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October 13, 2012

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 17.0%

[1) It is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14. Find our main Collball Week 7 post -- updated -- including UM-North Carolina game post directly below this in the blog. 2) Check out our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G7: Results are in on the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 17.0 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday's 18-14 home loss to North Carolina putting Miami's season 1aa1csm12record at 4-3 overall and 3-1 in the ACC. That is the second lowest total of the season. In its fourth year, our blog's CSM polls are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season. The CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Monday.

2012 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 93.9% (40.9-v, 53.0-s) following 41-32 victory at Boston College.

G2: 14.7% (7.0-v, 7.7-s) following 52-13 loss at Kansas State.

G3: 50.2% (7.5-v, 42.7-s) following 38-10 victory vs. Bethune-Cookman.

G4: 95.9% (61.0-v, 33.9-s) following 42-36 OT victory at Georgia Tech.

G5: 95.2% (49.6-v, 45.6-s) following 44-37 victory vs. North Carolina State.

G6: 29.4% (9.1-v, 20.3-s) following 41-3 loss vs. Notre Dame in Chicago.

G7: 17.0% (5.3-v, 11.7-s) following 18-14 loss vs. North Carolina.

Next poll: Oct. 20 following game vs. Florida State.

Previous final season results:

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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Morris reported with fractured ankle. 4-6 weeks.

Perryman reinjures ankle. 2 weeks.

wow, they suck, glad I'm not a U fan.

without Morris, the Canes are screwed. Maybe they try one of the freshmen? Ryan Williams looks absolutely LOST out there and it took him...consistently about 4 seconds just release the ball from the time he decided to throw. Things will get ugly!

what do you think about this???


this is really good,, very humorous:

well boys,

not knowing the canes' record versus UNC, it had seemed to me that they have had trouble with the tar heels the past few years, as i had posted, on a few threads. i believe this was a factor in the visiting tar heels being a 7 1/2 point favorite. with the QB virtually cooked for the season, miami is headed south in a hurry. the ole shadow has been singing the mantra that good teams have two good QBs, and if UM is a good team they will have somebody who can step for the remainder of the season. the defense i guess played well today, but they are gonna get sliced and diced versus FSU and will need herculean efforts from mr. duke johnson to be in games; geez, UM might even lose to duke!!! the season, minus an able QB, and with receivers who can't hold onto the ball and a young and smallish defense, looks like a disaster brewing. let's see what al golden can do with a sinking ship. they still have only one loss in the ACC, but there are more looming it seems. i am nit a big fan of UM, but those who are will have their hands full rooting for a team with so many holes at key positions. w/o a QB and wide-outs who can complete passes,#8 is gonna be keyed on every play and will have his only opportunities on returns. it don't look good for the canes, but the real boosters ain't gonna jump ship or give up hope on such a young team despite mucho adversity on the horizon. buckle up tight, miami fans.

who is Ian Stewart? Any Rolling Stones fans out there?

No Stephen Morris and FSU comes to town next week? Cover your eyes and sell your tickets to a friend. It'll be UGLY


your post of "my favorite hendrix tune" has the negative backwards, as hendrix is playing righthanded and keith richards playing lefty, along with the "fender on top of the guitar inside out. ian stewart was the stones' studio keyboard player, i believe, before they used nicky hopkins later on. i remeber seeing his name on their early albums and believe he was the keyboardist on the stones' piano heavy album cut "we love you" from "satanic majesty's request", if memory serves me. could very well be mistaken, but i'll check it out.


nicky hopkins played the piano on "we love you",but ian stewart was the basic keyboardist on the stones' studio albums from 1964-86. played on what i believe is my favorite stones' albums- "aftermath" and "between the buttons". nicky hopkins was in the jeff beck group with rod stewart and ron wood, and had a beautiful tune with the beck group "girl from mill valley"


i believe it is in this bunch someplace


"girl from mill valley" is at about the 8 minute 30 second mark on the album "beck-ola"- a really beautiful tune. nicky hopkins then went on to join quicksilver when they became a six man group with dino valenti taking over. quicksilver was abetter group without dino valenti as their albums "fresh air: and "what about me" were nowhere close to their first album and the incredible "happy trails' with the greatest long cut, in our humble estimation of "who do you love", about twenty five minutes worth with a seasring john cippolina guitar break i guess about the 17 minute mark and another one to close the side. can't count the amount of times we puffed the old time commercial mexican seed and stems stuff and listened to "who do you love" and "mona" on the other side. george thorogood is thoroughly bad when he tries bo diddley's "who do you love"; nowhere near quicksilver even in the shortened version- maybe six minutes- released by capitol. also, "happy trails" had a beautiful cover of a cowboy riding away from his girl- the last song being their spacey version of roy rogers and dale evans' theme song.

shadow, as a long time Stones enthusiast I've read books published by "insiders & friends" since my teens. I absolutely love You Tube because of the instant access to what I'm searching for. Was watching several old Stones clips digging it. Love the old song " I am waiting " for no more reason then it wasn't all that commercialized and was typical Stones material. Ian Steward was the considered the 6th Stone, but because of his looks & mostly straight laced demeanor he was a guy who accepted his role. According to a book called "Up & Down with the Rolling Stones", Ian Stewart (Stew) hated commericialized tunes over the bluesy/hard rocker tunes the Stones usually scored with. Nicky Hopkins was another major contributor who never gets his due publicly.
IMO IF the Stones would have kept Mick Taylor to compliment Keith Richards, the band would put out better variety & quality then Ronnie Woods. I think that the Stones peaked with Mick Taylor.

Jstm 2 cents RE; The Stones and the"U"
The tones, Saw them in NYC(MSG) in 78 r79 and walked out mid-set due to Mick Screamin the songs not singing Aout 10years later saw them in So.Fla and the samething, love there alblums, lve there music they must have a great mixer doing there alblums but LIVE, No than you Wth me 2 trikesand your ou..
The "U",agree with Mr.Shadow and jon here i's gonna get ugly now for the "U" with Morris out..JMHO though, I've been wrong before.

You are all missing the point. It is ALREADY UGLY , Well ITS been since they hired wannabe coaches with no proven record. Just like Nobama..dont have a clue and are moving FORWARD!!! Where is forward for they WHO KNOWS!!!!
SO until the CHEAP Shalala hires a REAL COACH it will keep being UGLY!!!!

Shadow, dont know if I should catch you on this blog, or wait til the Phins game day.

I havent checked on climates on all Brazil WC sites yet, but I dont think much of the country experiences winter. Supposedly, some of the locales like in the Amazon are still viscious hot and humid. FIFA has already begun to do their part to hep Brazil by giving them the best climates and game start times. though they claim is was just random luck. We know that the officiating will be slanted their way..so just be warned.

FIFA thinks the entire world wants to see them win it all in their own country --will be a dazzling atmosphere, and they will make sure it happens. That is the one major downside of playing the game there. The rest of the teams need not show up.


Can't you Tivo those games or VCR them...like Seattle-Portland? Anyway, you may be able to catch portions on youtube I;m guessing. Watching 66,000 singing chanting and flag waving Seattle fans is a sight to behold. You wouldnt believe this kind of soccer support is happening in the US.

Shadow, Kazaam, yes World Cup 2014 is indeed going to be played all over Brazil. Would be great to attend, but costs will be prohibitrive I'm sure. Transportation between cities wont be easy either except for the high speed rail line n work between Rio and Sao Paolo.

The cardiac Americans did it again wining in stoppage. Having to again play without Donovan, we were headed towards a 1-1 tie at Antigua. ..where 1/8 of the country was at their stadium (10,000 capacity, 80k pop).

With Guatemala beating Jamaica, US and Guatemala are still exactly dead even in pts, goals, etc. The beauty of the final game coming up on Tuesday is that they just need to tie each other..making me think as the game nears the end, neither will play hard to try and win. The'll play it safe.

Poor Jamaica..but they did it to themselves in their away US game trying to sit on their advantage and play 0-0. Worked for 55 minutes, then we scored.

Another great day of qualifiers coming Tuesday.
Germany smoked Ireland 6-1.

Colombia..where they did come from..tearing upo the place, Messi finally scoring goals for Argentina. Paraguay dying a fast death. Hope the Aussies can come back. Can Poland salvage anything home to England with their top midfielder and scorer injured 6 weeks? It was hard enough as it was.

Shadow, Spain vs France live on ESPN(2) Tuesday.

ian was the heart and soul of the rolling stones, AND one of the founders. he was forced into the backround because or his weight and looks.. he stayed behind the scenes with them for a long time as their live and studio keyboardist, AND as a road manager in the early days.. he is the only keyboardist to be on every record until his death in 1986..

and shadow? as for los angeles delis, i still think canter's is the best.
that being said, katz's in new york city beats them all..


The Stones video you posted "doom and gloom" is very appropriate for all the "negativos" on this blog, I concurred with ANTI-CHRIST on this one, I also saw them live at the Orange Bowl in Miami and I didn't feel they put on a good show, however love a bunch of their songs..here is my fav..


My Canes are indeed in big trouble, with Morris out I would let one of our young true freshmen QB's play if he is ready..

I don't know what happened to my post..but

the Stones video is Can't you hear me knocking..


david,,your Ian comments are 100% correct.


"i am waiting"- oh dear, oh dear!!! on the great album "aftermath" which had "stupid girl, lady jane, high and dry, flight 505, (the great long cut) i'm going home, and depending on which side of the pond you were: opening on american album was "paint it black" and in england "mother's little helper (an ode to 5 mg valium). as stated, along with "between the buttons", "aftermath is my favoritest stones record. right beneath that is what in america was called "the rolling stones- now"- with the highly reverberated bo diddley song "mona", "down the road apiece", "little red rooster" and either the short "everybody needs somebody (to love) in america, or the longer grittier version on the foreign LP. a shade below aftermath and BTB, but a great album. the stones were cranking out rock'n'roll music, while the beatles were doing some nice pop songs, like on "rubber soul"; for my taste, give me "beatles 65" or the english "help".

Note to Tracy Howard... U can transfer to Florida, be on the winning team after the Gators beat down dUh U next year and be a 3rd. string DB redshirt Soph in 2014...

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