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October 29, 2012

Live blog Q&A / chat No. 6 now completed; next chat Nov. 5


LIVE BLOG Q&A IN COMMENTS SECTION: Thanks to all who joined our live blog chat today. Do it each Monday 1-2 p.m. Click 'Comments' below to read a transcript of today's palaver. See you next Monday for Chat No. 7.


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Good afternoon, Greg. A general easy one for ya to start the session. What sporting event that you covered over the last 12 months was the most memorable/fun for you?

Greg I have always wanted to visit Graceland big Elvis fan myself has your opinion of the Dolphins changed over the last few weeks they seem to be improving.

We underway!

Greg,,, What is Tannehill's current status? Do you think he will play against Indy?

OC Dolphin, seems obvious, but I think I have to say the NBA Finals in general, and especially the night the Heat won it all. The world lifting off LeBron's shoulders, almost palpably, was pretty special. Championships always are.

Big Baby, yeah I recommend Graceland for serious Elvis fan, though it's very tourist-y. I wrote after season-opening loss in Houston that thewe as a lot to like about Dolphins and mentioned playoff chances a while ago so, no, I'm not surprised by what I'm seeing. (Although I did pick Jets to win Sunday, which was insane I guess).

Greg, what's your take on Joe Philbin?

Jimbo, MRI results on Tannehill due later today. Tannheill is optimistic he'll be ready for Indy, but then again players almost always are. I'd call it very iffy right now. They'll side with caution, especially with faith in Moore.

It seems almost like a requirement these days that when someone becomes a "personality," or guest on radio or televised show, that the guest makes mention of his/her new book.

Have you considered writing one?

Gian, I like what I see of Philbin so far. Players mention his staff teaches more and develops talent better than the Sparano gang did. I like Philbin's daring, as with that onside kick yesterday. Also think he has the right steady hand in terms of his own demeanor, a sort of anti-Rex Ryan. Very positive thus far.

Because I have a gigantic ego, I'm sure you were wondering, "How could Tim possibly have anything bad to say about the Dolphins today?"
Oh, ye of little faith.
I wanted to comment on what Cameron Wake said last week, when he said that the Dolphins should be 5-1, not 3-3. You know what I want to hear from arguably the best player on the team for whom I root? "We should be 6-0, not 3-3." Now, I know what he meant -- that we were two Crapenter shanks away from being 5-1. But his statement, to me, said that losing to Houston was excepted, accepted and acceptable. I don't EVER want to hear that from a player on a team for whom I root. The soft, loser mentality permeating this franchise for over a decade has not been permanently eradicated. And that irked me something fierce. Honked me off like a goose, as Marc Hochman would say. Your thoughts?
As far as on-the-field, no complaints, apart from Tannehill's injury.

OC, yeah I have given thought to a book but simply have not made the time, which does not please me to admit. If I ever due it would be a novel; I have zero interest in adding to the Cemetery of Bad Sports Books That Don't Sell.

Oh-oh...Rasmussen just reported that Romney now and for the first time leads in Ohio 50-48. Not looking good for your side!

Tim, welcome back, these chats can get way too positive without you! I know what Wake meant and have no objection to it. Nobody left that Houston game saying Miami should have won. But the other two losses Miami squandered chances to win. Keep the complaints coming, though. Good things you aren't a Heat fan. That's a no-complaint zone.

On to the World Series.
Miguel Cabrera. MVP? More like M-V-Please! Taking a called strike three on an 89-mph fastball right down the middle to end it all? Pardon my language, but that was a bitchmade move worthy of A-Fraud. Unimpressed. A serious mark on his resume.
Phil Coke? More like Phil Choke. I see why the Yankees parted ways with him.
Giants pitching? Un-buh-bloody-lieveable. How many runs did their starters give up in the last seven games? Five? Against THOSE offenses? Wow.
Two yes or no questions for you on this, Greg.
(1) Buster Posey. Probably the NL MVP. Two World Series rings in three seasons. Excellent offensively and defensively. Still too soon to tell, but can you foresee this kid winding up in Johnny Bench/Yogi Berra territory as far as greatest catchers of all time?
(2) Have you ever seen a non-position player get as much camera time while not playing due to injury as Brian Wilson does? I like flakes. I like bizarre, offbeat, quirky personalities. I long for the days of the late Mark Fidrych and the forgotten Joe Charbonneau. But don't you think Brian Wilson tries just a bit too hard to be eccentric? What's he going to do next year? Do postgame interviews in drag?

OC, pretty sure Rasmussen is a right-leaning poll (based on what I have heard). I'll worry a week from Tuesday at around midnight, if needed.

OC, thanks for the heads-up, I had forgotten all about it..

Greg, Presidente Obama is getting desperate, he knows he is in big trouble and has step up the personal attacks on Romney instead of telling the American public how he is going to fix this economy, even over the weekend two very liberal newspapers, The Des Moines Register and the NY Post both went to Romney, are you not a little disappointed with how he is acting??

Greg, I'm not a Heat fan, so I complain about their success. :-)

I know you follow soccer. You almost assuredly missed this, since it happened yesterday on an NFL Sunday, but did you see, hear, or read about the insanity that took place during the Chelsea/Manchester Unite match yesterday? In addition to a litany of controversial calls, The referee himself is now being accused of hurling racist taunts at players. That's a new one for me. As a rule, I don't watch games that I already know the result of (unless it's a really good Miami/Florida State game on ESPN Classic),but I need to go back and watch this one. Heard anything on this yet?

Tim, yeah a couople of the WS games were close enough that somebody like Cabrera could've turned things by stepping up; instead he fizzled. 1) Yes, I can see Posey having a Hall of Fame, especially at a position at which all-time greats are rare. 2) Agreed on Brian Wilson. His eccentricity seems forced, and the beard looks 7.8 miles beyond ridiculous.

FZB, I'm disappointed in stridently bipartisan attacks ads from both candidates, mine included. And I believe you might be the first person to ever refer to the NY Post as liberal!

Yes, two liberal newspapers endorsed Romney, and the Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Obama. A pox on both sides.

Tim, honestly, no. Racial taunting that goes on in the EPL and elsewhere really turns me off international soccer.

hey Greg -- why dont you ever pick the FINS... it's sad

OC, funny!

Tim, Sun-Sentinel endorsed Romney, Miami herald endorsed Obama, not sure either matters much. I wish people could respect both sides and not always think voters who disagree with them are idiots.

Perhaps FZB meant the New York Times, which hasn't endorsed a Republican since Eisenhower. No idea regarding the political leanings of the New York Post; the only thing I pay attention to with them are their headlines, which have become sadly more boring throughout the years.

Anyway... I'm almost ready to give Jeff Ireland credit, but then I remember that the tight end picked in the third round with a pick acquired for Brandon Marshall has fewer catches than our fourth-round defensive end has touchdowns, after that blocked punt yesterday. Still way, way, way too many misses in the top 100 picks in the draft. That being said, I think we have to accept that, barring something unforeseen, Jeff Ireland will be at the helm through at least next season. I don't know how I feel about that.

I do know this, though. Regardless of whether or not the "your mother is a prostitute?" query ended any chance of Dez Bryant ever coming to Miami, I am glad he was not selected. There's something wrong with him. He's going to be a coach-killer, and not just with Jason Garrett.

Tom, I only pick the Fins to win when they lose, it seems. Therefore I am doing my part to assure a successful season by picking them to lose. Or something like that.


your Presidente has made a mockery of the fact four brave American's were brutally murdered in Bengazhi by a coordinated attack that had nothing to do with a "youtube" yet a month and a half have passed and he is still "gathering information"...

If a Rebulican president would have acted in this manner the Liberal Media would have called for his impeachment already, why is the media protecting Obama?

meant to say youtube video but you get my point..

Tim, agreed with Dez. Sometimes the best moves are the ones NOT made. As when Ireland passed on Kyle Orton.

A novel is a novel idea. Hmm...maybe something involving a random blog where the characters add to the storyline as the villain leaves clues within the blog of all his dastardly deeds.

Just read raoul duke's stuff!

This was just the first time I've heard of racial taunting coming from an official. Mindboggling. The sport of soccer is beautiful. The people involved with the sport, on the other hand....

Here's what I want from my government: protect us (I have no problem with the defense budget; I'd just allocate more of the budget towards pay, care and benefits for those serving instead of, oh, say, kickbacks to Halliburton and Kellogg, Brown and Root), and improve/maintain the infrastructure. Stay the hell out of our bedrooms. Stop ruling based on what the Bible says. I have no problem with public displays of prayer, so long as Christian prayer isn't the only prayer allowed. Don't allow the woman in the down the hall from me to have her office look like the Vatican gift shop while I'm not allowed to hang a Mezzuzah on my door. That's all.

FZB, that issue is a good example of partisanship. For everybody who agrees with you (and many do), just as many believe Romney politicized that tradition in a way not very becoming. I think both candidates want the best for the country. Also think I'm in the minority there.

OC, I have heard far worse ideas for a novel. Seriously...

Tim, yeah I wonder when the separation of church and state became passe'?



I think Matt Moore just proved his worth one more time, he came in cold and won a game when the team needed it the most, I think the Dolphins should do anything they can to re sign him as a back up, your thought's..

C'mon you people, my fingers aren't even tired yet!

Passe? I wonder when it actually ever existed. I'm so sick of hearing how this is a Christian country because even the currency says "In God we Trust" and how it clearly says "God" and not "Mohammed", "Jehovah", "Buddha", "Vishnu", or, most egregiously "No Higher Power", and how anyone who isn't a Christian shouldn't be allowed to live in this country, or to live at all. Darwin was wrong; man is STILL an ape. (Ten billion internet points to anyone who knows from what classic play and film I just plagarized that line.)

FZB, could not agree more. Matt Moore is good and solid, the perfect backup. Bet Rex Ryan wished he had him! Trade deadline is tomorrow. Moore ain't goin' nowhere!

Greg, I know we differ politically, but we do share many things in common. One of which is that of amateur chef. Do you have a favorite dish you currently favor?

Tim, "The Book Of Mormon"? :)

In your esteemed opinion, which recent on-the-verge-of-greatness NFL franchise is in most need of a complete and total overhaul? Dallas, the Jets, Philadelphia, or San Diego? I may have to go with San Diego. I cannot believe how long that situation has been allowed to last.

Tim, you're going negativo again, stopt it amigo.

Greg, what's the latest on the Marlins manager search?

Greg, ROFL! I can't wait for that to be turned into a film, or at least for the national touring company to come to my area.
The correct answer was "Inherit The Wind", the fictionalized account of the Scopes "monkey" trial. Superb viewing.

OC, food -- the great common demoninator, that which we all love, worldwide. I am loving my snapper veracruzana, which also works perfectly fine with tilapia or even catfish. Have been making a mean gumbo for years, too. When my friends and family are stumped for Christmas gift for me they always know they can do no wrong with a cookbooks.

Tim, one of the Sunday pre-game shows (don't remember which), predicted that Carolina would be gutted, but for Cam Newton.

Tim, you picked four good contenders for an overhaul. I'd rank them Chargers, Jets, Cowboys, Eagles, from most to least needing a big change. How has Norv kept his job?

Got to run, Greg. Thanks for the time.

OC, Carolina hasn't been "on the verge", though. It'd be like saying that Cleveland is going to be gutted, or Kansas City. I was referring to teams that have been playoff teams, with high-profile quarterbacks, long-serving coaches (at least in the cases of Andy Reid and Norv Turner), etc.


would you care to explain to the guys why you are so afraid of frogs???...


FZB, I know Larry Bowa's name is out there but I don't think they want to recycle an older guy or pay big bucks. I'd be surprised if Mike Redmond wasn't hired very soon.

See ya OC. FZB, my fear of frogs is exaggerated for radio schtick to a certain degree. But I do stay out of their way. They are monumentally ugly, always look sinister, and hop haphazardly.

Greg, I have a friend who is from San Diego who says that the way that most Chargers fans think about their owner and GM mirror the way we feel about Ross and Ireland. That might explain how Norv is still employed. It boggles the mind. (They feel the same way about Padres ownership and front-office stewardship that we feel about Loria and Samson as well. Interesting. Two coastal areas, 3,000 miles apart, same gridiron/diamond issues.)

Tim, spooky. Alas, San Diego has no championship basketball team to make everything better.

OK let's put a bow on this thing. Thanks to all. Not a record-setting response but very solid. See you next Monday, 1-2 as usual. Meantime visit our blog religiously, or several times delay, whichever is greater.

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