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November 13, 2012

BETRAYAL! Marlins trade Reyes, Johnson, 3 others in massive salary dump. Like the moves? New poll. Vote now!

[1) It is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15. Heat now a mortal 6-3 after last night's loss. Where the panic button at!?!? 2) You may still vote in our NASCAR poll in blogpost directly below this latest one. 3) Visit our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote (under construction; new vids coming soon) and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click on We're Watching, Jeffrey for today's latest column by me. It is on the Marlins and how MLB and the commissioner's office should be watching and insisting that club owner Jeffrey Loria fulfill his obligation to a competitive payroll. Also, thanks again to ESPN's Outside The Lines for having us on yesterday to talk about the Marlins mess. Click here to listen. I come in around one-third in.

MARLINS BETRAY, ANGER FANS WITH MASSIVE SALARY DUMP: The most unenviable job in South Florida today? How about the marketing rep trying to sell Marlins season-tickets. Does it ever end with this Marlins regime led by owner Jeffrey Loria and president David Samson? Can this ownership/management go even a 1aa1joshr 1aa1joselfull year without alienating its battered fan base? This week the news broke -- broke like Marlins fans' hearts -- that the club had traded shortstop Jose Reyes (left), starter Josh Johnson (right), starter Mark Buerhle, utilityman Emilio Bonifacio and catcher John Buck to Toronto in exchange for shortstop Yunel Escobar, starter Henderson Alavrez and four minor-leaguers. Escobar is pretty good, but this deal is a plain salary dump, plundering the Marlins from a roster/talent standpoint but saving money. Losing Buck is no big deal, but losing Johnson/Buerhle guts the starting rotation, and losing Reyes/Bonifacio guts the top of the order and the team's speed. The deal was so shocking that Giancarlo Stanton -- the team's last star standing -- couldn't help but Tweet, "Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & simple." (Note the three exclamation points). New manager Mike Redmond, who last managed a Single-A team, must feel like he is suddenly back on that level. The only hedge here is that the Marlins might now use much of this saved money -- along with the $$$ saved by earlier dumping Hanley Ramirez -- to make a splash in free agency. But has this regime earned that benefit of doubt? It has not. Loria and company promised competitive payrolls and a commitment to winning in exchange for the new stadium. That is why this feels like a betrayal. The people in charge of the Marlins must rebuild something approaching a major-league roster. Even more daunting, those same people must win back the trust of fans in the wake of this latest astonishing betrayal of faith. Share your thoughts on this Marlins trade in our new poll, and tell us why you voted as you did.

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UNBELIEVABLE! The saga continues. I've been a Marlins fan since day one, in both championship years, and through bad times, but come on! There is no way you can expect to build fans by telling guys to pack their bags as soon as fans begin to identify with them. Marlins management is pathetic. The only way they can salvage anything is to spend in free agency. But will they? I have my doubts. We've had good players. You can't keep fans on a roller coaster like this. Like going from a packed house at Joe Robbie for Game 7 against the Indians to irrelevency shortly after. Or the magic of the 03 postseason to quickly becoming an afterthought once again. Reyes: 1 year done. Cabrera: Traded for a pack of peanuts. Sheffield didn't stay, Uggla was a fan favorite..you guessed it..traded. D-Lee leaves and becomes the marquee hitter in baseball with the Cubs. The list goes on and on. Marlins management is a joke. And change those ugly jerseys. Those white home jerseys are the ugliest in sports. Simple is better with baseball. Not a black/orange/blue/yellow M with a Marlin swooshing around it. Looks hideous. Like ownership's decisions.

i will never go to another Marlins game ever again as long as the currentl owner and management are in place! Worst organization in all of sports.

Loria is going in the HOF as the 2nd worst owner in pro sports. He gets the nod over Donald Sterling because he's got 1 ring.

Lets not forget this team won 69 games last year and was only going to get older, less productive and more expensive. This is the right move, Marlins admitted they made a mistake and instead of riding it to the ground, they got out of it while salvageable. great trade

why are we starting another thread ...

here's what I'm going to say about "Los Marlins"..The more things change the more they stay the same, we are the laughing stock of the whole league and will continue to be as long as Loria is the owner.

here's something interesting..some people just take things too damn seriously.


LOL, how pathetic you people are. This is clearly the right move, that team was going nowhere. They bet on landing Pujols -TG they did not- and settled and overpaid for Reyes to fill the stands of year 1 of the "new" Marlins.

But this was evidently a blend of players that was not going to cut it any time soon. Excellent BUSINESS decision, yes they will suck for one year but you have to endure those growing pains to be great and not to settle for mediocre. Trust me as a GM if would have been 100 times easier to leave the status quo, good for Loria and friends for having the gonads to pull this trade.

Apologies for the re-post:

Some people are just arrogant scumbag a**holes. They can't help it. It's nearly impossible for those kinds of people to make up for how much everyone hates them by being great at their job.

Jeff Ireland is one, I've seen a couple interviews of him on youtube and heard an interview on LeBatard that Ross made him do when the protest to have him fired happened. He's come off like an arrogant scumbag a**hole in every interview I've ever heard and there's no doubt that's why he's only done one interview down here in the past two years.

David Samson is another. Here's a post I wrote two years ago, Loria's an idiot and who knows what Larry Beinfest does but David Samson is the arrogant scumbag a**hole holding the franchise back.

I don't support anything to do with the Marlins anymore, and won't until David Samson is gone(/retires?). I hope that nobody goes to the new stadium and they make good on their threat to move to Las Vegas. We can use OUR stadium for a MLS franchise, or just open it up for neighborhood dominos tournaments or something, it won't go to any more of a waste than it already is.

David Samson is just a straight up a**hole d**chebag, as demonstrated by his weekly appearances on the Dan LeBatard show and the following anecdote - I was sitting in the presidents box at the OB for a Thursday night game against Texas A&M a few years back and Samson was sitting right in front of me. There were a bunch of Wisconsin university people there and one of them was talking to Samson and told him that the guy hanging out by the window had won a championship for Wisconsin's volleyball team or something that year, and the guy held up his hand with the ring on it.

Samson looks at the guy's ring and says word for word and in a joking tone that convinced no one: "yea, that's one of those 'so what?' rings, if you want to see a real ring check this out", and he pulls his Marlins ring out of his jacket, puts it on his finger, and displays it for everybody hand open and palm down like the dainty little fanny bandit that he is.
OK, I feel better. That should hold me over until they trade away Hanley or Josh Johnson.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | November 16, 2010 at 08:11 PM

(This rant made possible by the Hanley trade)

* Uggla

So sad.

Wow, that's a made up internet tale if I've ever seen one^. You're a loser.

Why the f*ck would a multi million dollar man like Samson be on hand to watch a terrible Miami Hurricanes squad square off against an even worse Texas A&M squad? The dude was in his penthouse by the beach sipping Dom Perignone that night. I'm sure he wasn't talking down to Volleyball coaches you clown.

You could lose 90+ games and finish last for a lot less money than the Marlins spent last season.

please jeffery loria please sell this team you dont know shit about baseball you get the tax payers to build you a stadium and then you hire this dump ozzie gillen and then you trade the rest of your best players nice going you now have a triple a team i hope you are happy when only 10,00 fans per game show up i guess you will trade stanton when we ask for more money you are the worst own in miami number 2 is jeffery ross of the dolphins

I log on to the Herald every day during football season because I have been a longtime Dolphins fan. As a Canadian I am also a Blue Jays fan. I think YOU got the better of this deal!! The Jays have stunk for years. But, finally, there was promise because of the young talent. Now the idiots have traded it to YOU!! Hechevarria, Alvarez, and especially Nicolino are going to be very good. Arrencebia is already among the best power hitting catchers. Be patient. This was a huge mistake by Toronto. Stu in Canada

"LOL, how pathetic you people are. This is clearly the right move, that team was going nowhere. They bet on landing Pujols -TG they did not- and settled and overpaid for Reyes to fill the stands of year 1 of the "new" Marlins.

But this was evidently a blend of players that was not going to cut it any time soon. Excellent BUSINESS decision, yes they will suck for one year but you have to endure those growing pains to be great and not to settle for mediocre. Trust me as a GM if would have been 100 times easier to leave the status quo, good for Loria and friends for having the gonads to pull this trade."

Jorge you couldnt have said it better, took the words out of my mouth

Mitch & Jorge = Loria & Sampson.

Anyone who didn't think Loria scammed Dade County into building him a stadium and promising to spend money for a competitive team after all the b.s. he's pulled in the past is an idiot.

Laces out - that's a 2010 post about a UM game that happened in 2007. For all you know I did make it up but it'd take some serious dedication for me to remember that.

David Samson is an arrogant scumbag a**hole and he needs to go. Why did he sh*t on a volleyball coach? Because he's an arrogant scumbag a**hole. Why was he at the game? F*ck if I know, he was there by himself.

I don't care if the Marlins win championships - win enough fans to pay us back for your goddamn stadium. You can't trade away every single player whose name fans recognize or you will never make a profit, especially in this city.

Does anyone here really think Sampson would be in his postition if he was not related to Loria?

As I have said many times, just go ask the people in Montreal about this dynamic duo...............

uglyaqua - you inspired me to look at Samson and Loria's wikipedia pages for the first time.


Kaz, These two clowns keep laughing at all the suckers they have under their control, just like they did in Montreal. Those people finally had enough and what did MLB do? send them here............

Those other canidates whom The Marlins wanted to interview,and who removed themselves from consideration, are probably having a good laugh...........

For years I have been said Loria & Samson are gansters they should be banned from baseball---

Had no idea they were related, no idea they both failed with the Expos.

I was never a Marlins hater until they took taxpayer money to build a stadium on top of the private school football stadium that the commissioners would never pay to renovate.

I've been to some great Marlins games, went to both their clinching championship games in NY and at Joe Robbie and the only game I went to in the new stadium Giancarlo hit a walk off grand slam to beat the Mets.

Their business model is failed. They would have had to move if Miami didn't build them a stadium. You can't get consistent ticket sales when you keep trading away the team's best players, even if you do randomly win championships every 7.5 years, which they won't moving forward.

You can rule out making any kind of splash in free agency with the money the team is saving. No star free agent is ever going to want to sign with the Marlins after this debacle. It's also going to lead to more free agents demanding no trade clauses in their contracts, which the other owners in MLB aren't going to be happy about.

I love baseball. Grew up watching Musial, Schoendist, and
the like. Always knew they would be there. How can you
build loyalty from fans to a team which you watch
start to come together for a whole season and then see
it blown apart. Does Loira have a heart, a soul? Or
just a cash register. He does not belong in baseball; he should be an auctioneer, with no attachment to the merchandise he handles. Maybe if enough of us stay away
for a season, he will fail and fall. Couldn't happen to
a nicer guy. Shtunk!

aaaah! every time!!!!!!! why can't they ever keep their players???????????????

Beisbol bin bery bery bad for me.

Is Jeff Ireland running the Marlins now?

The problem with this trade is that no decent player will ever sign a free agent contract with the Marlins with this owner/president ever again. Also, they got next to nothing in return. Low upside minor leaguers, and flat out can't hit bums at the major league level. Absurd. Probably the worst trade in the history of MLB. Miami Dade politians should be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. Loria and Samson should never be allowed to show their faces in Miami again. In fact, they should be jailed as thieves.

The Heat benefit from all this, as they up their stance as the only game in town.

It all makes sense if one looks at it from the standpoint of Obamacare.

I'm glad Loria kept his word with the money the Dade Co. commission gave him on building a championship team. Dade Co., you've been punked!

This move is an absolute travesty. Jeff Luria is no more then a craven thief, his behavior predictable since he traded away Miguel Cabrera for garbage claiming the Marlins were losing money. In fact the team actually made over $30 million, thanks to revenue sharing. These facts were hidden from the public by Luria and his hand puppet David Samson. Today's move is another example of how little either man cares about the fan base. Frankly, they stole money from the taxpayers to finance the stadium with no consideration for the on field product. Mr. Luria's son-in-law is an incompetent order taker whose first dollar of income is more then he deserves or actually earns. The Marlin fan base has continually been discounted as owners from Huizinga to Luria sell off talent getting nothing in return. The only intelligent decision for South Florida baseball fans is to stay away from the park until the team is sold to an owner who cares about the fans and their entertainment dollars. Mr Luria assuredly does not deserve your hard earned money. The Marlins are a stark contrast to the well run Miami Heat. As ESPN just coined the Marlins....."The Miami Mirage". Lets hope the public runs the worst ownership group in professional sports out of town.

Jorge - how can you claim they got Jose after failing to get Pujols? My recollection (as a Mets fan) is that they contacted Reyes just after midnight on the day that free agents could speak to other clubs. They must have gotten a pretty quick rejection by Pujols to do that.

I don't understand how people claim this was a good baseball move. Reyes hit all his career averages on stats, Burhle was our best pitcher, and its way to early to give up on a talent like Josh Johnson. The only good part of the trade was getting rid of Buck...but you trade 3 of your best players to get rid of one contract? This ownership is a bunch of lying scum bags, who seem either incompetent at their jobs or are taking our money Bernie" Madoff style, I hope the government does investigate the financing of the stadium and finds their scumbag tricks. Furthermore, the Marlins should average less than 100 people in attendance and lose Stanton (who they are going to lose regardless.)

I'm not really a big baseball fan even though my Giants have won two of the last three world series I would gladly trade both of them for a Canes NCAA championship. That said, I feel for true Marlins baseball fans in Miami. Since the city was awarded the franchise I have had reservations of the success of baseball here for a variety of reasons that I have mentioned some on this blog. Regardless of my reservations I do understand that there is a loyal fan base for the Marlins in Miami who have been treated like horse hack by the Marlins organization for years. With this kind of behavior by Luria it doesn't bode well for baseball fans in the Miami area.

I disapprove...because I'm a Blue Jays fan, or at least I was before this. I can't take it anymore. The Blue Jays are such a joke of a franchise.

Armando Salguero!!!! Cote, and other... Why do you and you minions repeat your articles over and over just changing the date and title, but the body of the article, (subject), is the same. This occurs daily. How stupid do you think we are?

David Sampson and Jeff Ireland have to come from the same Mother.
I'll bet a grand that there mothers name is Donna Shalala(Which BTW I've had Coitus with)
Sorry FZB..


Donna Shallali is my son's mom?...Thanks for telling me.

since I adopted him we've been searching for his "mommy" for a long time and now we finally know, come to think of it, there is a resemblance.

by the way, Kaz says he likes you..not sure what that means.

OK lets see now, last baseball season I went to 9 baseball games and every time our group went we would spend about $250.00 (between food, parking & tickets), that's mucho dinero.

We are going to spend it on the Dolphins from now on, I like football better anyways.

It's not about whether those players were any good or not...The Marlins chose them..It's about their business plan...they probably tried to overpay people they thought would underproduce so they could dump salary ASAP. the only reason they had salary was because MLB made them do it. they want to keep lining their pockets with profit sharing until they are allowed to sell the team.and then they will transfer about 200 million from city of Miami to their pockets..who's laughing now? Samson is nothing but the sociopathic masochistic front man who takes the heat and loves it.

so the Marlins payroll is down to 20.2 millions and that includes 11 mil for Ricky Nolasco but once he gets traded then it will be 10 Mil !!!

yup, triple A team..

Now, someone said the players we got back from Toronto are pretty good, we'll see about that.

FZB, would that "someone" be Loria or Sampson?

So sorry Marlins fans...

Us Montreal Expos fans played in that movie, a few years ago. Loria and Samson have made a very good living, with broken promises.

Those two frauds played us, the same way they are playing you now, with the benediction of Bud Selig...

p.s. You haven't seen your last «firesale»!

Add the Marlins to the Canes and Dolphins of sorry South Florida teams.

Heat and Panthers are the only act in town worth anything and the NHL is locked out.

No one shuld be surprised; he destroyed his Expos team in nearly same methods. If anybody shouldbe to blame; take it out on MLB - they allow him to do this

Mr. Woodcock, Would you trade Dolphins perfect season for one Hurricane National championship sir? Personally I enjoy nothing more than the sado-masochistic pursuit of watching the Dolphins year in and year out. What more can a guy full of self-hate ask for?

Darius Rucker likely slit his wrists after Cam regime. Darius your free now man...

Ever hear the song "Moon Over Miami"? Well, we just got mooned. Loria, Samson, and Beinfest just climbed to the top of the outside of the dome, dropped their drawers and flapped what they had at us - the fans, the taxpayers, every other pro sports franchise that once hoped to get public funding for a stadium. What, you think any body else is ever going to put up taxpayer money for some sleazy owner??? The NBA stopped a trade last year because they said it was not in the best interest of the sport. Hope MLB recognizes how bad this will be for all pro sports.

Dukey- Darius Rucker ah, a great guy. The wife and I met him a few years ago in St.Barts. He was with this hot looking blond. The guy is a nice person. He was sitting by the pool next to us, and of course the wife starts talking to him. No phoney bs with this guy, a real warm person. We had a drink together. He told us he was resting up before going on tour. Of course the wife had to get a couple of pictures of him with her for the kids. Both my kids were big fans of hootie + The Blowfish.

Here is the thing people, we had a horrible team last year, HORRIBLE and for what 118 million dollars on the year in salary? THATS STUPID, we CAN be the next Oakland A's and we CAN be the next Baltimore Orioles. Just wait, we got some good GOOOOOOD young talent. Lets build on it as opposed to bulding on players past their prime (Reyes, Bell) and players who never blossomed (Johnson and Hanley)

Kazaam- God, relax my friend, it's only baseball. Agree with you about the stadium fleecing, it was a joke. People wonder why they call Miami a bannana republic. Went to a couple of games this past summer, and they were fudgine ihe attendance. By next august they will not draw enough people to pay the electric bill.

Greg Cote promoted the Marlins no vote stadium as hard as any politician.

It has been disgrace for years now but if Selig doesn't step in, baseball itself has just suffered a tremendous setback. This is now the 2nd franchise and city both father and son (Luria/Samson) have ruined.

You could justify the Han-Ram was a way to free up money to only reinvest. This further validates that both moves were simply to free up money so they could continue to reinvest in their own pockets. Nobody in baseball, player or executive level respects or likes either Loria and Samson. Beinfest is a hack yes man.

A real owner needs to come in like (Dodgers)and do this franchise right. NOBODY wants to play here, let alone sign here. A beautiful park paid from by Miami and nothing to watch in it.

Very happy about the trade. Will go to about 9 Marlin games. A Washington National fan!


our beloved maddog, RIP, shot holes through the new stadium proposals ay every opportunity, decrying the vast amount of taxpayer revenue that was going to be sunk into what has been and will certainly be a white elephant-could be red elephant as reports are that it has already started to rust. norman braman and ebvery other right thinking citizen called for a major investigation of just how the politicos passed this legislation- and this while the marlins were sitting on a decent team with young pitching. now, as maddog predicted, the fire sale has occurred and soon the schmendrick father-in-law and son-in-law will unload, if they can, the marlins and count all the money they made during their tenure, which will include the hundreds of millions for the building. loria and samson are rotten son-of- ditches. mike stanton won't see a pitch to hit all year with some 19 year-old AA player in front and behind him. then his star power goes down-his ability won't unless the frustration gets to him- and they get rid of the best young slugger in baseball for another lump of cash. i wasn't here in 1997, but was for dontrellemania and cabrera and the deepest 5 man pitching staff i can recall winning an exciting playoffs and WS that the fans deserved but the owners didn't. i hope their paintings get mold!!! they should only bust!!

This move could be great for the Blue Jays but it is not without risk.

Does anyone here think that Reyes is a 20 mil per year player?

Johnson has been injured often and went 8-14 last year potential is the word used with him.

Buerhle is owed 52 million and he is just pretty average Buck isn't very good Bonafacio is a utility player.

This trade will be evaluated over the next few years players going to Canada make 14 percent less due to taxes in yearly salary do the math that's a lot of dough.

I certainly hope none of you few Marlin fans didn't see this coming? That circus of a front office could only constantly pull this crap off down here. You think those two clowns could do this over and over again in Philly, Boston, or NY? Think again dummies. You people deserve these guys. To allow them the ability to build a stadium, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Loria and Samson!! A man and his boy playing with big boy toys. Don't even have the balls to come out in front of the fans and explain why they did this (flunky Beinfest will do it who must have pictures) but who would believe them. They told this last group of players that they were safe and OK and that Ozzzie would be back. Another one of their lies. Samson is an ARROGANT little spolied brat (Napoleon complex) who has been given everything he has by his babysitter Loria. I have never given this organization a nickel of my $$ since Wayne sold off the team after they won the WS. Dade County deserves everything they are getting since they built that staudium for these scu*bags. MLB should step in and make them sell this minor league team to an owner who cares about winning. Mickey Arison, help us!!! Giancarlo and Billy the Marlin, pack your bags and thank the Lord when they ship you out.

In case Cote won't make a poll out of this one Miami sports fans, I have one for ya:

Bigger douche of the day, Jeffrey Loria or Hope Solo?

Mr. Jeffrey Loria, Miami Marlins, 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. Or just call 305-480-1300 and express your disgust

Naples I never cared for their music but it's still nice to hear there are some good people out there.

RE: jerramy stevens

the only thing that guy doesn't drop is the liquor bottle. a chronic alcoholic whoese drops in the super bowl weren't because of the steelers, they were because he is either drunk/hungover 24/7. the guy dropped passes every game in which he played. hope solo deserves a guy like him- what the heck are people doing up at 3:45 in the morning if they are not partying or drinking? she is a real pig abd deserves a creep like him. arguing over whether to live in flaw-duh or washington AFTER THEY GOT MARRIED!! hardee, har, har- she is signed up for bridal gifts at the home depot and he is signed up at the booze barn. another happy happy joy joy athletic couple.

The Three Stooges need to be encouraged very strongly to get out of town ASAP! Old Shallow Pockets, Jeffrey Loria, has shown his true colors after one brief attempt at a make over. I just wonder how the teams two radio mouthpieces, Glen Geffner and Dave Van Horne , will try to put the best possible face on what amounts to a total catastrophe. Slick-talking David Samson needs to be tarred and feathered and any member of the Miami-Dade County Commission who voted for this public swindle needs to go to jail! I've been a radio listener for the past five years since I'm on crutches now, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan!


What if this is the first of a few more moves in free agency that will make our team a little more competitive, MAYBE this is what they are thinking of doing.

Now I'm not holding my breath and I don't trust them a whole lot but it could happen.

4/8/13 Opening Day 2013. I implore every true Marlins Fan to Boycott opening day. It will send the biggest message we could possibly send MLB. Opening day is the most important date on the baseball calendar, it is possibly the only day in the year when baseball is a news story across the nation. We need to make a statement as a fan base, and this seems to be the most practical way of doing so. BOYCOTT OPENING DAY!

does anyone cares the Dolphins are playing tomorrow night?

I will be MOST INTERESTED to see how Tannehill responds in this game, does he go into a shelf or does he come out swinging, I say the kid will have a good game, even if we lose.

what has happened to our pass defense?..And why can't we get to the QB?..

why is our offensive line struggling so much?..

we can still salvage the season but it has to start tomorrow night, if we lose then kiss the season goodbye and start playing the rookies and the young back ups a little more.


I'll tell you what happened....they are not "sneaking up" on anybody anymore & they have been exposed for the team they TRULY are....

I care FZB I care a lot like you said win or go home I didn't expect a must win this early but here we are.

A win and we are in decent shape at 5-5 Tannehill needs to step it up we haven't scored a TD in 6 quarters Buffalo has a terrible defense (so did Tenn.) so hopefully we get it going don't lay an egg on national tv guys.

Miami, the joke is on you once again.
Will you ever learn?

i dont give a flying rat ____, get Loria out of here, scumbag

Who really cares, they lied to the public, tore down the OB and used public money to build building that they can't fill, what else is there toi say. The Marlins organization sucks, it like having legalized racketeering. We were lied to, bullied into spending the money and now they, the A**hole owner guts a team that wasn't very good to begin with. Who cares, let them leave Miami. Unfortunately they can't go somewhere new because now everyone knows what idiot Luria is. he's the Jerry Jones of baseball, only Jerry does use some of his own money to make bad decisions. Bye,Bye Marlins, next year you will actually be able to count the number of fans in the stadium, probably on 2 hands.

Marlins park will be quieter than a library next year or a Canes home game.

Hooray for the trade! As a Toronto fan, maybe we'll be able to compete with those hated Yankees and Red Sox.

or hopefully Buehrle continues to throw his 85 mph fastballs, Reyes continues to be overrated and Joshson is a flop Boston fans can only hope Wally Go Red Sox don't forget about the other good teams in the division either gator chop!

We want the Orange Bowl back - on this property.

Everyone should read what Alex has posted. It is entirely the TRUTH................

What makes it tough is that its a justifiable baseball-move.

The Fish were horrible last year with all this money tied up to a handful of players. They had the whole season to 'turn it around' and never could.

The farm system now has some good players which at least is something to be happy about (seems like the Marlins always have a good farm system...wonder if their cheap ways have something to do with that!)

Its a firesale alright. BUt in this case, there were only two options:
1) Have a high payroll for a terrible product


2) Slash payroll, get some (hopefully) quality players/prospects in return and rebuild to hopefully have something to what the Rays had going on for a few years (farm system all matured around the same time).


I read the article, its dead on but MLB/Bud Light will do nothing, Loria and him are best of buddies, everything will be ignored and swept under the rug just like the murder of those 4 brave americans in Bengazhi..

its the way of the world now days.

me personally I'm willing to give them a couple of more months to see what they do in free agency, they may still go after a few good young players which will make the team competitive next season, we shall see.

samson going to be on the radio show this week answering questions or will he chicken out?

David Samson up next.

hahahaha, Hey liberals, looks like that joke you call a president is a little upset with senator Mcain for trying to get to the truth about the Benhazhi murders..


imagine that, when are you going to finally tell the truth to the American public Obi???

The Palm Beach Post is reporting the Marlins are also shopping Ricky Nolasco and Logan Morrison..

Like Yogi Berra said :

"It's deja-vu all over again!!"

They are the same guys who burried the Expos in Montreal. How can these 2 clowns still manage in major league baseball?

Just heard Samson's interview and frankly He sounds so hypocritical, claiming that they will be better off. He should be fired and his boss, Loria should be asked to pay back for the stadium. I guess they think we are all gullible, or stupid. I am bitter, dissapointed, feeling betrayed- same as many other Marlins fans!!

you know guys there are a couple of positive things that have come from the dismantling of the Marlins..

Buck and Bell are not with the team anymore...

You're gonna love Escobar...just watch what he writes on his eye-black


pretty soon the marlins will be on computer only, as who is gnna listen to an awful annonncer (who ought to go "up,upand away" and a team that has one batter of any quality. 790 should be soiling their trousers as who will they get to sponsor a team that was unlistenable last year and will be worse this year. at least in the miami area sunsports will be showing the games of a competitive tampa team with announcers who are a hundred notches above the unlistenable rich waltz (?) and tommy hutton, homers beyond the definition of homerism and who conjure up an excuse for ever one of the marlin misplays in the field, dating back to the days when dan uggla made a shambles of playing second base and of running the basepaths. geez, listening to a ballgame used to be such a nice part of summer evenings; i guesss it still is if you live within the giants' broadcast network and get to hear jon miller do a game, still a joy to these ears.

Nice question Duke. No I would not trade the perfect season for any other achievement in sport. Especially for me who as a college student I had season tickets for both Super Bowl wins. The memory of those great days at the Orange Bowl fade but they don't go away. As much as I like the Canes I like the No Name D, the Zonk, Merc, and Kiick, Warfield to the post, and square jaw Shula leading the boys out of the tunnel at the hollowed ground of the Orange Bowl more.

Just started watching the best game of the night in the Association, the Heat v Clippers. Hope you boys in South Fla can hang at least until half time before going to bed.

Mr. Woodcock, you are truly a lucky man sir. Yup those wonderful memories are a part of who you are. What a perfect weave sir!


Looky what 2 ***** 5 STARS are coming to the O-Dome next year !!!

#23 Chris Walker Hilite film… just SICK. ’nuff said


As OC was telling me, "the Clippers are for real."

Mr. Woodcock,

actually wanted to watch a few minutes of the clippers/heat, if only to see chris paul play. a point guard that can score/shoot-probably the best in the NBA. still remember listening to the NCAA playoff game when west virginia outasted wake desoite an incredible game by chris paul, who fouled out before the OT as i remember. got the ole "word's eye view" (RIP, chickie baby) on him just as i did on ben gordon listening to uconn play UM a few years back.

maybe you can call in the uninformed radio hosts who say that your beloved trojans play in an NFL stadium- USC was playing at the coliseum decades before the nrams moved from cleveland. although it is a little bit of a walk, it still adjacent to the school and while not technically "on-campus", it ain't so far "off-campus" either. and nobody that i know or have heard of ever got accosted walking from fraternity/sorority row (28th between hoover and fig) to or back from a game- lots of "to protect and serve" on gameday/nights. have a good day and i hope FZB can recover from the marlins; samson and loria give the tribe two black eyes. say, i guess hope solo is available- how about chaz bono for her!!

Mouning guys,

Wood's, I was able to hang until half time last night and yes the Clippers are for real.

shadow..I'm used to "Los Marlins" doing this, I think this is the fourth time trough the ringer but in reality they are a very distant fourth on my viewing/supporting habits.

Panthers-hardly watch.

The Dolphins are a relative healthy team going into tonight's game and the Bills are without some key players, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WIN but that's what I said last week also, is obvious that if don't win we are not yet ready for prime time and the rest of the games/season should be used to continue T-Hill's development and start playing some of our younger inexperience players..

I used to sing this song to the top of my lungs every time it came on the radio (still do) Here is some classic Dylan to get your juices flowing this morning.


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