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October 15, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 96.7%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G6: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 96.7 percent overall satisfaction -- a season high -- in the wake of Sunday's 17-14 home victory over the St. Louis Rams putting Miami's 1aa1dsmseason record at 3-3. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:30 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% l(52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

Next poll: Oct. 29 following game at N.Y. Jets (after bye)  

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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I voted very satisfied,

No one in their right mind wouldn't vote any other way, lets recap why, just before the start of the season everyone was calling for the Dolphin to win anywhere from 1-5 games for the year.

we had looked horrible on offense and defense and we where starting a rookie QB, look at the team now, the defense is coming together, our offensive line is solid and our young ,inexperience rookie QB is developing quite nicely and playing like a vet.

the future is bright guys

Steratore is a BAD official. Those were two St. Louis fumbles today. No question. And don't forget he's the one who made the terrible call in the Steelers game two years ago.

duke - third best show on television, walking dead, new season tonight on AMC. Check it out.


Hey just in case no one has noticed it but the Dolphins are in first place !!!!!

our next four games are very winnable but of course that's what our opponents will also say, I'm cautiously optimistic we can win maybe three of those games...

4 way tie in the East guys, when's the last time THAT happened??? Any of you stat geeks out there?


you haven't posted anything negative in a little while, is everything alright?

redsky, I know that the Dolphins are tied with the Bills,Pats and Jets in first place but is still a good achievement for a team that was not supposed to win many games this year.

I reckon it's been a long time redsky.

Can't believe Hartline had no catches today (somewhere Kazaam is smiling) he must have been getting doubled.

Good win makes up for the few tough OT losses.

Steratore sucks just for that Pitt game alone.

Bye week good this team (like most) is banged up right now.

Gaffney should help after bye thanks Seattle sorry Naples.

So far I like it, Packers 21, Texans 10!!!

voted very satisfied. any win, no mattter how great we looked or just barely finding a way to win ugly is GREAT.

seemed like Miami's home game refs were from St Louis. All calls went against the Fins...

I know this accomplishment will get overlooked to a great degree, but, have any of you stop to considered what Mr. Felix Baumgartner did today? Talk about massive sized gonads.

File this under first man in history to:

1. Break the sound barrier, using GRAVITY!!!
2. Highest jump-off in history: 24 miles high.
3. Nearly 10 full minutes to fall, then just walking upon landing.

Just unbelievable.


That was concoted in Hollywood just like moon landing. OC, I'm surprised at you. You should know better 'bout such things... Jimbo win was immensely satisfying. Defense keeping them out of end zone for much of the game was very satisfying. If this team is in process of sobering up & seriously believing in themselves they could make football fun again in Miami.

Come on, duke! Didn't you see him wizz D.....U......K......E as he was hitting 700 mph?

The only thing better than that would have been to see Barack jumping off...without the parachute.

Kaz I'm in Lybia at the moment but will be returning stateside soon. Will check out vid then. Glad to hear Dolphin game experience is less Circus Circusesque.

dukey, Libya!? WTF are you doing there? State Dept? CIA? Hillary's man-servant? Fuller Brush?

...man, I can see it now. Gynecological stainless steel birth table + Hillary + a frothing dukey, in Libya.

OC, Being a Anti-Christ type of guy and being a "The glass is half empty" And not a "Glass is half filled" I'll just point out the fins are also in last place..Just saying.
With that said Gotta love the last 5 games though, yeah they lost in OT two weeks in a row but they show more life then the stanking jets,Helpless Bills and the getting Old Patriots.

FZB, it's all how one interprets this voting thing. One can vote 'very satisfied' with any win, based on pre-season expectations. Or do we vote 'satisfied', because we're still not great and played like crap but still won?

I am just now seeing the stats and reading the recap. The only part of the game I got to see was the 66 yd FG miss..glad to not be part of history that way.

Just as easily as we could say the Phins could be up there with 1 loss...well, we have to subtract one for today's game.

Anti, with Baltimore losing their heart and cap (Lewis), Pitt looking ancient, GB exposing "Houston, we've got a problem." San Diego being San Diego and the Pats just a 500 team, who knows? This is certainly the weakest the AFC has looked in decades.

Dolphs could squeak into the playoffs with a 9-7.

Kaz, maybe technology is not such a good thing afterall. That show looks disgusting. You wanna laugh watch Orgasmo. Even if you've seen it before. Oh yes Big Blue just destroyed SF. A bit of a welcome surprise. Of course Seahawks game was interesting too.

OC, you do crack me up especially when you cheek your L-Dopa.

I'm looking forward to the day the Miami Dolphins just consistently masacrates the competition.

Texans down ...Falcons left. I think they'll get beaten. Just hurry it up.

Well, given that the Mayans call for "lights out" in 61 days, I doubt that the Dolphins will turn things around that quickly.

How's that for half full?

this season is about tanny and the rookies, so that being said, i voted very satisfied. highest completion % thus far for tanny, break out game for the cane vernon. team is progressing nicely, the break is needed, and um.. FZB? they're starting to get quiet, huh?
one last thing, nothing, outside a dolphins victory, makes my sunday more enjoyable than witnessing that bi%^h brady losing..

real dave,

enjoy the moment with a langer's pastrami, or a even their boffo tuna melt. your club is primed for a real chance at the postseason and who woulda thunk? you and a handul of others. tey dolphins gave a whole lot of winnable games coming up and they ust might make one of the wild cards.

we need marshall back, more continued improvement from tanny, a healthy reggie, and this could be a really special season.
i can't wait for brady to line up against OUR front 7.
as for the pastrami, they "pay" us with meal tickets on tuesday nights at canter's kibitz room; i reserve that night for that healthy jewish food.. :)
this tuesday, one of our grammy winning guitarists, (he won as an engineer on the 2 rod stewart standards records), is celebrating his birthday. if any of you locals want to come see some fun music, (not read), and meet your favorite communist, socialist, fascist, race-baiting, pro gay liberal fellow blog member, come on out.
drinks are on me.
wow, when the dolphins win even i get nice..

David In LA,

Even Kazaam is not being "negativo" anymore, this team is very young but they are showing resiliency, we still have holes but the two biggest pieces are in place , the HC and the QB.

yup, they are running out of things to say...

the Duke is in Lybia?...Careful amigo.

OC, the Moon landing and this jump by this dude Felix are fakes, it says so on the internet so it must be true, lol

I think if I recall correctly on July 1969 Richard Nixon faked the whole thing, sorry Duke, I think they even made a movie about it and the Juice was in it...I can't remember the name.

i'd say the THREE biggest pieces:
martin AND vernon? this draft is the best in years.
don't let kazam bother you; apparently he doesn't remember franchise QB's on teams that never won anything, starting with our very own dolphins, continuing on to tarkenton's vikings, fout's chargers, and most of elway's bronco's, which leads me to the point i've been making all along:
it's a 53 man roster, it's very easy to 2nd guess after the fact, and this team was in such shambles when ireland finally took over that i don't think he needs to be faulted for passing on QB's last year, HIS 1ST year. we found the best center in the league and a decent back up to reggie(when healthy).. spare me already..
shula doesn't suck because of bosa and kumerow. enough with the ireland bashing..
you guys are looking dumber by the week..
except for FZB. and ONLY when he's not talking politics. lol

real dave,

can't argue against collecting vouchers from canter's; i reember once as a youngster being outside canter's at 3 AM and seeing phil spector, nini tempo and the rest of "the wall of sound" gang leaving. i am old enough to remember the adults telling me that phil spector was running up and down fairfax avenue asking for people to loan him money as he was gonna become a big star-rich and famous: and he did after a stewardship with atlantic records in NYC. my friend lawrence's cousin was in the teddybears with phil spector (to know him is to love him") and also a member of the hollywood argyles ("alley oop"). our beloved fairfax high couldn't win a football game to save itself, but its graduates certainly left their mark in musicdom.


left you a post on bottom of previous thread. texan loss was inevitable, and green bay needed to win or their divisional hopes would have really been in trouble. is everyone in the dolphins' division 3-3?

TEHY SEEM TO at least have SOME FIGHT in them, which I like, and every team needs. Chemistry seems good too. They should open up the offense more and let the kid expand his game some and spread the offense more if they want to run effectively. Bush CAN run between the tackles but it's not his BEST way to run. Spread the defense to give him running lanes. They STILL NEED a receivers as a deep threat!

OC - I taped that and watched it, absolutely incredible, a harrowing two hour balloon ride and a brutal 30 second out of control spinning descent until he hit the atmosphere and was able to stabilize.

real david - there have been teams that didn't win it all with franchise quarterbacks but there aren't any anymore that win without one.

Parcells and Jeff Ireland share your outdated philosophy, Ireland thought he had enough in Chad Henne in 2011 and if the masses weren't calling for his head he would have been happy to roll with Matt Moore in 2012.

Even after drafting Tannehill they wanted to sit him to get meaningless wins and sell tickets to week 15 and 16 - this franchise Mr. Magooed itself into rolling the dice with the only position that can fix the franchise.

Tannehill looks good but so did Chad Henne early on, and Henne would have won games with this or the 2008 schedule too. The Dolphins played the Texans and they still play the Patriots twice and the 49ers. Early returns on Tannehill look good but there's no way to tell if he's going to work out based on what he does this year, his has no one to throw to.

duke - well if that's too violent for you maybe you should check out the second best show on television.



young mr. #17 is being given a lot of "quick hitters" (generally an old school term for runs up the gut without trap blocking) to throw, a very wise move as this keeps the defenders who would otherwise race through/around long and incognito, from getting to and damaging the extremely pleasant surprise that tannehill has been. i cannot argue with your statement that henne looked good early and that the teams played, with the exception of houston (who may lose again this week) have been mediocre. however, with a logjam in the AFC east, the divisional games are gona make or break the dolphin seasonre playoffs. with messes in KC and oakland, it is reasonable to think that SD or denver will get a playoff spot (big matchup tonight) and that the AFC "central" will produce a possibility from between pittsburgh and cincinatti (good for the dolphins who have beaten the bengals)- assuming that the ravens will win the division. the steelers are a tough bunch even with many key players hurt, and aging make this their last hurrah. 5 division encounters left, two backloaded with NE at the end of the schedule, so i am not that optimistic about the postseason quite yet.however, 3-3 going into the bye week (i believe it is) is good for the hurting but still magnificent reggie bush and good for the team. one must still consider that the dolphins are +3 in point differential, attesting to the favt that they have been in close games to date. and point differential is one of the lower-level criterion for deciding tie-breaks at season's end.

Beating Jeff Fisher feels good.

He took the wrong job and in time, he will realize it.

Our offense has some real problems though right now(yes even I can admit it).

Scoring 17 two weeks in a row is not good we need to kick it up a notch soon.

Defense mostly solid which is why we have won those games.

Shadow Buffalo is a minus 55 in point differential and they are 3-3 go figure huh?

Shadow - in the yearly predictions I submitted to OC, 'N/A'.

I don't think the wins or losses matter in the least this season, although now I would prefer them to make the playoffs at the expense of higher draft picks just to give Tannehill a taste of experience.

You can't start building a contender until you find your quarterback. Dolphins won't know about Tannehill for at least another season after this one, but they can certainly start the 'building' process as if he is the answer.

Winning covers all problems and although I've been impressed by a lot of players this season, the one big flaw to this team seems to be that the personnel still doesn't match the philosophy.

Their west coast offense has no receivers and is at it's best when they're running.

They have a run stopping defense but long term the teams they need to beat in the AFC are passing teams.

Should be interesting to see what happens in the offseason, to say the least. In the mean time, the Dolphins have one of the easiest schedules in the league and we can all enjoy meaningless wins and the all important development of Ryan Tannehill.

BTW, I figured out why Donna was never free to spread her wings and her legs and fully enjoy her alpha bull dyke status.

Her mom's still alive, I met her Saturday. Didn't look a day over 150.

Meaningless wins?


Tell me who Miami flat out couldn't beat right now in the AFC.

No one that's who.

Keep believing in your "meaningless wins" nonsense and thinking that there are actually dominant AFC teams anymore.


Any NFL team can beat any other NFL team, Colts beat the Packers. Doesn't mean the Colts have a chance at winning the Super Bowl this season.

There's a 0% chance the Dolphins could win multiple playoff games and the Super Bowl this season, they aren't contenders.

A playoff berth was the worst case scenario in the offseason, when the Dolphins were still trying to waste the entire season on David Garrard.

Now it would hurt their draft status but the first round loss would give Tannehill some valuable experience to build off of. I think that would be well worth it.

Zero percent chance did you use empirical evidence for that prediction or did you just break out your crystal ball again?

Dolphins are actually pretty good and it's killing you to admit it because you like everyone here except me, FZB and david said they would stink.

No, I said it didn't matter how many games they won and that they could very well make the playoffs and even get an upset win in the first round with Garrard or Moore at quarterback.

Hence my pre season prediction of 'N/A'.

All that matters is Ryan Tannehill's development this season, wins and losses are meaningless. The Dolphins aren't contenders.

So they could win in the first round but have zero percent chance of winning in the second round of the playoffs?

I thought you were into Science dude that thinking is quite illogical.

Yup, anyone can win a game, look at the Broncos last year. There is no chance the Dolphins could beat three contenders in a row after that and win the Super Bowl.

Giants and Cardinals at 9-7 won and made (seconds from winning) Super Bowls.

There is always a chance even though it's unlikely.


So Frodo's mother in law is still alive......

Proof positive BAD MOJO LIVES ON.....

Let's see.....

She & her mother were there (Thats BAD MOJO SQUARED) & we not only lost the game , but our Starting QB & probably the ACC coastal....Correlation ?? HHMM....

More correlation to her BAD MOJO....

Since she's been here not only have we not won SQUAT....

BUT even the baseball team who were perrenial contenders & Omaha visitors cant even make it past a friggin regional...

Sure she has made us money......b/c thats what your always spouting off about....


(then again judging by Dorsett's convenient drops & his momma is riding around in a new car....maybe it is to some people)

this is interesting, you guys remember just prior to the season that the Dolphins were rated either 31 or 32 by all the experts?...Peter king has them number 13 this week..lol


Kazaam, you say that "wins and losses are meaningless"?
how so, in addition to Tannehill's development, the team and the coaches need to learn how to win, every win counts towards that goal.

how about some props for Baby, David and myself..Like Baby said we were the only ones that said the team was not has bad as they looked in the pre season.


Not even midway thru yet........STILL ALOT OF SEASON LEFT...

But yes I will give you props so far...they have been a nice surprise from that disfuntion they showed on Hard Knox....

But I am still not running to drink the Kool Aid....


Anyone who is not overjoyed and pleasantly surprised that the Dolphins are tied for first place in their division is no Dolfan. However, let me point out that what we might have here is not so much the Dolphins rising to the occasion as much as everyone else dipping to the team's level.

NFC teams have a combined 46 wins to that of the AFC, at 40. The NFC has 7 teams over 500 vs. 3 for the AFC.

These are telling stats.

Early OC but telling indeed I have been saying since last year that the AFC is a down conference.

I can't believe you said that Miami could win 9 games this year welcome to the FZB david and me camp always room for more!

It's possible, BB. Anytime you have a top defensive rated team you're always in the game.

I said they could win 10 games with their schedule but I'm definitively not in your and FZB's camp.


you have a point there, yes I do think that the Dolphins strong showing is a combination of both our team and the other teams are not as strong as we all thought they'll be but it's still a pretty good accomplisment.

for whatever reason the AFC is wide open this year, only the Texans, Ravens and the Patriots have a shot at winning the SB and NE is up and down so I'm not sure about them anymore.

our next four games are very winnable, we can win them all or lose them all..crazy right?

Jon Vilma's playing Sunday - fight the man!

Lets now go to the politcal field and hope Romney keeps up the good fight vs Obama.

Take your punishment like a man Vilma you did the crime you should do the time.

Kazaam I didn't invite you to my camp you couldn't put up the tent or even unroll the sleeping bags anyway.


the young Canes are wearing down physically..we had a good time at the game, win or lose.

Kazaam, the NFL network was saying this morning that Ray Lewis might be out for the year, that will be a major blow to the Ravens..

Kazaam seriously you really like how this thing has played out?

Did they agree on a suspension number or is it still being debated?

Yes, Roger Goodell is a f*cknut and I'm not a racist prick who likes it when rich black athletes 'get theirs'. You should have heard Limbaugh on the Saint suspensions the other day, really a disgusting false narrative about 'thugs' and 'violent nature'.

Jon Vilma is the last person in the world Goodell should have made his scapegoat for 'player safety', he's prideful, intelligent, and he never paid anyone to injury other players.

Ray Lewis and the Ravens top CB Lardarius Webb may be done for the year. Fortunately they have a good GM and it's next man up.


Kazaam will never admit to being wrong on the team or give us props on that(David,You and me)You DO KNOW that, right?

Hey Naples, what is going on with the Pat-sies brother?..I told you that offensive line sucks and your defense sucks too.

You said they'd go 6-10.

I said they'd win anywhere between 2-10 games and could even win a playoff game but that nothing matters in 2012 but the development of Ryan Tannehill.

Who's 'right'?

I didn't know about L Webb being out, yikes !!!

Maybe we can send the Ravens R Marshall for the Ravens # 2 in next years draft..lol..I think that's a fair deal.

I know your a Ravens homer, but if you lose Suggs,Lewis and Webb for the year that defense is done, let's see if Flacco can put the team on his shoulders and win like Brady does.

I'm a Hurricanes homer, I'm completely logical about the other teams I follow.

I'm not worried about the Ravens secondary, Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith are starter quality and Chykie Brown looked fine at nickel in the preseason.

They would miss Ray Lewis' leadership but McClain and Ellerbe can fill in fine as far as their scheme goes. His communication is the biggest thing, but McClain's had the headset in the preseason and with Lewis out before. McClain can get the defense set and tackle, only thing he can't do is fire up the troops and read defenses like Lewis.

Suggs is back in November.

Vilma is as dirty as the day is long.

Greg Williams testified didn't he?

He should be suspended for some amount of time.

If he's not dirty then why didn't Payton and Williams appeal their suspensions?

Not saying that Goodell wasn't a lillte heavy handed but that Saints team had a pay to injure program in place and that is unacceptable.

FZB- All 4 east teams tied for 1st place. On the other hand, all 4 teams are also in last place. As I said in the past, its a marathon, not a sprint. Pats have lost 3 games by a total of 5 points. Bad day at the office by the OC, DC, and BB. It's not often BB gets out coached by anybody, but Sunday was not one of his better days. When you lose by 1, and you leave at least 2 FGs because the OC gets greedy, shame on the coaches. Should be a great week listening to Wrecks Ryan run his mouth now that he beat the mighty Colts. The spread is 9pts, I will be betting heavy on this game.

Naples are you enjoying NE's decline?

Belichick has had years to fix that defense and it remains quite broken.

The window has closed for Brady he's not getting near another Superbowl with that team.

Ugh, Vilma is 'dirty'?

Read you loud and clear Big Baby.

You make a good point though that game was lost by the NE coaching staff.

Hey you guys check out my new song like it it's fly right let me know what you think.


BB, with Gustavo Ayon as your center you best know that Big Baby BEST Turn It Up.

Vilma's 100% dirty and plays to injure every down. Anyone who denies this is a clown.


Poor Big Baby, he leaves a championship team in Baston and he is now in the cellar, I hope he is getting paid moe money..yikes..

Vilma's cheap shots started in college. Think it's just a coincidence he was accused of bounties at Miami too? Anyone who doesn't think he was a catalyst in the Saints bounty is in denial. And Chris Rix could've given him the De Niro line from Raging Bull after all those cheap shots: "You didn't knock me out, Ray."

No Big Baby, er, 'Laces out Dan', Vilma isn't dirty.

He plays football the way it's meant to be played.

I am not Laces Out Dan.

If you believe what you just posted then you are completely delusional.

If it was'nt for football Vilmer would be in prison, Along with Ray Lewis.....

Like I said, no one could agree with Roger Goodell's unilateral and unfair ruling unless they harbored racist feelings about black athletes 'getting theirs'.

Goodell's a d*ckhead. Ray Lewis is a better man than any of you lot.

So is that why he murdered a man?

And the race card is REALLY old. Come up with a new one you whiner. To think that Vilma didn't partake in the bounty makes you an idiot. He deserves suspension.

wow how dare u said they, ll b jail , dude i don,t know u,but i could tell u are racist.or just a f hater . plain and sample


Really......They'll win between 2-10.....that's 8 games....half the season....

You predict football like a weatherman predicts his forecast...."50-50 chance of rain tomorrow"....


Not only are the young canes wearing down, but given the game planning I do not see much hope....

D-scheme IS ATROCIOUS....& this will go down as the worst Canes D in school history...

It is still always fun going....even given the fact that this week I got into it with my wife & she ended up having to get a ride home from the stadium....She broke the cardinal sin.....She F@#KED WITH ME DURING A CANES GAME...

& yes Goodell is AN ABSOLUTE D@#KHEAD....

Probably has closet dreams of Vilma & a prison shower with a bar of soap...


I'll be there on sat rooting for the Canes no matter what, I'm hoping we can score 10 pts and hopefully we can Holden down to 45 pts..lol

Kazaam , is confirmed R Lewis is out for the year, this could be the end of a great career.

ps-Orange, easy with the Mrs, remember she's the only only that can put up with you.

there's nothing outdated about my philosophy, kaz. i just agreed with him not rushing to pick a QB last year; in the draft OR free agency, because i recognized there were many needs to this team. having a stop gap measure like moore, etc while we continued to build through the draft was the right decision, whether you agree or not.
you would have been screaming the loudest for orton, locker, or any of the others..

and please do us all a favor..
don't compare henne to tanny.
yes, at times henne would toss up 350 plus against the patriots, but then he'd look like another quarterback the next week.
tannehill has been slowly improving every week, a rarely see the same mistake from him and his completion percentage is climbing upwards.
NOW you're dragging out the strength of schedule argument?
his 1st game EVER was on he road against the best team in the AFC, (like i remember saying they'd be at the time), and he has played against 2 other top 15 defenses; BOTH ON THE ROAD.
this kid is the real deal, PERIOD.


after two or three games, many of our bloggers were going wild over the dolphins near the top of the board rushing status, but the ole shadow here stated that the inflated yardage totals were primarily due to the incredible efforts of #22. now that the dolphins could gain only 19 yards net on 18 carries, a true indication of the miami rushing game is apparent. when you have slugs like jake long (4th from the bottom in rankings of tackles when ranked on running plays), john jerry, and the bizarre looking-in-uniform and horrible lineman richie incognito (now there is an aptly named fellow- it would be better for him and the world if his identity was not revealed) on the offensive line, trouble is not brewing-it is percolating. at least fasano, pouncey, and the rookie RT don't get called for many penalties or holding and seem to be alright. it is only a matter of time until the opponents don't even bother with the runs and turn their seven and eight men loose on tannehill or start double-teaming hartline, bess, and bush simultaneously and take away the "quick-hitting" pass attack that has worked for tannnehill thus far. as Kazaam has posted, the dolphins are winning games scoring twenty points or so, which will not be good enough to go 3-2 in the divisional games left to be played. buffalo and NE can pass the incredibly bad dolphin secondary silly, and if the jets straighten out we can be looking at 1-4 or at best 3-2 in the divisional games!! the patriots are gonna wallop miami twice, buffalo has a shot at home and somewhat of a chance down here, and a recuperated jets team up there won't be a stroll in he park- it certainly wasn't down here and the jets were reeling. bye week is not gonna solve miami's running and secondary difficulties if the entire preseason didn't. a bunch of winnable games outside the division but even at 2-3 in the division, figuring the home teams to win, and the dolphins are at 10-6 and in a logjam for the last playoff spot. miami needs SD to beat denver tonight, or else there will be two more 3-3 teams for the dolphins to worry about. gonna be interesting from here till the end, fer darn sure.

Ray Lewis didn't murder anyone and Jon Vilma isn't a dirty player. These 'big hit pools' that originated with the George Allen Redskins and have existed in football ever since don't make the players that have participated 'dirty'.

Dirty play makes a player dirty, Jon Vilma isn't that. Richie Incognito is dirty.

Orange Bowl 4Ever - the point of that 'prediction' was that the Dolphins could win any number of games but none of it would matter if they wasted the entire season on David Garrard, which they wanted to do.

real david - your, Parcells, and Ireland's philosophy is outdated because you all think NFL teams can be successful with a stopgap QB.

The assumption with Ireland being 'smart' by waiting on a QB is that he can judge which college quarterbacks will be good NFL pros (which history has shown no GM can do) and that he was wrong, because Andy Dalton is a great quarterback.

Ireland made the safest pick in the history of the NFL instead of trying to fix the franchise, period. He could be irrelevant now if Tannehill works out, but that doesn't mean he's a good GM, he has an outdated philosophy that's not conducive to success in today's NFL.

I'm just glad that the noise for him to be fired was loud enough that he was forced to draft a quarterback and that David Garrard blew out his knee, forcing the coaches to play Tannehill.

Tannehill looks good, but he has several more leaps to make before he's 'the answer' here.

FZB your everyplace man! Cuban should post here and forget the other blog.

Check the QB rankings in the NFL. RGIII, you remember, the QB I wanted the Dolphins to trade for, is the #3 ranked QB in the NFL. 100.5 rating with a +70% completion rate. Andrew Luck is the #30 rated QB with a 53% completion rate. Ryan Tannehill is #27 with almost a 60% completion rate.

Redskins got the best QB in the 2012 class, but I'm not sure yet whether we got the second best. Tannehill is looking like he might be a star.

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