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November 01, 2012

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 85.1%

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Click on Big Milepost On The Road To 'Back' for my column from last night's game...

CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G9: Results are certified in the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 85.1 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Thursday night's 30-12 victory over visiting Virginia Tech putting UM's season record at 5-4 overall and 4-2 in the ACC. In its fourth year, our blog's CSM polls are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season. The CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may stil vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:45 a.m. today/Saturday.

2012 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 93.9% (40.9-v, 53.0-s) following 41-32 victory at Boston College.

G2: 14.7% (7.0-v, 7.7-s) following 52-13 loss at Kansas State.

G3: 50.2% (7.5-v, 42.7-s) following 38-10 victory vs. Bethune-Cookman.

G4: 95.9% (61.0-v, 33.9-s) following 42-36 OT victory at Georgia Tech.

G5: 95.2% (49.6-v, 45.6-s) following 44-37 victory vs. North Carolina State.

G6: 29.4% (9.1-v, 20.3-s) following 41-3 loss vs. Notre Dame in Chicago.

G7: 17.0% (5.3-v, 11.7-s) following 18-14 loss vs. North Carolina.

G8: 39.4% (8.3-v, 31.1-s) following 33-20 loss vs. Florida State.

G9: 85.1% (30.3-v, 54.8-s) following 30-12 victory vs. Virginia Tech.

Next poll: Nov. 10 following game at Virginia. 

Previous final season results:

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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Hokies were terrible tonight, that quarterback of theirs can't throw to save his life!

Great win for the Canes, now they just have to not stumble at UVA or Duke and they'll get a rematch with Florida State for a chance to play in the BCS bowl in their home stadium!

2 of the first 4 games we won where because of great individual play DUke BC and NCSt made like 6 turn overs and a bunch of sloppy plays and we almost lost(should have just like today!! . Team played awful. another of the first 4 was against a sub D3 team. Then reality strikes...today VT run about 500 on our D and if not for their oun misQS plus the fact that Logan throws BRICKS and points by the special teams great position... we loose... D look aweful again but lucky!!! this doesnt cut it. FIRE DNO. cant stop anyone on 3erd unless they stop themselves as was the case today!!

Dude, Miami has something like 15 freshmen starting. Those are 18 and 19 year old kids. It's like if the varsity was playing the JV. You make some good points but like Kaz said a win is a win and we have a shot to win the league and get some much needed exposure if we can get to the Orange Bowl. Realistically, it will be tough to do but they had no chance if they lost to State. I'll take a win anyway I can against Virginia Tech. Regardless of how many bricks their QB threw we still shut them out in the second half. Defense played well in the first half of the Florida State game they just got worn out. They were out on the field all night and held them out of the end zone. Much props too the whole team and the coaching staff for a great win tonight.

You guys in Miami probably miss the Inside the NBA show after the late game because it's too late there to watch but those guys have to be the funniest guys on TV. I crack up every night they are almost better to watch than the games themselves. They had me on the floor tonight.

what moron votes "very dissatisfied" after a young team with so many young starters beats a conference team?

and baby?
my 7-9 prediction DOES count; maybe i erred, yes, but if so then i erred in the right direction. while most on here were saying we'd lose every game, that tanny was a bust, ireland and his picks sucked, and philbin was an awful hire, i was saying this team is better than what most people here were saying, and that they would surprise people.
looks like i am right..

The young Canes took another positive step yesterday, Golden has the team going in a positive direction.

I think we only need to beat Duke the last game of the year to get a rematch with the Nolies, I never would have thunk-it..how about that.

Woodcock, I didn't watch inside the NBA last night but you're right, they are the funniest, I still don't think Shaq should be there but he has his moments.

David, if we can beat the Colts on sunday (which we should) we'll be 5-3 and right in the thick of the playoffs hunt and barring a total collapse by the team we are going to be in the 7-9 to 10-6 range which was unthinkable by most when the season started.

and your right, I don't see too many people complaining that T-Hill was a "reached" at 8th or our coach sucks or Ireland is clueless..looks like we'll have the last laugh..

Considering my son is a freshman at VT and I feel like I'm financing their freaking broke ass program, I'm pretty pissed. I've seen teams somehow find a way to lose, the Hokies demanded a loss last night, and pulled every single trick in the book of ass clownery to ensure it happened. It's not easy to force yourself to be a fan of a team, VT isn't helping with the way they play.

FZB how was a decent record unthinkable for Miami they finished the season 6-3 last year and almost every loss was close.

Had Matt Moore started the season we would likely have been around 8-8 somewhere in there.

It's the same team with a few improved players my expectation was for improvement with David Garrard, Matt Moore or whomever.


I said it was "unthinkable by most"..Only You, David and I were not fooled...and you're probably right we might have had a better record with Garrard or Moore but Tannehill would not be getting all this experience..I think I rather have T-Hill starting..

If the Canes can play so terrible and still win, I cannot wait until they mature. Patience with the young Canes will prevail. Their existing issue is the QB. He does not help the defense. He MUST execute better. Throw more intermediate passes. When we bragg about his cannon for an arm, he will always showcase it. Do yor see the results?

Dave in VA, you are suffering somewhat the same fate as UM. More competition for players, and a mediocre QB, no matter how much the trio of fools on the board cast tried to spin it.
The TD run was as much a UM blunder as a great play, as we give up on average 250 a game against the run, and are particularly weak up the middle.
Your QB lost that game, and your ST have really gone in the dumper all season..

Beamer just can't win the big games, this being one of them,

We feel your pain, but in this case, we don't sympathize.

Sorry, meant broadcast. you would have thought they were speaking of Joe Montana having a bad game.

Stephen Morris needs to learn how to throw the ball away, he gives up way too many big yardage sacks.

Yup, you're right Dave in LA both about last night's game and about the Fish.

Shack is starting to get better and they use him as a prop big time. Last night the had Mike Tyson on giving Shack and Chuck grief about their fight and about the upcoming fight between Shack and Whitlock. I was laughing my ass off last night. They can just send them the Emmy again for best studio sports show this year.

OC, before I commit to Woodcock driving us anywhere I neede to know he can drive under following conditions otherwise I'm gonna have to f***in' drive...


Kazaam, you shouldn't even post here anymore after your jack ass statement about New York. If you had any brains and any class the least you can do is to publicly apologize for what you said. I was watching a special report last night about Sandy and I kept thinking about what you said and I was getting more pissed off by the moment. If you said that to me in person we would be rock and rolling right away. Even at my advanced age I would kick your sorry punk ass.

Duke, I drove high as a kite from LA to Miami in two and a half days by myself. Left Manhattan Beach at 12:00 PM on a Wednesday and pulled into my parents pad in Miami at 9:00 PM on a Friday. Only a broke 21 year old does that. My back hurt for two years after that stunt.

Haha, you ever notice that housewives that sit in front of the news 24/7 start losing their minds, getting all worked up over stuff that has nothing to do with them?

Maybe you should think about going back to work Limpdick, might be good for your blood pressure.

So the ACC says their championship game is a post season game and UM will have to decide on a ban before accepting an invitation.

VERY tough call but I'm with Cote, this team will have earned it if it can win out over UVA and Duke.

Otherwise they'll have to declare themselves ineligible after beating UVA, doesn't do any good NCAA-wise unless they do it immediately after becoming eligible.

I knew you would respond like that. You're an embarrassment. Every person that read your comment on this blog thought you were an ass hole your comment now just confirmed that.

Ok Woodcock that's good enough for me. Especially given you had to drive through no mans land without a cell phone. That's some crazy a** s***. You must have had an angel or three over your shoulder. Actually out west Spirit Helper(s)would be the more appropriate phraseology. The keys to the half-track are yours. Congratulations!

Dukes-ter, ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER, That's rock and roll religion right there...

Woddock, I THINK KAZ WAS KIDDING about his stupid NY comment, right Kaz??

I also agree on the Canes self imposed bowl ban, the minute they get to six wins they should self imposed, let the kids rest up and show the NCAA we are sorry, hehe.

Woodcock, I just got my credit union to give me a loan so I could purchase this baby in time for the trip. It's got a few miles on it but it's a cream puff.



thanks for posting that article on Incognito, good stuff...

Dukes-Ter, does that little-uhmbee have air conditioning?..I think I rather go in a little more comfort..

You know what FZ he just pisses me off with his arrogance and holier than though attitude. The let em eat cake comment says all you need to know. If he went to Kinloch Park Jr. High in 1966 he would have gotten his ass kicked every day after school.

Or you could be right about him and he is a complete ass-clown..lol

the Patsies just traded for a CB, I guess the great one still can't fix his own defense, I wonder what Naples thinks about that..

This is a big game folks read today (Barnwell) that teams starting 5-3 since 2002 have made the playoffs 59 % of the time a win would put us in the drivers seat.

I should be more worried about this team but I am not.

I think we will win and Luck will throw at least 2 picks but we will have to establish the run successfully I don't want to see Moore (if he plays) slinging it too often look for lots of Thomas and Bush.

Colts have played pretty well this season but we are the more talented team and it will show on Sunday.

you guys wanna see bureaucracy at its best??


Baby, I must admit that I am a little worried, the Colts beat the Pack and are 3-1 at home, they have good receivers and a good front four and Luck is as good as advertised, it should be an interesting game.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this game..

FZB you are always cautiosly optimistic just once I want you to take a stand this season come on get off the fence!!

FZB, dealer said he'd have air conditioning installed by the end of today...

Peter King is giving major props to the Dolphins and Colts..



Oye brother, I say we start a kitty before we get in the Humvee everyone throws in a few hundreds and then we roll. That SOB OC has a hollow leg and he's broke. No way I'm paying that bar tap.

That's more like it!


You can go back to being yourself anytime but I like the new FZB!

Kazaam- What the hell is wrong with you? You find pleasure in people who die, and lose there homes to fires? My wife and I were supposed to fly up tuesday for her 3 days of chemo, and everything got cancelled because of this disaster. 100 homes were burned to the ground, and 20 people died. Some how you find this amusing?


I just had a brilliant idea !!!

Since Kaz has more "dinero" than all of us poor slobs put together, maybe he should sponsor out little win- ding and we can put his family name on the side of the Dukes-Ter humbee..something like this trip is sponsored by a grant from the Kaz family foundation..

what say U kaz?

ohh, before I forget..



HAVE- the incredible mr. duke johnson

HAVE NOT- teddy bridgewater, who if at the helm of UM's offense would put many, many more points on the board to offset the young, physically immature and smallish canes defense.

as Kazaam has stated, barring a melydown at virginia or a potentially dangerous duke (they can score) will wind up in the ACC title game because both the techs of va and ga played horrible football this year. whatever one wants to say about UM, al golden has done a right proper job with the youngin's in coral gables.

Lets face it the guy was a disingenuous prick. No offense ah "Coach."

I'm very satisfied with this team up to this point, they should not have lost to north carolina but oh well thats how life is, I didn't think this team would win more than 6 games all year and it is highly probably that they'll win 8 games, this team is young and they're all coming back, theres good things to come for the miami hurricanes.


nick saban was the worst. whatever one wants to say about the 1-15 year of cam cameron, ther were many close games and even though at times he made foolish statements, he was not the snake that saban is. wasn't cameron's fault that ted ginn decided to drop every pass thrown his way while a dolphin, something that he is not doing for SF. ginn is a premeier punt and kickoff returner, and won the awau game at the jets withh two KO returns. am not saying cameron was great, but he is more at home being an OC just like sporano would be better off back at being a line coach. they all have aspirations- most every teacher wants to be an administrator (not me)and then find out life was easier n the classroom and the summer off that teachers get beats the week or two that most administrators receive.

Saban was 15 W- 17L he wasn't the worst Cameron was but it wasn't totally his fault he had Cleo Lemon to blame a little bit.

Sparano was flat out bad too the one division title was a mirage our offense was terrible with him as coach we had lost before we went out on the field.

How about George Wilson for worst coach...

I was going to vote for him but couldn't remember his name he was saddled with an expansion team though but he might be it.

you could also make a case for Dave wanstead for worst coach, he was inept as a coach and as a GM, what a joke the guy was..

Woodcock and Jack the Naple need to rinse the sand out of their vaginas, of course I don't want the sewer rats to eat all the survivors in New York city and God knows I would never wish that those brave heros miss finding out whether Seargent Brody has really been converted back by Carrie's CIA interrogation or whether omitting the reporter's name means he's still under Abu Nazir's thumb.

Shadow - after the past few years I'm not at all confident that a letdown against UVA or Duke isn't in the cards.

They'll have to decide on whether or not to take the post season ban immediately after UVA if they win so the pressure is really going to be on to beat Duke which is supposedly being very un-Duke this year.

Obviously if they lay an egg against UVA they'll take another ban.

NCAA's findings are going to come shortly after the bowl season, then UM gets a chance to defend against some of the findings and hopefully we'll have our penalty by the start of next season.

Unfortunately the timeline doesn't help much for the 2013 recruiting class...

Nick Saban a worse coach than Cameron Cameron?

Tough sell there...obviously a bigger rat but then Cameron Cameron is too nice to be a head coach. Notice that fat slob that Saban made cry in mini camps didn't pan out...there's method to his d*ckishness.

Hmm, curious...

I just marked "Very satisfied" for the Hurricane poll, but a I was pressing the vote button it switched it into an Obama vote.

Cam Cameron is not the most interesting man in the world or the best coach but he does drink dos Equis, fail forward fast my friends.


What are YOU insinuating here OC ?...that the "liberales" cheat ?

setting it up already, huh? when obama beats the fake christian you guys will say he cheated, huh? lol

Kazaam, you might as well let it go the more you open your mouth the more you insert a giant dick in there.


UM is in a eal bind about the postseason, as i imagine every bit of self-penalization would mitigate the NCAA's barrelful of sanctions. it might be a nobler act to opt out even if they defeat virginia and one that would lessen the load that the NCAA is ready and willing to heap on them; but imagine duke playing for a title, any title, in football!!

fake christian David ?...

The REAL fake christian is Barack Hussein Obama, he sure looks and acts like a muslim to me..not what he claims..


duke is gonna get hammered by clemson and ga tech before they play UM, so their chances are pretty much nil even if they could beat the canes. i am not so sure that the alums and fans would be happy if U took itself out of the ACC championship game- the old bird in the hand stuff. a chance to win the acc title and play down here, if they can pop mister duke johnsom free against FSU or clemson, is within sight and thye NCAA sanctions aren't. they will win their portion of the conference and try their luck againbst FSU or the tigers and wait for whatever the NCAA decides. the severity of the scandal0 out of sight, out of mind- will have an effect on UM's decision but the NCAA won't be so forgiving even if UM bows out, so it says here they are gonna play in the title game.

Reverend Wright enough said time to stop slinging arrows david.

LOL.Woodcock & Kaz,remind me to never piss either of you two off.

the only real christian running is obama, PERIOD.
since that is such a big deal to you baby, i'm surprised you're not voting for obama..
who cares about reverend wright? i never believed everything my rabbi said; you guys are so desperate and pathetic with your hate of this president, it defies logic and explanation.. lol
can't wait to see your BS on wednesday..

"looks and acts like a muslim?"
do you realize, FZB, how ridiculous that sounds?

well David since you asked...

the minute Obi was elected he went to a few Arab states and apologized to them for "Americas" behavior and very conveniently ignored going to Israel to avoid pissing off his new found friends...

Of course he denies he went on an "apology" tour and he keeps insisting he is a friend of Israel but your blinded liberal loyalty doesn't allow you to see the truth, he's action's were loud and clear, he is a Muslim at heart, it is you my friend that should open your eyes...

as for him winning?..sure it could happen and it probably is going to happen since there are so many like you that believe all the bull-chit he is feeding you...but my life will go on as before, no problemas, Woodcock said it correctly, who ever wins he will be here 4 years and there is nothing we can do about it..

Make the case for Obi, Dave.

Watching that Cane - Hokie game last night was like watching Senior Citizen Porn...

david if you don't think following the church of Reverend Wright is a big deal fine I think it's a big deal we can agree to disagree.

And why is it so many level 3 sex offenders become Christian priets? I really wanna know.

and priests for that matter?

And have you heard of senior porn? Well have you?! I mean I can taste the barf cumming up and burning the back of my throat. I mean really, does anyone have Altoids? Well do you?!

I mean I could really use a prilosec and some compazine with a rectal bulb syring to introduce it to my anus?

Question mark?! Question mark? I mean really anyone with some stem cells could tell that was rhetorical.

he never apologized for anything.
that is A LIE.
if you stopped posting FOX news clips, you'd know that already.
obama actually said we at times "had been dismissive and derisive, and that on occasion America had dictated to other nations."
you dispute that?
the american government, through the CIA, has had it's hands directly on the coups of leaders of iran, guatemala, indonesia, cuba, chile, afghanistan, (which is my favorite one. your empty hero, reagan, decided fighting communists that were never going to attack us was more important than PREVENTING osama bin laden from gaining power), angola, cambodia, and el salvador.
that appears to be dictating to other nations to me.
as for israel, more FOX lies and BS.
considering ha'artez, one of the leading sources of news IN israel endorses obama, your cuban cries of doom from kendall shall be relegated to the craziness they came from.

Hey David,

Read this..


by the way, I don't live in Kendall, I live two blocks from Coral Gables, I'm high class buddy.

Fzb, That was nauseating. You would never see Putin pulling such a cowardly stunt. That pisses me off way more than Kaz's remark concerning New Yorkers. If fact they aren't even in the same ballpark. Hopefully voters will be equally outraged.

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