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November 12, 2012

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 15.5%

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CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G10: Results are certified in the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 15.5 percent overall satisfaction (second-lowest mark of the season) in the wake of Saturday afternoon's 41-40 loss at Virginia putting UM's season record 1aa1csm12at 5-5 overall and 4-3 in the ACC. In its fourth year, our blog's CSM polls are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season. The CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:30 a.m. today/Monday.

2012 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 93.9% (40.9-v, 53.0-s) following 41-32 victory at Boston College.

G2: 14.7% (7.0-v, 7.7-s) following 52-13 loss at Kansas State.

G3: 50.2% (7.5-v, 42.7-s) following 38-10 victory vs. Bethune-Cookman.

G4: 95.9% (61.0-v, 33.9-s) following 42-36 OT victory at Georgia Tech.

G5: 95.2% (49.6-v, 45.6-s) following 44-37 victory vs. North Carolina St.

G6: 29.4% (9.1-v, 20.3-s) following 41-3 loss vs. Notre Dame in Chicago.

G7: 17.0% (5.3-v, 11.7-s) following 18-14 loss vs. North Carolina.

G8: 39.4% (8.3-v, 31.1-s) following 33-20 loss vs. Florida State.

G9: 85.1% (30.3-v, 54.8-s) following 30-12 victory vs. Virginia Tech.

G10: 15.5% (5.2-v, 10.3-s) following 41-40 loss at Virginia.

Next poll: Nov. 17 following game vs. South Florida.

Previous final season results:

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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i'm not surprised at all that they lost, I fully expected them to lose

I do not care if this coach won at Temple, where the hell is Temple, big deal, He coaches not to loose rather than WIN. SORRY U , THIS MAN HAS TO GO, HE SUCKS, REMINDS ME OF ERICKSON, nice guy but what have you done. We should be 7-3 this season, this one really hurts. He must be thinking of the NCAA and not care a damm about this season. Feel for the seniors that have left it all on the field, THEY DESERVE BETTER. BOBBY P ANYONE??????

Concern is that they are so young and not progressing as they should. When you have a team down like that you have to knock them out. NCAA is a concern but defensive breakdowns concern me more. They give up so many yards and so many points. Talented but not mean killers who want to knock you out. How does Alabama, LSU, FSU, etc get young players with killer instinct and Canes don't?

Totally embarassing. When you let the other team complete 40 of 52 passes, you just stink. Defense cordinator needs to be fired. I love the Canes but it is week 10, I am tired of hearing how young they are. When do they grow up , when they are Seniors.

All I can say is I have never in my 46yrs seen a Miami Defense this bad, 119/120 Tell me how can you have 3 timeouts and you don't call one to get a Chance to settle the Defense Down.

Coach D if he doesn't get fired, I will have lost my respect for Miami, Coach Golden has to make this move and NO EXCUSES, this guy on a 4th Down play rushed 3 linemen, Who does this?

boy our defense sucks.

outside of Duke, we have average to below average players. Perryman is good too.

U is what U is



holla Arty

you guys are clue-less and pathetic..

this team is playing with 44 players that are either true or red shirt freshmen, the few upper-classmen on the team are not very good, this is the legacy Shannon left behind, no talent.

most of these players are not supposed to be playing, they can't compete mentally or physically yet and you guys are bashing them and questioning Golden.

we will not be competitive for another two years, can you idiots understand that?..



ever since Kazaam posted his norland highlights, i have been convinced that this young man is extraordinary- and as stated, they don't call you "duke" in high school unless you gots the goods; mister duke johnson doesn't have the "goods", he's got the "greats". an amazing talent with at least two more seasons to do his coillegfiate thing. MISTER DUKE JOHNSON,indeed.


nice big band, really bad toupee!! of the famous jazz drummers, there was louie bellson (husbamd of pearl bailey) the wired gene krupa who played in the awesome benny goodman band, but who lost, by most people's opinion, a "drum-off" against a fellow named chick webb, who i think was something like four feet six or something like that. there have been many, many geat drummers in jazz, but methinks these are rge most famous of the jazz era. billy cobham was really good (saw him play with bob weir's band and he was amazing during the drum breaks when they performed "satisfaction"); in the world rockdom, there is keith moon, RIP, and then all the rest. just my unhumble opinion.

I can see Michael's point. The D looks like they are playing in their first game of the year. Their lack of progress at this point in the season is simply astonishing. This season is gone. Next year will be the second full season of Al Golden's recruits and maybe the first with his imprint. Hurricane warnings are up. One way or the other change NEEDS to be made. Today's loss is sure a huge bitter pill to take for all loyal diehard Cane fans.


duke can lose to ga tech, and still play for a spot in the ACC title game. i don't know the tie-break rules, but if UM, duke and ga tec all finish 4-4 in the conference (the assumption here weeks ago was that duke would be able to score on UM, and nothing has changed that opinion) i would imagne that since they would all have beaten each other- duke over UM, UM over ga tech and ga tech over duke- the team that hasn't gone in thelongest amount of time would go- which would mean that UM and duke who have never played in the title game would be left and that would put duke, should they defeat UM,in the driver's seat. ga tech has been a misery this year and duke has had, for them a terrific season. as much as i loathe them basketballwise, they are a real midget in the world of college football and this would be graet for them and their good coach david cutcliffe. however, besides the opinion of our host, it seems the UM bloggers on this site prefer the self-discipline route and would take UM out of the picture. there are no guarantees that the NCAA would give them any kind of break for self-discilpline, as the sanctions are coming after this season and the hurricanes are not high on the NCAA's list of favorite schools. haven't checked on USF but if they have any kind of offense they are good for 40+ against the canes. whether they can hold mister duke johnson to 39 or under is the issue.

Voted Somewhat Disastisfied because like others pointed out they are young but then again so were RS's original recruits who were supposed to bring home the 2010 NC...

Duke Johnson = Reggie Bush @ USC 2.0 just a pleasure to watch! Start the Duke for Heisman 2013 campaign.

extremely disappointing!

in the 10th game of the season these "young" guys should not be making the same mistakes if these coaches, especially the def coordinator, were worth anything. were is the containment on the weak side and the tackling? i'm sure there have been other "young" teams in the past from UM and other programs but this Canes edition is by far the worst. i am fearful that the Canes will never truly "be back." why hasn't shalalah been fired yet for this whole shapiro fiasco is beyond me.

on a side note - i am now a huge fan of Texas A&M as i love the way they defeated alabama and their redneck fans.

Please leave Coach Shannon out of this, this team was left with some talent. They may not have been tremendously blessed, nevertheless they have talent. I just have not seen any improvement in the defense at all, and the same excuses week after week on how young they are. Newsflash- there are some freshmen making significant impact on teams in college football. If what you are doing is not working then try something else, Coach D.

The O-Line has been under Coach Kehoe for 1 1/2 years now. They don't seem to have a problem. They are all the same age as the D-Line. So, why after 10 games is Coach D missing the Boat with these guys? If you can Coach and teach it doesn't matter what age these guys are. Coach G, you need to fire your best friend. This is a Business not a Frat House.

Al Golden is now 9-11 against D-1 competition. Why don't you people get it? He is not a very good coach, he is not even an average coach. I'd rather have the mumbler whose team played well and won more games than he lost rather than a well spoken coach who loses more games than he wins. It is really simple people. As a coach, your record matters.

Well said, Shadow.

this team is playing with 44 players that are either true or red shirt freshmen

Posted by: FZB | November 10, 2012 at 07:35 PM



Hey Henry, Erickson won 2 National Championships. Settle down and think with your head not your heart.

We have better athletes, ten games into the season they are not young anymore. Having said that you can only look at the coaches, I feel for Duke who plays hard every play, after the kick return in the fourth I like everyone else thought the game was ours but 3 plays and punt come on. The D didnt lose this game the coaches did, the D played a great 3rd quarter without 3 of their best players twice 3 plays and punt on their side of the field, whats up with that Al. One side note altough it wouldve been called back anyway can someone teach Morris how to carry the ball so he doesnt fumble? All of us could write ten pages about this why cant the coaches see what everyone else sees.

9-1 BABY !!!

U? Still Fiddy/Fiddy

Holla ARTY !!!

Mr. Woodcock,

always makes this jewboy feel good when a post gets a positive response, patricularly from those who i put "in the know" category. man, some of our newbies have some strong opinions about UM, particularly Mike B. who told our "paisan" FZB "enough with the we're young stuff".

Brerdane understands the value of an art kehoe, amongst the best o-line coaches in america. if keeping the defensive co-ordinator is a case of "the spoils system", can him. however, i am in with FZB that the UM defense is young, underweight, and even after a year, still on the learning curve. they hung with both FSU and ND for a good while and had the misfortune of k-state on the schedule in a year when k-state and their dinosaur coach are a victory against texas away from the vase game(texas on the improve). a beatdown of surprising duke would end the season honorably should UM decide to drop out of the postseason, to which i would say no. FSU didn't look like worldbeaters against UM as i remember (vaguely).

As long as the Canes suck, and achieve the joke of bowl status with needingonly 6 wins, then we should clearly bow out. We're notlosing anythng major here; no one watches any games but the few majors. I think this is repeat of what I said last year.
I bet the NCAA waits til we get to onew that counts; then they'll see how eager we are to quit,


how about chicharito yesterday? unreal scorer of goals, and he may be considered the third threat on man u, but i would place him a little higher, even though his game is limited to moves inside the penalty area, that is where most of goals originate. rooney, van persie, chicharito- a better trio than the heat has!!

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