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It's Debatable: On Obama-Romney, Tannehill, Guillen, Heat dynasty, Canes-Irish & more. I have the answers. Do you?; plus UM AD Eichorst resigns

[1) It is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4. Miguel Cabrera wins Triple Crown. Carl Yastrzemski hasn't been in the new this much in 45 years. 2) Sweet deal with Adam Greenberg's at-bat and good for the Marlins for doing it. 3) No, I did not watch the ESPN documentary 'Broke.' No interest. I have precious little sympathy for athletes who sqaunder millions of dollars on account of their own foolish decisions and spending. 4) Visit or video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

News break: UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst resigns: ESPN reporting that Eichorst, 45, Miami's AD only since April 2011, has resigned to succeed outgoing Tom Osborne at Nebraska. This hurts stability as UM awaits likely NCAA sanctions in the Nevin Shapiro case.

WELCOME TO THE DEBATE: As most know last night was the first and most anticipated presidential debate. That's all the launch-point I need for a small menu of debatable issues I'd invite you to weigh-in on. I have added my own answers. You of course may answer any or all that you wish to. One request. Take a stand. Because equivocation and "I'm not sure" are serious buzzkills.

1aa1doltann1. DO THE DOLPHINS FINALLY HAVE 'THE ANSWER' IN RYAN TANNEHILL?: Many Dolfans are hopeful or even believers. Others, burned too often, are hesitant or even skeptical. Some think four games is too small a sample to judge; others have seen enough. The Tannehill ballot is yours. /// My vote: Yes. Will he become Brady/Peyton/Brees/Rodgers? Can't say that yet. But yes to Tannehill being The Answer, a good-to-Pro Bowl starter you can win with.

1aa1doloz2. SHOULD THE MARLINS FIRE OR RETAIN OZZIE GUILLEN?: He is outspoken, controversial, a lightning. Is he also a good baseball manager? The right one for Miami? As a disappointing season ends tonight, the club will soon make its decision on Guillen. Help steer that choice. /// My vote: Retain him. Impatience and prematurely firing managers is a habit Jeffrey Loria needs to break. Give Guillen next season (with his promise the word "Fidel" will never again cross his lips publicly).

1aa1dolcane3. WILL THE HURRICANES BEAT THE IRISH?: The big game is Saturday at Soldier Field, Irish unbeaten and highly ranked, UM 4-1 and unbeaten in the ACC feeling pretty good about itself off Stephen Morris' record-setting day. Will the Canes record a national-stage win? /// My vote: Yes. My only caveat is that I'll be studying this matchup more closely, but my initial thought is Notre Dame is overrated as a two-touchdown favorite and due one of those classic Irish stumbles.

Click on This Is About Now, Not Nostalglia, for my latest column, on Canes-Irish.

1aa1dolheat4. WILL THIS BE A HEAT DYNASTY?: Let's define that as at least two more NBA titles or a total of at least three for this BIg 3 era team. Will it happen? Even fans who think the Eastern Conference is all Miami's might concede the Lakers or Thunder out west look like mighty challenges. So. Dynasty? /// My vote: No, sorry. I hope so, it's very possible, and I do see the Big 3 Heat winning another ring, probably this season. But if the measure is three titles that's a lot to expect. Kevin Durant's Thunder are still ascending, and the Lakers, after a one-season adjustment period, will look like favorites a year from now.

1aa1dolprez5. WHO WON THE FIRST OBAMA-ROMNEY DEBATE?: I suppose you could have answered prior to the debate, but that would have sort of throw into some question your objectivity. Supporters of each candidate will be presdisposed to think their guy won. Then again our blog family is renowned for its ability to weigh in dispassionately and with a collective level head. (Right...?) /// My vote: Romney won. Doesn't mean I think Romney is the better candidate or will win the election, but I thought he won last night's debate. He performed very well, and Obama was surprisingly passive, missing opportunities to mention the "47 percent" controversy, Bain Capital, Cayman Island tax-dodge and other Romney vulnerabilities. I think the election just tightened.

Poll result: No debating it, Stanton was Marlins' 2012 MVP: I asked in a poll in the previous blogpost and Giancarlo Stanton won in an 80.7 percent landslide. Jose Reyes had 9.1%, Mark Buehrle 5.5% and "somebody else" 4.7%.