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October 03, 2012

It's Debatable: On Obama-Romney, Tannehill, Guillen, Heat dynasty, Canes-Irish & more. I have the answers. Do you?; plus UM AD Eichorst resigns

[1) It is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4. Miguel Cabrera wins Triple Crown. Carl Yastrzemski hasn't been in the new this much in 45 years. 2) Sweet deal with Adam Greenberg's at-bat and good for the Marlins for doing it. 3) No, I did not watch the ESPN documentary 'Broke.' No interest. I have precious little sympathy for athletes who sqaunder millions of dollars on account of their own foolish decisions and spending. 4) Visit or video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

News break: UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst resigns: ESPN reporting that Eichorst, 45, Miami's AD only since April 2011, has resigned to succeed outgoing Tom Osborne at Nebraska. This hurts stability as UM awaits likely NCAA sanctions in the Nevin Shapiro case.

WELCOME TO THE DEBATE: As most know last night was the first and most anticipated presidential debate. That's all the launch-point I need for a small menu of debatable issues I'd invite you to weigh-in on. I have added my own answers. You of course may answer any or all that you wish to. One request. Take a stand. Because equivocation and "I'm not sure" are serious buzzkills.

1aa1doltann1. DO THE DOLPHINS FINALLY HAVE 'THE ANSWER' IN RYAN TANNEHILL?: Many Dolfans are hopeful or even believers. Others, burned too often, are hesitant or even skeptical. Some think four games is too small a sample to judge; others have seen enough. The Tannehill ballot is yours. /// My vote: Yes. Will he become Brady/Peyton/Brees/Rodgers? Can't say that yet. But yes to Tannehill being The Answer, a good-to-Pro Bowl starter you can win with.

1aa1doloz2. SHOULD THE MARLINS FIRE OR RETAIN OZZIE GUILLEN?: He is outspoken, controversial, a lightning. Is he also a good baseball manager? The right one for Miami? As a disappointing season ends tonight, the club will soon make its decision on Guillen. Help steer that choice. /// My vote: Retain him. Impatience and prematurely firing managers is a habit Jeffrey Loria needs to break. Give Guillen next season (with his promise the word "Fidel" will never again cross his lips publicly).

1aa1dolcane3. WILL THE HURRICANES BEAT THE IRISH?: The big game is Saturday at Soldier Field, Irish unbeaten and highly ranked, UM 4-1 and unbeaten in the ACC feeling pretty good about itself off Stephen Morris' record-setting day. Will the Canes record a national-stage win? /// My vote: Yes. My only caveat is that I'll be studying this matchup more closely, but my initial thought is Notre Dame is overrated as a two-touchdown favorite and due one of those classic Irish stumbles.

Click on This Is About Now, Not Nostalglia, for my latest column, on Canes-Irish.

1aa1dolheat4. WILL THIS BE A HEAT DYNASTY?: Let's define that as at least two more NBA titles or a total of at least three for this BIg 3 era team. Will it happen? Even fans who think the Eastern Conference is all Miami's might concede the Lakers or Thunder out west look like mighty challenges. So. Dynasty? /// My vote: No, sorry. I hope so, it's very possible, and I do see the Big 3 Heat winning another ring, probably this season. But if the measure is three titles that's a lot to expect. Kevin Durant's Thunder are still ascending, and the Lakers, after a one-season adjustment period, will look like favorites a year from now.

1aa1dolprez5. WHO WON THE FIRST OBAMA-ROMNEY DEBATE?: I suppose you could have answered prior to the debate, but that would have sort of throw into some question your objectivity. Supporters of each candidate will be presdisposed to think their guy won. Then again our blog family is renowned for its ability to weigh in dispassionately and with a collective level head. (Right...?) /// My vote: Romney won. Doesn't mean I think Romney is the better candidate or will win the election, but I thought he won last night's debate. He performed very well, and Obama was surprisingly passive, missing opportunities to mention the "47 percent" controversy, Bain Capital, Cayman Island tax-dodge and other Romney vulnerabilities. I think the election just tightened.

Poll result: No debating it, Stanton was Marlins' 2012 MVP: I asked in a poll in the previous blogpost and Giancarlo Stanton won in an 80.7 percent landslide. Jose Reyes had 9.1%, Mark Buehrle 5.5% and "somebody else" 4.7%.


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Cote- Give Tannah. a year before yoe crown the guy.Fire this nitwit Ozzie. next to Bobby valentine, these 2 are terrible. It's about the players not these jerks. ND and the U will be a close game, Irish by a fg. Lets give the heat a chance to win 2-3 more titles, then we will crown them a dynasty. to soon to talk like that.

I think the Irish will embarrass UM. Fact is, all of UM's wins have come against weak opponents. We all thought GT was a solid win, but then Sunbelt conference doormat Middle Tennessee beats them by three more touchdowns than UM did. NCS and BC aren't exactly winning programs.

UM's only ranked opponent this year raped them by nearly 50 points. I expect a 30 point Irish win.


the irish can't score and even UM's lousy defense will hold them to about 21-24. the canes will score more than that, maybe mr. duke johnson will all by hisself. the canes are a live underdog, ands if they are getting 10 points, or maybe even seven, i would take a chance on blowing my 2-0 record in the colleges taking a live underedog and the points; time to find the line.


miami is a 12.5 to 13 points underdog, and this is solid take the points situation. if the over/under is 51 or so, the wise guys are saying 32-19 ND. will go out on a limb and say take miami and the points and take the over number until further notice.

OC Dolphin,

to which five counties in southern california are you referring? LA, orange, san berdoo, riverside, ventura? or are you throwin in san diego county? except for orange county, the others have no connection to LA county. san berdoo likes to call itself "the inland empire" to detach itself fom los angeles county. fill me in, please!

How does it feel to be a NITWIT AND a Virgin at the same time? Not good I suspect??

1. No, not yet. But he is showing signs he may be.
2.Retain him.
3. No. The defense isn't good enough, and the offense is inconsistent.


If I remember correctly, you left SoCa about two years or so ago. I took but a two and a half month absence and was amazed at what fresh eyes truly see. All provincial exclusion aside, the Southern California area is, as my urban design teacher first introduced to me many years back, an enormous megalopolis engulfing the LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, Kern, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Imperial counties. Technically these comprise SoCa and their combined total approaches over 50 million people. It is one non-stop building and road after the other. I was however, just referring to the first five.

Tannehill- He's enough of an answer to start answering other questions.
Guillen- Must be retained or the Marlins will never, ever obtain a real manager or worth-adding free agent ever again. Too much turnover, let's try stability.
Canes- Too close to call, but gut says Miami at least plays well enough to earn some 2013 commitments.
Heat- One more title in next two years- talent infusion needed after that; Wade will be done being useful.
Debate- Romney wins, but no one cares.


bro, acabaste con el pobre Virgin..

In re: to T-Hill, To me He already looks like the second best QB in the AFC east plus he is doing things that I never saw Henne do in four years here so yes he is the franchise QB we have been searching for more than a decade, too early to tell if he is going to be like a top ten QB in the NFL but he has great upside.

funny how a lot of those people that said he was a reached at 8th have sort of gone away..

Ozzie Guillen, I would keep him and fire Loria and Sampson, those two are the real culprits.

Heat a dynasty ??..too early Cote, what if someone gets injured, cap situation..they have only won one..

I'm hopefull the Canes can beat ND, I think shadow is on to something with the point spread.

I'm not watching the debate, I already know who I'm voting for...

Santonio Holmes and Revis are out for the season, Yup I say the Jets are done..Hopefully they bench Sanchez and we get another shot at Tebow..

Naples, your a little more familiar with Gaffney than me, is he a reliable receiver???


Actually, answering all your questions, but for tonight's debate winner, are ambiguous. Clearly Obama easily won the debate.

Let me put it this way. Barrack could be standing there, in full display of the 60 million people watching, proceed to eat a live baby, shed his skin like some cheap rubber suit to expose a 6' green tailed lizard and you and the rest of your liberal cohorts would simply announce as fact...the poor guy was just hungry and he was obviously scheduled to go to a Halloween party after the mop up with the rich, female hating racists.


Are you saying that liberals have no intelligence or common sense????? (sorry Dave)..Because if you are I agree..

and here is some Zep..just for the hell of it..


Thanks, FZB, Zep 1 remains my favorite LP of all time. Picking one out of so many is tough, but I always go back to this one.

No, I don't think liberals lack intelligence or common sense. I'm sure we both have plenty of friends, family and acquaintances who are smart, yet view life differently. It is part of life to align with one side or the other.

Hey! I think I just figured out FZB!!!

Does it stand for Floyd, Zeppelin, Beatles?

Tannehill has all the same attributes as Aaron Rogers. The next great one!

funny OC,

while those three bands are without question my top three no, that's not what FZB stands for..he he

2-The Floyd

So OC, are you dinking the kool aid with Tannehill yet?

what does DINKING means???..I meant to write "drinking"

Miasportsminute, above said it best: "Tannehill- He's enough of an answer to start answering other questions."

Just checked the weather report for Saturday night in Chicago, low will be 36, with a slight wind, not quite sure how the Canes will react to those conditions? I do seem to remember a few years back seeing a stat that they perhaps had never won in those types of conditions before.

1. Don't know if he's the "answer" but he's the best qb since Marino.
2. I like Ozzied. Keep him. His only sin this year was pissing off Loria once or twice and MLB is full of ex-Marlins managers that have done that.
3. If the game was in Miami, I'd yes, the 'Canes would win but at "neutral" Soldier Field in front of a national audience, it'll be tough for such a young team. That said, GO 'CANES!!!
4. Goin' out on a limb here and say "yes".


i believe that "how many more times" is another song originally done by the greatest of all the bluemen, the howling wolf, and written by willie dixon, his brother-in-law.all of the wolf's writing credits go by his legal name, chester burnett. as stated often, every great band (maybe the who didn't) did at least one of the wolf's tunes with the exception of the beatles, which is why they are a basically pop group to this music lover.


but i believe the "fab" is warranted by your very early on ingroduction to us of senor tannehill and his very serious play to this date. because of the holiday, i didn't see the last seven crucial minutes of the game but anyone complaining about his play thus far would be swimming upstream. he looked ver good to the ole shadow on sunday, but as mentioned i didn't see most of the third and fourth quarters. the fact that the dolphins have a threat around end and on quarterback draws should hike their red zone rate of success drastically. well done on spotting this young man and same to the scout who touted him to you way, way back. good matchup sunday against my favorite team of years ago the dolphins and their good "young" QB andy dalton. not gonna be easy again, but a chance for miami to get back into a groove. hartline, bess, and fasano have been beneficiaries of tannehill's play, and also have helped him out. has my guy davone bess been dropping many passes, as the bloggers have posted? again, well done and spot on about #17 of the locals.

OC Dolphin,

unbelievable that los angeles has become one long stretch of concrete to palm springs to the east and to calabasas to the west. my daddy, OBM, had a slaughterhouse in ontario when that was cow country and chino was the roughest town in america, along with pomona, which still may be. the pomona freeway wasn't in existence until the late 60s and the speed limit was not enforced, so going to ontario- euclid avenue- from downtown took about 30-35 minutes on a slow day!!
southern california has lost its "charm" be being overdeveloped. imagine the concept of "chino hills" to someone who knew chino from the early 60s to get an idea of culture shock!!

Thanks Shadow,

I still remember Kazaam and Tom making fun of this old boy and telling me I was on crack for posting that Tannehill would be picked in the top ten in the NFL draft..

It sure looks like my buddy knew what he was talking about...

Mr. Woodcock,

as you may have read, i differ drastically from "Virgin" regarding miami against ND. i don't care what the weather is- the young canes will not be steamrollered by the irish. the best player that ND has, the samoan LB who got the big write-up in SI last issue, is gonna be looking at the back of #5's jersey quite a bit. 13 points in a rivalry game? especially after the farce where jacorry harris threw INTs on his first four passes (i think; may have been three) in the 30-3 shmendrick bowl when they last played!!! i say mr. duke johnson outscores ND by hisself saturday night. as much as miami loathes ND owing to the convict/catholic business, we of your favorite urban university have hated the golden domers for many, many decades. ND was the biggest game on the trojan schedule until oregon and stanford became powers, and was always a bigger game to us than the yearly tussle with the bruins, also a rivalry match. UCLA has a good team which will play us with the memory of a 50-0 spanking administered last season, a very lame move by the despicable lane kiffin.

how is the lakers a year from now be the favorites?!!! Are you crazy?! with Nash almost @40 and no defense! Kobe a year older nearing mid 30's, Gasol older and softer @30 something and Dwight still wont be able to make 65% of his free throws. Durant and the thunder made their choice and Harden will be leaving soon!!! Cote please go get yourself checked out!!!

Tannehill looks like best Dolphin QB prosepect in years. Sadly unless a talented GM wants a challenge one conversation with Boss Kubler-Ross will change all that I'm afraid...

I'm not watching the debate, I already know who I'm voting for...

Posted by: FZB | October 03, 2012 at 12:48 PM

You and the rest of this idiot nation.

Not once did I ever say Tannehill wouldn't be a top 10 pick.

Stop using me as your simple minded anti-Ireland counterpart.

Marry Tannehill, kill Guillen, f*ck Romney.


you need a hug?

You seem to have a little amnesia today, you basically told me I was on drugs for saying Tannehill would be picked in the top ten...

its ok, I know your wrong and I'm right..again

No, you just don't understand thoughts more complex than Tannehill Good! (Ireland Good! Republican Good!), so you assume everyone who disagrees with you is equally simple minded.

So since I'm 'Ireland Bad!', I must have said everything that people who dislike Ireland said. Must blame him for Parcells' mistakes. Must have thought Tannehill wouldn't be a first rounder. And you throw my name in there every single time you want to make a point for Ireland or Tannehill.

Except I never said any of the things you attribute to me.

I'll give no credit to Jeff Ireland if he picks Tannehill at #8.

Picking a quarterback is a crapshoot, decades of drafts have proven that no one can tell if a college QB will work out in the pros.

And if Tannehill drops to #8 that won't change the fact that Ireland is visionless and was the wrong GM to find a quarterback and fix the Dolphins.

If Ireland moves up to draft him then obviously my assessment of him is wrong.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | April 02, 2012 at 01:07 PM

I didn't think Tannehill would be a late draft pick. At all.

I've seen a lot of highlight videos, not sure I've ever seen this high a ratio of clip to audio quality.


see, you're still upset...pobrecito.

That's ok kaz, you don't have to give my son any credit for drafting our young franchise QB but other people are already doing it...

Wow, you went back to an april post???...cool, I can't even remember what I had for a snack today at 3 pm...So the reason you won't give Ireland any credit for drafting Tannehill is because he didn't move up in the draft to get him????..alrighty then.

You want me to hook you up with my crazy friend Bill at the Miami/ND game ?..You'll know, if you see either a fight or a shooting taking place in the stands that would be him..lol

1. yes, Tannehill is good enough to start looking at other areas to improve the team. Dan Marino has been giving THill a ringing endorsement. Sport commentators & opposing coaches like THills poise, arm. Time will tell.
2. Keep Ozzie.
3. No the Canes WON'T beat ND but will cover the spread.
4. No- the Heat will win possibly 1 more title but... too much can go wrong with injuries, etc.
5. Romney will be stiff, matter of fact. Obama will be charming & full of shnikey. The media will blab on how delightful Obama was because... They want him to win.

1. Tannehill is a winner. keep him
2. Guillen-foul mouth, immature, ADD, egotistical jackass let him go
3. just not enough depth to handle the big boys yet but the game will be interesting.
4. doubt heat can go more than one to many characters and not enough character.
5. no real winner tonight though some of the domestic issues obama will have trouble explaining.

Hey Kaz, what do all these QB have in common?

Dan Marino
Dree Brees
Ben Rostherburger
Tom Brady
Matt Ryan
Tony Romo
Jim Kelly
Andy dalton

That was a mixture of new and old school, can you guess ??..their team did not trade up to draft them...They waited until it was their turn and took their guy, I still don't know why you said that but is obviously a dumb statement.

Jimbo,....Most so called experts have been very complementary of Tannehill, so far so good for the kid and yes this means we won't have to concentrate on drafting another QB next year...

correction-drew brees..sorry

The blog is searchable, 'Kazaam +Tannehill +draft' brought up that post.

My only point is you're full of sh*t and constantly throw my name in posts attributing things to me that I never said.

As for the post itself, Ireland is visionless, that's my point. He was forced to draft Tannehill but he would have been just fine with Tannehill not falling to him. Perfectly willing to roll with Matt Moore and waste the entire 2012 season.

I heard Michael Lombardi on the Joe Rose show this morning and Joe asked him specifically about Plaxico Burress and Kellen Winslow...He said Plaxico can't run anymore and Winslow's knee is shot..so hopefully this will explain to some of you guys why they are still out there.

even the Jets don't want anything to do with Plaxico.

So Ireland was forced to draft Tannehill?

You know it IS possible that he had targeted him all along..The evidence is there, he signed D Garrard to compete with M Moore because he didn't want him to start right away, he didn't go after Matt Flynn or Kyle Orton in free agency, he gave every indication he was going to draft a QB.

your just too dumb to see it or just full of hate for Ireland, right?..

are you watching that dip shit Obama tonight?


Obviously, if Tannehill was there and Ireland didn't take him he would have been fired.

I don't give Ireland any credit if Tannehill works out or blame if he doesn't. But he passed on a bunch of QBs in 2011 because he thought Chad Henne was good enough and he risked waiting for Tannehill to drop in 2012 because he thought Matt Moore was good enough. He's visionless, a Parcells clone with no respect for the position.

If you're going to call someone dumb, at least try to spell 'your' words correctly.

Of course I'm watching the debate, I'm not a brainwashed lemming who thinks one team is completely right and the other is completely wrong.

Here's a preview of tonight's debate:


I didn't even notice this when it happened, this was the injury to Malcolm Lewis where his ankle was almost sticking through his skin.

Al Golden is the first one to run in and hold Lewis down - good coach and an even better man.


Don't confuse Winslow JR with his HOF daddy.

And don't confuse Winslow Jr. with Charles Clay (two drops, one reception for two yards) or Egnew (third round pick, inactive through four games).

If Winslow's knee can pass a physical, sign him. Shockey too. Sh*t, see if Bubba Franks is available, the cupboards are bare for the only player who can save this franchise, he needs big targets who can catch touchdowns.

FZB- Gaffney, if he is healthy, is a good pickup. You only have 2 average wrs as it is. He can help Tannah.

FZB- I find Mike Lombardi a good source of info. His son is on the Patriots coaching staff. Mike is tight with BB, so I think he has the inside info on a lot of things.

Suenalo, coño!

Cote, I take it back. Romney kicked your guy's butt all over the place. Your dude looked as if he was desperately looking for his T-time with MJ. Soooo out of place.

Their is a renewed hope for America. And I don't mean H & C.

Sorry, "there."

Damn,,, Romney tore Obama a new one. Romney was on point & fired away. Romney spoke well, was prepared. Obama seemed unprepared, uninterested & flustered. Obama was passing uhs, uhms, while looking like a deer in the headlights. Obama looked like he dumbed himself down as if he were talking to Jazy, Beyonce', Letterman & "the view" ladies.
Romney 42
Obama 3

Here, here, Jimbo!

So Greg, go ahead and prove my point. Please hold to your word and say who you think won and tell me your guy did.

Why doesn't anyone see there is no meaningful difference in Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's big government programs besides inconsequential subtleties whose minor effects will only be felt decades down the line?

How can over 80% of this country watch the same debate and be convinced that their candidate won because he force fed them the talking points they've been hearing from their media?


I don't know the answer to your question, but I suspect that whatever explanation for your perceived "sameness" resides somewhere in the same anatomical area of the brain that came up with what you and shadow saw at the end of the Seattle/GB game.

Well, unless 90% of the country (other than MSNBC) is wrong...and they aren't, the Governor was on his game, armed with facts, passion, and charm.

"Gosh Sandra look, Romney DOESN'T have horns."
Despite what the Obama campaign would like you to believe.

The President looked tired, and rambled (actually was ALLOWED TO), especially his opening statement. I was glad to see civility reign, a good thing for the country (those of us who cared to watch.) credit to BOTH men.
I expect Mr Obama to bounce back. Overconfidence in one's "charm" can be deadly. Ask Jeff Ireland. or Bill Parcells. LOL
The Dems won't make that same mistake twice, and Bob Schieffer, the next moderator will attempt to control the debate. Lehrer acted the fool, and if HE is an example of why hundreds of millions of tax dollars shelled out to PBS, then as Gov Romney so piquantly said...(paraphrasing) "Time to shut off that faucet."

Romney stayed on point throughout, jobs, jobs, jobs, and his reference to to the constitution behind him was a great stroke.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | October 03, 2012 at 11:16 PM

Not true, Only set in stone liberal ideologues would spin it the the President won the debate. Liberal leaning CNN was unanimous in declaring Romney the winner.
Still, there are 2 more debates, plenty of opportunities for either candidate to "step in it."
I expect the President to be much more aggressive in time around.
Now, the fun begins...Biden v Ryan.
No way anyone can spin THAT one, though Biden has anointed himself as the "man of the people", a beer drinking, bowling tournament sort of guy. Gaffe's, WHAT gaffes?
besides, if ANYONE knows something about BEER, it would be the the fellow from the GREAT STATE OF WISCONSIN, Paul Ryan.

Of course I'm watching the debate, I'm not a brainwashed lemming who thinks one team is completely right and the other is completely wrong.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | October 03, 2012 at 08:58 PM
THAT is one of the finest things you said on this fine forum.
My wife and I do MORE than "peek" at the other side.
I remember the old days, when the winner of the Presidential election, whether slightly right or left, would somehow Move to the center, in order to govern in a way that gets things done. Mr Clinton did this,,,.with some help from Newt, and to a lesser extent George Bush. In fact, i think Bush moved a bit TOO far to the left (as regards domestic issues), with disastrous results.
No clear thinking person can deny that the Bush cabinet ignored the warning signs of impending doom.

and obama moved to the right, much to the consternation of this blog.
- he continued bush's bail out of wall street.
- he renewed the tax cuts
- he's been tough on immigration, deporting more than anyone.
- he implemented the republican idea of a health insurance mandate
- he delayed the EPA suggestion for regulating business which would have updated the ozone standards for the 1st time since 1997
- he continued the "war on terror", (can't even type that without laughing) and succeeded in accomplishing what bush tried to do- get bin laden.
maybe THAT'S what kaz is talking about. anyone that doesn't realize a few social issues separate these men are either blinded by, um, color, or they were listening to too much zep and floyd in high school, instead of paying attention in civics class.
obama is a centerist, corporatist new democrat, plain and simple.

remember THIS, my amusing political neophyte friends:
if obama truly WAS the progressive socialist you've been screaming about, then I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HIM IN 2008.
you boys might not agree with me, but you cannot say i am not principled in my beliefs.
as for the dolphins, i'm exhausted and we're not even half way through. this team is F-ing killing me, but i love en and where they are going.
and kaz? relax. pouncey, reggie, lamar miller, jonathan martin, etc all look like good decisions to me.
i cannot wait for the NBA to start; defending this title is where the real fun for miami sports fans begins..

Mouning Boys,

Well, according to the "expertos", Obi got his ass whupped last night, will it make a difference in Nov?..I hope so.

Kazaam, read my post of 8:42 pm..Winslow can't pass a physical, he asked the Patriots to release him because he is going to try to get healthy for next year, the guys' knee's are shot..can't play.

ps-you're still a dip shit


i am not a user of the word "sh*t" and find it rather repulsive, even though commonly used. methinks it is of use by people who can do better by choosing a diffrent noun for same, (except for "t*rd"), such as "feces" or manure. the "f" word is a whole lot more acceptable to me. you know that i love my fellow bloggers and enjoy the posts to the max, but feel that all could do better than using "sh*t" in their presentations here.

it appears that mitt romney made a much-needed good impression during the debate last night. i don't believe that candidates "win" or "lose" in these things, but from i am reading it was a better night for the GOP than the democrats.


5 back of texas with nine to play and they win the division with a team younger than the dolphins, coming back from a 5-1 deficit to maul the rangers and avoid the one-game (berserk idea) wild-card playoff.


this is an incredible accomplishment, not done since yaz in 67 (tied with harmon killebrew in HRs, as i recall) and frank (butt-man) robinson when he got to the american league in 1966, which was vastly inferior to the national league top-to-bottom. if this guy doesn't win the MVP, they ought to lock up the baseball writers. personal achievement and leading a team to a division title- how could anyone vote for muke trout, who did have a fantastic year after being called up. what did the marlins get for cabrera and dontrelle- cameron maybe? everyone who saw this guy play in the marlins' magical world series year knew that this guy was a tremendous hitter, both in power and for average and the schm*cks who own/run the marlins let him go rather than pay him. didn't think i would see another triple crown in baseball, but i have; maybe horse racing will get theirs next.


after a very poor showing against stanford, SC has a chance to right itself and for matt barkley to get back in the rave for the statue tonight against utah. check out his very accurate (except against stanford) arm and notice that he does not get the ball to the sidelines fast enough to be the first pick in the NFL draft. as my mantra has gone, aaron murray of georgia has the best arm in the country but i read where georgia lost a key offensive player; the "world's largest outdoor cocktail party" will send the winner of that match- the bulldogs it says here- to the SEC title game.

Tanny looks like the real deal, best we've had since Marino.
Ozzie should be back, the Fish need some continuity and he provides great quotes for the media types.
The Heat should win another one this year, beyond that who knows.
ND should beat UM akin to what KSU did. ND will be the second team the Canes play that has a defense and you saw what happened with the other one.
Rommey all the way, the prez looked like what he is, an empty suit and lost without a teleprompter. His liberal socialist policies have been a total failure. Funny how he tried to take credit for the increase in domestic oil and gas production and Rommey had to remind him this is happening in spite of him.

Obama = O'sh*t

OC - well dig into the black and white portion of your brain and tell me what you saw that was significantly different between the two candidates?

I don't care if one of them made better faces while the other was talking or if one of them was more focused in his use of demagoguing and brainwashing platitudes. Don't care about snappy zingers.

Did I miss the part when one of them came out admitting the unconstitutionality of presidents waging war without a declaration of war from congress? Did one of them declare their support for the 10th amendment, giving ALL powers to the states not explicitly given to the Federal government in the Constitution? Either one hint that they would take away the Federal Reserve's power to counterfeit money and give it at interest free loans to the big corporations who are sponsoring this 'election'?

You really think it matters that Romney wants to introduce vouchers into our trillion dollar government sponsored health care system while Obama wants to just cut out a couple hundred billion through streamlining?

FZB - he passed the Patriots physical, dipshit.

Every boxer looks good hitting the speed bag in the gym before the fight. And that's "'cause the bag don't hit back." Obi has been out campaigning making speeches and answering powder puff questions posed by handpicked tomatoes. Not the same as going hand to hand with someone that's forcing you to defend your record. This isn't 4 years ago when Madison Avenue could just roll out some red and blue image with the word Hope on it and get schmucks to swoon. Now when he has to defend his actual record he is lucky to get out not looking like a dope with red and blue welts all over his body. Obama, nice man, way over his head, horrendous 4 year record as chief executive of the United States of America. Time for a change boys.


Jimbo good boy, Kazaam bad boy

Calm down Shadow, you're playing something called the Utes tonight. Even if USC has had a woeful record on Thursday night games getting rolled by the two midget Rogers brothers at Corvallis a few years ago tonight you should prevail against the "Utes." Oye FZB, wasn't there a fraternity (gang) called the Yutes when we were kids? He he. Hang in there Shadow. Oh and BTW, this kid Barkley is another Hollywood creation coming out of the So Cal studio system. SC quarterbacks have been "historically horrible at the next level." There is nothing to suggest that Barkley will be anything but a poor man's Pat Hayden with an even weaker arm. I think Dorothy's dog Toto has a better chance to succeed in the NFL than Barkley. (Please see: Palmer, Leinert, Sanchez.........)

great post Mr Woodcock @ 11:03 AM. Obama is used to the press, advisors, celebrities, church pastors, left leaning activists fawning over him. Obama has been sheltered and never confronted until now. Even Stevie Wonder could see that Obama was highly agitated when Romney kept attacking the Prez's decisions & results of the same.
On the other hand, Romney & all conservatives have been battle hardened by the press on a daily basis. Romney debated like he wants the job. Obama debated like he didn't care.

Isn't Barkley the next best...thing coming out in the 2013 draft?

Tannehill seems to be growing into a better QB as the season progresses. The play calling needs to better balanced early in the game. Outside of last weeks loss against AZ the O came out ran too much too early.

Reggie Bush was hurting last game but tried to play through the pain. Media reports that today he stated he is pain free & ready to go. Bush is a rare talent that can bust any play from anywhere on the field to a TD.

Dolphins DB's are going to win the game for the Fins. Cinci's passing game could toast this secondary all day long if Sean Smith & CO continue to leave receivers wide open. DC Croyle knows Cinci's talent and is trying to get his secondary straight for the game Sunday. CB Smith can cover AJ Green but it is up to the rest of the DB's to do their job.

Hahahahaha,,,Al Gore actually blames the high altitude in Denver for Obama’s debate performance...hahahahaha!

And the big policy differences outlined in the debate that my brain just couldn't comprehend?

Was it that improving education was part 3 of Obama's plan and part 4 of Romney's?

That Romney wants to repeal Dodd Frank and Obamacare but write new laws that reinstate all the most important parts of those bills?

That Obama wants to raise federal revenue for pet big government programs by raising the marginal tax rate while Romney wants to raise federal revenue for pet big government programs by closing loopholes and deductions?

Canes sports program burning fast. Do not look over here. Nothing to see. The spiral down continues and many thought it couldn't get worse? Wow, if Jim Cramer were around here, he would be saying "SELL SELL SELL". The Canes program is Globodyne in the classic movie "Fun with Dick and Jane." It is getting ugly and the sanctions should be the slam dunk. Where will Al Golden go next? Only time will tell, but even Toldeo is looking much better now.

Haha, 'do not look over here'.

Hilarious notion from a miserable hater obsessed with the University of Miami's football team.

Kazaam, for a Ron Paul guy, such as yourself, to expect either of these two candidates to embrace aspects of what you believe to be proper is missing the forest for the leaf. In our black and white universe you either have life on a rock or you don't. Closer to our North American continent, you either want Obama or you want whatever other guy can realistically beat him out of office. I've tried to politely suggest to you that voting for a third party candidate is a waste of an opportunity, in so much that it goes towards personal gratification, but little else. No buddy, what matters is the game that is on. Whether either QB is able to move the needle one way or the other, and thus closer to winning the game. This is the sole criteria and it doesn't matter one iota whether either of them completely uphold those tenets represented by an insignificant third voice. What should be important to you is that ONE of the candidates hold more of then than the other.

Kazaam, don't bother with this ass wipe. The Canes can and the Canes will, baby!

Oye OC, you're kidding about that ass clown Gore, right?

Didn't I tell you that Obama was going to take a beat down 4 years ago?

Relax and have an Irish Coffee instead of that decaff crap that you usually have in the morning and call me when you want to play golf.

Yes Woody, he actually blamed Mile High:

“I’m going to say something controversial here,” Gore said on Current TV. “Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust — I don’t know.”

Wow OC, I just actually heard that fool Gore make that 5,000 foot Denver comment. Que clase de nalga.

The operative phrase in his statement is "I don't know."

Yea but as you described there are no substantial differences between the policies of the democrats and the republicans, they just have differences in the tone of the bullsh*t rhetoric they force feed their brainwashed voter base.

I'm not wasting my vote because even if I didn't vote for a candidate whose policies I agreed with, I would never vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney anyway.

Everyone who is voting for Obama or Romney is just as guilty of 'personal gratification', they just want to watch their team win on election night and when their team's choice of big government social planning or insignificant fiscal tinkering gets passed in the first year.

Meanwhile nothing changes and they all quickly get back to funneling taxpayer money towards the special interest blocks and big corporations they need for the next election.

We'll agree to disagree.

Ron Paul has been right about everything. For decades.

Set your automatic selectors to 'liberty'.


Ron Paul may be right. Could be right. But he has as much chance of being president as I have, and I wasn't even born here.

Kazaam, Ron Paul isn't fit to wax my Benz.

Gentlemen, (& I use that term loosely)..

This section is about SPORTS NOT POLITICS....

But if you want some comedy infused with REALITY, you guys should see this...



Well the Shadow (our elder statesment) called me out for calling Kazaam a dip-shit...lol, I'll try to be a little nicer to Kaz next time dad..sorry.

I think Al Gore may be right, the man knows what's his talking about after all he invented the internet.

Kaz, since I can't call you a dip-shit anymore I'll just call you clue-less, but I still like you.

Woodcock, man, for the life of me I can't remember the names of those gangs, there were quite a few, memory is failing I guess.

Obi will be much better prepared next time but what I'm really looking forward to seeying is next weeks Vice-Presidential debate, can't wait to see Joey Biden..he he he

Eichorst was a square peg on a round hole.

He did not fit here, never got comfortable here....so long don't let the door hit your gluteous on the way out.

(Shadow used a vocabulary word for you in case you dont like ass.)

Wrong, Orange B4. In the liberal spirit and subject matter of the host of this blog, Greg Cote, there is NOTHING off topic. Nowhere will you see "sports" in the name. If you wish to talk only sports stuff, feel free to visit Salguero or the UM guy, or whatever.

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