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October 06, 2012

G6: Notre Dame 41, Hurricanes 3 (Final): Irish level UM with a most humbling defeat; plus Gators beat LSU, Noles lose stunner, FIU & more

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G6: NOTRE DAME 41, HURRICANES 3 AT SOLDIER FIELD: Final: Embarrassing. Humbling. Stunning? You don't lose 41-3 wihtout all of that being in play. Miami killed itself with early mistakes and then got buried all over the field by Notre Dame. The Irish defense dominated what had been an explosive Canes attack. And Miami's problematic defense got run over for 379 ground yards. A thorough whipping. ..... Second half: Irish just scored again. I'm getting to tired to keep track. I can't count that high. ... George Atkinson's 55-yard TD run in final minjute of quarter makes it a 34-3 burial. ... Wood's 3-yard TD run makes it 27-3. Mistakes killed Miami in the beginning. Lately it's just Notre Dame overpowering UM's defense. ... Dames up 20-3 as Cierre Wood 2-yard TD follows his 37-yard run. UM needs TD drive now or hopes will start fading to black. ..... Half: Early mistakes have proved very costly for Hurricanes, but credit Notre Dame's defense, too. Miami has only 171 yards in total offense. ..... 2Q: Canes catch a break when Irish miss a 34-yard FG try on half's final play. ... Wieclaw with a particularly ugly 47-yard FG miss with 1:02 left in half. ... now up 13-3 on 32-yard kick. Canes need offense pronto. ... Dames add 22-yard FG for 10-3 lead. ..... 1Q: Canes within 7-3 on Jake Wieclaw 28-yard kick, after holding penalty nullified Stephen Morris 13-yard TD run. First 1Q points given up by ND all season. UM its own worst enemy so far. ... N-Dame up 7-0 on Theo Riddick 1-yard scoring run on drive kept alive by roughing-punter penalty and helped along by a personal foul. ... Roughing the punter penalty gives Notre Dame new life. Canes killing themselves early. ... Phillip Dorsett drops what should have been a 72-yard TD pass and later drops a perfect pass in the end zone, both on first series of game. Nerves? Weather? (44 degrees at kickoff). ..... Original post: Once upon a distant time they called this game "Catholics vs. Convicts." Now 1aa1canes1they're calling it the "Shamrock Series." What I'm calling it is UM's big chance to prove to the doubters that this team is for real. There are seven Top 25 teams with a loss, and four of them have fewer wins than Miami's four. So why is UM not a ranked team entering this signature game vs. No. 9 Notre Dame at Soldier Field? Because that proof is lacking. It isn't a conspiracy. Isn't an anti-Cane thing. The haters have not infiltrated the polls (that we know of). There are two reasons: 1) That 52-13 spanking at Kansas State lingers. Poll-worthy teams are not supposed to lose like that. 2) Setting aside the easy win over Bethune-Cookman, UM's three wins over like-sized teams all have had a frantic quality to them. Miami trailed Boston College 14-0 and trailed into the mid-third quarter before rallying. The Canes dug a 36-19 hole against Georgia Tech before that improbable comeback. Then they trailed early and got tied late against North Carolina State before winning on a long TD bomb with 19 seconds left. Poll voters have cause to wonder how good UM really is. So now comes the game -- Notre Dame -- to answer all of those doubts. To confirm them or swat them away. An upset victory at Soldier Field and the Canes will blast into the Top 25, perhaps way up close to the middle of it. Because voters won't have any choice. My pick was: Miami, 31-27.

Other Collball Week 6 featured state FBS games, in order:

Arkansas State 34, FIU 20: Disappointing Panthers, preseason Sun Belt favorites, fell to 1-5 with a conference home loss Thursday night. Tough to win with your starting QB and best runner both out injured, but where's that Mario Cristobal magic? My pick was: Arkansas State (no score), as per Herald's Pigskin Challenge.

No. 10 Florida 14, No. 4 LSU 6: Game of the Week to The Swamp. Especially afterward. A rare college defensive battle found Gators rallying behind strong D and workhorse Mike Gillislee leading ball-control offense. I felt like I had been underestimating the Gators all season. Alas, I continued with this prediction. My pick was: LSU, 24-20.

North Carolina State 17, No. 3 FSU 16: Stunna! Noles were thinking BCS national championship and didn't think they'd slip against a Wolfpack defense that just gave up 44 points and about 7,000 passing yards to Miami. A real shocker. My pick was: FSU, 47-23.

My record: This week, 1-3 (ouch). Season, 22-6.

Other state FBS games: UCF def. East Carolina, 40-20, on Thursday; Temple def. South Florida, 37-28, on Saturday. FAU had a bye.

National Game of the Week: What a week! Honors to No. 4 LSU @ No. 10 Florida (see above), but very honorable mentions to 6-South Carolina def. 5-Georgia, 35-7; and 8-West Virginia def. 11-Texas, 48-45. Hope those Longhorn DBs are ready for the Magic Geno.

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ND 27 Miami 23

Well the game is about tostart and Notre Dame just anounced that they are Sterting quartback Rees, very interesting to see how that team responds...

Miami 403 ND 6

Woodcock , how many Harvey Wallbangers would it take for you to make sweet, passionate osscified love to Donna Shalala? Just curious...

Ok Woodcock, you are freshly out of San Quentin after a 6 years stint and your throbbing purple headed warrior, handful of Viagra & case of Colt 45 on a empty stomach is grossly impairing your perception. Its almost closing time at your favorite watering hole and two clearly available women are yours for the taking namely Donna Shalala & Madeleine Albright. Which of the lucky ladies is going back to your place for a night of shagging till your nutsack is on empty? Just curious...


Jimbo I had the most beautiful pic of an 88 highlighted out of a Tiger II turret I tried to post but unfortunately it didn't pan out.


morris shorthops open receivers, open receivers dropping one pass after another. canes ought to be much closer if not ahead. they are showing that their defense is porous, and that adjective is a generous one. still stated i would take UN and 14 points, so currently it satnds UM 17, ND 13 with an irish FG looming.

Is Wieclaw related to Carpenter? Neither one can buy a FG!


UM's dropping of passes has let ND control the game and slice and dice the cane defense at will, both running and passing. UM as many of the bloggers have declared cannot stop anybody and will need some big plays, of which UM is capable, from its offense if they are gonna stop the irish, who are no geat guns on offense, from obliterating them. the two dropped passes by philip dorsett early in the contest were game-changing. ,r. duke johnson better get it going soon or it will be ND 403, UM 6, to the consternation of R. Duke and the ole shadow who thought 14 was a good number to take with the canes. #4 catches those passes and 14 points plusUM is a slam dunk.


this has been a giveaway by the canes- drops by #4 twice, #84, and even the dynamic #8. those passes caught and some underthrown balls to open receivers and UM is not only in the game, they'd be ahead. UNREAL!!!!!!

Sad shadow, ND is not that good, Miami is making them look good. Our D has been on the field too long, we can't stop the run. Can't cause a turnover. Etc.

Penalty after costly penalty, ridiculous.

Next game DNO Please get the players so KY!!!

if the U no longer cares about football why not drop it !! stop wasting our money and time.. Im not supporting them anymore!!!

Disgusting, disappointing Canes! I've seen enough.


agreed that ND is not that good, but if they don't even bother passing the rock and still score lightning fast TDs; now #1 drops a pass. this would be a completely different game. i guess that UM's passcatchers can't catch spirals and need the ball to be tipped in order for them to catch it. meanwhile a huge surprise to me that the other USC is mauling georgia and that aaron murray id havin a horrible game. inbto the top ten will go the gators and probably the buckeyes, who look like the best team in the big formerly ten. out will go the bulldogs of georgia and west va if texas beats them, which they were doing at last glance. this is worse than the 30-3 sun bowl between the irish and canes; that game was decided early by j harris throwing 4 INTs at the game's outset; this was close at the half and ND has gone wild w/o throwing a pass- imbelievable.only suspense left is if UM can finish within 14.


3rd and one and you line up the smallish mr. duke johnson eight yards deep as a tailback in the I formation? make him run seven yards to get to the scrimmage line? no QB keeper? no mike james? i love #8 but power running is not his thing. BIZARRE!!!!!!!

D'Onofrio has got to go. This is the worst defensive coordinator in college football. I've never seen more players out of position and clueless in the backfield. Please Golden get rid of this bum before he costs you your job.

ND just dominated Miami. Even Rudy somebody #33 is running rough shod all over the U. I am extremely impressed with ND's blocking TE's #85 & 80 have created creases and sealed off the ends to give ND RBs room. #85 has owned U's LB #44 with crushing blocks, driving him 5-10 yds downfield or on his butt every time.

Defense is bad...Top to bottom we have nothing on that side of the ball. I have never seen worse defensive tackles...No strength.

We have no safety. We play off and then miss tackles. We can't catch.

I have no idea where to start or what coach sucks..I just know we need new blood on the defensive side of the ball and that would include a couple stud defensive tackles and a stud safety.

I emailed Cote and attached 2 photos to put on here,,, one of those "who's baby is this?" picures to vote on which regular blogger it could be.. Both were from when I was in Europe Sept 09. One pic had me chugging a large mug of beer at Munich's Oktoberfest & the other was me standing in front of & directly underneath its 88mm muzzle, King Tiger at the Deutches Musuem in Munster Germany. Was disappointed they were forgot about. Got to tell ya, seeing the Mark II's, III's & 4's were ok but the King Tiger & Panthers were awesome. Same with the Stug's & other turrentless assault vehicles.

bad game by an overwhelmed team. Golden has just started to get the program turned around. IMO, he's going to be pretty good, fans got to give him a little time.

LOL! Canes can beat teams, as long as they aren't good or TOP 25 teams. SNICKER!

Ya'll talking smack about mah GATORS in the preseason, I told ya'll we have the last laugh.

State powers NO LONGER include UM, and will NEVER AGAIN include UM. Ya'll well always be 6-6, 7-5, 8-4... but ya'll never repeat your dynasty from the past. YA'LL too small, ya hurd? Keep playing Bethune Cookman, FAMU, and now FAU (ya'll even too scurred to play FIU).



All is well in TITLETOWN !!!

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