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October 17, 2012

A-Rod to Marlins talk: Exciting? Ridiculous? Poll. Vote!; plus NFL predix, LeBron is Marvel-ous, Yanks are out, our shaky Super Bowl shot & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19. Dammit! I've misplaced my binder full of women! 2) You may still vote in our who's-next-on-Dolphins-Honor-Roll poll in blogpost directly below this new one. 3) Visit our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote and join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Dorsey leads UM Hall inductees: Hurricanes announced seven 2013 inductees to UM Sports Hall of Fame, led by 1999-'02 champion QB Ken Dorsey. Others alphabetically: Ed Contreras (baseball, 1957-59); Bryan Gillooly (diving, 1994-98); Norm Parsons (golf coach, 1972-'12); Brett Romberg (football, 1999-'02); Don Soldinger (football assistant, 1984-88 & '95-'05); and Jay Tessmer (baseball, 1994-95).

A-ROD TO MARLINS? HEY, STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. WELL, OK, MAYBE NOT: This first floated as an unnamed-source report on MLB.com this week, and ESPNNewYork.com seemed to lend it 1aa1arodsome credence. It grew from a supposed jocular chat between club presidents Jeffrey Loria and Randy Levine in which Loria said, "Alex is Mr. Miami. It would be great if he played here for us." And the Yanks prez supposedly cracked, "You can have him." Well, now there are reports of possible "serious trade talks in the offseason," and that A-Rod supposedly would welcome ending his career here. Predictably both teams have tried to quash the rumor. We'll see. But it's out there. Two overriding starting points: 1) A-Rod, at 37, is fast seeming like a has-been. His numbers have declined sharply for two years now, not just in the current postseason that finds him 3-for-28 and sporadically benched. He is 0-for-18 with 12 strikeouts against righthanders, which is problematic only in that most pitchers are righthanders. 2) He has five years and $114 million left on his contract. If you're the Marlins you don't 1aa1arod1even entertain the possibility of a trade unless the talks start with NYY's willingness to eat all or most of that remaining deal and make it fiscally reasonable for Miami. The good side of this is that A-Rod plays third, a position of need, and that as a Miami guy -- Westminster Christian High, big donor to UM -- who happens to have 647 career homers, he would put fans in seats even in his career winter. The other good side is that if the Yanks are eager sellers, they'd likely accomodate the Marlins' strong desire to dump Heath Bell. So here is the question. Assuming the money stuff could be made to work, should Miami pursue getting Rodriguez? I know there are myriad variables, but the bottom line is: Would you like to see A-Rod as Marlin next year? Vote and say why.

Tigers oust Yanks, Cardinals in command: After rain last night, Tigers closed out Yankees today in a four-game SUH-WEEEP! in the ALCS. Cards up 3-1 on Giants in NLCS, with Game 5 tonight at 8 in St. Lou. Rooting interests: Tigers strong, ambivalence in the NL.

NFL PREDIX: LOCK OF WEEK: DOLPHINS WON'T LOSE!: Click on Week 7 Gems for all our latest NFL predictions. And on Early Playoff Glimpse for our Friday page column.

IT'S OFFICIAL: LEBRON IS MARVEL-OUS: 1aa1bronAfter a game in Atlanta and two in China the NBA champion Heat -- betting favorites to repeat -- made their preseason home debut last night (and won) just as Marvel Comics and ESPN The Magazine have teamed to bring you a one-time insert comic called, "LeBron James: King of the Rings." (The cover of the comic is pictured). Meanwhile new odds out from Bovada show LeBron a 9-5 favorite to win MVP honors again, followed by OKC's Kevin Durant at 15-4, then a sharp drop to LAL's Kobe Bryant at 12-1. Other betting favorites: Scoring--Durant an even 1-1; rookie--New Orleans' Anthony Davis at 19-10; rebounding--Minnesota's Kevin Love (before his injury) at 5-4; and assists--Boston's Rajon Rondo at 5-2.

Poll result: Offerdahl, Mercury favorites for next Honor Roll: In the previous blogpost we exclusively revealed the 10 names on the Dolphins' watch-list for the next Honor Roll induction and let you vote for up to three (you still may), and your frontunners were John Offerdahl (18.7 percent) and Mercury Morris (17.3%). O.J. McDuffie and Manny Fernandez tied for third at 13.1% with Sam Madison (10.9%) the only other man in double figures.

1aa1mulchDOLPHINS' BYE-WEEK FUN!: NFL teams spend their bye weeks doing good. But it isn't just a sham photo-op like Paul Ryan in an Ohio soup kitchen. They actually do do good. Like the Dolphins did this week refurbishing a local elementary school. Pictured: Coach Joe Philbin getting ready to lay a bag of mulch while tackle Jake Long appears to loom over him like a giant about to gape its maw and eat Philbin's head whole.

SOUTH FLORIDA GOES SUPER BOWLING: Finalists are in for the next two available Super Bowl host jobs (2016 and '17). It'll be Miami vs. San Francisco for the first one, and the loser vs. Houston for the second one. I don't like our chances. Unless Miami can arrange a spate of earthquakes I'd say San Fran must be seen as a big favorite for '16 because they'll be flaunting a new $1.2 billion stadium in Santa Clara. And logic might have Houoston a fronturnner for '17 because they have a retractable-roof stadium and because we have hosted two SBs since Houston's most recent. Dolphin stadium will only have a realistic shot if Stephen Ross can squeeze $225 million from taxpayers for major renovations, and the ground for that doesn't seem real fertile.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Would rather have him then Obama..
Oh Snap, a different conersation.
Never mind

Matthew 25 is being ignored by many. Probably because it involves redistribution of wealth. I may need more Bible study to reinterpret--"What you do for the least of my brethern, you do unto me."

yeah, lets bring in a washed up overpaid player. Great idea!

I want to see a championship team hit the field. Not an arrogant has been ! Also I want express how proud I am for not attending any of the marlin games. I don't care about that cursed stadium .... I wanna see one of these two things happen before I ever place my foot makes that f-ing stadium ... a Jeff Loria and his three ring circus sell the team to a real dedicated owner or .... a real championship contender. The people of South Florida and especially Miami should grow some balls and demand nothing but the best for our community in regards to the effort and commitment of this current ownership/regime.

This is not a story and that is not happening.

'Would I like to see' A. Rod a Marlin?

Don't care. Pay us back for that stadium and move to Las Vegas already.

No one will ever make a profit trying to get the worst fans in the country to pay to watch the world's most boring sport.

I went to one game this season because someone won a box at a charity auction and I saw Giancarlo Bunyan hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th to beat the rival Mets.

Would have been more entertained if I had gone fishing.

Jesus would be a democrat, and a bad American because the American dream is that anyone can make it, not that everyone can.

Here's a chimpanzee riding on a segway.


I wouldn't hire Jeff Dunham's Walter to walk my poodle.

Here's this, in case you were looking for it.


PLEASE get rid of that awful shade of green.... makes me sick just to look at it

Tannehill got off to a VERY shaky start against the Texans. Since that time, he corrected alot, improved alot and even set a Dolphin Rookie Passing Record with a 431 yard performance(a yard short of Cam Newton's NFL record I believe. Which, BTW, I'm betting MONEY he gets that record as well. He has 10 more shots!).

Then I read a link someone posted on an earlier Cote Blog. I was stunned. Tannehill's doing MUCH more than I expected. Apparently much more than ANYONE expected.

I just had to copy/paste this excerpt:

After five starts, he was the only NFL rookie ever to have two wins and 1,250 yards passing.

He's now the league's top-rated quarterback under pressure, according to a ProFootballFocus.com. He runs the no-huddle offense more than any team (58.9 percent of snaps) and better than any (a full yard more than the base offense), according to STATS Inc.

"He's ahead of where I thought he'd be,'' Sherman said. "I always want him to be better and better. But he's doing things now you expect in the fifth or sixth year for a quarterback."

Sherman has coached an experienced Brett Favre, an emerging Matt Schaub and a young Aaron Rodgers. So he's been around elite talent at various stages.

He's ahead of where Sherman thought he would be? Thats saying alot.

He's rated as THE BEST QUARTERBACK against Pressure? Not The Best ROOKIE, The Best QB facing pressure! Wow! Then STATS Inc says he runs the No-Huddle MORE than anybody and BETTER than ANYBODY?


Man I hope not odie.


Your not dreaming, I have no doubts anymore we have found our answer at QB for the next decade (barring an injury), there were so many people doubting this kid from the beginning and to his credit he has proven everyone wrong.

to he was picked too early in the draft to he only had 19 college starts and had to sit a year or two to learn the pro game...its been impressive what he's done.

I don't see too many people complaining that the Dolphins "reached" with their 8th pick anymore...add to that the rest of this rookie class and the team is coming together nicely.

Dolphins on a bye, I'm back in CO for training for a while.... things to do fellas,, hiking Pikes Peak this weekend, etc. see yah in a couple weeks


amazing that ron paul is not on my absentee florida ballot, but roseanne barr is!!! maybe if she gets elected, she can sing the national anthem as she did at that padres game when she was in the ownership group. jeezose, i thought she had disappeared from the face of the earth, but i guess she and her dyke-mate got enough LBGT signatures on south beach to make it on the ballot-EEEEGGGADDSS!!

its hard to believe that basketball is just around the corner..as for LeBron winning another MVP??..The guy is still young and he can still win a couple of more league MVP's but I think he is going to concentrate in becoming a more complete player which is kind of scary for the rest of the league..

CAN'T WAIT !!! (Bart Scott's voice)..

Philbin and the Dolphins did a good deed, good for the team..By the way I'm officially on the Philbin bandwagon, I think he is the right coach for the team.

A Rod to the Marlins?? I have mix feeling there, not sure about it.

Sign a-rod!!

Trust me he's done but the next 4 years is when he's worth it! Think about it!

Yes, The fins are getting respect!

Oh, and kaz. What's more important a MLB or a QB?


PLEASE, PLEASE take about four minutes out of your day for an experience of a lifetime as the ole shadow has left for his pasl in the post @ 10:36 this morning!
for more fun, the greatest TV commercial of my teenhood, from ameican motors in 1969:


This idiot dashi is still the biggest dope on this site.


Thank you, that video you posted on "please move the deer crosing signs" is priceless, that has got to be the dumbest human being on the face of the earth..

funniest shit I've heard in a while...

Dashi, between you and me I rather have a stud QB than a stud MLB..


seattle has a very hard-hitting, proper tackling youngish defense and meets a just thumped at home bunch from SF. these may be the NFC equivalent of the baltimore browns versus the steelers- the two hardest hitting defenses in their respective divisions. don't think that SF will lose two in a row or that seattle can move the ball as well as the niners IFF alex smith is on.

meanwhile in the pac-12+, the oregon don't blink or you'll mis a score ducks go to the arizona desert as pac-12+ teams must do once a year versus the wildcats or the sun devils. ASU is a competitive team with a monster on the defensive line, but methinks the blinding speed will be too much for the home team. ASU and arizona both show up at home when a ranked team and at the same time a conference bigshot comes calling, so a mildly competitive match shouldbe in store.

a night for both showcase games that are worth watching.

r. duke and all my friends,

left at the end o the previous thread a nice 15 minute NFL films capsule of nthe 74 raiders/dolphins play-off game. noticeable on nat moore;s opening kickoff Td is a blatant uncalled block in the back, cliff branch's non-stop juggling of passes before he caught them, the incredible blocking of both lines-particularly oakland's protection of stabler save for the last pass to clarence davis, and the pinpoint precision and tight spirals that were stabler's trademark. which makes the flutterball against the patriots and ensuing roughing the passer call that crushed NE and moved the raiders on to take care of the vicodins 32-14 painful to anyone that was rooting for that great young team- grogan, cunningham, don calhoun, russ francis (i think). stabler threw tight spirals 99.9% of the time, and that flutterball that got a flag seems like proof positive that he was hit while still holding the ball; referee- methinks my high school principal jim tunney that also gave the raiders the "holy roller" against SD on the last play of a game. that was a thoroughly enjoyable bunch of patriots who were robbed by a bogus penalty. will never forget don calhoun slammimg his helmet on the oakland turf after the game ended.



watch as ray hamilton is draped across the upper body of stabler while he is passing- no head slap, no unnecaessary roughness- a perfect attempt at disrupting nthe pass and a bogus call for eternity. the patriots were an exciting young team and with college chum sam cunningham playing for NE, we were rooting for them big time. it was their game and it got snatched from them.

They got their revenge in the Snow Bowl with Tuck Rule.

And can we just get rid of the Tuck Rule already?

I heard recently that they were considering it.

Dumb Rule if a QB's arm isn't moving forward in a passing motion it should be a fumble this rule is just silly.

You can argue that Rule propelled NE to three SB wins right Naples?


How do you think Philbin is doing so far, we are seeing great improvement from players on the team that we all thought where bust's, like N Carroll, Koa Misi, John Jerry , our safeties etc..

I also think the player's respect him and are playing hard for him which is a big thing..

agree on the tuck rule, it should be out-lawed..

the Patsies would have never won that first one for sure.

I am right with you he's the right man for the job I think he will be here a long time.

Players do respect him and seem to want to play hard for him.

I think it's his demeanor he exudes a quiet confidence.

Tony was a yeller not sure that works anymore with players.

That fake punt on Sunday was a great call even though I heard that Carroll makes the call on his own if he sees a chance and he did.

I meant Clemons.

Once again Cote you make not one but two references to politics in your postings and then pretend this is a sports column. I only hope you are more perceptive in your sports reporting than you are in your "drive by" comments about the Presidential race. Get use to the words, "President Romney".

Kaz if Philbin proves to be a good coach like FZB and I think that he will could you stop calling him "Reege"?

Thanks in advance.


Kazaam is a Dolphin hater, he will never give credit where credit is due, I can guarantee you its killing him that he may be wrong on both Philbin and Ireland.

also, Ross may not be as clue-less as you make him out to be..lol

Ross may have made the right call keeping Ireland and not hiring the never been a GM until now Fisher.


"Presidente Romney"...I like the sound of that.

Oh, oh. Don't look now but now, but Gallup's latest numbers have our Collectivist in Chief trailing by 7! We've simply got to do something fast!!!! Mr. Cote, can we continue to count on you?

the people in LA are in dream land ..HAHAHAHA !!!


Pat Riley aka the godfather will never allow this to happen.

You can count on me, Candy.

shadow had to include/paste from previous thread my responses to your bringing up Dolphin nightmare once again, sir.

. duke,

the balance of the raider OL consisted of two stanford indians: george beuhler at RG and bob moore at TE.

missing dolphin DT- bob heinz.

Posted by: the shadow knows | October 18, 2012 at 09:30 AM

shadow, Oh I don't disagree with you regarding Clarence Davis's ability. It's just when you have Stabler basically shot put a pass into three Dolphin defenders and Davis comes up with it well it just seems like it wasn't meant to be for Fins even if I'm not a fan of pre-destination theories. Plus this clearly was not the same Dolphin team that won SB VIII. You indicated Bob Heinz was missing too... You go into Oakland to face very good Oakland team you have to be at full strength.

Posted by: r. duke | October 18, 2012 at 11:30 AM

shadow, remember this game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErvySdmZqWY&feature=related

Posted by: r. duke | October 18, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Ok shadow showing Sea of Hands game again must be payback for Essex Johnson lol

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2012/10/xxx-xxx-sopy-rankings-week-7-noles-manuel-storms-into-leadthis-college-football-season-marks-the-blog-debut-of-our-week/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Duke, shadow,

I was numb for like a month after that game, thanks for bringing back such great memories, he he

ps-in addition to Bob Heinz being out we lost Curtis Johnson and Jake Scott to injuries during the game, Cliff Branch beat our back up CB Henry Stuckey during that long TD pass from the snake..

shit, I need a drink.

Fzb, agreed qb is more important.

But a great MLB can make a average qb win a superbowl. What's the old saying. Defense wins championships. Who's the qb of the defense?

Marino didn't need a RB in his prime. He needed a MLB !! If somebody could stop the other team while Marino put up 28+ a game the fins would've dominated! The fins went undefeated with 2 qb's behind center! How was it done?

Why haven't the pats won a Superbowl since spygate? They still have the same qb? U know the greatest qb alive. With a great defensive coach. U can actually say Brady is having his best years right now!

Not saying a MLB is the most important. But if Dansby had Zack ability. Sporano would still be coach. Don't want Spo as coach just sayin.

With that in mind 72-10!!! Repeat!!! The beginning of something special! Not 1, Not 2,Not 3 .... Spoelstra wins a title this year he becomes 1 of 10 coaches in NBA history with multiple titles! Wins 3 he's 1 of 5 All time!


since we already have a QB then it should be easier to find a stud MLB..

the evel empire (NYY) are losing again, let's go Tiger's !

by the way Dashi, don't be hatin on coach Spo..

Marino needed to learn ball handling skills to help running game. That whole team had holes galore in it. It was basically a one trick pony not a complete team. The 49ers dynasty, Cowboys dynasty, Giants SB teams of same period were complete teams. Even lowly LOL Bills were more complete team than Dolphins.

Shadow - the libertarian party is putting up Gary Johnson, who I will probably vote for instead of writing in Ron Paul.

Roseanne has a show where she grows macademia nuts on her farm in Hawaii. Not a lesbian by the way, just fat and loud.

FZB not this season. The real Spo has earned my respect. Hopefully him and the heat have a good year! He's young so he can only get better. Hopefully this year he didn't have to visit football schools. He's a champ.

And hearing the Yankees lose is music to my ears! Tigers vs. Cards in the series. Wonder if anyone will watch. But it's 2 real good baseball teams!

A-Rod to Miami!! The yanks will come down from their anger in the offseason. But still that would be nice. Plus bring the fences In! This is ProBaseball in the 21st Century! U have to make it entertaining! And baseballs entertainment or WOW factor is the home run!

Bring the fences in To regular dimensions. 330 on the Corners and 410 dead center! That would still make it a pitchers park! Not Just the Pitchers Park! People don't want to see 1-0 Baseball!

Duke, Dashi understands Marino might've been to slow to hand the ball off!! 1 leg Dan didn't need ball skills! He needed another leg!

Marino was ahead of his time. Hear me out haters. What's the rule of thumb in the NFL Now? Passing is a more efficient way to move the ball. Marino used his ball skills and 1footwork to be a top 10 offense by himself! No hand offs and play action. Just Pump Fakes and Bullets. Or Lasers!!

D-Linemen didn't Tip Marino Passes!! They would risk losing a limb for being to close to the release point! U can't say that about Sissified Tom Brady!!

The Bills had a HOF Offense! Combined the talent of the bills O was sick! Kelly, Thomas, Reed, Etc. And They had Arguably the Greatest DE of All time!!! Only thing R.White has on B.Smith is a Ring. Cause not even SB appearances! Bruce was the Truth! A Bad Man!

Dashi believes a Great QB can win A SB. But A Great Team can become a Dynasty! Offense and Defense!!!

Wow Marino was Super Man LOL


"arguably the greatest DE of all-time"

david jones of the rams was a better pass rusher, sacker, run defender, & head-slapper than bruce smith, reggie white or anybody else that played the position. in my unhumble opinion, gino marchetti and andy robustelli were better and more fearsome than bruce smith. reggie white was better than bruce smith. of course these are my quite unhumble opinions.


glad you enjoyed the incredibly hilarious piece i left for all to sample; indeed, the funniest "stuff" i have heard in a while.

David Jones? U have me there. That's the DE from the 70's? During too tall era?

Keyword "arguably" meaning up for debate, not unanimously. Trust me Dashi hates Bruce as much as anyone! But he is the only NFL player with 200 sacks in history! Bruce took over games. And if I'm not mistaken Bruce only rushed out of 1 position. U knew he was coming! U knew from where he was coming! U just couldn't stop him!

the evil empire is getting their ass kicked 8-1 in the ninth , he he

I'm a Marlins fan first but the Card's are my second team, Go Card's !! ...

correction, the Tigers win..

Dashi's comment on Marino is dead on, he would have been light's on in this era...Man, I would have loved to see that.

NFL 32 (espn) just heaped all kinds of praise on our young stud QB, the national media is starting to notice.

sorry about the type error, meant to say Marino would have been light's out...

so sexy Rexy is now saying that Tim Tebow could be taking crack at playing RB, what a joke, I'll like to see him try THAT against our defense.

later boys.


david (deacon) jones played exclusively from DLE, and with merlin olsen at LT they probably were the best end/tackle duo ever. deacon was the 67 defensive player of the year, and should have been league MVP, which was given to johnny unitas of the colts who also went 11-1-2, but missed out on the playoffs because the rams creamed the shula-led colts in the season finale. alan page ws the first defensive MVP in 1971 with teammate carl eller the defensive POY. however, believe me that deacon deserved that award for his incredible 67 season. they didn't record sacks (term originated by deacon jones) in those years, but without question deacon was at or above both the lifetime record and the bogus season sack record of michael strachan that was given to him when bret favre fell down with strachan close to him in order to get him a record. the 1967 rams defense led by george allen was a terrific unit made by the front four, with rosey grier and lamar lundy on the right side. the LB corps was made up of ancient veterans jack pardee (later coach of the redskins and bears), myron pottios and maxie baughn. the ram front line made a mediocre secondary and savvy but old LB group effective.

If the yankees are willing to eat most (by most I mean $104M minimum), he's better than anything else we can get. Take him.

Ok. U got me there, Shadow. No OFfense Nobody knows David Jones. NOW "DEACON" JONES!! Different Story.

I've seen the NFL FILM on him. U are also considering he was part of a Great Unit. Doesn't take away from his Athletic Prowess and Skill.

But Bruce Smith got 200 Sacks By Himself. Who played Defense With Bruce? who was his Duo? Don't get me wrong. Deacon might've been the best of his time. But Bruce is the Best I've Seen.

Also, Yes the Athletes weren't as big as they are Now. But the Competition Can Not be Fairly Judged. Deacon didn't Play against the Best of All Races. So he didn't even Play against the Best of His Time.

U said it Urself he didn't win the MVP in 67! Wonder Why? Don't be so Naive!! (67 not 77! MLK was Shot in 68!!! A Black MVP! U can't be Serious! Not in those time. MAybe the 70's definitely Not the 60's!)

Dashi didn't live during that time. But Dashi knows it was a Different Time!

U Can make A Claim that Deacon didn't Face Athletic QB's! And the Understanding of The QB Position is Totally different than 50 years ago! Players and Coaches are more Aware of the Passing Game!

PLUS HEAD SLAPPING WAS LEGAL!!!! As a DE or a Rusher that is the Easiest Pass Rush Move Ever!!

The Yankees aren't paying Alex Rodriguez to play for another team out of the goodness of their heart.

It's not happening without Josh Johnson or Giancarlo Bunyan going to the Yankees, id est, it's not happening at all or it's happening because the criminal scumbag a**holes running the Marlins want to cash out on players they never intended on paying for a cheap gimmick who might sell some tickets.

I have to admit to a Bias. But the Tigers looked like Champs this past week.

They got it together at just the right time.

I wouldn't bet against them.

PS: Deacon Jones vs. Bruce Smith?

Wow! I don't think I would jump in on either side of that one. I thought it over too, the different era, different cricumstances, modern technologies applied, etc, etc. Just not going too do it-LOL!

Good Stuff!!!

Bad enough that OdinStank has OZZED over to this blog, Now we got the Idiot That refers to himself as a third person.
Douchie, Go pollute another blog you IDIOT.....

Guys just in case you dont know OdinStank he'll continue to post for 12,13,14 sometimes for 15 stright hours(Usually between 3PM and 6AM), He's a known drunk and drug user, Try not to answer his posts otherwise he'll stay here forever.He's like a homeless cat, You give him some milk you'll never get rid of him.

BTW, Decon Jones was the one that broke Griese's leg in game 3 of the 1972 season.


if there was a more difficult QB to sack than fran tarkenton, please let me know. check out those wild scrambles of tarkenton's where guys had to chase him all over the field and then go after him on the same play. deacon jones was big and fast, but tarkenton was his greatest nigtmare and the rams and vikings played twice a year. sack opportunities were limited in those days by the fact that teams ran the ball in a 2:1 ration or more. deacon jones played the run quite effectively and was unstoppable, unless as all-pro and HOFer ron yary did consistently the tackle opposite him held on every play. ron yary of USC was the first pick in the 67 draft, just as jake long was, but he was more of a run blocker than pass blocker and deacon overpowered him even while being blatantly held. the head slap was the trademark of deacon jones, who perfected it. nobody did it like deacon jones and it is not as easy to perform as you think, or everyone would have done it. it takes strength and quickness and and if not done properly leaves the passrusher's midsection wide open to be blocked.

There goes the neighborhood-lol.

I haven't posted here very often, but I do read the comments alot.

Ah Liver Spots, the posters here seem a bit to educated and intelligent for your Juvenile Idiocy.

So let me break it down for you, you're out of your league here. On top of that, these Posters here aren't the least bit interested in me personally, nor your jealous vandetta.

So please, if not to save yourself from embarrassing..........yourself, give these guys a break.

Much like Mando's blog, NOBODY wants you here either ;)


here is fran tarkenton and deacon and merlin and a reference to gino marchetti, best DE until david jones arrived.


Mr. Shaddows,

You're doing it again-lol. Watching Tarkenton Scramble helped me Fall In Love with Football.

I really liked Foreman, Marinaro(later turned actor)and TE Stu Voight!

When talking about the old Viking Teams, everybody mentions the Purple People Eaters(?). But one of their defenders I really liked and respected was Safety Paul Krause(no. 22). I believe he held the career interception record for over a decade!

PS: If David Jones stumped people, how about Sammy White? I really liked the way he played as well.

Another stroll down memory lane with Mr. Shaddows-LOL.

Odinstank, I post here everday,You sir on the other hand OZZZZZed over here cause Armando shut his blog down do to you and Douche, Trust me on that, Do yoptyurself a favor a Take a week break and dont smear this blog., Dont you have any "HOTTIES" (LOL)to keep you busy?
More then likely not, Seeing how you post 12,13,14 sometime 15 hours a day., Better yet they have goverment assitted suicide in Swedan, I'll pay.
Odinstank, You could'nt get laid in a five dollar Whorehouse with a fistful of fiftys.


here is chuck foreman, UM and viking
great, really great!!


memory lane is the NFL avenue where i live!! these new guys don't just do it for me, with a few notable exceptions.

the vikings were done in by their failure to stop running games, as the "purple people eaters" were terrific pass rushers but were underweight and got steamrollered by the dolphins, steelers, and even the pass happy raiders in the super bowl in pasadena where a costly oscar reed fumble turned the game around and made for a 32-14 raider win. under bud grant they found waysn to beat the rams consistently for the NFC title, even one year when in a home game, out of the freezer of metroplitan stadium, bob lee (!) led the vikes to an upset in a very rain-soaked LA coliseum.

Shadow - if I had to pick a LT in his prime for a year I'd take Jon Ogden, but I've only been paying attention since the '90s. I know the Dolphins had Richmond Webb and that you don't care for Jake Long even though he can push a defender around the quarterback with one arm and has neutralized many of the best pass rushers in the game.

Who would you name the all time best LT? And did you pick that player because he or she went to USC?


give up a TD after fumbling on the first series, and now have reeled off 43 points with five minutes left in the first half; i don't think USC has a prayer against them, even playing at home and having beaten the ducks last year in eugene. man, they are making a prophet out of me- "don't blink or you'll miss a score"- posted at 11:31 AM today. one doesn't have to be a genius to know that oregon will score and score and score against just about everynody not named alabama or florida.

I never know any of the players you talk about Shadow but I'm thrilled to know Chuck Foreman.

That's before the championship, before Miamians even went to UM games, free tickets for eating at Burger King.

Thanks for the Link Mr. Shadows. I enjoy watching these things a little more than I'd like to admit.

In addition to being a GREAT pass catcher, Foreman had all kinds of "Nifty" and/or "Shifty" moves.

You can use his clips as instructional videos for young players. They always tell the young running backs to always keep their legs churning and thats exactly what Foreman always did.

Nice Links - Thanks Again!


Like I said it's Arguable. Everyone has their Favorite. Frank Might Be Agile. BUT HE IS NO RANDALL CUNNINGHAM!

And Marino might've not been a Burner. BUT IN THE POCKET! My Money is On Marino being the Most Elusive QB in the Pocket.

Again, Deacon Jones is One of the Greatest of All time. He's Top 3. B.Smith, Reggie, Deacon. Order depending on the Person.


Hey, Odin or Dashi haven't started. We are Playing Nice.


We are strictly talking Sports. And No Blog is Exclusive!!!

Out of Anything this Blog Would Be the Best to talk all Sports!!!! and Some Politics. But More Music.

Please leave all ANARCHY for the Dolphin Blog Next Week!

Hey Dashi, thats straight shooting on your part. Thats putting it out there plain and simple. All too true.

This guys entire life is wrapped up aroung stalking people on blogs, he feels some kind of false entitlement. Like he can determine who can post when and where-lol.

Everbody here has been basically cordial for days on end. Up until now-LOL.

Cote, your "sham Photo op" reference to Paul Ryan is even for you, such biased bullshit.
As if the ubiquitous Barack Obama's numerous appearances on Letterman, the View, etc are a sham?
You are so full of shit yourself sometimes.
Why not just keep this crap out of a sports blog?

Meant "aren't a sham?"

the people in LA are in dream land ..HAHAHAHA !!!


Pat Riley aka the godfather will never allow this to happen.

Posted by: FZB | October 18, 2012 at 02:17 PM
As a 40 year Laker fan, I can tell you from Experience..(players NOT drafted)..Kareem, Wilt, Kobe, PAU, D. Howard...if the Lakers WANT them, they GET them.


Why is it U and Me Are the "Difficult" Ones? (Cause we own him and he knows it)

Yet, he manages to expose himself. Ur on this Blog "everyday". ?Yet, the Troll has never used the "OBL" name until Odin shows up?

Please let's stick to sports! Stop the "Moronic Extreme Jihadic Ignorance"!!

Nice Clip Shadow on Fran. He reminds me of Doug Flutie! Very Similar Style. How tall was Fran 5'9 170?

If ur Point is Older Players from Decades ago are Better than Today. Dashi won't Change ur Mind. We as humans are attached to our childhood(Or happiest part of ur life).

Just saying cause of the 2 old Geezers U mentioned. gino marchetti and andy robustelli.

Let Me guess Jim Brown is the Greatest Running Back Ever. Butkus is the Best MLB in History. Or probably someone older, Right?



Bring any Qb from any ERA!!! They can't Compare with OTTO!

Seattle just dropped to 4-3?

Oh yeah, the replacement refs and all that garbage.

I guess you really could say the Hawks should be 3-4!

Writer agreed. The LAkers are Willing to Pay whatever to Keep up with the Times.

Now, Getting Lebron is just crazy Talk. Dashi read the Article WindHorse wrote on ESPN also.

The Economics Won't Work! Also, What kind of Mercenary Mindset Would Lebron Have?

It's not like the Lakers will have a Better Team? Pat Riley already has a 2 year head start and In 2 More Years this Team will be Even More Stacked.

I know Make Stuff Up NOW! Cause After Lebron Repeats Again this Year. All the Nonsense will Have to Stop!

Don't get Dashi Wrong! If Lebron wouldn't have WON A TITLE IN MIAMI!! He Definitely Would've been on the First Plane Out!

But to Win Multiple Championships! On 1 Team! Where the Franchise only has 1 title Prior to U being there! To go to one of only 2 franchises with more than 10+ NBA TITLES!!


Is he going to win More than 5 titles as a LAKER? Doubt It!!(As a Laker he needs to win more than 5 just to be better than KOBE!)

Now if him and his Trio! Win 3 or More! Lebrons Legacy will be Greater in Miami and The NBA Fans will respect him More!!

The Lakers have enough to worry about! They have to Re-Sign Dwight!

Put it this Way. Dwight's Career as a Laker is Bust if he Doesn't Win at Least 3 Titles!! That's Just to get to Shaq Level! Not Jabbar or Wilt!

Lebron knows Basketball History!!! And His Importance in the Game will be Diminished if He goes to LA! Trust Me! Lebron Knows!

LOL Odins Bloated Liver. I guess the gloves are off lol Very funny stuff even if it is on mean spirited side..

Hey shadow speaking of golden oldies how 'bout this one.



we have mentioned otto graham many times on this blo concerning greatest QBs. played on countless championship teams under paul brown and was the dominant QB when he played, and bob waterfield and norm van brocklin were no slouches (both on rams- original QB controversy). otto was fantastic and did a great job in coaching the college all-stars when they were playing the NFL champs.


i wouldn't go out on a limb by picking a best LT. all i know is that if you want a double decker all-pro offensive linemen sandwich, you could use guys from michigan and USC to stock two all-pro lines. i am not a chauvinist and if you say jonathan ogden (a bruin) i would imagine he is up there. tony the whacko boselli was good also in the same time period, but i really b=never saw him play much. in my heyday RT was the plum side as teams ran right, and i would say bob (boomer) brown of nebraska and many pro teams could have beeen the best.


In reference to your question on the best LT back in the day, Art Shell OAK RAIDER'S...a total beast...

looks like we have a few regulars from Armando's blog, welcome guys.

IMAWriter, LeBron is not going anywhere, look at the Dashi-Man's response on this subject, he is right on point on that one.

Shadow, love the old videos, keep'em coming, brings back some fond memories..

Chuck Foreman-all around stud RB from the U, people don't really realize how good this guy was, best all around back in the NFL for a while.

on the subject of all-time QB's, I saw Johnny U more towards the end of a great career but I've seen films and read stuff on him, a complete winner and top three all time for sure, Brees just broke his record of consecutive TD passes he set 50 years ago !!!

the guy was ahead of his time..Johnny U.

both Seattle's and SF's defense are tops in the NFL and we still have to play them both..let's hope we can find our running game and a third option at WR before we do.


coach pete has done a real job turning seattle into a tough bunch- had a rookie not dropped a TD pass early on the seahawks would have won the game. it was as i thought- a hard-hitting defensive game with a score reminiscent of days of yore. i'll take a football game where teams have to fight for yards and points over these ridiculous 52-49 type games that approach NBA scores.

Seattle stinks we will smash that team.

SF is starting to look overrated.

If thet die they die...


That's what I mean. We look Far Enough and We will find. "Otto is the Standard." He played 10 years and won his league all 10 times! And He won 7 World Titles!(Equivalent to a SB)

All Conversation Start and End There. Nobody Compares!

But then again Look at the Era and Talent! Bill Russell won 11 Straight NBA Titles! Couldn't do it in this Era!! Couldn't Do it in the 70's!!!

When U really think about!!! Pro Sports in any Sport!! Didn't Reach it's Golden Age till the 70's!!!! U can Say the Late 60's Started it! But Pro Sports Finally became Pro Sports!! In the 70's!! Athlete's! Started Training Specifically for their Sport! Started Getting Paid Enough to Only Be a Pro Athlete! Meaning Pro Sports Finally Became a Full Time Job For Everyone! Not just the Select Few!

Just like in Baseball! They are 2 Stats! LiveBall Era and Non-Liveball Era!

Football! Pre-SB Era and SB Era!

The Score last Night Was 13-6 because Both teams Suck on Offense!!!

Yes, they have a Defense! But If u put 20 points on them U pretty Much guaranteed a Victory! Seattle and San Fran can't Move the Ball!

Gore had 130+ yds rushing! San Fran Was in the Red Zone a Couple times!

Shadow ur really showing Ur Age! CAuse Even in BBall Scoring is up to 70's Era! 120+ a Game!

And the Raiders, Cowboys and Chiefs from the Late 60's where the Highest Scoring Team Ever til Recently! They Still have top 10 All-Time Scoring Offenses!

If U think about it Sports are just getting Back to Score from the LAte 60's thru 70's Era!

Trust Me From a Guy that LOVES DEFENSE!! (Ask Anyone Who Does/Did Dashi think is the Most important Player on a Football Team. Hint- Not the QB) Nobody wants to see a LOW SCORING GAME!! It's Boring to Watch! People Want to see the QB throw and Score TD's! They are alot more Coaches Like Martz than Spo, Nowadays! Why is that?

Why has Baseball loss it's Popularity? Why does NOBODY WATCH SOCCER IN THIS COUNTRY?

shadow agree Carroll does have Seattle playing better but that team is rebuilding and that QB they have is not the answer I don't think Flynn might be better.

Their offense is ranked near the bottom of the league.

If we stop Gore Alex Smith isn't beating our defense I don't think.

I don't like Jim Harbaugh's sideline demeanor anyone else he looks like a buffoon.

Shadow - I say Jon Ogden but think he's unlikely to be the best ever, seeing as he's the first elite tackle I ever followed.

Aside from his football career, his dancing and acting skills are unparalleled among former athletes.


Shadow - I thought Pete Carroll had burned out of the NFL before going to USC and only bailed because of their upcoming sanctions, he's turned out to be a tremendous coach for the Seahawks.

The 49ers and Seahawks are among the best teams in the NFC along with New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Great defenses, great head coaches, great feature running backs, and pretty serviceable quarterbacks, Russell Wilson continues to exceed all expectations.

Baby I didn't like Harbaugh as a Player and Can't Stand him as A Coach!

Yes, Pete Carroll is a Little Pompous! But he's not as Chauvinist as Jim! The Guy thinks Everyone is Dumber than Him!

The only Reason Dashi would've liked Harbaugh was if he brought Luck with him!

Russell Wilson will be a backup in the league very soon.

Yes Big Baby, right after David Garrard wins comeback player of the year leading the Dolphins to a Super Bowl and the Ravens, Patriots, Texans, 49ers, Packers, and Giants are exposed as the overrated frauds they are.

All of those teams that you mentioned are overrated frauds except the Giants.

They are the real deal.

Frauds plus their window is closed.

It's the Dolphins' and Bengals' league now.

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