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October 29, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 98.3%

[1) It is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30. Thanks to all who tapped into our live blog Q&A/chat yesterday. We do it every Monday, 1-2 p.m. 2) Poor Tigers fans. Almost better to have not made the World Series at all than to have been swept. 3) Find our main Dolphins-Jets game post directly below in the blog. 4) Visit our video channel atYouTube/TheGregCote (on hiatus; new vids coming soon) and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G7: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 98.3 percent overall satisfaction -- a season high -- in the wake of Sunday's 30-9 victory at the New York Jets putting Miami's season record at 4-3. The 80.9% calling themselves "very" satisfied also is by far a season high. 1aa1dsmThe DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% l(52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

Next poll: Nov. 4 following game at Indianapolis.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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I'm in Labia Kaz...

I just want to go on record as saying Chad Pennington should be brought into Dolphin coaching staff and molded into a head coach. Nothing negative about current staff. Never had a gripe with any of them. Just keep Pennington around...

4-3, Not too shabby. Beat Rex Ryan's Jets 30-9. Love it.

Dave and FZB, hats off to both of you for sticking with the entire team from day one. You guys have been vindicated big time. Not only do we have a winning record but they certainly look good on all aspects. I think they only had three or four penalties today. Backup comes in and plays great. You have to give credit where it's due.

Shadow nose, Notre Dame appears to be the real deal. Beating a top ten ranked Oklahoma team on the road.

Duke, be careful outside in the land of Labia;)

Voted very satisfied..but there are two idiots voted very dissatisfied, they most be Jets fans.

Kaz, I saw the video you posted, hay dios mio !!!!!, love those power tools.

Duke, the minute you get back from Labia you must check it out.

Woodcock, Thanks for the props...

Shadow and Jimbo, as much as I hate to admit it, ND DOES look like the real deal..

does anyone know the latest on Tannehill??..

Fins very well coached. It showed today. Hopefully Sporano stays OC for Jets for years!

It's hard not to be very satisfied with this group. 4-3 and they really should be 6-1. They have a soft schedule coming up. 8-3 is definitely within reach. No matter what happens from this point on, the Miami Dolphins have made watching them fun again. And for that, I'm thankful.

Oh by the way, f the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets

Great game today! Nice when your backup QB can just step in and dominate. Moore is better than Sanchez and Tebow together.

Dukey's Right!

The first thing I thought after today's victory, and after watching numerous players steadily & dramatically improve under Philbin & Staff, is that WE MUST GET PENNINGTON on the coaching staff.

Astute Observation Dukey.....priceless, in fact!

Jets are done it's between NE and Miami for the division and I like our chances shoot let's go for a bye.

I said 9-7 I think we can win 11.

I'm with Baby, Let's think BIG !!!

PLAYOFFS !!!! that's right, I said it.


I hope your Giants can wrap up the WS tonight.

So the Jets are in Last, Last, Last place, hehehehe.

Also, Miami has the longest winning streak in the Conference, at three.

hey if we can beat the mighty Colts next week we will be tied for first place with the patsies..

I wonder how Naples Jack feels about that.

OC, what's up brother?... How are things in good old Austin???..la misma mierda de todos los diaz ?

No, I applaud U E Pluribus Eunich for calling a spade a spade.

good night muchachos...

Sure FZB 7-2 down the stretch with our schedule isn't impossible.

Good QB play will be everything to get there this defense is playing with confidence.

Any word on Tannehill I think he walked off the field under his own power hopefully just a strain but Matty can a play a little too huh?

Dolphins can win out! Go Fins! The Walking Dead has come alive! Go Fins!

I'm Barack Obama, and I approve of this message!

I'm Barack Obama and I'm as smart as Cote, whoops, he picked the jets! I'm as smart as anyone who votes for me, YEAH!!

J-E-T-S suck, suck, suck

Satisfied? It was the Jets so what do you think?

John, Noel, I grew up in NYC. Moved there in 1961! Been a Dolphin fan since 1966, moved to Miami in 1973! Hate the Jets, Yankees are my baseball team though....

It's amazing there are any Jets fans with the GIANTS owning NYC. Upstate NYers are likely F'n Buffalo Paddy fans.

I'm semi surprised there haven't been more posts in light of Miami's destruction of JETS in NY. Ah any Dolphin fan who is able to focus on their accomplishments to this point must by riding a high a beautiful wave eh, FZB. That's good enough for me. As Tom said so eloquently, "I'm just grateful they have made football fun to watch again." Also Kaz I was initially disturbed by your post regarding Miami not being a football city first like GB or Pittsburgh. And it's all fair weather bandwagon fans. But you know you're right. THAT does not make Miami less than the other historic franchises. It merely mean the city of Miami's Dolphin fans INSIST on a superior product to spend it's hard earned money on and THEY SHOULD. IT F'ing FOOTBALL. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO F'ING WIN like Vinny Lombardi say, WINNING IS THE ONLY GODDAMN THING. In this arena that is the name of the game and the fans should ENFORCE IT with or without there support. Thank you very much. This has been a paid advertisement for the committe to insist upon exclusively winning NFL franchises.

Cote keeps writing the same article over and over again - 'will the Heat pass the Dolphins as the biggest team in south Florida???'

It's a dumb premise, this will never be a 'basketball town' and truth be told it never was a 'football town'. Pittsburgh is a 'football town'. Green Bay is a 'football town'.

Miami is a city where garbage bandwagon fans will pack your arena or stadium when you're winning championships and stay home when you're not. Always been that way, always will be.

Tsk, Tsk mi amigo.

r. duke Think about it! Jets fans are Mets fans and Nets fans....why? Because they cant spell! Jets, Nets, Mets, only one letter off. Yankees, Giants, Knicks, too confusing for illitirates!

On NYC fans! Think about it! Jets fans are Mets fans and Nets fans....why? Because they cant spell! Jets, Nets, Mets, only one letter off. Yankees, Giants, Knicks, too confusing for illitirates!

Any doubt whether or not the Manning brothers are just flat out superior to your every day garden variety QB should be squelched after the tubing older brother delivered this week in Denver.

That dude is in a league by himself. The kid brother aint bad either.


redsky that's funny but probably true.

Oh Kaz I'm back from Labia for the moment...

HA HA HA Sanchez with Pizza the Slut. Good one Kaz.

Oh yes, I accidently posted on wrong thread that it would be SUICIDE to get rid of Miami's "Earl Morrall" Matt Moore.


ND is having an incredible year. i have watched irish teams since 1962 and this is by far the fastest team ND has produced- popping off long "run bombs", a QB who can actually throw the ball, and a stout defense. as usual, their biggest game will be @USC, and with the trojans on the ropesm this may be a repeat of 1970, when a 5-4-1 group of trojans throttled an undefeated irish bunch in a rainstorm in los angeles- an incredible game by joe big ears who threw for i think 525 yards +/- in a monsoon. it was theisman's best game for ND, but all the breaks went SC's way or ND would have wound up as national champs. USC tied nebraska @21 apiece, and beat ND 38-28 abd nebraska and ND wound up 1-2 after ND beat texas in the 71 cotton bowl 24-11.


sporano's mighty offense did score a TD, but did not keep old mr. "at the end of the day" from having his team score a total of points which is a multiple of 3; even when his team does score a TD, it still looks like FGs in the headlines. has fatso ryan and his capo on offense been booted yet. yersterday they looked like the worst team in the NFL, by "miles and miles and miles and miles".

Woodcock, this is for you buddy...



We should bench T-Hill and start Moore !!!..Now,now its not what you think, let the kid sit out the Indy game and let him rest up that knee.

Moore is more than a capable fill in and he can run the offense, our defense and special teams are playing light's out and we can handle them..

its was a very satisfying win, this team has shown improvement since the first game, I love our new coaching staff, they are teachers and no nonsense type of coaches, the players are buying into the program and we have no prima-donas on the team, (Marshall, Davis and 8-5)..really good players but they wouldn't fit in into the new culture, we are on the right track boys..Go Dolphins!!!

Tom summed it up nicely, the Dolphins are fun to watch again. Check this link, this wouldn't suck...


Check it out... dave in va is back... Welcome Dave, hope your well brother.

I am extremely pleased on how the Dolphins have seemed turn around the franchise. For the last few weeks you can hear how the players buying into Philbin & CO.

Shadow, I'm glad Notre Dame is playing well. Brings back memories of time with my Dad who passed recently. We'd watch ND highlights Sunday mornings after mass,,, long time ago. Your absolutely correct about the team speed ND possesses. Watch how they use their TE's to block.... both are beasts. Their D is pretty decent too.


marv goux, who was to USC what art kehoe is to UM, used to describe SC-ND as "big man on big man", and he was right. still our biggest rivalry, although for the bruins we are the "big game". as stated many times, they are gonna be hurting from 0-50 last year, coutesy lame kiffin, and whatever payback is ion store, if they are able to, we deserve. the bruins have some good players and for us it is not a hate thng, which is not the way they feel about us. but trhen we've had mckay and kiffin, who would be loathsome to any opponent.


the guy makes TD catches, probably is the best run blocker on the line, and is not a head case. why do the yokels on the radio persist in calling for a gronkowski or aaron hernandez type? granted he is not a spectacular athlete, but he has made some very nice catches over the years and i don't recall him dropping very many catchable balls. still remember when pennington threw a yard a half behind him in the magic year and he hauled it in on a game-winning drive.


Fasano is OK mr shadow. A run blocking TE is very important for this type of Offense Miami runs. Fasano has been around long enough to read D's & find the soft spot in the zones to get open. His hands are decent. Fasano doesn't put up big numbers more to the fact of the plays that are called not lack of ability.

Naples Jack,

pretty awesome display by new england in olde england yesterday. as hank stram, RIP, said in that miked SB against the vicodins- "like taking candy from a baby"!!!

and THE STYLISTICS!!!! their debut album is one of the real landmarks of soul, that sweet philly stuff they call "TSOP"; "you are everything", 'betcha by golly", the incredible "country living' and "you're a big girl now". what a blast it musta been to spend time with some real greats of music. i forgot "you are everything" in my list of 70s great songs- it fersure was one of the highlights of the decade. i got turned on to that record by the ladies of USC's "kappa kappa gamma", and they were a beautiful and hip bunch. pat haden's wife cindy grier was one of em.

Hey Dave in VA, nice seeing you post again. Button down the hatches and stay dry, buddy.

FZB, Woodcock is a fan of the SF Giants, in part, because he loves The Village People. In fact, I believe he is dressing up as the biker this Halloween.

Shadow - Fasano is a pass catching tight end, he sucks at blocking. As far as pass catching tight ends go he's serviceable but nothing special.

duke - nearly all Miamians agree with you that they should demand championships from their sports teams and not go to games if they aren't winning. To the rest of the country that makes them terrible sports fans.

My only point is that Miami isn't a 'football town' or a 'basketball town' and Cote's article, which he's rehashed at least a half dozen times over the past year, makes no sense.

How the Mighty have fallen!

Baseball! Not the Jets! The World Series was a Dud! Very disappointed!

On the Game! The Real Game!

YES!! That was a Team win! All 3 Phases! This Coaching Staff is the Truth!

Ireland! Is a MasterMind! Yes! Admit it!

The Guy can Pick 'em! Coaches! Players!

He is Completely Responsible! For this Mess! Isn't that What the Select Few! Said. U know since Everybody went into hiding! The Masses have quieted Down!

Next Up the Colts! Another Great Statement Game!

We Whoop them almost as bad as the Jets People are going to have to start Noticing!

Every Week the Needs on this Team Seem to be Disappearing!

And it Seems Golden did Give Ireland, 2 First Round Talent Players! This only Gets Better!

Anybody happen to catch Tony Dungy's comments after last night's Denver/N.O. game? The guy was wearing one of those smirks that come from seeing Payton in the groove. He pretty much expects a long string of victories.

Here's the thing. There are probably no more than Brady and perhaps his brother, capable of coaching their respective players and making them better, during the actual game.

Playoff teams: Houston and New England will rest a week. I see Pittsburgh winning the North and Denver the West, with Baltimore as one of the two Wild Cards. Miami is in the driver's seat for that last spot.

Loved the game yesterday! Just an observation, though: Why do so many marginal players for the Dolphins turn into star caliber Fish-beaters when another team picks them up? Exhibit A: Clyde Gates. Couldn't catch a cold when he played for us. Yesterday he was making plays all over the field, at least in the 4th quarter.

I heard the Ghost Of Jim Morrison was Seen at MetLife Yesterday! Apocalypse Now! Playing on the Big Screen! as the Game was Over! With "The End" Blasting Thru The Speakers!

Can A Jets Fan Confirm?

Dashi knows for Sure Hearing! " LETS GO DOLPHINS!!" by the last 5 minutes of the 4th Qtr!

Music to Dashi's Ears!

Giving NE the bye already OC they still have to play SF, Houston and Miami twice I am not crowning their asses yet but you can go ahead.

BB, only Denver has a chance of taking that bye week. When you look at our Division, Miami could conceivably finish with a 9 and 7, no worse than 8-8. If you look at the Jets' schedule, they look like a 7-9, with Buffalo dropping chips on the field. So by default N.E. will represent. As good as Miami is playing I just don't see them beating N.E. twice and S.F.


It's to early to be talking Playoffs! Let's see where we stand Come December! If we are 8-3 going up against our first MAtch Up with NE! Then we Can talk Playoffs or Division! Or MAybe 7-4.

But We Should be able to go on a Winning Streak! Specially if this team gets better every week!

This Offense Seems to have found 3 to 4 Legit Wr's! Compared to only 2 during Week 1! And Hartline was still Coming Back from Injury!

Again, Another Testament to the Man who was Caught on TV Saying we have a Bung of 4,5,6's!

And it Actually Starts at the Top! Give Props! To Mr.Ross for Sticking To his Guns! Ireland Over Everybody! The BallBoy knows Football!

Yes! He Misses! But He Hits More than He Misses! And Know he has a Coach and Staff that HE can Bring Projects to and They can Make it Work!

Plus, This New Coaching Staff has Valuable Input and Extensive Football knowledge! Ireland can Actually Learn from these Coaches!

U best believe Ireland has changed the Way he Views Certain Position because Philbin Told him What he is Looking For!

what's up guys !!..

This is a MUST READ FOR DASHI, DAVID AND COTE, and the rest of all you liberal's, this is a total shock, both the DES MINES REGISTER AND THE NY POST HAVE ENDORSED



keep in mind both these newspapers are bastions of liberalism..

how about that...

FZB, don't forget the Monday live blog.

FZB- My good buddy, as much as I might agree with you on most of your politics, the New York Post is not a liberal paper. Very conservative, not that there is anything wrong with that. It is part of Rupert Murdoc. empire.

9-7 OC that means they go 5-4 the rest of the way this team has surpassed that level of thinking as should have most educated fans of the team.

They will far outpace your doomsday predictions of 5 or 6 wins at least.

Kaz, obviously it makes Miami sports fans Intelligent. Hey but what do I know.

Dave in VA So glad to hear you're in this cybe-neighborhood again. Love your takes.

Naples Jack, I stand corrected on the NY Post, sorry..

I think I was thinking about the NY Daily News..

New York Times I think is liberal paper...


the nypost was a liberal paper during the vietnam years, and was a must read because they published an afternoon edition that had west coast scores that didn't make the other tabloid, the daily news, which was a very right wing paper then- now roles are reversed. as a college student riding the subway to relatives in brooklyn from NYU in the village, tabloids were easier to handle than the times, which was bulky and stodgy and the paper of the elite, of which i ain't. the post was started by mr. big government hisself, alexander hamilton, but now is owned by the australian polluter of american media.


if you say that fasano is not much of a blocker, i believe, i believe!! whatever his assets are, he has been doing just fine since coming from the cowboys and looking for the non-fasano types is a waste- the dolphins can't run to the left (big fake long and the horrid incognito) so running behind a right side of jerry, martin, pouncey and fasano seems okay to me. saw bush get throttled again in the backfield on many of the plays called for him, but the guy still manages to average over 4 yards per carry, the new "good" for NFL backs. the days of teams featuring 5+ yds/carry are history, it seems. also seems like #22 is an inch or two away from poping a huge run a few times per game, as he did at the tail end of last year. he still is an important part of the dolphin offense; this draft will feature many big time passcatchers, even w/o robert woods or markise lee. a guy that gets 340+ yards catching and running is not very common, but the trojans have two gamebreaker types who take crossing patterns from barkley and wind up in the end zone. saturday night: ducks 49, trojans 28. ND will not have an easy timew with USC, and it says here that the irish will not leave los angeles undefeated.


really good news' now let's get dolphin pete, ticketdean, ginrai and all the other charter members of our fun club here back on board. the more the merrier here on the good ship cote; put out the APBs for our missing friends, hope they are doing well and awaiting the returns of our prodigal brothers.

Fasano is a good TE, solid veteran but the position needs to be up graded, either Egnew next year or someone else through the draft..

lets see how long Dave in Va sticks around this time, I'm not holding my breath...lol


i checked in with "pro football focus", which stated that fasano was the #2 tight end in being held in for pass protection over the past three years. while that has no bearing on his run blocking, it does limit the amount of times he is sent out on patterns, which makes however amount of catches he gets a little more impressive. i am not one who thinks the dolphins need an upgrade at TE, but rather more depth at fasano's position.

Mike Sherman on Fasano after the game.

(On Anthony Fasano’s footwork on the touchdown catch) – “Well I think that’s impressive because that’s what’s noticeable to people on the outside, but what I think is more impressive to me was his blocking. He was a dominant blocker in the game. (He was) very consistent coming off the ball and capturing the edge on people. So I was very, very impressed with his blocking in the game. He definitely showed some veteran savvy on both plays in that he did his best to get his feet down. And I don’t have to say this, on the one that was ruled in out of bounds, if it had been ruled in bounds I don’t think they would have overturned it. That could have gone either way.”


stay safe brother, this storm is creating havoc everywhere...

Barry Jackson is reporting the MRI on Tannehill revealed no structural damage but he's still got a lot of discomfort on the leg, I personally would not play him at all on sunday, this guy is too valuable.

Moore is more than a capable fill in...

I talked to a friend of mine that lives in NY and he told me the fans are just burying the Jets, they all hate Sanchez, Rex and Sparano, hehehe.

FZB I would love them to keep Matty Moore but he will be starting for another team next year just hope he can keep it going if needed next week.

He's probably better than many starters in the league right now somebody will overpay for him he doesn't want to be a backup I don't think maybe Devlin will emerge.

Thanks seems like Mid Atlantic/ NY got the worst of it but we got some too.


NBC without a daytime football contract, will be broadcasting the premier league starting next season, i believe. so as much as most of my friends here, save for mike1 and one or two others, abhor futbol, the finest league in the world is gonna be shown on over-the-air TV; i hope you guys can take it. FSC and be-in sports will still be handling the WC qualifiers, which are really terrific, but not as good as the clubs playing in the UEFA cups. august to may seasons, boys- buckle up while mike1 and i revel in our favorite sport.


between ann (skag) coulter and greta van susteren, a guy could lose his lunch within hours of eating by seeing these two witches of the airwaves; seeing- looking at them is impossible-UGGGHHHLLEEEEE +


NBC bought 380 English Premier League games. Not all will be on their prime channel. 6 games live per week.

The MLS averaged over 18,5k. Again beating NHL, NBA. Seattle averaged 44K ..beating all but two MLB teams.

World Series avg'd 12M. Lowest ratings ever.

Shadow, even bigger news. USA is slated to host a premier special edition event. A 16 team Copa America in 2016.

Not approved yet by the silly leaders of our region. A nice response to the disappointment of getting beaten out by Romney's Qatar for WC 2022.

Participants will be the 10 S. American teams, USA, and Mexico. The remaining 4 will go through qualifiying rounds in our region.

I bet every game is a sellout.

But I still await next year's Confederations Cup match between Tahiti and either Brazil or Spain. 20 - 0 a possibility? It's a guarantee that Tahiti will have to play one of them.

Back to American football.... I actually got myself motivated to get to a sports bar at 12pm to see the Phins. I was a little late, on the way heard that T-hill was out. Almost turned the car around, but remembered that Moore is fairly solid.

A nice sports bar, with some 20 - 30 young sexily Halloween costumed waitresses.

While watching the Phins, I had 5 other games in front of me...including the NE - Rams game in London...

I'm wondering if the English were impressed. The game was a blow out. I saw an entire middle section empty.
The fan zone the day before looked pretty sparse ..nothing compared to 200K fans in a Warsaw fan zone last June.

The worst thing .. there were several occasions of 5 - 10 minute long referee conferences. The world's soccer fans are eager to get some improvement on officiating; now they're probably wondering if it's a good thing after getting treated to 5 - 10 minutes delays.

Why are the English fans of the Patriots? They don't know history very well or maybe like that 'England' is in New England.

We live in different world. Shadow and I can appreciate the way each of our two favorite sports are played. The average American (unless they are from Seattle, Philly or Portland cant get used to the world game; it must be equally difficult for the world to watch a game with so many play stoppages., penalties, ..and get used to the stunning number of injuries.

I haven't figured out the voting thing yet, so I vote Somewhat satisfied. ..on an overall level. Very satisfied in that we are much better than we thought we'd be. Very satisfied that we beat the Jets. best 2 out of 3 goes to Very Satisfied.

However, it's the defense making it. The offense hasn't really been all that in the last two games.

Remember the home game vs the Jets when we were a comedy or errors on special teams..blocked everything, run backs, etc. A little pay back here. Too bad Sparano was on the wrong side twice.

Guys, I dont want to hear stuff like "beat #10 so and so". To me the whole ranking thing is a complete joke, which as a nation we've accepted over tradition. Any newcomer/outsider looking at our method for determining a champion must think it's pretty ridiculous.

I took a look at the Harris, USA Today, and the computer rankings today. You get two subjective ratings and a mish mash of computer BS ..multiply it all together to get your BCS ratings.

I could not say if any of the undefeated teams are better than the other. Yes, Alabama looks very good. There is no real measure since few play anyone decent out of conference. It's based on perceived conference strenghts.

Whose to really say SEC is that superior? Texas A&M mediocre Big 12 team, is doing pretty well. Each of the 4 or 5 major conferences have their top teams, average and pathetic. SEC is no different. Maybe Alabama is dominant; but as a whole, who really knows.

Many base SEC on their recent title wins. Well, one was vs another SEC team. The other was Alabama struggling to beat UT who lost its QB early in the game. And two others were against teams that should not have been in the title game ..but the stupid BCS system put them there. ..Oklahoma and Ohio State.

Right now, BCS has Alabama, KSU, Oregon and N. Dame. Ok, Alabama won big at Michigan..not really a big deal this season with Michigan. KSU destroyed crappy Miami. N. Dame is tough to measure as an independent. Oregon played no one outside of conf, but destroys everyone they play. Louisville is ignored because Big East is not so big anymore if it ever was.

Yes, in 2 years we at least get to sort it out among the top 4 "ranked".

And pre-season rankings need to go away. Michigan is always pre-season ranked in the top 10. It's a joke.

Shadow, I need to nuke that Coulter image you pasted in our heads ...

had trouble sleeping last night, flipped thru the channels and came across Linzie Janis on Bloomberg European edition. I really weanted to try and go back to sleep, but I couldn't get myself to stop looking at her.



with that, my Coulter image is cured

Wow! Shadow. That outburst from you regarding a very respectable Greta Van Susteren and hyper-conservative Ann Coulter telegraphs your political partiality - big time. Yeah, they may be a tad homely, but their brains are in the RIGHT spot.

Speaking of skags...I would f*** the likes of Rachel Madcow or Soledad O'Brien with your d***.

mike1, you need to move to Europe, dude. You like soccer, government run trains, euro reporters, weird Polish early pop, socialized medicine, bad teeth. Am I missing anything?

btw, shadow. I'm sure you figured the "would 'NOT' f***" omission. Goes without saying.

Speaking of induced vomiting, Doctor's direction prescribe mouthing the following names repeatedly until remedy takes effect: Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell Jr., Ed Schultz...Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell Jr., Ed Schultz...Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell Jr., Ed Schultz...


Let me put it this way...I could consume four bottles of Viagra, watch three hours of Caligula and if any of these female -ahem- lefties were to bare themselves in full rabid "come trank me mode" my special purpose would shrivel and run for cover like a three-year old at fright-night at Knott's Berry Farm.

To procreate with that species would be doing humanity a huge disservice.

ann coulter is a pig; her only purpose is to rile up the frothing right wing conservative base. everything out of her mouth is a lie, period.
those that look to her as a bastion of conservative knowledge need to have their heads examined.
you want a real conservative?
read henry fairlie.. bet you loons don't even know who he is.. lol.. idiots, almost all of you..
just try not to burn any crosses on the lawns in your neighborhood after the electoral college victory next tuesday.
back to football:
dolphins are looking good; some concerns about the running game.. is bush hurt?
the team is finding ways to win, and it's a joy to watch. 4 in a row next sunday.
still frothing at the mouth in anticipation for december 2nd; that's when the rest of the league will be put on notice..

anyone else see the irony in FZB's post?
let me get this straight; the biggest newspaper in iowa endorses the republican candidate for president because of "fiscal responsibility", yet iowa ranks SECOND out of every state in the country in receiving the most farm subsidies; that's $23 BILLION over the last 16 years.
like i've been saying, it's free market capitalism for normal people, and SOCIALISM for corporations, which include corporate farms.
only in this sick, twisted country.. lol..
but at least romney is white!



the last time the Des Moines Register endorsed a republican candidate was Duke's boy (Nixon) in 1972, that right there should tell you everything you need to know.

Obi is clueless on economic issues, he is as dumb as Bush jr and Jimmy Carter, we are close to becoming another Greece, under his watch we are becoming a welfare nation, there is little incentive for the private sector to keep on growing, the bail out and Obama care are total failures, take the time to read business reports from the Wall Street journal to Forbes magazine, they all say the same thing, America is committing financial suicide if we continue with under same course, yet you and blinded liberals want to continue with this clown.

this is not about black and white or racism, its about the economy and our future, Obi has to go.

Just look at how the total number of ppl on food stamps has shot up! Obama needs to go! And I'm liberal minded on a lot of issues, but I think conservatives like Romney have a much better clue on how a business is run & what needs to happen for job growth. Obama's a good used car salesman. He's a poor leader, but he's a good politician. Obama is a capable orator, but he rarely backs it up. And he preys on the young vote & the minority vote. The young vote goes to him because uninformed kids (and that's what they are age 18-24) look at him as being the cool guy who knows what to say and goes on Letterman. And the minority vote goes to him in large part for obvious reasons. Lastly, nothing gets more annoying than the idiots who will vote for a candidate just because he is pro choice or pro gay marriage. That is state legislation. Whether or not a candidate is in favor or not in favor with those matters is beside the point. Look at the candidate and decide who will be better with fiscal matters and national security. That is what really matters.

mike1 - here's the big soccer announcement you were talking about.


OC Dolphin,

don't be jumpin' to no conclusions on my politics!!! michelle malkin is no liberal, and i enjoy her looks and what she has to say. those bulldykes like rachel maddow and the rest-donna the dwarf and others- repulse me to no end, greta is a no brainer, ann coulter looks like a meth addict wearing a ton of make-up!! all bones, no meat for her.

OC Dolphin,

ann coulter is a re-incarnation of the "grand inquisitor"- a fiery, hell-bent catholic in the image of torquemada and mel gibson. i have many catholic friends and colleagues, but as you described as "hyper conservative"- spot on- all she does is scream and shriek and plug her latest book, she and sean hannity are two birds of a feather.and neither of them is as grating and obnoxious as wolfie blitzer- a true "shonda fahr de goyim"- translated he makes jews look bad in the eyes of the gentiles.

Henry Fairlie, yeah, right. What a joke. We should all follow the conservative model of a womanizing, heavy drinking Brit, in debt to his a**, who Democrats loved. I wonder why.

shadow,, I am more partial to Malkin but also enjoy Ms Coulters rants.

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