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November 05, 2012

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 7 has ended; next chat Nov. 12

[It is Monday, November 5]

LIVE BLOG Q&A IN COMMENTS SECTION: Thanks to all you who jam-packed another full hour. I really apreciate the interest. Click into the 'Comments' section below for a transcript of the latest chat and see you next week!


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Hi Greg who are you voting for? Just kidding.
I am still optimistic that Miami can make a playoff run are you?

OK let's roll! Sorry about delay. Balky connectivity today. Big Baby, I'm reasonably optimistic, but margin of error is reduced now. Six games left I consider very winnable. Must run the table or at LEAST win five to have a shot.

redmond as mgr.?

Off the top of your head, who would you overpay in free agency to keep out of Long, Starks, Fasano, Bush, Hartline, Smith, Clemons, and McDaniels?

the heat or dolphins.?.lol

Now that the undefeated season is out the window, what is a reasonable goal for this Miami Heat regular season?

Does home court advantage throughout matter as much as keeping the top dogs healthy?

2 watt, I like Redmond as manager. Columnized on it. Young, super enthusiastic, loves this franchise, and has enough experience but not too much to be coasting like Guillen.

i'll have 2 take u'r word on it greg,

I Am..., gonna dodge the Q a bit by saying I'd want to resign all except McDaniels and Fasano, the most expendable/replaceable of the bunch. Haven't given up on Long even though he's having a disappointing year.

2 watt, Heat, except in the weight room. Then, Dolphins.

Greg Big Papi will retire a Red sox it looks like this is good the face of the franchise is intact could you have seen him in any other uniform?

Greg, I know most Dolphin fans want a WR somewhere in the first three picks of next year's draft, I think we should go stud pass-rushing DE,CB and fast LB and then look for a WR..

si or no?

I Am..., I think No. 1 seed for Heat is important especially because I'd count on a rematch with Boston. But health far and away most important factor with this team. I'd sacrifice a few wins and even top seed to keep guys like Wade/Bosh healthy and rested.

Just left the Chat for a minute to answer my doorbell. Lady canvassing for Obama. I love democracy, especially the grass roots variety.

Big Baby, no David Ortiz must go out in Red Sox colors. Big Papi beloved in a way Manny Ramirez never was.

FZB, I'm not usually a "best available athlete" guy when it comes to NFL draft -- I think you target needs. But in this case three needs stand out about equally: WR, CB, pass rush and I'd get the best guy available that hits one of those. Probably rate WR or CB slightly more urgent than sack help.

Funny you say that Greg his lifetime slugging percentage is there alongside The Splendid Splinter, Jimmie Foxx, and... Manny who was beloved until the end.

Greg, The Heat have been just awful on defense so far this young season and coincidentally Joel Anthony did not play in any of them (except for 7 min in the last game), could it be that Joel Anthony IS THAT IMPORTANT to their concept of team defense ?..

ps-not a big fan of Chalmers, what's your opinion of him?

Big B, Papi vs. Manny would be an interesting popularity poll among Bosox fans. I still think Papi.

I got that one from Shaughnessy today just stats though I added the last part hey what do you think of Philbin so far he has really impressed me as a guy players like to play for. I read in an SI poll last year that Sparano was not well liked by his players any truth to that?

FZB, I'm not a huge fan of Chalmers either and Norris Cole is improving so much that's worth keeping an eye on. This "position-less" thing they want to get to is ripe for reducing Chalmers' minutes. The defense will come around. I don't miss Joel; too much of an offensive liability, although I could see him used more against teams that are bigger inside like LA Lakers.

BB, I like Philbin, think his staff teaches/develops more than in past. Players always love to play for a guy whose ballsy with stuff like onside kicks, 4th and 1s. I think most players had Sparano's back.

A bit slow in here. I guess everybody is standing in line not being allowed to vote. Why does Florida have to be the laughingstock every four years?

Well, when push comes to shoved, it's the same old DoLOLphins, I guess. Taking all of the shoving and doing none of the pushing. Nolan Carroll couldn't cover a piece of tupperware with 28 rolls of Saran Wrap. Sean Smith"? The less said, the better. Roberto Duran only wishes he had "manos de piedra" like Smith does. So much for this vaunted Olphins efense, huh? Rams ran all over us, and we're now in the history books for the wrong reason (as per usual) thanks to Andrew Luck. And, hey, we certainly didn't T.Y. Hilton. Michael Egnew was a MUCH better pick. Same old Dudphins. This is why we were supposed to suck for Luck, not tank for Tanny. Just a disgusting, penalty-filled, non-disciplined loss. Back to earth, back to normal for this disorganization and the fans. Not that I'm upset or anything.

Greg, didn't you think, as well as Luck played, a lot of his success was because the secondary left a ton of receivers open? I think I saw him fit 2 or 3 balls into tight spots and the rest were just hitting the open man. If the colts secondary played like the Fins, Tannehil probably could have done just as well, if not close

What's your least favorite kind of owl? Mine's barn.

Tim the Grouse is back! Yay, Tim! Gotta admit, you have some cause this week. Pass-D awful. But if either Smith makes that INT or Marlon Moore doesn't have that hold on the punt return, probably would have gone to OT at least.

Heatfan53, I thought Dolphins' pass coverage was very soft, passive, playing off the ball. Strange. Also would have like more risk with blitzing because for most part Luck had time to do crosswords back there.

Greg, about 30 newspapers that previously supported Obama in 2008 (mostly liberal) have now switched to Mitt Romney, the list is impressive, this weekend alone Newsweek,NY daily News and LA Daily News, the list is impressive and in my opinion an indictment of the failed economic policies of your candidate, what say you?

Greg, think of it this way -- being a laughingstock whenever there's an election is a fair tradeoff for never having to deal with blizzards. Yes, things may go smoothly in Minnesota, but you can't leave the house for weeks on end in January and February, either. You have to take the good with the bad, and the bad with the ugly. It's not much better here in North Carolina. My wife's place of work is a designated polling place and the police have had to be called out at least twice a day during early voting due to designated campaigners getting aggressive with each other -- and with voters! (And, in one case, it wasn't just a designated campaigner, but a candidate himself!) The whole system needs an overhaul. At this point, I don't care who wins; I just want this to END. No more phone calls from Anonymous while I'm trying to watch "Boardwalk Empire", please.

I Am..., my least favorite Owl is the one on the Wise potato chip bag but not sure his breed. Must ask Magill on the air tomorrow.

Obama - 41 endorsements, circulation over 10M.

Romney 34 endorsements, circulation over 6M.

Kaz, are you Greg Cote's press secretary now?

FZB, I am sure your numbers may be accurate but just as sure the major endorsements are probably running about as even as the election appears to be. I see major economic indicators beginning to skew positively, but then again, I'm an optimist, and smart enough to know the nightmare inherited wouldn't be fully solved in four years. Also, the election is about far more than the economy, of course.

Tim, we agree, believe it or not. I too am tired fo all the campaigning and negative ads and robo-calls. Can't wait for Wednesday morning.

Greg, what is your all time pirate movie?..

mine is Captain Blood...

Ah, but Smith didn't make that interception (or three others that the Venus de Milo and Captain Hook would've made), and Moore WAS called for a hold (personally, I thought that was a bad call, but my favorite kicker was probably due to miss one anyway), so we're 4-4 instead of 5-3 and losing close games by the bushel and this is now no longer a time to be hopeful for the future but instead channel our inner Roger Daltrey and cry out "Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss" as the prospect of January football will most likely be nonexistent yet again.

It's funny, because had you told me after the exhibition season that we'd be 4-4, I'd have taken it. But now that we are 4-4, I feel as disappointed as fans of the Cowboys must feel right about now. Speaking of the Cowboys, how much of a weasel would Sean Payton have to be to jump ship to them, as that has been the hot rumor of the day?

I Am..., those numbers seem legit to me, especially because they favor my guy! :) :D

Wow Greg you sound like Obama blaming the previous administration for all that ails us hopefully when Romney is elected he won't blame the mess he inherited on anyone (he won't) he will just have answers (he will).

FZB, mine is The Titanic because I think pirates, not an iceberg, sank that ship.

Tim, fair comment by you. But it is accurate, not being an apologist, to say that Miami's 4-4 record is very, very close to being 7-1. Three very winnable games that were let go. Teams need to learn how to win such games. This one is still learning.

Two queries in regards to the Hurricanes:

1) It looks more and more like we're going to get hit with sanctions worse than what USC received and that may be on par with what Penn State received. Why would Al Golden stay, and why would anyone with even the slightest hint of a reputation come here if he leaves?

2) I don't know about you, but, to me, Eddie Johnson appears be completely insane and in total disregard for his well-being on the field. My question is this -- will you be surprised if his Miami career ends without a hit akin to the one Michael Barrow put on Tamarick Vanover 20-odd years ago? My answer to that would be "yes". He still has a long way to go, especially in regards to falling for the play-action fake (that's why I see Virginia winning on Saturday), but when he hits... I haven't seen a 'Cane hit like that since the late Sean Taylor was roaming the Orange Bowl.

Cote - does the Miami Herald only accept political ads from candidates it endorses? Is that typical of major news outlets?

I ask because I noticed the other day that The Blaze (website of Glenn Beck) was COVERED in Obama ads.

Tim, my compliments to you sir..You don't seem to be as "negativo" today as you usually are..

Greg, I think the new Marlins manager should reach out to his old buddy Mike Lowell and bring him in as a coach, what do you think.

Big Baby, if Romney is elected I pray you are correct about the having-the-answers part. Don't suppose you'd like to make a friendly wager on who win would you? :) We sports fans know upsets happen but I don;t see one here.

Tim, I don't think the UM sanctions will be worse than USC's or anywhere NEAR what Penn State's are. I have no opinion on Eddie Johnson.

Sure friendly wager what are the stakes?

I Am..., no as far as I know The Herald and other media outlets accept ads from all candidates. These times for the industry are not conducive with turning down anyone's money, believe me.

Loser has to write a three page double spaced essay on why Rex Ryan is a great coach and an even greater man.

FZB, I think Lowell might have been a managerial candidate if he was interested. Maybe Conine, too. Tough to say, though. Having been a good hitter doesn't always mean a guy can be a hitting coach. Sometimes the opposite, it seems.

Greg, Obama has constantly attacked Romney which is in total contrast of what he preached in 2008 when he was talking about peace, love and understanding..

you think he under-estimated Romney and is now more than a little worried that he may lose this election?

You are correct in that 4-4 could be 7-1, or at least 6-2 if we had a kicker. But if the Rams' kicker didn't have his one bad game of the year against us, or if Nugent from Cincinnati didn't shank a field goal or two, then 4-4 could also easily be 2-6. We are what we are. Average. Still need a lot of personnel improvements in the secondary, receiving corps and offensive line. (How the offensive line still needs help after all the attention paid to it in the last few years is beyond me, but, yeesh, how does Long-over-Ryan look now?)

And while the question wasn't addressed to me, I'll answer it anyway because I'm an egotist. Favorite pirate movies: The Pirate (Gene Kelly), and the original "Angels in the Outfield" from 1951, which centered around the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Big Baby, FZB, maybe something in the blog. Obama wins and I write something smiley and heel-clicking. Romney wins and I invite an overjoyed reader to do the same.

Sorry for the late start. I was walking around Greg's neighborhood knocking on doors and converting Dems into Repubs!

FZB, I'm not sure if Obama has been attacking as much as correcting. You must admit Romney has been very creative with the truth with stuff like the Jeep nonsense.

The Dolphins secondary better get some answers , and quickly .

Greg, would you consider it distasteful were Romney to call up Orkin to tarp over the White House the day after inauguration?

OC, not in this neighborhood you weren't! :) :D

Ignignokt, truer words rarely have been spoken, or type.

Parting thought for the day -- what is it about the Dolphins that causes people to cuss into an open microphone? Jaworski during the MNF opener last year, and the referee yesterday. This franchise is a walking FCC fine. Hey, whatever makes Stephen Ross go broke and have to sell the team is fine by me. Have a great week, Greg! And please, by all means, keep domineering the Ron Magill segments and keep frustrating LeBatard with your antics whenever the show is coming back from a break. I cannot stop laughing.


disregard the talking heads, tightening polls & outright outLIERs like gallup …
romney +5 suuuuuuure …
as an aside, I called ‘the most respected pollster’ during the contested 2000 election when they consistently showed bush up by double digits …
“are you only polling alabama”
anyway …
barring the unforeseen …
president obama will breeze to victory with 332 electoral votes …
duplicating his 2008 result minus in, nc & ne2 …
(nebraska & maine award electoral votes by congressional district; the others winner take all)
who am I …
a political junkie who accurately predicted 49 out of 50 states last go-around …
missing on missouri (the show-me state broke my heart by 1/10 of 1%) & ne2 …


Ask Magill about New York sewer rats. He likes talking about rats.

OC, probably not so much distasteful as a waste of money. But If Romney did do that I have no doubt he'd do it ON DAY ONE. That dude gonna have one hell of a busy first day!!!

Redskins lost it's over Greg. Talk to you later.

Tim, Green, I Am.., et al, let's wrap this. See y'all next week at 1. Meantime, make democracy strong. Go out tomorrow and vote for the candidate of my choice!

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