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November 04, 2012

G8: Indianapolis 23, Dolphins 20 (Final): Darn the Luck! Miami's 3-game win streak comes to end

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G8: DOLPHINS @ INDIANAPOLIS: Final: Miami 4-4 after 23-20 loss at Indy in duel of two rookie QBs. Ryan Tannehill was very good -- 21 for 35 for 276 yards and a TD, a 94.5 passer rating. Andrew Luck was better -- 30 for 48 for an NFL rookie-record 433 yards and two TDs, a 105.6 rating. ..... 4Q: Two late miscues very hurtful for Miami. 1) Sean Smith drops what should have been an interception in Colts territory. 2) Marlon Moore holding penalty negates long punt return. ... Indy back up 23-20 with 6 minutes to play on 43-yard FG. Luck has set NFL rookie record with 433 passing yards. ..... Game knotted at 20-20 on Carpenter 31-yard kick with 13 minutes to play. ..... 3Q: Indy up 20-17 on T.Y. Hilton 36-yard grab in end zone from Luck. Sean Smith and Nolan Carroll both there to make a play; Hilton did instead. ..... Half: What a first half by Tannehill and Luck! Ryan with a 132.4 rating on 10-14, 158 yards and Andrew at 111.4 on 19-28, 273 yards. Both have a TD pass. At this rate Miami could give up more than 500 yards passing but win. Strange game. ..... 2Q: Indy within 17-13 on 47-yard FG in final seconds. Miami got lucky: T.Y. Hilton (from FIU) missed what should have been a TD pass from Luck. ... Indy misses FG when it is tipped by Olivier Vernon. ... Miami back up 17-10 on a Reggie Bush run they'll show on SportsCenter, an 18-yard score that featured one of the great stop-on-a-dime cutbacks you'll see. ... Indy level at 10-10 on 23-yard FG. ... Miami back up 10-7 as Tannehill hits 31-yard scoring pass to Charles Clay. ..... 1Q: Indy up 7-3 in last minute of quarter after Andrew Luck 9-yard scoring pass to Reggie Wayne, who beat Sean Smith in end zone. Big play of drive: A pass interference against Koa Misi that gave Nags 1st and goal. ... Miami 3-0 on Dan Carpenter 37-yard FG. ... Colts miss 48-yard FG try after delay of game trying to get Miami to jump offsides. Dumb, dumb. ... Let's go! Pregame: Tannehill starting. Interesting call by Joe Philbin. Open to massive second-guessing if his knee injury is aggravated. ..... Tannehill warming up on sideline at around 11:15 a.m. today. ..... Original post: November, and the Dolphins are playing an important game. Two 4-3 squads, both hot (MIA 3 straight wins and IND 2 in a row) and both thinking playoffs. The NFL is fun again 1aa1dolind2in Miami. This game also has an intriguing individual subtext if Ryan Tannehill (knee) is ableto play, and that is the first of what could be a career-long rivalry between Tannehill and fellow first-round draftee Andrew Luck. Tannehill is officially questionable and a game-time decision but various reports including one on NFL Network suggest Tannehill is realistically is closer to probable/likely. The Dolphins are a narrow favorite but I think the betting line underestimates the Colts, who have become a strong home team and expect to have defensive leaders Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis back from injuries. Dolphins also could face a little bit of a letdown after that rout-win over the division-rival Jets. For those reasons, more than for Tannehill's status, I like the home team today. (Then again, considering I'm 3-4 on Miami picks this season, Dolfans mightwell  see this prediction as an omen of continued good fortune). My pick: Colts, 21-20.

Note: I'll be on 790 The Ticket's pregame show talking Dolphins-Colts today from 10 a.m. 'til about 11:30, then right back here at kickoff for a live in-game Boutique Blog (patent pending). You are invited.


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So far this season... I take Miami, they lose. Go against Miami, they win. Therefore:

Colts 42 Miami 28

Thanks Jimbo, that's a true fan right there..

like I said on the previous blog...Dolphins 27 Colts 13

The Dolphins defense giving up 42 to a rookie QB? I don't care who he is or what he has done, I'll be very surprised to see 42 on the Colts side of the scoreboard!

joke of the day:

Two women were having lunch together, and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery. The first woman says, "I need to be honest with you, I'm getting a boob job." The second woman says "Oh that's nothing, I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached!" To which the first replies, "Whoa I just can't picture your husband as a blonde!"

first drive for Indy.. D comes up big on 3rd & short.

Andrew Luck is so lucky Reggie Wayne decided to resign with Indy instead of following his quarterback to Denver.


however, among reggie bush's talents isthat he is not afraid to block, which he did on the last play which will be coming back.

What the hell is wrong with Long? He has played at a very poor level all year!

Long has concrete shoes...

Eh yah win some yah loose some. Keep learning how to play football in the Spirit of Larry Csonka, Chuck Bednarik and you'll punish people & will fill the with awe and wonder and O pain...

Tough, tough loss. The Dolphin's quality defense against the run is offset by one of the worse defenses against the pass. How else does one explain 13/19 3rd down conversions when everyone knows a pass is coming.

Very disappointing.

How bad is Smith as secondary. Min. of 6 game changing plays that he could not make. Horrible.

Yep, I'm sure Sean Smith will be receiving a gift-box of butterfingers chocolate, the kind that have a soft center, from the Colts team.

Sean Smith has hands like a Pitchfork!

That game was crucial. Now they have win, not just all their soft games (*4), but at least one of their tough games (**4), just to be in the hunt for a Wildcard spot.

* Tenn, Buf (2), Jacksonville
** SF, NE (2), Seattle

Like OC just posted, tough, tough loss, what the hell happened to our pass defense?

no pass rush equals very poor pass defense.
Sean Smith had a bad bad game
they need to let Jake Long walk.
Tannehill had another solid game, he was under pressure all game.
very disappointed in the play of our offensive line.
A Luck is the real deal

Sean Smith had the opportunity to get at least 2 picks and keep Indy around 10 total pts today. The young CB didn't come through. Fins secondary is getting torched, lit up, whatever, can't stop teams from converting 3rd downs.
Luck looked great, Tannehill looked pretty darn good.
Fins need to relearn how to run block. Lamar Miller & Thomas had a couple good carries. Reggie had one good run for a TD, the others looked like he was dancing to avoid negative yards.

Memo to Ireland....

Jake Long hasn't played up to the hype, let him go after this season... I'd still trade him for a draft pick before the deadline. Long played well his first 2 seasons then tailed off since due to?? various injuries, fatness, slow feet. He got those big fatty arms like that big Aunt that overburdens everyones family.

Dolphins blew it out of their ass today. O line sucked. Secondary regressed to what was expected this year. D line couldn't touch Luck. They couldn't tackle anyone. The running game disappeared. Special teams lost that spark.

Was the Colts 3rd down conversion percentage a record? I know Lucks performance was. Miami is on the receiving end of so many NFL records. F*cking pissed.

True enough. Long may not be playing close to his over-hyped reputation, but then again, Dwight Freeney has a way of making opposing tackles look bad.

The HC and staff need to share some responsibility. They were not prepared.

OC, Long's draft status & false hype doesn't cover him blocking Freeney... Mr Webb used to blanket Bills Bruce Smith...

FZB, Dave in VA---I agree with both posts 100%

Jimbo, no one has ever confused Long with Richmond Webb.

When Long was drafted ,, we all hoped that we had a LT who could run block like Anthony Munoz & passblock like Richmond Webb. Instead we got Marco Columbo's fat cousin Jake the Fake.

The early snow in the northeast is due to global warming.

The exposure and termination of faulty Wolverines may be half way there: ✄ Chad Henne ✄ Jake Long ✄ Stephen Ross.

good point OC.
Ross can't get fired though.

One of the overlooked moves by Ireland. He traded down in the first rd with San Diego. San Diego gave up a #2 & LB Kevin Burnett to get RB Ryan Matthews. Burnett has played well & is one of the better LB's in pass coverage.
Odrick wasn't a great first rd choice, solid player but isn't turning in dynamic results to justify the draft spot--15th overall.

I'm using "termination" in an Arnold Schwarzenegger sort of way.

Jimbo, I'm not sure we want to revisit Ireland. That ground has been covered aplenty. Personally, I would not have executed that trade with SD. I would have kept my 12th pick and selected Jason Pierre-Paul.

Much rather have quality than quantity.

OC,,, ah i got yah, your talking in code.

Jimbo- The trade deadline has passed. The sad thing is, this bum Long was the #1 overall pick.

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