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October 21, 2012

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 39.4%

Note: No live blog Q&A/chat today/Monday. Live blog chat will return next Monday, Oct 29. 

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CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G8: Results are certified in the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 39.4 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday night's 33-20 loss to visiting Florida State putting UM's record at 4-4 overall and 3-2 in the ACC. (This marks an increase following a third straight less, an aberration I'm hard-pressed to explain). In its fourth 1aa1csm12year, our blog's CSM polls are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season. The CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was, tardily, around 4:30 p.m. today/Monday.

2012 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 93.9% (40.9-v, 53.0-s) following 41-32 victory at Boston College.

G2: 14.7% (7.0-v, 7.7-s) following 52-13 loss at Kansas State.

G3: 50.2% (7.5-v, 42.7-s) following 38-10 victory vs. Bethune-Cookman.

G4: 95.9% (61.0-v, 33.9-s) following 42-36 OT victory at Georgia Tech.

G5: 95.2% (49.6-v, 45.6-s) following 44-37 victory vs. North Carolina State.

G6: 29.4% (9.1-v, 20.3-s) following 41-3 loss vs. Notre Dame in Chicago.

G7: 17.0% (5.3-v, 11.7-s) following 18-14 loss vs. North Carolina.

G8: 39.4% (8.3-v, 31.1-s) following game 33-20 loss vs. Florida State.

Next poll: Nov. 1 following game vs. Virginia Tech. 

Previous final season results:

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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Oh Well, Maybe next year.
Or is that the Phins Motto?

the young Canes are on the right track, they will be in contention for the ACC in about two more years..It will take time for the young players to mature..

Canes have become next two years ACC champs.


they covered!! (not talkking about the FSU passcatchers)

on the very good news front the Marlins traded Heath Bell

The canes suck now just like they did last year, and the year before, and the one before that.......

poor coaching !!! DNO!! no comment!! worst D ever. And the OC the fk 3erd and 2 in the red zone driving and he calls a 15 yard pass.... Can't get any more HUMILIATING

Whatever growth the Canes experience this season will be counteracted by sanctions the next 2-4 seasons. We have become the UNLV of the East, both in moral conduct and on field results. That's probably a slight to UNLV, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Too bad that rule doesn't apply in Miami.

all you guys who are somewhat satisfied and use the young excuse PLEASE STAY off drugs!!! not good for you!!

OO and YEA maybe next year..Ive been saying it for the past 10!!!

at least we know what is cumming from our 500 club D..so you can make a couple bucks gambling!!! At least there is a positive!!!

If you can't sellout versus FSU that is pathetic.
Posted by: Laces out Dan | October 20, 2012 at 01:37 PM


73,328 on hand tonight.
– michael casagrande


Lake Alice Chum Says:
October 21st, 2012 at 9:49 am
Excuse U is 4-4 with a chance to represent the Coastal in the ACC title game.

Miami still controls its own destiny, despite a three-game losing streak.
– espn.com



10 percent of the 75,000 people tailgating for #BeatFSU @ Sun Life Stadium
-- chris freet



@KingJames & the @MiamiHEAT supporting the U.
– Micky Arison


Fantastic decision by Coach Golden (and not the former AD) to make FSU our homecoming game!!

I saw dozens of people I haven't seen in years at yesterday's tailgate, the combination of homecoming and it being the FSU game brought everyone to town, it made for a great game atmosphere and a real throwback grove night.

The better team won yesterday, no doubt about that. Garbage Miamian fans who've never stepped foot on a college campus and only like UM because they used to win championships won't be happy but at the end of the day college football just isn't for them.


This was the scene at Cane Walk as Miami entered
– hurricanesports



you said that the canes have become just UNLV both in moral conduct and filed results, please explain the "moral conduct" part por favor.

because if your saying what I think your saying let me just call you get it over with and call you a moron.


Take a look at the video from the parking lot at Sun Life Stadium. I got here about 3:30 and started shooting before the 8 p.m. kickoff. Let's hope everyone survives that party.

After covering the SEC for three years, I've seen some wild pregame scenes. But nothing compared to what I witnessed in the parking lot this afternoon.
-- michael casagrande



You had to see this coming.

An 8 p.m. kickoff after six hours of tailgating in immaculate weather meant a few over-served patrons at the Miami-Florida State game. Security guards worked fights all over Sun Life Stadium as the Seminoles pulled away for a 33-20 win.

It took a turn for the bizarre with just under six minutes left in the first quarter.

A male fan jumped from his seat onto the Florida State bench. There was no turning back from there.

And he got his money’s worth.
– michael casagrande


Still LMAO......why well even though the U lost(no laughing matter) but laughing at all the FSU fans who lost money because they didn't cover the spread!

Lots of FSU fans lost a lot of money last night, thinking they would blast the U like they did Wake or Savannah St or Murry St. You know that tough non-conference play where they build up their stats!

A couple of weeks ago an FSU fan on this blog was bragging that they would put 60 on the U. He was told to put his money where his mouth was but he wasn't heard from again. Hoping he was one who lost his money on the spread, still LMAO at all the Warcan't predictions of a total blowout score wise.

FSU is good but not elite, I doubt seriously they would beat KSU or Bama or Oregon, they don't look as good as the Gators for sure.

And for all those tweeters yelling for Jimbo to be fired after the U jumped out to a 10 point lead, what a bunch of losers you are!

You will be sorry when he ups and leaves for LSU when they get rid of Miles! and that day is coming!

Sure am glad that we barely beat Georgia Tech and NC State or we'd be sitting at 2-6 staring 2-7 right in the face... But also troubled that we barely beat those teams as well. We are what we are. Average at best.


having FSU as the homecoming game was a great idea- for both filling the stadium and for allowing collge chums to get together after years of leaving UM.

while it is unfortunate that the UM defense is undersized, underexperienced and overpowered, one doesn;t jump ship even when the upcoming penalties take hold. watching leonard hankerson catching the ball for the skins, and morris of FAU running like a bigger ray rice. the NFL peppered with miamians and floridians is no co-incidence; football is #1 here in the high schools and basketball isn't even within sight!! yes a few individuals make it big, but florida and south florida churn out fast football players and faster thoroughbreds!

FZB and dashi,

how about some blues for a dolphin bye week sunday afternoon?


freddie king doing the tune that every single blues player of note(s) had to record or play!!

dashi and FZB

here is the most recorded blues instrumental as done by the "blues breakers" of john mayall, lead by eric clapton- fun, but not the original:


Hey Kazaam. Spoken like a born loser.


if not mistaken, "hideaway" was on an album titled "SURFING"!!! with a guy riding a wave on the album cover!! ain't nothing better than "hideaway", a staple of every show done by freddie king,RIP, p;ayed with his guitar behind his back. saw freddie countles times, especilly sfter his asylum album, produced by leon russell, came out. freddie, bless his soul, was a giant of man and musician and we got to shake the sweaty meathook of his hand after every performance at the ash grove, on melrose and the street west of crescent heights, i thin harper or maybe kilkea avenue

What college did you go to nameless internet troll?

Thought not.

Great to see Jon Vilma back on the field in the midst of Roger Goodell's disgraceful witch hunt - nice recap of Goodell's scumbaggery by Bill Simmons:


Their Fidel Castro puppet looks more lifelike than the last time we saw it.

What's good shadow. Well appreciated Freddie king was a pioneer. The Blues don't get the credit it deserves. It has influenced almost all genre of music. When u talk about masters of the guitar! Ur talking about the blues! Some people can make a guitar talk. Guys like Freddie can make a les paul sing! (Ever seen Les Play? To me best guitarist ever!)

The U had a good showing yesterday. It will help with recruiting! Remember FSU fans this is EJ Manuel last year! And the Canes are real young at LB! The whole defense is young! All u haters must be FIU fans! Ha! What happen to all the trash talk before the season? FIU is Better than who?

Fools! FIU needs to win 5 national titles just to have the same prestige of the BIG 3 in the state of Florida! And it will never be bigger and better than the U!!! Respect!

With that said it looks like SFla football is finally getting on track! Golden and Philbin look like the real deal! We are on our way back to prominence! Can't Wait!

And Kaz u haven't answered me? Yes, a QB is more important than a MLB! Except when that LB is Ray Lewis! Joe Flacco is in the process of being exposed! He can kiss that big contract good bye! The ravens are still going to sign him but for market value now! Flacco is in that mark Sanchez class!

U know the Alex smith type! OK qb's on great teams! Now he is going to be asked to win games! Doubt flacco has the mental aptitude to sling it 30+ times a game! U know the ravens aren't going to be playing with a lead anymore! At least till ray comes back next year!

Without ray the ravens defense ain't even better than the browns D!

Dashi - I've told you before what stock I put in discussing any topic with you, address your asinine linebacker/qb comparison to someone else, to me that's a nonstarter.

But to those on the blog that agree/disagree with you on Joe Flacco - you're all wrong. No he wasn't 'proven to be elite' after four years of development in the Bengals game and no he wasn't 'exposed' against the Texans.

Joe Flacco is what he's been his entire career, just good enough to win it all with.

Ravens are going to miss Lardarius Webb much more than they miss Lewis. Past two years Lewis has graded out among the worst among starting MLBs against the pass.

Ravens got carved up again today through the air, their run defense didn't miss anything with Lewis out.

Sh*tty afternoon to be a Dolphins fan, if you're watching the late game you should root for the Jets with the Pats 2-0 in the division.

I'm going diving instead.

Dashi, I was just saying that last night.. what happened to all that talk about how FIU is on the way up and UM is on the way down? Or even some people who said FIU had already passed the Canes.

Santana Moss, still doing his thing after all these years.

RG3 is the truth.

Eli Manning is truer.

U are Wrong Again Sir Kaz.


It's OK we will all be Here To laugh at U!! kaz. Keep Disregarding The Importance Of a MLB on a Defense and On a Team! The Ravens could've won their 1 SB with any QB behind Center(Even U, Aqua Man)! Heck, Dilfer was "Just" Good Enough!

Just hope the Ravens don't go long between MLB's! Like the Fins without a QB!


That was a "Asinine" Comment! Flacco is "just" good enough to win it!

What some Doubt in Flacco? U senor Shazzam Have been "THE MAIN ONE" Saying "The Qb has to be a difference Maker"!!!!! Maybe the Ravens should draft a QB every Year! They Need it!

What backing off ur Statement?

U just said Flacco isn't a Difference Maker! U know ur QB finds a Way to win. Like RG3! Or A Manning! Pick One Eli or Peyton!

It's Ok Dashi is Wrong!

And Ur Qb sucks if he has been the Same all 4 years! Look at Sanchez for an Example!

Dashi wants his QB to get better Week by Week! Year by Year! Like T-Sizzle!

What ur saying is Flacco is playing like a Rookie Still! And U guys want to make him a top 10 QB! Like Sanchez!

When U think about it Flacco has gotten worst!!!!!

They keep building the Team Around Flacco Every Year! And He Produces Just as LackLuster as Usual With Better Talent to throw to! And A Top 5 RB to handoff to!

Shadow tried to Find Some Footage on Les. This Specific One, Where Les is Challenged to a Battle! The Kid is in his 20's and Paul was in his 90's(With Arthritis) and he handed the Kid His As*! It was part of one of his last performances in NY!

Les doesn't get Recognized as Much as a Player. But he is one of the true Pioneers of Music! Period! If U record(MultiTracking) or Play Electric Guitar! U owe this Man Ur life! Dashi would like to say No Musician has ever done more for Music than Les Paul!!

Without him Modern Music wouldn't Exist! Or at least Studio Recording! Which is Modern Music!


les paul was the original guitar king and the gibson les paul model is one that most guitarists (of notes) have used. somewhere along the line.

as i remember freddie king, i believe he used the double cut-a-way gibson that b.b king used and named his "lucille". jerry garcia went a long tine using the les paul gibson as it wasn't as heavy as fender's strat-o-caster, i don't believe, and he played 5-6 hours per night with the dead. garcia used to love playing the pedal steel for the new riders as he said it didn't hang from his neck for hours and he could just sit behind that beautiful instrument and play forever.


the patriots are in their retro uniforms with the greatest logo in NFL history. buffalo lost so there will probably be a 4-3, 3-3 (dolphins) and two 3-4 teams in the division.


I'm going to check out the blues tunes you posted later on from the comfort of my house..Thanks

the ravens got their ass kicked today, Flacco is supposed to be the man now that R lewis is out and he failed miserably, I guess he is not elite just yet right Kaz???

the Giants & Redskins game has to be the game of the year so far, RG3 is the real deal but E Manning is THAT man !!, what a game.

Jets week is almost here, let's get it on!!!

Call me a jet hater! Yes, if it's possible dashi would like both teams to lose! But if only 1 team has to lose let it be the jets! All 16 times!

I remember when NE was irrelevant! They have just been good since this Brady/BB era! The Pats sucked when they use to have the old uniform! Heck when the colts were still in the arc east! THEY WERE A BETTER RIVAL!

To me in order of hate

Patriots (Remember NE was basically the Bengals before BB took over! Irrelevant! Pre-Y2K)

I would still put my hate for the colts over the pats!

First Edge James! Then A.Luck! They have managed to suck worst than us at the right time! On Edge the fins were in on a draft trade till the colts added m.faulk and a Pick!

Did I just see Rex Ryan do a fist pump over a FG!!! He can't be serious!!

Thank God we are done with those idiosyncrasies!!


it has ben a longtime observation of the ole shadow's that teams that give up safeties wind up losing; the jets are still in the game, but i will be surprised if they get past the "safety jinx".

I hate the whole AFC EAST with exception of the Dolphins first. I hate whole AFC with exception of the Dolphins second. I hate whole NFC third...

Wow! My friend Dashi is posting HERE? And remarking about Ryan's pre-halftime Sparano inspired fist pump!!! I almost spilled my drink! Hilarious! I see Shanahan was abusing RG3 again today, even Howie Long talked at length about how Shanahan has adjusted the Redskins offense to his QB. That was a great game, the Gmen won!

whoops, sorry. I don't hate The Giants.

R. Duke, is there anything you like? Lmao.

Shadow, re the giving up safeties, were you remarking also on Yeremiah Bell, sort of tongue-in-cheek?

r. duke another NYG fan! Great game today!

The FG fist-pump... Rex learned it from Sparano.

Canes5rings, Sparano infected Ryan with the fist pump, how Sparano infected Ryan, I leave that up to your own imagination.

Are the jets that good, or has NE sunk to the mediocrity of the rest of our division? I am pessimistically optimistic about the Dolphins chances!


no reference to anybody in particular; it is just that safeties change the dynamic of a game- a gift two points and solid field position when they kicking the ball (punt or kick) from the twenty means the ball is gonna be placed down near the 35 or 40. i am sure elias sports bureau has a stat on this, but to his non-compter a safety (except for shula having griese run out of the end zone to get room to punt against the steelers on MNF decades ago) means a loss in most, most case. waiting for the stat about the direct proportion between allowing safeties and losing will pop up soon.

Redsky, Dashi was posting here before football season started. I know some of u think me and Odin are the same. But people here can tell u what was Dashi's first tirade. Fire Spo! (Dashi's that guy!)

And on the redskins! Like Dashi told u it's the same shanahan offense, with 1 new formation! The Pistol Formation! Or spread option! We can agree to disagree. But the fins run the same offense without abusing the qb! Or making the qb run! Shanahan has calmed down on the qb runs after rg3 got lit up!! But look at the fins game and we run that same formation, not as frequent as the redskins! But we put T-Hill in the same position with clay and fasano right beside him and Reggie in the back!

But again the redskins run a zone blocking wco, with the spread option! Or pistol formaition! Basically the full house formation with the qb in a shotgun!

Not just Baylor, FSU runs it, Oregon, OSU under Myers! Oh and KSU!

Just how NFL coaches have adopted the spread! Now with the new breed of mobile qb's they are adopting the spread option! U want to know how Shanahan is Still a control freak! Look at how little audibles he let's rg3 have! More than 95% of the time they are running the play called!

How many times have u seen RG3 step up to the line and call a completely different formation and audible out of the play! Rarely! U run what shanahan calls!

Shadow I'm with u on the safety thing! Dashi don't know the exact pct%. But it is real high on a team winning if u force a safety!

To me not just from what u stated. The 2 points and the field position u get. It does something psychologically to a team! It deflates the offense and inspires the D!!!

Except the pats D! That still sucks this year! Sanchez missed at least 5 easy big plays! Even Henne would've hit some of those throws! The best was when weak arm Sanchez under threw his Wr by like 15 yards! That Duck floated all day up there!

Shadow, just exploring if that thought re Bell crossed your mind. Not that I consider Bell an elite safety, but his experience is definitely missed in our D. A young QB needs a GREAT defense to allow him to gain confidence while making the learning errors inherent to inherent to most young QBs. Marino was a phenom, but even he hade a learning curve. So we need to focus on a solid D, either through the draft or FA or both, to ensure young T-hill's success....IMO

Dashi - well you haven't been around in a while so maybe you don't remember me saying this repeatedly but I think you're completely retarded and not worth discussing any topic with.

Notice I haven't commented on a single one of your idiotic posts since the Heat's season ended, I'm just not interested buddy.

I see the Pats-Jets game was close, glad the Jets lost, I was wrong about the Pats, they only had one divisional win before that game, so each team has two wins now.

The closer they stay the better, winning the division is the only way the Dolphins can sneak into the playoffs and get Tannehill some valuable experience to build on.

Not that the Jets and Dolphins needed any more motivation going into next week's matchup.

Dashi, I'll make a truce with you, if you treat people with dignity and respect, regardless of their opinion, I will treat you similarly. I started today. The rest is up to you.

Honestly, I can see a loss to the 49rs, maybe one loss to NE, since we play them 2ce in Dec. Seattle will be tough, but if we want to have a chance, we need to win the rest. What say you fans?

will be favored to beat Duke in Durham ?

Redsky. (Disregarding said clown. )

Truce, to me after our little flare up. Dashi was good. Dashi don't hold on to grudges unlike some people. Dashi has always said, "I don't start it". If u notice today me and u have been communicating fine. The other day was the other day. Don't get me wrong I'm always down for some entertainment. Just as long as we don't get personal. Remember Dashi could "Care (pause) Less" about ur personal feelings! Just ur opinion.
Notice Dashi doesn't call somebody an Idiot, just because we disagree of opinion. We can debate all day my Old republican friend!

It's until the Asclowns start ranking(Insulting) that Dashi goes off.

I've always been of the opinion maybe ur watching something I'm not! The old 2 heads are better than 1. We learn from each other. Else why have teachers or mentors?

Yes, we make our own opinions! But an Educated Opinion is one that isn't blinded Shanahanian tactics!

Shanahanian- To be of only ur opinion. To be Obsessively Controlling! To care for No One other than ur Own! To Burn Out NFL QB's for Personal Gain.

Examples - Mike and Kyle Shanahan. ShazzaM, Andy Reid. Nick Sagan.

* blinded by Shanahanian Tactics!

Check this out..From SNL Last night.

Will Stephen Morris come back for a senior season? Will all golden let him?

Interesting things to look forward to at the end of the season. We should beat Duke! Dashi knows their record is much improved. But Really?! I mean Reeeaaaaalllllyy!!!!!! We're talking duke football right? Unless they got guys from the B-Ball team running patterns! No way in hell Duke beats Miami! Yes, our defense is suspect! But it has gotten better every week! And K-State is not that bad! And then put them at home! This is a young cane team! Most of our defense is True Freshmen and Sophomores.

I'm more worried about VT! Hopefully the canes can win out! 8-4 and a bowl game!

Oh and the marlins got rid of heath bell!!!

Only team duke played that is any good is #25 Stanford! And they got whooped! 50-13!

Again, let's end all UM/FIU discussions with that they play in the same city! Cause that's about it! They are not in the same league! Dashi has more respect for FAU! Or USF!

But FIU is about 4-5 years away!! And that's with Mario as Coach! He leaves might as well reset the clock! Back to Irrelevance!

Good stuff Anti-Christ, SNL really thrives off election seasons, it may be biased but it's funny as hell.

Romney reaching into the screen shot and shoving Obama was amazing.

I See that Peyton Manning is again on a primetime game next sunday night, To bad the fins could'nt land him.

Kaz, all SNL skits have been hilarious, as you said, no matter how biased. Of particular note was the first presidential debate skit as well as the vice-presidential one.

I Find them poking fun at one canidate one week then poking fun at the other the next week.
Speaking about "Poking" Gotta go guys.

Antichrist, Fins had no money for PM, and the situation in Denver was better suited for him. But, you're right, the BIG MONEY was on Peyton Manning....most Primetime games in a season. Everyone wants to watch his comeback. What he did to the Chargers is classic Manning. And Eli, you can't count him out either, the way he brings the Giants from behind consistently, that young man is underrated.

Antichrist, if it's the kinda poking I'm thinking of, yeah, that comes first.....oooops, I mean she comes first! Oh, whatever, it's all good!

Sky, Princess say's hello........


Antichrist, my best to the princess!!!

Dashi, Stephen Morris HAS to come back for a senior season. His record has been one of inconsistency, whether his fault or not. He needs a solid year, or more probably, to be relevant in the draft. It's not looking very good for him right now. He shows promise, but out of hundreds of QBs competing for a handful of teams needing one, odds are against him.

Dashi, Heath Bell, where to begin! So much promise, such a disappointment. Just a bad investment, you can't throw good money after bad, so I'm glad Bell is gone. But the Marlins need hitters and pitchers. So do other teams, expect major moves by the Yankees, Marlins won't spend the money, but look at what Oakland has done playing Moneyball. They even made a Brad Pitt movie about it. But as much as I hope the Marlins will win, no team will catch my Yankees. 27 World Series, no one is close.....

Yes redsky, but will all golden want him back?

Next year we get Greg Olsens little brother at qb! The kid is supposed to be a stud! Their Dad is the HS Coach and the littlest Olsen is the most talented and he's a QB!

Plus we will have a couple others! R.Williams, a couple of the freshmen.

I believe Golden might not want Morris back! On his draft stock? Morris is athletic enough to test out OK and the kid has a canon for a Arm! Plus he has decent size. He's a better Pro Prospect than Matt Barkley!

Hey the fins can get him in the 6th and develop him behind T-Sizzle and Devlin for a couple seasons!

But If Golden truly cares about Morris and his draft stock! Morris Senior Season will be the truth! He will be a 3 year starter with his Wr's and O-line back and Duke Johnson being the feature back!

A very dangerous team!

Maybe golden does bring him back to speed up the winning process!!

I don't know but it will be interesting to watch!


The yanks having been playing for over 100 years! But since the new millennium the yanks and marlins are tied. And The Marlins are the youngest franchise with 2 titles!

Heck the cubs have gone a 100 years without winning one! Some teams are just meant to win!

I know one thing the holy Yankees don't have that the marlins do! They are the only franchise to win a world series every time they make the playoff's!!!!

So by my calculations the marlins just need to make the playoff's 25 more times!

One ring at a time!

Plus about 18 of those rings came when baseball only had 8 teams! 4 of them in new York!

Dashi, I'll address the Canes first, then baseball. Golden is extremely loyal, so I think he will do right by Morris. Yes Morris will have some stiff competition, but someone will

Dashi, sorry, dropped phone and sent by error. As I was saying, someone will have to beat Morris for the job. But that competition is there every year for every position. I think the Canes are a young team, don't know if we'll be in a bowl this year. But if we are, it would only be a minor bowl, we haven't made the top 25 this year, and if we were bowl eligible, we should pass it up, re the Shapiro NCAA sanctions. It's a blown season anyway, young players, blow off that extra bowl game now, when it will be less painful. This horrible situation at Penn State with Sandusky and Paterno may help the Canes in focusing the NCAA on a really serious issue. The tattoos at Ohio and our stuff, free meals, boat rides, entertainment, by guys and coaches no longer on the team doesn't compare. Next post baseball.

Dashi, you're right about the Marlins, for a very young team to win 2 World Series titles in a span of 6 years, 1997 and 2003, was amazing! And in the 2003 series they beat the Yankees! Incredible win! I went to all the Miami games....Made even more special since that was an incredible Yankees Team having won in 1996, 98, 99, 2000, and losing to the Marlins in 03! Yankees came back in 09 and won, but that was basically a different team. For a period of 8 years, the Yankees and Marlins dominated the World Series with 2 intervening years interrupted by the Diamondbacks and Angels. As far as the Yankees winning 27 World Series, you minimized it by saying there were fewer teams etc. Nontheless, they won them, that's like saying Hank Aaron is not as good as Babe Ruth because Ruth set his home run record playing many less games than Aaron. But then it can also be argued that the Yankees have lost more World Series (13) than any other team. That they've lost more World Series than any other team has been to, true, but that means that the Yankees have been to 40 World Series, (staggering), and won 27! Amazing! And no, they weren't always paid that well.


chucking heath bell was good; amazing how marlin cast-offs are doing detroit quite well. is dave dumbrowski syilll the GM there? it says here that josh johnson ought to be next to go- big salary, can't stay in games long enough to get decisions leaving the mound to a bunch of yokels. verlander has probably pitched more complete games in half of his worst season that josh johnson has in a longer career. PUKE, ALL 6 FEET 6 INCHES OF HIM!!!


verlander-20 career complete games (granted the american league has the DH, but i don't think it is very relevant for this guy's stats); 6 this past season and 4 apiece the two years before

johnson- FOUR COMPLETE GAMES over basically the same time period, maxxing out at TWO in 2009.

the less is more theory that rules toay's pitching is a bunch of bunk!! go back to four man rotations and look at the complete games and inings piched of drysdale, marichal, spahn, gibson, koufax... and remember that spahn and marichal once hooked up in a 16 inning game where both went the distance!! the weak and sore arms that ruin today's pitchers are from UNDERUSE, not OVERUSE!!! if they tossed out pitch counts, except for the recovering from bad arm pitchers and guys with bizarre motions that tax the elbow and shoulder, and let these guys pitch more, the arms would get stronger and they would be better pitchers and avoid going to the bullpen, made up of guys who cant pitch more tha 2-3 innings effectively.

shadow Verlander is a horse pitch count does not seem to affect him but I think that he is one of the exceptions to the rule.

You obviously agree with Nolan Ryan but very few organizations take that approach anymore and I think that most studies support the opposite.

That being said Washington probably should have let Strasberg pitch it likely cost them a trip to the NLCS.

Big Baby,

when i was a youngster, teams had four man rotations because it was difficult enough finding four quality starters. agreeing with nolan ryan or not, i base my claim on having watched/lietened to hundreds of ballgames in the day when four men made up a rotation. you can count on your fingers the amount of teams that had a group of five solid starters. the champion marlins are one of the few- as i have stated, when the carly pavano of that year (2003) is your fifth starter, you are in business. most teams stretch to find a decent third starter, but persist on five man rotations, which ha sled to the concept of "middle relievers"!! (a term for guys who can't go more than three innings) a middle reliever in my youth was the guy who came in occasionally when drysdale, or koufax or claude osteen had a bad game and had to leave early. if these guys pitched 60-80 innings a year i'd be surprised, and there was only one of them. baseball today has bad pitchers, bad umps, bad scoring (errors become hits), corked bats and wound tight baseballs, bad radio announcers, some absurdly short fields in the newer stadia and guys that are still juiced up. plus the games take almost three unwatchable hours. an occasional game 7 makes for high drama, such as tonight, but baseball has allowed itself to become nearly insignificant when it used to be "the national psatime". the fact that the horrible NBA is more popular than MLB, according to many polls, is a result of the deterioration of the players and the play. there are exceptions- like verlander, mike trout, cabrera, pujols- but not enough to go around and make teams watchabale. oh, and throw in expansion so that the leagues have doubled in size and diluted an already thin talent crop.

Big Baby,

here are your 1965 world champion dodgers:


see what a ballclub with four starters looked like!!

Big Baby,

perranoski and bob miller shared "closing" duties and were handed the ball from starters- no one out saves here. as you can see, middle relieving did not exist for all practical purposes with these big guns. osteen was an afterthought, but check his stats and you'll see he;d be a megastar today. and they werent pitching to a very diluted league- the newbies-mets and astros- were not good, but the giants, braves, reds, cubs and pirates all had big bats in their line-ups.

I don't see how a 4 man rotation helps a team now what you really need is 6 solid starters (preferably with an ace) because one (or more) is likely to get injured and that leaves you with 5 or less.

Baseball is still the most popular major sport where I live but yes ratings and it's popularity have gone down for various reasons.

The games are too slow and long but I am too much of a fan to complain I guess.


That video spoofing the debate was priceless, good job.

Baseball talk, in the old days before expansion most teams had 3-4 really good starters and the rest where just fills in if the starter got knock-off, it was a matter of pride to keep pitching even if your arm fell off, that's how Koufax got his arm all f*** up...Now very few teams have more than two adecuate starters..

I also agree with Baby on the popularity of the game, its way down in a lot of areas , I'll watch but not nearly as much, games are boring and too long , another point on "beisbol"..I hate the DH.

shadow, thank's for your blue's post, I always enjoy it.

I had a nice time at the Canes game, too bad they lost but we ate and drank up a storm, he he

both the Bills and the Jets lost yesterday so by default we are sitting in second place, let's keep it there, fack the Jets...

Naples, the Patriots are NOT a dominant team this year and your defense stinks, they have given up more than 400 yds in three of the past four games..You guys are not going anywhere this year.

Hey Kaz, who would you rather have on your team, Flacco or Tannehill ?..I say our guy has a much bigger upside for sure.

Ooohhh I forgot to mention, kudos to the Marlins for getting rid of H Bell, good move..

now if we can just get rid of Loria and Sampson we'll be alright.

OC - heard Colin Cowheard say the Lakers had the best starting lineup in the country and the worst bench.

Hard to argue against Nash, Bryant, World Peace, Gasol, and Bynum, but here's a good article on a very underrated bench guy - Antawn Jamison.


FZB you are old school give me the DH any day makes games way more exciting.

Poor Kaz he just won't admit that his team is toast granted a good team they faced but that was some beatdown.

I would much rather the Pats lost but if we take care of business we can assert our own playoff destiny (yes I said it).

Antawn Jamison ceased being even a mildly relevant NBA player years ago he helps nothing.

Hey Kaz, just so you know, Bynum is with Philly and D Howard is with the Lakers..

Baby, it can be argue that the Dolphins had a much better showing against the Texans than the Ravens did, that was a beatdown indeed.

Kaz, the Ravens defense is ranked 26 in the league and this was before R Lwein's injury.

playoffs???..I you talking about the playoffs???..

WORST COACHING on D EVER!!! Second WORST on O EVER...(only Nix was worst)
Players play their heart out..Coaches and their ridiculous playcalling loose games, totaly unorganizaed on the sidelines, sloppy very sloppy

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