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November 08, 2012

Bowl or ban: the big decision facing UM. Poll. Vote!; plus Dolphins Perfect Season tribute sneak-preview, NFL predix, debut of Heat Big 5, Mississippi & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9. Visit our video channel atYouTube/TheGregCote (on hiatus; new vids coming soon) and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Dolphins' Perfect Season documentary: The Dolphins and NFL Films are marking the 40th anniversary of Miami's 1972 17-0 season with a one-hour documentary on that team. It debuts Saturday/tomorrow at 7 p.m. on WFOR-CBS4. Click here for a 90-second sneak preview.

TO BOWL OR TO BAN, THAT IS THE QUESTION: Miami Hurricanes football becomes bowl-eligible with one more win -- perhaps Saturday at Virginia -- and then the university would face a wrenching decision: 1aa1alg2 1aa1algWhether to let the team compete in the postseason, or self-impose a ban (as happened last year) to lessen future NCAA penalties. The sides: Coach Al Golden (left), wanting the prize his team would have earned, and UM president Donna Shalala (right), weighing what's best for the program in the broader view. I tackle this issue in today's latest column; click The Hard Choice to read. Stakes are higher this year because UM controls its own path to reach the ACC championship game for the first time, and play for a spot in the Jan. 1 BCS-level Orange Bowl. That's a lot to give up, although the more that is sacrificed (presumbaly), the more that would weigh with the NCAA. I write that Miami should take its medicine, bitter and hard to swallow as it is, and self-impose another ban. The priority here should be to move beyond future NCAA penalties in the Nevin Shapiro mess as quickly as possible, and having a voluntary bowl ban now means you don't have one and are past this a year sooner. But I also sense I may be in the distinct minority on this issue. Thus, a poll! Vote and say why. Remember: Everybody wants a bowl. Nobody wants a self-imposed ban ... the issue is what's the smartest course for UM?

1aa1heat5DEBUT: HEAT BIG 5 AT...: The blog loves bells 'n whistles especially of the nerdy-stat variety and today we debut a new one we'll be running throughout Heat season at five-game intervals. It's a top-five cumulative ranking of the players having the biggest overall impact this season based on eight statistical categories. We begin with The Big 5 at 5 Games (4-1):

1. LeBron James   170.5

2. Dwyane Wade   130.4

3. Chris Bosh   130.2

4. Mario Chalmers   98.5

5. Ray Allen   97.1

Bubble: Rashard Lewis, 63.3.

1aa1me13-1NFL PREDIX: DOLPHINS WHIP LEAGUE'S WORST DEFENSE: Big weekend in store for Pro Miami as Dolphins rappycack Titans and '72ers cheer a loss by last-unbeaten Atlanta. Says all that and more in Week 10 Gems, my latest NFL picks. Last week I went 13-1 straight-up and 10-4 vs. the spread so we'll see if momentum applies to prognosticating. Also click on King Sport Midseason Awards and see that the league MVP race has a new leader.

Updated NFL odds: Entering Week 10 from our friends at Bovada, a tight Super Bowl race with Texans 5-1, Pats 11-2, Niners 6-1, Falcons 15-2, Broncs and Pack 8-1, and Bears and Giants 9-1. MVP leaders are Peyton Manning 2-1 and Matt Ryan 3-1. Offensive rookie leaders are Andrew Luck even, Doug Martin 2-1 and Robert Griffin III 3-1.

OH, MISSISSIPPI: Read and saw the video of around 350 University of Mississippi students protesting Obama's election late Tuesday. "Riot" is too strong a word, but it was an ugly scene that included racial slurs. Sad. I guess the students felt that Mississippi's negative stereotype as a backward state of rednecks and racists had grown a bit soft and needed a reboot. 

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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“I was there the whole time,” Carr told WMC-TV. “There was one sign lit on fire. For about 45 seconds. Mostly, it was hundreds of college kids who heard the word riot and ran to take pictures and see what it was about.”

The horror...


with va tech and ga tech having miserable seasons, UM should, if FSU beats the hokies/cobblers tonight, play in the ACC game and possibly ghave a chance at a "home" BCS game- which would be a selling point to recruits. let jerks like seantrel henderson and even silas redd bail on their schools; the local talent will stick with UM even if it means giving up all the chotchkes (trinkets) players now get from the respective bowl committee.

I say don't go to the bowl game, they are not an elite team anyways and it would look good to the NCAA..

Before we say ban or no ban I have a simple question..

Knowing that the NCAA absolutely despises us, if we choose a self-imposed bowl ban - TRULY how much of an effect will it have on the sanctions ??

For instance... what if we choose to forgo this years bowl like last years & the NCAA sez you have a 4 year bowl sanction STARTING THIS YEAR & they do not take into consideration any self imposed bans from last year ?? (AND YES THE NCAA CAN DO THAT..)


The NCAA always takes into consideration self-imposed penalties. Just look at the past when teams self-impose. There will be penalties to serve. Get some out of the way as soon as possible and move on. This would be 2 bowl games UM would give up. I have a bad feeling they'll be forced to give up a 3rd bowl after next year's season.

It's hard for UM fans to not think of this season as being incredibly lucky in terms of UM's potential. It's been 8 years since we last had a shot to go to a BCS bowl and of course we've NEVER been to the ACC championship game.

But if you believe in Golden, you have to assume that this team will only get better and will eventually get to the point where it's competing year in and year out for the coastal.

I don't believe UM will self impose, #1 because Al Golden has been talking about the opportunity this team has all year and #2 because I don't think UM's sanctions are going to be that bad.

But if they do decide to forego the post season, it will be a sign that they're very optimistic about the program's prospects moving forward.

What About FIU's Bowl Chances?

"FIU" Sounds like a bad Curse Word!



UM should have no Reason to Impose More "Self" Bans! Unless Something New Comes Out.



I'm Starting to believe they only got the Crook's Testimony! Which isn't A lot! unless Others come Out!

This Year should be the Last Time! The NCAA!! Should ask UM NOT TO PLAY IN A BOWL GAME!!

I Don't Want to hear about Sanctions next Year!

Next Year should be good for UM! Morris will be a Senior! Duke Will be the Feature Back! The Wr's Will be more Mature!

Just don't want to Worry about Not Going to a Bowl then!!

Look, its a tough call and you always feel bad for the players, after all they are the one's busting their asses out there but UM has to look at the big picture, Cote had it right in his article.

self impose again this year and wait to see what the NCAA does, I don't particulary believe that the NCAA wants to make an example of us, this weasel Nevin Shapiro fooled a lot of wealthy intelligent people and spend money on some young impressinable young people and he did it behind the scene and without the head coach and the UM administration's knowledge.

I think a couple of coaches will be implicated and the NCAA should punished them to the max, most of the players have already graduated and the one's that were part of it last year already paid their dues.

this could have happened at any university..heck more than likely is still happening now..

Well my fellow Americans it was a sad day yesterday as former President Richard Milhous Nixon was not elected to a third term in office. It was a tough week for Dolphin fans watching the prodigy Andrew Luck scorch our beloved Dolphins for 700 yards passing. We'll get 'em next time. Obama stole it fair and square. Dolphins find a pass rush and a secondary in time for the Titans game...

Go to the bowl. Practice and playing time will gain more experience

Kaz, Chuck Norris doubtless one of the truly actors of our time. "The Hit Man" may have been his finest work and the greatest masterpiece in the history of American cinema. I just felt it was time someone came out of the closet to finally state the obvious.

as always the Dukes-Ter comes in with great perspective.

Here is some Zep for you buddy...


¡ʎoɾuǝ 'ɐʎ ɹoɟ ǝuo ɹǝɥʇouɐ sı ǝɹǝɥ 'ǝʞnp


Thanks FZB, tough standing on my head to read but I need the exercise.

Duke, I think this is right up your alley...


I say dont self impose. deal with it when it comes. if I was the prez, i would demand ncaa to tell me, how many bowls are your going to ban us from. if 2 or less, i self impose this year and be done with it. if they dont tell me or more than 2, I play the game. they cant hold us hostage. f them - we will be back

The NCAA is toying with UM.

There is no reason what so ever that they cannot give UM their sanctions by now.

I hope UM sues the F**K out of them...don't laugh, they're the NCAA, NOT GOD!

It's been over two years now...enough already...they're trying their very best to screw UM as much as possible for all the years that they've hated "THE U" and still do...of course, being located in INDIANA, they're loving the fact that their "Can do nothing wrong Notre Dame" is in the top 5.

SCREW THE NCAA...I wish someone would investigate them to see how much $$$$$ ends up at the bottom of their pockets...they're a bunch of crooks who haven't been caught because no one has investigated THEM!


Yes, Walker told everyone how to have aids.

Kaz, HA HA HA Chuck vs the Grizzly. Yeah, sure why not in Chuck's quintessentially grandiose universe. Yeah I could definitely see that. If only Chuck had made mystical eye-contact sooner he could have saved his shirt. That was rich my friend. Richer than cheesecake I just devoured. FZB, that was right up my alley. Very cool. Good soundtrack. Guy that got nailed buy that giant water balloon looks like he could have easily drowned.

Ok mi amigos. Here's just a tiny taste of the greatest film known to mankind. Really treat yourself to whole film if you haven't already seen this BEAST!


Such feeling, such range, such depth. Bravo! Senor Chuck Norris, Bravo! Ain't life a bitch...

the revenge of the pigeons !!!!

the last few days a co worker of mine has been feeding pigeons outside our place of employment around lunch time , I kept telling him to stop it , my thinking is a simple one if you keep feeding them sooner or later they are going to shit all over your car.

and today it happened !!!!, now my car is full of pigeon shit !, I told him today he needs to pony up and pay to have my car cleaned but he refuses to do it, what should I do short of beating the shit out of him, even more upsetting is the fact that he's a damn democrat and of course he's been gloating about Obi's re election.

ps-pigeon note-It occurred to me that I have never seen a baby pigeon, do they even exist?


has a very nice article on the LSU/marymount game featuring shaq and chris the muslim versus hank the bank and his longtime friend bo kimble, who came to california to play for USC but transferred because george raveling was a jerk. as good as that game might have been (didn't see it-Holy Sabbath), i believe the greatest display of paul westhead's run and run and run some more was their demolition of defending NCAA champion michigan in the regional out west after the death of hank gathers. everything the lions did was right and every bizarre shot went in. i am/was still a favor of no shot clock, as a good team can/will force the pace at the rate they want. even though villanova 85 was more to my liking, loyola of 1990 without its best player decimating the reigning champion wolverines was the greatest display of run and shoot (sounds football, no?) to these eyes. i believe UNLV of a few years earlier still holds the points/game record (methinks it was the team with eddie owens- half black, half japanese-among others) and the runnin' rebels was quite an appropriate name for tark's las vegas teams; the one that won in 90 (defeating loyola in the western regional finals, i think) got it together at the midpoint of the season and were incredibly good by season's end. larry johnson was the best player in america when he was in a texas JC and his first touch for UNLV he got the ball in the low post, dribbled left-handed and layed it in lefty as if he were unguarded, proving the hype to be true. being a conspiracy guy, and remembering the picture of UNLV's players in the hot tub with a gambler,i believe they tanked he final against duke- not larry johnson or stacy augmon, but moses scurry abd the non-stars. they still had a great two year run, undefeated in year #2 that larry johnson was there until the final against duke; a very suspicious game to the ole shadow.

Posted by: Orange Bowl 4ever | November 08, 2012 at 01:27 PM

You might want to read the blog. I posted essentially the same thing yesterday.

If Va Tech wins tonight it can't be said that Miami shouldn't play in the ACC championship game because they'd be huge underdogs to FSU, especially with the way we played them the first time around.



never know what's gonna happen, do we?

'Smaller, simpler, smarter'.

Where the f*ck was that in the campaign?

it doesn't matter that the NCAA is "against us"; we should ban ourselves again this year. it's not like we're a top 5 or even a top 10 team. we are set up to do very well with this young team, and 2 self bans in a row WILL be accounted for with the punishment.

Right now, 2 teams out of 120 will have a shot at the national championship.

8 out of 120 will get to play in a BCS bowl.

And in that sense Miami, at 5-4, does have the chance to be a top 10 team. One of the top 8 teams playing in a top 4 bowl game, in it's home stadium no less.

FSU is absolutely beatable, especially against Miami.

But I'll be fine with a post season ban too - because it's clear that a shot at FSU for the ACC championship and a BCS bowl in it's home stadium is the most Miami could ever give up and would be impossible to ignore by the NCAA.

that's my point, kaz..
and woody? i'm great! i'm sorry i didn't get back to you sooner, woodpecker, but i was in line getting my free phone and government check. i actually voted for a democrat for the 1st time in 12 years.
once again, it's nice to be on the correct side of history, something you neo conservatives know nothing about.
and Get your free stuff now!? keep posting fox news talking points.
if you think the republican party should run on a platform of people who want things, you'll never win another election.
and by the way.. any normal people on here, LEFT OR RIGHT, see the irony in these nutjob cubans on the right protesting government handouts, when they become undeportable after arriving illegally once they step on the shore, they receive TONS of federal benefits like health care, educational aid, and child care assistance, and after 1 year they get a green card! lol.. at least the food, music, and chicks are amazing; just not the politics and hypocrisy..

Dapper, first time in 12 years who'd you vote for the other two times Bozo the Clown and Howdie Doode? Self imposed bowl bans and penalties are usually horseshit the NCAA brings down the hammer regardless. Might as well get the pub and go for glory. That's if they even make it that far. This isn't exactly the Monsters of the Midway.

Hey David,

give me some pointer's on how to go about it (getting my free phone) ..

your other point about the Cubans is partially correct, old school Cubans (OC,Woodcock and myself) got here very young because our parents where fleeing communism and came here to built a new life and that they did, they instilled on us that there is no substitute for hard work and doing things the right way, I can guarantee you the three of us have never been a burden to the country and have never been on welfare.

the new Cubans that started arriving later on (1990 to present) had a much different attitude, since they never worked an honest day in their life (there are no private jobs in Cuba) they feel they are entitled to the same here, these Cubans are democrat, they learned very early they can get all kinds of freebies from the "people's party" as you liberals like to call yourselves...So your blaming them for receiving freebies/aid which is what your party does to win elections, so your party is the one to blame.

so please don't confuse old school Cubans with the new ones arriving...Educate yourself before generalizing like that...douche.

take your ADD meds real david.

senor duke's observation of chuck norris is insightful & thoughtful

Why thank you Manny Tacos. You're very kind sir.


Richard Dixon was a friend to all "Cubanos", heck his best friend was Bebe Reboso , I always liked sr. Nixon.


glad you enjoyed the kink and now we'll be seeing all those romney victory/inauguration t-shirts being the hottest fashion items in iraq,somalia,afghansiatn and all the places that the NFL dumps the pre-printed vicrory shirts of the SB loser annually.

There are children in Honduras wearing 19-0 Patriot T Shirts that warms my heart.

Massive Canes fan, but yes, we should self-impose. A 2-year bowl ban is probably what NCAA would hand down, and giving up an ACC Championship berth sends a strong message that we've "done our time". If we do, expect no more postseason bans ("time served"), loss of probably 10-15 scholarships over the course of a few years, and some other minor penalties thrown in there. I don't think we'll make it THROUGH the Champ game to an Orange Bowl spot, so why not live to fight another day?

Been working since fifth grade, FZ. Mowing lawns and delivering the Herald. Worked through Jr. High, High School, and full time through college. I have never collected one penny of unemployment or welfare and I have been continually employed since fifth grade. You hit the nail on the head, buddy.

Did anybody happen to see where Chris Matthews said he was happy to see the hurricane hit the northeast? The trouble is a lot of the media did not report it. The little runt had to apoligize for another of his stupid comments. I would pay somebodys bail money to smack this little weasel upside the head.

You have to watch the "knuckle sandwich" scene in Cloud Atlas that's the way to settle disputes in the 21st Century.


I thought I need it to remind David that not ALL Cubans are the same, the new Cuban immigrants are not even close to what we were or are.

I, like you have been working my tail off since I was 12 yrs old, helping out my parents just to make ends meet..Nothing was handed to them or me buddy and just like you I have never been a day in the welfare system.

All's I know is that I don't want to hear even one peep out of each and everyone of you guys who chose to keep him. "You asked for it, you've got it, Toyota."

Don't want to hear it when you or a loved one can't find work. Don't want to hear it when you suddenly realize that you're paying more in taxes. When your medical costs are higher that what you expected. When your choice of doctor is dramatically reduced in size and competency, and your wait for a visit takes longer than your Florida vote. Don't want to hear it when your food store clerk rings you up three figures for a couple of day's groceries. These and the many others to come. Domestically and worldwide. Just zip it.

For the life of me I cannot comprehend such shortsightedness. How anyone in their right mind would want WORSE than the same. But then again I guess I just answered that one. None of you are in your "right mind," but your "left" one. The one that left.

But OC...we voted for him because HE WILL make things better than Romney would have done. GREAT!!! FABULOUS!!! Hope that delusion lasts long enough to carry you through the cheer horror of what we're all about to experience. Just don't complain when you start to realize that your blue vote Fluked us all.

Naples Jack,

No reason to get your blood pressure high on anything that Douche C Matthews says, he is a walking advertisement for the Dem's and Obi , 95 of the media won't even report it, just sweep it under the rug just like the murder of those 4 americans.

now that Obi won the re election I can guarantee you no one will care...

Oye OC,

I know that we all have been a little pre occupied with this elections deal as of late but it looks like your boy Mike Brown in in a little bit of hot water.


all right guys,

Are the Dolphins going to win these next two very winnable games???...I say yes..What say you?

Can I get some Rusty Jones protection for that Toyota OC I think I am going to need it.

FZB I just read that the holding call on Moore last week was a bad call what crap yes we will win the next two but I thought that we would beat the Colts pretty easily so don't listen to me.

I don't know if this is true but I just heard a report that The Lakers have fired Brown.

Easy Baby, I think we all thought we had that game in the bag, it was just one of those games where our so called great defense was not able to get off the field on third down.

we should be able to beat the Titans on sunday, I think the Bills will be a little tougher but we should be able to beat them also and then we'll see where we are when we start playing the better teams.

Mike Brown fired. I told FZB!

really ???

OC, I just posted an article for you that he was on hot water, man, they didn't even give the guy a chance.

I think this is a panic move.

You said it FZB panic all the way Bryant Howard and Nash are all still hurt I hope this blows up in their face (no offense OC).

Hey BB, do you want to lend us Doc Rivers for the rest of his career?

Not a chance OC the guy is good I am surprised that he came back and signed for 5 years recently though I didn't think he would.

OC it's Bernie or the Rifleman who will it be?

Mike Brown was the wrong coach for this team. He belongs with an under .500 club.
He had the best player on the planet and couldn't do it. Nice guy, but he sucked.

Cleveland lacked talent don't go blaming that on Mike Brown.

I don't know who. You've got to keep in mind that Jim Buss is still doing the thinking.

Hey OC,

the party's over in LaLa land, as they say in baston, pac yo golf bags and head to the course, I know you're an avid golfer, here take some swing lesson's from this guy...I hope it helps you, remember there's always next year.




Come on, BB. I could coach LeBron and surround him with the Seven Dwarfs and still win more games than he managed to do. And my coaching would consist of sitting on the bench while blogging.

No you couldn't they pushed Boston to 7 games in 2008 that was their limit they overachieved to do that the roster stunk they can blame Danny Ferry for that.

Was Brown the coach when they made it to the Finals? If he was then he's a miracle worker.

It's all the chinks fault, OC. I told you you can't trust people who laugh uncontrollably when they're driving the wrong way up a one way street giggling all the way as they go by waving at the amazed bystanders.

Hey. Maybe Jim Buss can get Romney to coach them. The players will completely embrace Mitt knowing he would be protecting all their million$. Not to mention having a 5-step plan for five players.

Man Has Donna Shalala really aged since I had coutis with her back in the 80s.
Then again anything looks good after a fifth of Jack.
Just saying.

OC Mike Brown had a 5-step plan for his players it was called The Princeton offense.

"Dock that chink a half days pay for napping on the job"

Taggert From Blazing saddles


Donna is, was, and always shall be a U-F-O. Ask Woodcock to tell you the meaning of that old high school acronym.

Jerry Brown could have done a better job with the Lakers than this stiff.

Only a fifth? You're a better man than I am, Anti.

I thought Jim Buss was not calling the shots anymore, when did this change?

Sir Charles had a great line on the Lakers the other night, he said he wanted his lawyer from Princeton but not his offense.

BB, like Barkley said back on game one: "I rather have my accountant come from Princeton, not my basketball."

synchronized, FZ, synchronized.

Taggert, too fucking funny. I'm peeing on myself just remembering some of his lines from Blazing Saddles.

Blazing Saddles,

one of the greatest movies ever made...


I thought it was pretty funny but the ending wasn't great.

A bit overrated but still classic comedy.

I'm telling you the knuckle sandwich scene from Cloud Atlas is right up there with some of the ones in Blazing Saddles.

I always thought the Big Lebowski was underrated as a movie.


you guys wanna hear who the Laker's are considering to replace Mike Brown ?...Mike D'Antoni..hehehehe

FZB, Yes I am well aware of it. If Nixon had won 1960 election Castro would have been dead sooner rather than later. Agreed yet another reason to have warm feelings toward a flawed but brilliant and tough individual. I kid about Nixon but then again I don't...

Woodcock you could never get a classic like Blazing Saddles made in today's ultra politically correct climate. Oh well At least we're not in a police state where such a movie is burned or banned.

FZB, speaking of Cuban work ethic that is what made seen with Tony Montana and hid his mother classic. He throws money at her to show what a "good boy" has been and success he has become and her immediate response was, "Tony who did you kill to get this money. I don't what your dirty blood money it stinks and is an insult to all hard working Cubans."

Meant "scene" not seen. I know Woodcock but I haven't corrected my posts in awhile.

Big Baby, my wife hated end of Blazing Saddles. I didn't really care all that much because WE had both laughed our a$$es right up till the ending.

I'm telling you the movie Orgasmo was probably the funniest movies I have ever seen. Shadow, don't be afraid. Go rent Orgasmo straight away. Let go and let Orgasmo!

Crap I meant one of the funniest for f@@ksake.

Orgasmo Dukes-Ter?

I'll check it out, I even like the title.

duke I watched it for the first time last year (bits and pieces over the years before that) and that was the first thing I thought your wife has good taste in movies she should be a critic like me.

Blazing Saddles was so over the top that Mel could only have an over the top ending. I thought it was appropriate.

FZB, yes trust ole dukey on this one. Orgasmo. Big baby she's a critic alright but mostly of yours truly.

are you guys about the gay horde (gay like being happy, I wouldn't want Kazaam to get the wrong idea) that over ran the set and went amok/crazy all over the place?..I guess that was ok.

Here's some classic Beatles for you guys.


Dukes-Ter, If I watch Orgasmo with Mrs. FZB would it help me get a little action?..

Mike Brown Fired!!!!

If this doesn't exonerate Lebron for playing for such an Inept Coach in Cleveland!

Mike Brown Sucks! And Big Time!

Let's just hope the Lakers Don't go after Phil!!! I was just Joking the other day!!!

My cousin was in the square grouper business back in the day, and one day he walked into my father's friend's jewelry shop. He asked the old man to introduce him to the owner and proceeded to look at some watches, diamond rings, and bracelets. He picked what he liked and asked how much. $25,000 he was told. He took out a paper bag and pulled out a wad of money and peeled of 25K in cash. When my old man got home he told me the story and said that it took every ounce of self control that he could muster not to kill my cousin right there on the spot. To this day I've never seen him this pissed off. He never spoke one word to his nephew ever again.

What prompted that story, Woody?

Dukester's account of the scene from Scarface with Tony and his mother.

ahh those cocaine cowboys days, you guys remember the shoot out at dadeland mall?

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