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September 09, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 17.2%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G1: 17.2%: The fifth season of our blog's Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame polls is underway, this first one showing 17.2 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 30-10 season-opening 1aa1dsmloss at Houston. That's actually reasonably high after a lopsided loss, perhaps owing to the notion one seven-minute meltdown offset 3 1/2 quarters of pretty decent play vs. a strong opponent. The DSM is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feel about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you can still vote) but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:45 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

Next poll: Sept. 16 following game vs. Oakland.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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Any loss stinks, but it looks like the Dolphins can move the ball against a good defense- they just can't hold on to it. I'm actually more optimistic about the season then I was before kick-off.

QB RATINGS (whatever they mean):

tannehill 39, weeden 5.1!!!! that is below alex smith's numbers his first season. may be the lowest rating ever for anyone who commpleted a pass.

Hey I'm an optimist, I voted very satisfied because no matter how Tannehill looked today or how bad the team looked today I know he and the team are going to get better..

do any of you guys still want to keep K Dansby?..I'm telling you have to trade this guy, he sucks

Jimbo (from the previous blog)..

You mentioned that Philbin, Ireland and Tannehill deserve the benefit of the doubt and stay for at least two more years?..I agree but your going to become "persona non grata" like me for defending Ireland...

Well, the Colts lost which is good news since we have their numero 2 in the draft.

Luck 3 int's-,Tannehill-3 int's and Weeden 4-int's, tough day for the rookies.

RG III-was awesome, of course Kaz will say that the Dolphins should have mortgage the future for him in 3,2,1....

Take the #1 off of Tannehill's jersey and your left with Chad Henne. Didn't see much difference! Thank God for 1972:)

I kept bouncing to the Skins game when the Pats were in a break, let me tell you, RG 3 looked good. I swear every time I switched over, he had his team in Saints territory. I generally don't get to sky high with rookie QBs, but he moved the dial for me.

FZB- To be fair, the 3 QBs you mentioned play for 3 of the worst teams in the NFL.


Dolphins are Dog Poop

Not as bad a game as it could have been, Reggie Bush picked up where he left off last year, Randy Starks picked up where he left off as a DT a few years back, and Ryan Tannehill looked alright, although it's hard to say much with those receivers and without him attempting any passes more than 10 yards.

Can't feel too bad about any losses this year, a loss is just one step closer to the worst GM in football being fired and a higher draft pick for his replacement to use.

Draft Barkley?

Just a pathetic performance.

Will Tannehill ever get a TD?


That was a semi-positive post (except for the Ireland thing), I'm proud of you...You see you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Quality of players based on season ticket sales?
Trade Marshall,Davis,cut Bell saved 19 million....
Pathetic Performance...St.Thomas Aquanis would kick
their behind

Eat a d*ck FZB.

Crazy stat - that return touchdown was the first for the Dolphins since 2007!

4 years with no return touchdowns, and those teams definitely needed all the easy scores they could get.

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I didn't see much from anyone on the Dolphins. If we remove the homer glasses and see things for what they really are, the Phins got lucky that the Texans stopped themselves on numerous occasions. Houston was pitching and catching most of the game while our offense didn't get much done other than the running game, albeit, no TDs. Had Houston not stop themselves, this game would have been a lot uglier than it was.

Even though I am OK with giving Tannehill an opportunity to prove he is worthy of being annointed the Phins next franchise QB, I just don't see it happening. I said it about Henne when he got drafted, and I was right; the guy sucked and now he is a second stringer behind a QB named Gabbert. WOW! Tannehill won't be as bad as Henne, but he is no franchise QB. In a year or two or three, I will be back here to tell you 'I told you so'. If I am wrong, GREAT. I will be here and admit it. Truthfully, I hope I am way, way wrong and would love nothing more than to eat a nice, big, fat and juicy crow.

Now now Kazaam,

I'm trying to teach you to be a little more "positivo" and you're acting like a 10 year old cursing at me like that, shame on you.

now, where were we?...Aaah Yes, just to remind you this year is about Tannehill, he's playing QB (just like you wanted), he's going to get the experience that he needs and we're going to get a high draft next year to continue the rebuilding process, J Ireland is still going to be around for a while (there's nothing you can do about that) so you might as well enjoy it and don't complaint about it anymore.

OK Buddy?...no more cursing.

FZB, Tannehill had a poor performance with those batted down passes and interceptions. And if Sherman kept calling for Tannehill to throw into that coverage, which he probably did, he shares the blame for not switching up the plays. And so does Philbin for not telling Sherman, to keep the ball away from Watt. Also, Tannehill is staring down his receivers, this is his biggest flaw since the D reads this and knows where the ball is going.


I agree with you on Tannehill, he did have a poor game but that's to be expected, the only way he is going to get better is by going through this baptism under fire.

you can't rush this, he will get better as he gets more comfortable at reading defenses and the speed of the NFL game, is going to take time.

I thought the offensive line had some good moments, they were playing one of if not the best defense in the NFL and they held their own for a while, at the end the defense got tired and the offense didn't come through.

the batted down passes are a concern, they need to take care of that.


Comparing Talleywhacker to Marino is like comparing Gregory Peck to Carrot-top !!!!

As a matter of fact think carrot top could probably coach them better!!!

Someone wrote the Dolphins are dog poop.
Please stop insulting dog poop.

If our football teams would be a movie they would be titled..........


You know what scratch that title.........more like....


you two (Orange and Mr Jew) are like little children.

don't you have something better to do?

Between this Dolphin game & the Canes game ,this football weekend has been the worse ever.

ANYONE WHO SAYS they are ok with LOSING YET ANOTHER GAME is completely brain dead.





I don't think anyone has said that they are ok with losing, this team is young and getting younger because we are in a rebuilding year, the days of signing high prized free agents are over and we are building through the draft.

no one is happy about it but it will take time to do this, your ranting and raving is kind of funny, it shows that you either don't know shit about football or your are a kid, either way it doesn't matter, the team is finally on the right track, we have a young QB that will only get better, we will have about 60 mil in cap space next year to sign out own free agents (the one's we want to keep) and we have a bunch of draft choices to continue the rebuilding process.

as for the GM, we already have a good one in place.

good night you all, I'm going to watch the Broncos and the Steelers and probably fall asleep in about five minutes, hehe

Pure horse hack. Horrible.

No surprise this weekend, except Broncos beat Pitt and NO lost to Wash! The rest, including Fins loss, easy pics!!!

Nite all!

good morning to all, nice article by Cote.


Payton looked like the old Payton yesterday, nice win for the Broncos.

it was a weird start to the season, Green Bay lost at home, the Saints lost at Home (RG III was outstanding) the Eagles almost lost to the Browns and the Lions also struggle to the Rams.

Good night Mary Ellen.

They should have let the second round pick cover Andre Johnson yesterday, couldn't have been worse than Sean Smith or Richard Marshall.

I hate to say I told you all so on Tannehill, but he was a wasted pick at #8, a project. He will be on the bench either due to injury or benching--like I said before, most likely the latter. One game, I get it, but the kid is in over his head. Hope Lauren's career can take off because getting rich in the NFL is going to be a tough proposition. However, being a back-up QB in the NFL isn't a bad gig. You still make money and save your body from tremendous abuse. I just want the fins to lose from here on out so they can get a top draft pick, and have a chance at a real QB instead of a buying a lottery ticket hoping a project turns into the next Marino.
The Canes on the other hand are a complete mess, a disaster. Unlike the Dolphins the Canes are spiraling out of control without hope. It is ugly and quite unfortunate. We will never know the truth if Al Golden is a good coach or not because he will not be able to attract the talent to come play for a school in such terrible shape.
One final note to cocky Jeff Ireland--go back to the Chicago and keep reliving your Richard Dent days because you think you are much better then you are at evaluating talent. Tannehill will be your downfall. Just start packing your bags now before you destroy another Dolphins draft.

There should be no surprise that Miami sucked. Our nitwit GM traded our best WR to the Bears (oh by the way, Marshall caught 9 passes for 119 yds and a TD) for nothing. Tannehill has absolutely nothing to work with. So Tannehill may or may not be the future QB but you couldn't tell anything from yesterday.

So I voted very satisfied because experience for Tannehill will pay off in the future. And the more losses we rack up the better the draft pick next year.

Yea, Miami can't recruit talent, that's why Al Golden's recruiting class after a 6-6 year was ranked in the top 10 by scout, rivals, and espn, right dickhead?


walter payton, peyton manning

the dolphins did tannehill no favor by not having him roll out on one play, to the best of my memory. all those knocked/tipped passes were terrible, but they drafted a guy who started 19 games in a horrible defensive conference. the dolphins ran pretty much everything up the gut-both runs and the location of their passer- and it was a horrible sight. let's see if they roll the QB out a little against oakland or leave him there for the same result.

Mr. Woodcock,

how about them bruins? a qb who can throw and another bruin runner who is both athletically gifted and the possessor of a brain. as i have told you for awhile, mnay of my favorite athletes have been bruins and i am thrilled that the intra-city rivalry is back on. UCLA shredded an historically stout nebraska defense for almost 700 yards!! they gave up a lot, but were a great watch saturday night. it was a terrific night for the pac-?, and i am sure the times and the town are buzzing about the rejuvenation of the bruins,


I attribute this Bruin turnaround to the arrival of my son and his good karma:-)

Ryan Hennehill cannot play quarterback in the NFL. Hell, he can't play quarterback in the CFL or the Arena League. This is not up for debate. Another first-round bust. Lather, rinse, repeat.


don't worry about being a "persona non grata" here. of the many loyal dolphin fans who post, methinks you are at the top of those who remain optimistic and don't abandon ship. sniping at the team and management is easy, defending the sometimes poor play, player selection,... difficult. awaiting a major test for the dolphins on sunday. we'll see how the raiders do tonight against the always slow-starting chargers of norv turner. the MNF doubleheader is a lot of football one one night, but i think has been in place since right after 9-11. the bengals and ravens and chargers and raiders- two divisonal games and we'll see if the ravens are the best team in the NFL, which i think they are. solid defense and good running- "old man football", just the way melikes it.

Kazaam, you really need to understand how recruiting rankings work especially with your scientific background. Golden signed a ridiculous number of kids--i.e. tons of 3 star talent. Sure he hit a few higher ranked kids, but these are kids the Hurricanes will always get--the homegrown kids. Other than that, it was a ton of very average kids. When you sign that number of kids your rankings get inflated. They did that because they know the reductions and hammer are coming. The Canes wont sniff the top 10 again for several years, if that. I guarantee they dont get top 10 this year. Wanna bet? Of course you dont, because you know they wont be able to recruit well anymore, especially with the reductions and sanctions coming and the crap they have consistently put on the field. I did check the rule book though and it says you are allowed to have a clue.


the less throws (except for NE) the better chance to win. manning and ALEX SMITH used the run to keep the defenders off them, and baltimore will do the same tonight.


if alex smith, who was completely lost in his rookie season and for awhile after that, can become a competent "game manager"-having frank gore does help- there is real hope for your guy #17. alex smith's QB numbers his first few years were a joke, but playing for jim harbaugh he is joining the top tier of QBs. it took awhile and the right coach, but if he can make it so can tannehill. over under on raven passes tonight- 28, and i'll take the over because the bengals have a decent running defense. but it wont be 35, which is what SD might have at halftime.


While the spirit of your argument may be sound, I think that very good prospects will still be interested in accepting offers from the standpoint of - a) the school's appeal, as in Miami a great place to hang for three or four years, b) it's excellent player reputation and history, c) the school's high radar signature which does not disappear come NFL scouts.

The popular and current view which argues that talented prospects will not seriously consider the school due to pending sanctions is not necessarily 100% certain. One only has to take a look at USC. Specifically, their NCAA levied sanctions while still maintaining high rankings.

Heck, they just exited all that and ranked what? #1,#2?


Congrats on nailing that 30 to 10 score. I voted Very dissatisfied, but I would have voted that way before the game started. I suppose I will continue to be "very dissatisfied" until such time that Stephen Ross either ceases to be the owner, and/or jettisons Jeff Ireland off the team.

OC I understand your side---A) is true. The Miami area recruits itself.
I don't agree about USC and Miami being similar. USC has been consistently good. That LA, Hollywood area is far different then Miami and the weather is much better. USC hasn't fallen off the map--they have put very strong coaches in place and now put a guy who is a questionable coach but incredible recruiter in there.
Miami made a big mistake in hiring Randy Shannon. After Coker, they needed a big splash, someone to put them back on the map. They failed. Miami has not been relevant in quite some time and that past of putting players in the NFL is just about forgotten. Once guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed go, that history will be a distant memory. What people see now is SEC football, particularly Alabama, LSU, and teams like USC. USC did not fall off the map like Miami. They didnt suffer through poor coaching and recruiting. USC is not a small private school with a troll at the helm who is playing a role in destroying their sports. Miami is suffering going into their scholarship reductions and possible sanctions. USC was not.
Miami has been on a pretty consistent run of poor recruiting, coaching, and on field production. It does not look to get better any time in the near future especially with what is to come. In order to build this thing back up will take remarkable leadership and an out of this world coach and recruiter, and that is not likely to come until after getting through the punishment.

Mr. Ross, you have two options. Number 1- clean house including Mr.Jiffy (I mean Jeffy)and give the keys to the team to either Cowher or Gruden. They may not take us to a super bowl right a way, but we will be respectable.
Number 2- Sell


Agree that it would or will take a focused intent to prioritize the U's program back up to the required level. Many on here do not believe that the current president, coaches, etc. are the folks who could do this.

What I am saying is that it is not a "fete de complete" issue. Also, having lived in the Miami area for 15 years and a few miles off the campus, and some 35 years in SoCa I cannot say that the two schools, traditions, climate, urbane setting, etc. are that dissimilar or advantageous to one side or the other.

But yes, I'm in that camp that suggests that Shalala needs to go.

FZB... You're a clown... #1 You say that signing a high prized free-agent is done but then you say we'll have 60Mil in cap space -- what good does the cap space do us? -- #2 Our QB will only get better, LMAO. I SURE HOPE SO! This guy would have been a 2nd rounder if Barkley and Landry Jones come out but we got him 8th overall! -- #3 We are rebuilding? doesn't something have to be built and dismantled to be REBUILT? What exactly are we rebuilding? Outside of that season where we surprised the league with the wildcat, had a last place schedule and Tom Brady got hurt we have been on a constant decline for 10+ years. Jeff Ireland is "Ineptitude Amplified!"

Truth is, BOYCOTTING THE PHINS is the only way we can attempt to make a change. Buying tix, spending money on concessions and parking, buying the new hats and jerseys will do nothing to fix this... I love the Dolphins but I will not spend another dollar on them until Ireland is gone (Ross selling the team will be gravy!!!)

Positive Note: All the guys had their shoe laces tied!



your lack of football knowledge is impressive, let's see Tannehill is a bust already after one NFL game, playing against probably the best defense in the NFL in an away game and without much of a supporting cast at the WR position, of course other rookie QB's starting their first games were light's out like Luck (3 int's & a fumble), Weeden (4-int's) Wilson (1-int & fumble)..

your second point on Golden is even more bizarre, of course the guy sucks, he "only" turned around the worst program in the NCAA (Temple).

as for recruiting, he is considered in the top five in the country as well as one of the top talent evaluators, The Canes have never been big on "star" players, they do their own evaluation and concentrate in recruiting Dade,Broward and Palm Beach, even if they get hammered by the NCAA they will be able to get top kids to commit, Golden is that good.

Fed-UP...please my responce to rawpimple on Tannehill, your clueless

...meaning, that regrettably it's still going to take a wasted whole season to remove just one problem.


thank you for the kind words...When I have a conviction about something I do defend it to the end (learned it from my old man) trust me if I'm wrong I'm man enough to admit it but I really don't worry too much about other people's opinion's of me.


Have a media noche and a congri on me, bro, if it would help soothe your pain after Ross nukes Jeffy.

Argh, you Tannehill haters! "He's a wasted draft pick." "He looked terrible." If you expected better than that, the fault is not with Tannehill; it is with you.

Houston's defense is very good. Ryan was playing in his first game in the NFL. He still completed 56% of his passes, for 219 yards (which is the equivalent of a 3500-yard season). Do I want that stat line in Week 16? Hell, no. But in Week 1? You bet! Two of the interceptions were batted balls, which means Tannehill has to improve on his throws to avoid that problem.

Why are you haters so convinced he has already peaked? What you saw today is the finished Ryan Tannehill? If you say no, then let's be patient. If you said yes, well, Jeff Ireland isn't the idiot; it is you.

The only positives for both Miami football teams is that we are now one game closer to next year.

i will be very satisfied at 3-13...ha


NO pain from me on Ireland's firing (if it happen's and I don't think it will)..I think the guy deserves two more years (Jimbo Too), but the congri and media noche sound good.


I didn't know that retarded three year old's were allowed to post on this blog, at no point in your incoherent babble did you make a reasonable argument to my point of view.

read my post again "Einstein" (I'm trying to be nice here) I said the Dolphins will have about 60 Mil available next year to sign our "own" free agents (those that we want to keep) not to go out and sign every-high priced player that would be available.

On my point the team is rebuilding---Well, since you have a punie, little tiny brain and you can't remember back 5 years ago allow me to refresh your memory, when Parcells got here the Dolphins really never went into a full rebuilding mode because Pennington came to the team and we won the division in 2008 after that Parcells got greedy and started signing high priced free agents to compete right away which never pan out, so yes we are in a rebuilding mode, we are going to go through this year what we were supposed to go through in 2008 but never did.

On your comment that Tannehill was a second rounder at best...Guess what idiot, Tannehill was highly regarded in NFL circles by a lot of teams (trust me on that statement) if the Dolphins had passed on him, there were three teams behind the Dolphins that would have taken him (KC,Seattle and Phylly), he never would have gotten out of the top fifteen in the draft, the only major draw back prior to the draft was he was not experienced and needed to sit and learn for a year or two.

The thing that stuck out for me sunday was, Fins and Browns, were the only teams whose offense did not score a TD. Thats 28 teams, and you can put most of the blame on the 2 QBs. Tannah. has to show some improvement this sunday against a lousey Raider team that has trouble when they have to come to the east coast.

Were it not for the exception of that one freakish season, when the Dolphins played an exceedingly weak schedule, and under the capable, experienced stewardship of Chad Pennington, the Dolphins have sucked for a total of - NINE YEARS - and in contention to threaten that infamous record established by the Tampa Bay Bucks for most consecutive losing seasons @ 14.

The Horror.


I said Tannehill is a project and definitely not worth the #8 pick in the draft when the team has so many holes. Either you man up and go after one of the top QBs or you start building a team so that the future QB will have a chance. Tannehill was a reach, a significant reach and I have said that on here BEFORE the Fins drafted him. They have so many freaking holes that they could not afford to wiff on the #8 pick. There will be plenty of opportunities to get a QB in the future especially considering the Fins are several years away from being good. Instead they put the franchise behind even further by drafting a project.
Spare me with all of your delUsional Canes talk. You know nothing about your own hometown teams.
Spare me with all the excUses too. Ohhhh Houston's D is too tough for Tannehill. Don't forget that great Houston D lost their best DL too.
As for the Canes, they are done. Who cares if they get a couple of good recruits from South Florida a year? They have tons of holes all over that team and coaching staff. Sanctions are looming. All of this and they have been very mediocre for a decade. It's over for the near future for them. The facts are tough to swallow.


The school will be out (as it should be) on young Mr. Tannehill for a reasonable amount of time. Years perhaps, and certainly not one game.

I think it was shadow who pointed out that the 49rs drafted Alex Smith in 2006! We can all agree that at 13-3 the Niners had a successful year under the direction of its QB who somehow became capable after FIVE years.

Cut the kid some slack.


crossover from the dark side, my son Ireland is going to deliver us to the promised land..he he

If I were Ireland I would not be ordering the installation of a new pool at his home.

My problem with Ireland has less to do with any ability to scout as it is with what seems to impress as a guy whose philosophy on building teams is to fit his rigid "goody-two-shoes" view for fitting round pegs into his square expectations.

I dare to say that he would find something more matching his expectations as a district attorney not as an NFL GM.

Rawpimple - the only reason haters like you are so obsessed with UM is that you've been saying they're done forever and yet UM fans still feel good about their team while you clearly aren't too thrilled with yours, probably don't even have one (and if you're a former UM fan then that says it all).

You're the Grinch, plain and simple. It's a college football thing and you just wouldn't understand.

And UM's class was ranked 8 or 9, if they're in a free fall you shouldn't have any problem betting their class won't be in the top 25 in the country. I have Pay Pal, I'll take whatever is a 'big' sports bet to you.

And anyone who is discouraged by Tannehill after Sunday either read the box score instead of watching the game or is just so convinced he's going to be a bust based on his career path and the people who picked him that they'll never give him a chance.


all this speculation is simply that, nothig will happen,Ross knows what the deal is with the guy, you know, there is a reason he was kept and that's what you guys can't understand, you keep harping at the guys record since 2008 when in reality he didn't make any of those picks..but you guys will believe what you want anyways

and of course none of you guys believe my story at all (about me having inside information) but he is highly regarded by Ross, now that's not to say he won't give in to the pressure and the perception among the fans that the guy is clue-less and fire the guy, he does have to look out for the bottom line but I think it will be wise to leave him in place.

the funny thing is that Parcells has distance himself from the dolphins and he desn't even want to talk about the time he was here and all or all the mistakes he made, Parcells is a weasel but he is a smart man.

you guys just need to think back on how Parcells left, right after the draft in his third year and before the season started, the official line was he left but in reality he was sort of "requested" to leave...

keep firing away with the Ireland hatred boys, its kind of fun being the "lone Ranger" on this one..

Stephen Ross did not request that Bill Parcells leave the Dolphins.

Kazaam aka SFB

Sorry SFB but Miami does not recruit the talent they used to. According to Rivals, Miami's 2012 was ranked #9. But dig deeper and you will see their average stars per recruit is a mere 3.36. If you used the average star per recruit as a measure, then you can really assess the quality of the class. Using that method the Canes have the 15th ranked class. They are only #9 because of the quantity, not quality, of their recruits. At Scout they would have been 18th using the quality of the recruit as the measure. For the 2013 class they are 34th and 27th in Rivals and Scout, respectively without adjustment.

So SFB err Kazaam you need to do more than just look at the pictures.


no he didn't, but it was suggested to him that Ireland was ready for the GM job and he didn't need to stick around any longer.

and that's a fact jack..

Whatever you say Tom, as long as UM is bringing in top south Florida talent and people like you and Rawpimple are 'digging deeper' into recruiting rankings after a 6-6 season, I feel fine about UM.


Did you read my take on Ireland? It has nothing to do with what you just posted.

btw, the "inside" scoop on why Tuna left had more to do with management (Ross) being pissed that he (Parcells) gave advise (consultation services) to the enemy (the Jets) about who to hire for their HC (Ryan).

Mr. Tuna, the organization would be best served if you would just leave early. Please take this incentive.

Thank you.

OC - if you're against Ireland you automatically don't believe FZB about anything and blame Ireland for all Parcells picks.

Actual complaints about Ireland need not apply.

I think it would be kinda cool to have GMs and coaches active in some kind of free market system, where after say...five years, they would have to renegotiate with their team's owners in an open market, but could be outbid by another team.

OC, I read what you posted, give me some examples of fitting round pegs into square expectations like you said.

Only the last two years por favor.

Glad you feel fine about UM. I have already accepted they will never be the powerhouse they were. I have long since let go of the pipe dream that they would be anywhere near the team of the 80s, early 90s and early 2000s.


What the public sees of Ireland runs both blatant (is your mother still a prostitute?) to the subtle (a demonstrative reaction after learning that his [my impression] starting QB for 2012 suffered a knee injury).

In both these instances and in particular to the first, Ireland demonstrates a preference, NO, an insistence, that HIS players are cut from what I would term a "Disney-clean" conduct and lifestyle. Any talent or ability a player might have is secondary if the particular player displays or has a history of being problematic.

In other words, he opts for the squeaky clean every single time. This might have been peachy-keen in an earlier age, but as Jacques Clouseau might say: Not eny Moir.


Now Guys for the record.

I don't know Ireland personally, so if he gets canned it won't be a big deal to me, what I am is a huge Dolphins fan way back to 1967, I have seen my team slowly deteriorate to the point of being the butt of jokes around the NFL.

for too long the people in charge have gone for the quick fix, from Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstead,Rick Speilman,Saban,Muller , Cam Moron and Parcells..all of them the same shit, Ross wants to win but he wants to build a team for the long run, Ireland was kept for that reason, that's why Philbin was hired, he brings that GB mentality here, you do it through the draft.

and to fire the guy after two years is not wise for this reason alone, you can't replace the GM and not the coach, if another GM comes in Philbin will be let go and it starts all over again, it never ends, then the new GM will want his players and he will get rid of the players on the team because they are not his players or they won't fit the new coach's requirements, NO, Ireland needs to stay at least two more years to make it or fail on his own...Philbin deserves this chance too.

that's my take.

Waaah! Waaaah! The college team I liked because they won championships isn't winning championships anymore!

Cry me a river.

Ugh, he's been the GM for 5 years, there's no reason they can't fire him and keep Philbin.

Hey, there's an article on Rady Starks in the sports section, really glad he's getting some recognition, he's been MIA as an end the past few years.

That article said Lamar Miller was inactive - hope he was nicked up, not too smart rolling with two backs when Thomas and Bush have a subpar injury history.

FZB just continue to try to jusify the un-justifiable.......(You say I act like the child, yet it is you sir who are HIGH on drinking the Kool Aid!!)

You are either TRULY DELUSIONAL - or - You are in some way.. shape or form genetically related to ireland.....

Giving him 2 more years is ....how does the saying go....


OR.........You are a Wets fan in total disguise......

Orange Bowl 4ever,

I don't think I can carry a conversation with a 10 year old (that would be you).

nope, I'm not a Jets fan, I hate them with a passion.

Dude....also.... build what with that member of the Massengil family ???!!@#$


Every decent coach would not take the job....thats why we ended up with Coker's clone......

see my previous post, can't reason with a ten year old.

Chad Johnson signed here. A bunch of other players too but they all got cut.

JIMBO - if you sift through all the sh*t above and see this what do you think about Reshad Jones?

I think they may have themselves a serviceable safety.

Kaz, you don't really believe that if a new GM comes in that Philbin will be spared do you?...

Philbin will be out for sure...

Well FZ,

There is no hard and fast absolute rule about GMs, owners and HCs. It's all a crap shoot. I do know that if the owner is hands-on, ala Davis/Raiders, Jones/Cowboys, Cuban/Mavs, that owner better damn know something about the game or else their franchise is toast.

Generally though, the owner has the sense to know that specialists are far better equipped to handle other important aspects of their team. The problem I see is not that Ross is unwilling so much as he may have a problem with powerful underlings. Unless he comes to grips with this, I'm afraid we'll continue to see mediocrity, at best.

Look, there is a reason why someone like Payton Manning politely refused Dolphins' overtures. Why powerful personalities like Gruden, Cowher and Harbaugh said "gracias, pero no." At some point it becomes obvious that for it to succeed in Miami the mold to follow is the one established by Micky Arison, Pat Riley, and sergeant major Spoelstra.

Got to let the big dog eat!

You hit the nail on the pointy end OC - Ross is afraid to fire Ireland because he doesn't think he can replace him. Ross knows he doesn't know d*ck about football and he's perfectly willing to hand over all football decisions while he goes and plays with the stadium's sound track and orange carpet guest list.

What I don't get is that he's best buds with the Fanvision guy, who was a GM for two decades and obviously knows the ins and outs of the business. That guy must like Ireland.

Peterson, Carl Peterson.

Must like Ireland. Probably the source of these media leaks about Ross too, he's the one who spilled the beans on Sparano getting canned.

Kaz, you don't really believe that if a new GM comes in that Philbin will be spared do you?...
Philbin will be out for sure...

And that is why ALL of the leaches from Parcells tribe should have been shown the door the day Parcells walked. If you wanted to get a fresh start, you needed to get rid of them all at the same time. Theres your fresh start................

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