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September 22, 2012

G4: Hurricanes 42, Georgia Tech 36: UM roars back for huge ACC road win on Mike James' 4th TD of game!; plus FIU, Noles, FAU-Bama, Gators & more

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G4: HURRICANES @ GEORGIA TECH: A WATERSHED TRIUMPH FOR THE GOLDEN ERA: Oh my. What a huge, thrilling comeback win in overtime for Miami, 42-36 at Georgia Tech in overtime. Senior Mike James' 25-yard TD run -- his fourth score of the game -- ended it. UM squandered an early 19-0 lead but prevailed as Stephen Morris passed for 436 yards, 184 of them to Phillip Dorsett. A watershed triumph in the Al Golden era. Halftime: Weird, weird game. Perfect first quarter for Miami, with a long TD pass, field goal, safety, short scoring run and terrific defense forming a 19-0 lead. And then, um, well, let's not torture ourselves. Original post: Insulted, disrespected, angry. That's how the Canes should be feeling entering this game. Might even make a 1aa1canesgtneat pregame-speech theme for Al Golden. (You're welcome!) Tech a 14-point favorite!? Why? Aren't these a couple of mid-pack ACC teams both 2-1? (Yes). Hasn't UM beaten Tech the past three straight seasons? (Yes). Don't get me wrong. I see why the Jackets Amarillo are favored, based on the venue and that vaunted ground game averaging 374 yards per game. But a two-TD spread really is a bit much, and presents an opportunity for the Canes to prove to the (apparent) many doubters that they, too, are a solid team. That ugly loss at Kansas State left doubts. A road victory here would help erase those. I'd be surprised if the game was the rout that point spread suggests, and an outright upset would not surprise. My pick: Georgia Tech, 30-24.

Other Collball Week 4 state FBS games:

No. 14 Florida 38, Kentucky 0: I'm still not convinced that The Gator is the top-10 team he might be after a win here, but last week in Knoxville started to win me over a bit. UF has now beaten Kentucky a surreal 26 straight times. My pick was: Florida, 31-13.

No. 1 Alabama 40, FAU 7: "FAU vs. Alabama" looked outlandish on its face. It was like, "Greg Cote vs. Ernest Hemingway." Yet the teams were scheduled, and so play they did. And if there is such thing as a prideful 33-point loss, this was it. Maybe Nick Saban was gentle on the Owls. In any case FAU represented OK. My pick was: Alabama, 55-3.

No. 20 Louisville 28, FIU 21: Miami-talent-laden L'ville and QB Teddy Bridgewater, the UM turncoat, brought a high-output offense to town, and The Int'l hadn't been real impressive thus far. But I saw it close and it was. My pick was: Louisville, 27-20.

No. 4 FSU 49, No. 10 Clemson 37: Top 10 matchups are a rare treat so call this the national Game of the Week. I'd have been nervous if I were a Seminoles fan. You start 3-0 against overmatched foes, by an outrageous combined score of 176-3, then you go from cupcakes to Clemson. That's tough. FSU showed it's for real in a rally win. My pick was: FSU, 34-31.

My record this week, 4-1. Season, 17-3.

Other state FBS games: Ball State d. South Florida, 31-27. UCF had a bye.

National Game of the Week: Clemson-FSU (see above).

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This is a process for the Canes, they are not ready for prime time just yet, they are young,inexperience and not ready to compete physically against the big boys, worry not Cane fans, our time will surely come.

Agree with FZB here. from a defensive standpoint, this years Canes are mismatched against GA's offense. Just not enough big, fast bodies. YET.
I have a feeling FIU will pull the upset. Truthfully, I know nothing of FIU this year...just a feeling.
Clemson over FSU, based on competition played. FSU hasn't proved they can win then REALLY big games consistently.
Enjoy the game everyone.

FZB, your types have been saying that UM's time will come for almost a decade now. Funny thing is, that "time" is "NOW" during preseason talk, but shortly into another disappointing season, ya'll then say "our time will come".

Come on man, the nation is LAUGHING at you. ESPN College Gameday made a mockery of UM's loss at Kansas State, and they will again next week after GT rapes your cocos.

UM will never suck, but keep embracing your past brother. 5-7, 6-6, 7-5 will continue to be the norm @ UM for the foreseeable future. Maybe 8-4 is you're lucky. There are THREE things TOP programs have in common:

1) They are public (there are some privates in the top 25... but mostly public)
2) They are HUGE (the few privates are generally much larger than UM)
3) They have an on campus stadium (they don't play in a LEASED stadium, many miles away)

How the mighty have fallen. Then again, it was easy to be mighty before you started playing in a decent conference, which is still gator bait compared to SEC. Ya'll should've never left the cupcake conference you previously were a part of.

chomp chomp bitches


sad but true


you can gloat for now, you're right..but I can tell you this, Golden and the Canes will win the national championship before the Gators do..Your coach is a clown compared to Golden.

I do not like stab he took at Louisville. Don't be mad because Teddy B didn't choose a crap hole like the University of Coral Gables. lol. Only UCG fans care about a school that was a shell of itself that played in a lowly conference.

So much for starting slow. Come on D.

Wow gator fans are such lonely losers. have fun in mom's basement and keep posting comments on other teams.

U can't spell SUCK without the U.

Wake me up when the Canes get a white quarterback.

This kid Morris couldn't walk with a football to the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier and roll the ball off and hit the water. Hooooooooooooorible. You're right Kazaam. I apologize. It's not Donna's fault it's the black qbs that we've had to endure for the last five years.

It's quite obvious we're not going anywhere this year. They say this kid Morris knows all the plays and could be a coach. Great, lets make him one from now on and give the young qbs a chance to get some experience.

Yea baby! Forget everything I said!


Holy shit !!!! THE CANES WON !!!!!

I Had "RELATIONS" With Ms. Shalala about 36 years ago.
True story.

She's coming over to my house in 1/2 an hour so far I've drank two six packs and taken 10 shots of Patron and I can still see straight. I'm going to have to put a bag over my head and and cover her with ten hefty bags, but it's worth it. Go CANES!

IMAWriter: You're wrong on all accounts.

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