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November 01, 2012

G9: Hurricanes 30, Virginia Tech 12: Big home win has UM in command to reach ACC title game; plus FIU, Gators & more [updated]

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G9: VIRGINIA TECH @ HURRICANES: [Click on Big Milepost On The Road To 'Back' for my column from last night's UM game]. Final: Big home win puts Miami in command to reach ACC title game. ..... 4Q: Miami up 30-12 and sealing it with 37-yard FG with three minutes left. ... UM with a now-safe 27-12 lead on Duke Johnson's 7-yard run set up by Phillip Dorsett's 20-yard halfback pass to QB Morris. ..... 3Q: Hokies miss 47-yard FG try. ... Luther Robinson fumble recovery for Miami inside Canes 5 saves team from potential tying score by Tech. Notably, Robinson was the player whose dad went on local radio to complain about his kid not playing enough. ..... 2Q: up 20-12 at halftime after 20-yard Va-Tech FG on last play of half. ... Miami now ahead 20-9 on 31-yard Wieclaw FG ... UM up 17-9 on 22-yard Jake Wieclaw FG set up by 65-yard run from Duke Johnson. ... Canes up 14-9 after 73-yard scoring run by Hokies QB Logan Thomas followed by missed kick. ..... 1Q: UM up 14-3 after Morris 19-yard TD pass to  Mike James set up by 81-yard kickoff return by Duke Johnson. ... UM lead now 7-3 after 22-yard Hokies FG. ... UM 7-0 on Stephen Morris to Allen Hurns 16-yard pass after blocked punt by Eddie Johnson. ..... Original post: I'll be down in prestigious Miami Gardens tonight columnizing off this, and, as a glass-half-full guy, I must say this is about as big and exciting as a game 1aa1canevtbetween two 4-4 teams can get. I'm serious. Va-Tech probably is UM's biggest ACC rival after Florida State, and the Canes improbably still steer their own destiny in terms of reaching the conference championship game. I say improbably because UM has lost three in a row, and slumping .500 teams don't generally enter November thinking any sort of championship game. I feel like Tech might be a slightly better team, although it too has stumbled after a 3-1 start. I also am not sure if the Canes enjoy any home-field boost to speak of. But I just have a feeling that Al Golden will have his guys fired up for a national prime-time stage. College football tips on emotion far more than the Sunday game, and this is a night where that comes into play. My pick was: Miami, 27-24.

Other Week 10 featured state FBS games (all Saturday):

No. 7 Florida 14, Missouri 7: UF dreams took a gut-punch in that Cocktail Party loss to Georgia, now the Gator boys were back in The Swamp to take out a little frustration. They barely did in a result that won't impress any poll voters outside of those from Missouri. My pick was: Florida 45-14.

FIU 28, South Alabama 20: Was this to be the day? Could it really happen? Might The Int'l finally claim that elusive second victory to slightly lift the face of a frowning season? I had little faith in the Mario Brothers but they sowed me something. My pick was: South Alabama, 24-20.

Navy 24, FAU 17: Spinning it positively, I did give the Owls a better chnace to win than if the city of Boca Raton was sending its best fleet up against the U.S. Navy. My pick was: Navy, 31-16.

Florida State has a bye.

My record: This week, 3-1. Season, 34-11.

Other state FBS games: South Florida d. Connecticut, 13-6; and UCF d. Southern Methodist, 42-17.

National Game of Week: No. 1-Alabama d. No. 5-LSU, 21-17. 

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The Young Canes have a chance to win tonight, all we need is our defense to try to hold VT to 30 pts and for our offense to wake up.


from the previuos blog, I'm glad you liked the Neil Young jam..


Hopefully Kaz's aunt will be up in New York sucking water out of a subway tunnel helping the embattled citizens of NYC and will not be at the game tonight. We don't need that albatross hanging around our necks tonight.


Come on down bro and hang out with us at the game for a while...

I talked to a friend of mine that was in Germany at the same time the storm was hitting, he was supposed to flight back to NY the same day but was routed to Miami, he is here now for a few days, his Condo building has no power and three feet of water in the basement... not a good situation up-there..feel bad for those people.

God help them all. I'm always impressed by how New Yorkers respond to tragedy. Their first responders are top notch. They really know how to circle the wagons up there. So far not even one word of looting or rioting. Massive props to them. They will overcome any hardship and come out much stronger in the long run. They make me proud to be an American citizen.

Mr. Woodcock,

"...party held by the black student alliance"; as posted on the previous thread, a nubia connection just had to be.

F*ck New Yorkers, I hope the sewer rats eat the survivors and everyone's power stays out through the next two episodes of Homeland.

Should be a good turnout for the Hurricanes tonight, you couldn't ask for a better matchup of 4-4 teams!

That's why you're an ass Kaz. Let em eat cake, eh trust fund? You'd be the first one bitching like a pussy if you had lost every fucking thing you had on this earth and were out on the street with only the clothes on your back Well, thank God most people don't think like you.

Shad, the problem at SC is that there are too many of the "black alliance" around the place.

Shad, SC should have moved to the West Side years ago. Even now with the little improvements they're trying to make it's like putting lipstick on a pig. I don't think OC would have been too thrilled if his son had applied at SC. Great school horrible location.


Our Canes need to show the same defensive intensity as they did the first half against FSU.
I'm more worried about our recent lack of offense. Mike James is playing well, but Steven needs to hit those short passes, and our receivers have to hang on to the ball.VA Tech is not nearly as strong as usual, and in the games I saw can be beat right up the middle, and by the deep-ball.

Remember the deep ball?
Seems like ages ago when we hit all those passes against GA Tech and BC.

Go Canes.

I echo Woody's sentiments, wishing those on the Eastern seaboard God-speed,. and a quick recovery, though it most likely won't be.

F*ck New Yorkers? You're a clueless moron. New Yorkers are what's right with this country. 9/11 happens out of nowhere and what do you see? New Yorkers dropping what they're doing and handling a chaotic situation with heroism and guts. Name another town that would handle a day like that better. And the power outage in 2003..saw the city keep its composure-no looting or anarchy. This storm will be no different. Think before you open your mouth, asshole.

No Bowe darn that would have been nice but I am thinking they will get it done in the offseason.

Woodcock at least you have the sense to appreciate CSN and Young and not just those golden oldies (well they are also golden oldies now but you get my drift).

I think you are a jazz guy that certainly explains it.

Dolphins should be favored in their next 4 games and really should win all 4 who would have thought that except for us FZB (I am not including david in la guessing 7-9 doesn't count sorry guy).

The way they played in the preseason I'll give Dave his props BB. 7-9 gets you props hot shot.

They went 6-10 last year guessing a one game improvement doesn't exactly make him mr sunshine it's still a losing record.

Plus they dumped Tony and Chad that should have been good for a big jump right there.

Lefty Cote is taking the Colts sunday, Anyone know a good bookie so I can put some $$$$ down on the fins??

Huge win tonight. Dolphs and Canes having much better seasons than I expected. Any time you beat VaTech it's a great win.

Kaz, all Bew Yorkers or just the JETZ?

Yeah Bew Yorkers & New Yorkers...


i believe, my good friend, you are a little harsh on the noo yawkizz. i know it was just fodder to get anyone's attention, but the sewer rats thing is a bit much. i am brooklyn born and will always consider myself a son of brooklyn no matter where i may be or end up. without the long time existence of paris, london, athens, rome,... new york has become and will always be the most important city in the world, because it is the most important city in the greatest nation ever. disdain for the sports teams is fine, but putting the kabosh on those who live in NYC and endured a horrific storm- 40 dead and counting- well, even our man ron paul wouldn't go so far.

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