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September 24, 2012

Live blog Q&A No. 2 / Next one on Sept. 29

[Voting continues in latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll in blogpost directly below this. Click on Explaining The Inexplicable for my column off yesterday's game, and thanks for making it the most-read thing in the paper and on MiamiHerald.com today.]

LIVE BLOG Q&A IN COMMENTS SECTION: Hello dear readers. Today was our second Live Blog Q&A / Chat. Great response today. See 'Comments' below for a transcript. We do this every Monday from 1-2 p.m. I have the time if you have the interest.

We talk Dolphins, Canes, Heat, Marlins, me, you, this blog, The Herald, national sports, politics, carpentry, whatever.

See you next Monday!


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Since Week 12 of the 2010 season, Dan Crapenter’s field goal conversion rate is under 73%. That is way below average for an NFL kicker. In fact, it's abominable. He went 0-4 in a 3-point loss against Buffalo. Then, there was yesterday’s disaster. Several other games in that time span where he missed a field goal in a game that wound up being lost by 3 points or less. How is the Mustachioed Mullet still employed as an NFL kicker? How has he survived every purge the last two offseasons? He is the perfect face for this sham of a disorganization. An absolute disaster. Uwe von Schank’em wasn’t this bad. Not that I’m angry or anything.

Tim, you reference to Dan Carpenter as "Crapenter" is inspired, I must say. I can't corroborate your stats off the top of my head but if true they raise a valid concern. In general, though, I think the kicking game easily trails pass defense and receiving corps in terms of this team's weaknesses.

Oh, I did the research. I did the math. 8 for his last 16 in 2010, 29-34 last year (which, admittedly, was a very good percentage), and now 3-5 this year. 40 for 55, 72.7%. That's not even average in this day and age.

Anyway, next up. In your humble, esteemed opinion, which owner is worse – Ross or Loria? Both are unfathomably out of touch with the business of sport, public relations, and perhaps reality in general. Of all the people Nevin Shapiro bilked out of fortunes, he couldn’t get to these two? Nothing goes right down here.

Dolphins suck, Marlins suck, Panthers canceled. Thank god for the Heat!!!

Hey Greg,

Spiro Egnew...

Isn't he the new "passionate" TE the Dolphins drafted out of Missouri?


Tim, Ross or Loria too close to call. A book could be written about their combined shortcoming as owners.

Art Carney (!), Marlins suck, I'll give you that. Dolphins too early to bury, Panthers not yet canceled, but I can't argue thank-God-for-Heat, who open camp this coming weekend. Also a shoutout to Canes for big Saturday win!


You and I are total opposites when it comes to politics which I no problem with, we live in a democracy where everyone has a diffferent point of view, what I have a problem with you is your blatant double standards when it comes to our current "presidente"

If someone call's him the N word on a bumber sticker (which you posted on this blog and called the guy a racist) you're outrage about it and rightfully so but if someone called our last president a "monkey in the middle" like a reported called Bush on national TV we never heard a peep about it, how about some consistency.


Hi OC, love the Spiro Egnew reference, an homage to Nixon's notorious VP for those too young to know. Lack of a dynamic tight end one of many Dolphins shortcomings. Fasano is OK, but just that.

How many yards do you think Stephen Morris would have thrown for on Saturday had he not airmailed 7 or 8 passes and threw 5 or 6 slants into the dirt? Ever see a game like that before with three swings like that? Lunacy. I know there are idiots already prepared to fly banners over Sun Life, but this is, as far as actual game experience goes, the second-youngest team in the nation. There's a lot I question about Golden, but, damn, how easy would it have been to quit?

Easy, easy, FZB. You've got to let Greg get his feet wet first before leveling him with the doozies!

FZB, I too have no problem with political differences but both sides must maintain civility. I believe Americans should respect the office of the presidency even if not the man in it. That includes W., includes Obama and will include Romney if the fates have it.

Tim, I could not have been more impressed with the Canes Saturday, the way they fought back. That offense has a lot of pieces; the defense worries me a bit more. You are right about their extreme youth, and I think Golden is the right guy. Canes fans are tough, though. Outrage is always but a loss away.

FZB, no worries, my line of work develops thick skin! :)


Your thoughts on FIU's shaky start to the season, especially considering several media outlets giving FIU preseason top 25/BCS buster hype. What has gone wrong, what are your thoughts entering conference play. Also, EJ Hillard looked great, your thoughts please Cote THANKS

Oops I meant OC on no worries and thick skin. But thanks for the protection!

Have you heard anything about the reports that the Marlins are going to reduce their payroll to $75 or $80 million for the 2013 season? Between that piece of news plus the growing possibility that the "braintrust" of Beinfest and Hill may not be fired after all, and this just feels more and more like a giant con perpetrated by Loria and Samson. I'm not surprised. Nobody should be. But the Marlins are just becoming almost impossible to pull for, even with Giancarlo Stanton.

Cote, just wanted to say that the Lady at the chevron story from last week was quite touching. If you did not see my post about it, your Parents did a good job in bringing you up. OK, now back to sports.

Greg, just out of curiosity, what percentage of your regular blog would you say you typically read?

Perrier, FIU could still rally and win the Sun Belt in its final season there so don't write off the season yet. Disappointing start, though. Blame defense so far, giving up I think 36 points per game. Stout effort vs. Louisville shows signs of hope.

tannehill = bledsoe.

Thanks Greg.

Tim, wouldn't surprise if payroll dipped a little, but not a lot. I'm interested to see what becomes of all the $$$$ they saved by trading Hanley Ramirez.

If the Marlins lower payroll and they continue to be in the basement, how long before the stadium is retro-fit for football and it becomes Hurricane stadium?

Whenever Dolphans suffer the kind of losses like we did yesterday at the hands of Special Teams mistakes. It really hurts to look across the field and see Mike Westoff on the other side. I am a fan and will always be, but I cannot think of a another franchise that has been mired in the kind of bad luck that the Dolphins have. From the being rejected by our own poster boy Dan Marino when he was offered a position at the Dolphins to every coach we have tried to secure that has chosen to go elsewhere.

How do we fix it?
Is there an end in sight?

Uglyaqua, thanks very much. That was just one of those little moments I wished I could have had back...

Hi Greg keep up the good work glad you had fun in NE this summer I live there and know that you are from there.

My question is why don't you sometimes respond to comments in your blog I mean not even once in awhile?

Some bloggers do that just wondering.

Tim I also have not had a good feeling about Carpenter the last few years call it a gut feeling looks like it's true.

OC, I assume you mean the Comments, since obviously I write and read 100 percent of the blog itself. I try to read most of the comments but as you know I don't reply or get into policing them. That's partly why I wanted to start this blog Q&A so folks could deal with me directly.

2 watt, ha! So let me get this straight. Three games into the kid's career you are ready to consign him to the Disappointment bin?

Dolphin Fan for life -- Luck has nothing to do with it. Apart from injuries (for the most part, anyway), you make your own luck at this level. The Dolphins aren't an embarrassment because of bad luck. They're an embarrassment due to a very special blend of incompetence and arrogance. And the arrogance is even worse than the incompetence.

AKGUY, If the Canes weren't committed to (and satisfied in) Dolphins stadium I wouldn't rule it out. I think the Marlins will be OK, but that's giving benefit of doubt, I'll admit.

OK OC, I'll try to be a little nicer from now on..lol


lets talk Dolphins, I'm one of the very few on this blog or any other herald blog that support's Ireland, my point is simple, I know Ireland was Parcells right hand man and he had a hand in the decisions but Parcells was pulling the trigger on most if not all of them, you know the old saying the buck stops here but
most of this guys don't even mention his name, is like the guy never was here, they all think Ireland is the devil now I think that since Ireland has gone "solo" he has done a commendable job in both the draft and free agency, I say he needs to stay two more years and that will be a fair amount of time to see if he is a capable GM.

where do you stand on this argument?


Dolphin Fan For Life, I hear you. Sometimes this franchise seems downright snake-bit.

Cote - have you given up on your replacement college poll (best offensive FL player) yet? When Duke Johnson is leading the NCAA in yards from scrimmage and is ranked b
several players behind FIU's back it's time to end the strike and bring back the wildly unpopular cumulative rankings.

Cote, what was your reaction to Lorias comments concerning what Freddie said in the Herald buzz....

Big Baby, I sort of think responding to comments in the blog is an all-or-nothing thing and frankly I just do not have time. I mean some blog posts have well over 100 comments. If the blog were all I did, I would. I hope readers understand that I think of my blog as the vehicle, and then the readers steer and drive it.

Greg, The UM admin may be happy with Dolphin Stadium, the fans sure are not. The pitiful showing at the BC game was embarrassing to the team. I don't expect a whole lot better at NCState. It is too far, and too big. Don't you think its time for a smaller venue like Marlin Stadium would be or Tropical Park where a new venue could be built.

Greg I'm enjoying your Youtube channel - good stuff there. What do you see FIU doing next year in C-USA? Training wheels, or will they compete from the get go?

FZB, I'd concede that ireland on his own has made some very good decision (Bush, Pouncey...) and that Tannehill is his Litmus test. Kid makes it big, it's his prize. Kid busts, it's his fault. Also a huge offseason coming for Ireland, with lots of draft pick and much $$$ to spend.

Greg, your response to Tim's question suggests that that "very special blend of incompetence and arrogance" originates from either the owner, the General Manager or both. Where do you sit on this issue? Are you in the "dump Ireland camp?"

Needless to say, I would understand if you took the fifth.

I am..., well my little SOPY rankings are just pass-run-catch, not returns. Is what it is, you know?

Uglyaqua, I thought Freddie was right o the mark. Impatience with managers is Loria's track record. I think Guillen would probably be gone if not for overriding $$$ considerations.

AKGUY, I get really tired really fast about excuses for fans not showing up. Colleges and pro teams with great fans fill stadium. Doesn't always even take a winning team, let alone perfect weather or perfect stadium location.

Quijote, thanks on the vid channel YouTube/TheGregCote. Haven't done one in a while but will get back at it. C-USA not a huge step up from Sun Belt, but it IS a step up. A year of two transitioning for The Int'l.


AlL-righty Cote, the Heat will be starting soon, I'm worried that we still don't have a center to go against the D Howard's or Bynum's of the world, can this keep us from repeating?

OC, I'd have dumped Ireland in favor of Jeff Fisher when Fisher demanded the power to come here. Now, though, with Tannehill showing promise, I'd give Ireland this offseason as a all-or-bust proposition. Other question is who replaces him.

FZB, well it didn't hurt the Heat much last year. Very few teams have classic centers anymore. Heat proved they can win (big) sans one. A championship team adds ray Allen -- I like that team's chances. LeBron in his prime alone makes Miami a contender every year.

OK all, the time bell rings. Great response today. Full hour of nonstop Q'ing and A'ing. We'll do it right back here next Monday at 1. Thanks again. Have a great week!

Thanks, Greg.

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