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September 15, 2012

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 50.2%

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CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G3: 50.2%: Results are certified for the latest edition of the Canesfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 50.2 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday's 38-10 home-opening victory vs. Bethune-Cookman 1aa1csm12putting Miami's season record at 2-1. Back for a fourth season, our blog's CSM polls are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season. The CSM is a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you can still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Monday.

2012 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 93.9% (40.9-v, 53.0-s) following 41-32 victory at Boston College.

G2: 14.7% (7.0-v, 7.7-s) following 52-13 loss at Kansas State.

G3: 50.2% (7.5-v, 42.7-s) following 38-10 victory vs. Bethune-Cookman.

Next poll: Sept. 22 following game at Georgia Tech.

Previous final season results:

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)


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gent's, I'm here to tell you that Duke Johnson is the REAL deal, the kid has blazing speed and great instincts, we are in good hands for this year and the next two.

the young Canes are getting a lot of playing time, Golden played a bunch of the freshman today which can only help in the long run, they are not ready to play against the big boys yet but their time will come in two more years.

a lot of empty seats, disappointing.

Morris had an off game, every throw was high, the kid does have a cannon for an arm.

Anyone hear any info regarding how severe the injury to Perryman is?

I was really fearful of injuries this game. Too many of these guys know each other, but the envy factor for B-C led to some cheap shots, one obvious one to Duke. No penalty. What else its new?
We gain nothing playing these teams. Enough with Shalala's philanthropy. This game cost the program money, and possibly a player.

At least a game with FIU would put fannies in the seats.

Funny seeing the picture on Yahoo of the 300 people that went to the game. On another note that will be 175 more then should attend the Dolphin game on Sunday.

Shalala the CHEAP...get us a real coach!!!!


ever since Kazaam posted the highlights of mr. duke johnson toying with high schoolers in the state championship game for norland, his UM exploits are no surprise to me; as stated, you gotta be "the man" when they call you "duke" before you get to college, and he is "the man". a delight to watch, to say the least. we'll see if UM and its porous run defense can match scores with ga tech.


have stated over and over that he has an accurate (not tonight) but not a bazooka arm. for bazoka arms, see aaron murray of georgia- that guy can really sling it. georgia is in a game with FAU, but they'll win this and battle the gators form the SEC east. i think even with the losses, that mark richt has a solid club that is not gonna get pushed around easily in the conference.


my alma mater is looking lousy and matt barkley looks out of sync; stanford has beaten barkley three times running and looks like it will win again- stanford just scored the tying TD and SC is on the way to the first of 2-3 conference losses i thought they'd suffer.


matt barkley and USC are prime examples of the word "hype"- barkley has been awful and so has the trojans run defense worse than that. even if USC ties this game, which they won't unless barkley finds hisself after a major disappearing act, oregon will be the team to beat in the conference even though they play USC in LA. the key is where they the ducks play stanford.

TEDDY BRIDGEWATER- another huge game

terrific qb from northwestern, better than jacorry harris ever showed. a shame he left because randy shannon got fired, seemingly because he wanted to play for a black coach. anybody got any other reason that he'd bolt the canes.


as much as i can't stand stanford, i love the way they mash the ball running the pill. even with andrew luck at the helm, they were a power running team and have been so since before toby gearhart. want an offensive lineman NFL ready? look to palo alto. the dolphins' brightest spot may be jonathan martin, and he was only the tribe's second best lineman after david decastro who got hurt and i believe is cooked for the year. the trojans couldn't score in the second half, couldn't run or protect the superhyped QB and couldn't stop runs up the gut. look for the ducks, bruins, and maybe another pac-? team to knock them off. a miserable game coached by a misery of a father-son tandem. monte kiffin is out of his league and ought to run back to the NFL with his defensive "mind".

U wanna trade me for Ur backUp QB ?

oUr backUp for Ur starter ?

hola arty ... Win

qUe ?


the bruins are better than usc with a bunch of youngsters almost as green as UM. can't stand the kiffins and all this bologna about barkley, heismans, national titles just said adios to USC. it said here that USC wouldn't even beat the ducks once, let alone twice-even though both games are at home- and the trojans will probably not even win the pac-? south.


well i am sure you gad a magnificent evening watching SC after the first quarter; they were miserable and stanford beat them to a pulp. barkley looked like jay cutler, which is by no means a compliment. the game did feature an incredible 4 and really long catch by marqise lee, falling backwards and keeping one foot in, but besides the two wideouts and deion bush (a real sleeper and a terrific DB in coverage) and t.j. macdonald, the trojans returned a lot of players who can't play. the year that was supposed to be such a great one might have USC and UM in the las vegas bowl. the trojans are gonna drop to five spots below UCLA and deservedly so. they stunk last night and need a miracle game versus oregon to turn the season back around, and it ain't gonna happen.

HA !!! USC LOST !!!

there goes their chance at the national championship, Barkley should have come out, somewhere Woodcock is very happy.

Shadow, you are correct about Barkley, he doesn't have a cannon for an arm but over all I think he can play.


looked like a marlins "crowd"!! a lot of people missed the chance to see mr. duke johnson display his talents, and he's got many. a youngster loyal to the U and a shame teddy bridgewater is not there running the show for the cane offense. he is ripping it up at louisville, to say the least.

Heaven help us when we play GA Tech and FSU...they put up 600 yards of offense on this defense.

Its gonna take 4 years, to clean up the mess that Al
Golden inherited. But he, will get it done. No doubt
He has the best freshman in the country in Duke Johnson
hands down. Once he gets his quarterback, in place who he recruited. Change will really come. Not till then.

Golden, is a tremendous leader and man. He will get just
real kids, that follow his foot print. It just takes time

Stephen Morris, is not a great player at the college level. At quarterback, Randy Shannon recruited mediocrity
You have Preston Dewey, who will take the job,and Chris Olsen, the best quarterback Miami has recruited since Kenny Dorsey. Than change will really come.

Pitt played impressive in their win against VaTech.

In answer to the many responses to Stephen Morris off day. It does not matter what kind of a connon you have for an arm. If you do not have the mental attributes, you cannot be classified as a reliable player at any position, any sport. That comes under the heading of coach/manager. The Marlins manager, Canes coach and let us see about the Dolphins Coaches. I have witnessed multiple times many interviews with many high profile players and the one thing they all agreeon and have in common, to perform his/her sport of choice is OVER 90% mental. I have yet to hear anyone articulate or mention mental. In baseball on a scale of 1-10 with the 10 being the master, No player grades higher than a one. This bythe players calculation. Coaches do not even reach the scale and owners below that for hiring them (Marlins manager). It is the Coach/Managers responsibility to raise the level of every player under his/her tutorage. You should not have to replace players if Staff do their jobs. Get a staff that teaches mental. THAT IS NOT BEING DONE BECAUSE THE STAFF DOES NOT KINOW THE MENTAL. Either replace unqualified staff or continue to play with mediocrity

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