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October 08, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 93.1%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G5: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 93.1 percent overall satisfaction -- a season high -- in the wake of Sunday's 17-13 victory at the Cincinnati Bengals putting Miami's season record at 2-1aa1dsm3. The DSM, in its fifth season, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

Next poll: Oct. 14 following game vs. St. Louis.  

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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voted very satisfied. solid win. team plays a little sloppy at times. much to be cleaned up. doesn't it seem like the D plays aggressively until mid 4th quarter then D Coach calls soft coverage hoping not to lose?

well, how can you not be satisfied with the win?

Tannehill is showing steady progress, had a very solid game today and didn't make any stupid mistakes.

our offensive line gave him good protection against their front four, for the second game in a row we didn't run the ball but the kid took control of the offense and moved the ball trough the air.

our defense had a fine game, N Carroll had a solid game.

what is wrong with Dan Carpenter???

I question Philbin's call to go for a long 53 yard FG at fourth and seven, should have gone for the first.

Charles Clay is not too bright and he keeps dropping the ball, shame because I think the guy can play.

I think the regular ref's had a horrible game, gave them two calls on those fumbles, bring back the old new ref's !!!

I think we win next week against the Rams and be 3-3 !

fins definitely improved. great defensive effort. still, all this winning is leading toward a mediocre level pick and we need all the help we can get. Getting a mid round pick isnt going to help this team improve significantly.

It will if mid level pick can actually play football & play well.

With that Easter Island noggin of his you have to wonder how poor Peyton's mom pushed that thing out and into the world....

Dan Carpenter needs to check his tool pouch to see if he is trying to nail all these 3 pointers using, what appears to be, a little soft rubber-faced hammer.

Recommend he go out and equip himself with the Vaughan CFB 2HCM. A 19 ounce, 17" Blue Max High-performance hammer. Its triple zone heat treatment gives precise temper to striking face for ACCURATE POWER BLOWS.

Time to retool, Dan!

Brees sets a record, 48 TDs, in straight games, notable, for a guy with longer NFL seasons, more games and playoff games per season. Should be an asterisk. Credit where credit is due. I don't care if Johnny U's son was there.....

Re: the mediocre draft pick:

The Phins are in a different position now. We likely will have a pick of the top 5 WRS at our draft position. It's even possible the Phins sneak into the playoffs.

If the Phins can pick up a top WR, a CB, a TE that can make plays and defensive playmaker, watch out. They have the draft picks to do it.

On the subject of Jeff Ireland...

Top GM? Success through the draft? Let's look at what he did, who he selected and/or who he left on the board.

2012: Selects Ryan Tannehill in the first. Question. Is there even ONE Dolfan who would not have selected Tannehill? Exactly. Opportunity: neutral, no-brainer.

2011: Trades the team's second round pick (46 overall) for Brandon Marshall who he trades again for two third rounders. -- Opportunity: neutral to flat out wasted.

2010: Trades the team's #1 pick (12th overall) for a later first rounder ( Jared Odrick) and a second rounder ( Koa Misi). Decent players, but I would have just taken Jason Andrew Pierre-Paul, who was still on the board, rather than two players who will never be elite. -- Opportunity: missed.

2009: Selects Pat White in the second round. Even if, as the argument goes, that this was Parcells' pick, where's the backbone to stand up against that pick? -- Opportunity: missed.

OC, if GM Fire Island Jeff would have just fired himself as heckling fan suggested 50% of Dolphins problem would be gone. Poof like so much smoke. By the way I'm finally out of Libya Kaz, much to the natives delight. Translation I can go on youtbe once again...

Anyone got any idea where Brady got the nickname dick lick? It wasn't while he was at Michigan was it?

Which begs the question where did New York Jets coach Fat Bastard get nickname toe jam?

Pat White? Any relation to Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White? Pat White. He lasted all of a half a nanosecond.

Hey anyone know where I can get a Fat Head poster of Pat White? I tried a Peyton Manning Fat Head poster but the arched ceilings in my castle were too low...

you seem to be forgetting the pouncey pick, the martin pick, and the NON picks of orton, etc.
you guys are morons for complaining about ireland; he isn't going anywhere, the team is lightyears ahead of where it was last year, and they are a blast to watch..

It is alway's interesting to listen to the rants and brilliance of Dolphin fans after games. It is amazin g what deductions can be made after several beers, not remembering that this is a team that has been at .500 or below for the last few years. It takes more than one series of plays to return to Super Bowl contenders. I guess Dolphin fans don't beleive that rebuilding should take more than 1 game.

what's up David !!!

you're right,it seems that OC has crossed over to the dark side, My friend OC, I know you don't believe me on this subject but the following moves were all on Parcells.

trading our 12th pick for Odrick, Misi
Pat White pick
Marshall trade

a couple of thought's there, on the 2010 trade.Most Dolphin fans if not all wanted Dez Bryant not Pierre-Paul..You also "neglect" to mention some very good Ireland moves just to strengthen your argument.

He picked Pouncey (all ready considered a top three center in the NFL), traded for R Bush, signed Burnett from SD and cut C Crower, signed M Moore and he became the team's MVP last year, his second pick this year will be manning the RT for us for the next decade..since I know what really happened I only post Ireland's good and bad moves for the last two years only...You guys can blame him for everything that took place in 2008,2009 and 2010 but I won't.

Here is a little bit of inside information for you guys, I asked my friend (the NFL scout) about players that have a hard time with learning the play book and he said there are a lot of players that seem to lack football smarts or they are just dumb, we have a couple on our team,L Miller and Egnew, he said that the big knack on Dez Bryant coming out of college was he was just a dumb player and report's out of Dallas is the guy still doesn't know the play book...

FZB, same with Ocho Johnson Chad, no IQ, never learned the playbook at Cinci or NE.

I got to side with david of the other LA on Ireland. I grade him out on 2 different levels...
1. Parcells era- Parcells was true GM, Ireland was top scout & advisor.
2. Post Parcells era- Ireland had final say. Head Coaches had a lot of influence on what they wanted - RT Marco Columbo failure,,, Sparano loved the guy, had to have him replace a still servicable Vernon Carey.

Duke, glad your back & figured out your old lady put a parental block on your butt. That's a subtle way of weening you off porn.

RE- Tom Brady's nickname of dick lick, I think that was started when Brady was at Michigan. Goes back to an away game at PSU, Tom bumped into Jerry Sandusky,,,, like Paul Harvey would say,,, now you know theee reeest of the story!

Ireland comment- My point was that Ireland's grade is incomplete. Both lines up front are very good, D is constantly dominate against the run & can pass rush most of the time. O line has given the new QB time & opened up good running lanes. Tannehill, Bush, Thomas, Bess, Pouncey, Incognito are very good. Long was Parcells pick & he is history after this season. He looks like my friends big fat aunt with the fatty arms dangling, cankles, can't even line dance without looking like a stiff bitch.
Dolphins left Langford & Merling go but already had Odrick, Starks (Parcells pick), Soliai (Cameron), McDaniel. Dansby was expensive, Burnett is a great pickup that no one knew about till now. DB's came through this weekend.
Philbin is going have great influence on the 2013 draft. The team would be smart to let Long walk away and get overpaid by someone else (ahhhh Tony Sparano & Jets). Miami will have 5 picks in the first 96 spots. They could go to WR, TE, LT, DE, LB, CB, either S.
IMO Philbin likes the GB approach where you go pass rusher, CB, LT in rd 1 and pursue multiple good WR's in rd 2 or later.
We got Chicago's #3 & Indy's #2 next yr.

Excellent Dolphins game yesterday. Looked good.

Had a great time at the game Saturday despite the outcome, might be more UM alumni in Chicago than there are in New York!

Tailgated with the Mad Stork himself, if the NFL needs a poster boy for what the game does to players brains they need look no further.

Speaking of which - good for ex-Hurricane Eric Winston on the Chiefs' fans:


Great win for the Dolphins, Randy Starks and Reshad Jones are two players I've been high on this year (Starks for longer), both really stepped up for the defense.

As to Ireland, I've always said he could be irrelevant if Miami lucked into a quarterback. QB is the only position that can save the Dolphins, it's insane that people can be praising Ireland for his 2011 draft when he made the twin brother of a NFL pro bowler the highest drafted center in the history of the NFL instead of rolling the dice on one of 6 quarterbacks available to him.

Bottom line - either he thought he had enough with Chad Henne or he was too chicken sh*t to pull the trigger on a first round QB.

Pouncey's a nice player but he's quite literally the safest draft pick in the history of the NFL. Identical twin brother of a pro bowler drafted higher for his position than anyone has ever been drafted.

Here's some interesting posts:

Nolan Carrol was asked about the difference of last yrs team and this one... his comment was along the line of: Last yr we were still learning the game plan of Saturday. This yr were better prepared. The new coaching staff is much better. If you don't know the game plan by Saturday afternoon you'll never know it.

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden had this to say of Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle: “He did a great job mixing things up and kept us off balance all day,” Gruden said. “When we had opportunities we missed them and they made more plays than we did, obviously. We could never get our running game going, which put us in some third-and-longs, and with that pass rush that they have, that is not a good situation.”

You get the impression with Philbin & Coyle that the team is better handled & prepared. Most of the time you lose because the other team is just better. With this defense & strong running potential, Miami can hang in there with anyone. Wonder what Philbin & Sherman can plan & expand on with more talent at WR & Tannehill maturing. Most of the plays are pure vanilla to protect the QB.

Jimbo - you mean Coyle and Sherman, Philbin's organized and competent but he's a career O-line coach who's never designed or called an offense at any level.

Sherman will be the man to add some Xs and Os to this playbook when Tannehill's ready. He may be getting up there in years but so far he's been making lemonade out of some dried out lemon rinds he found under a mini-fridge.

Chosing Pouncey was the right pick. Safe, sound & big advantage having a C with that talent. the C is the QB of the line, calling block assignments on audibles. Can you imagine Sparano getting his hands on another rookie QB?
I'll stick with Ireland. Ross kept Ireland over firing him to get Cowher, Fisher & Harbaugh. Ross hired a new coaching staff around Ireland. Bottom line is the guy isn't leaving unless this team completely imploads.

this whole love affair with Parcells & Sparano has crashed & burned leaving one surprising diamond in the rough, Ireland....

Well if Pouncey was the right pick Jake Long was the right pick, most NFL fans might think that they weren't.

They're both symptoms of Parcells' and Ireland's outdated philosophies, they don't respect the all-important nature of the QB position in today's NFL.

I don't play the 20/20 hindsight game (passing on Bryant, missing out on Pierre-Paul, etc.) - Ireland picking a bust in Colin Kaepernick or a home run in Andy Dalton would have been the same to me, picking a college QB is a complete crapshoot.

Ireland thought he had enough with Chad Henne with 4 years NFL tape on him and he probably thought he had enough in Moore or Garrard. I seriously doubt he would have taken Tannehill if his job didn't depend on it but for whatever reason Ireland was forced to roll the dice (first time anyone has since Marino) and the Dolphins will be fine with a visionless scout as GM if Tannehill works out.

Hey the guy who is defending Irelend must be a family memeber. Anyone with a brain knows ireland is runin gthis franchise into the ground. 85% of his draft picks have not panned out. Players and agents don't even want to deal with him because he is a swine. If you are on here defending him u have no credibility because he is a moron.

I think records this date and time are flawed. Most QB records are held by Dan Marino. When Dan played the plays were called to win games. Now plays are called to break his records. What do you think Dan's records would be if plays were called for him to set records? That is why Bret Favre hung around so long. Plays were called to inhance his record breaking. Although is was a Johnny U's record Drew Brees broke, how many of the plays were called to make it possible. I respect Brees and congradulate him but I can't help but think records are being broken under much different conditions not favorable to the record setters in the first place.

LA dave, I'm assuming you're directing your rebuttal towards me. Look, everyone makes good moves and bad moves. As a musician, you didn't pick the hand organ, though you no doubt like to play with it every now and then, you picked the drums.

Sure, Ireland selected Pouncey and a few other guys who might prove to be good players. This is not the issue. It's about the overall job, and to me, he is about Jeff Ireland first and foremost. He won't tell his owner that his darling fellow alumni sucks, so he keeps him for upwards of two years hoping against hope that he pans out. Sadly, this just retards the team while the fan base suffers. He doesn't demonstrate conviction by telling Parcells that it's either Ireland or White, but that he can't have both. That's complicity.

The guy, as Kaz points out, always opts for the safe pick, not the bold one. That two mediocre players are better than a game changer. Not to mention his ardent and ever growing philosophy that never seriously considers difficult characters to join the team, no matter how talented they may be.

You give anyone on here seven picks times four years, and there would be little doubt that a handful would pan out. Pouncey, Martin, et al.

That's what I can't take, Mr Mojo, the fact that there is a good chance swine runs in his family. Note the aggressively sloped forehead. The flat nose and large nostrils. The occasional muffled "oink" "oink" under his breath.

OIsage, the conditions are different. Defenses are illegal in the NFL and have been for quite some time.

OC - you are probably underestimating how much time the real david spends playing 'hand organ'.

I don't care how you dissect it, this coaching staff is much better then the last. That includes DC Coyle over Nolan.
0-7 start last year. Dolphins were in a position to win their last 4 games and are 2-3. All that with a rookie QB.

Like him or hate him Ireland is here to stay fellas.

OC, does he play an "Away Game"?


it sure looks to me like the fellar's don't share the same enthusiasm we have for Ireland, that's ok..


for the record again, I support Ireland for the simple fact he has been in charge of the whole enchilada for two years, not enough time to see if he is the right GM or not but for the looks of it the team is indeed going in the right direction , I'm also very encourage by Philbin and the new staff, Nolan Carroll even said the new coaching staff is way better than the old one..

Guys, the team is making progress, Philbin has done more with Ireland's picks / Sparano's players in the first five games than the previous four years..we no longer talk about the following players being bust's

Sean Smith,John Jerry,Nolan Carroll,Koa Misi, Reshad Jones etc..You guys need to stop with all your hating and open your eyes a little bit...Let it play out.

If a 5th round pick can be a bust Nolan Carroll is most definitely that. He sucks huge donkey d*ck.

Koa Misi is performing like a second rounder? John Jerry like a third rounder? Guess that's all relative to what the other players you draft in the second and third round look like.

Reshad Jones I like, take your own advice on Sean Smith and let that one play out, he's tied with 21 other players with two INTs and his problem has always been consistency, not talent.

kazaam, some of the young players you mentioned are starting to show something positive. Carrol has been disappointing until he was thrown into starting CB. Carrol played well yesterday. So did Jimmy Wilson. Misi is playing better this year then previous yrs. Maybe Misi needed to mature, maybe the 4-3 is more natural to him.
Could it be that the team as a whole is better prepared to play on Sunday then they were with Tony Potato Head Sparano????
Jerry played ok the first 4 games, then put up a turd yesterday. DT against Jerry was no joke,,, similar to Soliai in size & explosiveness.

Floyd Zep Beatles, your argument for giving Ireland a pass during his first two years is a bit disingenuous. Would you extend the same curtesy to Obama?

Could it possibly be that the Dolphins are better than they were with Sparano???????

Does the pope sh*t in the woods? Nevin Shapiro could step over the bar Sparano set here.

Hey boys!!

Ah, yes. da case of Her Ireland. da interesting thing too noute about human identificassion is what I call da Napolione complex. Eat is my oobservacion dat short peeeple like and defend ohder leetle peeples.

Who's ready for squats?


not every player that gets drafted makes the pro bowl or develops at the same rate, some are studs from the start while others never get it while others get drafted into the wrong system...the difference in coaching from last year is substantial, I know you don't think much of Philbin and I know the jury is still out on him but I think both the offensive and defensive coordinators are a major upgrade.

so when you see marginal players up to now like Misi,Carroll,Jones,Jerry making big strides then there is no other explanation that they are getting coached-up way better than before.

OC, my feeling is Ireland is doing quite well in his two years (going solo) while Obi has not proven anything in his four years, not the same..


In honor of you being able to access you-tube again, this is for you my brother..


Ross and Ireland introduce next year's draft candidates:


Smith, Misi, and Jerry were second and third round picks, not marginal players.

Reshad Jones is a marginal player who last year showed glimpses of being a keeper and this year has all but established himself.

Nolan Carroll sucks huge donkey d*ck.

Offensive and defensive coordinators are upgrades. Head coach and GM are chodes but irrelevant if Tannehill works out.

I have to agree the Fins look improved. The real test will come when you play another team with a great offense. Texans smoked you, Raiders suck, same with Jets, and the Bengals are the Bengals. Lets wait till Dec.2, that will be this teams real test. Lets see Tannah. when he has to play from behind the whole game. Lets see the defense, when there on the field the whole game, and there sucking air with the Pats hurry up offense. That game should be a good gauge especially for Tannah.

I'm down for squats!

Naples Jack,

Brady is still Brady, it will be good to see our young QB go against that sorry ass defense the Patriots have, hopefully we can rush the passer a little bit.

but if we can run the ball on you guys we can shorter the game and maybe we can pull off a miracle.

Philbin and Ireland are chodes??..I wonder what their wives will say about that..


Smith,Misi and Jerry where indeed picked high based on potential but their play suggested they were marginal players, everyone was saying they where bust's , but they have shown major improvement this year.

Me too babe.

Jimbo - who would you resign out of Long, Starks, Sean Smith, Hartline, and Bush? All big contracts.

I'd trade Long right now,,, before the deadline for anyone's #1 pick in 2013.
Resign Starks, Smith to comparable contracts that are reasonably high. Bush would have to be worked on with a fairly high guaranteed base with heavy incentives for yds rushing, td's, carries, receptions. Hartline,,see Bush with a smaller base to start with.

Bush is currently the teams MVP, BUT might be the first to let walk out of the forementioned group. WHY? cause RB's are the easiest to replace & Miami has Thomas & Miller.... Flying under the radar is RB Jonas Gray on the IR. The former ND grad could be worth a look next season.

IMO the priority would be Smith, Starks, Bush, Hartline and nothing for Long.
Ignore Irelands public claim that Long is a franchise guy that the team wants a career contract on.

OC,,, did Obama'smama'smama get a free pass as US Senator voting "present" on major issues? Barakadayo got to campaign for Prez for 2 yrs while pulling Senator pay and not doing his job.

NaplesJack, I know you chortled your gerital out of your nose watching Tannehill beat Cinci yesterday.

Richard Simmons:
Do you wear leg warmers before you do squats?

Leg warmers? Sounds like it's time to snuggle boys!

That Houston guy, J.J. Watt killed us. Happy to see him doing the same thing to the Jets. Big time player.

he he he he. Jets take gas.

Very dissatisfied with Mike Sherman. Satisfied with everyone else.

Watt is electrifying to the Defense. Watt is the energy that the Texans shine off of.

At least we ain't the Jets!
At least we ain't the Bills!

The envy of the AFC East - Patriots - are on a roll and will be hard to compete with.

Congrats to NaplesJack, you got to be excited about Brady & company. Looks like the Patriots have a real RB to compliment Brady & various other weapons.

As a Fins fan, I hope the Dolphins keep it close this season so when Miami plays the Patriots,,, it's meaningful for both teams.

Jimbo- Agree with you about the Pats. Finally found a running game. 3rd in the league, with there rbs, they now run the ball as much as they pass. 35 1st downs is unreal. The hurry up offense has been great. The Broncos could not get off the field on defense, had 12 men on the field twice. The game was not as close as the final score.

Ah, sorry to have to bust your bubble there Kaz, but my cousin tutored Hendricks when he was at the U. "That guy was the dumbest person I've ever seen in my life." True story. The NFL can't hurt your brain if there wasn't anything there in the first place.


randy starks dropped between 40-50 pounds, and i believe dansby also dropped about 30 to be quicker and better. being bigger is not the advantage that overcomes quickness and enough bulk to remain strong. as i've maintained, big and quick will defeat small and quick, but small and quick will defeat big and slow, as alabama did to nebraska in the 66 orange bowl:39-28,and the following year in the sugar bowl 34-7. also, arkansas bested bob devaney's huskers inthe 65 cotton bowl 10-7. quick over huge every day of the week.

I hate how most fans after a win jump to super duper satisfied. How can you be maxed out in satisfaction and not and a wining record?

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