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November 05, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 66.9%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G8: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 66.9 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday afternoon's 23-20 loss at the Indianapolis Colts putting Miami's 1aa1dsmseason record at 4-4. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% l(52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

Next Poll: Nov. 11 following game vs. Tennessee.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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voted - somewhat dissastified - today.

The game was fun to watch with the wrong team winning. Dolphins lead most of the game and had a chance to win. Didn't happen. DB's got torched all day, had opportunities to come up big with INT's and clinch a close game. Didn't happen. Injured Tannehill played decent. Long looks like a 5th rd draft pick, not the #1 overall wanting a kings randsom salary. See yah Jake, hardly knew yah! Hello 2013 2nd rd pick,, Mr LT, welcome to the Miami Dolphins.. Hey kid 77 is available, here yah go, lace up.

My internet is shit... acquired Sudden Link when I moved to Louisiana... drops connection & slow periods.. issues every day.. frustrating.

Wins and losses don't matter this year, all that matters is developing and evaluating Tannehill.

Yes, they could be 7-1 right now and yes, they could have gone 12-4 this year while losing to every contender they play.

Forget about what the Dolphins 'need to do' to make the playoffs, they're not contenders so the only benefit to the playoffs would be getting Tannehill a post season game under his belt.

The Dolphins 'need to' ask more out of Tannehill and he 'needs to' deliver. Don't worry if the trashcans in shopping carts he's throwing to drop balls or the Dolphins don't win games, Tannehill still has potential to be the answer after half a season of football, Dolphins haven't had that in a long time.

kaz,, what's wrong with winning while you learn? your saying Tannehill will learn more if they lose?

No, just saying it doesn't matter - this game had huge 'implications' for the last wildcard, Indy has to fall apart for Miami to make it now.

Wins are nice but even if Miami won all the games they 'should win' against this schedule and made the playoffs, they have no shot at advancing in the playoffs against contenders. I seriously doubt they'll beat SF or NE this year.

So the playoffs don't matter, it'd be nice but what's really important is developing and evaluating Tannehill.

Keep in mind this entire season is a bonus in terms of the Dolphins building towards becoming a contender.

Everyone from the top to the bottom of the organization would have been pleased as punch to throw it away winning an extra game or two and selling out weeks 15 and 16 with David Garrard.

kazaam, I for One wouldn't have even hired Garrard. Ross throwing $ millions away like it don't hurt. I would have let T-Hill, Moore, Devlin battle it out this season. Turns out, T-Hill is ok & Moore is ok as a backup.

Can Sean Smith even catch a cold? Jake Long does look OTH.

Most of the time 1st yr QBs don't impress me, but this guy Luck has greatness written all over him. The guy was unreal on 3rd down. If the Colts can build a team around him, look out.

Sean Smith needs to catch that ball.

Trashcan receivers what a dink you are Kazaam.

It seems we too have found our franchise QB but I didn't expect you to mention that Naples Tannehill still leads Luck in many major categories.

Big Baby - wake up, Tannehill has no one to throw to, zero playmakers and only two adequate possession receivers in Bess and Hartline.

Tannehill doesn't lead Luck in any major categories, Luck has more attempts, completions, yards, and touchdowns. They are obviously not in the same class right now, did you even watch the game today?

listen up guys, Luck is a stud but our guy is also a stud and like Kaz says he doesn't have much help out there.

this is a process, we are still rebuilding but at a much faster pace than anyone thought, Tannehill showed his toughness by playing injured, our OL had a very bad game yet Tannehill moved the team with no running game and under great pressure, our future is still bright.

a bigger worried that I have is our defense, we have to improve our pass rush, in addition to a stud WR and TE we need to add another pass rusher and CB..

what has happened to Bush?..he's done nothing the last 4 games.

its obvious J Long is not the same player, I hate to say it but we need to let him walk in free agency specially if he wants 12-13 mil per year, he's not worth it, good call by Shadow there.

He had a better completion percentage, QB rating and yards per completion average going into that game so let's not get too carried away with Luck Richard Marshall isn't great but I suspect he may have made the difference today.


the main reason we lost the game was Luck, he had a great game today but at the same time we made it very easy for him by not putting any pressuring on him, he had all day to throw.

Big Baby- Stop it!!! Even the biggest fan of the dolphins would have to agree Luck is the better QB right now. The Dolphins have a better all around team then the colts, and the Colts ripped the dolphins defense apart on 3rd down. Luck looked Brady like to me on drives he needed to move the chains. And another thing, Tannehill has not beaten a team with a winning record yet, Luck led his team in the 4qtr to beat the Packers. Take off your blinders. Its not like I said Tannah. would not be good.

Not sure what they are ranked this year but last year GB had the 32nd ranked defense in all the land.

He hasn't beaten anybody either.

Chad Henne beat Green Bay.

Miami is the best defense he has seen by far and they were without their starting CB and it finally caught up to them.

I love Long, but he's not the type of lineman that works best for the type of offense this team now runs. I expect Long to leave and Martin to slide over to LT this offseason or another LT drafted that better fits the blocking scheme. I can see Incognito and Jerry also being let go as well. The pass rush needs to be upgraded as well as the corners. Smith is not a shut down corner and is a marginal #1 corner at best. I would let Smith walk as well. I can see all if not most of Miami's free agents walking. Bush, Moore, Fasano, Clemmons, even Starks.

That's the crappiest plan ever right there.

Fins are 4-4 with a weak Tenn team up next.

And a weak Buffalo team following that if we don't get to 6-4 we will have underachieved greatly.

Jimbo - assuming market value, who you got as keepers out of Long, Starks, Fasano, Bush, Hartline, Smith, Clemons, McDaniels, and the cut targets Dansby and Incognito?

For what it's worth, these top $ free agents are in play at the end of this year and if I were Ireland, after shooting myself, I would negotiate the following deals (current yearly bucks listed):

Long - $10M/yr - trade or let walk
Starks - $4M/yr - keep, give him a raise
Bush - 6M - let walk
Fasano - 3M - keep, slight raise or let go
McDaniel - 3M - keep, slight raise or let go
Moore - 2.5M - keep, give him a raise
Butterfingers, cost us the game, probably a playoff birth, Smith - .75M - keep, slight raise or let go and place him in the depth chart
Hartline - $.5M - keep, slight raise or let go

The easiest call to make are those for Long and Bush. Way too much money for what they bring. A no brainer.

scratch the Long trade. Trade deadline is gone and unless Long accepts less money to stay a Dolphin, there's no sign and trade, so....cut him and watch Jacksonville pick him up to sit on the bench and guard Henne's left side of the bench.

OC - to clarify the market on some of those players:

Long can't be traded, he'll be a free agent.
Starks will cost well over $6M a year (what Langford got).
Moore could cost over $8M a year (what starting QB prospect Matt Flynn got).
Sean Smith could cost over $10M a year (what starting CB Lardarius Webb got).
Brian Hartline could cost $3.6M a year (what #2 WRs Davone Bess and Mario Manningham got).

Free agents are expensive.

Yep, I clarified myself on the Long "trade." On the others, I would stand on the "slight" raise proviso. If, as you describe, the going costs are what you reflect, then they all walk but for Starks.

Jake Long may hold a lot but he keeps the quarterback upright. He went from one of the most overrated players nationally to one of the most underrated locally this year.

Jonathan Martin is not Jake Long, there would be a cost to letting Long go.

Just too expensive. Not enough bang for the buck.

Do you know offhand what the average starting LT NFL salary is?

Looks like the figure is $4M. Long is not worth $10M, let alone a raise!!!

This pans out to be quite the conundrum. I rather doubt that any team is going to give Long an increased contract. He has reached his zenith. He'll be offered somewhere in the $6-8M/yr figure, and not by the Dolphins.

As for Bush, he'll follow in the footsteps of Lamar Odom and head out west (SD?) so as to be closer to the Cardassians.

OC I like your plan mostly but Starks will be expensive yes we need to keep him and Hartline is a better receiver than Bess (and way better than Manningham) he will get around 6- 7 mil per year especially if he goes for around 1200 yards receiving which he is on pace for.

Moore is as good as gone, Smith keep if price right franchise Long and decide later, Bush probably gone.

Fasano keep we can't take any more chances at TE after the Egghead pick unless it's can't miss McDaniel keep at right price.

Kazaam is Clemons a free agent if so he could be expendable but he is solid if not spectacular they won't cut Dansby or Incognito.

The cap can be manipulated fairly easily you just have to get guys to buy in to the program and reward them fairly with some bonus money thrown in.

They can't keep all of them, more importantly, they shouldn't. If Starks gives you the best value-for-play at a key position.

...but you know what? We're only half into the season. Let these players take these next eight games and prove themselves one way or the other. Do we recall how everyone felt about Paul Soliai?

Hartline is on pace for a 1300 yard season yikes $$$$$


another sack, two penalties-one declined- and those stats don't show just how bad he has become. watch him on every play and you will see abig zhlub who can't run block, moves early on nearly every play but doesn"t get called for same, and who cannot get lower than his opponent the premium for any lineman, offensive or defensive. my good from Kazaam says old jake the fake went from being "overrarted nationally to underrated locally"- yes he is underrated locally- he is rated under evry run-locking tackle save for by pro football focus.


nobody can can without blocking, except for barry sanders, and reggie bush gets no blocking whatsoever; you all see what he does on his pure talent, but getting met three yards in the backfield and making something out of it is marcus allen his junior year at USC, when the QB-gordon adams-couldn't throw and the defenses were keying on him. #33 broke tackles in the backfield and made -3s into =3s and 4s.


anthony munoz is the greatest tackle in NFL history, according to the top 100 player as counted down by spoting news-cane in at #17. he didn't get that way by being a one dimnnesional lineman- he ws overpowering on runs and extremely difficult to get by or throughon passing plays. anthony munoz was bigger, stronger, faster,quicker and smarter than his opponents. no knock on richmond webb, who may have been a really good pass protector, but there are no linemen in my lifetime with the skill set of anthony munoz, a pitcher on USC's baseball team for a while.


they are jumping on the dumping jake long train so fast it looks like one of those railroads cars in indjah!! leo, daniel, OC, FZB,Jimbo-all it takes is focusing on #77 instaed of following the football to see what a misery of a player jake long has become.

RE: OU's original wishbone backfield

for some reason (probalu age) i forgot that the other HB that played alongside greg pruitt in 71 was joe wylie. along with QB mildren, RIP, and FB leon croswhite. an incredible offense without having topas much

Most everyone here is familiar with my love of numbers, in particular, when used to shed light, or give perspective. So... I got curious and looked at the salary for each starting LT on every team currently in possession of a winning record. Here's what the numbers show.

Giants - W. Beatty - $565k
Niners - J. Staley - 2M
Seahawks - R. Okung - 6M
Bears - J. Webb - 505k
Packers - M. Newhouse - 577k
Falcons - S. Baker - 3.8M
Patriots - N. Solder - 1.8M
Broncos - R. Clady - 5.8M
Ravens - M. Oher - 865k
Steelers - M. Starks - 890k
Texans - D. Brown - 2.2M
Colts - A. Castonzo - $739k

Total - $29,341,000
Average - $2,257,000

Jake Long - $12,800,000

Is Jake Long worth the equivalent of "SIX" starting LTs from the most successful teams?

Note: Vikings' M. Kalil with $3.6M is part of that computation, just missed placing him.

Gotta say Jake was beaten so badly today he should have called Indy Police and reported the beating he took.

of all those free agents we got..I would only try to keep

S Smith (only if you don't have to pay him as a # 1)

if Long wants 12 mil let him walk, let Bush walk, let Mcdaniel walk also,

Matt Moore, if is willing to stay for about 3 mil but if he is looking for a starting job he'll get a lot more in free agency.

we already have a LT on the team, J Martin so its a lot easier to find a RT..

not to change the subject fellows, but NEWSWEEK magazine also endorsed Mitt Romney after endorsing Obama in 2008

I think this is the 28th newspaper nation wide that has done it..America, are you paying attention?

oops, here is another one..

the LA daily News also endorsed Mitt Romney.


and somewhere is Austin Texas OC is smiling...

Who gives a sh*t?

Obama - 41 endorsements, circulation over 10M.

Romney 34 endorsements, circulation over 6M.

My guess is that the vast majority of these newspapers could have made their endorsements 3.9 years ago.

OC - that's incredible, many of those contracts are underpaid players still on rookie deals or else not very good players but there are probably very few tackles making what Jake Long makes.

Joe Thomas is one, he makes $11.5M a year and that's the contract everyone was saying Long's extension should be based on before the season.

Staley is an absolute steal for the 49ers, he got locked into a long term deal as a right tackle so he's going to be making around that much for another 5 years.

I read where some of the Dolphin staff have great reviews of OLine. Sorry! Tannehill did not have time for receivers to get open and the running game a no show. Discredit the Offensive Line (period)

You cannot let Jake Long walk you just can't.

We will franchise him and look for help in the draft he will be paid franchise money but we have no choice I don't think he's taking any hometown discounts.

Sorry guys, i don't see any team giving Moore starters money. The guy is a life time backup, and will get good backup money to stay in miami. As far as Jake Long goes, what a bust for a #1 pick overall. Granted the guy has been injured, but he will be forever known as the guy who went before Matt Ryan.

No one but you or Miami fans remembers sh*t like that ancient history Naples we are building a contender now regardless.

Big Baby,

"franchise" jake long!!! he absolutely s*cks abd s*cks it big (sacks and sacks it big). he is peronally responsible for 50% of the hits on tannehill and contributes mightily to no-rush dolphin offense. yes #22 broke a nice (haven't seen it, but the writers seem to indicate it was another "reggie bush special" form an 18 yard TD. even with that he was still able to get over 4 yards a carry, while the team rushed for less than 100 yards again, which doesn't help the very capable rookie QB. as has been stated here for years, the QB's best friend is a running game, which miami really lacks, with reggie vush they'd be @ 2.5 yds/carry, a sorry stat and the mark of a real loser. i believe reggie bush is happy here, and would like to stay, but if the NYG or NE come his way with the bucks, he will leave and the UM defense, which can't stop anyone running, would be able to stop the dolphins. jeezose, alabama has a better offensive line than do the dolphins (poetic license,but maybe not far from the truth). keeping jake long, and keeping him at 12 million zops is suicidal. "rebuilding a line/team around jake long?",yes around him but not including him. as mentioned the 4th WORST blocking tackle and fasano has to help him out on half the runs> A BIG STIFF!!


where are you gonna find this ability so easily?


My opinion - Letting B. Marshall go was a mistake. These close games could have been much different with a threat like Marshall on the field and his scoring capabilities. Look at him now in CHI. Dumb move.

shadow I think that they will franchise him for one year at least until they find his replacement in the draft or he improves.

It's still a hard position to fill we can only hope that he improves this season you would really let him go into free agency (yes I know you really don't like this guy)?.


gives up contain on the left side and reggie bush slides into the spot and takes off from there. besides #50 having help close by, he lets ole jake get in his way while bush is close and takes himself out of the play instaed of fighting to be in the ahem,ahem "hole". another example of the great runners whose vision and "cutback" ability gets the job done when the ofensive line is the 2012 and not 1972 dolphins.


turns his back on the play to spin and get involved, at which point reggie bush is sniffing the goal line. the colts' smallish but still quick defense should have been mangled on running plays. on this one they seemingly were all way out of position on the left side, allowing a major move back to the middle/right and a score.

Big Baby,

let him go into free agency and let somebody elese pay him money unworthy of his play, which won't happen and he'll come crawling back to the dolphins for half of what he is seeking. think that the GMs of the other teams can't see what the ole shadow has been seeing for 2-3 years now?

Can we just stop Sean Smith makes that play and we likely win that game OL had a bad day at the office if it continues I will be concerned if not let's just start looking big picture which is our next three games are quite winnable Richard Marshall get well soon.

Agreed shadow Long gets injured a lot and is not worth the franchise tag but someone will give him big money on reputation alone I am afraid we will have no choice but to tag him for one year.

Am I the only one who has noticed that Donald Thomas is playing well in New England this season (Naples I am sure that you have).

I can see Baby's point of trying to keep Jake Long at all cost since this move would weaken our offensive line but the issue here is worth to the team against monetary value.

does his play measure up against the money he is currently making and right now the answer is no, Ireland usually doesn't over pay for any players so there is a distinct possibility he'll make him a fair offer but will be prepared to let him walk if necessary, if that's his approach then I'll agree with it.

the WCO doesn't need a mauler LT, it needs more athletic lighter linemen to run stretch plays and screens, I predict that eventually Incognito,Jerry and Long will be replaced..

Hello all. I put somewhat satisfied with an eye towards their getting better and MEANER as season progresses. They'll have to be better & meaner than a junkyard dog to whip Tom the Prom King Brady's Patriots TWICE!

Suck Kazaam suck, blow is just a figure of speech. Why don't you just take out your credit card Trust Fund and pay off Jake Long's contract.

Why don't you just keep being a miserable old prick Limpdick. You've earned it after what I'm sure was an illustrious career with numerous accomplishments in your chosen field. You know, like 10 years on the job, 20 years on the job, 30 years on the job, etc.

Jake Long's miserable game yesterday apparently didn't go unnoticed:


I think Armando wrote about it also.

He he, wassup Trust Fund! Trust Fund, if instead of sitting up all night measuring the heartbeats of the Nassau Sea Slug during intercourse you spend the time trying to bribe some of those NCAA spooks investigating our program out of your petty cash fund we wouldn't be in the mess we're in right now.

Hey I got the perfect solution to the Jake Long dilemma.

talk to Jake Long about staying home and giving the Dolphins a "home" town discount and pay him say between 6 to 8 mil per year and since he is not the same player (physically speaking) he was two years ago move his ass to RT and let J Martin handle the LT.

big IF but it could be the best thing for both the player and the team.

Big Baby- Thomas is filling in just fine with the Pats. We have the best o-line coach in the NFL. He has been with the Pats for 26-28 years. He took a guy who was a wrestler in college, never played football, made him a starting guard on the SB teams.

FZ, Jeff Ireland is pretty predictable. I'm sure that he is already penciling out on a scratchpad how he's going to spend those $12.8M.

too bad he can't coach the defense because they blow..

Shadow- Agree with you about Anthony Munoz. The greatest LT I have ever seen. If he ever played for a big TV market team, the guy would still be a huge name in the NFL.

I don't know why Trust Fund can't just whip out his credit card and buy us a new left tackle. Get off your ass Trust Fund!


Ireland will divi-up the loot and spread it out between two or three players and he'll draft another tackle in the first round..hehe.

Just kidding there OC, I wouldn't want your head to explode.

Oye Woodcock,

your wasting your time with "Trust Fund"..he's too cheap.

He is but maybe his brother isn't. Come on Trust Fund is your brother a tight wad like you? Does he throw around money like manhole covers?

You know that OC believes that Trust Fund is legit. "Why sure he's loaded, Woodcock. Can't you see how he flies all over the country, and, he has season tickets for the Dolphins, the Heat, the Marlins, the Ravens, and Canes." Then there are people like Dashi who think that Trust Fund is really a guy named Filomeno Garcia who lives in a one bedroom apartment in Hialeah with his mother. I gotta tell you FZ, since no one has ever seen Trust Fund in any games played by any of the above mentioned teams, right now you have to err on Dashi's side of the ledger. OC, you really think Kaz has money? then how come he can't get laid?

duke - were you looking for this?


Kaz hasn't been singing the praises of Flacco as of late, can someone tell me if he's been stinking up the joint?

Woodcock, I can tell you I've been to every Canes game this year and I've seen your girlfriend Shalalalala on two or three occasions and I can tell you he's not anywhere near her like he claims to be..

I think your right, I doubt he lives in Key Biscayne and smoke's Cuban cigars like he claims..

Hey Kaz, we still love you buddy.

FZ, right now Kaz, aka "Trust Fund" is the runaway favorite for the Greg Cote Blog inaugural Bandini Bull Shit award. Gallup has him as an overwhelming favorite for this prestigious award. The latest poll has Trust Fund up by 17 points above his nearest competitor for the award.

Jesus christ, someone said that both candidates are richer than everyone here and don't care about voters, all I said was that Obama isn't richer than me, which is true. I don't have a 'trust fund', those things imply the very opposite of their name.

And FZB - YOU were the one singing the praises of Flacco after he looked good against the Bengals! Trying to say that he's a great quarterback now that he's developed for four years and that Tannehill needs the same amount of time!

As I've always said, Flacco's the same as he's been since year one - just good enough to win it all with.

Kazaam, if you don't have a trust fund how come everyone calls you Trust Fund?

Because you're a miserable old prick who has nothing to say about sports, only chimes in here to insult people, and are butt hurt that I call you Limpdick in response.

Glad to see Kelvin Cain is back with the Hurricanes, no idea what that was all about but it's good Al Golden was able to work it out.

you two boys need to apologize to each other and make up, you know we don't fight or call each other names on this blog, we are all civilized around here.

Kaz, I did say that Flacco is coming into his own and that Tannehill needs to be given the same time to mature, this is before the kid showed up ready to play and took the job out right, from where i stand Tannehill has way more potential that Flacco.

Limpdick, that's all you got, Kaz? No wonder you can't get laid. Look, take some dough out of that samsonite steamer trunk that you carry in your back pocket and pay for some elocution lessons. "The rain falls mainly in the plain. The rain falls mainly in the plane. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could shuck wood. I am not a frog dick. I am not a frog dick." Just keep repeating that Kaz. "I am not a frog dick..........."

Big Baby,

a post about paul ryan courting/pandering to evangelical christians!! the ones who say if a person doesn't accept tim tebow as his/her personal l-rd and savior they're gonna burn in hell? C'MON MAN!! to the crowd to which he was speaking, a ticket of a mormon and a roman catholic might as well be gidney and cloyd (spacemen form rocky and bullwinkle). telling evangelicals about the virtues of a guy who believes in a religion founded by an adulterer and sexual predator in palmyra, NY near some trees in a forest to head the ticket, and a believer in the "anti-tebow" who makes his decisions in the vatican and whose church has been responsible for thousands of penn state-like cover-ups!! just shows you how desparate politicians are for votes. just how much did isabella and ferdinand believe in JUDEO-christian values when they started their "little" inquisition in the 1490s? romney a spiritual desendant of joseph smith and paul ryan a spiritual descendant of the many, many jew-hating and jew-burning popes and cardinals and bishops over the years; and that great patriot father coughlin who inundated the airwaves with his anti-semitic venom in the 1930s; try another link, Big Baby, and see what else the ole shadow has in his "warehouse"!! nothing against individual mormoms (family home evening is a great idea- we have it every friday night) or roman catholics, but their respective philosophies and institutional actions-well, not for this hebe.

That's quite a stretch there Shad. Aren't these just a couple of regular guys from the Midwest? I think the truth in this election is somewhere between your paranoia and OC's.

Keep chanting Kaz! "I am not a frog dick....."

Mr. Woodcock,

anything i said about the origins of the mormon church untrue? the centuries long institutional war/crusades of the roman church untrue? father coughlin's rants a figment of my imagination or historically documented and captured on film and/or tape? the evangelicals' desire to convert all jews to their faith as a precursor to the "second coming"?

i just thought it was funny that Big Baby, who is a good guy and a great contributor, would send me a link where an agent of the "Big Satan" in rome is telling those who would like to see us converted for their selfish motives and who say we'll burn if we don't, is going to them to tell them that mormonism reflects "judeo-christian values". mormonism does exactly the opposite- for example we are not allowed to proselytize, while missionary work is a staple of mormonism. we don't tell the nations of the world (the "goyim") that they must hook up with us or they will receive no eternal reward. according to our faith, every one who keeps the seven "noahide laws" will indeed have an eternity. nit that much of a stretch, Mr. Woodcock, i am sorry to say. i am the last person to preach mormonism or catholicism or evangelic christianity to. why the f*ck don't they just leave us alone religiously the way we treat them, instead of opening up branches of BYU in jerusalem and sending their missionaries to THe Holy Land to convert the unknowing probably not even jewish russian immigrants (i think the estimate is 1/3 of the russkis are jewish). sorry, pal, i gots no patience for the mormon church or any of these TV preachers who own the airwaves here in the good old USA.

Heavy paranoia, dude. Just 'cause Bugsy Ziegle and Meyer Lansky were gangsters it doesn't mean you are just 'cause you're Jewish. A bit of a stretch there buddy. But that's ok your paranoia is balanced by OC's belief that all Democrats have horns. "Fair and balanced Woodcock, fair and balanced."

Mr. Woodcock,

bad analogy- bugsy siegel and meyer lansky never professed to be card carrying members of the jewish religion- having guys offed would attle that, and they offed plenty; romney and ryan are portarying themselves as solid citizens of their respective faith's doctrines, something i don't believe meyer lansky or bugsy siegel would have said about themselves. but, they were awfully good gangsters i do believe.

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