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October 23, 2012

Two-Poll Thursday: On Obama vs. Romney, Marlins firing Guillen. Vote now!; plus the giant Giant, dumb Canes dad, SOPY rankings & more

[1) It is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25. As Hurricane Sandy pounds its way toward us to the east, I can tell you that my dog, Sandy, is not pleased to be associated with such mayhem. 2) Tonight's NFL pick is Vikings (-6 1/2) over Bucs, 23-20. 3) NFL announced that pink penalty flags would be used in Sunday's Dolphins-Jets game because of breast-cancer awareness month. Oy vey. 4) Check out our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote (been on hiatus; new vids coming soon) and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Stern anounces retirement plan: NBA commissioner David Stern today said he will retire on Feb. 1, 2014. Hey, let the 15-month farewell tour begin!

YOU'RE OUT! MARLINS FIRE GUILLEN: Marlins firing manager Ozzie Guillen after one season was not a shock, and a bit surprising only because it didn't happen right away and because, well, 1aa1guillenit's only been one year. There are decent arguments on both sides of this issue, which always is the petri dish for a blog poll. Those in favor of the move can argue that Guillen invited his own dismissal with the team's unexpected last-place finish augmented by his infamous Fidel Castro mess and other off-field issues. Those against the firing can argue one season is not a fair measure, and that the firing exposes Marlins ownership/management as buffoons with little patience or direction. I doubt there is much waffling room here, considering both Guillen and the Loria/Samson regime are each so polarizing. Chances are you heard the firing news and immediately felt either bad for Guillen or thought good-riddance. I weigh in today with my latest column, Dysfunction Starts At Top, writing that owner Jeffrey Loria's bad decisions and impatience are the hub of what's wrong with this club. Your turn now. Vote on Guillen's firing and say why. (Our presidential poll is immediately below...)

OBAMA VS. ROMNEY. ROCK THE VOTE 2.0: A few of you may be incredulous with outrage, but this blog 1aa1elect2runs on the credo that sports fans are not just sports fans. We are multi-faceted. We also like politics and art and whatever. So if a political poll here offends 1aa1electyou, move on and have a nice day. On July 2 we ran a Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney poll (Romney won with a scant majority of 50.8%) and said we'd have one more before the election. So 15 weeks later and less than two weeks from election day, here it is. Notice I provide no option for "Somebody else." Living in the real world here. If you're still dreaming of Ralph Nader, good luck with that. Also notice I provide no option for "Undecided." You have had months to consider and weigh; the debates are over. Time to finally choose, oh waffling one. Comments welcome as always, but on this topic more than most I'd ask for civility and respect. Agree these are two good men who want the best for America. Now choose one.

BROBDINGNAGIAN! SANDOVAL'S THREE HOMERS PUT GIANTS UP IN WORLD SERIES: Gigantic Giant Pablo Sandoval banged three homers last night as the Giants went up 1-0 over the visiting Tigers in the World Series. Game 2 tonight back in San Fran. The Giants were the first NL team I followed (because of Willie Mays), but they just won it all a couple of years ago, whereas Detroit last won the WS in distant 1984. Neither team -- despite San Fran's unlikely comeback in the NLCS or Detroit's title drought -- is a classic Cinderella. My rooting interest: Mostly ambivalence, but maybe, I guess, Tigers, narrowly.

Poll result: Not overwhelmingly, but A-Rod welcome on Marlins: We asked in a previous blog poll if you'd liike to see Alex Rodriguez with the Marlins next season, and 56.3 percent said yes. Another 38.0% said no, while 5.7% were undecided.   

POOR LUTHER ROBINSON: Somewhere on the UM campus, Hurricanes junior defensive tackle Luther Robinson must be looking for a hole to crawl into and disappear -- thanks to his father. On Wednesday Robinson's dad called into Joe Rose's morning show on WQAM and blasted coach Al Golden, calling him "a liar," saying he favors his own recruits over Randy Shannon's, and (this is funny) claiming Golden does not care about winning. Bottom line: Mr. Robinson thinks Luther is better than the other guys and should be playing more. All of us wish we could take back a regrettable phone call, I guess. Sad. 

SOPY RANKINGS (WEEK 8): FSU'S MANUEL MAINTAINS LEAD: This college football season marks the blog debut of our weekly State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, which I like to call the "Sunshine State Heisman." Our chart encompasses the most productive seasons of any quarterback, 1aa1ejmrunning back or receiver from the state's seven FBS teams: Miami, Florida and FSU, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. (Note: Rankings consider only passing, rushing and receiving, not returns). Our formula awards one point per offensive yard gained running or receiving and a half-point per yard passing, plus six bonus points for touchdowns thrown or scored. Because our rankings are cumulative, players on a bye week take a temporary hit that evens out over course of season. After Week 8 it's Florida State's E.J. Manuel (pictured) leading for a second straight week. The SOPY Top 10 entering Week 9:

Rank (LW)     Player, Team-pos.     SOPY Pts. Week=Year

1 (1)     E.J. Manuel, FSU-qb     148.5 = 1,326.5

2 (2)     Stephen Morris, Miami-qb     100.5 = 1,241

3 (3)     B.J. Daniels, South Florida-qb     112.5 = 1,225.5   

4 (6)     Jake Medlock, FIU-qb     182 = 1,001.5

5 (4)     Chris Thompson, FSU-rb     94 = 965

6 (5)     Blake Bortles, UCF-qb     81 = 926

7 (7)     Jeff Driskel, Florida-qb     65.5 = 857.5

8 (10)     Graham Wilbert, FAU-qb     185.5 = 775.5

9 (8)     Mike Gillislee, Florida-rb     34 = 717

10 (9)     Duke Johnson, Miami-rb     46 = 692

Bubble: Mike James, Miami-rb, 677

State of the State rankings: 1. Florida (7-0); 2. FSU (7-1); 3. UCF (5-2); 4. Miami (4-4); 5. South Florida (2-5); 6. FAU (1-6); 7. FIU (1-7).

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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That SF Giant lineup might be one of the worst I have ever seen in a World Series.

What an inferior league that is.

Detroit lineup isn't that much better but they should win this thing their pitchers are lined up and their offense is better.

Kind of like Romney is better.


stephen morris may have been hurt or injured, but wichver the case his passing aginst FSU was pretty atrocious. granted that he has teammates with hands of stone, but countles times when his guys were open he threw the ball at their feet, several feet in froint of at their feet, and at times,many times, totally uncatchable throws. UM was in the game for a while, even with all their miscues, and FSU finally wore them down. good old duke may have a shot at defeating UM- duke will score, and it is up to UM as to whether they can put points up and stop the opponents from running, which thus far this season hasn't happened. a loss to duke would really send UM alums and supporters to the nearest bridge or causeway for a jump into the drink. it is hard ti imagine that UM, as badly as they ahve played this season, could still wind up in the ACC title game. duke first, though.


va tech up next for UM, after which va tech gets FSU!!

it will be a real scramble in UM half of the ACC as va tech is havinga down year, which won't be the case if thet defeat UM and FSU-unlikely, which will take us back to the final game at duke, which if it turns into the last game of the season for their division of the ACC against UM, you'll have 50,000 cameroon indoor types going for the blue devils. a loss against VT and UM will have 3 confernce losses, while duke still will have one friday morning. i hate duke, but always root for david against the goliaths. coach david cutcliffe has done a terrific job just to get duke into a bowl game; if he can take them to the ACC title game he will come in second to bill snyder for coach of the year. duke football? leading a division of the ACC? unreal!

Baseball is still going on?

Can't stand when partisan lemmings like Cote and Sean Hannity incredulously rail against 'undecided' voters because they just can't believe that people STILL haven't been convinced by their team's minor tweaks in their big government money shuffling special interest policies.

I'm 'undecided' because I can't stand Barack Obama or Mitt Romney's parties and I have yet to find a difference in their policies meaningful enough for me to not throw my vote away on the person I want to be president.

NFL's thinking of getting rid of the Pro Bowl - good move, not because the game is boring but because being a 'Pro Bowler' doesn't mean anything when you got there because six other players ahead of you declined to play in the actual game itself.

If you have a Pro Bowl caliber regular season and get voted in, you're a Pro Bowler. If you're there backing up Matt Schaub and Vince Young because Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger passed, you're not.

It should be easy for you to figure it out.

Religiously unaffiliated voters vote democrat.

There done now you can get back to pretending that you don't know who you are voting for.

I just believe in one less god than you Big Baby, we agree on literally thousands of religions that are 100% false and made up by man.

And by the way, why wouldn't Christians vote for the team that wants to redistribute wealth to the poor?

How does a throwaway line about fanny banditry overrule the entire rest of the new testament, about caring for the poor?

My Canes are having another mediocre season, and yup I think 5-7, 6-6, 7-5 will be the norm. We can't take a year off, reload, and achieve greatness like the Gators because we're simply too small a school, without an on campus stadium. Our resources stink compared to UF's, heck even compared to FIU's or UCF's.

Speaking of stink, what happened to FIU?! I'm sure they'll do well in Conference USA and have great success, but Mario and his staff have to go. Way too much talent on that team for a 1-7 season.

Not just that it's same sex marriage, contraception choice and abortion but I know you knew that you're a smart guy.

The new testament doesn't mention abortion or contraception, you gents wouldn't happen to be making this stuff up as you go along, would you?

All I'll say is this - if you think same sex marriage, contraception, and abortion are issues that should be in the top 50 issues in deciding who to vote for (and all democrats and republicans do), you need to reassess your priorities.

It doesn't mention same sex marriage either does it.

I don't like parties that try to limit my religious freedom.

A religiously unaffiliated voter telling me to reassess MY priorities is funny think about that one for a minute.

How is letting the question of fanny bandits and degeneresses getting married be handled by churches instead of the government 'limiting religious freedom'?

Your church would still be free to discriminate, it just couldn't tell other churches what they can and can't do.

It's just logic Big Baby, you say religious people should vote republican and you say the reasons are abortion, contraception, and gay marriage.

On what planet are those three issues important? How could anyone let those three issues be more important than the federal deficit, national security, the unconstitutionality of presidents waging war, and the deflation of our money by an unaudited federal reserve system?

They aren't the be all end all but they do factor in and when factored in, it's an easy choice because Romney is just more qualified to lead the country.


it is hard to believe that people of faith-my faith, any faith- can take a hard stand against helping the poor and downtrodden. the rationalization of such anti-societal behavior is they got to the low end of the totem pole by drink and or drugs, but that is a bogus claim, says me. especially so for the "christians", whose "testament" is chock full of helping the poor, "the good Samaritan story",...

the code which governs my life says many, many, many times that the poor, orphans, widows, the infirm,... demand our attention and we are obligated to help those in need.

as i have said to many who think that they are committed to a Torah lifestyle which is free of those obligations- this is not a "liberal position", it is a Torah obligation. when those people rail against WIC, the food stamp program, ... they fail to realize how many members of the tribe live below the "poverty line". they also fail to recognize the statement of the Rabbis- 'who is honored?- those who honor all of G-d's creations", not just the rich and famous.

the issues of abortion and contraception are not "cut and dried" in our faith; however, we rely on the sound judgment of our Rabbis who basically have a connection to Moses and who frequently disagree amongst themselves in the hierachy about these very touchy and delicate moral decisions.

and yes, baseball is still going, and going and going!! the games are incredibly long in time, and the series, with a rainout here or there, could reach into november-EGADS!!!

Whatever Big Baby, just know that your vote is getting cancelled out by some crackhead in Boston who's equally ignorant about politics as you are.

There is no difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I'm voting my conscience and writing in a true conservative candidate.

shadow my Catholic faith also says that we need to help people in need what's your point?

Shadow - no disrespect on the religiosity comments above, I respect all religions and I've read the old and new testaments, the qu'ran, the kitab-i-adqas, egyptian book of the dead, scientology and dianetics, and all kinds of mythology books from front to back.

Religions are man's attempt to lay out a guideline for how and why we should live our lives, there are few subjects that are more important.

It's just a shame that so many use religion as an excuse to not think about these things.

There are subjects that are more important than the afterlife Kazaam?

Yea, life.

The one that actually exists.

Go worship L. Ron Hubbard then he's right up your alley.

How's that? He's only the most recent (and therefore most obvious) scam artist who made up a religion. In 100 years he'll be as credible as Joseph Smith and we could have a Scientologist running for president. In 1,000 he'll be as credible as Muhammad.

Scientology isn't that bad, aside from the church itself which charges you to become 'holier' and won't let you leave, the basic philosophy is just psychology and self help classes.

They have a 'whatever they call it' on south beach and they give out free e-meter (lie detector) screenings sometimes. I took one, they ask you questions about your job, family, love life, etc., and wherever you are stressed in answering they suggest you pay to take their course on 'getting ahead at work' or whatever.

Plus they have aliens, but it's many hundreds of thousands of dollars before you get there.

Scientology, Joseph Smith, Mohammad all scams.

There is one true way the path is clear seize the moment Kazaam you can do it.

LA David- Stick to music because you know nothing about the NFL. When you make an idiotic statement that after 6 games you would take Tannah. over Flacco, you are clueless. Cam Newton was the big rage last year, how is that working out in Carolina? Sanchez took the Jets to 2 AFC title games, how are things working out for him with the Jets? Lets give Tannah. some time before we crown this guy. Lets see what happens when teams get a book on the guy.

Cam Newton is fine his team sucks he just needs to stop pouting about it.

Tannehill will likely be better than Flacco but that isn't setting the bar that high.

Last night I kept getting interrupted as I was celebrating the ass whipping that my boys from San Fran were putting on those pukes from St. Louis. How they can find an imbecile to schedule a presidential debate on a Monday when they knew that a football game was scheduled is beyond any comprehension. Not to mention that the Giants were also playing last night. Anyway, during the game I kept getting texts and phone messages from two of my most anal friends one a Dem the other a Repub both telling me how their guy was kicking the crap out of the other guy. Really, what a surprise. If I put these two bozos in a room together they would be at each other's throats in a minute. And for what? Memo to the jack ass that scheduled the debate last night.....TUESDAY NIGHT IS THE NIGHT FOR DEBATES ASS HOLE THERE ARE NO FREAKING SPORTS GAMES SCHEDULED ON A TUESDAY IN LATE OCTOBER! If they can't even get this one right how the hell are they going to get anything right when they're in the White House. Freaking moron. Then I went over to my mom's to watch the recorded debate at her pad.........I was sawing logs on her couch fifteen minutes after this thing started. The only thing that would have kept me up last night watching that debate is if they had the same bombshell that the Mexicans brought out in a strapless two sizes too small dress during their presidential debate to ask questions to these two clowns.

Woodcock no offense but that Giant offense is bad.

Their pitching is the only hope they have.

Kaz and Baby,

that's a fine argument you two have going on, I fall more on the conservative point of view of family,religion etc, I am againt gay marriage but I respect their right to do has they please behind closed doors..

Shadow, I also think the poor should be helped but up to a point, if you can go to work then go to work, as simple as that, way too many people simply expect the goverment to help them, this is the country Obama is creating, enough.

the St Louis Cardinal's got their ass handed to them, still I will be rooting for the Giants, I'm a national league guy.

I didn't watch the debate last night..this election will be decided by the economy and from where I stand I trust Romney more than Obama the liar and Obama the inept.

Jets week is here, the Jets looked very good against the Patsies last week, is it because they are better than we thought???..or the Patsies are worse than we thought???

Jabbar Gaffney and Daniel Thomas are going to play which will help our young QB but we need the stablish the running game and can't turn the ball over.

No offense Big Baby, although I'm not much of a baseball guy, I root for the Giants almost out of habit since I've been rooting for them since 1962, but it has been my "observation" over the years that in baseball PITCHING IS EVERYTHING.


you Giants wipe the floor with my Cardinals (my original team growing up), good job by then..and yes in baseball pitching is everything.

oye, hay ques sacar el chardo de la casa blanca.

Detroit's pitching is better and their offense is better.

Tigers in 5.

Kazaam has a point. National security, balancing the budget, job growth, and American prosperity are what people should focus on. It is a president's job to take control in those areas. I couldn't care less about his faith. Nobody has a concrete answer about the life after death or if there actually is a god. That's why they call it faith. Just like I have faith the Dolphins will win a SB with Tannehill. It is a belief, but it is not fact.

Si brother, but I don't have to watch a debate when their is actually something good to watch on TV. Like I told OC 4 years ago...."Bro, relax there ain't a freaking thing that you can do about who's in the White House, when the election comes around in 4 years you'll vote for the Republican just like I will. Pero, all this worrying and what have you, give me a break.

With that prediction feel free to blow me Big Baby!

No rooting interest here just a prediction.

When your best player is Marco freaking Scutaro you are in trouble.

Bro, are you watching the same Giants that I am? You know this is the team that's been in the world series for the second time in three years and that they missed getting in last year because "their best player" Buster Possey (National League batting champ) was hurt. We can lose to Detroit but they have as good a chance as anyone.

I am watching that same team and that lineup is weak.

Good on them for winning 6 elimination games this postseason though they certainly have their mojo working.

Hey you guys should try to get Melky Cabreras back..

OC has gone underground again, maybe he's in Lybia with the Dukes-Ter..

most people are concerned with the economy and Romney should win the election on that alone, of course there is no way to predict the stupidity of most liberals...he he

FZB - what are the top three policies of Romney's that you think are different enough from Obama's that it will get the economy turned around?

Honestly if there was a box that read "none of the above" much like the Richard Pryor movie Brewsters Millions......

None of the above would win in A LANDSLIDE!!!!

The key, central point being missed by the shadow knows and others who would otherwise apply religious teachings as a sort of litmus test against a particular candidate or party fails to recognize that the argument is not so much what their church teaches its followers about charity, but that the government exists outside any such obligation.

I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute—where no Catholic prelate would tell the President (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote—where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference—and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the President who might appoint him or the people who might elect him. I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish—where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source—where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials—and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all. [...] I do not speak for my church on public matters—and the church does not speak for me. Whatever issue may come before me as President—on birth control, divorce, censorship, gambling or any other subject—I will make my decision in accordance with these views, in accordance with what my conscience tells me to be the national interest, and without regard to outside religious pressures or dictates. And no power or threat of punishment could cause me to decide otherwise. But if the time should ever come—and I do not concede any conflict to be even remotely possible—when my office would require me to either violate my conscience or violate the national interest, then I would resign the office; and I hope any conscientious public servant would do the same.


I'm not an economist but I stand by conservative principles of less goverment involment, less people on welfare,less taxes and more freedom to small business, our country was founded on hard work and the idea that the smarter you are and the harder you are willing to work the higher the regards will be and the more money you will make.

Obama is the opposite, he almost has socialistiscs views, he believes in a robin hood approach, rob from the rich and give to the poor, this does not work because the lazy will continue to be lazy until you take it away and make them go to work.

here is a photo of the monkey in the middle.


ooohh and by the way, before any of you guys call me a racist, Erin Burnett a reporter for CNBC called then president Bush the "monkey in the middle" on national TV, this happened on 11-26-2007, so if miss Burnett can call Bush "monkey in the middle" on national TV I also have the right to call Obi the "monkey in the middle" on this blog.

Mitt should enter the same plea to get elected it could help.

OC is in full obsession mode about the election. He has been in full obsession mode since November of 2008 when Obi won. No matter what you say to him he can't let go of it. And the fact of the matter is that there's not a damn thing that he can do about it except vote and in California he might as well stay home on election day because Obi is a shoe in in this state.


what do you think OC will do if Obi wins and the Lakers lose...that double whami could be lethal..lol

Ahem, ah, OC, even if Astro the Wonder Dog or Biff Barf get elected president. Four years later there will be another election with two jack asses on the ballot. "The more things change the more they stay the same." If we survived the Civil War we will survive this election, OC, regardless of who wins.

If Obi wins, we're all f***ed.


yesterday you posted the Dolphins could be in the hunt for a playoff spot...



Cool beans thanks FZBCool beans thanks FZB.

If we get anyhting out of Gaffney and Reggie Bush goes back to being Reggie Bush and the defense continues to improve along with Tanny then ten wins is possible.

S*crew it let's sweep NE this year they are not the same team.

FZB - yea, except I pay attention to what candidates propose to do, not the meaningless brainwashing platitudes they feed their zombies. If you want less government involvement, less taxes, and more freedom for the middle class you shouldn't vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. There are only minor differences in the way they want to grow federal government, raise taxes, and regulate citizens.

BTW, when someone calls George Bush a monkey, the joke is he's stupid. When someone calls Obama a monkey, the joke is that blacks are a less evolved and inferior race.

Shaq and Barkley think Boston has a chance to beat Miami in the East.

My guess is it'll come down to Heat-Knicks.

Big Baby thinks so too like I have been saying since the Summer they are deeper and better than last year.

You and Woodcock can live in your little fantsy worlds though what was it Woodcock you said they had a crap roster or something to that effect come clean now.

sure senor Kaz, ..for the record , I'm calling Obi the "monkey in the middle" because I think he is stupid.

I think it'll be the Heat and the C's...but don't forget Indiana.

Seriously though Kazaam those guys are usually right they have a lot of basketball knowledge they must believe it.

I know you like NYK but with them it's always wait until next year at least for like the last 30 anyway.

Make that 40 wow how sad.

Like when Barkley said the Heat would lose to the Knicks, and when he said they would lose to the Pacers, and when he said they would lose to the Celtics, and when he said they would lose to the Thunder?

Plenty of other analysts look right past the competition in the East and are talking about how the Heat match up with the Lakers vs. the Thunder. Doubt anyone that makes predictions on sports for a living has a very good track record.

I just don't like how the Knicks are flying under the radar, they're the biggest team down low in the East and they have a nice core with Carmelo, Stoudemire, Kidd, Chandler, and Camby.

I'm just thrilled that Rasheed Wallace is back in the league, he's awesome.

I haven't read this yet but if Pierce wrote this I trust it's good I know you like and respect Doc Rivers.


Oye Kaz,

easy with the Knicks talk, they are good on defense but they don't really play lights out defense like the Celtics or the Heat and they don't have good outside shooters other than Melo and Smith..they are fifth best in the east.

Bulls-because of Rose's injury

Marlins fire Guillen like I said they should what a jackaSS that guy is.

Are you serious Big Baby?

The guy who called 'The Onion' a 'liberal rag' likes Charles Pierce?????

I can't f*cking stand Charles Pierce, he disgusts me, he's like a liberal Glenn Beck.

Go to Esquire.com any day of the week, his biased ignorant garbage is going to be on the front page.


Doc Rivers is a heck of a coach and a better human being, he is alright in my book.

Ozzie "I love Fidel" Guillen was just fired, good move.

Doc Rivers I like, best coach in basketball.

Kazaam I know I know he is an extreme liberal before he went to Esquire I followed him on his Boston.com blog (since gone) he would actually respond to people there sometimes unlike Cote.

He wrote about Sports not just politics but needless to say I looked him up at Esquire and as you might imagine it's not my cup of tea over there.

I was the fly in the ointment on his blog but everyone was pretty cool there don't ask me how I ended up there it just happened.

He is a brilliant writer despite his outdated political philosophies.

Florida may be the most relevant of the Sunshine State college football teams, but Miami and Florida State still attracted the largest overnight rating on Saturday.

The latest edition of “Saturday Night Football,” featuring Miami/Florida State in most of the country, earned a 3.5 overnight rating on ABC — up 59% from coverage featuring a delayed Texas Tech/Oklahoma game last year (2.2)

Saturday’s telecast, which also included Baylor/Texas in some markets, earned the highest college football overnight of the day. The afternoon South Carolina/Florida game on CBS, the site of ESPN’s “College Gameday” studio show, only drew a 3.3 overnight.
– smw

even when U bad …
U good …


u good to have the nation LAUGH at your mediocrity and irrelevance.


u good to have the nation LAUGH at your mediocrity and irrelevance.


Posted by: ha | October 23, 2012 at 04:22 PM


who thumbs one's nose at a 4 hour blow job, I mean infomercial ...
green & orange with envy ...


Firing Guillen isn't going to solve any problems at all. The baseball manager is probably one of the most overrated and obsolete coach next to the basketball coach. Obama is perhaps the most sensible and logical choice.


infomercial towards your recruits, giving them reason not to join scUM.


snicker :)

We only have 2 more months before its all over according to the Mayans.....

Just throwing that out there... now that you all are mentioning sciencrapolgy and every other religion & group!!...

Lets not discriminate against the poor indians...

Big Baby,

giving to the poor, orphans, widows, infirm are commanded to us (the hebes) by He Who Spoke and Created the World in what is now called "The Hebrew Bible". are these acts commanded to Christians in your "book"? or just suggested actions in the realm of "WWJD?" when the codebook of life named The Torah was junked in favor of the writings of the apostles, were these acts mandated upon the followers and believers of/in the fellow born in a manger in bethlehem? and even if the answer is that they suggestions on how to live life, jews are rewaraded more for following commandments than for doing acts voluntarily; very counterintuitive, but that is our way. ever read one of books called "Pirkei Avot"- translated title is "Ethics of our Fathers"?opening statement follows the chain of transmission from Moses at sinai all the way to the Rabbis who lived until almost 200 of the "Common Era". the commentary to this transmission states while many other religious groups have acts of kindness and charity in their essence, we receive these "nicey nice" and moral guidelines straight from trhe Creator to Moses and then to Joshua until they were written down as not just suggestions, but mandated manners of living life to achieve what you and i (but not our enlightened friend Kazaam) are on this earth for, the attainment of an Eternity promised to pretty much all mankind by the Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent ONE.

See most people are missing the point...

some ask is the glass half empty...

some ask is the glass half full....

The question should be....WHATS IN THE FRIGGIN GLASS!!!

infomercial towards your recruits, giving them reason not to join scUM.


snicker :)

Posted by: ha | October 23, 2012 at 05:28 PM


the University of Miami sits atop the world's greatest natural resource ...
U get the pick of the litter ...
you pick over the carcass ...
happy hunting ...



one of my cousins is in (or was in) the hierchy of the "church of scientology". your observations about their purpose and policies is, as Dashi would say, "dead on". a cash cow if there ever was one, probably followed close behind by the kaballah "industry". boy, do they milk those suckers who fall for dianetics and that other bunk they espouse. cha-ching!!cha ching!! and even more cha-chinging!!

Hey HA,

your stupidity is annoying...

the heck with the tigers. i'd rather see the giants win the world series. it would make me sick if the tigers win it. especially that the tigers are using some of the former marlins to do it.

Only two weeks to go before a crucial election; this country of ours is on the road to bankruptcy, 25 million unemployed or at a low-paying job, 15 mill more on food stamps vs 2008, record foreclosures, what are your homes worth today?, middle-East in flames, the community-organizer lies to us about Libya. Please consider Mitt.


Yossei the son of Yochanan of Jerusalem would say: Let your home be wide open, and let the poor be members of your household. And do not engage in excessive conversation with a woman.

Smart man, Yossei. About the women, not letting hobos live in your house.

Rabban Gamliel:

Be careful with the government, for they befriend a person only for their own needs. They appear to be friends when it is beneficial to them, but they do not stand by a person at the time of his distress.

Rabbi Yaakov:

A single moment of repentance and good deeds in this world is greater than all of the World to Come.

Yakov Smirnoff:

In Russia we only had two TV channels. Channel One was propaganda. Channel Two consisted of a KGB officer telling you: Turn back at once to Channel One.

Remember when our Community-organizer called our military
"corpse-men" and he tries to lecture Romney on foreign affairs.

Only two weeks to go before a crucial election; this country of ours is on the road to bankruptcy, 25 million unemployed or at a low-paying job, 15 mill more on food stamps vs 2008, record foreclosures, what are your homes worth today?, middle-East in flames, the community-organizer lies to us about Libya. Please consider Mitt.

Posted by: gocanes1 | October 23, 2012 at 06:23 PM

31 months of job growth, another depression averted, banking system stabilized, dow jones doubled, american autos alive & kicking, health care reformed, openly gay service, scandal free, iraq pullout, osama dead



Yossei the son of Yochanan of Jerusalem would say: Let your home be wide open, and let the poor be members of your household. And do not engage in excessive conversation with a woman.

Smart man, Yossei. About the women, not letting hobos live in your house.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | October 23, 2012 at 06:27 PM

Gonna have to vote this one "POST OF THE DAY"

A Aussie friend of mine a couple years ago said (And I'am Qouting here) "If it was'nt for womens pussy, We'd be hunting them mate", True qoute from a friend Down-under that truly knows women.

so this is funny, the "monkey in the middle" (check my post of 1:32 pm today) just put out a 20 page booklet on his plan to create jobs for the next four years...

this is two weeks before the election and the only reason this clue-less president did it is because he has been called out on it by everyone, typical liberal.

green, just so you know, we are much worse off today than 4 years ago...

Anti-Christ, Kaz had the POST OF THE DAY??..I want a recount , lol

Kaz, you may have already seen this from previous thread but in case you didn't...

Kaz, back from ah Labia. Checked out you music vid. So that's what I have to look forward to on Judgement Day...
Posted by: r. duke | October 23, 2012 at 02:11 PM

FZB, Recount??, You must be in Florida.

Also, this one's 100% Tarantino, coming out Christmas day.


Also, here's this. A Tom Hanks mindf*ck movie they kept under wraps until the last minute. This one's out any day now.


Kaz, I Have pre-viewed Mr.Hanks movie and I concur,Either it's a mind-f@ck movie or I'am intoxicated,

Anti-Christ - I'm undecided on that one, it blows my mind that they were able to keep a blockbuster like that a secret until the month it's released but I'm not sold on it being worth seeing in theaters.

But what I've been trying to sell r. duke and everyone else on this blog on is catching up with the best show on television (by ratings, awards, and my opinion) before it's final season. Watching the father from 'Malcolm in the Middle' go from that same character to the most badass supervillian on television has been awesome.


I can walk you through downloading the seasons (and any other show, album, and discography) for free if you want.

Same goes for the second best show on television (season 3 going on now Sundays).

I download every episode an hour after it airs on HBO.


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