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November 10, 2012

G10: Virginia 41, Hurricanes 40 (Final): Last-second heartbreak for UM!; plus Gators, Owls, 'Bama loses & more

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G10: HURRICANES @ VIRGINIA: Final: UM falls to 5-5, is denied bowl-eligibility (for now) and sees its chances of reaching the ACC title game take a hit in a 41-40 heartbreak loss at Virginia. Stephen Morris with 3 touchdown passes, Duke Johnson with 150 yards rushing and a 95-yard kick-return score and Phillip Dorsett with 103 yards receiving -- and it still isn't enough. Canes pass defense scorched all day. The decision whether to self-impose another postseason ban still looms for UM, but it won't be relevant until Miami wins that sixth game. Bowl status and the ACC title game both remain in play for the Canes. ..... 2H: Canes give up fall-behind TD pass with six seconds left, lose 41-40. ... UM up 40-35 on safety after Virginia QB called for intentional grounding from end zone. ... Cavaliers within 38-35 with 5:33 to play. Oy! ... Stephen Morris to Phillip Dorsett TD for a 38-28 lead has UM on brink of bowl-eligibility. Very efficient day for Morris. ..... 1H: Duke Johnson has thrown an 8-yard touchdown pass, had a 52-yard run to set up another score, and returned a kickoff 95 yards for a TD to lead Miami's 24-21 lead. True freshman of the year in college football. ... Credit to Al Golden for suspending receiver Rashawn Scott and linebacker Eddie Johnson for violating team rules. That's a coach with backbone. ..... Original post: Virginia, despite a far inferior record, is a 1-point favorite at 1aa1cavs2home today as the Canes try to become bowl-eligible ... and then hope the university allows them to participate in the postseason at all. Strange days. UM is angling to win the ACC Coastal Division for the first time and get into the conference championship game with no clue whether they'll be allowed to related to the NCAA investigation and the notion the school might self-impose a ban. All Al Golden's guys can do is win, and control what they can control. Like the Canes today. Cavaliers don't have an offense that scares you, and their D has given up 42-plus points in three losses. And UM has more at stake. My pick was: Miami, 24-20.

Poll result: Self-imposed postseason ban right choice for UM: I'm rarely surprised by results of any of or blog polls, but this susprised me. The vote for another self-imposed postseason ban  won with 54.9 percent, compared to 36.7% who want to play and 8.4% who are undecided.

Other Week 11 featured state FBS games (all Saturday):

No. 9 Florida State 28, Virginia Tech 22: Noles rallied Thursday night to escape with a win and keep alive strong chances of reaching the ACC title game. My pick was: FSU (via Pigskin Challenge).

No. 7 Florida 27, Louisiana-Lafayette 20: La-La is pretty good (for a Sun Belt team) but I gave them no shot in The Swamp. Well, Florida needed to score the final 14 points to escape. My pick was: Florida, 37-10.

FAU 37, Western Kentucky 28: Very nice road win for Owls, a 16 1/2-point underdog. That's three wins. Decent first season so far for new coach Carl Pelini. My pick was: WKU, 31-17.

My record: This week, 2-2. Season, 36-13.

Other state FBS games: UCF @ Texas-El Paso, 7 p.m. FIU and South Florida have byes.

National Game of Week: No. 15 Texas A&M d. No. 1-Alabama, 29-24. Turmoil in the BCS! 

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How Horrid is that Miami Defense??

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Wow what a clusterf***! Miami loses basketball game by one point in final moments.

basketball? Anyways, DC needs to be fired and OC pretty close behind. Yeah they scored 40, but horrible effort on the last two offensive drives. Nothing needs to be said about the D.

Can't ban yourself from a bowl when you are not going to make one. The absolute worst defense in the NCAA. An embarrasent. Fire the defensive coordinator today. As far as I'm concerned, golden can go too. Gets out coached in second half of every game.

The death penalty would be a gift from God for this pathetic team

Duke, Yep.

OC, ever have déjà vu on here? I swear my "shiny pic" response was posted in response to one of you other posts over the years. Amazing we've been communicating on here for years...

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Reluctantly joining the chorus for the firing of D'Onofrio. I knew when the game was on the line and the defense had to hold it, no way, no faith, no nothing but disappointment. I am tired of losing to inferior teams, UNC and UVA and 500. football! Just plain tired of it all. Beat USF and take the ban. Let's put this defense out of their misery!

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