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November 15, 2012

G10: Buffalo 19, Dolphins 14 (Final): Offensive woes continue in fall to 4-6; playoffs a fading dream

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G10: DOLPHINS @ BUFFALO: Final: Miami has now lost three games in a row and scored 37 total points doing it. That's your story. That was your story tonight. Not enough offense, with 184 total yards, three turnovers and 60 yards rushing against (supposedly) the worst run-D in the league. ..... 4Q: Tannehill picked off again, inside of 1 minute left, his second INT of game and fifth in two games. Dolphins are done. ... Dolphins driving but Tannehill throws INT on deep route just inside 2:00 warning. Bleak now. ... Davone Bess 2-yard TD pass from Ryan Tannehill has MIA within 19-14, mid-quarter. Snaps string of 28 consecutive possessions without an offensive TD. Good challenge, good call, good TD. Finally a couple of calls tilting Miami's way. ..... 3Q: Dan Carpenter hits upright on 50-yard FG try; no good. No luck, no breaks, no offense for Miami. ..... Half: Miami lucky to only be down 19-7 at half, and don't go blaming the defense. Miami offense has been non-existent, with 50 total yards, 0-for-5 on 3rd downs, and 12 yards rushing vs. a Bills squad that (supposedly) was awful on run-D. Hardly an insurmountable deficit, but looking for reasons to believe. ..... Buffs 2Q: Buffs with a fourth FG (19 yards) and a 19-7 lead on final play, but that's three points that shouldn't have been because Jimmy Wilson dropped an INT in the end zone. ... Y'all know that Dave Wannstedt and his Wannstache are Bills' defensive coordinator, right? ... Bills up 16-7 on 42-yard FG set up by two pass-interference penalties against Nolan Carroll. His mom is Florida's lieutenant governor. We need to pass a law to abolish penalties against her son! ..... 1Q: Bison 13-7 on 34-yard FG in last minute of opening quarter. ... MIA within 10-7 after Marcus Thigpen 96-yard kickoff-return TD! The Thig! The 'Pen is mightier than the sword! ... Buffs 10-0 on 32-yard FG, capitalizing on Miami turnover near midfield. ... Brian Hartline loses fumble near midfield after catch. Wonder if he'll be benched like Bush was last week? Hmm. ... Bills' Leodis McKelvin scorches MIA special teams for 79-yard punt return TD and 7-0 Buffs lead early. ... Let's go! (And be thankful we are not in Buffalo on a November night. Let us pray). ..... Pregame: Teams 4-5 through nine games (like Miami is) go on to make the playoffs 1aa1dolbuf11with some frequency. It has happened 13 times since 1990, including just last season (Denver). So, yes, I am still talking playoffs. Only Pittsburgh and Indy at 6-3 are ahead of Miami in the race for two AFC wild-card spots and both are favored to lose this weekend. And with two games left vs. New England the division title is not out of play, either. 1aa1dolbuf1The thing is, there is so little margin of error left that a game like tonight's absolutely must be won. That is why tonight is simply essential for Miami. Because the difference is huge between a team 5-5 coming off a big division road win and a team 4-6 with a third straight loss. What's troubling is that Miami's offense has struggled lately. Ryan Tannehill has, and the running game has. It's fine to think Buffalo's suspect defense will be the tonic needed ... except that's what we all thought facing Tennessee last week, right? And how'd that work out? I do see a big bounceback game for Reggie Bush, but the Bills are playing better than their record suggests lately, Buffalo in November is a legit home-field advantage, and that advantage tends to be magnified by a prime-time stage. My pick: Buffalo, 24-20.

LONG, FIELDS LEAD PRO BOWL VOTING: Tackle Jake Long (by habit) and punter Brandon Fields (deservedly) lead early AFC fan voting at their positions. Three other Dolphins running in the top five are DE Cameron Wake (3rd), RB Reggie Bush (5th) and DT Randy Starks (5th). Think center Mike Pouncey is having a top-five season, too, but it'll take him time to escape the long shadow of older bro/Steeler Maurkice, who leads AFC centers in votes.

We'll be right back here with another Live Boutique Blog (patent pending) during tonight's game. 


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So who wins the Depression Bowl tonight? Buffalo for losing after throwing a game winning, last seconds interception at the NE 8 yrd line or Miami, after massively tanking against the, ahem, mighty Titans.

Let me flip a coin, heads/Bills, tails/Dolphins...OC actually flipping a coin...Tails it is!!!!

Oye Moriarty, stop it with your negative ways..

we're gonna stomp the Bills, garantizado.


must be ballots cast by defensive right ends and outside LBs. he stinks, has stunk, and will stink until he retires. he has the moves and body language of a decrepit specimen and has the stats in sacks allowed, holds, and penalties to prove it. watch ole #77 and see if he doesn't move early, a milli-instant before the snap, to compensate for his dulled abilities. when he starts playing halfway decently, i'll stop the tirades; but methinks that won't happen soon. he and incognito are meiseries and the dolphins are fortunate that pouncey has been excellent, the new RT prety good, and john jerry not as bad as we anticipated. fasano is needed tompass block or would have more opportnities for catches.

Shadow - Jake Long has not always stunk, he's been a good left tackle because he can push the defender around the quarterback with one arm if he gets beat, which few other tackles in the league can do.

He's been terrible this year, but he's been good his first four seasons. 18 sacks given up this year, 14 in the previous four.


besides year #1 which was the magical year of pennington, i have been watching him in the manner that i used to watch anthony munoz, but the results are drastically different. i don't know when it was that jake long got injured-maybe two seasons ago it was, but that makes 2010, 2011, and now more than half of 2012 crummy and 2008 and 2009 years in which i did not have the #77 watch going. whenever i hear that so and so is incredible, fabulous,... i put them under the shadowscope and report what i see. michigan has a storied history of offensive linemen, and he was the big 10 lineman ot the year when joe thomas was the high pick of the browns, but i am in line with pro football focus who have him ranked as 4th (positively) from the bottom in run-blocking tackles. jake long has a chance to shut me up tonight, and let's see how he does in a huge, monstrous game for dolphin playoff hopes.


the dolphins will be wearing the aqua that they avoid wearing in the heat of the early season- maybe this can change things around and avoid what would be a crushing blow to the possible playoff spot that was in play when they were in the pack of the 3-3 teams a few weeks ago.

Like I've said, Long is an elite pass blocker because he can neutralize elite pass rushers, mostly because he can throw them around the quarterback with one arm.

The numbers are indisputable, 18 sacks given up this year, 14 in the previous 4. He's been fantastic in pass blocking up to this year when he's been injured.

If Jake Long can shut you up in one game than 'shadowvision' is pretty fickle. Moot point since Mario Williams is likely to eat him alive.

I'd rather have Joe Thomas for his overall game or Joe Staley for his phenomenal next level run blocking but Jake Long for the past four years was as good as it gets in blocking and neutralizing elite pass rushers. A holding penalty is a couple more yards than the sack would have been, no loss of the down, and one less hit on the only position that really matters in the NFL. Usually worth it from the blind side position.

Maybe his off year in a contract year was a blessing for the Dolphins. Less likely if he's made a pro bowler despite his struggles.


"shadowvision" isn't fickle- just the shock of long playing alright would stun me for weeks!! nice job by the washed-up shawne merriman tossing the big zhlub down to the ground.

if buffalo wouldn't have gone to the shorgun on 3rd and less than 2 at least twice, this game would be a rout- the dolphins have no offense at all tonight. one special team play or they'd be done already.


#54 run right over jake long putting him #77 right on the ground at tannehill's feet. as stated, i'd be stunned to see him play a just decent game; still waiting for his per game holding penalty, but his agent probably told him getting run over would be lost in the stats where holding wouldn't be in his contract year.


as mentioned when all the fellers wewre giddy about the dolphins among the league leaders in rushing after a few games, it wasn't gonna last too long. they should be throwing 10 passes to bush for every time they run him, as they can't get him a hole or even a crease within which to run. stupid play-calling has given buffalo a sporano-like 4 field goals or this game would be over, whicch it might be if buffalo scores a TD on its first or second drive. if they take the kickoff and score a TD, turn off the lights. absolutely pathetic offense and DBs who can't do a thing. still possible, but a completely different playing bunch in aqua needs to come out for half #2.

Advice for the second half >only two words> Matt MOore

Gentlemen I don't believe the Dolphins have found that winning edge. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope...

Ahh detachment from excessive concerns with regard to expectatations & outcomes for this team has been achieved yet again. Thank you Miami Dolphins.

These guys are sucking to Everest heights of supreme suckdom.

Miami looks good. They have clean aqua colored shirts, the helmets have been waxed and cleaned, everyone has their jersey tucked in their pants, all of the shoes are shined, even the coaches polo shirts look good. I'm very impressed they must have spent a lot of time on their game plan to look good on national TV. By the way, thanks Kaz I made a killing in the first half and have doubled up on the second half and it's all because of you Trust Fund. Nice, you couldn't pick your nose even if you tried to use that solid gold steam shovel in your mouth that you were born with.


jimmy wilson gets hurt so they have to call a timeout or the bills would have run the clock down to the beginning of the fourth quarter. could be a gamechanger!!!

Admit it gentlemen. Contemplate this dynamic sufficently & in earnest. I suspect, for all of you who most BLEED AQUA & ORANGE, who are most invested in their success, simply having the good fortune of your beaks or bottlenoses as it were being dipped in the well-spring bonafied non-attachment tastes of real freedom.


jimmy wilson getting hurt stopped the bills from chewing up the clock in the 3rd quarter, and now all those stupid third and one and two passes that led to FGs are gonna haunt the bills, who are looking like losers at this point.

Stop putting my name in your posts Limpdick.

In a very general sense, quarterbacks with a future tend to be able to handle the Bills of this league.

Hard to say what the Dolphins have when Tannehill has nothing to throw to and they're not asking him to be anything more than a game manager.

I'd try again in the 2013 draft though, half the season over and Tannehill hasn't shown many glimpses of being the answer. Nothing can save this franchise but a quarterback. Packers took a first round quarterback with a HOF QB on the roster and two more quarterbacks that same draft. That's why their GM's a 'genius'.


second and ten and plenty of time and time-outs and throw a ball that has #15 twisting and turning up the sideline-sure looked like the bills were gonnna blow it and still may.

Did I say Miami looked good? Not one hair out of place on Philbin's dome.

Ha ha ha ha ha, what a performance!!! Bravo Miami

Yea Limpdick stop putting Kaz's name on your posts! Who the hell is Limpdick? By the way boys, I sure hope that everyone took advantage of the Thanksgiving gift from Trust Fund, it's not every day that you get mana from heaven and when Kaz guaranteed at Fish win he sealed the deal. Thank you , thank you, thank you.


well, as much as buffalo tried to hand this one back to the dolphins, the dolphins refused to take it. miami's failure to run the ball is the reason they lost, and things are not looking so good when a team can't run the ball and has to go 99 yards and then 80 with a rookie QB. they had three TOs when they got out of the hole at the 1 and had to use them on defense, never a good thing. still miami had a chance to win, and that missed FG was a factor. geez, wasn't carpenter making those 50 yarders as a rookie? good night, men and i'll read the reactions in the early AM.

They've got the J-ville game and maybe a revenge game at home against these Bills for perhaps one more victory or two. Given that there will be only three, perhaps four teams who will clock in with a worse record thanthe Dolphins, I would fire Ireland, then selecting another QB with the #4 or #5 pick.

Bad start to the road trip that was supposed to expose the Knicks.

Heat can worry about the West in the Finals but the Knicks are going to be the toughest out in the East.

At least they look like they're back on track against the Nuggets, crazy that Ray Allen has this much energy at 37. Back to back games on a west coast trip and Allen has been more active than anyone else out there defensively.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride to the bank all the waaaaay. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way, thank you thank you, thank you thank you, Kazaam hey hey hey!

S***. No offense OC but I went with your f***ing coin toss and lost the ranch...

Carpenter sucks Matt Moore would have won that game or Garrard that passs interference on Hartline was bs in the 4th late our team is waiting until next year again.

But huy this isn't about me. I just hope JLo, Marcus Aurelius, Jimmy Buffet, Fergie & Carrot Mop weren't too distraught over the games outcum...

What can I say, duke. The coin was a commemorative Obama coin.

Come on Duke, you went with OC's call? Dude, Trust has a better chance of picking his nose than OC. "Woodcock, Romney is going to win a landslide......." So I call OC right after the election and he picks up, and I say, "Wassup OC, what happen to the stone cold Romney lock of the week?" And what do I hear at the end of the line................"crickets." Chirp, chirp, chirp.

I should have been suspicious when the inscription said: In Bro We Trust.

Kaz, and I'm not directing any sarcasm at you. Maybe Fins should just draft potential QBs. Well maybe just alittle sarcasm at you but I believe I've madwe it quite clear who I ultimately hold responsible for inferior product. That's right Sam Walmart & Boss Ross, his Hollywood Cheerleaders/co-owners and yer boy FZB. GM Fire Island. But WTF it's easy to play arm-chair QB and win when playing this franchise.

Someone ought to go out and find Limpdick before Kaz has a seizure. Wassup Kaz!

Sorry for the confusion, stop putting my name in your posts *Woodcock*.

Find someone else to creepily obsess over, I'm not interested.

HOW bad do things have to get for Ireland to get fired?Whatever that is, that is where we should hope the Dolphins finish! The talent level on this team is awful. That is on the GM, no doubt! They could have gotten a WR to replace Marshall, assuming that we agree with the trade ( I am OK with it). They could have drafted a TE that makes a difference on offense, instead they drafted a BUST in Egnew. Ireland sucks, you know it and the fans know it, let's pull the trigger and get rid of this bum.

Man, if it weren't for the Heat SoFla would be one large expanse of sports crapola.

Time to blast some serious decibels to stun the brain.

Wow, you're a freaking ingrate. Here I'm trying to help you find this guy Limpdick, "and" I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the "Stone Cold Lock of the Week," and you throw me under the bus.

duke - Ross is an easy target but aside from being a jackass he's everything you'd want in an owner. He'll spend money and he doesn't want to make football decisions.

Ireland is a bad GM because he doesn't respect the quarterback position but he's a decent enough scout and GMs don't really matter if you have a quarterback (see the Pats).

I'm not being sarcastic in agreeing completely that the Dolphins should only draft quarterbacks. Bring them all to camp, waste all of 2013 on the competition. Once a franchise has a quarterback they usually develop into a contender within two years through free agency and the draft.

Watch how long it takes for the Colts to go from the worst team in the league to AFC relevance.

I was a strong proponent of Suck for Luck last year. If I'm not mistaken Kaz, you wanted the Fish to win a few for Tony Pizza Man Soplame, no?

Gotta laugh at the trio that was broadcasting on the game(Radio) after it was over, Jimmy Cefalo says "The Dolphins ran out of time for a comeback, I Watched the game on TV like most of you, The Fins did'nt run out of time, It was 2 Tennehill INTs in the last 4 minutes of the game that lost it.
Also 3 turn-overs in the 4th Quarter will never win you a game when trailing by 12 going into said 4th quarter.
JMHO, I might be wrong, I'm not a expert.

ok kaz i'm in only qbs well maybe a couple dbs too and rbs and receivers and LT for qbs blind side but otherwise only qbs.

OC I went with this for my Dolphin disappointment catharsis.


Whatever gets it out of your system, my brotha. My mind just fills these scenes with personal visuals of Pelosi, Reed, Obi, Clintons, and YES! even Ireland and Ross running for cover with no success.


315 made soe very nice catches again, with maybe a drop in there; but overall he has been the go to guy on 3rd downs just as in the past but with tougher pases to catch from tannehill than henne/moore. it seems to me that tannehill throws slants right over his receivers' heads often, and that is a difficult catch to make. tannehill is very good at "spot" passes, but seems to have troubles leading his passcatchers over the middle- probably a function of no real deep threat down the sidelines and as the non-stop blaberring of mike mayock notes, the opponenets are basically in a red-zone pass defense because there is no real threat deep. i still am happy when #15 has a good game, cutting his dreads hasn't affected him, and he actually got one of his bicentennial TD passes last night. probably had the best game of the night for the offense


if yards lost behind the line of scrimmage were counted as a separate stat, bush would be avging what spiller does and would have a -5 yard avg when met behind the line. the ole mantra again- the guy, and not just reggie bush but most of the dolphin runners0 are met head-on in the backfield because there is no surge/push created by what must be the worst O-line in dolphin history. the rookie martin being overwhelmed by mario williams is to be expected, but the left side with #s 68 and 77 is beyond dreadful. the wet-behind-the ears voices who host the post mortem talk shows can't understand why the dolphins don't use play action!!!! hey, if you don't have a threatening O-line that creates holes who is gonna bite on a fake handoff? suggestions- more rolling out by tannehill, and a gimmick play every now and then, which are needed when you can't overpower people and which i don't think i have seen all year. the regular running plays net zero or worse, so why not a statue of liberty or end around-either single or double? the dolphins running just eats up downs and clock and excepting for the occasional bursts by reggie bush, offers no threat to any defense.

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