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November 26, 2012

G11: Dolphins 24, Seattle 21 (Final): Miami wins as Dan Carpenter celebrates birthday with 42-yard FG as time expires!

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G11: SEATTLE @ DOLPHINS: Final: Big second half by Tannehill, who finishes with 253 yards passing and leads winning drive. Team rushes for 189 yards. Big day by Davone Bess. Just enough defense. Nice win, perhaps rekindling playoff hopes, however faint. ..... 4Q: Dolphins win 24-21 on Dan Carpenter 24-yard FG as time expires. Happy birthday, Dan. This isn't one you'll forget. ... Game tied 21-21 on 80-yard Miami scoring drive capped by 29-yard Ryan Tannehill TD strike to Charles Clay. ... Bang! Dolfans not even done celebrating tying TD when SEA's Leon Washington returns kickoff 98 yards for TD and Dolphins down 21-14 with 7:54 to play. ... Huge luck for Miami! Tied 14-14 on Daniel Thomas 3-yard TD run with 8 minutes left after a Tannehill INT in end-zone is negated by a roughing-passer penalty. Tannehill has never been happier to be roughed. ... The big question isn't who'll win. It's how many sports writers will be able to avoid writing sprinklers-come-on jokes. ..... 3Q: Oy! Sprinklers come on during game, interupting play and soaking field for about 30 seconds. Not sure whose, but I hear somebody's head rolling. ... Seattle with its first lead, 14-7, on Russell Wilson 4-yard scoring toss to a wide-open Michael Robinson. ..... Half: Miami 89 yards rushing in first half but a mere 68 passing. ..... 2Q: SEA ties it 7-7 in final minute on 3-yard scoring pass from Russell Wilson to Anthony McCoy, after Jared Odrick misses a shoulda-been sack. ... Reggie Bush awakens crowd with artful 21-yard scoring run and a 7-0 Dolphins lead, capping 94-yard drive. ... Am about to take up a collection in the press box to pay one onf these teams to score. ... 1Q: First quarter a puntfest, snoozy even by scoreless-game standards. ... Ryan Tannehill intercepted on MIA's second series, his sixth pick in past nine quarters. ..... Pregame: As promised on the radio, the parade of popcorn has begun! ... Club just announced that $2.2 million was raised for cancer research through the Dolphins Cycling Challenge. Michael Mandich, your father Jim would be proud of you, and if this community. ..... Original post: The playoffs are running away from Miami. Fast. At 4-6 after three straight losses, the Dolphins now are a home underdog vs. visiting Seattle today, then host New England and play at 1aa1dolseaSan Francisco. In other words the record could tumble to 4-9 real quick if today slips away. So it is time to think of this season not in terms of any unlikely playoff run but in terms of what we learn this year moving forward. And that starts with rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. He seems to have regressed a bit lately and today he faces a fellow rookie arm in the Seahawks' Russell Wilson. For those reason, as I wrote Friday in this column, Sunday would be a very good day for Tannehill to be very good. Won-lost record aside, Dolfans are hungry for reasons to be believe, and that starts with the quarterback. Win or lose today, we are looking for signs -- affirmation -- that Tannehill is the right guy long term. My pick: Seattle, 23-17.


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Seattle 41 Dolphins 6 I know, I know but I'm the glass is half full kinda guy.


ND barely beat some mediocre teams, excluding stanford (controversial ending in OT at home) and oklahoma in an off year for them. to these eyes that doesn't translate into a victory over georgia or alabama. nice season till now, but methinks the vase is staying in the SEC.

shadow, you also called for USC to beat ND. We shall see. When it comes to college football, I have no hate for any team out there. I DO have a special hating interest in Alabama HC Nick Saban. IMO it is good for traditional college football to have a strong ND that wins a championship occasionally.

ALL college football fans... Did you pay attention to what Ohio State did this year? Urban Meyer - love him or hate him - the man can coach up a winner. Look at his resume with Boise St, Florida & now the Buckeyes. Impressive. Consider what Meyer did with Tebow. Again, impressive. Ohio State would be #1 in the nation playing the Irish for the championship.

I'm playing the ANTI-DUKE today... Dolphins surprise everyone, put up 40 pts & blow out the Seahawks.

New Poll:

If Urban Meyer wanted to leave Ohio State and coach the Hurricanes & YOU had the say in hiring him or ignoring his request,,, what would U do?

A. Hire
B. Ignore


#91 is too quick for the big zhlub wearing #77 and will be involved in many a tackle/sack today. the announcer isa correct in saying that jake long gets out of his stance in a hurry for fear of getting beaten by speed rushers; NEWS FLASH- jake long also gets beaten on bull rushes.

Whelp, new Dolphins blog up, guess I should read up on the Miami Hurricanes and try to troll some of their fans into talking to me!

HIRE URBAN. But it's only a dream. The Canes would never get anyone of Meyer's stature. Truth is with their pathetic stadium situation they are lucky to have Golden.

ND is going to beat Alabama or Georgia. It's destiny. ND has won 3 games they should have lost most notably the Pitt game. They remind me of the 2002 Ohio State team that beat Miami (well actually were handed the game by the refs). Ohio State that year won several games they should have lost. This is just NDs year.

If it is Alabama v ND this will be a tough one for Miami fans. Canes fans hate ND for the one stolen from us in 1988. And who in Miami doesn't hate Nick Satan?

I'm watching the Dolphins and it is really sad they are playing in an empty JRS. WTF? Miami fans (Dolphins, Canes, Marlins, etc) really do SUCK!

Tom I really thought when they left Orange Bowl it was bad idea. Better to build players stadium on hallowed ground than move to no mans land.

Seattle is starting to take over the game. Dolphins O looks sluggish.

Miami can't finish blocks, can't finish tackles. They put pressure on the QB but don't finish with a sack. DB's find a way to leave someone wide open on 3rd down. This team is starting to look like they might lose out the rest of the season.

Tannehill might not be able to inspire his fellow teamates to a higher level of play but they sure enough can bring him down to a lower level.

Sweet Jesus I'm good luck to this team when I expect the worst from them hence their 3 game skid. Ok I can expecrt the worst fror the rest of Miami's season. Remember regulars when I run down the team I am doing it for THE TEAM!

Dolphins give up another score! What a bunch of Nancy-Boys!



the seahawks are destroying their chances with beyond numerous penalties. reggie bush is showing the moves that not many have and jake long is letting clemons get to tannehill often but still just that early sack. the dolphins have been fortunate that the seahawks are getting flagged on every big play.

No Vinny Trophy for almost 40 years! And this team hasn't moved to Montana yet!

Huh it really works... Dolphin players couldn't spell win if they were spotted the w and the n.

After the game Dolphin players need to game up on Long force him down and beat him with bars of soap wrapped in towels like he was Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket.


Perhaps this is a bad time to bring this up but can you imagine what NE is going to do to this team. Let alone SF...

Dolphins WIn !!!!!!

The Dolphins running game showed up today and Tannehill had a very solid game, hhhhmmmm, I wonder if there is a connection.

Nice win boy, nice win. Nice to see Carpenter hit one on his birthday. Tan looked real good in the second half and hit two huge passes on game winning drive. Defense played great. Just a great win for the fish.

FZ, last night there was an OC sighting. He actually showed at the Hotel California for my Mrs. birthday party. Now you know he's supposedly been "working his ass" trying to get the condo ready for rent. This was supposed to be a lightning quick two week turnaround that OC has turned into a four month breather. He looked, tanned, rested, and ready to extend the California vacation well into 2013. The boy is my hero. I asked him how come it's taking so long and he told me he found a stash of dollar bills in the attic and as long as he has bills he's going to "make it rain" at the Mission Viejo Lucky Lady Strip Club. Nice, a man has to know where his priorities are. "Wassup OC!"

Amazing win. The first half was a cure for chronic insomnia but the second half was much better. Can Miami get to 8-8? If so, outside shot at playoffs. Playoffs? Did you say playoffs? Don't talk to me about playoffs?

Right now 6-5 has the second wild card spot. Miami has a chance but has to play NE twice and SF in their remaining 5 games. It'll be tough. But one can have the audacity to hope......

Dolphins blow! Remember that remark was for the team gentlemen...

I'm big fan of audacity. If I only exercised it more consistently I be swimming in ecstasy! Dolphins bite me!

Ted Ginn Jr is still missing his family.

He needs to boldly forgetta 'bout 'em...


the guy who was rushing jumped in the air and had the misfortune of his hand touching tannehill's helmet without enough force to press a letter on yourkeyboard and have it appear on the screen. good games for bush and bess and it looks like 5-11 will not be the dolphins record unless they go into complete meltdown, which shouldn't occur with buffalo at home and jacksonville anywhere left on the shedyool.

Fins got help from refs to win,,, we'll take it.

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