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November 26, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 81.3%

[1) It is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26. Find our main Dolphins-Seahawks game post directly below in the blog. 2) See results of our season-final Canesfan Satisfaction Meter poll two posts below this in the blog. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Dolphins' Amaya arrested: TMZ first reported Dolphins backup safety Jonathon Amaya was arrested around 4:30 a.m. today on Miami Beach for allegedly trying to choke a cab driver. Based on his amount of playing time, he's barely a Dolphin. And might not be for much longer, after this.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G11: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 81.3 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 24-21 victory over the visiting Seattle Seahawks putting Miami's season record at 5-6. That is the highest total since Game 7. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

G10: 12.0% (4.2-v, 7.8-s) following 19-14 loss at Buffalo.

G12: 81.3% (25.5-v, 55.8-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Seattle.

Next poll: Dec. 2 following game vs. New England.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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its no coincidence that Tannehill had his best game in a few weeks after the running game showed up, he had a little bit more time to throw and the play action passes worked better.

welcome back to the offense Mr. Charles Clay, Daniel Thomas ran hard today, its obvious they are facing R Bush out of the offense.

our defense again gave up a bunch of yards through the air, this is a big concern, we need to upgrade our pass rush and we need another CB..

Tahhehill looked poised in the fourth QB, he threw a stupid INT in the end zone but was lucky he was bailed out by the zebras but over all he had a very solid game.

I'm happy.

Big step forward for Tanny. Henne never had a fourth quarter like that.

No turnovers forced in a quarter if a season is insane though. Need to spend at least two high picks on the secondary and another on a pass rushing LB.


bailed ut by the refs is an understatement. at least they started rolling him out a little to escape the seatlle pressure which seemed to be two inches short of sacking tannehill about 8 times. phasing reggie bush out of the offense? without him and the threat of him the dolphins have no offense. if he wouldn't have turned that run into a TD, how hard would the dolphins have worked to score?

Huge step forward for Tannehill he finally wins one close and late.

Bush still went for 87 and a TD he's not phased out yet.

Bess took over that game he had one of the best days of his career when the team needed him.

Defense good enough again the offense finally showed up let's beat the Patsies.

Bush is important to the offense but Thomas is giving them the hard rushing inside by a 230 lb back.
Charles Clay had his best day as a pro..
Devon Bess had 129 yds and some big plays extending drives.
Front 7 was very good.
DB's were awful, letting someone open on every pass play.
Opposing QB's are having great QB rates against Miami.
A win..... is always good.

Guys, Thoughts on the upcoming 3 games, Against the Seahawks, I like the fishes chances here, The team travels as well as a Greg Cote after thanksgiving dinner, It's the other two games that might get ugly early.
Posted by: Anti-Christ | November 23, 2012 at 04:48 PM

As usual Cote picks the wrong team to win.
Lets hope he picks the Pats and his nose for next sundays game.

Jake Long needs to be hog-tied and thrown in Jerry Sandusky's cell.

Anti-Christ I know you know what I'm talkin 'bout.

Same with the secondary.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. And their anuses need to be spread open by the jaws of life...

duke...."Little boy blue,,,,, he needed the money". said Author, entertainer, philanderer, celebrity, American Man of Action, Mr Dice Clay

duke, excellent comment about Miami's secondary. The secondary is hurting for talent outside of Sean Smith & Rashard Jones. Fins have some critical players that reach free agency after this season ends. Improving the secondary along with the left side of the O-line & a talented WR with killer speed is paramount.

Jimbo, the way Pats are scoring points Fins secondary looks to be be exposed in the worst way.

Dice Clay got a raw deal when he wanted to entertain troops but his humor was deemed inapproprite for a war setting...

Guys I have to tell you most people up here think Miami is a terrible team saying that NE is going to win easily my hope is that we can prove them wrong NE's defense can be had but our offense needs to show up.

If we stick to around our 20.5 ppg allowed this season I think we win tough against NE but let's just bring it they aren't used to a front 4 like ours hopefully it's a win.

Jake Long has gotta go. The secondary needs a revamping from head to toe, and Tanny needs to be smarter on some of these throws. He's lucky the refs called roughing the passer against the Seahawks.

On a day that our OL dominated Seattle, secondary played mostly well, and Tannehill leads the first 4th quarter comeback of his career Dan goes hater on us.

Laces out Dan Laces Out I guess some people are just miserable I think Dan kicks his dog when he gets home from his job at the Cracker Salting Factory.


some people just enjoy pain, they rather live in their little negative bizarro world, its their way.

Now, the early,early key to the game will be our offensive line, if we can run the ball and control the tempo and keep the ball away from Brady then we have a shot...

FZB, If we kidnap Brady, Belichick, Gronkoski, Welker, Hernandez, Woodhead, Wilfork, AND postpone the game after Dec. 21, when the world ends, we might have a shot at beating them.

FZB, optimistic, glass half full, that he would survive.


I've had a few folks ask me whose music plays behind the new LeBron Samsung commercial. They kinda ask knowing about my ability to name pretty much any tune in two notes, sometimes just one, so...Curtis Mayfield is who you hear when he was back with The Impressions. However, this is still my favorite:


Since FZB and BB like positive, upbeat versions, this Curtis Mayfield song might be more to your liking (I like it too):



nothing wrong to being a little "positivo" once in a while, right?..

Thanks for posting a couple of Curtis Mayfield classics, the man was a talent, no question about it, I always liked "gypsy woman" myself and pusherman..

Here's a nice cover of Gypsy woman by the boss..


as for the Dolphins having a shot at beating the Patsies, stranger things have happened before, like the Dolphins finding a franchise QB..


I always love listening to Sam and Dave also..


Jonathan Who? Cut this scrub now. What a loser.

This is another song about drugs in the 60's, aahh..what fun I had...Now guys I didn't take any drugs, just loved the music, swear it.

I bet you guys haven't heard this song in a while..


Here's A Oldie but a Goodie,It's 24 Minutes long but a Great Mind F@CK..
They just dont make music like this.
To Bad for kids today.



geez-ose, the impressions are the background for a gadget commercial featuring lebron james and curtis mayfield lives again. curtis mayfield was a fantastic songwriter with a soulful voice who unfortunately was paralyzed when an awning collapsed on him in brooklyn's marine park- the paralysis eventually causing his death at an early age-50 i believe. good stuff on the "superfly" soundtrack- freddie's dead was a staple of good olf FM radio.


sorry, my friend, but that is a tinny re-make of "hold on, i'm coming"- great song, but not close tio the power of the original= here tis!!


Patriots coming to town... not very optimistic about this weekend...

Sorry but the Pats will crush Miami.

come on you guys,

take this game for what it really is, a chance for our young QB to go against one of the best and see how he measures up, more than likely we're going to lose but we do have a chance.

HOPEFULLY we can put a little pressure on Brady, we also need to run the ball and keep it away from him.


My Advice to win the game....
@1 Knock Brady out of the game(Early)
#2 Score more points...
Thats it...

lOOKING FOWARD TO THIS WEEKEND. mY SON IS BRINGING SOME CLIENTS DOWN FOR THE GAME. The wife and i are going to dinner with them friday night in Miami, and my grand daughter is playing in a tennis tournament in coral gables sat. and sunday. I wish it was a 4:30 game so I would not have to rush around.

Sounds like a lot of fun Naples. All the best buddy.

If Miami hadn't blown those games to the Jets and Cardinals it would be a 4:30 pm game.

Anti, thanks for that post. Watched all 23 minutes of it and really, really enjoyed them. The orchestra makes it that much more special. I saw them back in 74 at Miami Baseball Stadium and have all the Yes' classics on my various ipod products. Thanks!

♬ Seasons will pass you by...I get up...I get down...

Loved it.

Yup I'm far from giving up on Tanney, He is still a rookie and has very few weapons from which to choose. Also offensive line needs to become a mauling unit as well as a horrible pass protector Jake Long.

Yes Songs is one of best live albums. Close to the Edge, Perpetual Change. OC, Steve Howe could play alittle guitar.

Here you go Kaz, I thought this would be right up your alley.


duke, Jon Anderson could also play a little guitar. Here he is holding one:


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