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October 28, 2012

G7: Dolphins 30, @ Stinkin' Jets 9 (Final): Hot Miami improves to 4-3 as special-teams, defense swamp NYJ

1aa1pink[1) It is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28. They'll use pink penalty flags in today's Dolphins-Jets game in honor of breast-cancer awareness month. DON'T GET ME STARTED! 2) You may still vote in our Heat LeBron vs. D-Wade popularity poll in post directly below this. 3) Join our Live Blog Q&A/Chat Monday 1-2 p.m. 4) Check out our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote (been on hiatus, new vids coming soon) and join us on Twitter@gregcote]

Will Heat surpass Dolphins as South Florida's biggest team?: I explore that question in this column in today's Heat/NBA special preview section. Some say it has happened already. It has not. But could. 

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: New poll today at 4:45 p.m!: We'll have the latest DSM poll in a separate blogpost today beginning at 4:45 p.m. sharp.

G7: DOLPHINS @ STINKIN' JETS: Final: Dolphins now 4-3 with a third straight win -- an enormously impressive road domination of a division rival. Special-teams and defense carry the day, with such a performance following a bye week also speaking well of Joe Philbin and his staff. Modest output offensively, but Matt Moore an efficient 11-for-19 for 131 yards and a TD in relief of injured Ryan Tannehill, whose quad/knee injury does not appear serious. The thought occured in the second half that Miami's backup, Moore, is better than Mark Sanchez (not to mention Tim Tebow). ..... 4Q: Miami 30-9 on Carpenter 42-yard FG. ... Chaz Schilens 5-yard scoring pass from Sanchez has Jets within 27-9 after missed two-point conversion pass. Way too little, too late. And shocking lack of urgency by NYJ offense. ..... 3Q: Chris Clemons INT for Miami as Jets fan boo Sanchez, call for Tebow (like that'll help!). ... Reggie Bush fumble loss. ... Moore 4-yard TD pass to TE Anhtony Fasano makes it 27-3, and the Dolphins are flat-out embarrassing the Jets. ... NYJ within 20-3 on Nick Folk 38-yard kick. ..... Half: I have never seen a better half of football by a Dolphins special-team unit. Never, ever. What a thorough domination by Miami. Tannehill's injury the only negative, but luckily it does not appears serious. ..... 2Q: Olivier Vernon blocked FG in final minute! Miami special teams continue to dominate. ... Miami 20-0 after 39-yard FG. Seems at this point Tannehill (quad/knee) won't return, although still don't think it seems serious. ... Daniel Thomas dives in from 3 for 17-0 Dolphins lead after Jets turnover. ..... 1Q: Turnover has Miami knocking on door as quarter ends. Dolphins domination in 1Q! ... Nolan Carroll blitz = Mark Sanchez fumble = Paul Soliai recovery. ... Miami 10-0 after Oliver Vernon TD off Jimmy Wilson blocked punt. ... That looked like pass interference to me. Official had his hand on flag but didn't have the spheroids to call it. ... Matt Moore in at QB for Miami but seems temporary. Tannehill on stationary bike on sideline and seems OK. ... Fins make nothing of onside kick. Ryan Tannehill limping after sack. (I called a trick play, said onside kick or fake punt, on the 790 pregame show). ... Miami 3-0 on Dan Carpenter 33-yard FG, then Dolphins recover onside kick! Early "hot sauce" with tension between Reggie Bush, Antonio Cromartie. ... Let's go! ..... Original post: Miami on a two-game win streak and coming off a bye, but a narrow 1aa1doljetunderdog today in the Joisey swamp. I think that's with reason, I'm afraid, although in this case I'd happily trade being wrong for the sight of Rex Ryan slumping dejectedly off the field after having the cocky knocked out of him. It's been a week of childish yet entertaining jawing back and forth between these heated, hated rivals but emotion won't turn this result. Miami will need to get Reggie Bush and that once-powerful running game going again to take pressure off Ryan Tannehill as the rookie tastes his first division roadie. NYJ will try to make it very tough on Tannehill and seems to have the blitz package and the secondary to do that. It is why I'm going with the home team in what I think will be a defensive, points-shy struggle. Again, though, I am never more receptive to being wrong than when I pick this team to win. Trust me on that. Miami's run defense also will be tested, because Planes ground game has been very good the past two weeks. When Mark Sanchez is your QB, you eventually figure out you need that. My pick: Jets, 19-16.

Note: I'll be on 790 The Ticket's pregame show talking Dolphins-Jets today from 10 a.m. 'til about 11:30, then right back here at kickoff for a live in-game Boutique Blog (patent pending). You are invited.


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Cote keeps writing the same article over and over again - 'will the Heat pass the Dolphins as the biggest team in south Florida???'

It's a dumb premise, this will never be a 'basketball town' and truth be told it never was a 'football town'. Pittsburgh is a 'football town'. Green Bay is a 'football town'.

Miami is a city where garbage bandwagon fans will pack your arena or stadium when you're winning championships and stay home when you're not. Always been that way, always will be.

Jets lost their best player for the year and their top wideout, Dolphins haven't had any injuries this season and are coming off a bye.

I don't like to use the phrase 'must-win' until it's mathematically the case but this is pretty close. Dolphins should handle the Jets today, the Jets suck at tackle football.

WIndy day in NJ - Game goes to who runs the ball the best - FINS win!


Yes and No.

This is not a sports town. In the sense that No franchise has been here for over 30 years. Except the fins! So to build up a hardcore fan base spanning Multiple generations is Difficult. Specially in Basketball and Baseball.

And This is a Football City! Or Cities! Dashi likes to think we are a Tri-County Area! SFLA! Not Just Miami!

We do have 3 major college football programs in a 30 mile radius!

(Division 1 is Major)

We do have one thing for certain. Miami is a City, Not a Town!

Dashi likes to say we give Vegas a Run for it's money as Sin City! Vegas is all hype! U want real debauchery! Come to Miami! I've been in love with this city since I came here as a kid.

I've lived in a Town (Daytona), and city (NYC). Growing Up.

Miami is no Town! Miami is Magic City!

Our guys must be alert, as the eventual rain could cause some fumbles. We seem to at times be a bit slow to react, though lately we're improved there.
Keller has to be check within that 5 yard zone.
Pass rush crucial, as Sanchez is easily rattled. Hartline has to be involved.
Officials need to watch the hold/grab technique of Cromartie.

RUN game's gotta get back to where we were earlier.

Win this game, we can help get rex fired, and maybe hired at UM as new DC!! (said only PARTIALLY in "jest.")

Go Fins, enjoy the game everyone.

While I'm at it, thoughts out there to those bracing for this storm.
Be safe.

Tannehill out with a quad and left knee injury, return is questionable..I would not mess around with this kid, he is too valuable..

Moore seems to be doing OK so far and our defense is strong...Let's go Dolphins !!!!

Baby and anyone up in the NE of the country, stay safe.


fatso ryan sealed his and his team's fate when they hired old "at the end of the day" sporano. at the end of the day, based on what is happening so far, sporano and/or ryan will be gone. sanchez is still lousy and all these special teams disasters- is mike westhoff still there? if so, he has been affected by the total lousiness of the lousy, stinkin' jets. too bad- westhoff is a great guy and coach that the dolphins never should have let go.


two first downs and less than 40 yards in a quarter plus- bye, bye coach and OC, umless the jets owner is a glutton for punishment. they are really pathetic on offense- not even getting any of sporano's beloved FGs!!!

If Tannehill is going back in he needs to go back in now. Otherwise sit him for the rest of the day and get him into the training room, his leg is going to tighten up just limping around on the sideline, it's not helping anything.

Moore can win this game. Cleo Lemon could win this game, Jets suck.


didn't think this good, but all who gave it the knee-jerk reaction of "he can't be anything if he had to pay in canada" didn't consider, as the ole shadow did, that he got his numbers up there with one less down, a larger field for QBs to escape in, and the quick poassing that the CFL has with receivers running towards the line of scrimmage before the snap.


is this touch football? not even close to getting tackled and the ref decides to keep trhe jets in the game-HORRID CALL!!


i don't care how much money they make; jay cutler will be a walking zombie by the time he is 35. the ole shadow, still remembering the dismemberment of cutler by the giants two seasons ago, will not watch any bear games and will avoid thew sight of jay cutler playing his way into early dementia and, needless to say, his death. you guys can tell me whatever you want about how it is his choice to play, but basically at this rate he is committing suicide on a game-by-game basis.

Arizona was interested in Moore ahead of the deadline, after today's game the Dolphins should trade him if they can get a 4th rounder for him.

So far so good..

Kaz...Normally I would agree with you about trading Moore but not if Tannehill is going to be out with an injury, we need him now.

The Jets offense is terrible, Sanchez has no help out there.


"sanchez has no help out there"? the talent/non-talent around him isn't the problem- HE IS!!! the ole shadow told all that he was overrated from the get-go, and was picked so high because of one good game against penn state in the rose bowl. sanchez, to put it mildly, is m**rda!!!!

"...and they called him 'MARK FRANCHISE'" once upon a time!!!!

he is spiralling downward quickly and the jets will draft a QB five years aftyer they "had their man"!! hardee,har,har!!!!!

how bad can he be if the fans want tebow, who can't do anything as a professional. they got what we call "tsuris"!!

Heellllpppp meeeee.....
I've fallen and I can't get upppp.....

WOW! I was having ah "personal problems" so I forgot about game entirely and I'm still in Labia... Apparently Tannehill & Co. doesn't scare easy. Very nicely done is an understatement gentlemen.

and Mr. 007 Moore.

dukey, is that near libya?

Obviously, it would be suicide to get rid of Fin's Earl Morrall for any price.

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