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September 04, 2012

How you rated my fantasy football team (with poll); plus Dolphins player stat-projections, Garrard, SOPY rankings, mocking Penn State, U-Bird (1) & more

[1) It is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. Visit our video channel at YouTube/TheGregCote to see our "The View from Miami" mini-commentaries. 2) Thanks to Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and 790 The Ticket for having us sit in on their show yesterday. Fun. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1mepick 1aa1partridgeUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages this week, tomorrow, Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following Thanksgiving's iconic Turkey, today we conclude our countdown by welcoming the 1970s sitcom/music group, The Partridge Family. (Find a complete roll call of our 21 Birds at the end of this blogpost).

YEAH! Y'ALL RATED MY FANTASY TEAM SECOND OF SIX: My little six-team fantasy football league held its draft 1aa1fantfba few days ago (points-per-reception format, ESPN.com) and I offered a poll indicating each team's top three choices in order wihtout saying which was my team. I'll admit I'm not a great fantasy player, so I was genuinely curious how you all rated these teams based on the top three picks, because I assume many of you are better and more serious fantasy players than I. Well, I can now reveal you voted my team (B. Aaron Rodgers, et al) second in what turned out to be a two-team race. My youngest son's team (E. Calvin Johnson, et al) won by landslide. The other four teams you didn't like much. You can still vote for which of these top-threes you'd most like to have in a PPR league and say why. Meantime, Aaron and I thank you for the vote of semi-confidence.

DOLPHIN PLAYER PROJECTIONS: From our friends at Bovada, statistical over/unders are offered for five Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill passing (185 1/2 yards average), Reggie Bush rushing (875 1/2 yards), Davone Bess receiving (700 1/2 yards), Anthony Fasano receiving (500 1/2 yards) and Cameron Wake sacks (9). It is interesting that Tannehill is given an average rather than a season total, an indication to me that Mr. Vegas thinks his starting job could be temporary. Five rookie QBs will start Week 1. Odds on who'll lead in passing yards are: Andrew Luck IND 7-4, Robert Griffin III WAS and Russell Wilson SEA both 2-1, and Tannehill and Brandon Weeden CLE both 15-2.

ON GARRARD: The Dolphins unsurprisingly releasing veteran QB David Garrard dovetailed perfectly with the column I wrote. (Click on Into The Unknown to read). Miami is in full-blown rebuilding mode, in starting-over mode. Fans approach this season as if blindfolded and walking into a pitch-black room, hands stretched out before them in case they might bump into something. This is scary. But it's also a little bit exciting. That element of the unknown might be the only thing that is exciting about this season, but you gotta start somewhere.

DEBUT: SOPY RANKINGS (WEEK 1): This college football season the blog debuts our weekly cumulative State 1aa1kedrickrOffensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, encompassing the best seasons of any quarterback, running back or receiver from the state's seven FBS teams: Miami, Florida and FSU, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. Our formula awards one point per offensive yard gained running or receiving and a half-point per yard passing, plus six bonus points for touchdowns thrown or scored. The season began with UM's Duke Johnson getting most of the publicity but with another Miami running back -- FIU's Kedrick Rhodes, pictured -- leading the state after 130 yards rushing and 115 receiving. The SOPY Top 10 after Week 1:

Rank   Player, Team-pos.     SOPY Pts.

1. KEDRICK RHODES, FIU-rb     257

2. Jake Medlock, FIU-qb     205

3. Mike Gillislee, Florida-rb     160

4. B.J. Daniels, South Florida-qb     159.5

5. Duke Johnson, Miami-rb     157

6. E.J. Manuel, FSU-qb     138

7. Stephen Morris, Miami-qb     130

8. James Wilder, FSU-rb     124

9. Latavius Murray, UCF-rb     117

10. Wayne Times, FIU-rec     114

Bubble: Rannell Hall, UCF-rec, 106. FAU leader: Byron Hankerson-rec and Martese Jackson-rb, 99 each.

State of the State rankings: 1. FSU (1-0); 2. UCF (1-0); 3. Miami (1-0); 4. Florida (1-0); 5. South Florida (1-0); 6. FIU (0-1); 7. FAU (1-0).

ON MOCKING PENN STATE'S SANDUSKY SCANDAL: Opening weekend of college football saw a 1aa1cheer 1aa1cheer2proliferation of T-shirts and signs making fun of Penn State and its Jerry Sandusky scandal with varaiations on the theme, "I'd Rather Shower at Penn State Than..." Two examples are pictured. Fair game or bad taste? Readers of mine know I don't offend easily and occasionally push the bounds of taste. In this case, though, I vote thumbs-down on this stuff. Why? Because there were real-life victims of those showers. They are still trying to heal. They do not deserve to be made fun of.

[21 BIRDS: A ROLL CALL: In order: 1. Poe's Nevermore from The Raven; 2. Sesame Street's Big Bird; 3. Lady Bird Johnson; 4. Comedic prop Rubber Chicken; 5. The Byrds; 6. Larry Bird; 7. Charlie "Bird" Parker; 8. Bird Bowl (on Bird Road); 9. Clarence Birdseye; 10. A Flock Of Seagulls; 11. Sheryl Crow; 12. Warner Brothers' Tweety Bird; 13. Hitchcock's The Birds; 14. Tony Hawk; 15. Winnie the Pooh's Owl; 16. Carly Simon/James Taylor's "Mockingbird"; 17. The Eagles; 18. Donald Duck; 19. Robot Chicken; 20. Thanksgiving Turkey; and 21. The Partridge Family].      

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost. Consider that both a threat and a promise...


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Your formula says a running back who ran 25 times 130 yards and a touchdown against Duke in a loss had a better game than a player who ran 7 times for 135 yards and two touchdowns against BC in a win.

Oh, he had 100 yards receiving. Still, not sure how you compare those player when Miami is playing FSU and Va Tech and Florida International plays teams called 'Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders' or the 'South Alabama Jaguars'...

Only three elite QBs this year, Rogers, Brady and Brees.

Brees, Johnson, and Forte is the best trio of the three teams with quarterbacks, in a 6 team league the wins would depend on whose superstars had slightly better games each week.

I thought that Flacco was an elite QB too, no?

I'm not into fantasy football, sorry guys.

a couple of thought's on the Dolphins..

11 rookies made the club, that's a lot which tells you they rather go with rookies with up side instead of veterans on the down side of their career's or young veteran's that never panned out like (Wallace or Gates).

the rebuilding process has started, its obvious the only reason they are looking at veteran wide receiver's is to give Tannehill a chance to succeed, sound thinking, you don't want him to lose confidence.

the offensive line is still the key to the whole thing, they took care of the RT position but there's still a problem at RG, fat John Jerry is not the answer there.

I hope everyone has a little patience when T-Hill start's making mistakes.

Hank Williams Jr is the man !!...he he..this for you Cote.


That's because most of the 'veterans' that Jeff Ireland has drafted have washed out of the league already or are buried on other teams' rosters.

Merling, Henne, Langford, Murphy, Parmele, Thomas, Hilliard, Dotson, Davis, White, Turner, Nalbone, Folsom, Edds, McCoy, Gates, Kearse.

All gone.

On the Dolphins chances of finishing with the worst record:


Dave, I caught your last post about "the legitimate chance for a superbowl" comment. My dispensary was closed down and you must be getting your stuff from the motherload itself. I promise not go give you any more grief if you could send me some of the "Tyson" strain that you're smoking.

FZB - Dude get off the kool aid.....T-Hill will not last the season.....(O-line will get him killed)

2 wins at most.....& that's stretching it using the "Blind Squirrel finds a nut theory"....

What happens next year if you have the #1 pick (Which in all likely hood will happen)

Do you pass on Barkley b/c you got Talleywacker this year??...

Bottom line is this team needs direction....starts at the top.....and our front office BLOWS!!!

"Best possible prospects" --- REALLY!@#$%..... What about best possible FOOTBALL PLAYERS....

Oh thats right our front office brought in an accountant to try out to play Tight End !!!!

I drafted fourth in my league. 16 rounds. My first few picks were Brees, Rody White, Gore, McGahee, Miles Austin, Jermichael Finley, Benson, and Crabtree. The later rounds were basically just picking up rookies or returners or stiffs.

Only 3 dolphins were taken in our league (12 teams 16 rounds) Bush, Thomas, and Bess, that's it. Yea, we're a legitimate super bowl contender, Dave!


Ireland did not draft any of those guys you mentioned, Parcells did, the only player that Ireland and Philbin cut in just his second year was Clyde Gates...I understand you are blinded by you "hatred" for Ireland but facts are facts.

Orange Bowl, I do beleive that our Offensive Line is solid and that our only issue is the RG position, Tannehill will be protected but the real issue is let's hope they give him a running game, that's a QB's best friend.

most "experts" are saying between two to six win's, that's probably right, this season is about finding out about a few players as we enter the season.

T-Hill..is he finally the answer at QB?
D Thomas-will he have a break out year or be a bust.
J Long-can he stay healthy
C Clay-can he be consistent
B Hartline-can he be considered a numer one receiver
J Jerry-will the light go on and become a player
K Dansby-should we bring him back?
do we have any safeties on the team?

and I can go on, this is about next year..relax guys enjoy the ride, don't be so "negativo" all the time.

anyways Kaz, you should be happy, Tannehill is our starting QB and we will know this year if he is the real deal, you can't complaint about that.

Woodcock, you should have drafted Duke Johnson hehehe.

does anyone knows if Duke Johnson is the Dukes-ter ilegitimate son?

Stafford and Newton are elite fantasy QB's.

I question most of those top 3 choices that league kind of sucks.'

FZB don't think Hartline will ever be # 1 material but a breakout year from him sure would be nice.

Yeah, you're probably right Baby, hartline seems more like a solid second or third option as a wide receiver but I'm kinf of hoping he has a very good year.

If he doesn't have a good year we are in big trouble.

I would feel much better with Garrard starting the season.

we are going to go through this year what we were supposed to go trough in 2008..Everyone just forgot about it, but back in 2008 C Pennington fell into the Dolphins hands, the team became competitive and they started winning, we also had the easiest schedule in the NFL and by a miracle we won the division (Brady got hurt which helped a lot).

going 11-5 was the worst thing that happened to this franchise because it created a false sense about the team and everyone was very complementary of the job the tuna was doing (me included) but then Parcells got away from his phiosophy of building a team the right way through the draft and started to sign high prized free agents that almost never pan out which is the reason we are where we are today.

when you keep on signing free agents your team stays competitive but never contends for the SB and eventually you run out of time and your cap situation becomes a nightmare, this is why we didn't have any room available to sign free agents this year.

the rebuilding should have been completed already but Parcells bailed out (more like he was pushed out by Ross if I got the story correct) and Ireland was put in charge by Ross to clean-up Parcells mess , and now with Philbin in charge the Dolphins are finally on the same page and are building this thing for the long term, guys, it is what it is , we can't changed what's already happened but I just thought I remind you guys why we are still rebuilding.

Hahahahahahaha, 'Philbin in charge'!!!


Philbin is in charge of picking up litter from the practice field.

yes, that's a true statement..Since HE IS in charge of everything relating to the team he is also in charge of picking up litter from the practice field.

the Dolphins just cut David Garrard (per the sun-sentinel)..sorry Baby, too bad he got injured.

Still don't like it but oh well we will never get to see his potential I guess.

We could always re- sign him if Tannehill doesn't work out for some reason injury etc.

God you're delusional - David Garrard was 34 years old coming off season ending back surgery, he reached his 'potential' in 2009 as the 6th best quarterback in the AFC on a 7 win team.

Good riddance to washed up garbage, hopefully Reege doesn't pick that one back up.

I still think that if Garrard was healthy he would have been a better option to at least start the year over Tannehill.

Great minds think alike.

Hey Dashi, Centa is up 25% since I told you the big rabbi went all in with the cash from the vault under the garage floor. It's smoking right now.

I think the Dashi-Man is back to Armando's blog, too bad, he was entertaining.

The Dolphins resemble Frankenstein's Monster! A bunch of parts dug up from a graveyard and stitched together, in the hopes that a massive electrical jolt will animate it and make it ALIVE!!!!

Of course Garrard would be better than Tannehill! That bar's so low a snake could step over it.

Patriots are working out Winslow.

Of course they are.

If they sign him they'll have 5 tight ends better than anyone the Dolphins have.

FZB, regarding your post to be patient with Tannehill. Somehow I don't think Tannehill will be the problem. Even if he "fails" he won't be the problem...


rotisserie baeball had its day and was fun for awhile, but i don't get fantasy football or basketball leagues. baseball is a stat driven sport, unlike football and basketball. the guys who thought up rotisserie baseball after a few drinks devised something great that wanna-bes tried to cram into football and basketball. don't fantasy football players change their guys every week and pick and entire team's defense depending on the upcoming opponent? the eight categories chosen-pitching:wins,saves,ERA and walks and hits,inning and hitting:avg., HRs, RBIs, and steals captured the essence of baseball and made for much fun. baseball is a stat driven sport, unlike football and basketball; but if guys are having fun, great- just spare me mr. roto and entire radio shows and magazine articles devoted to fantasy football (and basketball).

As long as Tannehill fails forward he'll be ahright!
Ahhh Right Tom?

I would have given Winslow a long hard look at.

Sounds like Woodcock drafts as well as I do.

OC, thought you'd enjoy seeing this. Look how much bigger Kareem is. When ever they talk about the greatest player in NBA history amazingly Kareem's name is hardly mentioned. What a joke, the man was the most unstoppable offensive force the game has ever seen.


You mean Garrard is going to be kept around to draw $8 mil a year like Saban's QB Curlpecker?

Merling, Henne, Langford, Murphy, Parmele, Thomas, Hilliard, Dotson, Davis, White, Turner, Nalbone, Folsom, Edds, McCoy, Gates, Kearse.
All gone.
Posted by: I am Kazaam | September 04, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Sounds like Kazaam is scoping out the Penn State showers again! Meat gazer!

No excuses for Long, Hartline, Dansby, Sean Smith, Bush. Prove you worth you contract & belong in the NFL!


You mean NIECE, right, douche?

Shadow - fantasy football gives fans a reason to care about whatever random game is on TV.

Shaq calls Kareem the greatest of all time.

the Patriots just signed Lex Hilliard, we are doomed,and if they sign Kellen Winslow Kazaam's head will surely explode.

Garrard..oh,man, that's ripe.
Dolphins may go without a win this year.
I'm going to be positive though and say:
1 and 15.
p.s. I'll bet the folks in Seattle are hoping Saban Buttafucko's namesake has a spot on his roster for Pete Carrol.


i believe that KAJ had the greatest basketball career of all-time: 3/3 NCAA titles, six or so NBA titles. but KAJ would have been stuck one the one he gotin milwaukee had jack kent cooke not drafted magic johnson and had jerry west not taken worthy when it was down to dominique wilkins, terry cummings and big game james. cummings had heart issues, wilkins had knee problems and worthy, except for one year was relativly healthy. as pointed out many times, the showtime lakers were chock full of huys who led their colleges to the NCAA crown- even throwing in butch lee and billy thompson- but i don't think i will ever change from stating that wilt chamberlain was the most awesome force in basketball history. he gave KAJ a tough time defensively even in his advanced years.

Big Baby,

yes he was a little confused on the betting terminology, but 13.5 points is an unbelievably large number that probably approches what you could get betting on the 0-16 lions of a few years back. with 13.5 points cam camerons team would probably have been 12-4 against the spread. as i remember, and i was in san diego then, he lost a lot of close games; the two played in swamps in pittsburgh and in london were within a TD if i remember correctly.

Big Baby,

with 135 points, th e2007 dolphins would have been 10-6, and there were a few very close games.

Look's like fat John Jerry will be our starting RG on sunday and I can tell you my toes are not tingling, he better not get Tannehill killed.


maybe we can start Samuda at center and move Pouncey over to right guard, just a thought.

No, I'm glad GM Fire-Island didn't take long look at Winslow or anyone else for that matter. Wouldn't want too much talent stockpiled on one team.

### Channing Crowder, cut by Miami 14 months ago, keeps ripping the Dolphins on WQAM-560, claiming Philbin “has got a lot of Cam Cameron in him” and that he is doing “too much micro-managing” by worrying about issues such as trash in the locker-room and players cursing. “They’re worried about rat poop when elephant crap is everywhere,” Crowder said.

Channing Crowder speaks the truth.

### “At this point, I’m optimistic that we will be competitive and make the playoffs,” Ross told us in the past few days.

But what about the 0-4 preseason?

“We are a very young team with a first-year head coach and new coaching staff with a new philosophy and scheme,” Ross said. “They are developing the players’ fundamentals and technique during this preseason, so it is not surprising they haven’t stressed winning yet. I believe in this head coach and staff and am looking forward to the regular season, where winning will be emphasized.”

Jason Taylor and Dan Marino said this week that the Dolphins are rebuilding, but Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins dispute that. And based on Ross’ newest comments, he doesn’t seem inclined to cheerfully accept another losing season – even though many expect his general manager’s personnel moves will result in one.

Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland lie.


channing crowder is a hoot, much better sense of humor than football skills. anyone (like dave in LA) who thinks the dolphins are not rebuilding and will be truly competitive this season either has got a functioning crystal ball or is burning hemp at both ends. mike1 hasn't chimed in lately and he has seen every dolphin/texan game and can tell which team is headed up and which has taken on water aplenty. if they are giving the dolphins almost two touchdowns in the betting circles the wise guys aren't even saying RE-building; they're saying that a foundation hasn't been lain. oakland in week two will be the determinant as to where the dolphins are. week one is apt to be a trainwreck.

Fantasy football nerds. Nobody who plays fantasy football has ever seen a vagina.

My starting fantasy team- Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Maurice jones-drew,

Larry fitzgerald, steve smith (car), Jimmy Graham, Sebastian janikowsi, bears d and Fred Jackson

Kaz, Make no mistake. Ross is in another galaxy far, far away orbiting an almost perfectly spherical ball of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields called GM Fire-Island.

Mr. Fine you have a point sir even if you are the forgotten stooge. Plus your hair looks Maarvelous! Really if one can cryogenically freeze Ted's head why Kaz couldn't you & your crack team of biologists, physiologists, chemists & alchemists have dedicated your life's work to cloning Dolphin Owner Richard M. Nixon. Dolphin GM Richard M. Nixon. Dolphin HC Richard M. Nixon. DC Richard M. Nixon. Dolphin talent scouts all Richard M. Nixons. NFL Commissioner Richard M. Nixon. Dolphins never lose another game. I'm telling you.

I guess I still do care about this stinkin' football team God help me.

Rhodes did have an excellent game, especially considering the mammoth size of Duke's D-Line. He was the only bright side of an otherwise disheartening game. FIU laid an egg, but we all know they are better than they played on Saturday, and Duke played better than they are on Saturday.

Sometimes I think you scientists just look for ways to hurt your average longsuffering Dolphin fan...

Kaz, I knew you had goodness in you sir.

Really I can't think of too many things I dislike enough in this vast universe to make me prefer a shower at Penn State. Man I'd root for the J E T S JETS JETS JETS wholeheartedly before taking a shower with Coach Sandusky. Hell even with Sandusky locked up you know that has to be one weird vibe in those showers. They should just demolish them a build new psychically/karmically clean shower building. Very grotesque imagery there. Yes, indeedy very grotesque.

Not enough Clorox and holy water in the world to get those showers clean again I'm afraid.

One more time for all the regulars on here that want Boss Ross, GM Fire-Island & friends to know just what it's like being a tried and true Miami Dolphin fan.


Senor Kazaam,

Channing Crowder is a clown, he's still a bitter little bitch, he's upset with Ireland because he cut his ass and rightfully so he never made a play in all the time he was here, he's a total ass-wipe, he doesn't speak the truth.

Ross is in LaLa land, I do agree he is in a "galaxy far far away".

This is a rebuilding year, everyone knows that, to come out and make those comments shows a total lack of awareness.

so maybe after all these injuries to the offensive line the Dolphins can sign Jake Scott?..third time's the charm?

easy Dukes-Ter,

don't go off the deep end.

FZB, which part? You can't possiby be referring to Sam "the Saint" Kinison, can you? OC loved that bit...

funny Duke..

you're last post was at 2:01 am and now at 7:59 am?, color me impressed.

I'm off to work, see you guys later...

um woody? i was explaining to the idiot complaining about how we are the largest underdog of the week, "and will be every week" that we are starting off the season with a team, THE TEXANS, who have a legitimate shot at winning it all..

real david, according to Boss Ross he almost feels bad for the teams that have to endure the public humiliation at the hands of his MIGHTY talkin' the talk & walkin' the walk Dolphins. Talk about Elephant POOP!

I'm thinking Boss Ross might want to consider EEG and full frontal lobe exploratory surgery OR perhaps running for public office.

(the real) david in los angeles,

your post of a thread or two back stated that the dolphins were preparing for a serious run at the playoffs, to which the wise guys counter dolphins +13.5 against texans. i don't think the dolphins will be the biggest underdog every week, but unless something magical unfolds they won't be favored very often. still open is my offer to take you to any of LA's fine kosher eateries if the dolphins play in the post-season; no tommy's or pink's or burrito king, but some real fine grub. accept or reject (no lose situation as am not asking you for anything should miami not make the playoffs; maybe i'll ask you to post a youtube of "first i look at the purse" by the contours as the background music for an unbelievable dance routine by the nicholas brothers-no out of pocket loss. check it out on youtube-BRILLIANT!!

OKAY, PRESENTING THE BROTHERS NICHOLAS:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8ioa_7axug


shadow what the heck was that?

I think J Geils Band may have done a version of that song that sounded better.

Big Baby,

that was some guy taking the original by the contours and matching it up with a clip featuring the dance seqquence by the great tapdance artists the nicholas brothers. check out the athleticism of these guys!! easily could play CB in the NFL, the both of them! taste is taste, but j.geils' version was speedier and i'll take motown's sax player over the harp of geils' magic dick anytime, and magic dick was a very good harp player.

yup here it is nothing against the Contours.


Big Baby,

another great tune done by j. geils, here in its original form:


ever heard this rocker as it first appeared? at least j. geils knew great songs to pick

Not as it first appeared probably heard Wolf sing it sometime in the late 70's when I was a very young buck but always liked the song it rocks out.


Big Baby, another great rocker in its original form!!!

shadow the spread is plus 11 now for Fins it probably will be a loss but my thinking is that maybe we catch Schaub in rust mode he hasn't played a real NFL game for a long time and we cash in a few pick's and steal one.

Yeah I know Tannehill has never played in a real NFL game but it's something to hold on to anyway.

You are right that Oakland game will be a good barometer for the team as will following week vs. Jets those are both winnable games.

Geez Shadow, I've seen ten drunk rabbis singing Hava Nagila that sounded better than that crap.

Dave, forget all that football crap, how about getting me some of that "Tyson" that you've been smoking. Can you help a guy out?

The 2012/2013 NFL season officially starts today, and for most of us, not a moment too soon. Given that this is an election year and posturing by both sides is enough to make one want to puke. And yes, Kazaam - two - not three. One's gotta pick one side or the other or else the vote is irrelevant. A vote for grey.

Anyway, I found this year's Hard Knocks episodes strangely entertaining, in so much that as a Dolphin's fan, there might not be many entertaining Dolphins' moments for the rest of this season.

I did come away somewhat more optimistic, however. Don't ask why cause I could not sight one item or another. Positive enough to upwardly correct my early prediction from three wins to five.


9-7: Big Baby* (note, he stated: w/ Garrard. any correction, BB?)
8-8: FZB
7-9: (the real) david in los angeles
5-11: Jimbo, duke, Tom, the shadow knows, OC Dolphin
4-12: Anti-Christ, Naples Jack, Rawpimple, redsky
2-14: Mr. Woodcock
0-16: Noel

cite, not sight. You dummy!

Woody, I think Phil goes for his final interview today.

Big Baby,

the line dropped by almost a FG because 13.5 points is a take no matter what. it is not often that any NFL team is favored by two touchdowns and when all that money came in taking the dolphins and the points a reconsideration was made and down to 11 it went. guys who bet with bookies probably didn't get 13.5, maybe 11.5 or twelve, and now those who take action will have to find somebody with a lot of customers who took houston to cover their bets. no matter what happens on sunday, 13.5 points is a take in the NFL.

Quien se va a fajar con Watusi?

Quite the contrary, a vote for either one is irrelevant, there's no meaningful difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

I'm throwing my vote away on the candidate who would fix the country.

OC Dolphin,

nobody can touch ray barreto on this one!! bo diddley
had a "talking song" called "say, man" which was basically a chop fight between two guys. but any song that ends with "blau, blau, blau" is tough to beat (my last rotisserie team had jeff blauser on it and won with the team name "blau,blau,blau" and i went to the Holy Land on the winnings).


Without having to resort to name calling, insults and put-downs, I couldn't disagree more.


There is not a single Cuban guy here or anywhere who does not appreciate that music. Classic Cuban-speak is to cut off the last letter or syllable on every single word.

Maybe I missed it among the millions of emails. Did you say whom you are voting for, Kaz?

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