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November 26, 2012

Live blog Q&A-chat No. 10 has ended; next chat Dec. 3

Live blog chat No. 10 has ended: Thanks to all who made today another jam-packed hour. Click into 'Comments' section below for a transcript. See ya'll right back here next Monday at 1.


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Cote, What is your take on Saban stating that a team that does not win its division(implying Florida) should not go to a BCS bowl(Sugar) over the loser of the SEC Championship game? Does Saban remember what happened to his team last year? If the time with the Dolphins did not tell you little Saban is a self-serving douchebag, this should.

Hey all. Greg here. Engines revving. Green light at 1. ready?

Hola Greg,

let's see now, the Heat and the Canes won on saturday and the Dolphins won yesterday...I don't know about you but I can't wait to see the "NEGATIVO" spin Tim is going to come up with.

NC State beats FSU, goes 7-5 and fires its coach. Miami loses to FSU at home, goes 7-5 and everyone is dancing around and tells me I should be happy? When did we drop below the level of an NC State? Why the difference between the two?

Lane Kiffin does not deserve that wife he has. How can anyone think this guy is a good coach? He is the only coach I know that turns five star talent into two stars.

Rawpimple (may I call you Raw?), I didn't need Saban's latest example of pettiness to know him for the unlikeable jerk he is.

Hola back at you FZB. Could always complain about Panthers being wiped out by lockout. UM men's hoops looking shaky. Price of gas...

Sprinklers on in the middle of a Dolphins game? BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAAHAH Most amateur thing I have ever seen. Reminded me of my Pop Warner days.

Does Al Golden bolt for one of the 100 other openings out there? Does Jon Gruden finally take a job (Tennessee)? Petrino, does anyone touch him (pardon the expression)?

King Tut (evoking the great Steve Martin funny-song), haven't studied NC State's reasoning. I do know this: 7-5 is not bad for UM with all that youthfulness. Anybody who thinks Al Golden isn't right for that program is, well, wrong.

Congratulations to Dan Carpenter for finally doing his job. I will spell his name correctly, even though his failure to put a kickoff through the back of the end zone damn near cost this team a chance to win. He's still a lower-echelon kicker, make no mistake about it. One game-winning kick does not a reputation salvage.

We're thinking a lot differently about Ryan Tannehill if Earl Thomas doesn't incur a stupid roughing-the-passer penalty, aren't we? Interception in the end zone on an throw that you're taught in Pop Warner not to attempt. Hey, rather be lucky than good sometimes.

The game turning into a real live Buffalo Wild Wings commercial was priceless. Only the Dolphins.

Anyway, a nice win. I'm not one to root for losses for the sake of a higher draft pick, especially when there's zero confidence in the person making the pick. (Third, fourth and fifth-round picks were inactive yesterday. Yeah.) I'll still be negative, because that's the way I am, but I'm being negative with a little bit of a smile today.

James F., Lane Kiffin might be a good coach. But he also seems to be a guy of questionable ethics, a man I don't quite trust.

You may call me, Raw. I believe we have known each other long enough to do so. Who is playing the lucky Irish in the BCS Champ game?

What is NBA record for number of different jerseys worn by one team in a season?

Raw, cannot disagree about the sprinklers thing. Hilarious! What's weird is, crowd seemed to love it, and players just took it as a group timeout. Fact it lasted only 30 seconds made it funny more than a travesty.

Caniac, not sure you can trust any coach who swears he's staying, but for some reason I believe that this is Golden's dream job and that he wants to see UM back on top. I may be wrong. Betting Gruden will turn up back in NFL, not college level.

Greg, Attendance seems to be down at most football sporting events. Canes, Fins are not the only teams struggling to fill seats. Is this a sign that the college football and NFL bubble is about to burst? Do people prefer to stay at home with their flat screens and twitter accounts, then show up to 100 dollar ticket games and 50 dollar parking?

Negative Tim, thanks for the thoughtful debut in today's chat. Fair comment on Tannehill and Dolphs getting REALLY lucky on that negated end-zone pick. But still think Ryan showed something leading team back from two deficits and then that winning drive in 4Q.



I hate Saban for what he is, a weasel but I would love for Alabama to lose against Georgia and still stay ahead of the Gators just to hear/see all of the obnoxious Gator fans head's explode (including the pimple)..hehe

I like to pretend that I'm a Miami fan and say mean things about the team, any advice on how I can turn my life around?

Raw, it's Alabama vs. Irish here in Miami as sure as I am sitting here in sorts and a T-shirt in my home office. Great matchup. Huge TV ratings.

Greg, what is your take on the NCAA threatening to ban former players from setting foot on campus (how can that possibly be allowed, especially considering how many former players still take classes in pursuit of their degree, or even -- gasp! -- for postgraduate studies), while at the same time having nothing to say about Ohio State parading Jim Tressel around like he was a returning war hero during their celebration of the 2002 national championship squad? Look, I'm not saying Miami didn't screw up and shouldn't be punished -- severely, even -- and I know that the NCAA operates under a set of nonexistent, ever-changing rules, but how much further do they go with their extortion and blackmail before people outside of South Florida finally call them out on this? It was announced a few days ago that Auburn is now under investigation. I guarantee you Auburn will know their punishment before Miami does. It's been almost a year-and-a-half since the Yahoo story broke and, based on the timeline, damn near two years since the NCAA began their investigation. Enough! Do what you're going to do and get it over with! Five-year bowl ban, loss of 10 scholarships per year for 10 years? Whatever. Just end this already. WATERGATE didn't take this long!

Crystal, I don't know but Heat are going to break it. Special-occasion jerseys are an unfortunately unstoppable trend in sports. Unstoppable because they ring the merchandise cash register. (Not that anybody still uses cash registers...)

May I suggest doing this chat on CoverItLive? You can even conduct an in-chat poll, we all know you love polls. Thanks.

After this SEC vs ACC weekend debacle (SEC was 4-0 against ACC), do Florida (beat ACC division champ Florida State) and Georgia (beat ACC division champ Georgia Tech) get named ACC co-champions?

Matthew, your question about attendance is much too thoughtful for this chat! Seriously, I think much of it the economy. In the Dolphins' case the artificially lifted TV blackouts don't help. No-local-TV would help fill the stadium and give the illusion (at least) of passionate interest.

Do the Dolphins need an a**hole fan to yell things up on the Jumbotron?

The missus and I are thinking of retiring to Florida.


Mario Chalmers is back to his old self, in most games he's practically invisible..I think the Heat need a defensive stopper at the point guard position, your thought's.

FZB, can't disagree on the morbid delight in seeing Gator fans disappointed. But at this point Bama-Irish is so foregone anything else would be a letdown.

Raw, as a start, you might try quitting your job and drinking heavily, at which point your Canes-fan role playing will seem less abnormal.

Greg, as Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast, my friend!" Georgia, right now, is playing better than any team not named (as a 'Cane, it really pains me to say this) Florida. I think Georgia takes down Alabama. It's a must-watch, high-profile national championship matchup either way.

Also, yes, Tannehill absolutely gets credit for the last two drives after Washington's kickoff return. (Fire Darren Rizzi! Two weeks in a row? Sheesh!) I'm glad to see that he's becoming more willing to run the ball and use his athleticism. A lot of people say this as a joke-that-might-not-be-a-joke, but Tannehill might be the best wide receiver on the roster. He needs to use his legs more. Perhaps yesterday was a good start in that direction.

As for some other points brought up:

I think N.C. State's reasoning was, Tom O'Brien had been there for six years and had never really had a very good season, despite having two NFL quarterbacks (Russell Wilson, soon to be joined by Mike Glennon) on the roster. It just didn't work, for whatever reason.

And for the poster who asked about Petrino, I'm pretty sure he's going to wind up at Auburn. Second time's the charm with that flirtation.

Negative-T, NCAA notice of allegations coming soon, then UM response, then verdict. Two years of self-imposed bowl bans will help. A lot, I think. Should, anyway. But this is the NCAA so who the hell knows!?

Ricardo, I'll check into CoverItLive. Isn't that what Manny Navarro does with his live UM game stuff? No promises, though. Keep in mind: I treat technology like it's out to harm me. :)

Worse than the football being played in the ACC, the officials of the ACC are far worse. I watched two games this weekend with ACC officials. Miami-Duke, FL-FSU. I honestly have to say those are the two worst officiated games I have ever seen. How do these guys keep their jobs? Do these officials in the ACC ever get suspended?

As for Al Golden, I think he and his staff are horrible gameday coaches. Just horrible. But you look at the recruiting, you look at the player development (lots and lots of individual improvement -- Clive Walford? Jimmy Gaines??), and then you realize that clowns like Barry Switzer won numerous national championships, and I realize, through my mopery, that being able to keep Golden down here would be a wonderful thing. I also think it would be a miracle. I don't see him going for any of the current available jobs (with the possible exception of Tennessee), but the longer this investigation drags on, the more it hampers progress, the more I see him leaving sooner rather than later. And I couldn't blame him.

Makes it way easier to keep track of, its harmless, and you'll probably get more traffic that way.

Linus, ha on the shot at ACC. Not undeserved, alas. Imagine if Duke had been in conference title game as it almost was!?


Could you please explain to "negative Tim" that yes the Dolphins were lucky to win yesterday's game but at the same time both the Jets and the Cardinals were lucky to beat the Dolphins earlier in the season, a win is a win period.

Fireman Ed, based on recent Dolphins home crowds, the team needs fans, period. A--holes will not be turned away. You might be, though.


I can see you being around the Herald forever. You will be the modern version of Edwin Pope. I can see you with lots of gray hair and thick, thick glasses in about 10 years on your Herald photo. You sticking around the Herald forever? Jumping ship to ESPN? What are the future plans?

Chaz, you must have missed the game earlier this year (I have now forgotten the opponent) where the opposition had 12 men on the field, it went uncalled, Golden challenged, and the call was upheld because, as the referee explained, the 12th man was ALMOST off the field and therefore it had no bearing on the play. Which is complete and utter garbage. In the last two weeks, I've seen facemasks ripped off (on both sides) and no flags were thrown. I don't understand, and perhaps I'm not supposed to understand.

Greg, with the end of the world closing in on Friday, 12-21, do you happen to know when the NFL will reschedule the Jacksonville game? Also, have you heard of any good parties?

FZB, my thoughts are they hope Norris Cole develops and becomes better than Chalmers. But this "position-less basketball" stuff makes it easier to hide any one player's shortcomings.

Negative Tim, I have read novels shorter than most of your questions. Keep 'em comin'!


rumor has it that Fireman Ed was a Dolphins fan growing up, now that's he's no longer rooting for the stinkin Jet's (at least for this year), should we let him in back in the fold?

OC, I've been hosting an End Of The World party every day for the last 20 years. Such is my plight.

FZB, yes, a win is a win, but I can sense, from my perch nearly 1,000 miles away from South Florida, all the misguided optimism among the fans. "Well, if we beat New England and manage to pull off the upset of San Francisco, we'll be 7-6, and then...." I can't handle that. They've already exceeded my naturally low expectations. One or two more wins would be great. If Ireland manages to get a clue with all the cap space and high draft picks, maybe I can become Cautiously Optimistic Tim come next September. Until that time comes, though....

Chaz, I have a personal policy of not going bonkers on officiating as long as the imcompetence is evenly distributed.

Negative, bonus points for "mopery." Not even sure it's a word. But it should be!

Unless I misunderstood, Fireman InbrEd is still going to Jests games; just not in character. He hasn't given up his Jests fandom. He's just fed up with their fans. Little does he realize that he is the poster child for everything that we hate about Jests fans, and New York in general.

Raw, gray hair coming, beer gut already here, no plans to leave. Full-time Herald (columns and blog) plus doses of radio and occasional TV (Outside the Lines) keep me sated. Thanks for asking!

Last one for me for the day -- how was your Thanksgiving? How did the Cajun-style turn out? Hope everything went well. Have a great week, everyone, and I'll see you all next Monday to complain about what happens against New England.

FZB, not sure about yesterday but generally speaking the better teams tend to be the ones that get lucky and win, ever notice? Take the Texans and Falcons this week.


College football coach of the year? Heisman winner?

Hi OC, glad you could make it. Quoting Michael Stipe: "It's the end of the world as I know it, and I feel fine." Someday the end-of-the-world threat might prove true, though, ever think of that?

FZB, I'd welcome Fireman Ed to town, but only if he were on fire at the time.


well since the end of the world is near (12/21/12) should I hold off on sending my next mortgage payment on my up-side down mortgage?

Gator joke of the day..

Why did the Gator's wanted to wait until 2013 to play the Canes again?..because they knew thet world was going to end in 2012.

Negative, agreed on Fireman Ed personifying what's not to like about Stinkin' Jets fans. Does that man ever smile?

Negative, my Thanksgiving was glorious, although as it happened I slightly overcooked my Cajun turkey. Even a copel of minutes too long in the fryer will do it. Tasted fine, but not sublime as usual.

Jimbo! Johnny Manziel on Heisman; no one great candidate. Penn State for coach. Sympathy vote.

Anyone who uses the word "sublime" when describing food should be taxed a minimum of 30%, what do you say?

A quick glance to NFL totals reveal that the Patriots and Niners combine to score over 62 points per game. Over the course of the next two weeks do you think the Dolphins will allow more or less than that number?

My fingers are numb. I'm out of breath. Chat started very fast today but now ebbs gradually, like a song that slowly fades rather than ends on a sharp note. Thanks to all. What else you got?


who's your alltime fav rock and roll band?? or singer?

Obama, ha! Love sublime, even the group (though more so before original singer died...)

OC, less. Dolphins defense better than average. Plus, Miami tends to play Brady (relatively) tough.

FZB, too many to count. Beatles, Stones, Staple Singers, Al green, Elton John, U2, Sublime, Brendan Benson, Bob Marley...

Thanks for the dime, Greg. Didn't have earth shattering questions or points this week. Blame it on tryptophan overload.

OC, you and me both on the trytophan!

Ok, all, let's put a bow on this thang. Thanks again. See you back here next Monday at 1. Now back to our regular blog...

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