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November 19, 2012

Live blog chat has ended; next chat Nov. 26


Live blog chat No. 9 today 1-2 p.m.: Chat No. 9 has ended. Terrific response for a pre-holiday; couldn't even get to all the Q's. Click into 'Comments' below for a full transcript of today's chat. See y'all next Monday 1-2, as usual. Meantime have a wonderful, delicious, reflective Thanksgiving!


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Hi all, Greg here. Starting in just a bit. Remember to chat loudly. My ears are numb from NASCAR yesterday.

What is your vote on whether the NHL plays a game this year?

I notice these things are always a little slow getting started then pick up quickly. It's as if you all are shy. That's so cute!

Charlie, I'm still leaning a shaky yes, maybe a 48-game season or so. Our hockey guy George (G-Man) Richards still is optimistic. But I'm getting less optimistic by the day.

I'm guessing we're going to have a slow day today, Greg. Call it the pre-Thanks prep.
Will you be cooking the family meal? Traditional recipe or something else? How many hungry folks will you feed?

Greg I think it might be because there is no direct link from front sports page kind of hard to find.

(Love the occasional hockey question, by the way. Let's bust out of that Dolphins/Canes rut occasionally and spread our wings, flock...)

So now the rest of the NFL has reviewed the film on Ryan Tannehill and he has now turned in back-to-back putrid performances against two abysmal teams. And this is happening while he's in an offensive system that he hasn't had to learn! Not good, Greg. He was already (understandably) behind Luck and Griffin. He had fallen behind Russell Wilson. Now, he's fallen behind Brandon Weeden. And after Checkdown Chad's performance yesterday, do you even fancy Miami's chances at beating Jacksonville now? I don't. Remember "An Officer and a Gentleman"? I've got the dulcet tones of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes singing romantically into my ears:

Back in last place where we belong
As the Dolfans cry
Stephen Ross must be high

Back in last place where we belong
Far from the days of Marino
All we do now is blow

OC, I will not abide a slow day with any holiday excuse!! :) I feed about 10-12 folks every year, all kin, at my place. Very traditional menu with a few flourishes such as homemade cranberry sauce, a deep-fried Cajun turkey in addition to an oven-baked, and usually some funky sides. And then I eat so much stuff while cooking that I'm not hungry when we sit down.

Bib Baby, you right on link. Should pop up any second. I was late posting it and usually takes 10-15 minutes for a new headline to appear. A cogent observation by you.

On to the 'Canes. I'm all for pre-emptive bowl-banning. The college football equivalent of a plea bargain. Absolutely the smart thing to do, even if it means giving up several weeks of practice. I just don't know how I feel about even being allowed to take a pre-emptive bowl ban. I don't like plea bargains, either. The criminal shouldn't be allowed to choose his or her own punishment. I wouldn't blame the NCAA at all if they came out and said, "Awww, you turned down two bottom-of-the-barrel bowl games. How cute. Here's five more years." The argument is that, based on how much UM has cooperated with the NCAA, that no school will ever cooperate again. All the NCAA would have to do is come out and say, "You should see what they would have gotten had they pulled a USC and not cooperated, or had they pulled an Ohio State and tried to subterfuge." This is going to be bad.

Hey it's Negative Tim! Welcome back, N.T. I think more of Ryan Tannehill than you do. Interestingly, Mel Kiper just had a midyear review of some of his first-round picks analysis and he gave Tannehill pretty high marks. Patience, patience.

Greg we know that the NCAA are in the process of sifting data in order to come up with a decision on our 'Canes...Do you think that two bowl bans, sitting numerous players last year, and paying fines, will be enough to cover the loss of how many scholarships?..
10, 15, 20?

Sounds delish, Greg. You're a lucky guy and literally, living large.

You cook the turkey, Greg? What a modern man you are! I'm just learning to cook now. Better late than never, I guess. Wifey is letting me make a sweet potato dish for the table. Thankfully, she likes cooking and is very good at it, but at least I'm contributing something other than dirty dishes now.

Anyway... I understand everyone here hates Notre Dame and hates Nick Saban, but, really, c'mon, a Notre Dame/Alabama national championship? How is this a BAD thing? That's like a Green Bay/Pittsburgh Super Bowl, or a Yankees/Cardinals World Series. Just because the offenses don't put 40 points per game (unless Notre Dame is playing Miami) doesn't make it unwatchable. I'm salivating for this.

Tim, I too agree with the volunteered bowl ban. It is weighed by the NCAA. And when you are self-imposing a ban that likely includes the ACC championship game, I think that'll count more than if your ban is limited to the Fart Bowl. UM priority should be to get all this behind it and move on as quickly as possible.

Sorry but no 5 loss team should be allowed to play in a conference championship game. It just shows how bad the ACC really is.

Negative Tim! I like that! I'll use that as my moniker now. I was going to give you permission to use my lyrics on LeBatard's show tomorrow, but I guess my song parody writing skills aren't on par with yours. Hey, I'm an amateur for a reason. Still trying to decide what's funnier -- how you constantly frustrate Dan with your antics when the show is coming back on the air after a commercial break, or how you hijack the Magill segment. Keep it up!

Gary, this is pure conjecture, but I'd guess UM would still get probation (to include one or two additional bowl bans) and a few years of reduced scholarships. But I also think UM has been smart and done everything right so far to appease and impress the NCAA since the scandal broke.

Alabama will smash ND they really aren't very good many close wins over bad teams it won't be a very close game Tim.

Cote, just wondering when you are going to take back your Tannehill was a great pick? He was and is a project that should not have been taken at #8 overall. Miami blowing top 10 picks is why the Fins are as bad as they are today.

Thanks, OC. Living TOO large based on my last step on a scale. Hey the front-page online live-chat link just popped up. WHOOOO!

What happened to 48....2 races two DNF's come on did he win too many Cships...where are the conspiracy theorists?...

It's not the Fart Bowl. It's the GlaxoSmithKline Beano Fart Bowl. Everything is sponsored. You know that. This post has been sponsored by Lithium. Your blog is sponsored by... Hmmmmm... I don't know what brand you drink.

If Miami loses to Duke (entirely possible, given Duke's passing game), then there would have been no ACC championship game to begin with, and we're back to Square 1. Every time I see the picture of Shalala staring with drool coming out of her mouth at the check Nevin Shapiro handed her at the bowling alley, there's no way I can picture anything short of a five-year bowl ban and 35 scholarships lost. Hope I'm wrong. Thankfully, I usually am.

Tim, yeah I love to cook. A real hobby and love of mine. And I agree on a Notre Dame-Alabama matchup for title. Delicious. Huge TV draw. Mega-interest. Nation at large has a love/hate going with both Irish and Saban so this would have major impact, maybe set ratings records.

Florida at Florida State means something again. Winner could play in the NC game. Who do you got?

Rawpimple, I can't really disagree with that. Down year for ACC. But guaranteed ACC would rather have had UM play FSU than Duke. Good gawd. At least they get Georgia Tech instead.

Greg Happy Thanksgiving no prob on link issue is there any scenario in which you see Tannehill getting benched this year or are we strictly building for the future.

Sorry, but Notre Dame had some massive luck of the Irish this year, along with some pretty lucky calls to give them the Stanford and Pittsburgh game. They have had too many close calls against far inferior competition. Alabama vs Notre Dame will be an absolute crushing. It will not even be close. What's your take?

Negative, thanks for the radio feedback. I enjoy the heck out of those three hours every Tuesday, and hope listeners do too.

Bib Baby, I'd be shocked if ALA was more than a three-point pick over ND.

Raw..., I stand behind Tannehill as a smart pick. Never said he wasn't a bit of a project, but nobody figured Miami for playoffs this year anyway, going in, so for me the season is unfolding not unexpectedly for both the team and Tannehill.

I found this to be troubling, too. Jim Larranaga said, right before the season started, that he had a practice early for the first time in his career because the players had done everything that they needed to do. Since then? An exhibition loss to something called St. Leo's, a squeaker over Stetson, a loss to Florida Gulf Coast (never heard of them), and a lackluster, unmotivated, sloppy win over Jacksonville. I know Durand Scott is suspended for a couple of more games, but how does a team with Reggie Johnson and Kenny Kadji get outscored 40-14 in the paint against Florida Gulf Coast? Wasn't men's basketball supposed to be the shining light this year for the UM athletic department?

Prepare to be shocked Greg I could see a double digit spread in that one we'll see.

Gary, Jimmie Johnson had a strong first 8 Chase races and then a nightmarish last two. Don't write him off. If I drew JJ in a blind pool for the 2013 Id be pretty happy.

Signing Juan Pierre is a sign that Loria, Samson and Beinfest are serious about fielding a competitive winner, right?

Negative, good point on a sponsor for the Fart Bowl. My blog proudly has no sponsor, other than the annoying ads for which I have no control and receive no added $$$.

Never thought the University of Miami sports program would hit the bottom like we are today. When do you think the football team has a chance to be relevant again? 5 years? 10? Is it over for UM football for some time? Baseball is down, basketball is down. It's just ugly for us canes fans.

Greg, I have a feeling we're about to see how well Jerry West trained Mitch Kupchak. It is no secret that Pau Gasol, while a great addition on any team, is not an ideal fit on a Mike D'Antoni team. Preferably, the team would be better served by having a smallish, running, dunking power forward in the mold of yesteryear's James Worthy. Can you think of any players who fit that description and who contractually make sense in a trade?

I actually went to the trouble of looking up who owned the patent for Beano. I may be a mope, but I'm a well-researched mope.

Giancarlo Stanton's unhappy and is making Logan Morrison seem like a boring wallflower all of a sudden. Odds he's still a Marlin at this time next year?

Nollie, UF-FSU winner needs a big break or two by anything's possible. Gators a big shot if Driskel is back but inclined to lean to the Jimbos at home, pending further study.

Greg if you really look at that Marlins salary dump may end up proving to be good in the long run those players aren't that great and might not be worth the money really people are just not seeing that I think.

Boston dumped Beckett (underachieving), Adrian Gonzalez (same) and Carl Crawford (disaster) and people here couldn't be happier (saved 160 mil) despite the fact that we are rebuilding sometimes it's just better to start over no?

Big Baby, happy Thanksgiving to you too, and to all. I doubt they'd bench Tannehill. Would send the wrong message. Can't quit on the kid, or appear to, in his first season. Build him up, believe, have patience -- not the opposite. The bandwagon jumpers are suffering premature ejumpulation.

Mike Golic. Rich. Like I said, Alabama would be favored but not by much I don't think. Three or four? I respect what the Irish have done. Maybe it's because I saw that UM game at Soldier Field firsthand.

One last thought on the salary dump -- I have no issues with trading Josh Johnson. He has shown that he cannot stay healthy and, if I had to bet, I'd say we've the best we're going to see from him. But Reyes and Buerhle? Wow. There's operating in good faith, operating in bad faith and then operating in no faith. Loria's a great businessman and I'll give him that, but anyone who makes Stephen Ross look like a competent owner by comparison is, pardon my French, a scumbag.

And on that note, I need to get back to work, so happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Cote - this is probably the fourth time I've seen someone else use my name in these Q&As, that's obviously not a real question.

Negative, agreed Jim's UM men are off to an unimpressive start. Also would note UM women had a huge home loss to Tennessee. Canes men in that conference have not earned more than mid-pack status, and must prove they deserve even that at this point.

Greg ,

I guess the sky is indeed falling, all you get is NEGATIVO posts (Tim,Kazaam,rawpimple just to name a few) I'm packing my bags and heading to the Himalayas to work on my positive mantras, would you care to join me?

Big Baby, if ALA is double digits over ND the initial line will drop as if pushed off a cliff because so much money will flood to Irish.

Negative, must admit the Juan Pierre line made me SOL (smile out loud).

Cote, why haven't you taken down the UM and Dolph meters and replaced them with "The Question of the Week, which in every week it should be, "Who screwed up worse on their predictions this week, Kaz or OC?"

Wait until it drops then Take Bama they are just the athletically superior tem and it's not really close..

I Am..., welcome. I'll admit The U is enduring some body blows. I'd imagine UM will go through maybe three hard years of sanction and then rebound quickly. More so if Golden perseveres. Can't see anything close to a 10-year lull.


at least you have the common sense to say that is way to early to give on on Tannehill...

OC, not off the top of my head, which is the point from which everything in the blog chat flows. Sorry. I know this: If the Finals are D'Antoni-coached Lakers vs. small-ball/less-D Heat, the over/under on games will be about 220.

FZB, I think he was referring to giving up on Mrs. Tannehill. Way to early to give up asking her out on a date. The husband is done.

Again, not a real question, just a Gators troll trash talking UM.

Negative, that kind of research and devotion to detail is what makes America great. The Stanton mess is an intriguing question. He is so unhappy and Miami can get so much for him that a trade would not surprise me -- unpopular as that would be. But I'd still bet against it, at least in next year.

The Boston Globe had an article on the fact that the Red Sox should go after Giancarlo Stanton... with him twitter whines of late. Any thought to whom the Marlins should ask for, if they are to consider it?


I don't think the Lakers will get out of the west but do you see a repeat of last years NBA finals?...

Cote, I saw that site you posted with hiring athletes to show up to your work party or instruct your kids, but with all the washed up athletes on that site, why would Ryan Tannehill be on there? Do you realize in about 5 years Tannehill might have to pay you to hang out with him?

Also, when does the Commissioner have to make a decision on allowing that Toronto trade?

Big Baby, that's fair comment on the long-term right or wrong of the Marlins salary dump. But Loria has such an awful history of cheapness it's very difficlt to see anything as a baseball move because it always feels like a financial deal. Baseball smart is fine, but a club also needs to be PR-smart and keep-fans-happy smart to a degree. Especially THIS club.

Watching the SD Chargers/Denver game yesterday just made me scratch my head. How on earth does someone like Jeff Ireland keep his job when his counterpart in San Diego - knowing the team lacks wideout talent - signs a 230 lbs., 6'-5'' Wide Receiver in Danario Alexander right off the street, and has him basically dominating every play going his way.

It is redundantly clear to me that Jeff Ireland views talent through severely restrictive, filtered lenses.

Negative, I'd also add Bonifacio as a weird guy to trade, because he was cheap, and versatile, and fast. I'm sure Miami had to add one or two guys just to get TOR to take Buck as well.

I am..., not much we can do about ID theft in a chat room. I mean someone can signa question as having come from Johnny Carson or King Tut. But I will say using someone else's moniker is pretty low. C'mon people, you all better than that!

Dont worry about Kazaam Cote. Just hand out feminine products at your next chat and he will be fine. We have to settle him down in your daily blog threads too.

Enjoy your Wednesday/Thursday prep, Greg. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wishing all fellow bloggers the same.


no negative stuff about my son Ireland...stop it.

FZB, I appreciate the positive vibes, and also note the irony of all this negativity as we prepare collectively to give thanks by devouring a murdered turkey.

Did someone use my name on a sports blog?

Mr. Woodcock, I think the Dolphins and Canes satisfaction meters are pretty popular. And if not, hey, it's only a blog!

a murdered turkey...hhhmmm

Charlie, if the Marlins trade Stanton, they should askl for the moon, the stars, Neptune and Saturn.

Not a problem, just wanted you to know 'rawpimple's' question wasn't coming from an actual UM fan.

To all, time bell rings. Sorry couldn;t get to all the Q's and comments. Great response for a pre-holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all. I really appreciate you all reading me. Now back to my regularly scheduled blog. See you next Monday!

Cote just checked out your previous 4 total comments from your blogs and todays chat had the highest number of responses. Increible.

Get real Cote, the U will suck as long as Kaz's aunt is at the helm.

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