunshine, a.k.a. Tim?

FZB, you are right on Golden. The real deal. May he tough it out.

We have surpassed the Magic 70 on Q's and A's. My fingers are bleeding. Home stretch!

Major corporations are people, my friend. Small private individuals are not.
As for the 'Canes youth... It's college football. EVERYONE is young. And the one part of the team that isn't young and inexperienced is the offensive line, and they have been been a gigantic disappointment.

Come on, Greg. You know you can just take from the Herald and redistribute to us little people.

Tim, as long as you promise to keep the dinner converation to a miniumn.

Tim, OC and all, this small private individual this week's Chat because The Man is cocing to turn out the lights. Damn The Man! See y'all next week. Thanks again. (New blog post coming tomorrow a.m.) Ciao.

Uglyaqua, I'm capable of having pleasant conversations about any topic other than Miami sports. Films, for instance. If the Dolphins and Hurricanes were my entire life, I'd have ended it a few years ago.


No, I don't believe ins Santa but I DO believe in "los Reyes Magos"...

Bye, Greg, and thanks for letting me vent again.

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