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November 12, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 17.3%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G9: Results are in on the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 17.3 percent overall satisfaction (nearly equalling a season low) in the wake of Sunday afternoon's 37-3 loss vs. the Tennessee Titans putting Miami's 1aa1dsmseason record at 4-5. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was (tardily) around 10:30 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

Next poll: Nov. 15 following game at Buffalo.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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Yikes, picked a good weekend to go collect coral samples instead of watching football.

On the Canes: a nice stat from a bad beat reporter - Duke Johnson has already passed Edge James, Graig Cooper, Chuck Foreman, Santana Moss, and Lamar Miller for all purpose yards in a season. Not rookie all purpose yards, all time Hurricane all purpose yards. Trails Willis McGahee and Willis McGahee only.

As to the loss, Coach D'Onofrio must be fired by the end of the season at the latest and if he isn't it will be the first major mistake Al Golden has made since becoming Miami's coach. I don't care that the defense is young, it's kind of like Chad Henne, you just know when something isn't going to get any better. Henne never improved in selling plays or moving defenses with his head, it was the same thing every week. D'Onofrio has called his defense the EXACT same way every single game since he's been here. They have too few down linemen, linebackers stunting as the fourth rusher but falling back, and DBs playing soft off receivers.

These are fast, instinctive, athletic players, not a bunch of smart, disciplined schlubs. He's just the wrong coach for the job.

On the Dolphins: wins and losses don't matter this year, all that matters is Ryan Tannehill's development. It's a not a good sign that he's fallen apart every time they've asked him to do more but then again it's hard to judge him as long as he's throwing to trashcans being pushed around in shopping carts.

Awful coaching decision by Philbin to bench Reggie Bush, I saw the replay and I saw how upset Bush was in himself going back to the sideline. That's something you do to a rookie running back when he's carrying the ball away from his body, not the face of the franchise and the team leader when he just lost one after a big run.

Even if the benching had 'worked', I don't think the Dolphins are a better team with Reggie Bush thinking about not fumbling the ball out of fear for his carry count on a contract year.

I voted somewhat dissatisfied, while this was a total meltdown by the team we can't lose track of the fact THIS IS a rebuilding year and is more important for the young players like T-Hill to get experience.

I'm sure a lot of people will say the sky's falling, but I still like the direction the team is going.


I have followed the Canes since 1945 and the Dolphins since they began play. Everytime the media low rates the opponent, both teams play like the Canes and Dolphins this weekend. And every time the coach gives raves that player or unit fizzles. Phillbil raved about his OL and they have smelled up the place all year with the exception of a few. Golden claims to be satisfied with Morris' progress. If either are reasonable, I'm a jet pilot and can't even fly a kite.

I am extremely disappointed in the Dolphins game vs Titans. Dolphins didn't show up to win. Coaches & players put on a performance reminisce of Cam Camerons days in Miami. No effort.
Dolphins looking past Titans as an easy win? Since when can Miami "mail it in" so to speak.??

4-5, you are your record.

Reggie Bush, Jake Long, Matt Moore should not be offered contracts after this season.
Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Sean Smith need to stay if they are willing to meet the team part way on the $ side.

Miami Dolphins continue to suffer in the secondary...
Come On man,,, Jake Locker? Locker? really?

Tannehill threw some crap out there today, 3 INTs.

naples did you vote very satisfied? I would have if I were a Pats fan. FZB you may be right. Could be growing pains. GROWING pains would suggest they're evolving to a higher more fullfilling state of being as are fans of the club because of... that's right more & more wins. More and more wins + evolvement & fullfillment ='s ?...that's right more and more Vinny Cups for clubs glass case & for the consciousness of teams fans...

memo to the "Star Gazers" out there......

Reggie Bush is in a contract yr and this is the best effort put forth?

IMO your going to see a little more Lamar Miller & Donald Thomas & much less Reggie particularly when he does his immitation Kardashian Laterino Dance Moves while losing 3 yds a pop. Ya' know since this team isn't going to the playoffs this year.


i think reggie bush finished something like 4 carries for 21 yards: 2 terrific runs for close to 15 apiece (including the one he dropped) and two or three times where he lost 5 yards cause he has no blocking. with him on the sidelines the dophins have no quick strike capability; and of course, like the guy he is, he said he would have done the same thing if he were philbin. nobody ever claimed that for all his ability that he wasn't a teammate and team leader ofthe first order.

I will give Bush that... as usual your on your game brother calmly assessing the team. Reggie puts great effort into his career (workouts, preparation) and loves his teamates. No doubt.
I'm just wondering how much you pay the guy & for how many years when you have Miller & Thomas needing the ball too.

why can't this team turn it around? We were getting teased into thinking they were starting to "get it".

Happy Veterans Day !!

I watched "Operation Dumbo" with the wife a while ago & started to get flashbacks of Nam again. Danny Glover reminded me of the brave platoon sergeant we had back in the day. We lost a few good soldiers back in Dam Li in 67. All we needed was people like Tom Berringer, Robert Duval & Martin Sheen to show us the way back then. That's why they were considered the Greatest Generation.

playoffs? playoffs? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

This team hopefully will finish with no more than seven wins and dismiss Mr. Ireland, hire Mr. Polian and start to draft and acquire better free agent talent.


Mr. Polian blows as a GM, Manning was the one holding that team together, Polian's draft record the last few year was unimpressive, Ireland IS doing a good job.

YOU sir are clueless.

you tell em FzzyButt! By the way what do you think Dez Bryants mom charges these days?

Jimbo, like every year we've been teased since Csonka, Kiick and Warfield bolted. I don't get it either I really, really don't.

Yes Oliver Rubber quite astute. I believe you are correct in your assessment of the Dolphins sir.

Bill Polian is not the answer, but anyone who thinks Ireland is doing a good job is deluding themselves. Bunch of high picks on the offensive line and they still are below average. Bunch of late round picks in the secondary with predictable results. No weapons, no excitement, no points.

It's time to try someone else picking the personnel.

Let's go Dy-na-mo

10th and last seeded, almost in the MLS Cup once again.
Beat DC United in our 22K sellout 3-1; we're up 2 going to Washingon next Sunday.

LA-Seattle playing now. Next week's game will be a sea of green and blue. If Seattle plays Houston in the final, it will be in Houston..sellout 70k guaranteed.


the dollars are important, but not as important as a guy who us the only "lightning" on the team. are they gonna find a game-breaker in the middle of the draft or as an unsugned free agent? if so, don'y resign him. i believe that bush will not ask for a ton of money and will stay hewre where he is somewhat appreciated.

and why is it the Dolphins suck so bad? I really wanna know...

I have said it it before and I will say iy again, Bush is overrated. You can't say they don't block for him when he has loses of 4-5yds. The same guys are blocking when he gets 10-15 on a run. The guy makes to much money for what he does. Not enough bang for the buck. The guy was a #1 pick. Let him go.

who sUcks more ? U or fin fans ?

80 pts. given up


It's 4:45 am Monday and I'm still up, pissed off about this loss! I blame Philbin more than anyone, than the players. This was a coaching loss, a lack of preparation loss, an underestimating your opponent loss. It's a coaching loss when everything breaks down like it did today.

Aloco, Oscar, I've wanted to believe in Philbin, but this was a coaching malfunction. The preparation sucked, the score should've been reversed. I felt sorry for the players, and then for Philbin to bench Bush, the guy hardly fumbles, that hurt us, stupid. Total collapse on coaching. This is not on the players, they executed a faulty game plan, we've been close in every game, you get blown out like this it's coaching. IMO.

how safisfied are you with gregg cote? Should he be terminated?

Cote is fine, he and the rest of the Herald reporters say it as they see it. I have no problems with Cote.

coaching is why sean smith can't seem to cover anyone anymore? coaching is why tanny keeps checking down on 3rd down? coaching is why they had so many lame penalties? spare me.
i agree with jimbo; you are what your record says you are.
this year is about the rookies and tanny, and unfortunately he took a step back today.
we'll see what happens..
and andrew?
you're an idiot. below average on the line?
pouncy is ranked either 1st or 2nd among all centers.. martin is another rookie performing well; i'd say there's some serious upside to him, as well as olivier vernon who has been making plays all over the field.
ireland isn't going anywhere; save your breath..

OK, let'see now..

The Canes lost, the Dolphins lost and the Heat lost..

pass the bottle please..

redsky, this was a total meltdown, its both on the players and the coaches...No question about it.


The Laker's hired Mike D'Antoni as the new coach, the guy blows..You can't be too happy about this.


the "sky is falling crowd" will always be there, lurking, I called them the "micro-managers" they just over react to everything, mostly in a negative way.

we are not an elite team, that is obvious but there are plenty of positives going on forward, this was a bad game all around but the team will learn from it and play respectable the rest of the way.

FZB, you may be right about "micro-manager" comment as their losing the remainder of their games puts them on pace for 4-12 record which a number of regulars predicted. Tanny is expected to struggle as a rookie. Hard to tell what will likely result with this group in terms of the bigger pictiure. It's just fustrating watching them show poorly every year for any reason.

Damn Chad Henne for getting hurt and costing us a shot at Andrew Luck.

It's a work in progress. Just saying...

Jimbo - you been paying attention to the Steelers at all?

Most teams in the league have moved from feature backs to committees, the Steelers still prefer one guy. They've been hit with injuries, Mendenhall hurt his achilles coming off an ACL tear and Dwyer and Redman have been in and out of the lineup as well.

But instead of rotating backs, they've been taking the best healthy back and running him all game - Redman and Dwyer have each put up great games over 100 yards and a score and Mendenhall put up a great game before hurting himself again.

So what everyone is saying about the Steelers now is that their offensive line is great (it isn't) and that no matter who you throw back there they're going to do well. What the coaches and offensive linemen are saying, is that they prefer blocking for one guy because they can establish rhythm and timing, that switching up running backs throws them off.

A counter argument for the thunder and lightning duo that most NFL teams are going for and that the Dolphins would replace Bush with.

Crushing loss now we have a must win game Thursday night against the Bills a win and there is hope at 5-5.

A loss and we are likely playing out the string I hope I haven't misread this team but losing three in a row would mean that I may have.

And you people please stop telling me Richard Marshall is no good his loss was huge for this team Tannehill needs to step up big time starting this week.

Nice hire by the Lakers, Mike D'Antoni is going to get the most out of Steve Nash and will have that team out and running in no time.

Phil Jackson would have been a stopgap and his offense isn't as well suited to the Lakers roster.

Can't say the Lakers defense is going to improve but it'll be fun watching them try to outscore the other team every night!

Good Luck running with an old team and coaching the world's tallest 5 year old in Dwight Howard.

That has failure written all over it.



rewritten lyric"

"i left my schmeckel in san francisco"- sing it, tony!!

Naples Jack,

a very clever ploy to put the knock on bush so the patriots can pick him up and not just use him to replace kevin faulk, but utilize him on every down. i try to stay out of the money thing- as i believe ALL-EVERY ONE- playing a major sport is overpaid at 1/5 of their salaries, excluding the entry level minimum wage types. 20 million for anybody- lebron james, alex the over the hill rodriguez, sidney crosby... ALL OF EM!! somebody asked on the radio dolphin postmortem why todays athletes are so friendly to each other when there used to be real hate between raiders/chieves, dodgers/giants, NYG/redskins... BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE GAZILLIONAIRES CLUB.


appreciate your stating that i "am on my game" (not always, but a lot) and that i can look at the dolphins in a calm detached manner. partly because the dolphins were not either of my NFL teams as a youth- first the rams, then discovering the bengals through strat-a-matic football- and because i came to view the greatness of shula's super bowl teams after the fact and through a detached rational look at maybe the best four year run in NFL history, excluding the packers of the first two super bowls and their immediate predecessors. four SBs by buffalo is nothing to scoff at, even though they didn't win any. the only challengers are the steelers, who took either five or six seasons for their "four-ays" into the super bowls, and the 49ers, who started things in 82 and finished in 95. none of the back2back winners played in three SBs in a row except for the griese led dolphins, and "the seas of hands" game was as good a contest as the NFL has ever had. clarence davis- washington high, east LA junior college, USC: and the city shotput champion at washington. an underrated player strong as an ox, in the mold of willis mcgahee but a tad smaller. the coaches at UM stated that mcgahee was not just the strongest runner on the team- he was the strongest player. a shame that i didn't get to see him much before his gruesome injury, but from what i saw of him he was basically untacklable, just like rickey bell, RIP, was. the defenders hoped that either of them was near the sideline so they could have a shot at pushing them out of bounds. the ole shadow remembers one of rickey bell's games against washington state where i believe he wasn't tackled 5 times on the way to a 350yard +/- game, just knocked out of bounds after every student body right or left. i don't think he ever was the same after michigan concussed him in the rose bowl, which was the coming out party for charles white,another tough strong guy who toted the rock 35-40 times and just kept on going.

Good to know Big Baby, I'll file that away with the 'Celtics being contenders' and the 'Knicks suck'.

Wonder who's coming out of the west now that the Lakers are out of it?

Thursday against the Bills will determine which direction fins are going in.

Canes are going in reverse.


he has an eggshell skull, and i am not one who can buy the arguments of he's getting well paid and he knows what he is in for when he suits up. he'll be blessed if he is able to walk around when he's forty and will be, at this rate, a vegetable by 50. he already has the look of someone permanently concussed and as stated i do not watch the bears because i cannot see the destruction of a human being happening in front of me. time for him to be declared ineligible to play in the NFL due to health and safety issues. listened on the radio last night (love dave sims calling a game) and he noted that cutler walked off to the houston side of the field. this brutal amount of hits started in denver and is continuing behind the worst pass-blocking line and LT in the NFL. as we say in yiddish- G'NIK SHOYN!!! (enough already)

Bills are coming off a tough loss to the Patriots and the Dolphins should be as embarrassed and motivated as the Titans were this week.

If I knew how to bet on sports online I'd throw some money on Miami Thursday, no matter what the line is.

PHD candidate like you can't figure it out that's a bit surprising I don't think it's too hard.

Not that I am advocating gambling because I am not but dude c'mon.

Cote's family dumbroski plus he lets me pretty much post any inappropriate thing I want...

I know how to place a bet but I can't figure out how they determine their cut, it's a wildly confusing formula that changes based on how many people are betting on that game.

If it was a flat fee or a straight percentage I'd do it.

Noel, you're low key in terms of number of your posts but almost all of them make me lol. Your observation regarding Chad Henne was no exception even if you were being serious.

I also agree with Victor for what my opinion is worth. This team can't help but be a work in progress but it's direction & final destination is ambiguous to say the least. Will it be Vinny Cups? Will it be also rans? Will they just suck?

Shadow- Let me tell you something, BB would never pay a guy like Bush what, 6Mill. a year. The guy can run out Ridley, Woodhead, Varreen, and get more production, for less then half the money. And guess what, they pretty much will play a full season. They would never bring a guy like that in. As far as Long goes, sure other teams would sign him, but not at the money he thinks he is worth. If the Dolphins are smart, they tell Bush and Long, take less money, or hit the road. Smart teams like the Pats, Steelers, Giants, Texans, Ravens, don't overpay players. Lets see if the Dolphins are ready to become a smart team.


sorry, but buffalo is a better team than miami- better running and passing, more experienced QB who is very good at times, home crowd for a cold night game. the bills will be really out of things if they lose, while the dolphins are coming off a real mauling. methinks that the bills win this one; hope they play in their retro jerseys and helmets with that buffalo, undersized as it was.

Naples I know that you know you escaped with one yesterday.

If that game was properly officiated your team loses.

The officiating in that game was terrible and NE got all of the calls but don't they always?

Dan Fouts was beside himself calling that game he couldn't get over how bad it was.

Yup Naples I agree. Despite understandable revulsion toward elite foe from AFC East giving Fins pointers on how to improve quality of their organization there is something to be to be said for keeping your friends close but your enemies closer.

Big Baby - Stop it, The Bills killed themselves with the stupid penaltes, and turnovers yesterday. That is what happens when bad teams play well, and good teams have a bad game. Its like the game a couple of years ago the dolphins and Colts. Paytons offense has the ball for only 14 minutes, and they beat the Dolphins. Colts stunk up the place and still won.

I agree with Shadow, Dolphins better be careful thur night. They have to be just as pissed of as the Dolphins. The sports bar I go to watch the Pats puts the Dolphins game and Jets games on side by side for me. Did they say what the crown # was, it looked half empty. Was the game blacked out?

You're kidding yourself Naples even Pats fans here admit it.

The zebra's won you that one.

Blaming referees for losses is european and distasteful.


you said the Pat's are one of the 'smart' teams, so how come they paid 8-5 a cool 5 mil last year just to sit around and do nothing?..

listen up guys,

This is just a learning experience for our young QB, we all knew there were going to be some bumps on the road, it was expected..While it would be disappointing to not make the playoffs this is still about next year, let the young guys play, D Thomas, L Miller, Egnew (we need to find out about him) , play R Mathrews , Marlon Moore...

Mike D'Antoni and the Lakers a good fit?..I have big doubts about this move but I don't really care, I hope the crash and burn (sorry OC)

A learning experience yes FZB but if Tannehill lays another egg this Thursday I will be really be worried.

This is a big game for him if I am Philbin I would have a short leash on him if he is not right again.

I agree with shadow. Bush should be treated like a man. He could be Tony Nathan with extra-gear. He's hardly a bust in terms of unique way he can contribute especially under the right circunstaces. Right circustance? More stabilized OFFENSIVE lINE & SUFFICENTLY COMPETENT team could enable him to flourish more in a Keven Faulk & Tony Nathan type role. He would require better, or at least smarter run blocking for such a role and he could be a home run hitter with moves & speed neither Tony Nathan nor Kevin Faulk possesseded. But they were money players with significant help from their Offensive Schemes, particulary Blocking Schemes PLUS PROPER EXECUTION. That's not to suggest Tony's attitude and footbal savey, despite his lack of break away speed and moves failed to demonstrate he could clearly play alittle football. DO NOT GIVE BUSH TO PATS. WORK WITH HIM. DO WHAT YOU CANT TO HELP HIM IMPROVE HIS BALL CARRYING SKILLS. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GIVE ANYONE, LEAST OF ALL THE PATS A CHANCE TO GET THEIR GRUBBY MITS ON HIM. ESPECIALLY IF HE HAS TEAM LEADER AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE going for him. HE IS NOT DEADWOOD ON THIS TEAM, NOT HARDLY DESPITE MISTAKES. IT WAS AS MUCH TITANS DAY vs MIAMI AS IT WAS CHICAGOS LAST WEEK vs TITANS. DON'T F***ING PANIC OR BECOME ALARMIST JUST YET. CRAZY NFL... Also find more creative ways with improved line of scrimmage blocking, behind line of scrimage blocking or outlet plays to compensate and down field blocking to help him get most out of his unique gifts. Note '94(?) AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game between Bills & Fins in Miami in which Buffalos slip screen to Thurman Thomas repeatedly bitch slapped Dolphin D all day long AND decided Miami's fate by third quarter.

Judging by Philbin's post game comments he will have a short leash.

92' Duke.

You're obviousy correct Big Baby. Irony was I actually endured Fins against ropes since opening kickoff.

Short leash?????

If Philbin is thinking he might pull Tannehill in order to win a game this year he needs to step down and let someone with a shred of perspective and vision take over.

I doubt that happens, I see the Dolphins controlling the game Thursday.

I didn't see the Bills/Pats game yesterday but I wouldn't rule out the Patsies getting 'preferential' treatment..

Kazaam he won't play to lose if Tannehill stinks he will put in Moore to give them a better chance to win despite what you think but I hope it's a moot point also and they win with Tannehill in there.


deep breath amigo, no matter how bad Tannehill looks the rest of the year he should not be pulled at all, he needs to learn under duress, sort of baptism under fire.

He hasn't shown much this year decent but not nearly good enough.

5 td vs. 9 int's isn't good and our season is at a crossroads Moore has already proven that he can win and Philbin won't play to lose.

Hopefully he has a good game and it doesn't matter but just saying how it will go down if he doesn't.

The only advantage to the Dolphins making a playoff run is to let Tannehill experience that. Making the playoffs and even winning an upset wildcard game behind Matt Moore does nothing to advance the franchise.

Applebee's , food isn't that great but it makes a turd.

Dolphins should have traded Jake Long along with Vontae Davis to Indy for more draft picks. Both of them could have been calling their respective Grandma's from Ireland's office.

Philbin isn't going to bench Tannehill unless he's hurt. Rookie head coach is already an improvement over Tony Mr Potato Head Sparano.

At least were not Jets fans :)

=^.^= meeow

Philbin will bench Tannehill in a NY minute if he stinks it up this week and he should if it comes to that he will be there next year Moore won't.

The only people who complain about the refs. are soccer fans, and losing teams and there fans.
FZB- Even the best teams cannot bat a 1000 on every player. 85 was just to dumb to play for a good team like NE. At least the Pats were smart enough to dump his sorry ass. Lets see what the Dolphins do with over paid, over hyped Bush and Long.

Green Bay is a losing team because they complained this year?

Anybody who thinks thurs game is a lock, has not watched the last 2 dolphin games. How many td passes has Tannah got this year, 5? Not good. He has to pick it up against a team like the Bills, or all the negative crap will hit the fan. I think it will be a close game.

I have been saying it for years NFL referees are the most inconsistent of the 4 major sports and that icludes the NBA which is the most difficult league to officiate.

Lose by 3, 7, or even 10 points is somewhat passable. But lose by 34 to a BAD team (that just came off their own embarrassing loss)? This is unacceptable, and further proof that Dolphins are nowhere near playoff contenders. The misery continues....


in your opinion, does the hiring of D'Antoni increases or decreases the chances of D Howard remaining with the Laker's?

You sure sound like every move New England makes is the right one Mr MapleFlapJacks. Don't you see that the Patriots appear to be a team on the downswing? Tom Brady is old by NFL standards.

If Ryan Tannehill shouldn't start or even be on the hot seat, why aren't the pundits calling to pull him? No, just the uninformed fans are screaming that. NipplessJack, your full of refri beans amigo.


Most fans didn't think we would be play-offs contenders this year, most were saying we would be lucky to win at most 5 games so I don't know what the hell you're complaining about.

Some franchises are certainly run better than others but EVERY franchise with an elite quarterback is said to have a 'great coach', 'great GM', and 'great owner'. Owners, GMs, and coaches can't win without elite quarterbacks and elite quarterbacks cover all the flaws of owners, GMs, and coaches.

As far as the Pats go, they have a fine owner, good coach, and a pretty bad GM whose only redeeming quality is that by definition he knows exactly what kinds of players the coach is looking for. But they are where they are because they have the best quarterback in football.

Notice that when Tannehill didn't fall flat on his face right away this year all of the sudden there were articles on how great Philbin, Ireland and even Stephen f*cking Ross are.

Hey Kaz, as far as being "negativo"..Tim and uglyaqua got you beat by a mile...you're slacking.

NFL is probably the best officiated major sport in the world. They almost always get it right and when they don't it's because there's some crazy circumstance that's never come up before - like the Seahawks game earlier this year where fans suddenly thought the rule for possession changed because two players had their hands on the ball.

NBA is insanely subjective with it's foul calls. MLB is getting better with replay but still relies on umps making up strike zones.

Soccer is an abomination, with great rewards for disgraceful behavior - they don't just fake fouls, they fake injury in order to get the other team carded.

At least half the games are decided by the refs with questionable offside calls or free kicks - problems that could easily be fixed by instant replay and by punishing floppers.

No doubt Kazaam Brady covers a lot of flaws if he has even a mediocre game chances are they could lose much like Marino had to endure most of his career it hasn't been a winning formula (SB's not regular season) for them though it generally isn't one.

NE's turnover margin is outstanding this year another reason they are winning games.

Sorry NFL officials on the whole are very inconsistent they can manage a game but their calls are anyone's guess often times.

Big Baby - it's all relative, the 'best of all major sports' still isn't perfect. Also a lot of confirmation bias involved since you're watching them officiate your team every week and noticing every call that goes against them.

For those interested in the 'Bengazi' scandal, it's just come out that Petraus' biographer told a crowd that she had been briefed on the timeline of events and that the CIA was holding suspects in their secret facility.

While I'm not big on conspiracies, this explanation makes the most sense out of any that have been suggested to date. The US doesn't want to admit to having a black site prison in Libya and hence doesn't want to reveal the real motive of the September 11 attack, freeing prisoners from the CIA 'annex'.

The timeline also makes perfect sense, they attacked the consulate as a distraction and when the CIA operatives finally (and against orders) left their 'annex' to help, that's when the 'annex' was attacked.

And this explains why the US' predominant military figure and potential presidential candidate stepped down over an 'affair'. The real problem was that he gave up classified information about the CIA annex.

naples, Bush MAY be overpaid disappointment or simply in need of tough, durable amigos in backfield that are more every down backs so there is less pressure to be it all in lame backfield with lame run blocking. Miami could just use Banasak & Van Eagan types(sps?). F*** Clarence Davis!!! Bush hardly lost entire game for Fins irregardless of fumble and losses behaind line of scrimmage. Not for four f***ing quarters.

Big Baby- The Packer game was a game that was officated by scrubs. The NBA is a joke. NFL refs are the best, soccer is the worst. NFL players are bigger faster then BB. And the NBA refs. are right on top of the players.

Kazaam I don't have Sunday ticket my Dolphin watching consists of nationally televised games, the two NE games locally and NFL Red Zone channel.

I am talking about a league wide problem that has been going on for awhile.

Also even with improvements to Dolphin OL they are hardly set with LT that can't be counted on to save Tanny's life and other holes and depth needs as well as it's unlikely new oieces will mesh overnight. Yeah expectations got too high for me when they started winning and were close to beating other inferior competition. Clearly continued on ways to improve entire defense and create depth also a must. Now I just want to watch for improvements in key areas and forget about Ws, for now at least.


Banasak ?..Van Eagan ?..Clarence Davis?..this is 2012 not 1974, I just thought I remind you about that.

ps- does your extensive Jimi Hendrix CD collection includes the "jimi Hendrix raw blues" double CD?..

Big Baby- Go to a sports bar, you should be able to watch every Dolphins game.

And need for big physical,durable, fast wide receivers that are bonafied big play threats conistently, to all competition and BEAST of a Tight end and/or "Ghost to the Post" type should be priority. Blocking tickends clearly serve valued service.

There are places I could go Naples but I don't often have that luxury with 2 young uns at home.

Red Zone channel is great though no commercials.

I just had sports talk show on from Miami. Now I know why they call it nitwit radio. All these yahoos calling up saying Tanna. is this, he is that, draft another QB, Philbin is a bum. The same crowd who had them in the playoffs after the Jets game.

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