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September 01, 2012

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 93.9%

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Click on Duke Looks Like Royalty for my column from Chestnut Hill off Saturday's UM victory and the exciting debut of freshman running back Duke Johnson. 

1aa1mepick 1aa1dduckUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 4 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages Sept. 7, and began a 21-day countdown that each day is honoring notable birds. Following the band The Eagles, today we welcome the classic Disney character, Donald Duck.

CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G1: 93.9%: We're back for a fourth season of our blog's Canesfan Satisfaction Meter polls, results are in on our first poll, and they show a robust 93.9 percent overall satisfaction (combined "very" or "somewhat") in the wake of Saturday's 41-32 season-opening UM victory at 1aa1csmBoston College. If you discard the inevitable votes from UM-haters, that's about as close to unanimity as you'll see. We invite you to vote here after every Miami Hurricanes game on your overall level of satisfaction with the team and season. The CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you can still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 10 a.m. today/Monday.

2012 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 93.9% (40.9-v, 53.0-s) following 41-32 victory at Boston College.

Next poll: Sept. 8 following game at Kansas State.

Previous final results:

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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voted very satisfied, the team is night and day better than ANY of the teams coached by Shannon, this team is in way better shape and much better coached.

could care less if they have a losing season, the future is bright.

ps- Is Duke Johnson the Dukes-ter's son?

We need a Defensive Coordinator... D will have lots of issues again this year! Too many big plays and open backs and WR's


Kellen Winslow was cut by Seattle, you still think the Dolphins should go after him?

I'm somewhat satisfied. Very happy with the win. Thrilled with Duke Johnson (duh!). The defense is a work in progress for sure. If they can be more aggressive and stop sitting back in a soft zone I think they'll be alright. Perryman is an absolute beast. Good start to the season. Remember, these days there's no tune-up game to start things off like there used to be.

As for Kellen Winslow... The Dolphins should bring in anyone who can possibly catch passes this year.

the U ain't what it used to be,, U should be satisfied with all the wins they achieve.

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Winslow Jr???
Not sure the guy has much left physically and has approached his entire career as if HE not his Daddy had a HOF career.

Once again, most of the veterans available aren't what Philbin is looking for. Young, upside, team players that will be able to practice & play every day.

Y'all don't realize that this Miami team is a reclaimation project. Misfits & castoffs not need to apply.

Very satisfied, heck, it was a win, ugly, but a win,,but the U need to get some bigger bodies on the line,the current 2013 class sit at 10 and may be max at 16, therefore, the remaining members should be at 6'2, 6'3 320, 330, 340 type players, I dont care if they are 2 stars!!!!

Very satisfied they won against a decent team.

We're walkin the walk here in beautiful South Beach. Yeah, that's what I like to see! And don't forget to buy up those extra-Dolphin seats and root, root, root for your hometown Miami Dolphins who walk the walk and talk the ah..well you know, see yall at the game!

Oh one more thing if some of you could make the effort to turn those Dolphin frowns upside down we surely would appreciate it. So come on Noel, Jimbo, Mr. Woodcock and some of you others lead by example. Get loud and proud! Yeah! Ahaw!

Playing with ALL THESE UNDER-CLASSMEN and STILL PUTTING UP 41 points, ON THE ROAD...I'd say I'm very satisfied.

Pass defense has to improve A LOT...and, they will.

I see FIU (Panthers on the Rise) is losing to Duke 44-14 in the 4th quarter.
I just HAD to bring that up because ONE FIU WHACK JOB was posting about how "FIU'S PROGRAM IS IN BETTER SHAPE THAN UM'S" - are those people on SW 8th Street still living in Havana?


Miami won. That's good. I'll be in ATL to see them play GaTech in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they'll be on a roll. A little defense will help.


our good friend Kazaam posted a 5+minute highlightb real of duke johnson at norland, so turning on the radio after the Sabbath and hearing that he was 7 carries for 137 yards today cane as no surprise- the guy is phenomenal, the best runner at UM since frank gore and as posted in my blog a couple of threads back- "WOW". haven't seen his long runs of today but the guy reads his blocks, waits in the hole to cut back, and has real speed. plus he caught a couple of nice balls in the highlights posted by Kazaam. i would have been surprised if he didn't have a really good game, let alone a debut foir the ages. as stated, if a guy is gonna get the nickname "duke" while in high school, he better be "the man"- and after one game he is. he'll get a little more attention from k-state and won't avergae 20 yards a carry, but he'll avg. 7 yds a carry in his sleep. a first game for the ages and i've seen a whole bunch of debuts. marqise lee of USC is also having an amazing game, but this isn't his first.

Well put Mr. The Shadow Knows. Let me just say that people sometimes accuse me of being a trifle out of touch but I assure you I'm touching Mr. Ireland at this very moment.

Saturday, September 2nd??????

Sign Winslow and Branch. Arena football teams have better pass catchers than we do. But shit for brains Ireland will sit in his office playing minesweeper.

Sir, with all due respect, that tickles... Besides you don't need to spend any more of your precious greenbacks on silly old receivers. The team will just have to make doodoo.


GM Ireland, I'm going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss you long and I'm going to kiss you hard but make no mistake I'm going to kiss you.


about to watch one of the duke's runs on ESPN's highlight show. they showed both of them, and as in high school, he reads the plays, finds cutback lanes and is fast. many good things in store from UM from #8 (like steve young, my favorite pro QB)barring injury. k-state will bring his average down from 20yds/per, but as stated he is gonna avg. 7 yds whether he gets blocking or not. a rare runner and rightfully touted out of high school. and besides excelling at tackle football, i imagine he's tough in flag or touch also.

I voted very satisfied. I liked everything about the game. Down 14, and we score on a long drive and a pick six to tie. Defense is very young but still made plays. The gave up a lot of yards. The offense looked good. Nothing more to say about Duke (not you dukester). Most impressed with the coaching staff. Like you said Kaz, "All Miami needs is a good coach." We can thank your aunt for making us wait ten years. On the road come from behind win. Goal line stand at the end. Conference game. And payback for the loss last year when we got embarrassed at home. Overall I was very impressed.

Compared to the Canes I couldn't give a rat's ass about the Dolphins, and I had season tickets during the superbowl wins.

At the moment many Dolphins fans are having a challenging time giving a rats a** about the Dolphins Mr. Woodcock. Perhaps for reasons other than your own. I'm happy for you and other Canes fans. It is not pleasant to always watch ones team SUCK.

Mr Duke, you've written several rather rude and infantile posts directed at myself and my paramour GM Ireland. However, I'm a tolerant and compassionate soul. Really, once you get to know me you can't help but like me. So here's a word of advice to you and others that may identify with your football plight. None of it matters when the self is recognized for what it truly is, Empty. Think about it won't you. That one was on the house. Best wishes to you & yours...

Dukester, don't get me wrong I root for the fish but I'm 1% committed to the fish while I'm 100% committed to the Canes.

Duke Johnson will be a heisman trophy candidate this season!

Very satisfied they won against a decent team.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 01, 2012 at 09:49 PM

I Had sex with Donna about 36 years ago..
The result...........
Meet my son Jeff Ireland.

so 12 people voted DISSATISFIED? really? idiots..
great start to the season, great road win, and FIU idiots can shut their mouths already, and it's only week 1..

posted somewhat dissatisfied,thought the defense was going to be the weak link just not that weak.I still havent figured out what kind of defense they were playing and if it wasnt for BC having so many dropped passes the score probably would have been reversed. Morris is good except he cant throw the ball across field near the goal line(should have been a pick six for BC). 7-5 probably Too bad we dont play the mighty gators this year because they really suc.


I thought Ireland was MY SON, hhhmmm, I'm going to have to investigate this.

what's surprising is none of the Gay-tors or FS-Who fans have come to bash the Canes..

Matt Moore is still on the team, only a matter of time before he gets traded, its also wise to keep Pat Devlin around, he will be Tannehill's back up next year.

sooo, does anyone know if fat John Jerry is our starting RG?

Why is L Naanee still on this team?..he needs to go.

You luckily escaped Chestnut Hill with a win.

BC mistakes cost them the game.

They looked confident and fought the whole game. Defense coach NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER WITH his schemes though. No pass rush and no coverage

Very nice win. Hello Kaz and Shadow.

Telemaque may be the worst safety in the country. No ball instincts and always late.

Too many dropped passes from Scott and once we stretch the field it will open things up even more for "The Duke".

Defensively...I just don't see us stopping anyone.

Good to see that the offense can put up some points, BUT the defense must improve by getting pressure and not allowing big plays.

What's up baby !!!

I agree. BC made a ton of mistakes, the Canes are very young and will make a ton of mistakes, this is a long year, our defense is horrible, the talent is there but these are kids just out of HS, they have no business playing so early.

its going to take at least two more yrs for the team to mature physically and mentally but like stated before the future is very bright indeed.

what you think of the cuts so far?..I like the wr pick up (Armstrong) but don't know too much about the other players.

I'm still concerned about the offensive line (only the RG position), they have to protect T-Hill and give him a running game if not is going to be a long year for the kid.

The Canes were fortunate that BC not only shot themselves in both feet they also shot themselves in the back of the head. BC had 542 yards of total offense. Not a good day for the Canes D.

On the bright side Duke Johnson is awesome. I think somehow the Miami offensive coordinator needs to find a way to get Duke more than 7 rushes. And he also needs to find a way to get the ball down the field in the passing game. 28 completions for 207 yards is not going to get it.

All that said, the Canes won. So it was a good day. It could be a rough three weeks coming up. At K-State next week, a pushover at home the following and then GaTech in Atlanta. If the Canes are 3-1 at the end of that period it could end up being a good year.

There is hope.......

Posted by: canes_5rings | September 01, 2012 at 08:54 PM

True as regards UM these days, but check out the SEC, Big12, BiG 10, etc.
Cupcakes for 95% of them.
When have the Gators played ANYBODY their first 3 games?
FSU/U SYTILL the best opening games ever.

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | September 02, 2012 at 12:30 AM

With you here, Woody.
In addition, those (rightly) saying BC blew the game, I'd add that on the other side, that wasted 10 yard drive after the fumble should have been 7, not 3, and Scotts bad play on the interception led directly to a BC TD.
We have to have Duke in when we're in the red zone, as he offers more there than does Mike James.
I believe our db's and LB's will grow. Hopefully so, as there were just too many mental errors, especially on our defensive left side.
They need to trust each other, and STAY home.
But 41 points is 41 points. When have we put up that many against a team in the ACC in an opener?
I'd say this offense is READY, and will show well against K-State. Defensively, not ready for that game.
A loss, but competitive if we can somehow contain Collin Klein up the middle.


yes Kazaam was hip to the tremendous talent of miami's newest star. the inclination of some to get the ball to our man duke more and getting him open "in space" really needs re-assessment. granted that 7 is a very low number even for a scatback type (of which duke may be more) but milking a good thing too often, especially a young runner who when he does get hit will absorb punishment, is not the wisest option. the less carries he gets the greater his average will be. it says here that +/- 15 carries would be fantastic for him and UM. a runner carrying the ball 35 times a game and being able to pop what i call "the run bomb" doesn't come along very often, and i would think the last guy to be able to do this was marshall faulk at san diego state. getting the ball to a back "in space" by throwing swing/flat passes takes a tremendous toll on the runner, as guys are running at him at higher speed and without blocking,as linemen today aren't agile enough to get out to the flanks and find smaller, faster defenders that need to be be blocked. duke johnson, like marshall faulk, can catch the ball downfield and makes his own space in the middle of the field by reading his blocks and cutting back. throw swing passes to mike james and downfield routes to the very able young mr. duke johnson.

FZB I like the Armstrong pickup if he can revert back to 2010 form.

The other guys who knows waiver wire pickups are usually a crap shoot as we know but if they can help with depth on d then good moves.

BC will also be having a bad season I believe go Fins!

Hey Jimbo, break out some Windex and shine up that glass house, Pederast State lost to the Ohio Bobcats.

Happy with the Hurricanes' offense - BC wanted to stop the deep plays and keep everything in front of them, Canes adjusted and dinked and dunked them to death.

Encouraged by the defense, they blitzed more against BC than they did against any team last season. Disconcerting that they still couldn't produce pressure but at least we know the DC was telling the truth about holding back last season as players adjusted to the new staff and schemes.

Anthony Armstrong is an overachieving practice player who disappears against NFL defenses.

Dolphins already had a bunch of those.

scuba - Telemaque has Tracy Howard and Deon Bush breathing down his neck, if that can't push him to improve nothing will.

Scott had some bad plays but Thompkins was the biggest disappointment, he seemed most likely to emerge as a senior feature WR to put together a Hankerson/Streeter type year and make it to the NFL.

why is it a lot of teams play 1 maybe 2 cupcake tuneup games to begin season? CANES don't I like that. we have BCC but that's in between 2 decent opponents....

Because U play 4 or 5 Cupcakes a year within Ur Conference.


teddy opted out when randy shannon was given the boot and he is having a great game for louisville against UK- seems he wanted to play for a coach of color.

geno smith was unreal yesterday, another miami product gone elswhere becausr UM stuck with the incredibly bad jacorry harris, now a minor afterthought but a majot cause for the canes mediocrity during his years. don't blame the coaches- #12 threw away game after game, we think lowlighted by the bowl game with ND where he was 3/3 on balls intercepted from the get go.

the jacorry harris apologists can blame themselves in great part for major talent at QB playing for w va and louisville.


agreed about anthony armstrong; i thought steve slaton was running well and releasing him for a flop of a passcatcher- well, we'll see. is slaton on the practice squad, or released outright?

great win and very satisfied. under shannon we lacked the capability to start out bad and come back. that takes guts and leadership. we got that saturday and more. we saw a team of very young players start off jittery and come back as veterans. i saw a offense that can put numbers up we have not seen in years. i saw a defense that started scared and finished strong. bc was not a push over like fsu and florida faced. we faced a team that was fast and well coached. under shannon they would have run over us! crockett your comment shows you have no clue what you spoke about. yes fsu and fla played pushovers we did not. bc will win the east. wanna bet. lol

Mr. Woodcock, when you said you couldn't give a ratz a** about Fins compared to Canes, despite having season tickets for both their SB seasons, I was understandably taken aback. One because I thought you had said you were a Crimson Tide fan in the past. But more remarkably because I couldn't find a legitamate reason why I was still a Fin fan, beyond a 40 year old IMAGE/MEMORY of glory days past. Yeah there were some fun times thereafter with Killer Bees, Harris hook and lateral to Nathan against Chargers and of course some fun moments with Marino. Disappointment has reined however, when name of game is King of the Mountain in the NFL. Perhaps when and IF they become more relevant I'll start to care again but now I'm just pissed and I haven't got time for such BS.

PS That will likely mean when they either transfer ownership or current owner lucks into competent GM. No offense FZB.

One thing is for sure, this current regime could be a homerun hitter from a dynasty, correction relevancy, have "THE DUKE" at their fingertips in the draft and pic a loser instead ready for the glue factory.

We're walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk or is it talkin' the talk and walkin' the walk? No wait it's talkin' and walkin' while chewing the gum no.. Oh cockydoody what was I just saying?


commendable to stick with a team through the thin; i've been a fan of the bengals for 40+ years and they have had some great moments and teams, and a horrible stretch in the 90s and 00s until marvin lewis made them decent again. they play in what has almost always been the best and most competitive divison in the NFL. and boy did it hurt when the steelers knocked carson palmer out in the playoffs when pittsburgh was the lowest seeded team and the bengals were on/near the top. a dolphins fan has plenty to remember besides the 72 and 73 teams as you noted. i was rooting for miami in the game against the chargers where kellen winslow the first acted his way off the field like james brown used to during his big finale of "please, please". i was very happy that the next week the high tech air coryell offense couldn't function in the -50 wind chill against the bengals. going down 20-0 in the super bowl and coming back only to have four running plays stuffed at the goal line and then getting SF again in the SB here at joe robbie to lose in the last minute were not easy to digest, but there are still teams that haven't gone to the SB, although not many. going multiple times as the dolphins and bengals leaves out SD, chicago, detroit (0), the browns in either incarnation (0), seattle, the cardinals and a whole bunch of the newer teams. you are absolutely correct sir- no offense this year for the dolphins and 5 games may be the limit. a lot of the "experts" see buffalo as improved, but mario williams or not, the jets and bills seem like bottom feeders to me and the dolphins will have a shot to win those two divison home games.

No offense taken Dukes-ter, the truth is simply hidden from you..


the dolphins keeping marcus thigpen instead of steve slaton and clyde gates being picked up by anybody, let alone the jets (i think)!!! any team that has clyde gates either knows something that none of us does or is blind- the guy has been just a misery as a wideout. maybe they have him pegged as a PR/KR now that joe mcknight is their primary runner.

Good empathic points shadow. Hope you're right FZB. I can admit when I'm wrong...


the term used by a jets writer about picking up edmond/clyde. another tony sparano reunification and the only thing that was said about gates was that he has blazing straight ahead speed, which we all knew when the dolphins got him. has shown very little football ability and can't catch a thrown pass. another reason to think that the NYJ are in the same troubled boat as the dolphins.

i understand jorvorskie lane besides the a&m connection. he is huge and can run over defenders that are smaller than him as he has decent speed. he didn't look like he was at 277 lbs. against dallas, but he flattened guys trying to make form tackles on him. for him it's grab the back leg and hang on. he may be a decent blocker and occasional runner/receiver.

Missed that Kellen Winslow was released, don't think he would be let go if he could still run intermediate seam routes with his knee problems (WVU...).

I don't care about the Dolphins record, all that matters is seeing what they have in Ryan Tannehill and they can't do that with practice squad receivers. They need big targets, it's worth overpaying Plaxico Burress and Kellen Winslow for a year to be safety blankets. Jeremy Shockey isn't even asking to be overpaid.

Unfortunately we have a limp d*cked coach who can't handle 'problem' players. Reege would rather have his rookie quarterback slink to the sideline every third down after another dropped pass than have a player who might litter on the practice field.

Kellen Winslow was the man, that West Virginia catch is one of the better UM games I've been to.


Relax Kazaam, we haven't even played the first game, there's got to be a reason why Winslow was cut by two different teams the same year, maybe the guy can't play anymore.

the same thing applies to Burress or TO, teams don't give up on good players, teams wanna win.

I think the Dolphins will have a rough early part of the season but things will get better as Tannehill gets comfortable with the pro game and the schedule gets easier but there is no question this will be a great experience for him.

shadow, the other killer about 2nd Bengals vs 49ers SB matchup was Tim Krumrie going down on like first play. Like, "Why hast the football gods forsaken me...?" Nixon would have made great Miami Dolphin owner. Think about it. This was a man who lets say knew the value of winning...


i am with you on tim krumrie, he did go down really early in the game; however as good as he was that year- i think he was AFC defensive player of the year- you gotta have somebody on the bench that can play well. the bengals held the 49ers pretty well but a little more pressure on that last drive and...?

No Duke, I like the SEC and have always thought they were the top conference overall. That doesn't mean they have the best team however, SC, OK, Tex, Miami, Fl.St. Ohio State come to mind. Since the Jim Kelly days I've have been an ardent fan of the Canes. I would say they are my favorite sports team.

No other team in any sport is even close.


winslow the second is far removed from the catch against w va. he always has been a head case and his talent level in college didn't accompany him to the NFL. that whole "this is war" rant (from his perspective or any other ballplayers perspective is true in their frame of reference) didn't go over well with our soldiers coming home in boxes or missing limbs or eyesight. he got branded as a dolt, got hurt, and went to sorry teams which couldn't cater to his talents; at this point the wonder boy is an entrenched journeyman and would join like kind if the dolphins signed him.


an almost $14 million dollar price tag and a refusal to take a pay cut doomed him in seattle and is gonna keep him off the roster of any team that doesn't have money to throw his way. checked out his stats and they have been very consisent right through last season. methinks his attitude and less than stellar blocking skill aren't gonna help him. he had a good pre-season with the seahawks but the contract was a bit much and any team is gonna shelve a guy making his money for an entry level salary. on the talent side i see your being for getting him, but the dolphins are not gonna pay him four million plus a year.

Last episode of season 5 of 'Breaking Bad' was on yesterday, best show on TV, get the DVDs and get caught up if you haven't seen it.



the dolphins are grasping at straws, having men on their roster who have played in the above mentioned enterprises, some like thigpen in two; i am venturing to say that half the teams in the NFL don't have a single player who has played on the "junk league" circuit. i don't count the CFL as many reaaly decent players have gone there, but the indoor leagues (okay, i get kurt warner was an indoor guy) are really a stretch. only thing missing is "the lingerie league"
to which the dolphins may have to resort to fill some seats if the season gets out of hand quickly. "the intense league" for anthony armstrong, signed and cut by the dolphins and caught +/- two TD passes last season? it ain't gettin' any better, my friends.

Kazaam, PSU lost a lot in the last few months. A little overkill if you ask most of the country. Losing to Ohio is not the end of the world. Glass house survive Hurricane Isaac fine,,, just fine. Didn't even spill my beer.

Duke Johnson is a fine football player. Good job recruiting him.

shadow, junk league occasionally has talent. Wake is a productive pass rusher. Warner & others. Thigpen has "it" meaning he can turn a crease into a TD whether he's running, catching or kick returning.

Dolphins should have swallowed their pride and released 3rd rd pick TE Egnew. "Eggy" blocks like girl and dropped preseason game passes.

Kazaam, nice to know you favorite show is white trash cooking meth......

shadow, I volunteer to put on my former HS football uniform & play against the "lingerie league ladies". I am ready to "FACE" all of those dirty little bitches.


cameron wake was no shock to me; comin from a league where there are only three downs, receivers are moving towards the scrimmage line before the snap, and a huge field make sacks difficult; when he brought those CFL sack numbers with him, they seemed impressive to me.

if thigpen turns out to have "it" i will be surprised.

Jimbo - actually most of the country thinks the penalty was appropriate or not harsh enough, but the majority of the country are also self righteous schmucks.

I'm with you though, they would have moved on from the death penalty quicker than they'll move on from the penalty they got, unfair to vacate all those wins too, there's no competitive advantage from blowing eight year olds.


Duke Johnson recruited himself, UM's his dream school, he was coming here no matter what, like Anthony Chickillo. Nice to have those kinds of players around the program - Duke actually recruited the #1 player in Florida, #13 in the country, Tracy Howard to switch from UF on signing day.

Breaking Bad is great, three best actor emmys in a row for Cranston, the series has won 26 industry awards, nominated for another 60.


the referee properly calls a penalty when the ballcarrier is pushed while out-of-bounds, an automatic personal foul. but joey galloway says it is a "terrible" call at "this juncture of the game" because the ref is involving himself!! 60 minutes or 6 seconds to go, the officials' jobs are to call blatant penalties. this was no judgment call. players whose idea is that the players should decide the game and not the refs are retarded, especially in this context. remember when the ref let a traveling go on chris weber before the infamous time-out call? horrible, but that is what joey galloway wants. a well-coached team doesn't make disastrous penalties such a syracuse committed.

Duke Johnson via Sue Degnan.

“To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s one game or a whole season, I’m not going to broadcast myself. I try to stay to myself always and not be into the scenes and spotlight. …I would never let football, or anything, get to my head to where I change who I am.”

“When I went to cut and get the first down [safety Jim Noel] grabbed my face mask, lifted my helmet and hit my nose with his hand. Some people don’t expect me to be that type of back. They just expect me to run around you and try to make you miss.”

what's up guys, hope everyone had a good and safe labor day weekend.


anytime a guy carries 30 times a game, as i imagine mr. duke johnson did in high school, they're gonna be tough. as stated often,runners are the toughest players on the field because they absorb the most punishment getting hit by 3 or 4 guys on most plays. the really great runners- marshall faulk, barry sanders, marcus allen, the loathsome #32 for USC- could carry the ball workhorse style for 3 1/2 quarters and still have the goods to break long runs in the 4th quarter. UM ought to be in no hurry to run #8 25 times a game yet; one of SC's best running attacks featured charles white pounding the line with dwight (sudden) ford coming in for a change of pace and breaking long runs as the defense couldn't adjust to his lightning speed after charles white and his 5 yard bursts. not degrading charles white- his carrying the ball non-stop against ohio state in the rose bowl on the winning drive featured him popping into the secondary consistently, same with ND that year. you had to be a horse to be USC's TB in the mckay/robinson years.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt told The Houston Chronicle that he has picked up the Dolphins’ snap counts by watching HBO’s Hard Knocks. ..

soooo ya think they will keep the snap count the same in the regular season? especially now that JJ Walker said that publically. ? "DYNO - MITE!"


letting cameras into the locker room has been a disaster for both the marlins and the dolphins. if young mr. watt has gotten the cadence down, this is another reason to keep the cameras out; it was a disater for the NYJ last year and looms as such for miami 2012. selling tickets (supposedly versus selling out the team- another bright move by the besieged dolphin "brain" trust. have fun with the lingerie girls!!

Dolphins are in a role they will be in each week, largest underdog of the week. 13.5 points, even if it was 28 point take the Texans and the points. Miami will be lucky to be within 20 points of any team this year.

i attended the bc/miami game, and the team looks like a team. i have watched miami football since the 60's as a cane fan graduating from the U in 1970. what impressed me most, and never saw before was the whole team coming to the section where the miami fans were and saluting us before the game, and coming over as a team after the victory. the team also was disciplined, and no bravado crap. hopefully , they can keep this up. it was a pleasure to watch them play.

The only thing that Trojans are good for is to hold my jizz.

Screw Virginia Tech and the horse they rode in on.

By the time that Scotty Schenter is done squealing like a pig SC is going to be on probation for 20 years.

shut up, finished.. they're starting the year off with a team with a legitimate shot at a superbowl run.. relax..

Texans on the road may be the hardest game & worst blowout of the season for the Dolphins.

LA Dave,
I don't think any U fans voted "disastified" only Anti U & fans of other teams vote like that.


13 1/2 point underdogs in the NFL? a rare happening and a statement as to where the wise guys think are headed.

"take the texans and the points"? take the texans and lay/give the points is what you meant, methinks. your statement would mean houston is the underdog and even though not a betting person i'd be happy to break down and take houston with the game starting texans 13.5, miami 0. hey, we all get confused at times but houston +13.5 is the lock of the year. anyway, welcome to our merry blogsite and don't be bashful about posting. we have some solid citizens who opine here on the good ship cote.

real dave in LA,

your optimism about the dolphin chance this year is not shared by many. "legitimate shot at a super bowl run"? young man, you are a true supporter of your team and if they make the playoffs, or even are in the scramble for a wild card spot with two games left, i'll fly to LA and treat you to dinner at the kosher establishment of your choice, even steak at pat's or a dairyfest at mama speilberg's milky way. what do the wise guys say is the +/- on dolphin wins? from ourbunch here, i would think 4.5 or 5.5 games, which would be an interesting wager; however 9-10 would be needed by anybody outside the AFC west, where another 8-8 might do the trick.

I think he was talking about The Texans shadow although it sort of reads like that.

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