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November 16, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 12.0%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G10: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 12.0 percent overall satisfaction -- a season low -- in the wake of Thursday night's 19-14 loss at the Buffalo Bills putting Miami's season 1aa1dsmrecord at 4-6. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:30 a.m. today/Saturday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

G10: 12.0% (4.2-v, 7.8-s) following 19-14 loss at Buffalo.

Next poll: Nov. 25 following game vs. Seattle.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%



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Gotta laugh at the trio that was broadcasting on the game(Radio) after it was over, Jimmy Cefalo says "The Dolphins ran out of time for a comeback, I Watched the game on TV like most of you, The Fins did'nt run out of time, It was 2 Tennehill INTs in the last 4 minutes of the game that lost it.
Also 3 turn-overs in the 4th Quarter will never win you a game when trailing by 12 going into said 4th quarter.
JMHO, I might be wrong, I'm not a expert.

Why is it that the Dolphins make every team they play look like a Super Bowl contender? The last two weeks they have made the two worst defenses in the league look like the '85 Bears, and the opposing offenses look like the Montana/Young-led 49er's of old.

Also, has anyone noticed how good Texas A&M is now that Sherman and Tannehill are no longer there? Coincidence??? I don't think so! Just saying...

The Dolphins, "They are who we thought they were!"

Lets get all the apologists in here to defend Jeff Ireland and tell us what a good job he is secretly doing. Two worst defenses in the league and dolphins score ten points on offense.

No weapons, wasted picks on a crappy offensive line, trading Marshall our only weapon. If he is allowed to control our five high draft picks it will set the franchise back another half decade. Get this clown out now, the complete lack of playmakers is embarassing. The announcers were laughing at our ineptness. Smh.

playoffs? playoffs?

disappointing loss..a couple of thoughts

Tannehill-he left a couple of plays on the field but he was harassed most of the game and he had no running game-/ grade-C

offensive line-you can't win games if you can't establish a running game and or pass protect, J Martin was schooled by Mario Williams / grade F

WR-they couldn't get separation or get open (no speed) which put Tannehill in a bad spot / grade F

special teams / gave up a punt return/had a score of their own but Carpenter had another miss / grade C

defensive front/LB's -can't stop the run at the line of scrimmage anymore and can't cover TE's / RB's coming out of the back field / grade C

corners/safeties- Nolan Carroll had like 10 penalties all by himself and J Wilson can't cover anybody, S Smith had a mediocre game, our safety Jones is a keeper / grade D

sadly like Wood's says they are who we thought they were, like most of us were thinking at the beginning of the year but were fooled for a little while, this is a rebuilding year no matter how you slice it, let more of the younger players get on the field and lets see what we have for next year.

Andrew- I defend Ireland because he's only been in charge of everything for TWO years and that's not enough time for any GM, he has done a good job in the draft/free agency in 2011 and 2012.

not apologizing for him just common sense tells me ANY one should have 4 years to prove their worth one way or the other.

However not all is doom and gloom..as we move forward take comfort in the thought we have a nice core of young players to build the team around and we have the most important piece in place, A franchise QB, he is going through growing pains but he's going to be all right...

hey the Heat won...that was nice.

50 yards of offense at half against the 31st ranked defense, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I could have done that.

Ireland is a protege of Parcells, plain and simple. The entire Parcells contigent should have been shown the door.

As far as the "franchise" QB, I am aware this is his first year, however, he is moving backwards. I as well as many more people do not see where he will be anything more then a "good' QB. And as we all know, good just does not cut it in the NFL.

Bush Catches 70 passes in New Orleans - I guess we don't need him because our receivers are just that good.

I don't get it. Why do we pay him so much?

3rd and long and Bush is on the bench?? Bush should never be on the bench unless he asks to come out of the game.

Carpenter should be fired- send him packing right now. He gets paid to do a job- today he gets paid for nothing, because he doesn't do his job and he single handedly cost us 3 games this season.

Mike Mayock= worst announcer ever - Can't stand him- clueless

It's amazing how well INDY's doing this season when they were just terrible last season. They are now set for 15 years and we are still unsure of who are franchise QB is. A smart business decision for the future of our franchise would have been what the colts did moving from Manning Luck- that is a winning franchise

Once again this third loss ( and another wasted season) shows how poorly jeff Ireland's decisions and drafting have been...PERIOD!!!

Message to Mr. Ross...Fire Ireland , hire Polian!!!

No matter what happens this year it was not a wasted season, the Dolphins tried to waste the season on David Garrard. Instead they drafted a quarterback in the first round and wound up trying to fix their franchise for the first time since Dan Marino.

Jeff Ireland should absolutely be fired. If Tannehill doesn't work out, and pure odds are he won't, Ireland's the worst GM possible for the job of finding another quarterback. Not because he can't evaluate QBs as well as the next guy, but because he shares his mentor's outdated philosophy and doesn't respect the quarterback position as being all-important in today's NFL (see his 2011 draft).


That's a lot different than saying he has done a good job which is what you were saying until this week. It's become clear that some of those young guys are not progressing.

Reshad Jones and Pouncey look like good picks (though Jones was drafted two years ago so techinically he isn't an Ireland guy by your logic). And the jury is still out on Jones in coverage....though at least he can tackle. Olivier Vernon is great but at a position we already had a good handle on.

Misi blows, he can't cover TEs or RBs in coverage and never makes a big play, ever. Odrick is similarly a decent but unexciting cog. Earl Thomas would be more valuable than both of them by a wide margin.

Jimmy Wilson sucks. Nolan Carroll is the worst starter in the NFL at any position. Johnathan Martin, jury still out. Egnew is a bust. Clyde Gates bust. Richard Marshall bust. Chris Clemons sucks.

He traded Brandon Marshall and did not bother to draft a WR until the 6th round. Then, he wanders into Hard Knocks surprised that we have a bunch of 4s 5s and 6s instead of 1s 2s and 3s. It's criminal to handicap a young QB like Tannehill with such a decrepit group of weapons.

I like patience. Firing people for firing's sake is Jeff Loria's calling card and it stinks. But, Ireland simply does a lot of things that don't make sense and a lot of the young guys who seemed to be progressing for a few weeks have regressed hard. He puts too many high picks in the lines (and still our offensive line stinks) and not enough into weapons. I don't think he knows how to scout weapons considering the disasters that are Gates and Egnew. If we put him in charge of those five high picks, it won't end well.

Reshad Jones drafted *more than* two years ago, edit.

At this time,and it could change, the difference is extremly apparent: RG III is much more talented then Tannehill, while Luck is in a different world altogether.

Not sure RG 3 is much more talented than Tannehill he's not a great passer may never be then again Tannehill isn't a great passer either right now.

Tannehill does not look good right now that much is clear no matter how anyone wants to spin it he lost that game last night.

While Mike Pouncey is a good center, he was still a VERY bad pick.

6 quarterbacks were available but Jeff Ireland thought Chad Henne was good enough to win with. He made literally the safest pick in the history of the NFL - took a center higher than any center has been taken in the NFL draft and took the identical twin brother of a player who had already become a Pro Bowl center the previous year.

Pouncey's a nice center but that was a BAD pick.

Matt Moore would have won that game no doubt in my mind but I guess we are playing to lose this year so whatever.

Robert Griffin is a GREAT passer. Already 2,000 yards, 8 TDs, 3 INTs, 66% completion.

The 500 yards and 6 TDs rushing are nice but he'd be a great quarterback without them, his mobility gives receivers time to get open and he keeps his eyes down field.

Luck has 20 more completions and 600 more yards but he also has 9 INTs (10 TDs) and 7 fumbles. He's been turning the ball over way too much.

Fins win just enough to get an ok pick but lose enough to not make the playoffs. Mediocrity breeds even more mediocrity.

Tannehill is just what I thought a wasted pick especially at the #8 position where the Fins needed immediate help. They instead drafted a project and still have a 100 holes to fill around him. It just makes the next QB to come in job, that much harder. Instead or putting the pieces up around the QB until a legit QB comes around or there is a good chance of trading up to get that QB.

Fins are just a poorly run organization from the top down. I'd pull a Bud Adams and put everyone on notice.

Oh, Kazaam, I agree completely. Taking another offensive lineman with a high pick was madness with the dearth of playmakers on the roster. All a part of Ireland's backwards, 1970s philosophy on building a football team.

However, at least Pouncey is good and that's something.

Rawpimple - the best quarterback in the league was a 6th rounder. Second best was one of the last picks in the first round.

History shows that no one can predict which college quarterbacks will work out in the pros, all you can do is roll the dice every chance you get.

What you're suggesting, that they keep 'building' the team and waiting for a QB to fall into their lap while the team remains good enough to avoid the top pick - that's pretty much what they've done since Marino.

win or lose Tannehill will be the QB unless he's hurt.
Ugly, disappointing game. Very few players & coaches get accolades after the on field performance last 2 weeks. Nolan Carrol, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons, Jake Long, Ritchie Incognito need to be replaces. Top end WR with deep threat speed, pass rusher, CB are all off season priorities.

Remember, they didn't think Matt Ryan was good enough, they took your advice there and 'built' the team with Jake Long. Didn't think Aaron Rogers or Jason Campbell were good enough, took your advice and 'built' the team with Ronnie Brown.

Gotta roll the dice, you can't just play the result. Taking Aaron Rogers, Jason Campbell, Brady Quinn, Matt Ryan, Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton - those all would have been the 'right' moves even if only half of them would have worked out.

You can't start building a contender until you find a quarterback. Once you have a QB you can do it in 2-3 years.

Tannehill should have been benched at halftime the best QB on our roster right now is a 2nd stringer sad but very true.

The Stephen Ross honeymoon period is rapidly concluding, he needs to make some changes at the top. Honestly, the overall talent is Young but they are thin. Their WR corps and the DB group are particularly bad, but the OL (and we have drafted heavily at the position) is still not very good. We risk ruining Tannehill (i.e. see Carr, David) if things don't change...plus Reggie Bush must have dated Shermans daughetr covertly?? Cause he's in the dogouse? IF Ireland conducts this draft, it will be a disaster…NO MATTER what positions they go after!

"You can't start building a contender until you find a quarterback. Once you have a QB you can do it in 2-3 years".

Kaz, I think Luck has accelerated that process..........

You guys are something else, when the Dolphins were winning everything was fine and now they lost three in a row the sky's is falling, Ross sucks,Ireland is clueless and Tannehill was a wasted pick..

get a grip.

I'll come back later and give you guys some real information.

The degree of suck the past two games is pulling the bed sheets up my ass. Amazing.

FZB, with all due respect, your "Real Information" continues to be flawed. A few of us here have been even keel and realistic even with that small winning streak.

Again, it could change, but Tannehill is starting to look a little like Henne. And if that trend continues, so will the losing..............

Judging Tannehill with this joke collection of "weapons" is wildly unfair.

Judging Ireland for putting this joke collection of weapons around Tannehill is perfectly fair. Add in the hard regression of the secondary and the failure to buid a good o-line despite using four high draft picks on if and I just don't see how anyone can defend Ireland and maintain credibility.

Good qb's make receivers better stop blaming the WR's Matt Moore made Fasano look like Jimmy Graham give me a freakin break already.

Our play calling was also bad last night nothing is going right for this team and it starts on offense we lost a game in which the other team didn't score a TD that is flat out silly and Henne like.

offensive TD.

Well boys looks like I was right after all, we suck.....but we look very good, good ol' coach Phil has the boys practicing all of the good grooming habits found in the Miss Manners book of social etiquette. "Pick up that candy bar wrapper, Long!" "Yes sir, coach, sir!" Oh boy.

Cote, stop with this dumb satisfaction meter for the Dolphins already. Even Stevie Wonder can see that everyone is pissed off and has been pissed off for more than 20 years. What you should be doing is asking a real pertinent question like, "How many people took Kaz's generous advice and drop large bank on the Bills last night?"

We don't suck this team would be 6-4 at least maybe better with Matty in there no sir we have a qb problem plain and simple don't go blaming the team blame the coach.

Tannehill's QB rating is now down to 70.8 we are lucky to have won 4 games with this guy I hope he gets better but man this isn't good.

As usual, every year there's a couple of first pick QB's coming out of college and every year, if they are lucky, the experts who rate these guys are lucky if one of them, maybe in two of them in an extraordinary year actually pan out. Based on the play on the field so far it's obvious that the only can't miss who has not missed is Mr. Luck. At least we got a cutie pie with Tan, although she still needs a few more months at La Carreta to round out to Starbrite specifications, so that's a bonus right there. If we would have traded up like that idiot Snyder then all we would have gotten was a QB playing just as badly as our boy Tan but with no cute girlfriend.

"Long, Long, pick up that candy bar wrapper!"

FZB I need your help help me put a happy spin on this season because I can't do it alone this thing is a mess I am voting very dissappointed.

My advice to you BB is to start drinking heavily. OC took my advice 20 years ago and look where it's gotten him.

Does 4-12 get us a top 5 pick?

Someone pull Garrard out of mothballs.

That was the game to put Moore in at halftime to save the season but we blew it I guess you guys are right this is about pissing away the season based on hope and change.

we did not convert a 3rd down until the 4th quarter.

Against Buffalo.

What are my eyes telling me?

They are telling me that tannehill should not have started the year as QB of this team he should have watched behind Matt Moore and taken a shot next year but hey I am not the coach I play to win this one isn't doing that.

Mr. Woodcock,

the original stickler (at least to me) of leaving the practice field free of debris was the great george allen, a man of many quirks but as good a football coach as any, and i mean as any. resurected the rams and redskins, started the rams first super bowl team on its way in the pre-season until rosenbloom dropped him before the final game, and then came back to take a sad long beach state team to a winning record after a long hiatus and having never been a college HC. never a losing record as a head coach and was the ultimate players' coach, who got dan reeves take him back after dan reeves (not that dan reeves) fired him on xmas. the quirks aren't that when the gestalt of things leads to a winner, but when you have a rookie HC trying to be like george, RIP, it looks like buffoonery. as bad as the jaguars may be, don't count them out against this bunch of dolphins.

Ir doesn't matter if the team finishes low enough to earn a top five pick. We all know (well, most of us but for FZB and perhaps, Jimbo) that if Ireland is still around he will trade that top pick for three later picks, then select a punter from Topeka, a 6'-10"/165 lb. fullback from Dublin, some goody-two-shoes guy he found working at Disneyworld with impeccable manners and who once was the long snapper for his William R Boone High School.

Yea yea Shad, just because Georgie boy was quirky and was a great coach doesn't mean that Coach Phil who is also quirky is also a great coach. So far all I've seen is "Hey Long, pick up that candy bar wrapper."

The most important story of the day is that Hostess Co. is closing their doors, no more Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Wonder Bread.

"Long, is that a Twinkie I see in your pocket! Drop down and give me twenty!"

Here's FZB after learning that Stephen Ross fired Jeff Ireland:


OC, remember all that praise I was heaping on FZ, Dapper Dave, and some other guy whom I don't remember (relax Kaz it wasn't you), for being "right" about their preseason prediction? Well, I certainly must have been under the influence of massive mind altering substances when I said that.

"Long, Long, is that another Twinkey wrapper on the floor?"

FZB- My friend, I understand your backing of Tannah. But to say he is better then RG3 right now is crazy. He proved last night that he is a work in progress. 2 first downs in the 1st half, are you kidding me. When he had a chance to win the game in the 4th qtr, he was weak. All this against a bad bills defense, whose coaches tried to give the game away. As far as winning early in the season, Raiders,Bengals,Rams and Jets, was false hope. Things could get ugly with the Seahawks, 49ers, 2 games with the Pats. It was funny to hear all the clowns calling 56 am this morning blaming the coaches.

All-righty guys,

deep breath and pay attention..Here is Mi amigo's (NFL Buddy) take on Tannehill.

NFL defensive coordinator's now have 14 game tapes on Tannehill and they have now adjusted to his strengths and are now taking away his weapons, at the start of the year he was seeying all kinds of all out blitzes and the kid handled it like an old pro so they started to back off, at the same time other teams started to also adjust to our offensive line schemes, they are now "slanting" their DT's in and letting the LB's fill in the gaps which is the main reason we can't get our running game going, he also says three of our starters on the OL don't fit the WCO blocking schemes (Long,Incognito and Jerry) since they are not quick enough to zone block and that in time they will have to be replaced, the main thing with zone blocking is quick linemen that can get to the second line of the defense to block but our guys fit the previous style of smash-mouth football.

back to the passing game for a moment, Teams are now doubling B Hartline (one CB and safety over the top) becasue he is the only one that they fear and they know they can cover D Best with one corner and Fasano with a LB and we don't have a third receiver.

The reason they don't fear R Bush is because he is not a straight away runner (dances too much) and they are willing to live with a big play here and there.

he says Tannehill will be just fine but we will not see great improvment from him until next year, says QB's are as good as their offensive line and ours is bad, he says he makes the correct read in 85-90% of the plays but since he doesn't have enough time he rushes the throws and that's something that he will correct in time, he is also not very impressed with our speed at WR and says Hartline is a third receiver on a good team..

bottom line is we don't have any play makers on offense and this is slowing down his development and its making him look bad because he wants at times to do too much.

there it is, just like some of us have been saying, we are rebuilding and this is a learning year for the kid.

Sun Life Stadium is going to need complete fumigation after this football season or they will never get the rotten stench of these Hurricanes' and Dolphins' teams out of it. Terrible, terrible and disgraceful programs!

FZB Tannehill is regressing this weapons nonsense I am tired of hearing he has 6 tds and 11 int's and a bad QB rating.

His third down conversion percentage is bad as is his 4th quarter qb rating I hope he improves but there are red flags with this kid already.

A healthy Gaffney would help but geesh put some of it on him already.

FZ, I gotta tell you it sounds good, but, the reason our offensive line is not good and we don't have "any weapons" is because we haven't brought in players that are good, no? And who is in charge of personnel? Right?

You call drafting a RB (Ronnie Brown) with a top pick building your team? RBs are a dime a dozen. That was a stupid pick and you sure as heck dont waste a top 5 pick on a RB unless it is the second coming of Jesus. Picking Tannehill at #8 was also stupid. You cant blow top 10 picks consistently. You needed a cant miss this year at #8 or trade up to get the legit QB. Otherwise you gamble on the QB later on if there is one worth selecting. This just takes a little common sense.
You build your team on the lines and with some decent playmakers to get the ball to for the QB not with RBs. Tannehill was and is a project. Everyone knew that and the majority of the reports pegged him as that. Except to the Dolphins--and Greg Cote who were willing to give their left kidney and more for this guy. Well now you must suffer the consequences of consistent mediocrity.

I put the entire blame for everything happening there squarely on the short and squat shoulders of Kazaam's aunt, the little troll from Coral Gables. The bad karma that she brought down to South Florida with her in her carpet bag has infected everything that has to do with football in the area. Just horrible.

I'm just trying to educate all you "infidels"..

let me jus say this, Tannehill has played bad the last couple of weeks but in his defense the main reason for his truggles is the offensive line.

a good OL is a QB's best friend, you can get away with mediocre play from you WR's as long as you can protect the QB and run the football, Tannehill has neither to help him out.

you people need to chill...we are better off with him playing and making mistakes now, next year he will have a better undertanding of what needs to be done and he will have better weapons around him.

stop with all this negative chit..its giving me a head-ache.

FZ, right now your defense of this team, Tan, and Ireland, is as stable as OC's knees when he was standing on the ledge of the 50 story high Orange County Business Center the day after the election. "He's going to win in a landslide, Woodcock!" Right.

Cote, lets get rid of those silly fan o meters that you're so fond of and get a real question of the day up there. Let the fans vote on something meaningful like who screwed up worse on their prediction; Kaz, who said the Dolphins were a mortal lock last night or OC who said, "Landslide Woodcock, landslide!"

"Here is Mi amigo's (NFL Buddy) take on Tannehill".

FZB, you have to stop listening to those voices in your head............

FZ, right now you have to admit that your boy Tan doesn't even look good enough to direct traffic coming out of the Saturday flea market at Joe Robbie Stadium.


Here are the first year stat's of a current hall of fame QB, can you guess who this is?

11 games played (at the time the season was 14 games) so he started the fourth game and went on to a hall of fame career.

259 attpms- 123 completions / 47.5% COMPLETION

7 TD passes

14 int's

QB rating 54.9

you guys are giving up on Tannehill midway through his rookie year, and you call yourselves knowledgeable fans?..

You are not interperting what most are alluding to.
And that is Tannehill is regressing. He is not status quo or slightly improving, but regressing. I am sure even his wife is telling him that........


my boy T-Hill has that deer in the head-lights look, BUT IS WAY TOO EARLY TO GIVE UP ON THE KID..

ugly- you don't have to believe anything I just posted at 1:32 PM, maybe I just made it up or maybe I didn't, don't care either way...Just passing along some information to you guys.

FZB, Tannehill may yet work out. He "IS" a rookie, and a converted receiver at that. What should trouble many of us is that he is being forced to play with limited supporting talent. It is evident to whoever pays attention that he's already, for fear of interceptions, throwing passes far away from his receivers. His accuracy is plummeting and his confidence may suffer irreversible damage.

There is reason for concern.

he is not regressing, he is the same player that when the year started but the first few games he had a running game and he was being protected..Now he has no running game and the OL is not protectiong him.

FZB his QB rating has dropped to it's lowest point this season.

That's called regression.

Not counting the Houston game.

I guess no one wants to take a guess at my little quiz?

come on guys, give me your best guess...

Baby, yes he has but coincidentally his QB rating started to drop when his OL went south..

ALWAYS an excuse...............

FZB, I believe you can go back and check, but this is the same story and excuses given for Hennes regresion. Again, things can certainly change, but the regression is there.........

OH, by the way, looks like no one is interested in your Quiz.......

Yeah that's FZB the sky is always sunny in his world but that's what makes him FZB.

FZ need a clue on that quiz question.

FZB, you have picked the Tannehill argument because it is the one you can win.

You are avoiding the Ireland argument because your "football buddy" basically said everything we have been saying about Ireland. The WRs suck and he traded away our only dangerous WR and then ignored the position in the draft.

He also drafted Jerry and has over-used high round picks on an offensive line that doesn't fit his coach's blocking system. Add in the woeful job taking care of talent in the secondary and it leads to one obvious conclusion.

Tannehill deserves more time, Ireland does not.

Thanks Baby for supporting this old boy, its one of the QB's taken in the 1983 draft..

Elway,Kelly,Marino,O'brien or the guy from Penn State that I forgot his name.

FZB, just keep saying to yourself...There is no place like American Airlines Arena...There is no place like American Airlines Arena...There is no place like American Airlines Arena.

i'll go with Elway.

hehehehe, you guys make me laugh..Its kind of nice to be loved I guess..

Here we go again, ANDREW (I like the name,one of my grandsons is named Andrew) but even at his early age he seems to have more common sense than you (no offense).

on Ireland, He traded away B Marshall because he was a cancer for the team and he requested a trade and didn't want to be here and our new coach didn't want him around specially with a young QB.

He didn't draft Jerry or Long, Parcells did because under Sparano that's the type of linemen they drafted because it was more power football than zone blocking, J Marting was drafted under Philbin specially for the new West coast offense.

secondary..at the beggining of the year we had S Smith, V Davis and they signed R Marshall as the nickle and the position looked very strong but V Davis showed up out of shape for the second year in a row and was shipped out with the blessing's of Philbin and Marshall hurt his back and is out for the year, so we really are playing with two back ups special teamer's that have no business being starters because of bad breaks, so you tell me how is that Irelan's fault?..

come at me with some real facts not this nonesense.

Baby, yup you got it..It was Elway...Elway's stats were terrible but no one gave up on him at the time,
Now I'm not saying he will be another Elway, what I'm saying it takes more for a QB to be a success, he has to depend on the players around him and now he doesn't have much help.

he will figure it out, he will get better as he gets more experience and the talent around him improves.

guarontee amigo.

Uglyaqua, you know that the football field is not the only place that he's regressing. I have it under good authority that Mrs. Tan has already hooked up with two Cuban lotharios who are putting her through her "morning and afternoon practice regimen" while Tan is up to his neck in game films, ace bandages, and playbooks.

oye, I'm one of them..


Nah OC, missed pass attempts and interceptions will do nothing for his confidence as the sight of Mrs. Tan doing practice bedroom aerobics with Pedro and Juan at Mr. Tan's spiffy new condo in Ft. Lauderdale when he comes home early from practice one day.

That would be Todd Blackledge.

Oye FZ, "I know John Elway. Elway is a good friend of mine. And let me tell you that Tanehilll is no John Elway."

Richard Marshall stunk before he was injured. Safety and corner have been ignored. Marshall was a typical diva not a cancer, he sure doesn't seem to be cancerous to Chicago. And why wasn't someone brought in to replace Marshall to give your young QB some help? You wait until the 6th round to take Rishard Matthews? And then complain on hard knocks that no one will step up? He is clueless.

Also, good planning on picking a coach to run a blocking scheme that doesn't fit tire existing talent. If this is a true rebuild and long doesn't fit why didn't there trade him too? Your weak story doesn't add up. Ireland has still yet to draft a WR or a TE that can do anything. That's why we don't score. And we should entrust him with five top 100 draft picks? Madness.

Wood's, I never said Tannehill is another Elway.

Andrew, have you ever heard of the expression "Rome Wasn't built in a day"?..

guess what, you can't fix or take care of all your needs in two drafts with the last one specifically geared for the WCO.

Philbin was hired by Ross and Ireland because he was the one they liked and then its up to the GM (Ireland) to build the team around what the new coach wants and his philosophy, you're acting like we are SB contenders, at the beggining of the year everyone was saying we would be lucky to win three games.

its kind of funny all you guys are screaming on how bad we are when you were saying the same shit just before the season started...We are 4-6, we have holes in some places but we have a good QB and a good coach.

we'll be just fine..

That's right boys we have a good coach.

"Long, Long, for the last time pick up that candy bar wrapper!"

well boys,

Its almost quitting time (for me anyways)..Here is some classic Beatles for you guys.


and this one is one of fav's


I predicted fins 5 wins this year = 5 n 11, so from my perspective, they are doing better than I thought - Unless of course they lose the rest of their games.

Go Fins! You can do it!

Ho ho ho, this FZB guy is full of sheet!!

Brandan Marshall never requested a trade!!

Fire IRELAND and bring in someone who can make Tannehill work!! It's not that hard to be a fine GM anyone would be better than Ireland he's the worst in the NFL!

Really, would you take Ireland or Kazaam? Now that's a question to ponder. Wassup Kaz!

lol @ we have "some" holes:

OL (still somehow after all those high picks)
LB (Dansby and Burnett are old, Misi stinks)
K (maybe)

That's just most of the team. A few holes. You must take a lot of happy pills.

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