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November 12, 2012

G9: Tennessee 37, Dolphins 3 (Final): Miami embarrassed in worst home loss since expansion-era 1968

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G9: TENNESSEE @ DOLPHINS: Final: Embarrassing. What else need be said? Miami's worst home loss (by margin) since expansion-era 1968. Playoff hopes, shattered for now. ..... 4Q: Garbage time. Matt Moore in at QB. ... Zach Brown has Tannehill's third interception. ... Titans add 38-yard FG for 34-3 lead. Will this game never end? ..... 3Q: Chris Johnson surpasses 100 yards, ending Miami's 22-game streak. ... Reggie Bush back in game for first time since his 1Q fumble. ... Jake Locker to Jared Cook 26-yard scoring pass over Reshad Jones and Miami now buried 31-3. This has segued from rout to embarrassment. ..... Half: Did not see this coming. Wow. Nothing happening offensively. Tannehill with two INTs and a 40.7 passer rating. A meager six first downs. Bush benched after his lost fumble. Do you believe in miracles? 2Q: Turnover leads to 37-yard Titans FG and 24-3 Dolphins hole just before half. ... Titan Akeem Ayers outfights Anthony Fasano for ball for a Tannehill INT in Dolphins territory. ... Miami on board at 21-3 on 40-yard Dan Carpenter FG. Roughness penalty against OG Richie Incognito was costly. ... Colin McCarthy, ex-Cane, returns deflection-interception 49 yards for TD and Titans stunningly lead Miami 21-0. ..... Chris 1Q: Chris Johnson 17-yard TD run for 14-0 Dolphins hole. ... Thus far the Dolphins offense is the best thing to happen to Tennessee's defense. ... Titans 7-0 on Jake Locker 9-yard scoring pass to Kendall Wright, ahead of Jimmy Wilson, after Bush turnover. ... Reggie Bush rushes for first down but loses fumble at own 28. ... Jimmy Wilson blitz-sack forces Titans punt, first big play of game. ... Miami punts on first possession. Against this defense!? ... Let's go! ..... Pregame: Massive pregame military salute going on. Impressive. Patriotism is a wonderful thing. ... Crowd looks like it will be small today, even by late-arriving-small-crowd standards. ... Reporting from the stadium, am two helpings of popcorn into my pregame routine. Updates as warranted. ..... Original post: At 4-4 at the  midseason turn the Dolphins find themselves just off playoff pace and needing to get on a run. And what says "Let's start a fire" more than a home game against 1aa1doltenTennessee and its egregiously awful defense? Titans are on pace to allow more points than any team has, ever. Mull that. Savor it. Picture Ryan Tannehill rolling a 300. Envision Reggie Bush going zero to 150 in 17 carries. Then again strange things happen in the NFL and Miami isn't good enough to take any opponent lightly. Tennessee gets its starting quarterback back from injury in Jake Locker, who is far from great but who is better than the ghost of Matt Hasselbeck. Titans also happen to have a runner named Chris Johnson, a redeemed fantasy stud who has been running well lately and will severely challenge Miami's NFL-best streak of 22 straight games not allowing a 100-yard rusher. Could be a good one down at Joe's Place and I'll be there columnizing. This is a game the Dolphins simply must have if the playoffs are to remain a plausible conversation point in 2012. My pick: Dolphins, 30-17.

Note: I'll be on 790 The Ticket's pregame show talking Dolphins-Titans today from 10 a.m. 'til about 11:30, then right back here at kickoff at 1 for a live in-game Boutique Blog (patent pending) from the stadium. You are invited.


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9-1 BABY !!!


Still Fiddy/Fiddy

Holla ARTY !!!

The Dolphins should be able to handle the Titans today, our offensive line needs to step up and give Tannehill protection and a running game..

ps-tomorrow is veterans day, please say a prayer for the men and women of our military that keep putting their lives in harm way's for our freedom and also to those that have already paid with their lives....god bless them all.


it looks like the Laker's are in hot pursuit of Phil Jackson, maybe I'm wrong but this looks like a panic move to appease Kobe..

I'm interested on your opinion on this one..

Hey anyone recall reality TV show from 70s called "And Then Came Bronson."


my parents and their generation were liberated by the americans from the horror of horrors of WWII. one of my close friends was named "dwight david" (of course we call him "ike") because his father, OBM, was liberated by the futrure president of the USA, General D.D. Eisenhower, who in his incredible wisdom had his photographers take film and footage of what they encountered when the entered the death camps. mine is a generation that knows what it is to appreciate the many who never got past the beachhead at normandy and the many who suffered in the brutal italian campaigns and those who had to fight the japanese in the islands of the pacific. my father-in-law,OBM. was a seabee during WWII and i ma proud that in the short time that i knew him we bonded, and as he told me "war is hell". i believed him and still do. so on what used to be armistice day of WWI, 11/11/18, we stop to remember and give unlimited thanks and praise to all those who have, who are, and who will be serving us at life's peril to keep the world and its peoples free of the ilk of hitler, mao, stalin, mussolini... the world has never run out of dictators it seems.

Wow I'm programmed by modern TV. And Then Came Bronson was NOT a reality TV show. It was a guy on a motorcycle that went around helping like as it were here and there, like Alexander Delarge...

It seems surreal that WWII even occurred. A WAR on that MASSIVE scale. I suspect for many, if not most of the men who served, it was all too real.


that jake long is puke and easily the most overrated and over paid tackle in the NFL; and

as one scout has stated, matt barkley has dropped to his third round in the upcoming draft, mainly due to lack of arm strength and by a flurry of INTs that he has accumulated recently!! matt barkley, who was gonna be the third QB picked had he come out last year, now on someone's draft board at number 70 or so.

the ole shadow has been watching football for 50 years and knows a westminster kennel show canine from a plain old dog. long has proven his canine status, while barkley has only been tagged by one scout and still has an accurate arm and a good football head which has been on short circuit lately throwing pick after pick. barkley gets a chance against the bruins (still smarting form 0-50 last year) and the irish, always the biggest game of the year for the trojans. says here a loss to the bruins and a victory to knock ND out of the hunt, much like the 1970 game when ND came in undefeated to play an underachieving 5-4-1 SC; a monsoon hit the coliseum, theisman passed for over 500 yards in a quagmire, but USC won 38-28 before ND upset the longhorns in the cotton bowl 24-11 and made nebraska the national champion (who USC tied 21-21 and had a flagrant PI noncall against sam dickerson that would have given USC a crack at a winning FG)

One scout namely, r. duke believes Long isn't long for NFL. I'm calling Craig Mortensen to see if he has my back on that.


I do remember the title/name 'and then came bronson" but I have zero recollection of what was about, sorry i can't help you there.

Shadow, nicely put on what our soldiers did in WWII and beyond.

also very good call on Jake Long who seems to have declining skills, its a tough call because he is still a good tackle, there is no easy solution, he is still only 27 or 28 yrs old and could have a few good years left in the old tank, maybe the solution is to keep him and move him to RT.

I'm on the camp to re sign him but for between 7-8 mil if not let him walk, I don't think he deserves to make 12-14 mil, we could use that money for other players.

on Matt Barkley, I'm going to ask my buddy about him and where he thinks he is going to get picked in the upcoming NFL draft but it seems his stock has plummeted drastically since last year.


"then came bronson" starred michael parks and his harley encountering america of the late 60s-70s; sorta like "route 66" but one guy (in his ski cap) versus two-martin milner (todd stiles, trust fund baby) and george maharis (buzz murdock, fresh off the streets of new york city).

route 66 was an excellent anthology and had some incredible episodes- robery duvall as the junkie that buzz gets to go cold turkey, ethel waters as the ailing jazz singer who wants to have one last gig with the band, the fabulous steven hill in an episode called "city on wheels" shot at the VA hospital in long beach, california with hill as en embittered paraplaegic,... many many more delightful and meaningful episodes from the genius of stirling silliphant (in the heat of the night film, not that bunk with carroll o'connor and that cross-dressing diseased howard rawlins (?).


an hour long chevy commercial- beautiful convertible vette from the car's golden era, when it looked like a car and not a spaceship. drove a 58 vette that could hit 40 MPH in FIRST!!! now that is a gearbox!!


told the audience that dan carpenter was punting for miami!! i swear i saw #2, the all-pro brandon fields, on the punt squad downfield.


holding penalty on jake long (refused) after a terrible drop by #15. if the titans are gonna control this game, as they have so far with a lousy team on defense, it is gonna sour the dolphins' playoff hopes in a big way. and next a bad punt by brandon fields (rare indeed).

Ah good thing Fins are not playing Chicago...


i thought tipped at the line of scrimmage passes were a thing of the past with tannehill; guess not. gonna take some really big plays and titan mistakes to get the dolphins back in the game.

I just tuned in and we are down 21-3 WTF is going on here?

they better get their chit together...and fast.

Let's Go Dynamo!

I guess the Fins are done playing this year.


granted that the fumble by bush led to a TD, but sitting him for the rest of the half has resulted in a 24-3 lead for the other guys. taking your most dynamic offensive player out and giving the ball to tannehill has resulted in more TOs than bush was responsible for, including one that ended in the titans scoring a TD. we'll see if sitting ahalf lights a fire under bush (he already has one) or makes him sulk (unlikely-he's not that sort). 50-50 if he plays in the second half with philbin at the helm.

It is what it is, folks.

With games against Buffalo (2), NE (2), SF, Seattle, J-Ville, AND a 4-5 record, I don't see them winning more than two more games, for a 2011 matching 6-10 record.

9-7: Big Baby
8-8: FZB
7-9: (the real) david in los angeles
5-11: Jimbo, duke, Tom, the shadow knows, OC Dolphin
4-12: Anti-Christ, Naples Jack, Rawpimple, redsky, mike1
2-14: Mr. Woodcock
0-16: Noel

s*** GO TITANS! Mutherf**ing Dolphins. Whoops did I say that...


blocking by runners is an important part od pass protection as chris johnson just showed. it is also part of reggie bush's repertoire- he who was on the bench for a basically a half while the titans have amassed their points to get to 31-3. think the dolphins have four TDs in them today with a quarter and a half left. penalty after penalty after penalty

Honey! What did you want me to do? Unclog the sink?


no TDS, 3 INTs, +/- 200 yards passing- really bad day at the office for #17


can't catch a ball thrown right at him and can barely cover his man; a #1 CB? gotta be kidding, and if vontae davis was worse than this that supposedly great draft of TWO starting CBs is coming to look like a real mess.

every day and in every way I'm getting better and better. every day and every way I'm getting better better. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. RAPE! RAPE! I taut I taw a putty tat. I taut I ttaw a putty tat. Elvie! Elvie, come back and give you a quaalude and you'll love me again. Berstein, Mel Berstein.. HERE'S JOHNNY! REDRUM! REDRUM! Counselor? Oh Counselor, Come out, come out wherever you are! Are you there? Could you be there? I wonder if your there.. F** it. It doesn't matter anyhow. I'm Stuart Smalley and I'm good enough, smart enough and dogone it people like me. Hey how 'bout a Fresca! Yeah well the world needs ditch diggeres too. Are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me??? I think you're talkin' to me. You like me! You like me! You really, really like me! Danger! Danger Will Robinson! DOLPHINS? DOLPHINS? The Dolphins suck ha ha ha..

Nice one, duke.


is there a defender rating for picks vs dropped picks?

Go Dynamo!

Still a day to celebrate, Phins 72 still kickin1.

Bills has the Patriots; then the stupid pick in the end zone.

Worst effort iv seen in 40 years,,get rid of all,theres abs..olutly no excuse for the effort

What the hell happened to the Fins today!

Boys, THIS was an ass-whooping.

nothing else needs to be said.

Dukes-Ter, when you can spare 2-1/2 hrs, you need to check this out.


I guess is good news the Falcons lost...

the ghost's of the 1972 Miami Dolphins live on...


I guess Phil Jackson to "Los Lagos" is pretty much a done deal, are you happy?

FZB, Lakers suck, Dolphins suck, Obama won. I'm just looking for the tallest building to jump off from.

OC, fortunately your in Austin & the barns there aren't higher then 2 stories!

Dolphins lose. Ok, no biggie, rebuilding year.
Oh, lose to Titans.... oh
Oh, lose to Titans at home... not good

Get blown out by a team consider by most as an inferior team.... not good.

The effort the Coaches & players put in today was... like they didn't care. Hard to watch.

Tannehill looked like crap, Bush, Incognito, Long, Dansby, Jones, Wilson, S Smith looked bad, uninspired.

Re: Miami - Titans announcers

Same idiot that said "Jake Long's contract is up after this year and if Miami's dumb enough to let him go there will 31 teams lined up to sign him". I snorted coffee out of my nostrils laughing uncontrollably. Like someone was ticking my McNutt sack from behind, you know, that funny.


i heard that also and almost gagged!! the announcer is spero greekopolous who is the radio voice of nthe lakers and who has a nice vooce but got carries away a little with a network football gig. one team qould want him-chicago, that has ja'marcus webb the absolute worst pass protecting LT in football.

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