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October 14, 2012

G6: Dolphins 17, St. Louis 14: A day for past and future as club honors Taylor/Thomas and Tannehill leads team to .500

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G6: ST. LOUIS @ DOLPHINS: [Click on Handoff: Past to Present for my column off Sunday's game. And thanks for making it the mos-read column at MiamiHerald.com today] Final: Big, big win by Miami, with solid play from QB Ryan Tannehill, topping a 100 passer rating with two TDs. Weird game. Miami had negligible running game and gave up a lot of yards on defense but somehow won. Two straight and .500. Things looking up as Miami heads into bye week and then at Jets. ..... 4Q: Huge sack by ex-Cane Vernon (his second) forces 66-yard Rams FG try as time expires. Would have shattered league record. But no! ... Dolphins huge first down on faked punt and 3-yard run by Chris Clemons to keep possession with 3:22 left. Ballsy call by Miami. ... Rams within 18-14 on short TD and 2-point conversion pass. ... Miami one quarter from climbing up to .500 with a second straight win. ..... 3Q: Jason Trusnik recovers Rams apparent fumble after catch, but ruled incomplete upon review. ... Rams fumble loss overturned on review. ... Miami up 17-6 on 1-yard TD pass from Tannehill to Anthony Fasano. ..... Half: A well-deserved Honor Roll induction for Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. "Now let's go win the second half!" exhorted Zach. ... Nervous lead. Tannehill sharp at 11-for-15 for 108 yards with a TD, but Miami will need to run the ball much better (and more often) in second half. Dolphins winning with four yards rushing. Amazing. ..... 2Q: Break for Miami as Rams blow 37-yard FG try in final seconds. ... Dan Carpenter 42-yard FG for 10-6 MIA lead, capitalizing on STL turnover. ... Marcus Thigpen recovers STL kick-return fumble forced by Jimmy Wilson to set up MIA at Lous 25. ... Ryan Tannehill hits a wide open Marlon Moore for 29-yard TD and 7-6 Miami lead. Yes, that Vernon sack apparently did provide a needed spark! ... Lous miss 52-yard FG try after an 8-yard sack by ex-Cane Olivier Vernon. The spark Miami needed? ... Rams dominance has turned this crowd too close to silent. ... MIA offensive line struggling mightily with Rams pass rush, as Jake Long hold nullfied first down. ..... 1Q: Rams dominate first quarter, leading in total yards by 159 -- 109 on two plays -- to 32. Dolphins lucky to only be trailing by six. ... Jake Long having a tough time with Chris Long. ... STL now up 6-0 on 32-yard kick. Miami defense gives up another big play, this a 65-yard pass to the 11. ... Rams 3-0 on opening drive 48-yard FG. Dolphs gave up a 44-yard run to Daryl Richardson but later forced the kick after a Cam Wake sack. ..... Pregame: hard feelings: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and Rams coach Jeff Fisher chatting amiably on field before game. ... RB Daniel Thomas, CB Richard Marshall and WR Jabar Gaffney are today's notable inactives. ..... Original post: Miami shook off consecutive heartbreak overtime losses with last week's big road win in Cincy, now its time to build on that momentum and restake a little claim to home-field

1aa1jtzachadvantage in a very winnable game that would get the Dolphins level at .500. It'll be a special day when the franchise's past and future intersect in the present. The past, of course: All-time great defenders Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas being added to the club's stadium Honor Roll. It will be emotional because they were (and are) such huge fan favorites, and close enough to their careers to have a connection to fans that most of those great '70s players do not. A question for you: Other than obvious choice Dan Marino, what Dolphins are/have been more popular than JT/Zach? I suspect it's a short list but I'd welcome your nominess. (Larry Csonka, maybe?) While today is an homage to the past, the club's future is embodied by rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who has impressed enough to make Dolfans as optimistic as they have been in a long time. Turning to today's game, I think the present-day Dolphins will treat honorees JT and Zach to a victory. And, appropriately enough, I think it'll be Miami's defense leading that win. I see a very stout run-D limiting the Rams' Steven Jackson, and QB Sam Bradford doesn't have a lot of weapons after that. I'm sure St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher does not regret his decision to say no to the Miami job, but maybe this game (and Tannehill outperforming Bradford) will give him a little something to think about. My Pick: Dolphins, 19-13.


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Rams 21 Fins 20,,,,

picked Miami to lose last week and they won so I'm sticking to a trend.

Well sports fans its Dolphin Day with opportunity for Miami to become relevant again if only for a moment. Anti-Christ I thought Stones sounded great on get yer ya yss out and that was live.

Love idea of Zach and JT getting in ring of honor. They're certainly worthy. Also an example of Jimmy Johnnsons keen eye for talent.


left a post on the previous thread regarding "i am waiting" and more stones' stuff. i didn't notice that i had been signed out, so "paint it black" applies to my moniker; however i am back in the blue!!

Mr. Cote, Larry Csonka IS Mr Dolphin. Far more than Danny Marino. Csonka represents power, heart of a champion, unselfishness, excellence. Virtually all first stringers & Earl the Pearl Morrall from old Dolphin team are still supremely relevant for there accomplishments. This despite living on in our minds instead of currently on the field. They were embodiment of EXCELLENCE.


this will be the ultimate recognition of zach thomas; jason taylor to me is a longshot for canton- all that team hopping at the end was dizzying. a nice football player and articulate, but not HOF material in my opinion, which i am sure belongs to a distinct minority on this blogsite.


i defer to you on #99- is he canton, ohio worthy or is he gonna be make yet another comeback and be playing in NFL china and finish his career in the other canton? please advise

Yes, I agree shadow. Tough to get into Canton. Just ask Bob Kuchenberg.

Buenos diaz muchachos..

its only fitting that Zack and jason go into the honor ring together.

Yankees lost last night's game and Jeter to injury, personally I feel bad for Jeter but fack the Yankees.

The Stones are a really good band, not on my fav top 5 all time but close..

Jimbo, I like your thinking, sort of reverse vodoo spell but I think we win today.

Duke, I agree 1000% on the greatest Dolphin, Zonk was the man, still to this day the only RB to get a penalty for roughing the defense..


finally, my prediction.

Dolphins 27 Rams 14

FZB, I was going to include that exact youtube video in my post but I was to lazy to do it. Thanks guy. Zonk. That video pretty much says it all.

Dolphins 24 Rams -10

Is it my imagination or has Alfred E Nueman finally decided to receed quietly in the backround and glitz & glamour, Studio 54 atmosphere surrounding Dolphin FOOTBALL TEAM has died down?

Boss Ross & co-owners consider this. Sometimes less is more.

Shadow - Jason Taylor is a sure fire Hall of Famer and would be a first ballot guy most years. The only way he's going to have to wait to be inducted is if he keeps going up against other 100+ sack candidates and the votes get split.

Say what you will about the selection process or about players changing teams but there's no chance Jason Taylor doesn't make the Hall of Fame.

Rams suck hard, Dolphins should come away with the 'W' today!

duke - to his credit Boss Ross did listen to the fans and the gameday experience is improving.

No more orange carpet, fewer shots to the nightclub, less 'fins up' from pseudocelebrities, and they play the Dolphins fight song after scores as long as the Dolphins are winning (unfortunately making the Buffett song all that more depressing).

Just pulling in to the stadium, crowd looks sparse early.

JT is a lock for the Hall Of Fame based on sack numbers alone.

ZT's numbers are very close but he probably won't get in.

A championship may have changed that but Zach and Ray Lewis were the best linebackers in the NFL for almost a decade.

Note to Tracy Howard... U can transfer to Florida, be on the winning team after the Gators beat down dUh U next year and be a 3rd. string DB redshirt Soph in 2014...

Did not hold out much hope for this crew (5 - 11 prediction) but I think they may be on the verge of a good run. If Miami can beat St Louis today their next four games are all good opportunities for wins. The Jets, Colts, Titans and Bills are collectively 8 - 12. I think we're better than all four. How pumped will we be Thursday November 15th if we go to bed with the Dolphins sitting at 7 - 3. It could happen.


costing a first down and giving the ball back to the rams, and incognito who looks like a paraplegic in his uniform, which doesn't fit even nearly well, adds another. as i have been saying, jake long stinks and there shouldn't even be a question of bringing him back at megabucks. TOLD YOU BOYS SO WAY BACK!!!


couldhave deferred to you as well. yours is a respected opiniuon by the shadow, so e have one pro canton, me sitting on the fence, and waiting to hear from mike1.

I was suggesting we trade Jake Long last year to secure the Rams first pick. Long sucks. And just think, Jeff Ireland was part of the management team that chose Long over Matt Ryan. Unffingbelievable. But it might work out for us. Tannehill looks like he might be the real deal. At least I hope so.

TD Dolphins. A season to enjoy even if we don't win. What a nice change. We have hope again.

Nicely done first half Dolphins. Giving up big plays just part of the learning process.

FZB if Dolphin management just remembers they are a FOOTBALL TEAM not a TV show I may just believe in Ireland.

Would love to see running game wake up and start to brutalize Rams.

Wow where are the replacement refs when you need them. This crew sucks.

reggie bush is the sh*t.

Very nice win for young Dolphins. Ok I get it enough with the negative waves already.

Tom & shadow,,, agree with you on Long. Contract? Long Gone
Dolphins were generally out played today. Rams made some nice big runs & passes against a good team. The game I watched seemed uninspired. But,,,, Miami wins, goes 3-3 into their bye. Bye week should be a blessing to a team that is banged up. Bush, Marshall, Thomas, Burnett & others are injured.

Olivier Vernon & Jared Odrick played a great game. Soliai & Starks continue to disrupt the middle at times. STL had too many opportunities to win today. Give someone like the Pats todays effort & you'll lose by 30.

memo to Jeff Fisher:

When it came time to chose Miami or St Louis,,, you claimed the 2 biggest edges Rams have is QB & draft pics/draft position. How's that QB thing working for you Jeff? Tannehill has a better feel of the game in front of him (6 NFL starts) then Bradford (who throws a beautiful deep pass-damn nice).
Where would you rather work & live? Miami or St Louis?
Don't tell me Ross wasn't offering enough $ & perks.

how ya doing my brother from a different mother? have you been able to watch all the Fins games this yr?

I'm getting concerned about the lack of a consistant run game the last 2 weeks. The blocking has dropped off & Reggie is dancing with the stars out there....

Maybe it's time to start Lamar Miller (learn the playbook rookie!) and put Clay or Thomas in at FB. Do this for a game, rest Bush an additional week.

Jimbo, Running game must become awake and intent on running the ball down opponents throats period. Still glitz fading into backround and team coming to foreground is as it should be.


at least you said that Jeff Ireland was part of the management team that took M Ryan over Long instead of just blaming the guy, its a start,I'll take it.

Jimbo, I agree with you on Tannehill, another very solid game for him, I think Fisher made the wrong decision but I also think our rookie coach is also pretty good.

Vernon had a terrific game today, another Ireland bust that is contributing, can you guys imagine if we can win our next four games !!!

agree with you guys on Long, I would not play the guy 10-12 mil per year, let him walk.

Duke, I truly believe that Ireland is the right man for the job but I'm also not blind to the fact that he may not be, I always said he needs four years going solo to prove himself and so far so good but the jury is still out.

Ireland is a turd in the punch bowl.

Miami's schedule is very favorable the next month. It is not inconceivable that we will e 7-3 by mid-November. Watching the Fish is fun again.

FZB I think England in his/her post at 4:45pm overestimated the good qualities of Jeff Ireland. Just saying......

Unthinkable. After six games the Dolphins are tied for first place in the division. Then again, so is everyone else, but still...

OC, Being a Anti-Christ type of guy and being a "The glass is half empty" And not a "Glass is half filled" I'll just point out the fins are also in last place..Just saying.
With that said Gotta love the last 5 games though, yeah they lost in OT two weeks in a row but they show more life then the stanking jets,Helpless Bills and the getting Old Patriots.

Shadow, that was funny. The Canton bit.


glad you enjoyed- but stillneed your view on JT going to the domestic canton. this team would be airsucking if not for the superhuman efforts of reggie bush- although he didn't score the TD, anothet incredible weaving run got miamni to the goal line. a great player, a great teammate, and a great guy- by all accounts. they don't make em as exciting as #22 very often. he'd have major yardage if he didn;t have an offensive line that allows swarms of defenders in the backfield every other time he gets a handoff; he may not lead the league in rushing, but he leads the league in abiity and more imposrtantly heart.

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